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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 3, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, May 3, 2004

Katie and Henry were listening in on Pilar. Pilar, who knows she is under surveillance, placed a call to Mike inviting him over. Mike showed up with wine and Pilar started to flirt with him. Mike rejected her advances and left the room to get glasses. Pilar promptly called someone and said that Mike left. Katie and Henry took it that Pilar was working with someone besides Russell. Pilar opened the drapes when Mike came back into the room. He left again to let the manager know that it was too hot in the room. Katie was watching outside the room as Pilar started pouring something into Mike's wine. Katie said, "Oh my God, she is trying to poison him."

Jessica warned Margo about Doc and that he was bad news. Margo told Jess that Doc was no Marshall Travers and said there was no need to worry. Meanwhile over at Kim's,

Doc was being reprimanded by Kim who didn't believe a word Doc was telling her. Doc told her that he apologized to the hotel manager and paid for any damage he caused. Kim really became angry and told him that he violated the terms of his contract. Kim said she would overlook what happened but that he needed to apologize to Margo and Lisa before he could continue working at WOAK. Kim had the final word by telling him that she expected him to conduct himself as if she was watching him. Doc went over to the station and apologized to Margo who promptly asked why he was so interested in her.

Carly discovered that Barbara is going blind. Carly was very angry that Barbara used her once again. Barbara finally broke down and told her about the tumor. Carly suddenly turned sympathetic. Barbara told Carly that she really needed her help and that it was important for her family to stay focused on the show. Carly refused to go along with Barbara's secret. Barbara said not to worry, that Walker Daniels was going to Vegas with her and would take care of her. Carly said no, she would not go along with it. Barbara told her that she really needed to appear at the show and begged Carly to reconsider. Barb apologized for what she had done to Carly and her family and started to cry as she explained all her failings. Carly finally agreed to help and Barb thanked her.

While in Rosanna's room Paul found a picture of Jordan in a file Rosanna had on the desk. Paul started to connect the dots as to Rosanna's interest in Jordan. Meanwhile, Rosanna and Jordan were talking about the Las Vegas show. Rosanna suggested that she come to Las Vegas to help with the show and coyly mentioned to Jordan that they could spend time together after hours. As Jordan was confirming that Rosanna really wanted to go, Blaine called and told him to get over to BRO. Jack showed up shortly after and cornered Rosanna. He confronted her about why Rosanna was asking Carly to cover for her. Rosanna continued her charade and put Jack off but he was not convinced. Over at BRO, Paul started questioning Jordan about Rosanna's interest in him. Paul told Jordan that Rosanna had been investigating him before he came to Oakdale. Paul also claimed that Rosanna kept very good notes about her progress in getting Jordan to respond to her advances. At first Jordan didn't want to believe it but Paul kept egging him on while Rosanna was on the phone saying her plan was working and that she would marry Jordan.

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Katie barges into Pilar's room and accuses Pilar of wanting to kill Mike. She tells Mike not to drink what he has in his hand. Pilar tells Mike that she was not doing anything wrong and that the only thing she did was order dinner. Katie say's "well, where is it?" As she speaks the doorbell rings and it is the pizza delivery guy!! Mike makes a phone call to Margo to help out with yet another situation in which Katie and Henry are involved. Margo arrives at Pilar's. She suggests that all go down to the police station to help straighten this out. While there, Katie and Mike get a chance to talk. Katie tells Mike that she loves him and she wishes she could spend the rest of her life with him. But she is stuck, so she says, and, Mike, you're running faster than I can grow. A few moments later it is determined that all the glasses were tested in Pilar's apartment and nothing was found to be unusual. Katie looks at Pilar and says, "you set me up." Pilar tells Mike that Katie needs help and playing the innocent, she hopes that Katie will get it. Margo speaks with Katie and tells her that she is going to get her help. She is going to call a therapist because she is out of control.

Doc messes with Margo at the station. An impressed Casey talks with Doc. He apologizes to Margo and says he will make no further comments about her or her marriage. Doc and Casey later bump into each other. Doc plays up to Casey and later finds himself being invited to dinner at Margo's, courtesy of Casey.

