All My Children Recaps: The week of May 3, 2004 on AMC

JR urged Kendall to trust Ryan. Bianca started her job at Fusion. Krystal and Mary argued about Babe and JR's wedding. Ryan told Bianca why he and Kendall couldn't be together. Ryan and Greenlee decided to elope. Tad convinced Krystal that he really wanted to develop a relationship with her.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 3, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, May3

At his place, Ryan asks Greenlee to marry him tonight and won't take no for an answer. Sweeping her off her feet and into his arms, Ryan suddenly screams "Ouch!" Then he asks, "Why'd you pinch me?" "Because I wanted to see if I'm dreaming," Greenlee replies. Ryan tells her she's supposed to pinch herself. "I bruise too easily," she tells him. Ryan laughs and tells her the next time she sees this room she'll be Mrs. Ryan Lavery. Greenlee stops him from carrying her out of the room by throwing her hands against the door frame and makes him sit her down. Greenlee doesn't want a marriage of three: her, Ryan, and Kendall. Ryan tries to wear down her objections because they're such good friends it will work. Plus she gets half the company. "So what do you say? Will you say 'I do'?" Ryan asks. "I," Greenlee hesitates, "gotta run," and rushes out. Ryan follows shouting after her from the doorway, "Is that a yes or a no?"

In Vegas Erica's cell phone rings. It's Jackson on the caller ID. She doesn't answer the call but later listens to Jack's "20th" message asking her to come home now. He tells her she doesn't have to see him if she doesn't want to but Bianca needs her.

While sipping an exotic drink from a pineapple, Opal berates Tad telling him she's ashamed to call him son because he's not in Vegas searching for Erica. Tad tells her Aidan is there and can handle it. Opal protests that Aidan is not family. Tad reminds Opal that no one has her feet nailed to the floor forcing her to "drink 80 proof cough syrup from Carmen Miranda's hat" and tells her she could be out there looking for Erica herself. Opal informs him it's a virgin Kra.k.atoa and asks if his scotch has his brains all tangled up. Upon seeing Krystal and David enter, Opal comments, "Oh I see. It ain't the alcohol. And it sure as shootin' ain't no virgin." Krystal sees Tad and with a huge smile on her face tells David that he (David) is just what she needs. David asks Krystal if Tad is steaming yet. She says that would make him as happy as her because he loves sticking it to Tad. David agrees and says it just may be the start to a perfect evening. Together they toast "to smoke . . . and mirrors . . . and whatever magic may follow." As Krystal keeps staring at Tad though, David offers to let her out of their date so she can so spend time with Tad. Krystal declines the offer because Tad's right, she doesn't love him. David says Tad is never right about anything. Krystal tells David she's committed some pretty horrible deeds. David says that's what keeps life interesting.

Across the room Opal comments to Tad that Dr. Frankenstein and the floozy works for her. Tad says Krystal deserves better. Tad asks if she shouldn't be home with Petey. Opal blows off Tad's attempted subject change and insists Tad is hung up on Krystal. Tad tells her that whatever he is it's still in hibernation. Opal advises him to "prepare for a rough awakening, nature boy" when Liza and Mia enter the club. As Mia berates Liza for chasing after Tad, Liza ignores her and wanders over to Tad and Opal's table. Petey's trainer/babysitter calls just as Liza arrives at the table leaving Tad and Liza alone. Liza tells him she's there to share good news. Ryan asked her and JR to stay on at Chandler Enterprises. She wants Tad on her team as well. Tad declines Liza's offer. No more suits and suites for him.

Ryan enters and announces he's celebrating because he's about to be married. Tad joins Ryan at the bar to ask about he and Kendall's wedding. Ryan tells him that's not whom he is marrying. He tells Tad that instead of accepting his proposal, Kendall wanted to negotiate. So Ryan asked Greenlee to marry him instead. Tad doesn't understand why Ryan would marry the "understudy." Ryan tells Tad she hasn't said yes yet but that regardless of Greenlee's answer, Kendall is history. Ryan vows he has sworn off love forever. Tad warns him, "The heart is a renegade muscle. No man can control it." Seeing Tad's eye's follow as Krystal exits, Ryan asks if she's the one who warranted the warning.

