One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 19, 2004 on OLTL

Starr's online friend Travis was disappointed to find her younger than he thought. He deserted her but later asked to see her again. Jessica turned down Antonio's marriage proposal. Dorian admitted that she was still legally married to Adriana's father. Kevin discovered that money was missing from his business account. Paul asked Kelly for more money. Viki had more chest pains.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 19, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, April 19, 2004

As Paul makes a run for it shots are fired. Kyle is shot while being Kay is being arrested. Kathryn wants John to let Paul go to testify in the California case. Dorian guesses Starr stole the money. Antonio is not happy Paul will walk. Paul asks Nurse Sofia for Dorian's records. Dorian cuts her hands and Paul arrives with a handkerchief to help her. Dorian realizes she has been had. Natalie sees John kissing Kathryn at the train station.

David and Dorian fight for their relationship. Dorian thinks David stole the twenty five hundred dollars from her safe. They guess why Starr would want that kind of money.

Natalie let it slip to R.J. that Jamie is staying at Llanfair. An irate R.J. shows up. R.J. threatens to drag them to court if he has to since Antonio has broken the agreement.

Viki swears to Todd that she will do whatever she can to take care of herself and be there for him. Jessica tells Antonio that R.J. found out Jamie is living at Llanfair. Antonio asks Jessica to marry him.

Margaret tells Todd that Kevin transferred money to his and Kelly's personal account. Kelly calls Paul to confirm he and her money are ok. Todd confronts Kelly about the B.E. Funds that was transferred into Kevin's personal account.

Paul asks Kelly for and additional $15,000. If he didn't get the money, Paul said that he would tell Kevin about Ace.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Jessica tells Antonio she can't give him a yes or no to his proposal. An upset Antonio tells Jessica that he will leave the house and take Jamie. Viki and Natalie ask Jessica why she did not accept Antonio's proposal. She tells them she is worried about Viki and must take care of her. Viki is not happy that Jessica would put off her happiness to take care of her. She asks Jessica if that is the real reason. He later apologizes and tells her that he understands and hopes they still have a future.

Starr video documents her new journey. She leaves a note for Blair and takes off to meet Travis. She finds herself in a grungy part of town called Alphabet City. Travis meets her and is not happy to find that she is not fifteen but he is not sixteen. He abandons her. She returns to the hotel and sends Todd an Instant Message (IM) while she is online Travis sends her and IM. He wants her to meet him later in the night.

Michael spies on Paul and Dr. Long from his hospital bed. Eve gives Michael his digital camera, and binoculars from Marcie. John confronts Michael about how he broke his leg. Michael tells him the truth about snooping in Dr. Long's office. John threatens to throw him in jail if he ever broke in Dr. Long's office again. Paul and Dr. Long meet once more. As Michael looked on Paul closes the blinds.

With help from Jen and her video camera, Riley responds to Flash's letter. He vents his anger. Jen and Riley share a kiss but decide to keep it platonic.

Dorian doesn't want David to try to stop Paul from proving she is not Adriana's mother. Paul gets Dorian's files only to see they confirm she is Adriana's mother. Paul is amused by her thoroughness.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

David is determined to go after the truth regarding Dorian and her connection to Adriana; he gives her a hug and quietly cuts off a lock of her hair. Dorian is suspicious of his patience as he expresses his love and trust for her.

While they enjoy a meal out, Kevin mentions that Kelly is too tense and suggests she hang out with her brother and relax. Paul shows up to talk to them as if on cue, wanting to chat. He requests that he be a backup godfather for Ace. When Kev has to leave, Paul demands his additional $10,000 immediately. Kelly suggests he call Kevin, tell him all, and be done with it. David rescues Kelly from her brother and she ends up interrogating David on both faking DNA results and Dorian's controlling of Adriana's money. Nearby, Todd updates Mrs. Bigelow on the latest news involving B.E. while she advises him that McKenzie has been moved to Los Angeles.

When Natalie leaves to get another box of her possessions as she's moving back to Llanfair, Viki has an attack. She frantically tries to reach Todd on his pager. Later, while lying in bed at the hospital, Viki is reassured by Todd that she can page him at anytime. Dorian learns the results of tests and sits with Viki to explain. She has ischemic cardiomyopathy, a condition caused by scarring affecting the pumping of the heart. They will start with meds and turn to surgery if necessary. The condition can result in congestive heart failure and death. She is released.

