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Krystal told Tad that they did not have a future together. JR confronted Babe. Bianca and Reggie wanted Jack to stop trying to save Erica. Ryan and Greenlee got to the resort and signed their prenuptial agreement. Kendall and Simone arrived at the resort.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 10, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, May10

On board the jet Ryan was getting very testy. Greenlee asked if he was having doubts about getting married and asked if he was thinking about Kendall. He said no but Greenlee wondered if Kendall showed up and apologized, would Ryan cancel the wedding. Ryan grabbed a notepad and wrote across the top "NO MORE KENDALL." Then he told Greenlee that Kendall could promise him the moon, naked, and he would still tell her it was over. Greenlee asked if that meant he didn't love Kendall anymore. Ryan just said he didn't want to spend the rest of his life reassuring Kendall every minute. Greenlee agreed to stop nagging about Kendall and wrote that on the notebook with Ryan's message. She suggested that they go into the airport to wait out the fog. They found a seat and started to people watch. Greenlee spotted an older couple and said she thought they were on a romantic adventure. Ryan was very skeptical. Then she saw a young couple and decided they were on their honeymoon. Again Ryan didn't see it. Simone showed up and asked what they were doing. Ryan walked away and Simone grilled Greenlee on what was going on. Greenlee refused to say anything and Simone said she almost believed Greenlee when she said she wasn't scheming to get Ryan. Greenlee said she didn't scheme. Simone wanted more info but Greenlee wasn't confiding in her. Across the room Ryan got more irritated as more delays were announced. Simone said Greenlee and Ryan act like an old married couple. Greenlee smiled and said they were just friends and walked back to Ryan. Simone pulled out her cell phone and made a call.

In Jack's apartment Bianca and Kendall continued arguing about Ryan. Bianca told Kendall to forgive Greenlee so she and Ryan could have a happy future. She told Kendall to be bold, not like Erica who runs and hides. Kendall accused Bianca of attacking her. Bianca told her to "Be my heroine one more time, take a step towards happiness." Jack walked in and Bianca told him that Kendall was throwing the love of her life away, and then went to bed. Jack and Bianca had a heart to heart and Jack was appalled when Kendall admitted she had given Ryan an ultimatum about Greenlee. She turned the tables on him and brought up Erica. He explained how he felt about Erica and said he'd rather live with hurt than to live without the woman he loves. He told Kendall that he knew the moment he saw Erica that she was the once in a lifetime love for him. "Do you feel that way about Ryan?" he asked. Kendall said yes and Jack told her to try with Ryan one more time. Kendall said she was afraid to lose and Jack told her there were no guarantees. He told her she had two choices: 1) do things the way she'd always done them or 2) break the cycle. Kendall said she didn't know if she could and Jack said "You know what to do" and left the apartment. Kendall's cell phone rang and it was Simone, telling her that she was at the airport with Greenlee and Ryan and that Kendall could still stop them. Ryan looked up as Simone was on the phone and told Greenlee that the fog was lifting.

Erica was in the dressing room getting ready for her performance. A dozen roses were laid in front of her and she looked up into the mirror and saw Jack's face. When she turned around it was actually Bobby. Rudy came over and went through Erica's routine with her while Bobby watched. When he left Erica asked Bobby if Aidan was still around. Bobby said there was no sign of him. Meanwhile at the bar Aidan spoke with the bartender, who told him they had operatives all over Vegas looking for Erica. Bobby told Erica she looked beautiful and told her to break a leg. He followed her out of the dressing room to the stage area. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek and Erica thought it was Jack.

Tad and Krystal sat in the Valley Inn bar talking. Krystal obviously wanted to tell Tad something but couldn't bring herself to do it. Tad said he hadn't told JR about Babe's annulment and that he did it for Krystal. Krystal said that meant a lot to her. Tad begged her to tell him what was bothering her but she clammed up when she saw David walk in. She told Tad there was "no wiggle room" with him, he was an all or nothing kind of guy and that she couldn't live with that. "This has to end" she told him. Tad said he thought they had something worth pursuing and Krystal responded "Evidently not." Tad offered her a ride home and she refused, saying she would get a ride from David. Tad said that explained a lot and watched as she joined David at the bar. David smiled and said he'd been waiting for her. Krystal turned and watched Tad as he walked away. David said she used him to get rid of Tad. Krystal said she wasn't good enough for Tad. David told her he'd like to see her and not because of Tad. Krystal replied "You've got yourself a date."

