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Paul told Babe that JR was the father of her baby. Liza told Adam about Babe's bigamy. JR planned to get revenge on Babe. Greenlee and Ryan got married as Kendall looked on. Bobby warned Erica that Zach was a womanizer. Tad told Babe about the DNA test and assured her that Bess was her daughter.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 17, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, May17

As Reggie stumbles over himself trying to congratulate Danielle, she figures out she's been played and breaks into laughter. Talking through her laughter, Dani says she will laugh all the way to court for being the punch line of their joke and will end up being the queen of Fusion because she'll own it. Reggie tries to bring her around, but she blows him off.

In Vegas, a fellow show girl offers a tired Erica some of her "special energy drink." Erica accepts the flask. Rudy comes in and seeing the flask asks if the brandy bottle is why she almost blew the last number. Erica tells him the bottle just arrived. Rudy wants to know why she was off if not the brandy. Erica blames it on "personal reasons" and promises it will never happen again. Rudy leaves. Erica sips more of the "energy drink" and turns to see her father's hands shuffling cards in the corner of the room. "You've come to gloat, haven't you Daddy?" Erica asks the apparition. He's there to watch her fail and take perverse pleasure in it according to her. "To hell with you. I've just begun to win," she tells the hands. Roberto arrives and asks if she's okay. Erica asks him to get her out of there. Puggy spots Roberto and Desirée entering the casino. He calls Desirée over to his table to give him some sugar. Puggy offers Desirée champagne, but she asks for coffee instead. Puggy and Roberto talk Desirée into singing just a "few sweet notes" before she retires for the evening. Desirée takes the stage and belts out a tune. It brings a rousing response from the crowd. During their applause, Erica looks into the crowd and sees her family clapping nonchalantly instead of Desirée's fans going wild.

Jack is ready to fly to Vegas to rescue Erica from the bottle. He goes to Tom for advice. Tom advises him not to go. Livia supports Tom's words of wisdom. They tell Jack the story of Tom finding sobriety and how Livia would not let him come home until he did. They empathize with Jack, but their advice stands.

Dani and Reggie come in at Tom and Livia's where Dani proceeds with her legal arguments. She wants extra for laser treatments to remove the tattoo Reggie "made me get." Jack tells Reggie how much he does NOT need this right now. Jack tells Reggie to go home and not to get arrested or tattooed on the way. Since Jack doesn't seem to be coming with him, Reggie wants to know if Jack is going somewhere. After some hesitation, Jack tells him no.

"This is not happening," Ryan says as Kendall walks toward him. He asks why she's there. She tells him the same reason as he is. When the preacher asks if the couple is ready, Kendall replies, "I'm ready if the groom is." Ryan tells the minister to help himself to a fancy bottle of champagne he has on ice, that he and the bride have things to discuss. Kendall says how sorry she is for holding back and screwing up and expresses her complete love and trust in him now. She wants to give him pine cones at Christmas and bagels every morning. "I will never hurt us again," Kendall swears. "I don't know what to say," replies Ryan, who then asks about Greenlee. Kendall tells Ryan she apologized to Greenlee and gave her back her place at Fusion. Kendall says she understands they can't go forward until she works everything out with Greenlee. Ryan wants to know why Greenlee isn't there in person sharing the miraculous news. Kendall tells him Greenlee said it was between them. "Greenlee won't stand in our way, Ryan. We have her blessing," Kendall tells Ryan as Greenlee looks on from her cell in the turret and screams, "NOOOOOOOO!"

Ryan is still trying to understand why Kendall is there. Kendall gives lots of credit to Jack and Bianca. Ryan thinks it has more to do with his travel partner and wedding plans. Kendall admits him marrying Greenlee is in her "top ten visions of hell." But, Kendall says, she had to make a grand gesture and hopes he feels the same. Ryan asks, "What if a thousand grand gestures couldn't change my mind?" Kendall says she'd give him and Greenlee her blessing even though, "In my heart, I'm your true bride." Ryan asks, "Why the rush?" Kendall continues trying to reign Ryan in with talk of honesty and trust. When she gets to passion, Ryan starts to come around. Kendall tells him no matter what she will never stop loving him, and they fall into a kiss.

