All My Children Recaps: The week of April 19, 2004 on AMC

Bianca gave Bess back to Babe. Babe asked Bianca to be Bess's godmother. Adam and JR decided to keep Bianca away from Bess. Krystal confronted Paul. Bianca believed that she might need psychiatric help. The DNA test proved that Bess was JR and Babe's daughter. Edmund prepared for his surgery.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 19, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, April 19

Jackson arrives at the airport. When Reggie and Greenlee are only interesting in discussing Lily's new living arrangements, a suspicious Jack asks, "What's the bad news?" Greenlee brings him up to date on the Bianca and Bess situation. They all three vow to pull together as a family and support Bianca through this. Jack is proud of them for behaving like a real family. Greenlee tells Jack he can depend on them. She also rats on Reggie but only for the loud music. Later Reggie thanks her for not telling Jack everything. As they argue over Reggie's behavior sounding much like natural-born siblings, Greenlee tells Reggie what he better learn to do is hide from Derek Frye. Reggie isn't worried. After all, Derek is dealing with Reginald P. Montgomery, not some street punk.

JR and Babe are a nervous wreck waiting in Babe's hospital room for Bess' return. JR is at his breaking point and can't wait much longer he says, but Babe is still concerned about Bianca and gets him to keep waiting. As they pace and fidget, Anita comes in and apologizes for letting any of this happen. JR tells her she needs to accept responsibility and starts to go off on her. Babe asks JR to go get her some fresh ice water. With JR gone, Babe is very understanding with Anita, comforts her, and says it is her own fault that Bianca was in the nursery in the first place because she told Bianca she wanted her to be like a mother to Bess without knowing about Miranda's death. Babe tells Anita she was just being compassionate, and "Isn't that what doctors are supposed to be?"

Maggie talks with Jamie at the hospital. She empathizes with Bianca's plight and tries to understand what she must be feeling. Jamie assures Maggie that with friends like her Bianca will be okay. They continue talking about love and how some people never find it or don't know it when they do. During this conversation about romantic love, Maggie confesses how empty she felt when Bianca was missing. Looking at Maggie with a spark in his eye, Jamie tells her when the right one comes along we just have to hope we see it and places a comforting hand on Maggie's shoulder.

Dr. Joe returns Anita's letter of resignation telling her it's not necessary. The incident will be on her permanent record and she'll be on probation but it did not warrant dismissal he says. Joe invites Anita to remain on staff if she wants, which she does. Anita thanks Joe and he leaves for his office.

Outside Babe's room, Krystal is also pacing the floor. She argues with Tad about Bess' true parentage. Tad can't believe Krystal can ignore Bianca's grief and be willing to let Babe and JR raise a baby that may well not be theirs. Krystal accuses Tad of just being mad at her for screwing up his local love life and continues berating him telling him celibacy has scrambled his brain. Tad tells her she knows he could be right though and the only person's word they've got for whose baby Bess is is Paul Cramer's, a known liar.

David breaks up Krystal and Tad's sparring observing that finally there is a woman smart enough to spurn Tad. Tad leaves Krystal and David alone in the corridor. David asks Krystal if they're still on for dinner tonight, which causes Krystal to realize he doesn't know about Bess' "kidnapping." David had heard nothing but assures Krystal that Bianca would never hurt the baby. The though of losing a baby brings memories of David's own loss. He breaks into a soulful soliloquy about how no parent should ever have to bury their child.

Tad finds Joe's office empty and sits at his computer to run a blood-type comparison on Bess and the possible parents. Joe comes in and catches Tad playing his "match the blood types game." Joe boots him off the computer. Before Joe can further reprimand Tad, they are interrupted by news of a return downstairs.

Livia chews out Danielle for the grief she caused Derek by disappearing. Danielle tells her she's not her mother. Livia says they can both thank God for that. Dani asks if she can't just work it out with her father. On cue Derek arrives. Danielle runs into his arms shouting "Daddy!" She's glad her dad still loves her and tells him her mom had her convinced he didn't care about her any more. Dani apologizes to her dad for running away from the Washington DC field trip she was on with her class. Livia interjects, "Just wait until your father hears what you've been up to." Derek wants to know where she's been. Livia makes sure Derek knows she was with Reggie. On learning this Derek makes a beeline for Reggie's house and confronts him. "You want to tell me what the hell you've been doing with my daughter?" he demands.

