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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 19, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, April 19, 2004

In the Hughes' kitchen, Alison rushes Chris out the door for his night shift at the hospital, then quickly sheds her robe and headscarf to report for her secret job at metro. After she arrives, Doc Reese comes in with an entourage of beautiful women and immediately offers Alison a hundred-dollar bill for service. Alison mistakes her tip for a request for other "services," then mistakes Doc Reese for a medical doctor. At closing time, Doc hands Alison another fifty dollars, and gives Aaron his credit card to pay for his extravagant evening. Aaron discovers that Doc's credit card has been declined, then calls Molly to ask her what to do. Molly is at Kim's house trying to dissuade Kim from hiring Doc Reese at the television station. Kim had just arrived home from an out-of-town trip, and had found Alison's robe, etc., piled in the middle of the kitchen floor. Kim and Molly leave for metro to find out what is going on with Doc Reese, but in the meantime, Curtis has covered Doc's bill, using Ben's credit card. Doc has promised to pay Curtis back before the credit card bill is due. When Molly and Kim arrive at metro, Aaron tells them that the credit card company made a mistake, and Molly and Kim decide to stay on after hours at metro with Doc, to finalize his hiring at the station. Kim steps aside to call Bob to ask him to join them at metro after his late call at the hospital, and she spots Aaron sneaking Alison out the door.

At home, Jack grills Carly about Rosanna's intentions to get Cabot back. Although Carly omits details about Rosanna's plan to marry Jordan Sinclair and eventually get Cabot back, Jack leaves to go to the station to investigate further. At his time, Rosanna is in her suite, kissing Jordan Sinclair. Although Rosanna coyly apologizes for the impulsive kiss, Jordan tells her that he has a unique ability to spot when he is being played, and he asks her what her game is. Rosanna tells Jordan how lonely she is, but he is not entirely convinced. As he turns to leave, Jennifer pounds on Rosanna's door, looking for Jordan. They stand there silently until she leaves, then Jordan slips out the door. Rosanna's telephone rings, with Carly asking her to come over. Carly tells Rosanna of Jack's suspicions, and Rosanna insists that she is not planning to kidnap Cabot, but that Jordan's firing and Jack's scrutiny have complicated her plans, which she will not share with Carly. Jack arrives home and sees that Rosanna is still there. He waits outside until Rosanna leaves, and when Jack comes in, Carly does not mention Rosanna's visit.

Before arriving at Rosanna's door, Jennifer has been at B.R.O. with Barbara, begging Barbara to call and re-hire Jordan. Barbara tries to call and finds Jordan not in his room, then Jennifer admits her feelings for Jordan. Barbara surprises her by sending her to find Jordan while Barbara continues to reach him on the telephone. After not finding Jordan at the Lakeview Hotel, Jennifer returns to B.R.O. Soon Jordan comes o B.R.O., where Barbara and Jennifer beg him to come back to work for them. Jennifer, with stars in her eyes, tries every way she knows to persuade Jordan to come back, and he does accept finally. Jennifer invites Jordan over for a home-cooked meal, then goes in the next room to tell Barbara the good news. As Rosanna returns to her suite from Carly's house, her telephone is ringing. She hears her message from Jordan, saying that he will continue to work for B.R.O., but that he looks forward to seeing her again. She closes her eyes and whispers, "Yes!"

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Chris and Alison are chatting. Chris tells Alison to work on her future, that she will have a career she can be proud of someday. Chris leaves the room as Kim enters. She asks Alison about the last evening. Chris has told her that Alison was home. Kim questions her knowing that she saw her at Metro. Alison fabricates another one of her tall tales covering up the fact that she was working at Metro. Chris reenters as his Mom leaves and tells Alison if she doesn't stop meddling, he will have to have a talk with her again.

Ben and Jessica talk baby talk. Jessica has decided that looking back and all, has aroused all the Mother instincts in her. Baby bottles, Bonnie, diapers, fevers and all night interruptions don't make any difference. She has decided she wants to have a baby with the love of her life. Going to see the Dr., both Ben and Jessica hear that her age and other complications could be a factor. The Dr. will examine Jessica and then they will see what happens. Ben is now optimistic and wants a baby also.

Jack, speaking with Rosanna, bluntly asks her if she is planning on taking Cabot away from his birth Mother. When she responds, Jack is told that she (Rosanna) did some, not so above board things, but not illegal things. She just didn't want Craig following her and Carly and him feeling sorry for her. Rosanna tells Jack the only thing she is hiding, is alot of pain. Jack tells her he will not be able to protect her if she doesn't tell him what's going on. Rosanna then tells Jack, what he wants to hear. That she is filled with a loss, a void so big that she had to do something to remain a little part of Cabot's life. She was responsible for initiating the break in because, she wanted Cabot to have the antique comb and brush set that was a part of Cabot's life with her. She wanted Cabot to have it as a reminder of the part she played in his life. Jack hopes she is telling the truth and then bates her, with the fact that she hasn't seen the children in a long time and should come to dinner with Carly and him. She agrees. Upon leaving, Jack remembers coming home earlier and seeing Rosanna with Carly and the children in the living room In the meantime, Rosanna hopes that Jack believes her story.