As Kendall and Ryan linger kissing, Greenlee argues with Simone trying to get her to let her out of the turret where Kendall locked her up. The timing with Ryan becoming a billionaire is too convenient for Simone. Plus, Kendall and Ryan have sparks. Simone's gut tells her to root for the fireworks. Simone isn't budging until Greenlee tells her Fusion is among her groom's wedding presents to her, and Simone will have the first pink slip if she doesn't let her out. With that, Simone relents, and Greenlee bursts through the cell door.

Catching his breath from the kiss, Ryan takes both of Kendall's hands in his staring into her eyes with awe and wonder. Kendall asks him to dance with her. It could be a first dance or a last, but she's not scared any more. The stringed quartet strikes a classical song of love and hope as Kendall and Ryan dance in the sunshine. The minister finds them dancing. He comments that it looks like they've worked past their issues and asks again if they're ready to begin the wedding. Kendall leaves the choice to Ryan. Ryan tells her he had the same vision for them, but he'd just accepted it would never happen. "And now that it has?" Kendall asks. Ryan isn't sure he has enough trust. Kendall has enough for both and offers to loan him some of hers. Everything is in place. "All we have to do is reach out and say ‘yes'," Kendall says. As Kendall awaits Ryan's "yes," a noise in the distance distracts him. It is Greenlee running toward them screaming, "No! No! Stop! Stop the wedding! Stop the wedding!"

Tuesday, May18, 2004

Greenlee ran to the altar and stopped Ryan's wedding to Kendall. Ryan asked her some questions and was not amused to learn that Kendall had lied to him about making up with Greenlee. Ryan said he planned to marry Greenlee and asked Kendall to leave. Kendall told Greenlee that Ryan still loves her and Ryan admitted he loves the woman who came to him, the one who forgave Greenlee, but not the woman who locked Greenlee in the turret. He said love wasn't enough for Kendall and he was marrying Greenlee because he can trust her and he can't trust Kendall, not even for the correct time. Kendall was devastated to also learn he plans to give Greenlee half of Cambias Industries. Greenlee couldn't help gloating and told Kendall she could have had it all if she had only apologized like she said she did as she shoved Kendall. Kendall pushed back and went after Greenlee and as they fought, they fell into the pool in their bridal finery. Ryan jumped in and carried Greenlee out of the pool, with Kendall shouting after him. They went up to their room to dry off and Ryan admitted that he would have married Kendall if she'd told the truth. Greenlee asked about them...Ryan said he enjoyed telling Kendall about their plan to circumvent the no-Greenlee clause but would let Greenlee out of their deal if she wanted out. Greenlee said she was getting the better financial deal with their agreement and promised him a safe haven at home, free of liars with her looking out for his best interests always. They made plans to change clothes and get married after all.

Kendall lamented to Simone about what went wrong and wondered what to do next. Simone pointed out that Ryan wasn't married yet and there was one last resort...the truth. Kendall ran into Ryan in the hallway.

Liza approached JR to find out what his plans are. She was surprised to hear that he is still marrying Babe. JR suggested she find another way to get Krystal out of Tad's life and told her he had everything in control. Liza noted how like Adam JR has become. Tad walked in the room just as she asked about the bombshell...they both covered and said it was about Chandler business. JR went to see Livia to find out how he can protect his paternal rights, no matter what happens after he marries Babe. Livia told him they can file a petition with the court to signoff on the existing DNA test and said she could have the papers ready tomorrow.

In the boathouse, Maggie and Bianca ate cotton candy. Bianca asked for a favor involving Babe and Bess.

Babe saw Paul at the hospital and asked him for help in tying up loose ends. Paul was not interested in talking with her or getting involved in any way and especially not when Babe asked him to tell her whose baby she really has. Paul was relieved to find out she was asking about the paternity test but he was reluctant to answer and asked her to leave it alone. Babe said she wouldn't let it go so Paul told her JR is the father. Babe said he'd better not be lying and Paul said as easily as he gave her a sweet baby, he could take it away. Babe warned him to not threaten her baby again and Paul asked if she knows how long the prison sentence is for kidnapping. Babe said she was not going to press charges against Bianca, but Paul told her she's the one who deserves to go to jail. He warned her to stop asking questions and to leave him alone.