Jordan arrives at Rosanna's. He tells her that Paul gave him a copy of the file that Rosanna had been putting together. Rosanna tells Jordan that he is very special to her. She tells him that she needed him. Rosanna begs him to stay. She tells him that he is her only hope. Rosanna tells Jordan that she did not mean to hurt him or to use him. She has grown to care about him. If she marries him, she can get her baby back. Jordan is dumbfounded and confused. Rosanna tells him she will tell him everything and then starts to back off. He tells her again that he is leaving but she pulls him back. He tells that she is playing with his life. Jordan leaves and Rosanna starts to fall apart.

Carly and Jack talk about Rosanna. He wants to know if the secret that she and Rosanna have been keeping is about Cabot. Carly tells Jack all that she knows. Carly feels she has spent so many years being jealous of Rosanna and now, she has it all, everything that is important and Rosanna has nothing. Carly later arrives at Rosanna's and sees her starting to fall apart. Carly says things will get better, and then Rosanna has a bright idea. She picks up the phone and is about to head for Las Vegas.

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Chris rushes up to Alison at the hospital and kisses her. He tells her that he missed her. He says she must have gotten home late from her class. Chris can't wait to see the project she made at class. He tells her to bring it to show him later that day. Aaron comes into the hospital to return Alison's sweater, that she left at Metro. The first thing she asks Aaron is how much he knows about ceramics. She sends him out to pick up something in a ceramic piece that could pass for something that she may have done herself. At a table sitting with Alison and Chris are Nancy and Kim. Kim cannot believe the excellent work that Alison has done on her first piece. She tells her she has real talent. She tells Chris that she will do something to help urge Alison's creativity along.

Katie tells Marge that Pilar is trying to make her look crazy. Margo is upset that this happening to Katie. Dr. Michael's comes in to talk with Katie, while Margo is present. Dr. Michael's says that so many things have happened to her, but especially her ordeal with Simon that the anger that she felt towards Simon was then transferred to Mike. Katie tells Dr. Michael's that she is full of it. At that point a set of voluntary commitment papers for 30 days is shown to Katie. She is given the choice of signing the papers or facing charges. Margo tells Katie that she is obsessed with Mike. She's had a restraining order issued against her and she keeps going after Mike. Mike has moved on and she has to do the same. Katie reluctantly signs the papers.

Mike sees Katie being taken away. She tells him that she is going on a 30 day vacation. She begs him to please not trust Pilar. Mike cannot figure out why she is being put away. He feels partly responsible. He was her friend and he should have been there for her.

Mike goes to Pilar's room. She tells Mike that she had trouble sleeping the night before. She can't believe the way Katie distorted the whole incident. Mike tells Pilar that Katie spent the night having psychological tests. Mike tells Pilar that he will keep her safe and will straighten things out. He tells Pilar to move into his place again, for how long, maybe forever, or at least until she testifies against Russ.

Later, Katie barges into Pilar's place after jumping from a moving vehicle and escaping. She says she will prove Pilars intentions towards Mike, are less than honorable. Pilar admits to Katie, that she is right, but, who is going to believe her. After all, she's not the one who's crazy.

Jordan calls Jen to his room. They make small talk, hemming and hawing around the questions they really want to ask. Jen wants to know if Rosanna manipulated them both. Jordan says yes. Jordan tells Jen that he wants to start over with her. Jen says she doesn't know what happened or what changed his mind, but, she's glad he did.

Barbara and Carly chat as the fashion show is about to happen. Everyone is scurrying around and Carly notices that Barbara is having another one of her headaches. Wanting to know where her doctor friend is, she is told he would be arriving later. Paul barges in and bluntly announces that there has been a change in plans. He is calling off the fashion show. Paul is telling them all that it is time to get a taste of their own medicine. He announces to all that even though Rosanna, Barbara, Jordan and Carly tell him that there is no conspiracy he knows better. Carly tries to defend Rosanna by telling him that she has no interest in any thing other than sponsoring the show. Her interests lie elsewhere with her own agenda. Paul tells Barbara that she planned to destroy him and he played up to it, and now he is doing it to her first. He admits never forgiving her for all the things she's done to his life. How could he possibly forgive her? After all Jordan was Barbara's means to an end and Carly was his. Barbara says that he must have found out she was using Jordan as her liaison. She begins to stumble and Carly begs her to tell him the truth now. Paul shows Barbara the papers she signed unknowingly, giving Paul BRO. She tries to explain to him the reasons behind it all but, as she steps forward, she slips and falls.