Simone enters to make the list of Tad's suitors complete. She takes a table with Mia. Mia bets her $50 that Kendall is out of the picture over the Greenlee clause and that Ryan is Greenlee's for the taking. Simone takes the bet saying Kendall will reel Ryan back in. Mia leaves before her coach turns into a pumpkin, but Simone wants to stay a while. After Mia is gone, Simone cozies up to Tad who offers her the worldly advice "never wear white socks with black shoes, and never say never."

In Vegas Aidan extends a hand and re-introduces himself to Bobby. Aidan reminds him he was visiting his brother-in-law. "It looked more like you were visiting my wife," Bobby replies. Bobby offers to set Aidan up with a room package for some R&R. Aidan tells him actually he's there on business, as a P.I. Bobby thinks Anita has sent a P.I. to check up on him. "Wow, spoken like a man with a guilty conscience," Aidan observes. Bobby asks if he got in the P.I. business to ask questions that are none of his business. Aidan tells him that's the job description and asks if he's seen "this woman" holding out a picture of Erica. Bobby tells him yes. When Aidan asks where, Bobby tells him on several billboards and magazine covers. "Cute," Aidan comments and asks if he's seen her personally. "Sadly, no," Bobby says. Aidan suggests they try again, and this time with Bobby telling the truth. Bobby is supposed to be the king of hospitality and doesn't like being distrusted. Aidan is following his gut feeling he says. Bobby tells him his instinct and a buck will get him a cup of coffee. Aidan still doesn't trust him and won't let up so Bobby tells him he will spill. Bobby ends up telling Aidan about Erica and Philly and the poker game but nothing else. Bobby asks why he's searching in Vegas anyway. Aidan tells him about Erica's father's death. Bobby then asks how Bianca is doing? This sets off Aidan's radar for Bobby is awfully in the loop for someone who claims to know nothing. Bobby explains his wife, Anita, told him about Bianca losing her baby and that it's not much of a stretch for him to be concerned about a mother and daughter torn apart after one has lost their father and the other her child. Aidan apologizes. As Aidan searches his wallet for a card to give Bobby so he can call if he sees Erica in Vegas, Bobby sees "Desiree" enter the room out of the corner of his eye.

After running out of Ryan's loft, Greenlee went to the hospital searching for Jack and Bianca. She finds Anita instead who tells her she just missed them. Anita is glad to see her though. She wants to know what happened in Philly with Bobby and Erica. Greenlee has no real info for her but says Anita's husband told her they were just pals and she believed him. Anita comments Bobby is good at getting people to believe him. Greenlee then tells Anita about spilling her guts to Bobby and how he swore he was going to do whatever it took to win Anita back. This makes Anita uneasy. She excuses herself to go back to work, but Greenlee says it's her turn to ask something. "Why did you get married?" Greenlee asks Anita. Anita tells her it's because Bobby was the only person she ever wanted to be with. Greenlee suggests that kind of love comes after the wedding for some people. "Not for many," Anita replies. Anita continues going on about all the wonderful aspects of marriage with your true love. Greenlee tells her she had that once, and he died. Now she misses feeling complete. "So do I," Anita agrees. After more talk about how fantastic it is when friendship grows into love, Greenlee thanks Anita and leaves saying she's on her way to see the one person who "can take me where I'm supposed to go."

Liza follows Krystal into the ladies room at the club. Liza assures Krystal she doesn't have to worry. "Honey, I don't worry. Gives you wrinkles," Krystal replies. "Seriously," Liza says, "I'm not going to tell your secret to another living soul." Krystal recovers and says there is no secret, that her life is an open book with big print and no footnotes. Liza doesn't buy the lie and continues telling her because she loves JR and doesn't want to see him hurt she'll keep the secret Tad confided in her but that Krystal should be careful about any evidence safely tucked away. Krystal still denies any secret. Liza leaves the ladies room first. After she's gone Krystal swears to herself she's going to kill Tad for telling Liza about Babe's secret. Krystal then cuts her date short with David claiming a queasy stomach. She rushes home to her bedroom at Chandler mansion and pulls papers out of her closet as Liza watches from the hidden tunnels.