Jordan and Carly meet and get to know each other. Jordan tells Carly the story of how he ended up at BRO. Carly tells him how she became a designer. Carly extends a dinner invitation which is refused. Later Jennifer asks Carly's opinion on a red dress. She says she needs something very special. Carly feels Jennifer is definitely interested in Jordan and knows that Rosanna is trying to seduce him. In the meantime, Carly overhears Jennifer and Jordan set up their dinner date.

Barbara decides to renege on her part of the dinner date, leaving Jennifer and Jordan to be alone, if they choose to do so. Carly, talking with Rosanna, can't figure out why Rosanna wants to marry Jordan, a man she barely knows. She tells Rosanna that Jennifer is definitely into wanting a relationship with Jordan and perhaps that is why he is back at BRO. Carly tells Rosanna that Jordan appears interested but cautious with Jennifer, even though she seems gun ho. She tells Rosanna that she is glad to help her, because sometimes, she just misses stirring things up. However, she will always be watching her sisters back. Rosanna asks Carly what she would do to way lay the dinner plans of Jordan and Jennifer. Carly says, "that's easy, eliminate the competition", but, the question is, what would Rosanna do? Why that's easy says Rosanna, listen to her sister.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Lily makes a call asking whether or not she can sing again. When given the okay she goes to Dusty asking Dusty to cover for her trip. Dusty teases her asking if she has another guy on the side. Lily reaffirms her love for Holden. Dusty tells her he will not lie for her. She says she just needs a night in Chicago and the reasons are not suspicious, only, that since she and Holden are closer, she feels she doesn't want to rock the boat. As she and Dusty part, Molly notices a card on the table with the club name of where Lily is going to be singing. Lily spends time telling Holden that everything is all right, she just has some things that must be done. There is nothing to worry about. The door bell rings and Lily answers it. It's Molly, and she wants to know if Lily's ready for their shopping trip. She hopes that Lily hasn't forgotten. Lily a bit confused, responds with, "of course I haven't forgotten." Molly says they will probably go to dinner, shop and maybe see a show, so don't wait up for her. Holden leaves and goes on about his business. The ladies speak as Molly tells her she found the business card left. She wants to know what is up. Lily tells her the truth, that she is going to sing, and Molly asks her one favor, to break a leg. Later Holden invites Lucinda in after arriving at their home. She wants to know how things are going with the foundation and how Lily is doing. Holden reluctantly tells her, he doesn't trust Lily. He feels something is going on with her.

Ben's son Curtis, is still waiting for payment for the bar tab that Doc charged on his credit card at Metro. He contacts Doc to see what is happening and reminds him he was to repay him before the due date. Ben and Jessica at home, are discussing having a baby and making sure that each other is in agreement that it's the right thing to do. They are in agreement and then the phone rings. It's the bank and they are telling Ben that Curtis paid a large bar bill for $200.00. Jessica and Ben remember the card being given to Curtis for an emergency and this certainly wasn't it. Ben rushes off to Metro seeking out Curtis. In the meantime, Doc arrives and pays off the debt to Curtis in cash. Ben finds Curtis at Metro and Curtis says he will leave since it wasn't busy, and explain everything to him at home. As Curtis starts to tell Ben what happened, the door bell rings and in comes Doc. Ben wants to know how a well known sports personality can allow a 17 year old to pay off a bar bill for him. Doc apologizes to Ben and Jessica and Doc thanks Curtis, telling Ben that he has a real good son and for helping him out.

Alison receives a call from Aaron at Metro. He wants her to come to work immediately. She tells Aaron she is planning a special dinner for Chris and can't make it. Aaron insists, saying she is too new at the job, not to come in. She agrees and then meets a couple of obstacles. First, Chris himself and then Nancy, who offers more help than wanted. Alison is beside herself!!

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Chris and Alison were kissing and talking about the time they get to spend together. Chris asked Alison what she did the previous night. Alison lied to him telling him she went to bed early. Nancy was listening at the door and dropped her plate when she heard Alison lie. Later Kim told Nancy that she caught Alison at Metro and Alison lied to her about it. Kim was worried about Chris more but Nancy told her that it was Chris' choice and she shouldn't interfere. Later, Nancy confronted Alison and Alison told her what she was doing. Nancy tried to reason with her but ended up keeping her secret- temporarily. She told Alison she wouldn't lie to Chris if confronted by him and warned Alison that no matter the reason, a lie is still a lie.

Barbara was helping Jennifer get ready for her special dinner with Jordan when Walker appeared at the door with good news. Barbara gets to visit Will. Walker reinforced Barbara's agreement that she would call Ben Harris first thing in the morning. After Barbara saw Will she was very upset. She told Walker she felt so bad about what happened and wanted so much for him to get better. Walker said he would with time and to be patient. Walker then asked Barbara to have dinner with him at Metro. Barbara said, "Are you asking me out on a date?" and he said, "Yes."