When Kendall becomes so choked up she can't speak, Ryan steps in and tells Bianca the baby she brought home is Bess, not Miranda. Bianca can't believe him. She says the baby has her eyes, her nose, and a mother knows. As Kendall and Ryan stare in broken-hearted disbelief, Bianca asks Kendall to tell Ryan. "Tell him. This is my baby," she says. Ryan takes Bianca's hand and tells her Miranda is gone. At first Bianca tells him he is insane but then begins remembering the loss of Miranda. Still, she insists the baby with her is Miranda and swears no one will ever take the baby away from her. Kendall tells Bianca she'd do anything to spare her this but Miranda's gone. Kendall tearfully goes through telling Bianca about Miranda being lost in the crash all over again. Bianca insists Miranda is okay. "She's right here," Bianca declares. Then, seeing the looks on their faces, Bianca gasps, "Oh my God. You both think I've lost my mind, don't you?" No, they assure her. They just think she's confused. Ryan suggests that deep inside Bianca knows it's not her baby. "No. I don't," Bianca tells him. Ryan keeps talking and finally convinces Bianca he's telling the truth. The baby starts crying. Bianca looks toward the baby in the basket and calls her "Bess." As she kneels by the basket Bianca utters, "Oh my God. Miranda, Miranda." The painful recognition of Miranda being gone and what she's done sweeps over her. "Oh my God. What did I do?" Bianca asks herself. Then she asks if Babe knows. Kendall assures her Babe knows Bess is with her and safe. "But she's not even mine. I shouldn't have her. My baby is gone," Bianca realizes just as Jack gets there. "Uncle Jack, I did something awful," she says. As Bianca sobs on Jack's shoulder, JR comes in behind him. JR sees Bess lying in the basket and thinks she looks good. Bianca picks Bess up. JR asks Bianca if she is okay. Bianca apologizes and says she never meant to scare him or Babe or anyone. JR tells her, "When we knew you had Bess, we knew everything would be alright." Jack suggests Bianca let JR take Bess back to the hospital. Cradling Bess in her arms Bianca tells him, "No. I took Bess from the hospital, and I should be the one to take her back." True to her word, Bianca takes Bess back. As she comes off the elevator holding Bess, she walks quietly toward Babe while everyone else looks on.

Tuesday, April 20

Greenlee stuck up for Reggie, blaming all of the trouble Reggie had gotten into on Danielle. Reggie told Derek that he had been "played" by Danielle and assured the police chief that he never wanted to see Danielle again. Art that moment, Danielle arrived on the scene and was upset that Reggie had sold her out. She claimed that she'd stopped by to help Reggie. Despite the pleas that Reggie hadn't done anything wrong, Derek pulled out his handcuffs and prepared to haul Reggie off to jail. Livia stunned her brother by saying that she would represent Reggie in court if he dared press charges against the boy. At the same time, Jack returned home.

Although it was a struggle, Bianca gave Bess back to Babe and apologized, explaining that she was sure she was her baby, Miranda. Adam remained furious and at one point had tried to snatch Bess away from Bianca. JR was likewise peeved, though he kept his anger hidden. Later, Adam appealed to his son, saying that he would not push to press charges against Bianca – but that he felt Bianca needed to be sent somewhere to get psychiatric help. Inside Babe's cubicle, Babe stunned Bianca by saying that she wanted to "share" her baby with her. Babe then announced plans to a reluctant Bianca that she would be her Godmother. Babe also wanted to change Bess's middle name to Miranda. JR was stunned when he returned to his wife's room and learned that Bianca would continue to have access to his daughter.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Tad returned to Joe's office and tried to explain why he had hacked into the hospital computer system. He told Joe that he wanted to have a DNA comparison conducted on Bianca, Babe, JR and Bess to see if it was possible that Bess was really Miranda.

Krystal, meanwhile, confronted Paul Cramer, who had arrived in Pine Valley to tend to a medical emergency. She demanded to know if it was possible that he had mixed up the babies following the crash. Paul dodged the questions at first, but then became enraged. He blasted Krystal for meddling in his affairs and for questioning his professionalism. Before leaving for Llanview, he warned her to stay out of his way.