Kendall visits JR and finds him holding Bess. Kendall says she's there to hear some good news, something to give her hope for the future. JR says, "How about a good, old-fashioned wedding?" He proceeds to tell Kendall about he and Babe's second wedding that is being planned. Kendall wants to know how JR managed to trust Babe instead of listening to his dad. JR tells Kendall that sometimes you have to take that leap of faith. Kendall comments she needs a miracle to turn things around with Ryan. JR's advice is to keep herself open to the good stuff and when it comes not to push it away. Kendall says it will never happen because she's too much like her mother. "We don't get happily ever afters," Kendall says. She tells JR about Ryan trying to force her to accept Greenlee and asks JR what he would do if Babe wanted him to give Jamie a job. JR tells her he offered Jamie a position at Chandler Enterprises recently and is disappointed Jamie refused the offer. Kendall says, "Bull!" JR say no bull because it's history between Babe and Jamie. JR tells Kendall she loves Ryan "so go find him and marry him now." Still, even after JR reminds her of all the right things Ryan has done, Kendall hesitates. JR continues telling her how great life is with Babe and their love and tells her again to go after Ryan.

After a while in the club Ryan steps outside for some fresh air where he bumps into David. David asks if it's Kendall or Greenlee giving him heartache this time. Ryan wants to know why he cares. David tells him he'd hate to let a good thing go to waste so maybe it's time he and Kendall had an affair. Saying nothing, Ryan grabs David by the lapels as if ready to punch him out.

Having taken JR's advice, Kendall stands in front of Ryan's door practicing her apology. Greenlee arrives also looking for Ryan. Kendall asks her to leave as she needs to see Ryan alone. Greenlee says she can't because she has to tell Ryan something. Kendall wants to know what it is she must tell him.

Tuesday, May4, 2004

In Las Vegas, Bobby insisted to Aidan that he doubted Miss Kane would be in contact with him. 'Desiree' overheard and hid next to the slot machines and learned Jack had hired Aidan. Aidan said it was too easy to get lost in Vegas and he was going back to Pine Valley to tell Jack to wait for Erica to come home. Bobby went to give Erica the all clear and tell her he'd learned that Bianca is fine. Erica was upset that Jack didn't come look for her himself and is using Bianca as guilt leverage. She admitted she wants to see Bianca and Kendall and get rid of all the hurt, but feels that they've shut her out and they have lost each other forever. Erica was infuriated when Bobby mentioned her father's death, but then thanked him for all the help with her new life and career. He left and she sipped her drink.

At the hospital, Maria and Anita did some sisterly bonding and Maria suggested she give Bobby another chance. She asked Anita what her heart does when she hears his voice. Anita called Bobby and he was thrilled to hear from her, until she asked if he knew where Erica was. He said he was tired of everyone asking him that. Bobby said he was not with Erica and Anita said she was staying in Pine Valley to be with Maria and Edmund. Bobby wondered if Anita had said anything personal to Aidan and warned her to not trust him. He told her how much he loves her and she hung up. Aidan watched Bobby from a distance.

Krystal heard a noise and wondered who was there as Liza hid in the tunnels at Chandler mansion. Babe came into the room and was stunned and scared to see the annulment paper, knowing it could put them both on a bus out of town. Krystal said it was time to get a safe deposit box to store the paper. Babe wondered why Krystal won't spend time with Bess and wanted to know what was wrong. Krystal claimed she just wanted to stay out of her way. Liza listened to them talk about Tad and had to scoot when Babe suggested they hide the paper in the tunnels until they can get to the bank. Liza snatched the paper as soon as they'd finished hiding it behind a loose brick. She was stunned and knew Adam would love to see it too.

Downstairs, Adam and JR discussed Bess's first photo session and the wedding. JR was very happy, but mildly suspicious, that Adam is such a softie about Bess and so generous with the wedding. JR asked him to admit that Babe is as much a part of the family as Bess is. Adam said he does feel affection for Babe, particularly in her role as a devoted mother. They continued to bond and JR was happy to have Adam in their lives. Adam left to take a look at Bess and ran into Liza in the hallway. Liza said she was there to see Colby and Adam asked her to knock in the future. Babe ran up to ask for the video camera and Liza left. Outside, she wondered what she would do, even though she could now get Krystal out of town.

Tad was uncomfortable talking with Simone at the bar and she guessed he had bad news for her. He admitted he cares for her, but knows what they have will never be the real thing. Simone was happy for Tad that he was open to the idea of love, even if it isn't with her, and was relieved to hear it wasn't Liza either. She did choke to think he may be falling for Krystal. They shared one last dance and promised to stay friends.

Outside, Ryan was ready to fight when David told him that Kendall wanted to have an affair with him. David smirked as he told Ryan he now knows he still loves her. He urged Ryan to go back to Kendall and leave Greenlee alone.

