All My Children Recaps: The week of April 26, 2004 on AMC

Krystal felt guilty about switching the paternity test results. JR and Babe planned to remarry. Ryan told Kendall that he wanted a future with her. Maggie's mixed messages confused Jamie. Edmund blamed Maria for his unsuccessful surgery. Greenlee and Ryan discussed marriage as a business arrangement.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 26, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, April 26

Krystal sits by the river where the helicopter crashed begging God to take care of her sweet grandbaby that there is no one but her to mourn because no one else knows s/he died. Krystal screams at God and curses the fates that took her grandbaby and tries to figure out why God took the child now. She thinks maybe God took her grandbaby to save it from something even worse later on. She confesses to switching the vials on the DNA test because even though she knows God giveth and God taketh away, He took too much this time. She couldn't tell her daughter it was really her baby that died so she played God herself, an act she vows no one will ever know about except herself, God, and "that sweet little baby You took home with You."

While Krystal grieves at the river, Kelly tucks Ace in for a nap at his Llanview home.

As Krystal lays crying, Tad comes up behind her. He thinks they both had the same idea, to come to the crash site and grieve for Miranda. Tad tells Krystal he hopes they can still be friends, but Krystal thinks that's not really what either of them wants. She suggests that they can just say "pass the gravy" when they meet at a Thanksgiving family meal and that will be it. Krystal leaves. Tad says his prayers for Bianca and Mirada. He asks Dixie to watch after Miranda in heaven and love her like he knows she's doing with Kate. As he finishes his prayers, Tad floats a pink rose down the river for Miranda.

Anita comforts Maria as Edmund undergoes surgery. Brooke stops by to check his status and runs into Maria. Brooke starts to leave. Maria stops her and asks if she would like to buy her a cup of coffee instead.

As Maria and Brooke leave for the coffee machine, Anita turns toward the elevators and bumps into Opal and Palmer arriving for Palmer's doctor appointment. Palmer asks her where Bobby is and why she didn't let him know they were in town. Anita explains she's just been busy and tells them Bobby has gone to Vegas for a new job. Opal comments that's where Erica is. Palmer shushes Opal, and Anita did not pick up on the connection. Palmer thinks Bobby avoided him while in town because he couldn't repay a debt he owes him. Anita tries to give Palmer a check of her own towards what Bobby owes him but Palmer refuses it saying he doesn't need the money. Opal agrees with that statement and leaves to meet Myrtle. Palmer wants to see Anita again and asks her to dinner so they can discuss how much they both love Bobby and how much they would love to ring his neck sometimes.

Over coffee from the vending machine, Maria apologizes to Brooke for taking everything out on her when she felt like her life was falling apart over Edmund's decision to have surgery. Brooke accepts the apology, and Maria asks Brooke to stay with her until she hears something.

JR, Babe, & Bess continue to bond as a family. JR buys Bess a tooth-fairy pillow. Babe reminds him she won't be losing teeth for years. JR says he's looking to the future. Then JR pulls out a small box for Babe. It's a chain with two silver hearts on it so every time Babe looks at it she'll remember how much he loves them both.

Bianca is ready to be released from the hospital. Jack comes to get her. Bianca confides to Jack that she can't imagine how she's going to get through the pain. Jack says eventually she'll forget the pain. Bianca vows she will never forget because it's all she has left of Miranda. She talks of the time in the cabin and how she will always be grateful for those precious moments shared with her baby. Those moments will always live on in her heart. Jack asks Bianca to come stay with "Reggie and her Uncle Jack" while she recovers. Bianca tells Jack he's become so much more than an uncle to her, that she feels like she has a father again. Jack is touched by her words. Bianca thinks she may want to leave town for a while, until things calm down and she's not the favorite tabloid cover of the moment. Jack talks her into staying. Bianca says how grateful she is for her family and friends, especially Babe & JR. Myrtle and Opal arrive with a cart of gifts for Bianca. Myrtle's gift is a crystal with a mustard seed encased in it, a symbol of faith and hope for the future.

