One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 12, 2004 on OLTL

Marcie and Michael made love. Both Todd and Paul blackmailed Kelly. Jessica was worried when she learned that Viki was having a new will drawn up. Starr convinced Blair to take her to New York City, where she planned to meet the boy she'd met in the chat room. Todd went to Capricorn with Margaret to question her about Kevin's business practices. Michael fell out of a window.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 12, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, April 12, 2004

John gives Kathryn his room for the night. Roxy taunts John about Kathryn. She tells him that Natalie knows all about Kathryn.

Kay and Kyle tell John about their suspicions that Kathryn stole money that doesn't belong to her.

Lindsay throws herself at Rex, but he is not interested.

Natalie gets drunk with Paul. John walks in to see he and Natalie dancing. He threatens Paul to leave Natalie alone, or he will see to it Paul ends up behind bars. Natalie doesn't want to go home, so John takes her to Llanfair. Paul asks Kathryn to make a deal. John and Natalie talk about their friendship. John tells her Kathryn is F.B.I and he is helping her on a case. He tells her Paul is trouble and he is worried Paul will drag her into it. Paul admits to Kathryn that he didn't know someone would get blamed for him stealing the money. Paul tells her he can get the money, but he needs a couple of weeks. Paul asks her to help him manage John. John and Natalie once again affirm their friendship. Paul calls Kelly to talk about his change of plans and about the baby.

John asks Antonio for his help.

Jessica has a nightmare about Viki. Antonio tells her how uncomfortable he is in her house.

Marcie and Michael make love.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Natalie comes to make John a peace offering only to find Kathryn still there. Kathryn explains to Natalie that John did not sleep in the room because they are not together. Paul shows up at John's. John gives Paul an option to call his debtors and tell them he has the money. He and Antonio will take care of them. John promises Kathryn he will take care of her.

Kelly is anxious about Paul's phone call. Todd toys with Kelly and Ace's paternity. Todd tells Kelly that if he's not happy, Kelly certainly won't be. Kevin finds Kelly and Todd together. Kelly covers for him. Kevin tells Kelly to stay away from Todd because he will do anything to hurt them. Paul tells Kelly to get him the money or things would get unpleasant. He tells her he committed a crime so that she can have the baby and not to let him sell the secret to someone else.

Antonio and Viki meet run into each other in the hall at Llanfair. He tries to help her pick up her fruit and drop his towel. Viki tries to ease Antonio's embarrassment. Viki tells Antonio he has nothing to apologize for but she decided that he should move out of the house. Viki tells them she is kicking them both out. She is capable of taking care of herself.

Starr continues her online friendship. Blair and Betty talk about Starr and her distancing Blair from her life. Dr. Spinder asks Blair if Todd should join their conversation with Starr. Adriana almost busts Starr when she found her grown up clothes under the bed. Starr gets out of it by saying she was just trying to look like a hottie for a minute. Starr's online friend wants her to come to New York. Betty wants Todd, Blair and Starr to talk together. Blair calls Todd to meet and he agrees. They sit down and talk. Blair asks Starr what she could do to help her. Starr says she wants them to be a family again. Blair tells her it will never happen. Blair asks her what else can she do for her? Starr tells her she wants to go to New York. Blair agrees. Starr calls Matthew with the good news of her trip to New York. Matthew mentions Viki's heart condition.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Kelly is full of disbelief; her brother Paul is blackmailing her for $64,000. He suggests that she steal some valuables from around the Buchanan Mansion if she is unable to come up with the money otherwise. He's in trouble and he hates to do it to her but gets her to agree when she's confronted with the possibility of losing Ace. When Kevin calls to say hi, he can detect the perturbed sound in her voice.

As renovations continue at Dorian's place, sleeping arrangements are made for the occupants of the house. It's agreed that Adriana will stay with Carlotta. Shannon stops by to give River a CD and they get into a deep discussion about music, while Adriana is left out in the cold. The girls are catty, with Shannon getting in the biggest dig, clarifying that Adriana is in fact River's aunt. River reminds everyone that he's adopted. Blair frantically searches the house for Starr and finally locates her via Todd, at Llanfair, where the girl ran after learning of Viki's heart condition. Viki comforts her niece and explains the situation to her. Todd brings her home where she heads back to her computer and FRODO87. She types that she'll be in NYC and he suggests they take off together, possibly for the Florida Keys. They discuss needing money. Kelly comes looking for Dorian who has since left for the hospital. Viki later walks in on River and Adriana sharing a tender moment. She has information for Starr on heart disease, which she's gathered from the internet. The girl is happy to see her aunt again and Viki promises to spend an entire day with her once she returns from her trip. Starr acts as though she'll never see Viki again; Viki promises not to have a heart attack while she's gone. Starr decides just to meet her computer friend and not go away with him. She takes a handful of money from Dorian's safe for good measure. Before a packed Adriana heads for Carlotta's, she answers Starr's questions on how she knew that River was the one. She confides that she is planning on changing her look, to be cool, like Shannon. Starr realizes that Adriana is concerned about her boyfriend's growing relationship with the new girl.