At Ryan's door, Greenlee and Kendall argued and Greenlee offered to do a huge favor for Kendall by changing her life. They both sat on the floor, waiting for Ryan to come home. Greenlee reminded Kendall that hating each other took a lot of energy, of the good times starting up Fusion, and how successful they'd been. Kendall asked what the favor was and Greenlee said they had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Greenlee told her that the co-CEO idea was a surprise to her and suggested that Kendall could have Ryan if she would only get over her grudge against his friend. Kendall refused. Greenlee accused her of being like Erica in walking away when love gets rough and suggested Kendall call Ryan and make up and live happily after and prove she's not like Erica. Greenlee told her that she cares about Ryan and only wants him to be happy. Kendall accused her of wanting Ryan for herself. Greenlee replied that if Kendall doesn't wise up, she will have him herself. She guessed that Kendall is so afraid of love that she's willing to sabotage it and then blame Greenlee. Greenlee asked which life Kendall wants, being happy with Ryan and working with Greenlee, or alone and miserable while Greenlee is with Ryan. Ryan walked up, also curious about the answer. They went inside and Kendall refused to talk in front of Greenlee. Ryan refused to throw Greenlee out and wondered why Kendall was there. Kendall would only say that Greenlee was no longer allowed in the Fusion offices...and that Greenlee could have Ryan as she stomped out. Greenlee felt bad for Ryan and told him she'd tried to reason with Kendall. He told her he would find another way to get Fusion back for her and understood if she didn't want to marry him. Greenlee only asked if she should wear full white or a simple ivory suit. She gushed with excitement over their partnership and thought marriage could give them both exactly what they want.

Wednesday, May5

Krystal, Mary and Babe were having a loud argument concerning the wedding arrangements while Adam listened outside the room. Tad arrived and Adam warned him not to go in. Mary stormed out, followed by a flying piece of pottery. Moments later she returned with a stack of different china plates and told Tad to take them into the "Rhinestone Cowgirl." They headed back in the room and Adam started to walk away. Mary grabbed him and dragged him in too. Krystal stomped up to Tad and snarled "How dare you show your face here after what you did!" Tad had no clue what she was talking about. Babe started telling Adam and Mary about how she'd like the music room redone in animal prints and took them out to show what she meant. Krystal verbally attacked Tad, asking why he told Liza about the annulment papers. He kept denying that he told Liza anything but Krystal wouldn't shut up long enough to hear what he said. Babe, Adam and Mary returned and Mary was horrified at Babe's decorating suggestions, but Adam was mildly amused. JR arrived and told everyone he had just come from his brother's apartment. He announced that Jamie agreed to be his best man at the wedding. He said he also asked Jamie to be Bess's godfather. Mary started arguing with Krystal about putting tassels on everything and Tad left to "take care of something." Babe announced that she was going to ask Bianca to be her maid of honor. JR was not thrilled and tried to get her to have Krystal do it. But Babe said Krystal was walking her down the aisle and she wanted Bianca to stand up there with her. Then she said she'd been thinking that since the house would be all decorated and everyone would be there they could go ahead and have Bess's christening after the wedding. And she said it would work out just perfect to have Bianca be her maid of honor since she was also going to be Bess's godmother.

Ryan was at home when he answered the phone. Kendall told him they were all at Fusion waiting for him. He refused to come, saying he trusted Kendall and she could send him a memo about what they decide. He hung up, much to Kendall's dismay. He turned to Greenlee and asked if she was ready to elope. Greenlee said she agreed to get married but they have "lives and responsibilities" to take care of, and that they "have to do it right." Ryan sat down and asked what she was talking about. Greenlee whipped out a notebook and started talking about division of property, wills, bank accounts, Kendall. Ryan said Kendall was not a factor and they discussed a pre-nup agreement. Greenlee said "You do realize we have to live together, right?." Ryan said that was a no-brainer, they had to make this marriage legit. They decided to move into Ryan's place after the wedding. Greenlee asked how far they should take this, meaning do they have sex or not. Ryan asked "With each other?" They discussed consummating the marriage or not, and whether they could remain friends after sex. They finally agreed it was too risky. Then they talked about whether they could have sex with other people. Ryan said they could include a clause regarding extra curricular activities, especially since they had a "love-free zone." Greenlee insisted on some sort of time table and proposed a 6 month contract with a 6 month option, then they could revisit the question. Ryan finally agreed. He was ready to get married right then but Greenlee told him to contact the lawyer and set up the pre-nup. Then he was to pack something nice because she was going out to buy a gorgeous dress.