Tad found Krystal in the midst of changing Mary Smythe's redecorating project in Chandler mansion. Krystal wanted to get rid of the beige. They bonded and agreed to bury the paintbrush and be friends. Liza overheard Tad tell Krystal about his domestic shortcomings and peered around the corner when they shared a tender moment which turned into a paint fight. Tad left to clean up and Krystal caught Liza spying. They bickered bitterly and Liza left to tell Adam that JR was marrying a bigamist.

Babe ran in, shouting for her mother to hear what Paul Cramer had just said. Krystal was upset and told Babe not to believe it. Tad listened intently as Babe said she's afraid Paul will kidnap Bess. Tad ran out to find Paul Cramer but Krystal stopped him.

Wednesday, May19

Krystal stopped Tad from going after Paul Cramer although Babe agreed with Tad. Tad asked Krystal "What could he do to you that you haven't already lied about or covered up?" Krystal flashed back to a conversation she had with Paul about the babies being mixed up. Babe said JR found out about the annulment and Tad asked how. Meanwhile in Adam's office Liza told Adam about the annulment just being finalized so JR's marriage was a lie. Adam went ballistic, "So she's living in sin, like the little tramp she is!" Liza broke the news that JR decided to marry Babe again anyway. Adam said he'd stop it and Liza told him to leave her out of it because Tad would be furious. JR walked in as Liza said something about getting Krystal and Babe out of the house. He said they weren't going anywhere but he wanted Liza out of his sight. Liza sulked out of the room. Krystal said she didn't know how JR found out. Babe said he totally understood and forgave her. Tad replied "Well, I'll be damned!" He excused himself and left the room. Krystal told Babe not to sic Tad on Paul. JR told his father that Liza told him about Babe and Paul. Adam said he couldn't go through with the wedding now but JR said it was exactly what he had to do. Tad came in and congratulated JR on forgiving Babe and going ahead with the wedding. Adam was appalled when he realized Tad knew all along about Babe's 1st marriage. JR got a little angry with Tad for not telling him sooner and Tad apologized. Adam tried to call the entire thing off but JR said it was all still on. Tad said Dixie would be proud of him. JR barked back "But would she be proud of you?" In the other room Babe told her mother that Paul confirmed that JR was definitely Bess's father, but acted weird about it. She wondered if she should get another test done but Krystal told her she had all the proof she needed. Babe said she was tired and went upstairs to take a nap with Bess. Back in the office Adam said Babe was making a fool of them all. JR said they were getting married and Adam wasn't going to bully him into changing his mind. Tad said "Well done!" and left. Adam ranted on and on while JR smiled and said "Congratulate me Dad!" Adam asked "Have you lost it??" JR grinned and said "You still don't get it!" Tad joined Krystal who said JR was a good kid because of him. Tad said no, it was thanks to Dixie. He said that because of JR's childhood, JR wanted to make sure Bess grew up with 2 parents who loved her in a happy home. Adam looked at JR and wondered if he had a plan. JR said yes, to go ahead with the wedding. Adam was stunned and asked "You forgave her?" JR snarled "Could I really forgive that lying bitch? Help me keep my baby while we get Babe and Krystal out of our lives for good!" JR said Livie Frye was getting the paternity papers ready and that he wasn't going to let Babe get away with any of this. "When she falls, she'll fall hard." Adam smiled and said "I'll be damned, you are your father's son!"

In the nursery Babe fell asleep holding Bess. She had a dream that she looked in Bess's crib but couldn't find her. Then she heard a baby crying but she wasn't in the room. The baby's crying turned into a little girl calling out for her mommy. The voice changed to a little boy's voice. Babe looked at the rocking chair and saw Bianca holding a baby. She went to her and thanked her for finding Bess. Bianca said it wasn't Bess, it was Miranda. She then "reminded" Babe that she had a boy and he was lost in the river. Bianca said she and Miranda were very sad for her. Babe woke up with Bess still in her arms and said "Mommy had an awful dream!"

