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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 10, 2004 on GL
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Monday, May 10, 2004

Vinnie Salerno dropped in at Danny and Michelle's, bringing a large, oriental vase as a gift. When Michelle told Vinnie she'd like to invite him over for dinner someday soon, Vinnie said it made him nervous when someone who's supposed to be his enemy suddenly wants to be his best friend. Michelle assured Vinnie that she loves her husband, that she used to want Danny out of the mob life, but now that she knows the two can't be separated, she's sticking by her man. Salerno then said that he and Danny had somewhere to go. Later, Tammy stopped by Michelle's and asked if she and a couple friends from school could use the Bauer cabin to "hang out" in. When Michelle asked if Tammy had informed her mother, Tammy said she had, so Michelle handed her the keys. Afterwards, Michelle told Tammy it didn't seem that long ago when she, herself, was a teenager and led a carefree life, and told Tammy to hold onto these times because life may take her in a different direction than what she's envisioned for herself.

Gus, who was disguised in his undercover attire, approached Harley at the mall. He ended up telling her he's trying to determine the source of the Delirium which is hitting the streets in order to help Alan. Harley's interest was piqued when Gus said he thought Brad Green was the insider at Spaulding Enterprises linked to the drug trade. Gus and Harley made plans to meet Bill and Eden at Towers for dinner....At Towers, Eden gave Bill her answer: she's decided against eloping and wants a real wedding instead. She credited Mel and Rick for changing her mind. When Bill left the table, Eden called Vinnie's cell phone and left a message saying that she'd do "one last job" for him, but after that, it's over between them. Later, Harley showed up and asked Eden if she's still in contact with Salerno. When Eden tried to deny it, Harley pulled out the crumpled message from Salerno that Eden had thrown away. Harley said that if Eden told her everything, she'd be able to help her out, but Eden pulled back and simply said that she'd take care of things.

At the Spaulding mansion, just before dinner, Lizzie happily announced to Alan, Alexandra and Beth that her father was back home. Alan was delighted, but Alex expressed reservations that Phillip might not be ready yet. Phillip and Olivia arrived and although they each were uncomfortable, they tried to put on a blissful exterior. When Olivia overheard Phillip say he wanted to resume his duties at Spaulding Enterprises immediately, she told him to ease into things more gradually and stay home to rest-up. After dinner, Beth pulled Lizzie aside and said that since Phillip's back home and he and Olivia are starting their marriage with their new baby, that it's time she, Lizzie and James found a place of their own. Lizzie wasn't thrilled at the idea and angrily walked away. Out on the terrace, Phillip told Alan he'll be keeping a close eye on Olivia. Olivia talked with Alan and said that it's too soon for Phillip to go back to work at Spaulding and she pointed out how much she's helped to quell the media's interest in the ongoing federal investigation. After Phillip went upstairs to retire for the night, Alexandra told Olivia she doesn't seem happy that Phillip's back home, but Olivia told Alex to keep her opinions to herself.

Danny brought Vinnie to a nightclub, and they were accompanied by Tony and a couple other of Salerno's men. Vinnie was impressed with the place and said it was the sort of place he had in mind, and when he asked Danny how much it cost, Danny handed him the keys and said he was giving the place to him. Tony sent the other two men to search the place for bugs. When Danny told Tony that he didn't think Salerno trusted him yet, Tony said he wasn't sure if he could trust Danny, either, pointing out that his first allegiance is to Salerno. Later, Salerno said that he needed to have a private chat with Tony and the boys over some "job" that's coming up at the end of the week, and told Danny to stand outside and wait by the door. Although Danny was itching to hear the details, he did as Vinnie asked. Later, Danny walked back in, where Tony and the two men were just finishing a discussion. Tony jotted something down on a pad of paper and tore off the page, pocketing it. Before Tony left, Danny tried to get him to tell him what was going on, but Tony told him to butt out. After they left, Danny went over to the pad of paper and lightly rubbed a pencil across it to lift off the impression. After Danny read what was written, he eased out the back exit.

