One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 3, 2004 on OLTL

Starr was kidnapped. Natalie accepted Paul's proposal, but John interfered. Nigel offered Roxy some help. Kevin grew suspicious of Kelly and Todd. Antonio accepted a dangerous undercover assignment. Marcie decided to do her own investigation of Dr. Long and Paul. Rex and Natalie argued about their love lives.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 3, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, May 3, 2004

Starr calls Todd and Blair. Before she can talk, Laser, the guy who stole her bag, snatches the phone from her. He tries to talk to her, but she runs away. Laser catches up to Starr and convinces her that Travis needs her and she has to help him. She steal for him in order to help Travis. Todd and Blair get a call from the police about finding Travis. Blair and Todd ask Travis about Starr. Travis tells them he really doesn't have a clue where she could be. Todd tries not to lose his patience. Blair and Todd find Starr's ribbon by the bridge. They now know that Starr was there.

A drunk Natalie flaunts herself in front of John. Natalie tells John that she and Paul are going away. John reminds Paul that he can't leave the country because he has to testify.

Michael spies on Dr. Long. Marcie volunteers to listen at Dr. Long's office door. Dorian tells Michael that Paul is on this way to Dr. Long's office. Michael tells Dorian that Marcie is there and asks Dorian to go and help Marcie. Paul catches Marcie at Dr. Long's door.

Antonio takes on a job for Evangeline. He asks Carlotta to baby sit Jamie. Jessica wants to know more about the case, but Antonio is not giving much detail to anyone.

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Laser stops Starr from getting Blair and Todd's attention. Starr realizes Laser is not a friend of Travis. He only wants the reward money. Laser tells Todd and Blair to go back to Llanview so he can get his money. Blair calls Bo after Todd tells her not to.

Matthew is upset about Starr. Nora and Bo try to comfort him. Kevin sees Kelly and Todd looking cozy.

Natalie considers marrying Paul. Jessica tries to talk her out of it. Dorian rescues Marcie. Paul has no idea it was Marcie at the door. Marcie hides the wig so Dr. Long won't find out what she and Michael have been up to.

David tries to comfort a disappointed Adriana.

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

John and Kathryn rehearse Paul for his trip to San Diego to testify and also question him on his relationship with Dr. Long. Paul throws Nat in John's face and accuses him of not wanting Paul to date her.

Angel Square is busy as a troubled Riley sits and practices his guitar. River tries to reach Adriana and apologizes yet again for his behavior with Shannon. Travis comes through with a picture of Dorian's house and asks directions. A distraught River grabs him when he recognizes him but after listening to the boy's sincere explanation of how he'd do anything to help Starr, he directs him to the house. Adriana shows up and though reluctant at first, finally returns River's kiss after he tells her that he'll wait for her, no matter how long it takes. He reminds her of the pledge they made.

The area teens have a loud party at the garage, where Shannon drinks too much and puts on a show for the crowd with several of the guys. Riley tells Jen he can no longer tolerate the scene with the drinking, drugs and sex; that he takes his music seriously.

Saxophonist Paul Taylor performs at Capricorn as R.J. and Natalie commiserate. Nat learns that McBain has reservations for a table for two. Shortly after, John arrives and tries to talk some sense into Natalie regarding Paul, reminding her that he only considers himself to be a good friend, nothing more. She admits that she cannot handle that type of relationship with him, but also wonders why he doesn't want her but doesn't want her to be with Paul. Nearby, Roxy hides from a stranger who walks in, looks around and leaves. She asks Nigel for $10,000, admitting that she lost money on the horses. If Nigel asks her, she'll marry him, she says sweetly. Kathryn arrives to join John at his table. They reminisce about her sister. Natalie can't take her eyes off of them through the evening; Paul invites her to travel with him. She declines but when Kathryn comes over to get Paul, he makes sure to plant a passionate kiss on Nat for John's benefit.