At the boathouse Bianca and Maggie ate their cotton candy and talked. Maggie was surprised that Babe had asked Bianca to be her maid of honor and Bess's godmother. Bianca said because of what they shared in the cabin they'd always be connected. Maggie asked how Bianca felt about it and Bianca said she was honored but scared. She said she was afraid that she'll slip and think the baby was hers. She hoped that seeing Bess in her own house, in her own crib would be a good think. Bianca said that tomorrow she had to go to the Chandlers' and get fitted for her dress and that she didn't want to do anything that might freak them out. She asked if Maggie would go with her. Maggie agreed, saying "I'd do anything for you, you know that!" Bianca asked about Maggie and Jamie. Maggie said he was a great friend and a great roommate and that having sex with him was a great study break. But she admitted that she was definitely not in love with him. "Maybe I'm waiting for true love to sweep me off my feet", she said. Bianca promised that it would happen, while Maggie looked at her wistfully.

In her room at the castle Greenlee dried her hair in preparation for her wedding. Simon came in and Greenlee said nothing could ruin her wedding day. Simone ranted on about what Kendall did and then said she was in between a rock and a bigger rock because both Greenlee and Kendall were her friends. Greenlee stopped her blabbering and told her she understood. Simone looked at Greenlee closely and asked if she was on something, "your eyes are different." Then Simone blurted out "Oh my God! You're really in love with Ryan! This is awesome!" Greenlee said she didn't really know what that meant but that she was marrying her best friend and that was good enough for her. She finished getting ready and Simone handed her some fresh cut flowers from a vase. Simone told her she was rooting for her and Ryan because she liked the effect he had on Greenlee. Greenlee said "He knows me and he cares about me."

In Ryan's room Kendall followed him in and begged him to give her another chance to redeem herself. Ryan said it was too late for that. Kendall said she knew she blew it and had no one to blame but herself, "I lost it." Ryan said "Kinda like what Greenlee did to you in court?" Kendall said yes, like Greenlee did. "I get it now" she said. Ryan said that's why she should forgive Greenlee. Kendall said she did finally forgive Greenlee and Ryan said that was good, she would sleep better at night. Kendall asked if Ryan could forgive her and he said in a quiet, sad voice "Of course I can Kendall, how could I not?" Kendall was overjoyed and said she had been wrong and should've trusted Ryan all along. She cried as she said she trusted him completely and took his hand. Ryan softly told her she had better be going because he had a wedding to go to and she probably wouldn't want to stick around for it. Kendall was devastated and said "You can't!." Ryan said he could and reminded Kendall that outside she had given him her blessing. Kendall got panicky and said he didn't love Greenlee he loved her. She started accusing him of having an affair with Greenlee all along and Ryan said "We're right back at the beginning again, aren't we?" Kendall told she hoped they both rotted in hell and ran out. Ryan went out to the garden and joined the minister. He watched as Greenlee walked over, smiling from ear to ear. He asked "You wanna get hitched?" and Greenlee replied "Let's!!."The Reverend began the ceremony as Ryan and Greenlee joined hands and smiled at each other. Kendall watched from the castle as Ryan slipped a ring on Greenlee's finger. They were pronounced husband and wife and they hugged and kissed. Then they walked away hand in hand as Kendall stood alone crying.

Thursday, May20

Kendall shows up at David's cabin and tells him that she was at the best wedding ever - and after ranting on about how she wished the best for them until they fell over and died, she admits that it was Ryan and Greenlee that got married. David is angry and completely denies it, and so to prove it, Kendall called the hotel resort in the islands. When the desk clerk answers, she asks if Greenlee and Ryan Lavery were still checked in, and the clerk confirms it. Angry, David hangs up the phone.

Kendall wants David to join her in buying a fabulous wedding present for the new couple, but instead, David lays into her. He told her that she was supposed to stop them from doing something like this. Kendall tells him that she tried but it still blew up in her face.