David and Dr. Marshall come into the waiting area. David tells Maria her husband is a real trooper, that there was not one cardiac incident during the whole procedure. Maria can tell from his face that David is not telling her everything. "And?" Maria asks. Then she guesses, "You couldn't remove the bullet, could you?" Brooke asks what that means. Maria informs Brooke that it means Edmund will never walk again. Dr. Marshall explains the vertebrae are too crushed to remove the bullet fragment without leaving him a quadriplegic. The prognosis is to let scar tissue continue to form to support the vertebrae. Maria goes off on Dr. Marshall for the false hope he gave Edmund and orders him never to go near her husband again. A still sleeping Edmund is wheeled into recovery. Maria bends over him, tenderly rubbing his brow, and wonders what this result will do to him.

Erica continues her charade in Vegas. She still hasn't recognized Bobby can't figure out his angle. They discuss why Erica doesn't trust Bobby. He suggests it's because a man she cared for deeply betrayed her. She says maybe it's just because she doesn't know him very well. Bobby explains that in Vegas he fits because people reinvent themselves all the time there. No one there knows he cheated on his wife or tries to treat him like he's broken. This sounds great to Erica/Desiree, who is eager to leave behind the Erica persona and enjoy her new life as Desiree. Bobby suggests she can keep the good parts of Erica and leave the parts she doesn't like any more behind. Desiree loves the idea. She is concerned about continuing to take advantage of Bobby's hospitality though. He assures her the suite isn't coming out of his pocket. It's a high-roller suite. Still, she doesn't want to just sit around the suite ordering room service and having her clothes delivered. She wants to enjoy Vegas. Bobby offers her a job dealing black jack. Desiree is game and wants to take in every experience the city has to offer.

Krystal returns from the river and goes to see Babe. Babe is happy and glowing. Krystal says how much motherhood agrees with her. Babe says motherhood is the best thing ever, but then her mom already knew that. As they hug Krystal looks haunted about what she did in switching the DNA results.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Kendall arrived at the Fusion offices, with fond memories of when they first started the company. Greenlee joined her and they discussed the upcoming meeting with Ryan. Simone entered and explained Mia was sick and couldn't join them. Kendall told Simone she was not worried about Greenlee and more interested in finding out how Ryan feels about her. Simone was stunned and worried about the pending meeting getting ugly and she left. Kendall had visions of how happy she and Ryan would be and proposing to him. Greenlee interrupted and told her she was happy they were all getting along and would all be working together again.

At Chandler mansion, Adam was grumbling with JR and Liza about Ryan and business dealings as Krystal, Opal, Marian, and Mary discussed a family celebration. Marian meant a christening, but Krystal suggested a wedding. They all thought she meant her wedding and wondered who the poor dupe was when Tad entered. Opal told him to run. She explained she meant a formal wedding for JR and Babe. Tad was the first one who supported the idea and Adam came on board. Babe came downstairs and JR proposed on bended knee. Babe enthusiastically said yes and Mary muttered about a hog calling contest right after the ceremony. They all gushed about Bess and other Chandler babies and quirks. Krystal went out on the terrace and Tad followed. They discussed how this wedding would make them legally married, now that the annulment of her marriage to Paul Cramer had come through. Tad reminded her they are on the same side.

Adam asked Mary to be the wedding planner. Liza told Marian she still thinks there's a big enough secret to get Krystal and Babe to leave town. Marian encouraged her to go on the terrace and fight for what's hers. Adam and JR left for their meeting with Ryan, expecting Liza to catch up later.

Krystal told Tad she'd be leaving town right after the wedding and Tad said he didn't want her to go and wondered why she would leave when everything was going so well. She claimed she was a free spirit and Liza listened with interest. Krystal left and Tad told Liza she could come out. Tad was defensive when Liza accused him of falling for Krystal, or at least covering something up. She accused him of dishonesty.

Later, Krystal held Bess and Babe gushed about the baby and noticed that Krystal seemed quiet. When Babe went to get a camera, she talked to Bess about not being with her real mother and how she couldn't stay because of the lie and her fear of not being able to keep the secret from Tad.

