Henry's baby drama
by Jennifer Biller

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Henry's baby drama
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Grab the martini shaker and some olives, because it looks like Henry is going to be a baby daddy.

I know it's a little early for Father's Day, but with Henry in a front-burner storyline centering on his impending fatherhood, I feel like celebrating now. Who's with me? In honor of Henry, grab the martini shaker and some olives, Scoopers, because it looks like Henry is going to be a baby daddy.

I've been waiting years for Trent Dawson to get a meaty storyline to sink his dramatic teeth in, and this week gave us a glorious glimpse of hopefully what is to come. Henry has slowly been unraveling for weeks, since he learned that he, and not Brad, is the father of Vienna's baby. It all came to a head this week, when Henry stole the robot baby from the birthing class and subsequently bonded with the crying little tyke. Henry hasn't wanted to be a father, but this week, he realized that he did, and the scenes were must-see. His sit-down with Bob to discuss his fears about fatherhood was heart-warming. Henry called his desire not to have children "an intellectual decision." Bob countered with a little intellectualism of his own, and for the first time I think, made Henry realize what he'll be missing by not having children.

The highlight of the show this week was watching a sobbing Katie as she realized her best friend had betrayed her and she once again had "lost" a baby. And the look on Henry's face when he realized the effects his and Vienna's action had on their best friends, well, it was tough to watch. Henry and Katie have always had a special connection, and those scenes drove it home. Vienna has so much guilt about the situation that she still believes giving Brad and Katie her baby is the way to go. I'm not sure if Vienna is playing with a full deck, considering how much she wanted a baby and now she's just fine with giving it away. Finally, Henry has come to the realization that he will not stand by and let someone else raise his child.

What I don't get is why Henry feels the most responsible for this mess. It was Vienna's little scheme that started this whole thing, and it was Vienna who hired a comedienne to pose as a doctor to back up her false claim that Brad was the father. Yet, in Katie and Brad's eyes, Henry is the one to blame. I can't wait to see how this tale unfolds or how this affects one of the show's best and longest friendships between Katie and Henry. One thing is for sure; whether the bambino is playing football or playing the ponies, with Henry and Vienna's genes, he or she is sure to be a looker, and this storyline will hopefully continue to be a charmer.


  • Call me crazy, but I can't imagine what kind of third world country is buying crates of designer vodka when there is such poverty there that medical supplies must be smuggled in.

  • I had to chuckle when Luke said that the Cubs game was "all the way in New York." Usually, Oakdale residents can commute there in mere minutes.

  • Kim and Bob mentioned Chris this week. Does that mean he's headed back to Oakdale soon? I sure hope so. Then, maybe I could stop fast forwarding through Ali's scenes.

  • -I may be alone here, but Dusty is working my last nerve. Sometimes, I forget just how ruthless he can be when he tries to get his way, especially when his "son" is involved. Then, I remember that this is a guy who has attempted murder in his past.

  • I've got a new nickname for Jack. It's "Jack, Jack, The Maniac." He's completely out of control, holding Craig without charging him and making up his own form of justice, simply because Jack doesn't like the guy. I miss Hal. At least he ran the department with some integrity.

  • There are a lot of well-dressed men in Oakdale: Dusty, Henry and Craig come to mind. But Damian sets the bar at a whole new level. His sweater and suit combo this week was fantastic.

  • What kind of judge would give Dusty custody so quickly and once again uproot Johnny? And where can I find the judge to thump him/her on the head with the gavel? Poor Johnny has had so much upheaval in his short life that it breaks my heart. This week was especially tough for the little guy. His dad didn't come home for days and his other "daddy" just showed up and announced that oh, sorry, Craig has gone away. Dusty was so nonchalant, it was as if he were telling the kid to go get ready for school. I don't care if it was Jennifer's wish that Dusty raise Johnny. I don't think she'd want him with the thug that Dusty has become lately.

  • Move over Jack and Margo, Oakdale's newest crime-fighting team is a hit with me. Holden and Lucinda went sniffing around to prove Damian's up to no good, and it was great television. I hope they aren't right about Damian, but I fear they may be. I think those guns are going to get linked back to him.

  • I wasn't going to comment on this ridiculous Meg/Paul/Dusty storyline, but considering it ate up a huge amount of screen time, I suppose I should. I don't like desperate Meg, but I am enjoying that she's driving Paul crazier with her allusions that she's having an affair with Dusty. Frankly, I just don't get why she doesn't file for custody. She looks like a saint, compared to Paul, and I'm sure Dusty could hire her a talented lawyer to prove just how sadistic Paul really is.

  • I wanted to hug Craig this week when he told Carly he had lost both his children. He felt betrayed by Lucy, yes, but he needs to suck it up and forgive her considering what he did to her in the past. Then, maybe they can get back to a real relationship. I wish she hadn't betrayed Craig, but I hope they can get past this. I don't want to see Craig all alone in the world.

  • -So how long before Emily ends up in bed with her new "partner?" He's young and good looking, so I'm betting it won't take long.

  • No one would ever accuse Dusty of being the least bit metrosexual, so I was surprised that he had a personalized handkerchief with his initials on it. I would have taken Dusty to be more of a tissue guy.

  • Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there. It's my first one as a mom, and I can truly say, it's the hardest job I've ever had! If you don't have kids, but have a mother, please take time to appreciate her this week. She deserves it.

    Best Lines of the Week:
    (Katie tells Henry he shouldn't feel left out of the baby preparations.)
    Katie: "You'll be part of the baby's life. You're going to be a godfather. "
    Henry: "Please don't call me that. It makes me think I have to put a horse's head in somebody's bed."

    (Senior citizens Bob and Kim discuss Henry's fears about fatherhood and reminisce.)
    Kim: "Were you afraid the first time?"
    Bob: "Back when the Earth was cooling?"

    (Henry tells Vienna that they are both strange people and that their baby may follow suit.)
    Henry: "We have to keep this baby. We might be the only people who understand it."

    (Craig tells Carly that his new lawyer is furious that the Oakdale police haven't charged him with a crime but are still holding him in jail.)
    Craig: "He keeps saying, 'This isn't Guantanamo Bay.' I told him he should get to know Oakdale before he insults Guantanamo."

    Reader Spotlight:
    (From Two Scoops reader Louanne.)
    "I have to tell you how much I really like this new incarnation of Craig Montgomery. I can't remember when I've liked Craig more. I have to admit I was a little skeptical when I found out they were recasting Craig again, but I think they got it right this time. I really feel for Craig and believe he is trying to be a better person now. Sure it was a bone-headed move to give a sixteen year old kid a $50,000 check, but I believe he really was just trying to help Parker and he was as surprised as everyone else that he bought a car with the money. No one wants to give the poor guy any credit for trying to do the right thing. I was cheering him on when he told both Jack and Carly off and told them he had enough of their abuse. He has really been trying to be a good friend to both Carly and her son and she keeps pushing him away. Let's see how well she does without him. And it was about time he called Jack on his sanctimonious attitude. I love the Snyder family too, but lately I've had it with both Jack and Holden's attitudes. Speaking of Holden, I can't wait to see how he reacts when he finds out his son asked Damian to stay in town. Good move on Luke's part by the way. I can't wait to see what happens next

    That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
    Jennifer Biller

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