In JR's office Liza told him he had married a lie. JR said he knew about the marriage and annulment. Liza told him to check the date on the document. She said that secrets were dangerous and that Krystal and Babe were trying to deceive JR. Liza said that Krystal pulls the strings and that they needed to get her out of town. She went on bad mouthing Krystal and Babe until JR asked where she'd gotten the annulment paper. She finally admitted it was hidden behind a brick in the tunnels at the house. JR got angry with Liza and said this was all about Tad and Krystal not him and Babe. Liza looked guilty and he accused her of forging the paper. Liza said she does love Tad and that Krystal was a bad influence. JR got angrier and said "So you tried to get rid of her and paint Babe as a victim, when we know Babe is nobody's victim!" Liza said Krystal was "manipulative white trash" and then said that Tad knew about the annulment and kept quiet because Krystal asked him to. JR flashed back to a discussion he and Tad had a long time ago about Babe and whether or not Babe was doing a "hide and seek game with the truth." He asked Liza if Tad knows that she was going to reveal this information. Liza said Tad would hate her for it. "So your scheme would be ruined then!" JR stated. Liza told JR it was his call and left him alone. JR looked at the picture of him, Babe and Bess. He grabbed the paper and left the office.

In the nursery Babe rocked Bess as Jamie walked in. He said he was looking for JR and Babe said he wasn't there. She told Jamie that she owed him an apology and asked for his forgiveness. Jamie said that was all done with. Babe said Bess reminds her to be a better person and that she wants her family to be proud of her. She asked if Jamie would like to hold Bess, so he sat in the rocking chair and took the baby in his arms. He cooed over her while Babe watched, touched at his reaction. Tad walked in upset and asked Babe to tell him what was going on with Krystal. JR walked in right behind him.

Tuesday, May11, 2004

Tad and Babe were interrupted when JR came home. JR seemed depressed and Tad and Babe wondered what was wrong. Jamie came in, aghast that Mary had groped him during his tuxedo fitting. Tad was aghast that Jamie had given her the opportunity. JR said he needed to talk to Jamie and admitted he now understands why Adam is the way he is. JR ranted about being lied to by someone he trusted and said Babe will be lucky to get out alive. Jamie was stunned to learn about the late annulment and Tad keeping the secret. JR said he would use Bess as ammunition and make sure Babe never sees the baby. Jamie defended Babe and suggested JR get the full story first, before wrecking their lives and acting like Adam. JR said he didn't love Babe anymore and Jamie tried to get him to calm down.

Tad and Babe continued discussing Krystal and Tad wanted to know what the new secret was. Babe swore she didn't know about anything besides the annulment. Tad said he was sick and tired of covering for Babe and Krystal and they were on their own if something else hits the fan. Babe guessed Krystal may be bamboozling Tad, just for the fun of it. Tad asked Babe to tell him more about her and they were interrupted by an angry Krystal, who told Tad to get out. Babe asked Krystal if there was another secret, but she only suggested Babe ignore Tad's foolishness. Krystal poured a drink and wistfully remembered saying goodbye to her real grandchild next to the river.

Upstairs, JR wanted to talk to Babe about their first marriage, illegal because she still married to Paul at the time.

Tad called Aidan and learned he was closing in on Erica. Jamie saw Tad, who sensed something was wrong, but Jamie said no.

Ryan and Greenlee were heading toward the Cambias jet and barely heard Simone shouting at them, trying to delay them at Kendall's request. Kendall thanked Bianca profusely, told her she'd decided to forgive Greenlee and get on with her life with Ryan, and raced to the airport. Simone made up a story about Fusion needing Ryan, but they refused to stop. Kendall got there and could hear Ryan as he befriended a stranger at the airport, but couldn't get past security to get to him. Simone and Kendall did learn their plane was en route to the Thousand Islands. Kendall vowed to find them and make things right between her and Ryan before it's too late. On board, Ryan and Greenlee toasted to a perfect marriage, one based on friendship.

