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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 3, 2004 on GL
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Monday, May 3, 2004

Eden and Bill go shopping at a mall, but when he has enough and wants to leave, she pleads with him to stay with her. She says she needs help buying a gift for Harley. Ross comes along, saying Blake is shopping nearby as well. Grateful for the interruption, Bill spends time with Ross while Eden goes to a jewelry store. The two men discuss the election fiasco and how it is affecting Bill's and Michelle's friendship. He tells Ross he's finally happy now, with his new job and upcoming wedding, things are finally under control.

At the crisis center, Jeffrey presents Michelle with plane tickets to London. He tells her to leave with Robbie so they won't be around if the mob decides to squeeze information out of her. She refuses, saying Danny stands a much better chance at surviving if he has her in his corner. Michelle bitterly accuses Jeffrey of being the true source of danger, since HE was the one who placed her family in this position.

Later, Michelle nervously watches the clock tick away. Mel and Harley arrive, saying she isn't scheduled to help out, but Michelle insists she needs something to occupy her time. Mel asks how things are between Danny and her, and she makes light of the situation. Aside, Mel tells Harley about Michelle spending one night at the Bauer house recently. Harley thinks of a plan to cheer up Michelle and Danny. While whispering the details to Mel, Michelle walks over, assuming the two are whispering about the rumors regarding Danny. Upset, she assures them Danny was set up, and says if they don't believe her, she doesn't want anything to do with them. Mel and Harley approach a sobbing Michelle and embrace her.

At the Beacon, Reva arrives to help Cassie deal with Tammy, who is still holed up in her room. Lizzie is nearby in the lobby listening to Edmund and them discussing the situation. When Edmund wants to go upstairs with Cassie and Reva, Reva suggests things would go better if he remained downstairs. Joey arrives and after Lizzie realizes he is looking for Tammy, she lies and says she isn't home. After sending him off to get sodas, she calls Tammy on her cell phone and tells her she heard Tammy had locked herself in her room. Lizzie congratulates her on the control maneuver and promises she'll bring some food to her room shortly. After she dispatches a bellhop to get junk food and a meal from the restaurant, Joey returns. Lizzie lies again, saying Tammy is now at Company waiting...When Jeffrey enters the lobby and approaches the main desk, he overhears Edmund, who is talking on the phone. He sounds pretty edgy about a "shipment" that was not delivered on time...

In New York City, while pointing a gun at Danny, Tony orders him to go home to Michelle and Robbie, but he refuses. Salerno escorts Danny inside a restaurant, where several of his associates are seated at a table. When he rehashes the election debacle, Vinnie asks Danny why he wasn't in jail, but he smirks and says Jeffrey can't put him away based solely on rumors. Danny tells Salerno he wants to work for him. Although he's already given back some prime turf, Danny doesn't expect to start at the top and will start at the bottom and work hard. At first, Salerno is unsure on which side of the fence Danny is, but he affirms he's back for good. Salerno tries to get Tony's opinion, but Danny interrupts and says Tony probably doesn't want him to be part of the team because he fears he'll slink back under his shadow again. Tony tries to punch Danny, but Salerno breaks it up. He informs Danny that he'll start working in a position below Tony and he'll have to deal with people he never had to deal with before. Later, Salerno tells Danny that he intends on sending Jeffrey O'Neill a very clear and strong "message." Danny talks him out of doing it himself, saying he hates O'Neill as well and wants to deal with him personally.

After trying to reason with Tammy through her bedroom door, Reva returns to the lobby and reports things didn't go too well. Lizzie offers to help, noting she isn't a parental figure and she is close to Tammy's age. When Cassie consents, Lizzie starts up the stairs, but obtains the food order from the bellhop first. Upstairs, Lizzie gets Tammy to open her door by revealing she knows all about her kissing Edmund! When Tammy asks how she found out, Lizzie says she saw the kiss with her own eyes. She tells Tammy that she shouldn't be ashamed, she thought it was cool! Down in the lobby, Edmund berates himself for the situation with Tammy while Cassie assures him that he's done nothing wrong. She says Edmund's done everything to prove himself to her and others and she knows he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize their happiness. While she hugs him, a worried expression crosses over Edmund's face...Outside the Beacon, Reva and Jeffrey speak. She tells him she knows he must be missing Marah and he agrees that he does, but asserts it's best if he doesn't contact her right now. When Reva tries to ask about the "dangerous situation" Jeffrey previously had mentioned he avoids answering the question.