Kendall briefly suggests that Erica's tactic (disappearing into the desert) might not be such a bad idea, and that maybe she should try it too - especially since she would be better at it than Erica. Instead, she decides that she just wants David to be bitter and angry with her. Not having any of it, David throws her out.

Outside of the cabin, Kendall flashes back to the island and Ryan saying that he doesn't trust her.

A short while later, Kendall turns up at Ryan's place and thinks back on the good times they had there decorating for Christmas. Feeling sorry for herself, she grabs a pillow and begins to cry.

At the Chandler mansion, JR tells Adam that the papers that Livia drew up have arrived. Once Babe signs them, he will be legally recognized as "Bess'" father. Adam is worried that Babe will get suspicious but JR reassures him. He promises that he is in control and that Babe will never get under his skin again.

Upstairs, Babe tells Krystal about her dream that it was her baby that died in the river. Krystal tries to convince her that there is no reason for Babe to worry because her dreams are most likely the product of all of the bad things that have happened. She assures her that they have all survived the worst of it, and that everything will be fine.

Krystal leaves because she is once again overwhelmed by the magnitude of what she has done (switching the vials to make it look like the baby really belongs to Babe). She goes outside to get herself together, and Bianca shows up for the dress fitting. She says that Maggie would be there shortly to make sure that she remained okay around "Bess." Krystal is not very concerned with that - more so about Bianca and how she's doing. Bianca says that she's getting better, but thinking about Miranda and all she lost still makes her tear up.

Babe comes downstairs a while later, and JR is alone. He explains the papers to Babe - and that because she and Paul were still legally married when Bess was conceived and born, Paul could legally take Bess away. JR goes on to say that he is doing this all to protect their daughter. Babe agrees, and JR tells her that it needs to be notarized, and that Adam can do that. Shocked that Adam was in the know, Babe expresses her disbelief that Adam didn't want to kick her out. Adam admits that he originally did, but that JR talked him down. Happy with the explanation, Babe signs the papers.

Mary joins the happy group and says, "Hold on to the youngest Chandler - you've got company" and Bianca comes in. Immediately JR and Adam are tense, but Babe goes in for a hug. JR offers to hold "Bess" but Babe declines, saying that she is quickly learning to juggle baby holding with everything else. Moments pass, and then JR and Adam start playing the game - being nice to Bianca with a cordial hug and kiss. Maggie shows up, a bit late, but there as moral support for Bianca.

Babe, Bianca and Maggie head upstairs to check out Bianca's dress for the wedding and christening. Adam orders Mary to stay with the trio so that Bianca won't have a chance to take off with "Bess" again. Mary descends on the group, but it is clear that she is unwanted. Undaunted, she starts to go on about how brave Bianca is for standing up for her friend - especially in light of the fact that all of the people there will be talking about the loss of her own baby along with the kidnapping event.

Babe cuts Mary off and ushers her out of the room and back downstairs. She lays into her about how incredibly rude she was. She threatens to have Mary kicked out, but Mary laughs and says that she thinks that Babe will be out of the house first.

Adam finds Krystal, who is still outside. When he makes his presence known, she hammers him with questions about how honest he and JR are being with Babe. She says that for all that she has been through in her life, Babe needs some happiness and something real to hang on to. Krystal blurts out that she wants to make sure she didn't "do it all for nothing." Adam wants to know what she did, and Krystal hems and haws, saying there were just some things that she had to do. Adam admits that he knows about the time frame of the annulment and Krystal says that was all she did - lying about the annulment and eventually filing the papers. Adam gives Krystal a sincere story about how JR has become a man, and how JR will do "everything needed to give Babe exactly what she deserves."

Up in the bedroom, "Bess" starts to fuss, and Bianca automatically goes into 'mom' mode, wondering if she is hungry, and starts to comfort the baby without picking her up. Maggie reminds her that she showed up there to keep Bianca from thinking that was Miranda. The baby continues to cry and so Bianca picks her up. While she is holding her, Babe walks back in and stops short at the sight. She flashes back to the cabin and Bianca holding Miranda right after she was born. Bianca, seeing the look on Babe's face, asks her what's wrong, but Babe has no words.

