Grrrrowwwwl! There's a cougar on the prowl in Pine Valley

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Zendall fans were no doubt overjoyed by the spontaneous liplock shared by Kendall and Zach. Are these two finally back on the road to reconciliation?

All My Children was a bit of a letdown for me last week. I don't know if the post-Sweeps afterglow has faded or if there's been a shift in the momentum, but it was one of the least exciting weeks in the past month or two. Still, there was a lot of stuff going on to keep me happy -- and to give me things to comment on. So let's go!

"Zendall" fans were no doubt overjoyed by the spontaneous liplock shared by Kendall and Zach. Are these two finally back on the road to reconciliation? Well, it certainly could be seen that way since Ryan, Kendall's other man, will soon have another leading lady in his life. Who, you might ask? Taylor Thompson is soon going to be single (more on that later) and Liza Colby seems to be unattached at the moment. But no, neither of these two women are on tap to be a potential Mrs. Lavery. The next fling -- or maybe it will be more than that -- is Kendall's mom, the Erica Kane.

So I'm not sure exactly what the fascination is with the "cougar" thing. That's when an older woman -- sometimes dubbed a "MILF" by the younger set (look it up if you need to) -- is involved with a younger man. Biologically, I get it. Women tend to be, um, at their best, we'll say, a few years later than when men peak. Before this column turns into a Dr. Ruth commentary or I run the risk of offending anyone, let me wind it back.

I'm more curious why the older woman/younger man thing seems to be e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e lately. The idea of Erica and Ryan as a couple fascinates me, but I have to wonder what will happen to Jack if Erica has her eyes set on a new man. We barely see Walt Willey as it is. I also liked the idea of Erica and Adam getting back together. Adam won't be available for too long, though. Word on the street is that he will soon be spending a great deal of time with... Annie. Still, Erica with her daughter's ex-flame is just a little too twisted for me. Yes, Marian and Liza fought it out for Tad a bunch of years ago, but this somehow feels so much different than that story.

Does anyone else remember when the older man/younger woman thing was all the rage? I think that was the appeal of Blake and Krystle on Dynasty. Now it seems that a lot of people find an older man with a younger woman creepy. There isn't a sexified name for that type of relationship... that I know of.

I have a bit of an issue with Aidan wanting to play a "game of secrets" with little Emma. I know that Aidan's intentions were good, but I think it's dangerous when you start to tell kids to keep a secret. It smells a bit of creepy old men in parks who like young girls. There is a name for that.

Yes, as hinted a handful of sentences back, Brot and Taylor's re-romance is a doomed affair. That was quick! I guess the writers have determined that Brot + Taylor = no more storyline... or they just want to shake things up. I enjoyed the two together, but I don't know what the show would do in terms of giving them storyline as a couple. They've already had their drama. Brot is supposed to get a new love interest -- and I hope it's not Randi as signaled by the hug she and Brot shared at the hospital. Taylor is headed for a partnering with Tad.

Michael E. Knight is a fantastic actor -- that's the reason he's a three-time Daytime Emmy winner. Ever since Tad's near-death experience, though, I am kind of turned off by Tad. Tad has always been a bit kooky with a great sense of humor. Now... it's a bit much. I also worry that Tad's quickie online ordination might offend some viewers. I would not consider myself the most religious person on the planet, but there's a really fine line between what can be done in good taste and what can be deemed offensive. Tad as a wisecracking, David-punching minister-in-a-minute might not sit well with a lot of people. I found it a bit distasteful and I'm thinking that making Tad a minister just so that he could preside over Jake and Amanda's wedding ... may not have been the best decision.

And back to Randi. Don't get too attached to Henry North, Pine Valley's new district attorney. The character won't be around too long - and his exit involves a mystery past that he and Randi shared. Randi used to be a lady of the evening, so I am guessing that you don't need to be psychic to figure how they might know each other. But all beds, er, bets are off when Henry is written off the canvas, because it means that Henry's wife, Madison, will be swooping down to make life miserable for Randi.

Random side thought: Here's a new drinking game to play while watching AMC. Take a sip of your favorite beverage every time Erica starts a sentence with "I mean..." or David Hayward talks about "the people of this town" or someone walks into someone else's house by just opening the door without ringing the doorbell.

It was a big week for Amanda Dillon. Not only did she become a new bride, but she also became a first-time mother. I've asked and asked and even begged for a storyline for Chrishell Stause that didn't involve her being trampy. Thankfully, the writers have finally answered my pleas. The scenes where Amanda decided that she didn't want to give up her baby? They were supposed to be Stause's final scenes on All My Children. I don't know all of the details, but executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers was said to be so awed by Chrishell's work that she managed to finagle a deal that got Stause to stick around. Was anything changed storyline-wise as a result of Chrishell staying put? I'd imagine that something had to give, but no one is saying just what that was.

Marissa is now David's biggest champion. I don't know, AMC fans, but I still think that Marissa is up to something. Am I giving the writers too much credit by thinking that they are going to have this new character have some sort of devilish plan or am I on to something? I'm going to be really disappointed if Marissa is all sunshine and lollipops. I do love that she summoned the ghost of Glinda, from The Wizard of Oz in a recent chat with her dad. "Are you the good David or the bad David?" she chirped merrily. Watch it, Marissa, it's just a matter of time before he gets you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!


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