After noticing it was well past 6 pm, Michelle recalls Danny telling her he'd be back in Springfield on the 6 o'clock flight. She calls her house and retrieves a message from the answering machine: a call had come in from Danny, informing her he'd be back later than expected...Back in New York City, Salerno approaches Danny in an alley beside the restaurant and accuses him of not being genuine and putting on an act. When Danny asks what he means, Salerno tells Danny that he's going to have a lot more to worry about than a missed flight to Springfield---a LOT more!

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

In Tammy's room, Lizzie tries to instruct her on how to milk the crisis for all it's worth. Lizzie points out the most important thing is Tammy staying strong and not showing weakness by reaching out to anyone - namely Joey.

Meanwhile, Beth arrives and reaches out to Cassie. But her well-meaning attempt to equate Lizzie and Tammy's problems only creates tension. Olivia comes along with baby Emma and can't believe Cassie would allow Lizzie to try to fix the situation with Tammy. The three women compete about who is the better mother.

Later, Joey comes by looking for Tammy, but Lizzie subtly steers him away so she can have him all to herself. Rick visits Phillip and encourages him to get better.

While Michelle waits anxiously for Danny to return from New York, Tony pays her a visit. Without telling her how much he knows, he urges her to help keep Danny on the straight and narrow. He's surprised when Michelle refuses to blame Danny for his bitterness and anger. She insists she will not drive Danny away by judging him, but keep his home and his family intact. She believes that will bring him back to his true self.

Back in New York, Salerno challenges Danny as he tries to ease his way back into the life. He is successful in convincing Salerno that he has returned to the fold. He finally returns home to Michelle, but it's evident how much this deception is costing both of them.

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Gus calls Harley from the lobby of the Beacon, saying he is just about to meet with Alan. They discuss how Gus is going to turn down Alan's generous trust fund, but he points out how the money would come in handy. Harley insists if Gus accepts the money, there'll be strings attached. A minute later, Alan arrives. Gus tells him, "Thanks, but no thanks." When Alan asks what the problem is, Gus says he and Harley like things the way they are. Alan tells him he can try to ignore the trust fund, but it can't be undone. Maybe someday he'll need the money. Alan asserts he's not trying to buy his affection, and Gus says he already HAS his affection. Gus asks how the federal investigation is going over at Spaulding Enterprises and Alan reports although every employee has been questioned and the feds have gone through all the records, they can't find the drug connection. Gus hints he's doing an investigation of his own, but won't tell Alan how.

Rick checks up on Phillip and gives him a glowing report on his improvement. Olivia, who is there with Emma, leaves the baby with Phillip in order to speak with Rick out in the hall. She complains the nursing staff is keeping her out of the loop about Phillip's actual treatment. She asks him point-blank exactly what sort of treatment Phillip is receiving. Rick tells her to ask Phillip himself....Lizzie sneaks into Phillip's room and is happy to see Emma there, too. Phillip is unnerved to hear from her that Olivia pretty much keeps Emma under lock and key. He lets Lizzie hold Emma. Olivia is livid when she sees Lizzie holding Emma, and takes the baby from her. When Lizzie says she's done nothing wrong, Olivia quipped it's what she's done up to this POINT which is a cause for worry. When Phillip suggests someday Lizzie will get to baby sit Emma, Olivia silently grits her teeth.

Over at Harley's Angels, Eden arrives with a rack of bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses to show Harley. At first, Eden gets a little touchy-feely and remarks at how much their relationship's changed from the time Harley first brought her to Springfield in handcuffs. Eden sincerely apologizes for all the trouble she caused, explaining she'd felt threatened at losing Gus' love. Focusing on her agenda, Harley begins to make references to Paris in order to gauge Eden's reaction. Pushing the envelope further, Harley tells Eden that Marie Green had seen her on the arm of Vinnie Salerno in Paris a couple years back. Eden suddenly dissolves, telling Harley she'd been one of Vinnie's toys, just like his speedboats and race cars. Vinnie had terrorized her and she'd been scared the whole time. When Harley asks if Brad and she had been an item back then, Eden denies it, saying Salerno would've killed them both. However, the prospect of danger made Brad more amorous. She also admits it was at this time she got the idea to start "The Garden Of Eden." Tearfully, she insists she broke away from Salerno's control, and pleads with Harley not to tell Bill or Gus about it. Harley agrees. Eden basically admits Salerno still has some control over her life and if he doesn't want her to marry Bill, he'll make it so. Harley tells her not to handle Vinnie alone, but she states she and Harley are finally getting along and she doesn't want to put her life in danger.