Rosanna looks at Cabot's picture. She makes a call to Jordan's room. As Jordan enters his room he finds Rosanna there. She tells him a very dangerous person would make sure that Rosanna got Cabot if she marries him. Jordan is stunned to believe that he has been selected to be her husband. Rosanna wants Jordan to understand. He feels like a pawn in a chess game. Rosanna tells him that whatever led them to this point can benefit both of them. Does he really want to know that Cabot could be brought up in an orphanage the same way that he was. Rosanna promises him anything if he will marry her. She can give him whatever his heart desires. He tells Rosanna that she can give him anything but answers. She tells him that Cabot could be farmed out or shipped far away. He cannot fathom all this and leaves. Rosanna is sobbing on the floor knowing that Jordan is her only answer. Jordan stops in the hallway listening to her, and returns to her. He tells her that he will agree to marry her. Rosanna falls into his arms sobbing with relief.

Thursday, May 6, 2004

Pilar was holding Katie's hand to her throat as Mike and Margo walk in. Katie pleads with Margo and Mike to believe her. Mike told Katie that he was really worried about her. After Katie tried once again to get Mike to believe her, she asked him if he loved her. He said he did. Katie said. "Then love me enough to believe me." Mike told her he loved her and apologized for not standing by her. Katie told Mike she would do anything to protect him, even if it meant going to the hospital to prove it. She then kissed Mike good-bye and left. Mike wanted to go check on Katie after she checked into the hospital but Pilar talked him out of it.

Lily and Dusty were going over foundation business. Lily thanked Dusty once again for getting her involved in the foundation. An IRS investigator approached them and said that he was investigating money laundering through the foundation. The investigator told Lily that a large sum of money from the foundation was deposited in an offshore account. Lily called her accountant and told him that the investigator was coming over to check the books. After the investigator left, Dusty told Lily that she put the foundation in the middle of a scandal then admitted to Lily that he did the transfer. He did the transfer for someone who made a donation to the foundation. Dusty said he would step aside if Lily wanted him to but she said no, they would work through it together. After Lily left, Dusty called his source, told him that the IRS was on to his scam and that he was finished.

Jordan said he would marry Rosanna to protect her son but he wanted to tell Jennifer everything. Rosanna abruptly stopped him. She tried to convince Jordan that they would tell Jennifer after she regained custody of Cabot. Jordan told her that Jennifer meant a lot to him and he wasn't going to lie to her. Rosanna said that telling Jennifer would ruin everything. Jordan thought a moment and called the concierge, telling him that he wanted to get married right away. Jennifer came looking for Jordan and the maid told her that he and Rosanna left to go to a wedding chapel. Over at the chapel, Jordan kept interrupting the ceremony to make sure Rosanna knew what she was doing. Rosanna finally told him that it was up to him if he wanted to go through with the wedding. Later, Jennifer arrived just as the Justice of the Peace pronounced Jordan and Rosanna husband and wife.

Barbara fell on the floor. Carly finally told Paul and Jennifer about Barbara's blindness and shouted at Paul asking him how he felt about his mother now. Barbara asked Carly to get Walker and then asked Paul to leave. Walker came in and told Barbara that she needed to get to the hospital. He then told Paul and Jennifer that Barbara had a brain tumor. Paul said he would take her but Jennifer told him to get out and walked her mother out. Carly promised to see that the show went on. At the hospital, Barbara tried to calm Jennifer's fears. She told Jennifer that she can't wait until she got through this so she could see her beautiful children again. Barbara made Jennifer go back to the show. Before she left Jennifer asked her mother if she could ever forgive Paul. Barbara said she didn't know. Back at the show, Carly explained to Paul that she and Barbara had a new found respect for each other. Carly said Barbara had class and respected her for her strength. Paul said his mother looked so frightened when she fell off the stage. He asked Carly if the tumor was malignant but Carly didn't know. Later, Paul visited his mother in the hospital.

Friday, May 7, 2004

Due to news coverage of Donald Rumsfeld's testimony before Congress, today's episode of As the World Turns was pre-empted. The episode originally scheduled for today will air on Monday, May 10th and no episodes will be lost.


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