Tad returned and they talked about the wedding and Tad said he has the feeling there's something else behind her wanting to leave town. Just then, David arrived to take her out.

At the music store, Reggie showed up to work at the music store to pay off the debt for his overnight stay. He was disappointed to find Danielle also there. They quibbled and Reggie asked her to stay away from him. Danielle asked Jamie what the best pickup line he ever heard was. Maggie showed up and Jamie introduced them. Danielle didn't believe Maggie was his girlfriend because she didn't get jealous of her. Reggie and Danielle quibbled again and he locked her up in a deejay booth. She made a song dedication to Reggie from the booth and Reggie was not amused. The store manager kicked them both out and Reggie was even more upset. Jamie, though, told him Danielle was hilarious, hot and worth getting busted for. Jamie asked Maggie if she was still sure she wanted to live with him and not Bianca.

At Ryan's office, he was signing papers and looking at the diamond ring he'd bought, with visions of how happy he and Kendall would be and proposing to her. Kendall arrived for the meeting and they were very cozy and optimistic about the future. Greenlee arrived just then, followed by Adam, JR and Simone. They opted not to wait for Liza. Ryan started the meeting by announcing the Miranda Montgomery Center for women and children in crisis. Adam stood up to make an offer and Liza entered. Adam offered full market price for all the Chandler Enterprise shares. Ryan refused and said JR and Liza would remain in charge. Adam threatened to run Ryan out of town and angrily stormed out. Liza and JR followed and tried to reason with Adam, but he was adamant about getting his company back. He lectured JR about carrying on the Chandler name, for Bess.

Ryan explained to the others that he wanted to merge Enchantment and Fusion. He asked to be alone with Kendall. He told her he wanted her to be CEO of the new company...and a life of happiness with her, and to let go of the past, and Kendall was overjoyed to hear it. Ryan told her he wanted Greenlee to be co-CEO. Kendall was stunned into silence. Simone and Greenlee anxiously waited outside the office, with Greenlee convinced her future was being decided by Ryan and Kendall. Kendall finally told Ryan that Greenlee will not be part of her life, business or anything else.

Wednesday, April 28TH

Erica filled out a job application and tried to give it to Bobby. He refused to take it and told her this was her new beginning and she needed to take the time to figure out what she wanted to do. Bobby (Roberto) told her if she was a waitress she'd get hit on all the time and some tourist would recognize her. Erica (Desiree) said she wouldn't let that happen and she just couldn't give up and go home. She said she had to earn some money, her cash would run out soon. Bobby said he was comping everything, she didn't need money. Erica said she'd been working her whole life and she wasn't going to change her ambition now. Bobby finally agreed but told her to work behind the scenes. They discussed possible positions but were interrupted by some flamboyant man who ran up to Erica crying "It's you! It's you!." Bobby tried to get the man to leave but he introduced himself to Erica as Rudy. He was the choreographer for the dancers at the casino. He wanted Erica to dance in his show. Erica agreed to do it. Rudy was thrilled, Bobby was not. Rudy told her where to meet him and left. Bobby and Erica argued about the job. Erica was excited about it, she said it gave her something to do. "This is my whole new life!" she cried.

Maggie and Jamie were still discussing their living arrangements while looking at CDs in the music store. She was uncomfortable at his insistence that she would want to live with Bianca. He explained that Bianca would need help at first and Maggie calmed down. She said she hadn't been much help to Bianca lately. She said she cut out when "things got too weird, too scary." Jamie asked what scared her but Maggie just rambled. She finally said she didn't want to move in with Bianca, and that Bianca had Lena to help her. Maggie said she wanted to stay with Jamie in the apartment, then started flirting with him. She asked him to skip class later that afternoon and meet her back at their place. Jamie was into it and kissed her. She left the store.

