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Two Scoops is a weekly opinion column about all things All My Children. Check in every week to see if you agree or disagree with what our columnists have to say!

Our search for someone to be my Two Scoops partner begins this week. This week's column comes from Suellen, who you may remember from her work here on the AMC Two Scoosp column. Please read over her column and let us know what you think. Would you like to read more from her? Click here to let us know!

Did you just call me CRAZY? What a classic line when JR asks Annie not to get all crazy on him, and he responds to her, "No, not crazy crazy." Wow, however you define crazy, Annie Chandler is definitely heading for OTT (Over The Top). She is hanging on the edge and we can all mirror what Ryan says to David by week's end, "It's a long way down." It's almost scary how delusional Annie has become in a short time and I do think JR is starting to finally realize how disturbed and dangerous she is. Melissa Claire Egan's acting couldn't be more on target, and with her impending departure from the show, she will be sorely missed.

Hello, it's Suellen, a previous columnist on this site, and I am very happy to be on board this week. After viewing the past week's episodes, all I could think of was, where do I start? There is so much going on with all the characters and the everyday life in Pine Valley. I will just let you know how I feel about a portion of the happenings and feel free to share what you think and like or don't like about the storylines and your favorite characters. Since I helped tally a lot of the Dankie Awards for AMC, I do know who the majority of you favor and/or miss. Some surprising, some not. I do have to share a quick story about what happened to me this afternoon, as it is a rarity in Las Vegas, where I reside.

There was a Women's Fair at a local casino ballroom with lots of booths and a dance demonstration by "Thunder Down Under." Then, in addition, there were three guests who would be autograph-signing for a meet and greet in the back of the room. Two were from Dancing With The Stars and the other was Jordi Vilasuso (Dr. Griffin Castillo). So of course I had to head over to that area and check him out. Unfortunately, the line was at least 100 people deep, waiting, and I was with a non-soap opera fan friend, so knew she wouldn't want to wait for an hour or more. Thus, I just got close, and took a few photos. He is as handsome as you would expect, has that five o'clock shadow seemed on the shy side (probably new to this kind of attention and venue), and graciously signed photos and posed with fans.

Even if I had gotten close, they had a band nearby, and you couldn't hear that well, so I couldn't have done a quick interview per se. But it was still nice to see an AMC star close to home. I will throw it out there that I have become a big fan of his and Cara's story on the show. I am a sucker (not the lollipop kind he gives to patients) for any story about a close relationship between siblings. Good examples are Jake/Tad and Kendall/Bianca. I love the special bonds, loyalty, and history. Being an older sibling of a brother and sister, I know the responsibility of looking out for the others. We are finding out how Griffin sheltered and protected his baby sister and it is very touching indeed. I have really grown to like these two additions and look forward to seeing how they fit in the future.

Meanwhile, there was a bon voyage party for Damon, which was bittersweet. The kid finally discovers a wonderful family and has to leave town after making a very grave mistake. Will Colby eventually find out? Hopefully not, but you know how secrets are in this little town. There is always someone close by to overhear conversations at the most inopportune time. Hey, the Commissioner saw Brot and Natalia in a hotel room and now we will see how that plays out for the actress' departure.

As much as we complain about the writing and direction of the show, you have to give them kudos for being creative at times. Always so much to consider and juggle, and I have to admit that the dialogue on our favorite show has gotten so much peppier and more interesting. I am always listening to the words, watching the acting, friends make fun of me because it spills over to when I see movies on the big screen with them. That's how I decide which characters I truly care about: their acting and being real. How else would you put up with Dr. H's behavior and deviousness for all these years? Vincent Irizarry is an amazing actor, period.

Speaking of Dr. Hayward, how will he squirm out of this current dilemma? He's been handcuffed to a hospital bed until Ryan sneakily wheels him outside while he is tranquilized from procedures/tests. What the heck? What does Ryan hope to accomplish? David signed the divorce papers, what else do he and Greenlee want or need from the man? What did I miss?

I will admit I was a bit behind in my soap tapes due to my hectic schedule in January, but didn't want to pass up the opportunity to write here after Dan's request last week. He sure will be missed as our primary columnist, but after being acquainted with him for twelve years, I can assure you he won't be far away. He will always be involved with his wonderful site and has a soft spot for AMC, so you can count on hearing his thoughts periodically in the future. He truly amazes me with all he has going on and deserves all the kudos we can send his way!

Cara finally sharing her story and history with Jake was very heartwarming. I can understand both sides, why she felt the need to keep it a secret and why he would feel betrayed due to being married to her. That is something your spouse should know and be prepared for if she has a relapse. It was good to see her laugh and interact with Tad as she did; it would be difficult to keep up with Michael E Knight's comedic timing but she is sliding right in there. This could be an interesting friendship.

Other match-ups to keep an eye on are Scott and Madison. He has been humbled to take a position at the hospital, yet he is trying to keep up his end of the bargain with Greenlee. I am sure they both will develop true feelings for each other and explore their new bond. I liked Madison with Ryan and have never been a die-hard Ryan/Greenlee fan. There were some cute scenes when he proposed to her in bed last week, but still. The bottom line is I always preferred them with their first mates and no one has matched them. Probably not fair since they are both supposedly dead, but again....still.

As for JR, I don't care who he gets together with, he needs to take a break from women and concentrate on his son and attitude in general. Then you could see the subtle (?) meetings between Krystal and Jackson. I was once a true Jack/Erica supporter but when you see someone get stung so many times (as he wears his heart on his sleeve), you have to yell out...ENOUGH ALREADY. Erica is Erica; she can't and won't change, so maybe it is best if they both move on and put us out of our misery. I was a big fan of Michael Nouri (Caleb) from soaps, TV shows, and movies gone by, so it has been nice to see him on the show, but the jury is out if I want him with "Dorothy."

Back to Griffin, or "Griff" as they prefer to call him. I am sure the writers and producers are playing with the idea of a Kendall/Dr. Castillo match-up. He is developing feelings for her despite his history of not getting involved emotionally, and she is comfortable with him, but we are talking about Zach's widow. Zach Slater, the one character who we didn't want to lose and will miss eternally. There was just something very special about the two together and the actors themselves. As always, it is difficult to lose beloved characters we have grown to care about. I have watched this show all 41 years of its existence, so have been through this innumerable times. It never gets easier. Yet, just like in real life, you have to go forward and deal with it. So we will try, right? As Kendall has reminders of shooting a gun, how will that affect her future and especially her mourning process? So much drama and so many proverbial twists! Thus, hang on for the crazy ride.

Thanks for popping by, as it was such a treat to be here once again. Hopefully, I will be able to cover more in the future and share my thoughts on the happenings in Pine Valley.


Our search for someone to be my Two Scoops partner begins this week. This week's column comes from Suellen, who you may remember from her work here on the AMC Two Scoosp column. Please read over her column and let us know what you think. Would you like to read more from her? Click here to let us know!

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