Danielle came by Jack's and surprised Bianca, especially when she said she was Fusion's new Teen Girl. Reggie came in just after Bianca said there was no such thing. Reggie said Simone knows about it, as part of the merger with Enchantment and Fusion. Bianca went along with the story and left the room. Reggie got rid of Danielle and Bianca asked what he was going to do when she learned the truth. Bianca warned him about the wrath of a scorned Danielle, but Reggie was sure his plan to punk her was perfect.

Jack brought a book to Anita at the hospital to give to Edmund. She told him that Bobby doesn't know where Erica is. Jack wondered why she would say that and told her that Aidan isn't convinced Bobby is telling the truth and guessed Anita isn't either.

In Las Vegas, Desiree was a huge success and delighted. Bobby wondered if Erica Kane was gone forever. She looked in the mirror and saw Jack's image and said nothing is forever and she would keep moving forward. Bobby escorted her downstairs to met old friends, the men they played poker with in Philly. They toasted and laughed while Aidan observed from a distance.

Wednesday, May12, 2004

Maggie and Jamie were at home, commiserating about love. Jamie said he is still hung up on Babe and Maggie admitted she was hung up on Bianca. She expected him to freak out because she doesn't understand her feelings and doesn't feel gay. They discussed their confusion about life, love and were glad they are friends.

Reggie, Jack and Bianca enjoyed a quiet evening at home and after Reggie advised Jack to forget about Erica, he asked Bianca what she thought. Bianca said she was mad Erica was gone because she wanted to say more to her than what she'd said last time she saw her. Jack told them about Eric Kane and worried what his death before Erica could reach closure would do to her.

In Vegas, Desiree invited her friends up to her suite to play poker. Aidan watched and instructed his men to get the room number and not let Erica out of their sight. Aidan said he was flying back to Pine Valley to deliver the news in person. Upstairs, they all played poker and drank. Bobby bought into their investment scheme for $20K, which Erica offered to pay for him as way of saying thanks but Bobby refused. Alone, she had a dream of her father dealing cards at the poker table and they played. He laid down four aces and her cards were Reggie, Jack, Kendall and Bianca and she woke up screaming in fear of losing them. She poured another drink.

Krystal went into a panic when she realized the annulment paperwork was missing from the hiding space. In their room, Babe admitted to JR that she knew she was still married to Paul Cramer when she married him. JR showed her the paperwork he'd found, but wouldn't say where he got it. He reminded her she had committed bigamy and that they were not really married. Because of all the surprises and her ready excuses, he wasn't sure what he would do next. Babe was remorseful and Krystal burst into the room to tell Babe they were in trouble. She was stunned to see JR holding the paper. JR coldly told her it was over. Babe asked Krystal to leave and then apologized to JR and told him that after what she's learned in the past year, she's no longer afraid and left the decision about what to do up to him. They kissed and he said he's changed too in the past year and has learned he can't live without her. Later, Babe told Krystal that she was going to have to tell JR about asking Paul to switch the paternity test because she could not keep any more secrets. Krystal was desperate to talk her out of it and for Bess's sake, Babe finally agreed. She vowed to fight for her family until all their dreams come true.

Alone, JR rocked Bess and told her he'd gone to see a wise woman today about keeping her safe and he flashbacked to his conversation with Livia. He'd learned that Paul Cramer was the legal father to Bess and that it would not be quick or easy to get custody himself. Livia also told him that despite her bigamy, the court would likely give custody of a newborn to Babe for the duration of legal proceedings, which might take years. Livia warned him that he had no legal rights to Bess and starting a legal battle may scare Babe into taking Bess away forever. JR told Bess that he'd found a way to keep her, that she was his and he would deal with her mother when the time is right.

Thursday, May13

Ryan and Greenlee arrive in the Thousand Islands. They tour around the gardens, and Greenlee decides she wants the wedding outdoors. Upon mentioning that it feels like a storybook, and that there is a magical quality, Ryan flashes back to when Kendall told him that he was her future, and that she would marry him right then if she could. Greenlee, ever astute, notices that Ryan was lost in thought. He tries to pass it off as him just zoning out for a moment, but she wants to know what's wrong.