Bianca tried to call her mother but only got voicemail so she hung up. Lena walked in the hospital room and Bianca told her that Erica was in hiding because of what she said to her. Lena tried to convince Bianca otherwise. She brought out a gift for Bianca. As Bianca opened it she told her that she would always be there for her. Bianca held up a ring. Lena said she wanted this to be their new beginning and they hugged. Bianca said Lena was her rock and she couldn't imagine life without her. Lena's phone rang and she saw it was her mother. She said she'd call her back in the hallway because she knew Bianca was waiting for Jack to call. Lena stepped out into the hall and called her mother in Chicago. Bianca opened the door in time to hear Lena crying and telling her mother she had to be with Bianca right now. Bianca went back into the room as Lena hung up. Lena returned and Bianca asked what was wrong. Lena didn't want to tell her but Bianca insisted. She told Bianca that her mother has liver cancer. "She believes she is dying and she wants to go home, to Poland. And she wants me to take her", Lena told Bianca. Bianca told her she should go but Lena said she could bring her mother to Pine Valley because she couldn't leave Bianca. Bianca told Lena she would love her no matter where she was. Lena got teary and said she hated to leave Bianca. Bianca said she wasn't alone, she had lots of people there who loved her and that Lena needed this time with her mother. Lena asked about their future. Bianca said the ring was their future and Lena said when she returned she would put it on Bianca's finger. Bianca said she'd be there waiting for her. They shared a passionate kiss. Then Bianca talked to Jack who said he'd be over to get her. She told Lena to make the arrangements to take her mother to Poland. Lena cried and said she'd miss Bianca every minute. She kissed Bianca on the forehead and walked out the door. Bianca fought back the tears as Maggie walked in. Bianca told her that Lena was taking her ill mother to Poland. "Now??" Maggie responded. Bianca said it was ok, it was just for a few months, but looked very upset. Maggie smiled and said "Hey look on the bright side! You still have me!" Bianca gave her a very small smile.

Ryan and Kendall argued about Greenlee's involvement with Fusion. Kendall brought Greenlee and Simone back into the conference room and told them that Ryan wants her and Greenlee to be co-CEOs. Greenlee and Simone grinned and got excited but Kendall said it wasn't legal. Ryan explained there was a clause in the Fusion/Enchantment contracts. Kendall said Bianca added it and that it said Greenlee was not to be involved in any way with any Cambias company. Greenlee and Simone were stunned. Kendall got up in Greenlee's face and angrily told her she was history and to get out. Ryan stepped up and told Greenlee not to move. Greenlee was bewildered and said "Kendall, you agreed to try to get along!." Kendall replied "You're not too bright are you?" She listed all the horrible things Greenlee did to everyone Kendall cared about. Greenlee said she was truly sorry and tried to apologize again but Kendall refused to listen. Ryan told Kendall she had gone too far this time and he wouldn't let her do this. Kendall said she wouldn't let Greenlee ruin Fusion or Enchantment. Ryan told Simone and Greenlee he'd handle this and ushered them back to the hall. Greenlee stomped away and Simone followed her. Kendall turned to Ryan and said she did this for the good of the company. Ryan said she pulled quite a fast one and Kendall started getting worked up, "I did what I had to do." Ryan shushed her and said "Just let me hold you" and took her in his arms. Ryan told her that everything would work out. Kendall said "You're not angry?." Ryan said she had enough anger for the entire town of Pine Valley. He said he got why she did what she did. "You're furious for all the things that have happened, you want to protect Bianca, you live in a world of hurt." He spoke very softly to her and said she was a pillar of strength and that he wanted to help her to the other side of hurt. "Let me love you, let me help you" he told her. Kendall went back into his arms with tears in her eyes. Then she replied that all she ever wanted was to feel safe, to feel his arms around her. "I love you, you're my heart" she told him. They kissed deeply. Kendall said she wanted a life and future with him and Ryan said he wanted the same but he couldn't do it alone. He said Kendall was throwing all her anger on Greenlee, when she wasn't to blame for everything. Ryan said Greenlee wasn't a threat to them and told Kendall to let go of the anger. "Let go so we can move forward." Kendall replied she wanted to and that she'd marry him tonight if he wanted. Ryan was thrilled and said yes let's do it. Kendall smiled and said ok but that she wasn't budging on forgiving Greenlee. Ryan said Greenlee was a changed woman but Kendall said she couldn't trust her. Ryan said Greenlee deserved a position at Fusion. Kendall stepped back and said if they have a chance together Greenlee has to be out of his life. She said he couldn't see her, talk to her, work with her. Ryan was visibly upset and said "Do you know what you're asking?." Kendall said if Greenlee was in Ryan's life she'd be in hers too and "I won't have it!" Ryan was just horrified as Kendall said "So choose, me or Greenlee."