At Fusion Kendall told Mia and Simone that Ryan wasn't coming to their meeting and they would have to decide the campaign themselves. They asked about Greenlee and she said Greenlee was past tense. Simone asked whether Kendall and Ryan were also past tense but Kendall refused to talk about it. She began talking about Fusion and Enchantment when Bianca walked in, saying she was ready to work. Mia and Simone went to the hallway while Kendall and Bianca talked. Bianca said she needed to be at Fusion but Kendall didn't want her to jump into anything too soon. Bianca smiled and said "You need me!" and talked about how short of help Fusion was, especially with Lena gone. Kendall asked about Lena and said it must be really hard for Bianca to have her so far away. Bianca smiled and said "Love trumps anything." Kendall finally agreed to let Bianca work. Bianca asked if Greenlee knew she was out of Fusion. Kendall said yes and then Bianca asked how Ryan took it. After Kendall told Bianca about the ultimatum she had given Ryan, Bianca was horrified. Bianca thought that maybe Ryan was right and Greenlee had changed. Kendall said Greenlee was in this for one reason, to take Ryan away from her. Bianca said she didn't like what this was doing to Kendall and Ryan. She told Kendall that maybe Greenlee was "in a different place now" and she suggested taking the clause out. Kendall refused and told her not to worry. Bianca said if there was a chance she could work things out with Ryan she had to take it. Kendall refused to discuss it anymore and stepped onto the elevator.

Out in the hall Liza found Mia and took her to an empty room. She told Mia about the annulment papers and that it was the way to get rid of Krystal. Mia was appalled that Liza would hurt JR and Bess that way. Liza said she was torn between getting rid of Krystal and keeping the man she loves or blowing the family apart. Mia told her to forget it and that there were other ways to get rid of Krystal. Liza agreed to think about it and went to the elevator. When the doors opened Tad was there and he roughly pulled Liza into the car. She thought he was there for fun and games but Tad demanded to know what she was trying to pull with Krystal.

Maggie brought Reggie back to her apartment and they told Jamie about the stunt Danielle had pulled with the tattoo. Reggie said it was time for a little smack down and Maggie and Jamie agreed to help. They brainstormed for a while and Reggie ran out for some snacks. While he was gone Jamie and Maggie turned the conversation to them possibly dating other people but they didn't get very far when Reggie returned. He said he had the perfect plan, "Danielle is going down!"

Danielle showed up at Jack's apartment looking for Reggie. Jack said he wasn't there and probably wouldn't be very happy to see her. Danielle turned on the charm and started sucking up to Jack, who went along with it. She apologized for getting Reggie in trouble and said Jack was a "mad cool guy." She left the apartment and in the hallway got a phone call from Reggie. He told her he forgave her and invited her over to Jamie and Maggie's place to watch a movie. She rushed over and flirted with Reggie until Jamie came out of the bedroom. Danielle was impressed with how sharp Jamie looked and Jamie returned the admiration. Then he told her that Fusion was looking for some really hot teen girls and that she was exactly what they wanted. She fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Bianca went to Ryan's apartment to talk to him about Kendall. Meanwhile Greenlee went to Myrtle's Boutique and was trying on suits for the wedding. She stood in front of the mirror and called out to Myrtle "What do you think of this one?." Kendall came around the corner and snidely said "It depends on the occasion." Greenlee just smiled at her.

Thursday, May6

On the rooftop, Tad demands that Liza tell him what kind of head game she is pulling on Krystal. Liza insists that she is not up to anything - but that even if she was, she didn't think Krystal would need Tad to protect her. Tad calls her bluff, and runs down exactly the scam she pulled on Krystal with alarming accuracy. Tad reminds her that by messing with Krystal, she is also doing something that could end up hurting Babe and JR - and it's a mistake to mess with his kid.

After listening in disbelief, Liza loses it. She says that all Krystal is trying to do is bring him down, while what she (Liza) is trying to do is protect him. Tad apparently doesn't need or want Liza's protection and tells her that whatever goes on between him and Krystal is none of her business. Liza tells him that it is, in no uncertain terms, her business because she is in love with him.

