One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 10, 2004 on OLTL

Viki was admitted to the hospital. Blair found Starr but was held at knifepoint. John was jealous of Paul's relationship with Natalie. The Mannings finally had a family reunion. Nigel agreed to help Roxy with her financial problems. Natalie felt that John wasn't ready to move on.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 10, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, May 10, 2004

Paul interrogates Marcie on the rooftop. Marcie gives him some story about working for one of the doctors in the hospital. Marcie sneaks on to the helicopter and calls Michael to let him know she is going for a ride. When Marcie gets back she attempts to tell Michael what she saw but Paul interrupts them.

Travis admits to Blair and Todd that he loves Starr. Todd tells him he is too young to know what love is. Laser threatens to kill Starr. Starr tells Laser to call her mother because Blair would do anything to get her back and keep the police away. Laser cuts off piece of Starr's hair to send to Blair and Todd. John returns the ransom money to Blair. Blair gets a call from Laser. Blair agrees to meet him at Penn Station in New York. Dorian tries to reason with Blair to let the police handle it. Blair tricks Dorian into leaving the room. Blair then runs out. Travis follows her. Dorian tells Todd about the phone call from Laser.

Viki is admitted into the hospital with a heart arrhythmia. Jessica visits her with good news. Jessica has been accepted into the graduate journalism program. Todd stops by to see Viki.

John returns Roxy's make-up case. Roxy is not happy with Natalie for returning the money. After Roxy leaves John comforts Natalie. They almost kiss but Rex interrupts them.

Bo asks Nora about her relationship with Daniel. She tells him if Daniel feels for her it is one sided. Nora hears John humming. Nora asks John why he was happy. He denies it but Nora doesn't believe him.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Laser gets greedy. He and his female accomplice decide to try to get more money out of Blair. Bo and Todd get a lead on Blair. They head out to New York. Todd and Bo find Blair's pen at a phone booth in Penn Station. Blair heads out to meet Laser at the bridge. Laser leaves a piece of Starr's hair in an envelope. Laser leads Blair to the merry-go-round. Starr picks Laser's pocket and finds her cell phone. Starr secretly calls Todd. Todd gives the phone to Bo, who recognizes the sound in the background. Bo and Todd head out to Central Park. Laser brings Starr to Blair but does not leave her. Laser's accomplice snatches the suitcase with the ransom from Blair. Blair tells Travis to call the police. She runs after Laser. Bo and Todd find Travis. Blair rescues Starr, but is captured by Laser and held at knifepoint. Todd and Bo come in time.

Paul asks Natalie to fly to Atlantic City with him. She accepts. John is showing a smidgen of jealousy. Dr. Long tricks Michael by telling him about his trip to Atlanta. Michael calls Marcie to tell her the good news. Dr. Long listens at his door. Marcie and Michael sneak into Dr. Long's office. Dr. Long catches them in his office.

Jessica tells Antonio she was accepted into the graduate program for Journalism. He didn't know she had applied. Evangeline calls Antonio for another job. She tells him to keep it on the hush hush because it could be very dangerous. Jessica follows him.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Dr. Long catches a stuttering Marcie and Michael in his office as they try to cover up their presence there. He advises them that he's on to their game though Michael turns the tables and tells him the cops will be interested in what he has to say about the doctor's harvesting organs and auctioning them off. Marcie adds the suspicious helicopter flights and removal of organs without consent to the mix, along with the proclamation that Michael's brother John is aware of the activity. When the doctor pulls a file out of his desk with what seems to be authentic signed forms and documentation, the couple becomes apologetic. The doctor appears to be the Northeastern Director of Transplant Coordination and tells Michael that his career is about to come to an end. Stating that Michael will be arrested for breaking and entering, he places a call to the police. Michael offers to do anything and suddenly when a cop appears, Dr. Long regretfully tells him there's just been a misunderstanding. He allows the pair to leave, announcing that he will give them a 2nd chance. Once out of the office, Michael whips out the file that he still has in his possession. He's sure the doctor's story and files are phony and plans to turn it over to the police.