In Fusion Greenlee started throwing things around and Simone stopped her. Greenlee said she begged Kendall for forgiveness but "she got me good this time." Simone tried to calm her down but Greenlee was livid. Simone reminded her that Ryan said he'd take care of this. Greenlee said there was no way he could convince Kendall to give her another chance. Simone said Ryan would do right by her. Greenlee said that Kendall had Ryan, Fusion, Enchantment plus payback, "What am I supposed to do now?." In walked Mary Smythe who said "Strike back!" Simone told Mary they were in the middle of something and Mary said "Samantha, could you give Greenlee and me a little privacy?" Simone corrected her "It's Simone!!" and walked to the other side of the room. Greenlee and Mary argued about Mary's maternal instincts. Mary finally told Greenlee to let her figure out how to get Ryan.

Thursday, April 29

While Reggie is talking to some friends in the music store, Danielle approaches them and starts hanging all over Reggie. She tries to make it appear that they are actually a couple, despite the fact that Reggie is protesting. She shows off a tattoo of a crown that she got and explains that she did so because "Reginald" means "king" and that when they are together, Reggie wants her to call him "Kingman." As she starts to give too much information, his friends get uncomfortable and leave.

Reggie isn't taken in by her tattoo until she licks her finger and tries to wipe it off. He looks stunned when he realizes it's permanent.

Maggie comes in and says that she heard from Reggie's friend about Danielle's new tattoo, and wants to see. She keeps up the charade of them being in a relationship until Reggie calls her desperate. Offended, she says that she doesn't want to hang out with someone who can't take a joke, and leaves.

Once she's gone, Reggie admits that he isn't really angry with Danielle - he actually finds her quite funny. However, he can't let her get away with getting him in trouble with her father last week. Maggie volunteers to help him.

At the Fusion offices, Mary tries to convince Greenlee that she can and should get Ryan for herself. Assuming that Greenlee slept with Ryan when they were on their furlough from Pine Valley, Mary is at a loss as to why Greenlee hasn't claimed already. Greenlee admits that they didn't sleep together, and furthermore is not willing to scheme and trample over Kendall to get to him. Mary informs her that it would be seduction, not scheming.

After Mary is gone, David shows up, and is (as always) trying to discourage Greenlee from maintaining her friendship with Ryan. He offers up the idea that she sell her shares in Fusion and do something special for herself. Greenlee tells him that isn't an option, because Fusion was supposed to be that something special for herself. She likens it to when he wasn't allowed to practice medicine at PVH - he didn't take up another career because being a doctor is who he is, and what he does. She feels the same way about Fusion.

The, Greenlee asks him about Bianca. She wants to know if he thinks that she is responsible for causing Bianca's mental break, in which she stole the baby. She tells David that Kendall blames her, and it's been weighing on her. Not exactly answering her question, David just tries to assure her that everything is all right now and that Bianca is being treated for all that she has gone through.

Before leaving, David notes that maybe there is something Greenlee is missing: with all of the false starts and things that have gone wrong, does she really think she and Ryan are meant to be?

At Cambias Industries, Ryan and Kendall face off. Ryan can't believe that his future with Kendall depends on whether or not he is willing to cut Greenlee totally out of his life. Kendall is positive that this is the only they have a chance together.