Gus goes undercover to buy more "Delirium", but this time a different dealer shows up. Just as Gus is paying the dealer for the drugs, two cops suddenly bust them. When one cop mentions that he looks familiar, Gus shuts him up by punching him! Later, Gus apologizes to the cop, saying he didn't want his cover blown. Frank arrives and reads Gus the riot act for being a vigilante, but once he explains things and asks him to use him, Frank tells Gus to write up a full report on what information he's gained thus far. If the situation merits it, he'll hand it over to Vice for an official investigation.

Cassie and Edmund go to Tammy's door with a breakfast tray, where he tries to talk her into leaving the room. It nearly works, but Tammy remains steadfast. Later, in the lobby, Edmund tells Cassie they're going to handle it as though it were a hostage situation (the "bad" Tammy holding the "good" Tammy prisoner). They go upstairs, take the untouched breakfast tray away, and arrange for the electricity and phone service to be cut off from Tammy's room. In the room, when the lights suddenly go out, Tammy shouts complaints to Cassie, who lies and says she'd look into it. Just then, Joey puts a ladder up to Tammy's balcony and climbs up. He tells her he knows about her being angry at Edmund for something, but when he asks what it is, Tammy avoids answering the question. Meanwhile, worried when she hasn't heard anything from Tammy's room in a while, Cassie asks Edmund to break in somehow. Out on the balcony, Joey proceeds to sing "Your Song" to Tammy. She is really moved by the gesture. Later, once Cassie and Edmund get into Tammy's room, she is nowhere to be found. She eventually walks in. Cassie takes a hard line with Tammy, berating her for locking herself in her room. Cassie agrees to table the discussion so Tammy can go to school to take a math test. Later, down in the lobby, Lizzie arrives and is stunned to see Tammy with Joey. After asking about the intended "plan", Tammy simply states it was working, but Joey had convinced her to leave her room. As they head off to school, Lizzie looks fit to be tied!

Gus arrives at Harley's Angels just as Harley is trying on a bridesmaid's gown. After poking fun at the gown, Gus grabs Harley and plants a kiss on her. Eden comes out of the back wearing one of the selections from the bridal gown collection. After Eden realizes the dress isn't the right choice, Harley hints maybe Eden's brother could possibly help her out of a situation. When Gus gets curious, Eden covers, saying Harley had meant something else instead.

Olivia tells Phillip pigs will fly before Lizzie ever gets to baby sit Emma. She accuses Phillip of endangering Emma's life, but he says she is over-reacting. He tells her Lizzie's a huge part of his life and Olivia should've known when she made the arrangements to marry him. Looking squarely at Phillip, Olivia tells him she knows he's up to something, but isn't sure exactly what it is. After she walks off, an expression of steely determination crosses Phillip's face...

Thursday, May 6, 2004

Olivia tears her shirt to make Rick believe Phillip got violent with her. As Rick evaluates Phillip, Olivia makes a call to her broker. He informs her that she'll need to raise a large sum of money to make her next stock purchase. Olivia offers to sell her half of the Beacon to Cassie saying she wants to put all her time and money into Spaulding. Later, Olivia is stunned to return to her room and find Phillip waiting on the bed for her.

Upon his return from New York, Danny is shocked to learn Jeffrey already knew about Tony being in the mob. He lashes out at Jeffrey and makes him promise the immunity deal will remain the same. Danny informs Jeffrey that he is a prime target of Salerno's. Not concerned, Jeffrey pushes Danny toward the next step of the plan. Tony shows up and lets Danny have it for kissing up to the dons. Danny insists he has a plan.

Eden receives another threat from Salerno. Desperate, she proposes to Bill that they run off to Vegas and get married that night. Bill goes to get the tickets while Salerno shows up at Eden's apartment and realizes she's planning to leave town. He lets her know in no uncertain terms he's not letting her go.