Ryan explains that he just wants to make sure that she feels she is doing the right thing. Greenlee tells him again that she completely trusts him. She takes him back to the previous Thanksgiving, when the two of them tried to have dinner with her extended family and how chaotic that was. She tells him that the only thing that saved her was when he took her in his arms and they danced. She wants their marriage to be like that a dance, with them always in sync.

A short time later, they go to check into the hotel. Ryan asks for two rooms, and the clerk is confused because he thought they were getting married. Greenlee jumps in and says that she is superstitious and doesn't want him to see her in her wedding dress before the ceremony. They then continue the show by laying into a lip lock. When they part, they both look slightly stunned, as if the kiss opened the door to them feeling something unexpected.

The clerk gives Ryan a package that they had been holding for him, and Ryan believes they are the pre-nuptial papers. He asks the clerk if they had a notary which they do. While the clerk goes to find the notary, Greenlee and Ryan head up to one of the rooms. Greenlee reviews the pre-nuptial agreement and she sees something amiss. She asks, "What the hell is this?"

After some cryptic banter back and forth, it's revealed that part of the agreement was that each spouse would surprise the other daily. They are both up for the challenge and Ryan goes first. He presents her with a custom-made pink motorcycle helmet and a pink bandanna as her only protection against helmet hair. He also tells her that they match the bike he is having customized for her. Greenlee, completely loving her gift, says, "I love you Ryan Lavery!"

After her declaration, Ryan gets nervous and tries to use checking on the notary as an excuse to leave. Greenlee tells him she is worried but only about him. She said that if he changes his mind and wants to call off the wedding, she wouldn't hold it against him. He tells her he has no reason to change his mind.

The notary shows up, and Greenlee remembers that she does have a surprise for Ryan. She pulls out a motorcycle pen that she found at the airport.

Meanwhile, Simone and Kendall are on a private jet, and Simone tries to bring reality to Kendall. Kendall is just assuming that now because she can trust Ryan implicitly, he is just waiting for her to come around. Simone doesn't think that scenario is realistic because he took off for a tropical island with Greenlee. She thinks that Kendall isn't considering Ryan's feelings. Undaunted, Kendall blindly believes that she can convince Ryan to take her back. Simone thinks that she needs to go along for protection so they take off.

During the flight, Simone is still skeptical and Kendall thinks that she needs to be more supportive. Instead, Simone continues to be the realistic one and asks what Kendall would do if she gets there and finds out that Ryan and Greenlee had already slept together. Hurt by the suggestion, Kendall flippantly says that she would just have to forgive them both because she knows her place is with Ryan.

Kendall convinces the pilot to find out information of the flight plan of Ryan and Greenlee's plane and lands in the same airport they did. He was also able to find out what hotel Ryan and Greenlee were staying, giving them a definite game plan to find them.

After they showed their IDs and sign the papers, they get notarized, and Phase One is complete. Ryan asks if she is ready for Phase 2, and she says, "There's nothing to stop them."

At that moment, Kendall and Simone arrive outside of the hotel.

At the hospital, Edmund is being a terrible patient chasing the best physical therapist out of his room and throwing bedpans. He has his face covered when Anita comes in, and thinks the therapist is back. He starts to lay into another verbal lashing but when he realizes who it is, he stays silent. Anita said that she didn't scare very easy though he was welcome to try.

Edmund tries to give some angry story about how the therapist should be working on people that could actually benefit from his work because his attitude and that his useless legs were as good as it was going to get. Taking it one step further, he says that if she didn't like it, she could walk right out the door.

Anita gives it to him straight and tells him that he could choose to be bitter and angry, or to be happy with what he's got. She said that if he thinks that Maria loves him any less because of the paralysis maybe he didn't believe in her, or love him as much as he says...because if he did, he wouldn't be acting this way. She leaves him to consider his next move carefully.

Tad visits Jackson at home and tells him that while they found Erica in Vegas, one thing was sure: she wasn't coming back to Pine Valley any time soon. He goes on to tell him that Bobby Warner is working at a casino, providing a complimentary room for Erica and has her on the payroll as a dancer. Jackson is angry because although Bobby told him that if he knew anything about Erica he wouldn't tell her, he didn't think he was serious.