While Tad is standing there stunned at her revelation, Liza says that she believes Krystal has been messing up what they could have together. Tad tells her that he is actually the one responsible for getting in their way. He goes on to say that while he loves Liza, it's not in the way that she wants. He tells her that when she accused him of using his hiatus to cover up his feelings for Krystal, she was right on.

Liza takes this news hard - not believing that she lost Tad to "Miss Tractor Pull 1993." She tells him that he should be with Krystal, but that when she pulls the rug out from underneath him, he would need to find someone else's shoulder to cry on because she didn't give a damn anymore.

JR and Babe are in the study at the Chandler mansion with Krystal and Adam, and discussion continues about why Bianca shouldn't be involved in the wedding. Babe goes to bat for Bianca - saying that she is the only one that can (with Bess' help) to help Bianca to get over the "loss of her child." Adam, Krystal and JR are still skeptical about it, but in the end Adam steps up first and says that the decision was up to her and JR.

JR tells Babe that he isn't trying to talk her out of it - he is just telling her how he feels. He thinks that it's too much to ask, and too much for Bianca to handle. Babe is surprised that he can be so loving and generous towards her, but have so little compassion for his old friend. She thinks he sounds like Adam. She said that if they were all going to tell her who could and couldn't be at her wedding, maybe there shouldn't be a wedding at all.

JR finally caves and says that it's her day and she can have whomever she wants there. Babe worries about what Adam will think, and JR says that he will take care of Adam. He leaves, and Krystal lays into Babe - reminding her of the real reason they need to have the wedding. Babe knows that but she says there is no reason why it can't still be a great day. JR returns a short time later and says that Adam won't interfere.

Bianca goes to visit Ryan and says that she knows that he and Kendall are no longer together. She comes over, as before, to try to play mediator. She tells Ryan that the "Greenlee clause" was her idea and asks him if he would take Kendall back if she (Bianca) insisted that the clause were removed.

Ryan tells Bianca that Kendall doesn't have any more chances. He said that he offered her everything he had and she turned him down. She shattered his dreams of a future happiness with her because she couldn't get over her grudge against Greenlee. Ryan breaks it all down for Bianca, explaining everything that happened and then summed up by saying that what Kendall is capable of giving him is not what he wants.

Kendall runs into Greenlee at Myrtle's dress shop, and tries to goad her into yet another argument. Greenlee said that Kendall can pick at her all she wanted - she wasn't sharing her news. Kendall grabs her and demands to know. Kendall swears that it has to do with Ryan and says that she has to watch her back because Greenlee is acting to happy for someone who just got kicked out of her company. Greenlee keeps bouncing around the changing area and finally gives a little by saying, "FYI - this little fashion makeover is for the wedding."

It appears as though Greenlee is going to spill the beans but when Kendall asked what wedding, Greenlee says JR and Babe's wedding. Kendall is baffled as to how she scored an invite, but even more baffled by her continued upbeat attitude. Greenlee tells Kendall that in order for a person to truly be happy, they must first be happy and love themselves, and notes that they both have their work cut out. With that, Greenlee states that for an unemployed person, she has a million things to do and leaves.

A while later, Kendall is at the Fusion offices and Bianca shows up. Kendall is in the midst of another tirade about Greenlee and Bianca tells her to shut up. She continues by saying, "You are spiraling into misery, stupidity and there is no way I'm going to let you do it." Because she is the only one that can, Bianca sits Kendall down and tells her like it is. She tells her that she dropkicked Ryan's dreams. Kendall tries to protest, but Bianca tells her that she has no right to make this about her hurt feelings.

She notes that Kendall has been given chance after chance to make it right - and every time she says that she will do whatever it takes to keep Ryan. She never does - she always gets in her own way and lets her jealousy and plans for revenge ruin everything. Bianca tells her that if she wants revenge - get a dartboard, put Greenlee's picture on it and have at it - but stop making Ryan pay for it.

Bianca says she's sorry that she agreed to that clause - she did it because she was angry but now she realizes she was wrong. She sees clearly that Kendall is the one sabotaging her own happiness and future - no one else. According to Bianca, Greenlee is waiting in the wings and if she is smart (which Bianca says she is) she will go after Ryan. And Kendall would deserve it.

Bianca asks Kendall if she can prove she won't spend the rest of her life sabotaging her own happiness, and Kendall says she doesn't know how. Of course you do, Bianca says - go apologize to Ryan. Kendall has two choices: Ryan or a thousand "what ifs. Kendall runs out.