Ryan tries to make Kendall see the differences in their relationships: the "corporate us" is a duo that would have to deal with Greenlee only in terms of the businesses; the "personal us" is just Ryan and Kendall against the world. He says that she needs to trust him completely to take that kind of leap. Kendall doesn't think that's enough. When Ryan looks as if he will question that, Kendall tells him that Greenlee wants more than friendship with him, and that she would stop at nothing until she got him.

Sensing that his past with Greenlee is a major source for what stands in their way, Ryan tries to equate it with her past. He asks her if he should be worried about Aidan or David. Flabbergasted, Kendall says, "Of course not!" Ryan tries to make her understand that they are as much of a threat to their relationship as Greenlee is, but Kendall will not budge. She says that he wants her to risk everything.

Ryan then takes the ring out of his coat pocket and asks her to take that risk with him - today. He said that once she does that, the rest is easy. Kendall keeps going back to her original request, not believing that Greenlee can be anywhere near them without everything falling apart. In disbelief, Ryan walks out.

At the hospital, Aidan hears Anita crying over a copy machine. When he asks her what's wrong, she tells him that Maria was, at that very moment, in Edmund's room, telling him that he'll never walk again.

Maria and Edmund sit together, without words, pondering what his paralysis will mean.

A little while later, as Maria is heading back to the room with ice cream, she runs in to Brooke. Maria tells Brooke that Edmund knows the surgery didn't work. Brooke seems to be at a loss for words, but asks Maria to convey her sympathies. Moments later, Brooke changes her mind because she thinks it will sound like pity. Maria thinks that it would be best if she takes Edmund's ice cream in so that they can talk.

After some idle chatter, Edmund admits to Brooke that he thinks Maria, in some ways, got exactly what she wanted.

Aidan and Anita are enmeshed in a fight. The subject of Erica has come up, and Anita starts flying off the handle about how Bobby and Erica went to Philadelphia, and how they were now together in Las Vegas. Aidan refuses to be baited, and tells her that he didn't bring her husband up - all he knew was where Erica was. He says that when he goes to Las Vegas, if he finds her husband, he'll knock him out because he hates that Bobby makes her feel so insecure about herself.

As music plays at the end, Kendall is still in the board room at Cambias Industries, looking lost and upset, obviously not having expected that Ryan would walk out on her. Meanwhile, Greenlee is walking around at the office when Ryan comes in and asks, "Will you marry me?"

Friday, April 30

Kendall walks into the Fusion office, where she sees Ryan and Greenlee talking, but does not hear them. She assumes Ryan is there to throw Greenlee out of the office permanently, but he tells her he isn't. When Kendall pressures him to talk about the paperwork, he brushes her off and leaves with Greenlee. After they leave, Kendall takes a picture of her and Greenlee and smashes it on the ground. When Simone and Mia walk in, Kendall barks at them to get rid of everything that has Greenlee's slim on it. They ask what happened with Ryan and Kendall tells them he proposed to her, but would not accept her ultimatum-so she thinks he chose Greenlee over their love. Mia and Simone tell her that she should not have given him that choice and simply trusted him. Kendall admits that after he ran off with Greenlee when the trial was over, her trust went out the door. Simone tells Kendall to let it go and then Mary walks in, ready to boast about what is rightfully Greenlee's, not Kendall's. Mary tells Kendall that Greenlee can get Ryan herself because Kendall is just like her mother, someone who throws men away and then blames someone else for their mistakes. She brings up Jackson being kicked to the curb by Erica. Infuriated, Kendall tells Mary to get out before she calls the cops and Mary leaves, with a smirk on her face. Mia speaks up and says for once, Mary is right about Kendall. Mia says Kendall pushes the men she loves away and tries to test them, like she did with Boyd, Aidan, and now Ryan. "Who cares about Greenlee?" Mia says. Simone and Kendall pressure her to get Ryan back, before its too late. After they leave, Kendall looks at the shattered picture of her and Greenlee, thinks of the kiss she shared with Ryan and walks out of Fusion.