While looking at pictures taken at the casino, Jackson asks if Erica was drinking. Aidan told Tad that although he had seen her with drinks in her hand, she seemed to have it under control. Jack denies that she can, but given all she had been through it didn't surprise him that she was living another life because of all the pain she was dealing with. He says, "This explains a lot" and Bianca overhears. She asks what the pictures explained because to her, it said that Erica was a coward.

Bianca wants to know what Erica is doing with Bobby (suggests an affair) and further, how Bobby can do anything untoward given that he is constantly trying save his marriage to Anita. Bianca is furious because she says there is no excuse for Erica's behavior. Nothing is so bad that she should shut all of her family out there is no reason for the way that she is treating Jack, Kendall or Bianca. Frustrated, she declares that she has given up on Erica, much to Jack's dismay.

In Vegas Bobby is confronting Erica and telling her that her time in Vegas might be over. Curious as to what he means, Erica waits for more information. He finally lets on that a local newspaper has given her show rave reviews, and has mentioned her by name. She thinks this is great and doesn't understand why Bobby is so worried. He explains that with a review like that, people will come in droves to see the show, and he is sure she will get recognized. For Erica, Las Vegas is all about the risk, and she is ready to take it.

Switching gears, she asks him what he has decided with regards to funding the investment with his poker buddies. He's not sure he can take the risk, but Erica convinces him he should try. He goes to call Anita, but she cuts him off before he can even explain the venture. He is hurt, but she tells him that she knows him well enough to know when he wants to invest. He wants to risk it all (what he has saved from his job, what they have in savings, and what they could get for their car) but she is unwilling to support another venture. She said what she really needs is a man she can count on.

Later on, Anita runs into Aidan and asks again if he saw Erica with Bobby.

Dejected, Bobby goes back and talks to Erica who still wants to bankroll him. She asks him what it's worth and if he wants to take the risk so that once and for all, he can show everyone in his life that he is capable of coming out on top. He decides on a way to get started, and Erica shows her support by toasting him.

Back on the (Pine Valley) ranch, Jackson's rage is growing over what Erica's actions are doing to the family. He said that if she was drinking, and thus, out of control again, he wasn't sure that he was so willing to help her again. Tad reminds Jackson that what he said to Kendall was right: that if you really loves someone, you never stop fighting for them. Tad tells him to think about it, and then let him know what he wants to do about the investigation.

Friday, May14

Reggie started to feel badly about having Danielle parade around the record store in her wild outfit. Things backfired when some of the other teens in the store walked up to Danielle and praised her inventiveness. They asked her where they could get similar gear. Danielle informed them that she was the new face of Fusion's teen line and that they could get the clothing and accessories in stores in the near future. Content with her success, Danielle walked up to Mia and asked when she'd be starting her new job.

Edmund relented and agreed to undergo his physical therapy. He later offered advice to Aidan on how to handle the Anita and Bobby situation. Aidan later lied to Anita and told her that Bobby and Erica were not together in Las Vegas. The two then went for a latte at the record shop and shared a nice conversation.

Kendall is stunned when the front desk clerk at the hotel informs her that Ryan had reserved two rooms -- one for him and one for his wife-to-be. Kendall insisted that he must be mistaken, but the deskperson insists otherwise. Simone encouraged Kendall to head back to their plane and return home. Kendall, initially receptive to the idea, decided that she needed to stay on the island because she felt Ryan would reconsider marrying Greenlee when she announced that she was ready to marry him.

Elsewhere in the hotel, a television set "talked" to Ryan and told him that he should be marrying Kendall instead of Greenlee. When he looked out his hotel room window, he saw Kendall standing on the lawn. He shook his head and figured that he was simply hallucinating. Greenlee, meanwhile, had another visit from Good Greenlee, who asked her if she was sure that she wanted to have a loveless marriage to Ryan.

Ryan arrived for the wedding ceremony, but Greenlee was nowhere to be found. When the string section struck up the Wedding March, it was Kendall who came walking down the aisle. Greenlee, on the other hand, had been locked in her hotel room and was pleading with Simone to be set free.

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