Wednesday, April 21

Kendall and Ryan continued their discussion at the hospital. Kendall expressed her doom and gloom outlook on life while Ryan was quite a bit more optimistic. She described her nightmare of falling and falling. Ryan reminded her that he gave her pointers on how to banish bad dreams. Kendall said Bianca is in a nightmare and wondered how to help her. She said she should go check on Bianca. Ryan told her to give his love to Bianca, he was going home but would come back tomorrow. Kendall said she would never be able to thank him enough for what he had done today, she was forever in his debt. Ryan smiled at her and said all debts were paid in full and walked away.

Adam stared at Bess in the nursery and an orderly brought over a comfortable chair for him. Adam got a blanket and another chair and prepared to sleep in front of the nursery. Krystal showed up and Adam told her he was going to watch everyone who went in and out of the nursery. He was going to protect Bess. Krystal said they were finally on the same side, "No one is going to take that baby away from our kids." Adam sat up and asked if there was something he should be worried about. Krystal told him not to look for trouble. They watched as a nurse wrapped Bess tightly in a blanket. Adam rapped on the window and told the nurse not to bind her so tightly. The nurse said Mrs. Chandler told her to and that it was good for the baby. Krystal explained how babies liked to be swaddled, it made them feel safe. She asked Adam what it would take for him to admit he was wrong about Babe. Adam told her to go get a new tattoo. Krystal said they were the same, they'd do anything for their kids. Krystal walked away while Adam watched the baby.

Tad told Joe about his theory on who the baby really belonged to. Joe asked if Tad had any proof and Tad said no, "But you do! You have all the blood types!" Joe said there were no grounds to research this further. Tad told him to do it and "prove me wrong." Tad said Bianca deserved to know if that baby was hers. Joe finally agreed and sat down at the computer. After checking all the blood types he said they were inconclusive, there was no proof either way. Tad said Bianca could be Bess's mother and they were back to where they started and needed to run a DNA test. Joe said absolutely not. Tad said they owed it to that baby to make sure she was in the right home. Joe told Tad to tell everyone involved and have them ask for the test. Tad refused and said the more time that goes by the more damage is done to those they love. A knock on the door brought Krystal in the office. She asked if there was anything going on that she should know about. Tad said they were just gushing over JR being a father and what a beautiful baby Bess was. Krystal said she took after her mama and "Have you ever seen a mama more in love with her baby than Babe?" She went on a bit and Joe said he had to leave for "late rounds" and looked at Tad. After he was gone Krystal accused Tad of telling Joe about his theory. Tad stepped around that and got a hidden bottle of booze out. He asked Krystal to toast their kids and the baby. Krystal thanked Tad for standing with her on this.

In Babe's room JR was stunned when he was told that Babe wanted Bianca to be Bess's godmother. He was even less thrilled when Babe said she wanted to change Bess's middle name to Miranda. Bianca could see JR was upset and said it made sense that he wouldn't want "a crazy woman" around the baby. JR said Bianca wasn't crazy but didn't go any further. Babe still insisted that Bianca be the godmother and JR told her it was late and they should sleep on it. Bianca agreed and said she'd go back to her room. JR insisted on getting a nurse to walk Bianca back to her room and Babe gave her a hug goodbye. When she was gone Babe asked what JR's problem was. He admitted that he was worried about Bianca trying to get Bess again. Babe said he was crazy but JR said she was the crazy one for wanted Bianca in Bess's life at all. They argued about it and JR said Babe just had a big heart and was setting herself up to be hurt. Babe replied that this was what Bianca needed and it felt right to her. She said in a way she felt like she lost a baby that night too. A nurse came in and said she needed to get blood from Babe. Outside Joe Martin looked on. In the nursery a nurse took blood from baby Bess. After the nurse left JR promised to think about having Bianca be Bess's godmother and told Babe it was time for sleep. She wanted to see Bess first so he brought the baby to her. They cuddled their daughter as Krystal and Adam watched through the window.

Joe and Tad met in Joe's office. Joe said they got the blood samples from Bess and Babe and the results will be back tomorrow. He said all they could do now was pray. Tad asked "But what do we pray for?"