Gus called for Bill to meet him and when he did, Gus told Bill he was "handing over the reigns" to Bill, now---that he was entrusting his sister's safety to Bill from now on. When Gus asked Bill if he wanted him to throw a bachelor party for Bill, Bill said it wasn't his type of thing....Back at Towers, Eden told Harley that she has things covered and that Salerno won't be a threat for much longer. Harley ducked away to make a call to Jeffrey, saying that she didn't think Eden was the connection between Brad and Salerno and suggested that they leave Eden out of the investigation. Gus arrived with flowers for Harley. Harley told Gus how hard it was to plan a shower when it seemed that Eden didn't have very many friends, but Harley said she sincerely wishes that Eden can finally find happiness. Back at the table, Salerno called Eden on her cell phone. He told her he received her message and told her to open an envelope. Just then, a waiter brought Eden an envelope, which she opened. She was stunned at what she was reading, and after trying to regain some control, she told Vinnie that she'd do what he asked, but she stressed that it was the last job she'd do for him and that their affiliation will be overwith.

Back at the Spaulding mansion, Beth told Alan about her need to find a new place to live, but Alan wouldn't hear of it. He told Beth that she's a Spaulding---and that Olivia will never be one. He also stressed that the mansion is his home and he looks forward to her being there, but he added that with the federal investigation into Spaulding going on, it's time to show the public family-unity. Beth smiled at Alan's insistence and agreed she'd reconsider....Upstairs in their bedroom, Olivia entered from the bathroom wearing her nightgown when Phillip said he should go sleep in the guest room instead, for the first night. When Olivia asked if Phillip didn't want her, he assured her he did, but that he was quite tired. Later, while trying to sleep, Olivia awakened and looked over: she was spooked to see Phillip standing there, steadily gazing down at her. When she asked what he was doing, Phillip slowly replied that he enjoyed watching her sleep. Mechanically, Phillip then turned around and slowly walked out of the bedroom. Suddenly feeling chilled, Olivia got up and walked over to the bedroom door, locking it...

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

At the Beacon, Jeffrey receives a call from Danny telling him about a shipment arriving tonight from San Cristobel that Vinnie is concerned about. It's arriving on a boat called The Gilded Lily. Both think that this could be the Antimonius shipment. Although, Danny thinks this information makes him square with O'Neill, Jeffrey tells him they won't be square until they trace where Antimonius is being converted to Delirium. Meanwhile, Harley is at the customs office for her meeting with Marie Green. She learns that Marie is expecting a shipment of antiques to arrive tonight. After giving Marie her report---that she could find no evidence of Brad having an affair in San Cristobel--Harley learns that the antique shipment will be aboard The Gilded Lily. Later, Harley rushes off to meet Jeffrey. Both are convinced that the antiques are just a cover to smuggle Antimonius. Jeffrey orders Harley to stake out the boat and starts to give her back-up. However, Harley is concerned that the agents will be spotted and tells him she's going alone. Although he agrees with her request, once she leaves, Jeffrey arranges for backup. Jeffrey later talks to Danny and tells him to keep his eye on Salerno today, but orders him to keep away from the docks tonight.