Kevin and Blair meet at Capricorn where they have a business meeting scheduled. Blair discloses that she believes her daughter is more accepting of her situation now, especially since she's allowed Todd back in. Kevin gives her the usual warning. They see Todd arrive with Margaret, who works for Kevin. Todd makes sure to wave, which upsets his date since she's sure her boss knows she's giving out company secrets. Todd begins to kiss her to throw everyone off the scent. Todd asks her if she ever saw Kevin transferring funds to himself, rather than conducting his finances through the company accountant. As Kevin continues to talk, he realizes that Blair isn't listening as she's too consumed by what's going on at Todd's table. She insists she's not jealous, just suspicious, as is Kevin. Todd and Margaret leave first but Kevin runs into Margaret when she returns for her umbrella. He issues her a warning but she reminds him that it's her own business.

During her regular stint for the public relations department, Dorian goes into doctor mode when a young girl is brought into the emergency ward, due to a violent reaction from a bee sting. Dorian saves the girl's life and impresses her father and Michael. Dr. Long is angry, telling her that the hospital could be set up for a major lawsuit. Michael comes to her defense but Dr. Long berates him. Later, they see an agitated doctor waving his arms in discussion with Paul Cramer. They find it rather curious, especially when Michael mentions that he's seen the man around the MedEvac flight choppers. Dorian decides to nose around. Kelly shows up asking for $64,000 for an investment that Kevin can't know about, but is disheartened to learn that she can't get it right away.

Kelly gets to Kevin's office under the premise that she's just going to leave him a note. After some difficulty, she finally manages to figure out his computer password and begins to transfer the $64,000. As she's about to take the final step, Kevin walks in and asks what she's up to.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Jessica is upset when she finds out Evangeline has updated Viki's will and wonders if her mother is lying about how serious her health condition is. When her kids realize that she intends to go to the publishing party for Craze, they try to talk her out of it.

Kelly manages to complete the money transfer from B&E to her personal account before Kevin realizes what she is doing. Renee finds Todd at the mansion and is disturbed when he tells her he needs to see Kelly. Asa threatens to buy the Banner to get rid of Todd and the stories he is printing in the paper. Todd tells Asa that Kelly intends to give him hell to get rid of him, when Asa leaves them alone, Todd tells Kelly that he wants her to take him to the Craze party.

At Capricorn, the party to launch Craze, David tells Dorian he has fulfilled his part of the prenuptial agreement and wants a date set. Dorian tells David if they get married, someone will die. Dorian surprises Viki when she shows her concerns for her health. Later, Todd gives her an emergency pager to reach him at any time at the touch of a button.

Riley tells Jen that he and Flash broke up and she offers to be there for him if he needs her. John and Antonio keep an eye on Paul who is happy to hear that Kelly got the money for him. Later he places a call to give someone the cash at the train station, then confirms with John about dropping off the money at the airport. Natalie tries to talk to John, but he brushes her off, when he realizes she left, he is disturbed.

Blair corners Todd and tells him that she wants him to honor the custody arrangements while Jack is staying with Viki. She also tells him that she is happy that he seems to be dating again but he insists that their future is together.

Starr continues with her plans to runaway. Matthew calls Starr and tells her that he thinks his parents are in love again. She rejects his plans to get her parents back together.

Putting in the plan to get Rex, R.J. gives him a loan to open a restaurant and tells Rex he has Lindsay to thank. Rex is confused when Lindsay turns away from his advances. By the end of the evening, they end up together again.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Paul fills in John, Kathryn and Antonio about his meeting with the racketeers, saying that it will all come down at the airport.

Worried for Paul's safety, Kathryn later tells John that the meeting is actually at the train station. Later, at the station, Kyle grabs Kathryn and waves a gun in her face.

Blair softens up to Todd, saying that he can spend time with Jack while she's out of town with Starr. Although she's getting butterflies about running away, Starr still plans on doing so. Meanwhile, Antonio admits to John that he plans on marrying Jessica some day.

Michael learns that Dr. Long donated a dead patient's organs, even though the widow insists no donor card had been signed. Determined to find out more about Dr. Long, Michael searches the files in his office while Marcie stands guard at the door. After diverting Dr. Long's attention, Marcie is shocked to see that Michael fell out of the window in Dr. Long's office!

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