In the study, JR introduces Beverly Lansing to Adam and informs Adam that she is "Bess'" new nanny. Adam asks about her qualifications, and upon saying that she has 5 children of her own, Adam announces that her qualifications are not sufficient enough. JR tells Adam that he wasn't clear - and that Beverly is actually a retired Lieutenant from the Pine Valley Police Department. She continues for him and says that her job, in addition to taking care of "Bess", will be to make sure that Bianca never has another opportunity to take the baby. Adam is clearly impressed, both by the Lieutenant and by his son's choices.

Out in Las Vegas, Erica awakes to find the vision of her "father" in her room. She yells, "No, it's over!" and starts to get something to defend herself. Someone who is very real, and seems very much like someone who has broken into her room stops her. She starts to call security, but he asks her not to do that. She sees no reason why not, as he is the one that broke into her room. He corrects her and says that the room is actually his.

The stranger introduces himself as Zach Slater, owner of the hotel and casino. He says that he had been out of town on business but had returned in time to see her in the show last night. He felt that her contract was lacking, and decided that it needed some revisions. He hands it to her to look over, and she notices that the name on it is "Erica Kane." Erica wants to know how he found out who she was, and he assures her that Bobby hadn't given up her secret. He fails, however, to explain exactly how she knew her.

She tells him that this is her life and it wasn't a game to be played. He replies that Vegas is the town of games. He wants to know what hers is, why she's hiding in his casino, and why he should put up with it any longer. Indignant, Erica tells him that he doesn't need to put up with it because she could be cleared out within an hour. He insists that she doesn't have to leave.

Erica confesses that she is in Vegas to lose Erica Kane and start over. Understanding, Zach points out that the contract not only doubles her pay and states that her room and food will continue to be comped - but it also guarantees his silence. Erica plans to hang on to it to look over before signing - he notes that he didn't think there was anyone that could pull anything over her eyes and get away with it.

Later on, Erica runs into Bobby in the casino and they have a drink together. Erica tells Bobby about her encounter with Zach, and Bobby is clearly unsettled. Erica has a gleam in her eye as she talks about him, and Bobby's concern grows when Erica announces that she wants to ask Zach to dinner. Bobby is wary of having that close of a connection to his boss through Erica. He tells her that Zach has a "ladies' man" reputation and warns her to be careful. Erica makes it clear that she can hold her own.

Back in Pine Valley, Krystal shows up at David's cabin and says, "I want you."

Friday, May21

While Kendall is asleep on Ryan's couch, she dreams that him and Greenlee find her at his home, call her pathetic, and then kiss each other in front of her! When Kendall wakes up, she immediately gathers her belongings and starts to rush out, until JR walks in. Kendall is relieved to see that the intruder is JR and not Ryan. JR tells her he is there on business and that he got the key to his home from Ryan. Kendall tells him about Ryan and Greenlee's new marriage. JR gives his sympathy to Kendall and asks her why she is there. Kendall says she thought she could get some closure by coming there, but it didn't work. JR and Kendall escape to the docks, where he tells her that he was wrong about trusting the person you love. Kendall is surprised at JR's attitude, but when she asks him why he agrees, he avoids answering her. Instead, he tells her that she needs to make a plan. Not a plan that would completely destroy Ryan, since he is JR's friend, but a plan that would allow her to keep her pride. Kendall tells JR she has a plan!

David is unsure about Krystal's intentions, so she tries to make herself perfectly clear by kissing him. When Krystal comes inside of the cabin, she tells him that she restless and needs a distraction. David starts to rant about how he tired of living up to other people's expectations and that if there was a God, how could he take Miranda away from Bianca? As David belts out about how God doesn't exist to him, Krystal walks off, looking uncomfortable and nervous. Just as David and Krystal were about the get "distracted," she gets a phone call from Babe. Babe tells her she is at the hospital, trying to find Paul because she has to know the truth. Krystal begs her to leave Paul alone, but Babe simply tells her to meet her at the hospital and hangs up. David advises Krystal to be with her daughter and if ever needs another distraction, to come back to him. After Krystal leaves, he gets a call from Kendall, asking him to help her with "the plan." David agrees and holds up a vial of one of his potions, with a smug smile on his face.