Also at the Beacon, Cassie spots Tammy leaving on the way to school and tries to make small talk; asking about Tammy's plans for the day. Tammy though gets defensive and storms out. She then meets up with Joey and they make plans to "run away together." When Joey gets concerned about her choice of words, she reassures him that they aren't really running away, they're just playing hooky and having fun. Joey is concerned about her getting into trouble with her "parents." When he uses the phrase repeatedly, Tammy gets defensive and states that Edmund is her uncle and not a father figure. The pair is spotted outside the Beacon by Edmund. When Edmund questions why Tammy has a backpack, she makes up an excuse about having a science project in there. When he implores her to go easy on her mother, Tammy lashes out by reminding him that he's not her father. She's still convinced that both he and Cassie betrayed her. After Edmund leaves, Sandy sees the pair and nonchalantly asks if they're playing hooky tonight. Tammy says not and her and Joey leave. Later, Edmund is trying to convince Sandy to head up the 1st annual San Cristobel festival. He tells Sandy that he was impressed with his work on the Romeo & Juliet play and thinks it would only be fitting for the son of the former crown prince to head up the event. Sandy though declines the offer by saying that San Cristobel is the last place he wants to think about since he was robbed of his life there. After this meeting, Edmund sees Cassie fielding a phone call and learns that Tammy and Joey never made it to school. When Edmund tells her about the backpack and Tammy's science project, Cassie figures out the pair skipped school since she knows there was no science project. Cassie is convinced they've run away. After trying to reassure a very worried Cassie, Edmund suddenly thinks of someone who might know where the kids are. The kids are at the Bauer cabin since Tammy got permission from Michelle to use it (although didn't tell Michelle she'd be alone with Joey). The pair decide to have a nice picnic lunch and Tammy asks Joey to build a fire, for a romantic environment.

While Danny is at Towers for his meeting with Salerno, they're spotted by Bill and Eden. Bill notices that Salerno is staring at Eden, and sensing that she's uncomfortable, he goes to confront the man. Bill tells Salerno in no uncertain terms that he's marrying Eden and he wants Vinnie to stop sending her gifts and drooling over her. When Vinnie starts to get angry, Danny rushes Bill out and advises him against confronting a man like Salerno. Bill backs down by telling Danny to tell Vinnie to back off of Eden. Bill then asks Eden for their wedding invitation to Michelle. He wants to deliver it in person and tell Michelle about Danny and Salerno. Meanwhile, Danny asks Vinnie not to make any move against Bill Lewis. He assures Vinnie, that he already has a plan in mind to make Bill suffer his entire life.

At the Spaulding mansion, Olivia and Phillip discuss his hovering around her last night. He excuses it by stating that he had a bad dream about her and was just checking to see if she was all right. Olivia is then surprised to learn that Phillip is planning on going to work. She tries to persuade him to stay home, telling him it's too soon to for him to go back. However, he assures her that he's fine. He thanks her for covering for him but assures her that he's fine now and ready to take over. She's not convinced and tells him that she can help the company. But Phillip thinks the best way she can help is by staying home and playing the dutiful wife. At Spaulding Enterprises, Alex is surprised to see Phillip in charge already and urges him to take it easy; he's not in race. But he states that he is, and it's a race he intends to win. Meanwhile, Olivia, resentful of Phillip's dismissal, calls a reporter and offers to give them the scoop on Spaulding.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Reva, Josh, Shayne and Marina share a happy moment with Shayne, who is ready to abandon his cane for good. Shayne reveals his desire to be on his own, which will leave Reva and Josh with an empty room in their house. Shayne, Sandy and Marina are full of ideas on how Reva and Josh can use their newly available space, and Josh and Reva start to get excited about it. Marina continues to struggle with her remaining anxiety following her ordeal with Carrie. Although Shayne is too thrilled with his own progress to notice, Sandy can tell that something is up.

At the Bauer Cabin, a harmless kiss between Joey and Tammy hinges on becoming something more. Things heat up until Joey realizes that Tammy set this whole thing up not to be with him, but to make her mom worry. Meanwhile, Edmund turns to Lizzie in his search for Tammy. When Lizzie realizes Joey is with Tammy, she quickly points out that that Joey is quite the stud. While Edmund fears that Tammy and Joey have gone too far, the young couple shows up on Reva and Josh's doorstep. Tammy asks her aunt and uncle if they have an empty room for her.