A casino in Atlantic City is the destination of Paul and Natalie while back in Llanview John uses his connections to learn their whereabouts. He takes off as soon as he finds out. Upon his arrival, Nat demands to know why he's there and accuses him of following her. He denies it and insists that he is following Paul who has been involved in suspicious activities. She thinks it's more that he has feelings for her and is unable to express them. She needs to have fun and Paul can provide her with that, she continues. What could he possibly do for her? She continues to egg him on but when he suddenly grabs her and kisses her, she has her answer, though he's not quite sure himself what it all means. Paul, who has been on the phone, returns and orders the detective to stay away from his date. The men have words, as usual. John invites Nat to return to Llanview with him and though Paul warns her that John will hurt her, she chooses to leave with McBain. On the quiet train ride home, John awkwardly puts his arm around Natalie as she lays her head on his shoulder. When they get back to his place they manage to get inside while locked in a heated embrace, kissing passionately.

The kidnapper has Blair hostage as he manages to get all of the cops to drop their guns. Todd offers to be hostage instead but Laser takes off with Blair after first forcing Todd to lay on the ground. Once they take off, Todd is up and after them, searching desperately when he loses sight of them. Finally spotting them and managing to get an upperhand, Todd jumps onto Laser from the bridge and they struggle with the gun. Back at the original site, Travis feels responsible for all that has happened while Starr consoles him. When they hear a gunshot, it's nerve-wracking for all, as Laser manages to retrieve the gun after being shot in the shoulder by Todd. In the end, justice prevails and Laser gives up. The Mannings have a happy family reunion; Starr and Travis a teary goodbye. The boy promises that he'll see Starr again. He tells her he loves her.

Kevin and Kelly arrive at Dorian's where Kevin questions an all too eager David on Paul's possibly illegal activities. When Dorian returns home, she tells Kev that Viki is back in the hospital. Kelly wants to know why Kev is so interested in her brother; he thinks that Paul has something on Kelly and is not to be trusted at all. She orders him to stay away from Paul and eventually manages to reach her brother, expressing her anxiety over Paul saying something about their baby scam. Paul is involved in his own problems and doesn't plan on saying anything. He does warn his sister that if something does come out, it'll be her own fault. Everyone is concerned over Starr's safety and then Blair's but eventually they learn that they are all unharmed. Joy prevails when the Mannings return home.

Rex catches Roxy in the process of writing a forged check in Nat's name. She's highly in debt and desperate for money. When Nigel comes by with some money for her that he obtained from selling his antique coin collection, she is so touched that she breaks down and cries. She kisses the man who then makes arrangements to pay off the rest of her debt to her bookie. She promises to make it up to him and is off to Atlantic City to make a payment, dissuading Nigel from going with her. She promises not to play the slots or otherwise gamble with the money.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

In John's room, he and Natalie kissed passionately and began taking off each other's clothes. But once they were on the bed, Natalie felt something was wrong and accused John of thinking about Caitlyn, that he wasn't ready to let her go. Natalie pointed out the fact that John still had a drawer full of pictures of Caitlyn, that he can't get over the pain of losing her. Natalie stated she was ready to get on with her life, and proved it by removing her engagement and wedding rings. When will John be ready to move on, she asked. John thought he was ready, but Natalie disagreed and left.

In Atlantic City, Paul and Roxanne ran into each other and bonded while betting on the ponies. Paul suggested Roxy put in a good word for him with Natalie, if he and Natalie were married, Paul could help Roxy get some of Natalie's money. As usual, Roxanne lost all her money, including the money Nigel gave her to help pay off her debt. When Natalie showed up looking for her, at Nigel's request, Roxanne was reduced to looking for stray quarters near the slot machines. Kelly also came to Atlantic City and demanded that Paul tell her everything he knew about Ace's birth parents. Kelly was worried that Kevin's snooping into Paul's background would reveal the truth about where Ace came from.