After Ryan and Greenlee take a spin on Ryan's motorcycle to celebrate their new marriage, they come back to the hotel. Ryan suggests they go to sleep, but since Greenlee seems nervous about the idea, he suggests they sleep in the plane on the way back to Pine Valley. Before they can head off, there honeymoon is interrupted by two policemen, who claim Greenlee has taken something that she shouldn't have. They do a quick background check on her and after seeing she is clean, give her a box. They thank her for her donation to the squad and leave. Greenlee hands the box to Ryan and when he opens it, he finds a bulletproof vest. Greenlee jokingly tells him he will need it in Pine Valley, once the news gets out about their marriage. When they get in the plane, they snuggle so Greenlee can nap, but she quickly pulls away when she gets uncomfortable. She asks him where her daily surprise is and he gives her a ring off of his keychain. He explains that it is his "Dynamite Kiddo Decoder" ring he played with when he was a kid, trying to hide from his dad. He used to make believe that he was one of the superheroes from his comic books and rid the world of evil. But his superman act was missing a partner to fight crime with--until now. Greenlee puts the ring on her pinkie finger and promises to never let him down. When they get to Pine Valley, they go to Ryan's house, where he insists on carrying her over the altar. As soon as he picks her up, Kendall comes out, snapping the first picture of the newlyweds in their home!

Bianca thinks that Babe is upset because she is holding Bess, so she immediately goes to hand her back to Babe. Babe assures her that she can hold Bess anytime she wants and then puts Bess in her bassinet for a nap. When Bianca starts to talk about the wedding, Babe looks ill and asks to postpone the wedding talk for another time. Bianca tells her she will go get fitted and tells Babe to take a nap. After Bianca and Maggie leave, Babe huddles over Bess and begins flashing back to Paul's threats. "As easily as I gave that baby to you, I can it away," his words echo in her mind. When Babe takes a nap, she has another nightmare involving Paul. She is at the crash site holding Bess in a blanket when Paul shows up. She looks down and her baby is gone. She searches the woods for Bess, but can't find her until she sees Bianca holding Bess. Suddenly, Bess is gone and Bianca is left only with the blanket. Bianca asks Babe where her baby is as Paul laughs. Babe wakes up, completely terrified from her dream. She asks Winnie to watch Bess and heads over to the hospital.

Tad is at the hospital, trying to find Paul, when he runs into Maria. Tad tells Maria that he thinks Paul is lying about the crash. Maria says she has not seen Paul, but is willing to help Tad with his investigation. She looks on the computer and confirms that Paul did not have alcohol or drugs in his body at the time of the crash, and that the crash was a cause of mechanical failure. Tad sees Babe rush in, and harassing a nurse about Paul's whereabouts. When Tad asks Babe if she is ok, she admits that she wants to talk to Paul about the crash. Tad explains what he saw when he showed up at the crash and if she is scared that she may have the wrong child. Babe tells him that is crazy! Tad admits that he had doubts himself and even admits he had the DNA test done. Babe gets angry at Tad for sneaking the DNA test in, but when Tad tells her that the test showed she is Bess's mother, Babe is relieved. Krystal barges in and immediately assumes Tad has been harassing Babe. Babe tells her it was just the opposite and that she was willingly talking to Tad. Krystal apologizes after Tad tells Krystal he told Babe about the DNA test. Tad gets a phone call and walks off. Babe realizes that Krystal is hiding something and when she asks about it, Krystal says that she is still terrified from the plane crash and almost losing her daughter. When Babe suggests that they spend some together with Bess, Krystal rushes off. Krystal goes to the crash site to talk to the baby she thinks really died. Babe follows after her and when she finds her at the crash site, she immediately asks what is going on.

Maggie and Bianca go to the docks, where they find themselves alone and Maggie asks Bianca if she is ok about what happened with Bess. Bianca explains that being with Bess really makes her feel better and brings her so much peace. However, she adds that she loves Bess so much, like a mother loves her child, it scares her. Maggie tells her that Bess is lucky to have her love, but Bianca isn't sure and still thinks her love towards Bess is more than weird.



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