At the Beacon, Cassie waits on news about Tammy. Jeffrey helps her out by looking after RJ, but he ends up sparring with Salerno. Danny fears his and Jeffrey's deception may be endangering Cassie's little boy. Michelle learns that Ed is thinking of returning to Africa. Due to her concern over Danny's involvement with the mob, she urges Ed to go ahead and leave his family behind once again.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Alan reads an article in the newspaper claiming he paid for Phillip's release from Ravenwood. He breaks the news to Phillip that it's best for the company to have Olivia remain in his seat for the time being. Alan informs Olivia since she is the face of the company, she should take the meeting with the Federal Investigators.

At the Beacon, Phillip runs into Gus. He admits he feels badly he got sick at such a vulnerable time for the company. He says he knows who is responsible for the mess Spaulding Enterprises is in.

Bill comes to Michelle's house to personally invite her to his and Eden's wedding. When he explains Danny is not invited, she slaps him. She declares she would never insult Danny that way and asks him to leave. Bill insists he is her friend and he will always try to protect her from what's coming. He finally leaves and Michelle begins to realize how isolated she's going to become.

Gus makes another drug buy, hoping to make progress in his investigation. When he presses the dealer for information, he finds out some primo stuff is coming next week but the dealer won't reveal from where.

Nico and Michelle share a sad goodbye. He wishes Danny left him on the streets rather than bring him into his family, which was a lie. Hurt and disappointed, Nico decides to leave town. Danny takes him to the bus station. Nico refuses to accept money from him but Danny stuffs some cash into Nico's duffel bag. Danny is forced to let him go another consequence of his working with the Feds.

Friday, May 14, 2004

In her office at Spaulding Enterprises, Olivia was on edge when she received a call from her broker who told her that a large block of Spaulding stock had just been purchased. The only information the broker could offer was that the buyer resided in Springfield. Olivia was irritated further when Alexandra showed up with baby Emma in tow. She didn't buy Alex's excuse that Emma was missing her mother. Alex lamented how Emma spends all day with a nanny while Olivia's at the company looking after her own selfish interests. Olivia told Alex not to try laying a guilt trip on her, adding that the reason she's working so hard is to secure Emma's future. Olivia left with Emma, but not before telling Alex never to touch Emma without her explicit permission.

Harley phoned Eden and canceled out on their plans to buy decorations for Eden's bridal shower, saying she suddenly had work to do. After the call, Bill arrived and wanted to order dinner for he and Eden, but she lied, saying she and Harley had plans to buy decorations....Harley phoned Jeffrey, who told her to get down to the docks, but he stressed that he only wanted Harley to stick around long enough to confirm the arrival of "The Gilded Lily", but that's it. After the call, Jeffrey instructed an agent to place listening devices in Salerno's club on 5th Street.

At Danny and Michelle's, Michelle expressed reservations about Danny taking a gun with him to the docks, but Danny told her it was a precaution in case O'Neill's men screwed up somehow. After Danny went upstairs to say goodnight to Robbie, Mel, Rick and Ed arrived. When Michelle noticed that Rick was angry, Ed announced that he was definitely leaving for Africa and that a diplomatic charter was available and he'd be on his way in a couple of hours. Rick was bitter over the fact that there was precious little time for them to get prepared for Ed's departure. Michelle told Ed he was doing the right thing by going to the African village to save lives. Rick tuned out of the conversation while Ed described the situation facing him when he arrives at the field hospital. Ed approached Rick, telling him he's leaving in order to make a huge difference in people's lives, but Rick said he'd make a big difference by staying in Springfield. Mel tried to get Rick to realize that his father was following his own path. When Rick asked Ed if he'd informed Ross or Holly of his decision, Ed said he'd call Ross from the airport, adding that Holly already knew. Rick pulled Michelle aside and asked how she could have talked their father into leaving the country, but Michelle insisted it was something that Ed wanted to do. Rick tried to plead with Michelle to talk Ed out of leaving.

