Kelly Ripa is staying, but others are in question

Posted Sunday, October 31, 1999 - 9:21:24 PM
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Kelly Ripa is staying, but others are in question

At a time when AMC has seen many of its fan favorite stars leave the show, viewers can rejoice in that the trend seems to have stopped---at least for the time being.

After several months of speculation, Kelly Ripa (Hayley Vaughan) and the executives at All My Children have come to terms on a new contract that will keep the actress in Pine Valley for the forseeable future. The full terms of the contract have not been made public.

Back on May 3rd, The AMC Pages first reported that Ripa was looking for some time off of AMC. Ripa's been working non-stop on the show for nearly two years with seldom a break in the rigorous daily taping schedule. Now that the actress has a child, it was said that she wanted to take some time out to spend with her family, including real-life husband Mark Consuelos (Mateo Santos).

There are also several other key casting announcements out of AMC. Among those in talks are Rebecca Budig (Greenlee Smythe), James Kiberd (Trevor Dillon), and Michael Lowry (Jake Martin).

For the past six months or so, AMC fans have been wondering whether or not Kelly Ripa (Hayley Vaughan) would be leaving All My Children. On May 3rd, The AMC Pages first reported that the actress wanted a break from the hectic day-to-day grind of taping a soap opera.

Ripa's contract with the ABC soap readied to expire and there was still no word on a deal. Last week, however, the news broke that Ripa and AMC had come to terms on a new deal. Those terms, however, have not yet been made public. Sources close to the set say that the contract extension is a multi-year deal and provides some flexibility in the amount of on-air time Ripa will have.

RIpa had said that she was growing tired of a five day per week schedule because it was taking away from the time she wanted to spend with her son and husband, Mark Consuelos (Mateo Santos). Some critics blasted the actress for wanting to walk away from the show. Others, however, applauded Ripa's decision to place her family first.

Things are not so rosy, however, for others in Hayley's family. James Kiberd, who plays Trevor Dillon, and Robin Mattson (Janet Dillon are said to be in talks about their AMC contracts. Mattson is rumored to want out of her contract. A spokesperson for Mattson contacted The AMC Pages, but the news from that discussion was not available at press time. As for Kiberd, the folks in his camp say that contract negotiations are ongoing. Neither Mattson nor Kiberd have had much time in front of the camera lately. Mainly they've played background characters since their characters' marriage a little over a year ago. In November, though, expect to see much more of them as a Sweeps storyline will keep them front and center.

Michael Lowry (Jake) is once again the topic of rumors. Every year about this time, reports surface that he wants out of his contract. To date these rumors have been unfounded. In 1998, the actor re-signed his contract after supposedly asking that the writers incorporate more interaction between Jake and brother Tad (played by Michael E Knight). There's no word on any "demands" or other requests this time around.

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