Back at Chandler Enterprises, Ryan explains to Greenlee the benefits she can get by saying "I do." He hasn't filed any papers with the state or FCC, meaning that if they get married, Fusion becomes community property, giving Greenlee half of everything. Greenlee tells him to just buy her shares of Fusion and she will have enough money to start a new company. Ryan says no because he says he knows how much Fusion means to her and he won't let Kendall run his life. Greenlee realizes that Ryan's marriage idea is more about business, it's about revenge on Kendall. Ryan admits that it's partially true, but it is more about being business tycoons and partners. Greenlee asks him if she says yes, when can they get married. Ryan tells her to do it tonight!

Bianca is getting her things together, more than ready to leave the hospital, when Jackson walks in. Bianca asks him where Erica is, because she really wants to see her. Jackson tells Bianca not to worry about seeing Erica right now, and that's when Bianca realizes he doesn't even know where her mother is. Anita is outside the door and overhears Bianca talking about Erica. Jackson assures Bianca that Tad and Aidan are looking for Erica and is more concerned about Bianca's recovery. When Jackson leaves, Anita comes in and immediately apologizes for breaking the nursery rules. Bianca tells her no apology is needed and apologizes to her for getting her in any trouble. She explains why she took Bess and now knows that Miranda is really gone. When Anita asks her if there is anything she can do, Bianca asks her to give away all of her baby items to the woman patients in the hospital. Anita is more than grateful for her offer and promises to honor Bianca's request.

When Edmund is talking to Brooke, he immediately begins blaming Maria for the surgery. He starts bring up conspiracy theories, such as Maria told the doctors to stop during surgery and that maybe the surgery never even took place because of Maria. Brooke tells him to stop being ridiculous and she was with Maria the whole time he was in surgery. Edmund asks her if Maria didn't stop the surgery then why did it go wrong? Brooke tells him that if they had proceeded, he wouldn't be alive today. Edmund beings to get angry that Maria did not support his decision, like Brooke has and she adds that she supported him, but was scared too. Edmund realizes he shouldn't blame Maria for what happened and admits that he just needs someone to blame. He realizes he should be lucky to be alive. Brooke reminds him that that is all Maria ever wanted. She gives him a hug and then leaves.

Anita wheels Bianca outside and she sees Maria. Maria gives her a hug and Bianca offers her condolences for Edmund's loss. Bianca walks in Edmund's room and gives him a hug. Opal sees Anita looking in and Anita takes the chance to start asking where Bianca's mother is. Opal says her mother is dealing with a lot of things right now, including her dad's death. Opal adds that she only hopes wherever Erica is, it is doing her some good right now. Anita begins to call someone but hangs up. In the room, Edmund asks Bianca how she is. Bianca says she misses her baby, but cherishes the few hours she did get to spend with her. Edmund and Bianca make a pact, to always be there for one another no matter what. Bianca agrees and then leaves the hospital with Jackson. Maria walks in and Edmund gives her a passionate kiss, then whispers, "You're right. It's good to be alive."

Erica practices with the chorus, although Rudy is disappointed with her disastrous dance moves. Erica assumes that he will fire her and starts packing her bags, but Rudy wants just the opposite. He tells her that she may not have the dance moves down, but she has a stage presence unlike any of his other chorus dancers. A stage presence that can only be used for a true star of the show. Erica is a little weary of being the star of the show, but Rudy insists upon it. Bobby comes over and asks her how she likes her new lifestyle and Erica says she is pleased. Erica goes to look at herself in the mirror, and she is startled when she imagines Bianca staring right back at her. Bobby rushes over to see if she is ok and Erica tells him that she thought she saw her daughter. Erica admits she tries to block her out, but can't. She starts asking Bobby about his wife, who he tells her works at the Pine Valley Hospital. Erica asks him to see if his wife knows anything about Bianca, but to make sure he leaves her name out of it. Bobby promises to try to get as much information as he can about her daughter, without incriminating Erica. Bobby leaves and Erica takes one last look in the mirror, without the shadow of Bianca standing by her side. When Bobby goes back into the casino, he is surprised to see Aidan staring right at him from the bar.



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