At the Beacon, Phillip told Gus that he wants to help Spaulding Enterprises by blaming the company's current state on his mental breakdown so that the public's confidence can be restored. Gus then told Phillip that the federal probe into Spaulding isn't something as simple as corporate mismanagement....Elsewhere at The Beacon, Olivia ran into Bill. After they touched on the subject of the falling price of Spaulding stock, Bill admitted he didn't really bother with the stock market much. Alluding to the fact that Bill's now in a larger income bracket, Olivia hinted at Bill using his money so it would have greater earning potential. Olivia suggested they meet soon to discuss an investment opportunity, adding that there's a lot that each of them could bring to the table, but Bill was non-committal, saying he had his hands full planning his wedding.

From a hiding spot, Harley watched as dockworkers unloaded wooden crates from "The Gilded Lily." She phoned Jeffrey to report about the progress, and while doing so, she spotted Danny standing in the sidelines and reported it to Jeffrey, who pretended to be surprised, but Harley didn't buy it and told Jeffrey to tell her everything he knew about Danny's involvement. Jeffrey said she was strictly on a need-to-know basis, then ordered her to leave the docks....Tony discovered Danny lurking at the docks and revealed that he'd purposely left the pad of paper in plain sight at the club, knowing fully well that Danny would try to read what Tony had written on it. He told Danny that it was a test to determine the level of Danny's trust, and that Danny had failed the test. After telling Danny it's obvious he can't follow orders and do what Salerno says, he told Danny to go home. Danny pretended to, but turned back and began opening crates addressed to Marie Green when Jeffrey arrived. After discovering the crates contained antiques---and not drugs---Danny was furious that his charade with Salerno would have to continue. Jeffrey assured Danny that they'd eventually nail Salerno, but stressed that Danny would have to do things Jeffrey's way.

Eden arrived back at her place carrying two cardboard boxes. After setting them down, she let out a deep breath and muttered, "Okay...I did it..." Back at The Beacon, Alan arrived and Gus told him that Phillip was there as well, adding that he and Phillip had discussed Spaulding matters. When Alan asked if Gus had mentioned anything to Phillip regarding the drug investigation, Gus said he hadn't. After Alan walked off, Gus called Harley's cell phone and reached her just as she approached Eden's front door. Gus asked how the situation at the docks went and Harley said she didn't have much to report. When Harley revealed where she was and that she heard water running inside Eden's place and that Eden probably wouldn't hear her knocking, Gus told her about a spare key which Eden always kept under the doormat. Thanking Gus, Harley let herself in. While still talking with Gus, Harley sauntered over to one of the cardboard boxes and casually rifled through its contents. Before too long, Harley came across a stunning discovery: a plastic bag filled with a white powder!

At The Beacon, Phillip told Alan that Gus made it sound as though the federal investigation into the company was worse than originally thought, but Alan changed the subject. Noticing Olivia and Emma in the lobby, Phillip told Alan the idea of letting Olivia continue to run Spaulding is a good one, and until the investigators find what they're looking for, that it's for the best.

At Michelle and Danny's, Ed said it was time to leave and that he still had packing to do. Michelle began to cry when her father hugged her, and Ed assured them he'd keep in touch with emails and phone calls. He asked Mel to "look out" for his two kids, then wished them all a fond farewell, refusing to say the word "goodbye." Outside the house, Ed said a few more parting words to his son but tried to keep it light. Ed insisted Rick walk ahead of him, and after a few moments, Ed departed after him....Inside, Danny returned through a side entrance and Michelle was grateful he was okay. It was obvious to Danny that Ed's departure was tearing Michelle apart and he held her while she cried.

At Eden's, Harley suddenly told Gus she had to go and hung up on him. She walked over to the other cardboard box and delved into it, finding yet another plastic bag with white powder. Tasting a few grains, Harley uttered, "Antimonious!" Seconds later, Eden entered the room while drying her hair with a towel. The two women stared at one another...

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