Over in Rosanna's suite, Carly refused to help Rosanna unless she learned the truth as to what Rosanna was up to. Rosanna said she had to marry Jordan in order to get her son back. Carly tried to get Rosanna to tell her more but Rosanna said she would just have to trust her. Carly agreed to help her and Rosanna said they had to hurry before it was too late. Back at Barbara's suite, Jordan arrived for dinner and as he and Jennifer were getting close, Paul burst in wanting to know where Barbara was. Jennifer quickly got rid of him only to have Carly show up at the door claiming there was a 'crisis' at BRO. Jordan agreed with Carly that they needed to react to the 'crisis' so Jennifer and Carly left. Jordan's cell phone rang. It was Rosanna telling him that she needed his help with her car. Jordan arrived at the scene and Rosanna made up some lame excuse as she flirted with him. Meanwhile Jennifer and Carly returned to the suite because Jen forgot her cell phone. She checked her messages and when she hung up, told Carly she knew what Carly was up too. Back at the car, Rosanna faked falling and landed right in Jordan's arms!

Paul ran into Hal and Emily at Metro. Hal started questioning Paul about the new additions at BRO. Hal was particularly interested in Jennifer's interest in Jordan. Paul admitted that he and Jordan did not get along but he would tolerate him because Barbara depended on Jordan so much. Paul also admitted that things had really changed between them since Will went away. Hal agreed that he thought Paul was not as angry anymore. Paul went looking for Barbara and when he called her cell phone Walker answered. Paul became more suspicious when Walker lied to Paul about being at Metro. Paul went back to Metro and when he didn't see Barbara there, he wondered what she was up to this time. When they arrived at Metro, Paul was there to greet them and confronted his mother.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Ben and Jessica are talking about the fact that they want a baby because they love each other. They are in total agreement over this decision. The Dr. says that they will have their work cut out for them. Jessica has gone off track with her monthly cycles and stress has probably added a factor also. The Dr. suggests a schedule to follow for the time being. They will proceed with whatever is necessary. Jessica tells Ben that this is her fault and it might be her last chance to get pregnant. Jessica is handed a letter by Ben from the Bar Association. She has been reinstated to the title of Attorney. She is pleased but not elated as she has another agenda on her mind. Ben thinks they should celebrate and decides to take her out to dinner. Doc is conversing with another woman and the woman says that Jessica is a well known attorney. She takes high profile cases and comes out a winner. The woman says if she ever needs someone to defend her, that's the woman she would pick.

Doc says that Jessica is probably all business, with wanting things, to think about having children and a family. Jessica overhearing this, becomes flustered. Ben, approaching his wife and seeing her upset leaves with her to go elsewhere.

Jennifer and Carly talk. Jennifer figures out it's Jordan that Carly wanted out of the dinner, not her. Carly apologizes to Jennifer wanting to smooth things over. She did not want to ruin her evening or so she says.

Rosanna has called Jordan using a tactic to bring him to her. She has driven her car somehow into a ditch, and desperately needs his help. She doesn't want him to call for any help though, it could bring unwanted publicity. He does what she asks and goes to where she is to offer help. While together, he asks for her assistance and it evolves into a fun mud fight for the both of them. Jordan tells Rosanna that he called Jennifer and she is on the way. Carly and Jennifer arrive. Jen tells them that all is well, help is on the way and not to be concerned with publicity, 'cause she took care of it all. Everything solved, Jennifer asks Jordan if they can get back to their dinner plans now and he agrees.

Barbara and Walker are together talking and Paul feels there is something going on between them. The Dr. covers for Barbara's headache and tells Paul he must respect Barbara's privacy as he requested she do for him. Otherwise, he would have to deal with him. Barbara tells Walker the pain has now subsided. He says the pills he gave her will only mask the symptoms. She has a tumor and she needs to take care of it. She had promised that if he let her see Will, she would agree to see Ben. Barbara agrees to see Ben the very next day. Walker tells Barbara he wants to keep her company for awhile. They share a cup of coffee. He doesn't understand her putting her life at risk but, he enjoys her: a Mother, designer, head of a corporation. Barbara wants to know what he wants with her. Walker says, she is strong, challenging, and wants to explore the feelings he is having about her.

Back at the apartment, Rosanna tells Carly she enjoyed being with Jordan. Even though she has to marry him, she finds she likes the guy. Carly says that's a good sign.

Paul is discovering some things and doesn't like what he is finding. He goes to the apartment looking for Barbara and finds it empty. Looking around, he discovers Barbara's paperwork sent to Jordan to authorize. Now he wants to know why Jordan is authorizing purchases for Barbara. Why wasn't he notified? Finding Jordan, he tells him that he thinks he is making himself indispensable to Barbara.

Jordan tells Paul he is just doing what is asked of him and no more. Paul calls Barbara, and he wants to talk to her face to face, now, at home. Barbara tells him she is on her way. At her arrival, Paul opens the door for his Mother. He tells her he knows what she is doing.

Jennifer is fishing for tidbits about Rosanna. Jordan says they are just neighbors. Jennifer is glad to hear that because she has something to tell him. She tells Jordan that she did not like him in the beginning because she felt that she was left out of the loop, and he comments that sometimes Barbara has a tendency to do that with people. However, says Jennifer, now, things have changed. Jennifer reaches over and kisses him.



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