Jack walked into his apartment and found Derek trying to arrest Reggie. He demanded an explanation and everyone began to talk at once. Reggie said he only hid Danielle because she said she was being abused at home, which started a huge uproar between Danielle, Derek and Livvie. Greenlee pulled Danielle to the side and told her to tell the truth or she'd press theft charges. Danielle stepped forward and said she purposely got them locked in the music store, but claimed she was trying to hide from some thugs who had been hitting on her. Derek believed her but was still going to arrest Reggie. Danielle said Reggie was a complete gentleman and nothing happened between them. Derek took the cuffs off but ordered Reggie to stay away from his daughter. Reggie said he never wanted to see Danielle again. Danielle apologized to Jack and they left. Greenlee, Reggie and Jack sat down. Jack was thrilled to find them sticking up for each other. Reggie said Danielle played him, then asked if Jack had seen Bianca yet. Jack said she and the baby were both back at the hospital. Jack asked Greenlee why she let this thing with Reggie and Danielle go on so long. Greenlee said she didn't have much experience with this sibling thing but she wanted to help him. She kissed Jack on the cheek, and told him to give Reggie the birds and bees talk and left. Jack and Reggie talked about Danielle.

Kendall and Bianca talked as Bianca got settled back into her hospital bed. Bianca said she hoped the feeling that Bess was really Miranda would go away but it hadn't. Kendall promised it would get better. Bianca asked "What if it doesn't? I've got to get this figured out." Kendall vowed that they would bring in the best doctors they could find to help her work through her loss. Out in the hallway Greenlee arrived with a gigantic fruit basket for Bianca as Ryan walked by. They stopped outside Bianca's window and Greenlee asked if the basket was too big. Ryan said it was just what Bianca needed. Greenlee said she was trying to be a part of the family and that even Kendall was going to give her a shot. Ryan was impressed. Greenlee said she realized now she belonged in Pine Valley and Ryan was glad to hear it. Bianca looked up and said she saw Ryan in the hall. Kendall said it couldn't be Ryan because he said he was going home. She walked to the window and saw Ryan and Greenlee laughing and talking. She turned back to Bianca who said Ryan was her guardian angel and he came through again for her. Kendall said sarcastically "That's Ryan, always true to form."

Thursday, April 22

Krystal tries to take pictures of Babe and JR with a digital camera and fails miserably. Adam says there is no need because he hired a well-known professional for the new addition to the family. Krystal sarcastically asks a barrage of questions, the sum totality being "How are you going to cut us out of the picture?" Adam promises that everyone will be in the pictures.

Moments later, Joe comes in with papers for Babe to sign so that they can take "Bess" home. Adam, in his usual facetious manner, notes that Bianca was able to walk out of the hospital with the baby without all the paperwork and wonders why "we can't just have nurse Anita turn a blind eye." As usual, everyone ignores him.

Once everything is in order, Babe gets wheeled out with everyone but Krystal in tow. Krystal says that she has her car there and that she is going to stay behind and pass out chocolates as thanks to all the staff who helped. Instead, she hunts down Tad.

JR and Babe arrive home with "Bess" to find that the place is dark. They walk into the living room and see that a puppet stage had been set up to welcome "Bess" home. After a quick show, Stuart and Marian pop out from behind the curtain and see Bess for the first time. While they cooed, JR admits that it feels like "some sort of cosmic foul up" to have Bess home. What he means is he thinks she got short-changed in the dad department. Everyone reassures him that it isn't true (of course) and that there is no such thing as a perfect parent. They just have to do the best they can. JR just wants "Bess" to be proud of her father.

Stuart and Marian leave, and Adam resurfaces a short time later. The photographer is there and impatient, so Adam wants to proceed. JR and Babe protest because Krystal isn't there, but Adam thought that if it were important enough, she would be there. They proceed without her.

Edmund is preparing to head off to the hospital for his surgery. Before he does, he has a heart to heart with Anita. He tells her that he heard about what happened with Bobby and he's sorry. She asks him if he ever forgot Maria's infidelity. He said that he didn't forget, but it stopped becoming a part of his every day. She asks him that if he could have foreseen it, would he have still married Maria. His answer? Absolutely.

The kids are having some spats, but they take a break to say goodbye to Edmund. The kids believe that he is just going in for more tests, so they say their farewells without much fanfare.

The kids leave for school, and the next time we see Edmund he is laying in a bed at PVH. Anita runs down a brief checklist to make sure he is checked in and ready for surgery. The doctor stops in and says the only option he is entertaining is that full mobility will be gained. The doctor steps out and Maria is at his bedside, assuring him that she is with him all the way on this.