David shows up at Greenlee's condo as she is going through her entire wardrobe and packing. He thinks he dropping a bombshell by telling her he found out that Ryan isn't over Kendall, and Kendall isn't over Ryan. This is old news to Greenlee, but David thinks this should be enough to keep her away from Ryan. Unfazed, Greenlee tells him that Ryan has offered her a sweet deal. She has examined it from all angles, and no matter what happens - she will come out on top. David still thinks that he can dissuade her but Greenlee tells him that she is taking this opportunity and running with it.

Livia visits Ryan at his place and looks over the notes that Greenlee made with regard to their pre-nuptial agreement. Agreeing that it's solid - Livia still thinks that Ryan needs to have his head checked out, and understands why he didn't get the Cambias lawyers involved. She agrees to draw up the papers and reminds him that he has to get it notarized or it's worthless. She ends by saying that he's brave because he is about to step in between Greenlee and Kendall - and in order for them to kill each other, they'll have to go through him.

At the end, Tad finds Krystal. She asks what he's doing there, and then he kisses her.

Meanwhile, Liza is at the office looking at the annulment papers. JR walks in and says that it looks like someone shot her dog, or she was about to shoot theirs. He asks her what's wrong.

Friday, May7

Babe goes to see JR at Chandler Enterprises, where she informs him that she spoke to Bianca about being her maid of honor in the wedding and Bess's godmother. JR assures her that he has no problem with Bianca playing a part in their baby's life and that he wants to make all of Babe's dreams come true. Babe and JR share a kiss and Liza walks in, looking uncomfortable. They quickly break apart and Babe leaves. Liza closes the door and hands him the marriage license, saying "Your marriage is nothing but a lie."

While Tad and Krystal talk at the Valley Inn's restaurant, Tad tells her that he wants to have a real relationship with her. Krystal is surprised and asks him why. He explains that when he told her she was going to leave town after the wedding, he realized he didn't want her to go. He also says that if she is leaving to get away from him, he will leave her alone forever, as long as she stays in Pine Valley. He also apologizes for running the DNA test behind her back, which makes Krystal uneasy and nervous. He tells her that he won't lie to her anymore because honesty is very important to him in a relationship. Krystal is overwhelmed by Tad's push for them to become a couple, but realizes that she can't be honest with him, so she tells him that it is too late for them because of what she did.

Kendall goes to see Ryan, but she is too late. He has already left, packed his bags, and got on a plan with Greenlee. David comes over and explains that he left with Greenlee and they could be gone for up to six months. David also tells her what a fool she has been for letting Ryan slip through her fingers and allowing Greenlee to come between them. Insulted by David's words, she retorts that he has not right to judge her, since he keeps all of his feelings bottled up, and his heart hasn't been shattered in a long time. David says nothing more, he just leaves. Kendall follows after and goes to see Bianca at Jackson's.

When Kendall gets to Jackson's, she fills Bianca in on the Ryan and Greenlee adventure, expecting her sister to be furious that Ryan chose Greenlee over Kendall. But she isn't. In fact, Bianca tells Kendall that if Ryan ends up with Greenlee, it is her fault. Kendall tells her what David said and she is shocked that Bianca agrees with David. She reminds her that if Ryan and Greenlee leave as friends, they may come back as more. Bianca switches the roles on Kendall, asking her that if she made Bianca choose, would she be upset with her? Kendall said no because if she picked Greenlee, she would just see it as her sister wanting her to unload her anger and be happy. Bianca asks her why can't she see that it is the same thing Ryan wants. Kendall tells her that with Ryan, it is different.

Ryan and Greenlee are on his plane, all ready to go say their "I dos" but there is a problem. The pilot tells them that there are some technical difficulties but they are being worked on. While Ryan and Greenlee wait, they begin to talk about the wedding, making sure that Ryan doesn't have any doubts. He tells her he doesn't and asks her to read her vows to him. Greenlee's vows are about their friendship and rather sweet, which really touch Ryan's heart. Ryan gets impatient with the pilot and threatens to go on another plane at the airport. The pilot tells him that all of the commercial flights are on hold because of the fog, but they are working on fixing his plane. Greenlee tells him his problem isn't the fog and it's not too late to call of the wedding.

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Vincent Irizarry returns to The Bold and the Beautiful
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