At the travel agency, Bill runs into Michelle, who is returning the tickets Jeffrey bought her. Bill admits he's taken aback by Eden's desire to elope. They end up arguing about Eden and Danny. The old friends try to laugh it off but the tension between them remains. Bill returns to the apartment, unaware that Salerno is inside with Eden.

Meanwhile, Danny and Michelle get similar, mysterious calls from a man inviting them to a meeting at Towers.

Friday, May 7, 2004

Cassie sees Tammy coming down the steps of the Beacon and tries to talk to her. But Tammy remains cold. Cassie urges Tammy to talk about her feelings for Edmund and the hurtful things she said earlier. However, Tammy is still angry with her mother and feels like Cassie is hindering her independence. She then walks away from Cassie, without telling her where she's going and ripping up a Mother's Day car right in front of her. Tammy then goes to the mall to see Joey. Joey's still trying to figure out what's going on between her and her mom, and Tammy tells him that Cassie just expects her to be perfect. When Joey states that he hopes Tammy didn't mention she was going to see him, since that might make things worse, Tammy states that she doesn't care because Cassie deserves it. She then gets a devilish look in her eyes and suggests that they skip school tomorrow and "disappear" so that Cassie will worry. Olivia is shocked to see Phillip sitting on her bed. She immediately thinks that he escaped from Ravenwood, but he assures her that he was released. He tells her that Rick gave him checked him out and gave him a clean bill of health after he spoke with Olivia. He tells her that he'd been undergoing ECT treatments and will still be getting therapy on an outpatient basis. While talking to her, Phillip holds Olivia tightly around the shows, making her uncomfortable. He asks her if she's scared of him, and she wonders if she should be? Phillip tells Olivia that he'd never hurt her intentionally. He says he'd never hurt her like she hurt him. He tells her that he did have a lot of anger towards her because of her lie about Emma and he did want to see her suffer. Phillip then puts his hands around Olivia's neck and tells her that he's gotten past it; he's forgiven her. Unsettled, Olivia rushes out and heads for the Beacon. She asks Cassie again about buying her half of the Beacon. She tells Cassie that Phillip is home, although she's not thrilled about it; she thinks his release may have been premature. Olivia then tells Cassie why she needs the money--she wants to get a foothold at Spaulding. Olivia and Cassie talk about her marriage to Phillip, who she knows is trying to frighten her, and Olivia assures Cassie that she's in it for the long haul because of Emma. When Cassie calls it a loveless marriage, Olivia mentions that she'd like Phillip to be in love with her but knows that won't happen. Cassie realizes that Olivia does love him. Olivia tells her that she's been in love before and has always gotten burned. Now she's in it for pragmatic reasons. Across town, Phillip is promising Lizzie that he's going to be a better father than he was before and tells her that they'll be a family when. When Lizzie asks him if he loves Olivia, he tells her that it's not that simple.

Bill is trying to enter the house while Salerno is inside with Eden. Salerno manhandles Eden and tells her that she belongs to him professionally. He says that she owes him and he intends to collect. He then sneaks out right before Bill enters. Again Eden tries to convince Bill to elope. She thinks they should get married immediately before something happens. But Bill wants them to marry surrounded by family and friends. He tries to assure her that nothing can stop them from getting married. But Eden still looks worried.

Danny and Michelle find themselves both at Towers. Although they think that Salerno set them up, the true culprits were Rick and Mel. Giving the couple some alone time, Rick, Mel, and Ed go to another table and discuss a letter Ed received regarding working at the clinic in Africa again. Ed's obviously conflicted about it since he knows he's needed in both places. Although Mel assures Ed that his family just wants him to be happy, Rick makes it clear that he'd really like Ed to stay and be a part of their lives. At their table, Danny and Michelle talk about their situation. Danny informs Michelle that Salerno is coming to Springfield, which means Danny's going to have to work hard to convince him he's back in the life. Michelle offers to help him by showing Salerno she's changed and is now the "perfect mob wife." They agree that the only way to protect the people they care about is to drive them away. That means convincing Ed to go to Africa, sending Nico away, and convincing Rick and Mel that Danny's back in the mob and Michelle's okay with it. Later the couple goes home and Danny apologizes for getting them in this mess and leaving Michelle alone. However, she supports him by saying that they're not alone, they're together. Just then Salerno appears in the house!

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