As the drugs start to get to Edmund, they say their good-byes, kiss, and Maria and Anita wheel him out to surgery.

Erica is alone in her room in Vegas, haunted by the last words that Bianca said to her ("You're not my mother anymore"). To quiet the voices, she starts to pout a drink. While doing so, she hears a knock on the door. It's Bobby and he is worried about her - she hadn't been out of the room, hadn't ordered any food. Erica insists she is okay but Bobby brings in food anyway. After eating a little, he produces a wig to help her be incognito. Erica didn't feel that was enough, but Bobby has it covered. He tells her that she needs to get out and he knows the person to help. Erica starts to protest, but quiets soon when "Debbie" (not her real name) comes in with a rack of clothes.

Apparently, the key to Desiree is denim because Erica changes into a lot of it. She feels like a new woman. "Debbie" provides her with an additional outfit and leaves. Erica tells Bobby that he just did her a huge favor and wants to know what he would like in return. He promises that he doesn't want anything, but Erica doesn't believe him. Questioning his motives, she runs down a list of things he could possibly want: a sexual affair with her, money, trade secrets, and even suggests that he is a reporter out for his own personal gain. Completely incensed, Bobby tells her to enjoy the room and Las Vegas, and swears she won't see him again.

Back in the Valley, Opal and Jackson try to get information about Erica out of Palmer. Palmer refuses to talk about it, and continually changes the subject. Jackson admits that he knows Erica is in Las Vegas. Opal is inspired and thinks they need to hop on the next plane and go find her. When Jackson doesn't move to follow her, Opal lays into him. She thinks that Jackson has given up on Erica.

Opal and Palmer leave and Reggie walks out to confront Jack. He says that if Jack still loves Erica, he should be running off to Vegas to do whatever it took to help her. Jack explains that it's not as easy or simple as it sounds. He calls Erica twice a day and she has never returned the call. He says that he can't desert the other people he loves (Reggie, Bianca, Kendall, Greenlee...) just because the one person he wants to help has run off. Jack feels like he would be offering his help to someone who apparently doesn't want nor need it.

Joe and Tad talk in his Joe's office. Tad wants to know the results of the DNA tests but Joe says they won't be back for another hour. Tad opts to stay in the office while waiting. After Joe leaves, Tad contemplates what effect the tests will have on a number of lives should "Bess" turn out to be Miranda. While these thoughts go through his head, Simone comes in amidst her search for Kendall.

Tad vaguely refers to the test results that he's waiting for and Simone asks if this is something that she needs to be concerned about. Tad assures her that she has nothing to worry about. After knocking over and dropping a model heart (that Jake put together for Joe many years ago), Simone thinks that she needs to devise a way to distract Tad from waiting for the results. Krystal comes in and overhears Simone saying this, and says, "Oh Tad - you didn't!"

Tad escorts Simone out, saying that her distractions will have to wait because he and Krystal need to talk. After she is gone, Krystal unleashes on Tad (you're on a power trip, you're a heartless jerk, you had no right, etc.). Tad doesn't say much until she is done. When she runs out of steam, he announces that the only reason she is angry is because she is scared he might be right.

Out of frustration, Krystal picks up the selfsame model heart and hurls it at the door. At that precise moment, Joe walks in. Tad asks Joe if Babe is Bess' mother, or if Bianca is.

Friday, April 23

Krystal continues to scold Tad for the DNA test and Tad says that he knows Joe won't change the results of the test. Joe comes in with the test and shows them to Tad. A somber Tad tells Krystal that Bess is the biological child of Babe. Krystal acts as though she isn't surprised about the results and hopes that Tad is happy. Joe goes to oversee Edmund's surgery. After he leaves, Krystal says that she hopes Tad is happy now. Tad sarcastically says sure, he is thrilled because he really wanted to tell JR that is baby is dead. Realizing the cruelty of her words, Krystal apologizes immediately. Tad reminds her that he can relate to losing a child and understands what Bianca is going through, something Krystal hasn't experienced. Tad leaves and Krystal realizes what Tad is saying. She takes a look at the results herself and then heads back to the Chandler mansion.