Viki was released from the hospital and took a taxi to visit Kevin. She told him the doctors said that she was not responding to the medication and would need to have an angioplasty to decide what to do next. She asked him to keep the news quiet and not worry Jessica or Natalie until the test results came back.

Marcie brought Michael home from the hospital, bumping his leg several times on the way in the door. Michael was convinced that the papers Dr. Long had shown them were fake and that he was selling the organs illegally. They decided they needed to find someone to pretend to be the relative of a rich person that needed a transplant and that way they could get the proof they needed against Dr. Long. John showed up to yell at them, he had learned from the police that Dr. Long had almost had Michael and Marcie arrested. He promised to look into it and find out what Dr. Long was up to.

Starr told Blair and Todd that she ran away because she couldn't stand the two of them fighting all the time. Blair and Todd promised they would be civil to each other from now on, even if they did disagree. Matthew came over to visit Starr and the two went upstairs. Todd told Blair that everything would be OK now and they almost kissed, but were interrupted by Nora and Bo ringing the doorbell. Bo told them that Laser would be going to jail for a long time. Todd grudgingly thanked Bo for helping to rescue Starr. Starr told Matthew she wasn't going to try to get her parents together anymore, "sometimes you have to let your dumb parents do what they want to do." Matthew, however, was not ready to give up on his parents and later invited each of them on the same camping trip, unbeknownst to them. Starr talked on the phone to Travis and was very excited when he said he might come to Llanview to visit her.

Blair and Todd talked about their relationship and Blair asked Todd to give her some time. She decided to take Starr and Jack on a trip to take some time to think. The next morning, Viki arrived at Dorian's to visit Starr and found Todd sleeping on the doorstep.

Starr was thrilled to see Viki and they went off together so Starr could tell her everything that happened. Blair was surprised to see Todd and to learn he'd stayed on the doorstep all night. She reminded him that she said she needed time, but did not seem at all angry at him. "I'll wait forever", Todd told her.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Jessica wonders where Antonio spent the night. He is angry when he realizes that she followed him. Later, Antonio calls Evangeline to tell her he doesn't like keeping secrets from Jessica. She tells him that is not an option and he insists that this is his last case. After hanging up, Antonio leaves the student union, not realizing that Jess was listening to his conversation. At the radio station, Jessica takes part in a debate about cheating in your college classes. Riley listens to the program as he debates buying a term paper to pass a class. Jessica, Marcie, and Jen agree to a girls night out at a new club called the Hook Up.

R.J. is suspicious of Evangeline. When she explains her long work hours, he wants to go with her for protection. When she insists that she can take care of herself, he asks her to move in with him. The discussion leads to an argument and Evangeline storms out of the diner. Seeing Antonio, she tells him that the stake out is at a club called the Hook Up. After R.J. agrees to babysit he begins to wonder about Antonio and Evangeline's relationship.

Todd tells Viki that he promised Dorian to stay away from Blair. He is surprised when Viki tells him that it would be ridiculous for him to stand by that promise. Insisting that he is going to stand by his word, he asks Viki for her support. When Kevin shows up, Viki is happy to see her brother and son acting civil toward each other. As soon as Todd leaves, Kevin voices his suspicious about Todd and Kelly but agrees to try to stop arguing with his uncle for his mother's sake. When Dorian shows up, Viki confronts her about using Starr and Jack as leverage in her war against Todd. After the two argue, Viki thanks Dorian for treating her like her old self. After Dorian leaves, Viki has another episode.

Kelly asks Dorian to cover for her. Dorian demands to know what Paul has gotten Kelly into. When Kelly finds out that Kevin is to digging into Paul's past she is upset. After Kevin leaves, she turns to Todd for help asking him to get rid of Paul. Kevin is angry when he shows up and finds Kelly and Todd together again.

Carlotta gets upset when David questions her about Adriana's father. A comment she makes, sends David to the newspapers for answers. Hearing his mother pray for ‘Manny', Antonio questions Carlotta. River later agrees to help Adriana learn more about her father.

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