In desperation, Kelly calls Todd for help.

Dorian catches David with her lock of hair and explains that he needs the follicle to have a DNA test run. David tells her it's all about the trust. He mentions that Kelly tried to get some money from him which concerns Dorian. Her niece attempted the same thing with her only days ago and now she's concerned that the young woman is in trouble. David switches the subject back to Adriana and marriage and Dorian swears that she'll tell him the truth when she's able to. When he announces that he's leaving her, Dorian panics and begs him to stay. She can't marry him now - she's already married!

R.J. shows up at Evangeline's office to request that she transfer his records to his new attorney, so that he can get Jamie out of Llanfair. Evangeline is convinced that R.J. is taking this action just to get back at Antonio.

Jess heads over to the station and invites Antonio to move into the carriage house while he requests that she move back to the loft since Natalie has moved in with Viki. They both decide to think about it. Nora returns to work with dance trophy in hand; Daniel asks her to set up a lunch date for them. Antonio advises Nora that she's been accused of being on the take and it involves Buchanan Enterprises. She replies that she found no prior evidence of wrongdoing and did not take any bribes. They visit Evangeline and try to get information on her client, McKenzie, but the lawyer refuses to talk about it. Nora recommends that Antonio have Asa's books looked into; if anything were going on it would be recorded there.

Asa is livid over Todd's latest actions but Kevin refuses to "play dirty." Nora stops by to advise the pair on the accusation she has been confronted with. Asa remembers that McKenzie was fired while Kevin believes that Todd is behind the whole thing. Much to Asa's delight, Kevin wants to go after him. Later, an astonished Kevin locates a transfer of $64,000 on the computer. He gave Asa the password but is positive it couldn't have been him.

Extremely upset, the Buchanan girls listen to their mother as she explains her condition to them. Viki tells them she has to plan for the future and will live each day as if it's her last. She wants no pity or crying from them and only wants to continue to share their lives with them. Later, in private, Viki gives Natalie a pair of earrings that she received from Clint, along with a manuscript. She jokes that the others have heard her stories so many times, that they run when they hear those stories coming.

Nora meets with Daniel who expresses his belief in her innocence. He also mentions that he is not with Lindsay as she will never be what he wants. He inquires after Nora and Bo's relationship. Todd meets with Kelly; she asks him for $74,000. He wants details, but when she begins to cry, he awkwardly puts his arm around her to comfort her. Kevin arrives just then and sees them together.

Moving back into his loft is no longer an option, Jess tells Antonio. He agrees that they should share the carriage house instead, however no sooner has he spoken the words when R.J. walks in. He tells him to prepare for a court order as he is having Jamie removed from Llanfair.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Although Todd gave Kelly the money she needed, circumstances won't allow her to put it back into the Buchanan Enterprises account.

David realized that Paul was up to no good and asked what he was holding over Kelly. Kevin wanted answers about the misdoings with the company money and asked Margaret to find out who took it.

Dorian shocked David by announcing that she was still married to Adriana's father -- but noted that she wasn't Adriana's mother after all. David had Adriana question Dorian about her father and then report back to David. Dorian figured it out that Michael had been spying on Dr. Long and said she too wanted to know what Paul and Dr. Long were up to.

Starr arranged to meet Travis, intent on running away with him. Jessica learned that Antonio was investigating Kevin, which set her off. River and Adriana kissed and made up, but it was more than clear that Shannon was out to nab him for herself.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Nora tells Evangeline that she's pretty sure Todd is the one who is accusing her of accepting a bribe.

Todd, meanwhile, realizes that Kelly, not Kevin, was behind the transfer of funds. When he goes to her, she tearfully falls into his arm, which Jessica witnesses.

Natalie is rocked to learn that Kathryn is back in Llanview and hides her growing feelings for John by romantically pursuing Paul. While visiting him on his helicopter, she is forced to hide when Dr. Long arrives with a medical freezer and orders Paul to deliver it to Newark pronto. Paul has no choice but to take off immediately, and bring Jessica with him.

John shares a pleasant chat with Kathryn, who turns out to be Caitlin's sister. Some disturbing news from Carlotta has Dorian hopping on a plane for Puerto Rico. After signing a promissory note for R.J., Rex secretly videotapes him and Lindsay making love.

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