Greenlee runs into Kendall at the hospital and tells her that she is serious about working things out. When Kendall asks her how they can do that, Ryan walks over and asks what is going on. Greenlee explains that they are trying to work things out and Kendall agrees. Ryan reminds them about the meeting in the morning to discuss Fusion and Enchantment ideas. Greenlee is revved up and starts quoting numbers, while Kendall seems more tense, although she pretends to be excited when Ryan asks her how she feels about the idea. Jackson comes over and tells them that Bianca's shrink says she is suffering from post paradigm depression and post traumatic stress, but is confident that Bianca will work through it all. Ryan goes to check on Edmund and Kendall leaves for an appointment. Jackson tells Greenlee that the meeting should be interesting in the morning, especially since Kendall didn't look so thrilled. Greenlee says that Kendall is still upset with her for stripping her at the trial and thinks that she is trying to come between Ryan and Kendall. When Jackson asks her if she is, Greenlee assures him that those days of playing with love are over and the lovebirds can have each other. When Jackson asks Greenlee if she would want to be with Ryan minus Kendall in the picture, Greenlee admits that is only a breath away from falling in love with Ryan, but won't interfere with his relationship with Kendall. Jackson goes to visit Bianca and she immediately apologizes when she sees him. He tells her she has nothing to apologize for. Bianca says she likes her shrink and has to realize her baby is dead and let go.

As Maria waits for Edmund to come out of his surgery, David comes to see how she is doing. When she tells him that she is going to be observing during the procedure, David strongly advises not to. David tells her it is not her place to be there and to stay out of it. Maria doesn't agree and David begs her not to make the same mistake he did with Leora's surgery. He assures her he will be in the room for assistance and will do everything he can to keep Edmund alive. Maria agrees not to observe during the surgery and after David leaves, Ryan comes to see her. Ryan offers to get her a cup of latte and take a stroll in the park, but Maria turns him down. She begins asking him about his relationship with Kendall and Ryan is silent. Maria realizes he hasn't gotten back together with her and asks him why not.

Kendall seeks advice from Palmer at the Valley Inn, where she tells him that she loves Ryan with all her heart, but he is driving her crazy. Likewise, Ryan tells Maria the same thing. Ryan says that him and Kendall have already gone sour twice and he simply can't trust her. Kendall tells Palmer that she can't trust Ryan and possibly makes up these scenarios she doesn't get her heart broken. Ryan tells Maria that he wants to get married to Kendall and start a family, but their love might not be enough. Kendall tells Palmer that she needs to know if she is Ryan, he is with her not Greenlee and has set up a plan to test him. Of course, we don't hear what the plan is, but when she is done telling Palmer, Kendall admits she is worried she has gone too far. Palmer tells Kendall only she can make that choice and Kendall says she is going for the plan.

JR, Babe, Stuart, Marion, Mary and Adam make a toast to baby "Bess." Marion takes Bess away for a nap and asks to speak to Adam alone. Mary reluctantly leaves and once they are alone, Babe asks Adam what's up with the stare down he has been giving her. Adam says that since Bess was born, he has really seen Babe become a selfless mother. Babe admits that since she has become a mother, she understands why Adam went so far to protect JR. After all, she waltzed in on their life out of the blue with no money, so it was normal for Adam to think she wanted JR simply for his money and tried to get her to leave town. Babe even asks Adam to be the first one to sign Bess's baby book. Touched by her gesture, Adam writes a beautiful paragraph in the baby book. Marion comes back and signs the book. Adam and Mary huddle in the corner and congratulations Adam for his stellar performance. Then she immediately starts to ask him when they are going to kick Krystal and Babe out of their lives for good. After everyone is gone, Mary pounces on Adam for an answer. He tells Mary he wont' discuss anything now. Mary realizes that Adam's heart has gone soft and brings up his close relationship with Brooke. Adam says that he and broke had a nasty divorce, but still seem to draw to each other at times. He tells Mary to go paint something so he can spend time alone with Babe, JR, and Bess. She leaves and JR and Babe come downstairs. Adam tells him he wants to discuss Bess's trust fund, but Babe tells JR to discuss it without her because she is so tired. The men leave and as Babe is cleaning up, Krystal walks in. Babe gushes about the family photo and then hears Bess crying through the monitor. Krystal grabs her and hugs her and tells Babe that she has to do something. Babe tells Krystal she loves her and rushes off to Bess. Krystal grabs a stuffed lamb and flowers and goes to the crash site. When she gets to the site she asks God, "How could you take my grandchild?"

During Edmund's surgery, while the doctor tries to remove the bullet he encounters a serious problem.



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