Strolling through Angel Square, Shannon sees River and Adriana and feels badly. Subsequently, she's spotted by John who tells her that she's really a smart girl who should lose the attitude. Coming by to announce that she got Paul off on the plane, Kathryn says goodbye to John. Before she goes, she mentions that she knows John will never love anyone else but Caitlin, but she noticed that Natalie really seemed to be into the jazz at the club, much like John. She urges him to be happy again. When Natalie walks through the square later, he apologizes for the words between them earlier and the fact that things haven't worked with them. Natalie grabs onto him and kisses him; he kisses back. Pulling away, she tells him she's sorry too and walks off.

Todd and Blair wait for a call from the kidnapper. Bo wants to call in the FBI but as they argue the merits of that, the phone rings. It's only a silent call. Todd extends a general apology to Bo as he almost loses it, starting to cry. Travis arrives and extends his offer to help. Blair finally decides to go upstairs for a nap but she almost immediately calls for Todd. She is having terrible images and wants him to stay with her. As they lie on the bed, they talk softly. Blair asks about his experience in the crypt. He informs her that he thought about her a great deal and that he really loved her, still does. He again blames himself for what is happening now. They finally receive the awaited phone call from Laser, the kidnapper.

Shannon returns to the garage, empty except for Jen. Trying to convince her to continue the party, she gets turned down flat. Jen announces that she's past all of that.

Thursday, May 6, 2004

Laser becomes angry when he realizes Todd and Blair called the police. Todd makes a private deal with Laser, who wants one million dollars dropped off at the train station. Dorian agrees to give Todd the ransom money on the condition that he won't try to reconcile with Blair once Starr is returned. Kelly confesses to Bo and Blair that Todd went to meet Laser at the train station. Blair heads to the train station to look for Starr. Todd and Travis wait for Laser and Starr at the train station.

Kevin admits to Natalie that he doesn't trust Paul and warns her to stay away from him. Viki questions Jessica about her engagement to Antonio. Jessica and Antonio argue about money but quickly make up. Paul wants Kelly to help him get more money. Viki learns about Starr's kidnapping. Marcie refuses to stop helping Michael investigate Dr. Long. Marcie plans on sneaking on board Paul's helicopter to find out what he's transporting for Dr. Long.

Friday, May 7, 2004

Viki is furious when she realizes that Natalie and Jessica have been keeping the fact that Starr is missing from her. She stops to see Ben, expressing her anger at being left in the dark and the fear she has over her illness. When Viki tells her husband she thinks she is ready to let go, Dorian interrupts, insisting that Viki is needed. Viki questions Dorian about Starr and she quickly realizes that her niece was kidnapped, sending Viki into another episode of chest pains.

Matthew worries about Starr. Nora tries to comfort her son and is surprised when Daniel helps to ease Matthew's fears. Blair shows up at the train station where Todd is dropping off the ransom for Starr's release. After Starr points out her mother to Laser, he realizes the man she is talking to is the police commissioner. Laser calls Todd, demanding that he leave the money before getting Starr. When Laser hands the phone to Starr, she tries to give her father a hint as to her whereabouts. When Todd spots Starr, a brawl starts as he pushes his way through the crowd, stopping him from getting to his daughter. Realizing that she is no longer useful, Laser threatens to 'get rid' of Starr.

Rex's money problems continue. He borrows money from Natalie. When Rex brings up their love lives, Natalie realizes that he is still in love with Jen. She warns her brother again, but he turns the tables and points out that she is the one that is hanging all over Paul while she is in love with John.

Roxy inadvertently picks up the wrong bag at the train station, walking off with the million dollar ransom. When Roxy realizes what is in her bag, Natalie insists she take it to the police. She refuses but Natalie easily distracts her long enough to take the cash to John who tells her that they didn't get Starr.

Michael and Marcie argue about her involvement with his investigation into Dr. Long. Before the matter is settled, Dorian barges into Michaels room and informs them that a donor heart has been stolen. Comparing notes, they all feel confident in their suspicions of Dr. Long. Donning a medical coat and ID, Marcie sneaks onto the helicopter pad and is caught by a suspicious Paul.

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