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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 12, 2004 on GL
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Monday, April 12, 2004

Danny continues to struggle with the possibility he may have to go back into the mob. He returns home prepared to tell Michelle the news. But he finds Michael, Nico and the whole Bauer/Santos clan are all there with the new baby, who still needs a name. Danny pulls Tony aside and makes him promise to take care of Michelle and Robbie if anything happens to him. When Michelle mentions the recount, Danny snaps at her, leaving her confused and alarmed by his seemingly defeatist attitude.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey is beginning to realize he can't be both the cool, dispassionate federal agent and the kind of man Marah deserves to be with. While he helps an emotionally exhausted Marah into bed, his superior continues to call non-stop for an update on Danny's decision. Jeffrey ignores the calls and puts his focus on Marah. When she falls asleep, Jeffrey slips out and is approached by Cassie. She asks him to do his best to keep the election investigation private. But Jeffrey quickly pulls away from her and places a mysterious phone call, asking someone for help with Marah.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Marah receives a telegram informing her that she has a meeting with a designer in Paris the next day. After much persuading, she convinces Jeffrey to accompany her for a romantic few days in Paris. After, Jeffrey calls Mindy and lets her know that the telegram arrived and he is making all the necessary arrangements.

Rick brings his new baby girl, Leah, to visit Phillip but is alarmed to see how agitated he has become. He discovers that Phillip has not been taking his pills and has been stashing them in his briefcase. Phillip insists that the pills make him feel worse and he's desperate to get out of Ravenwood. Rick tells him about a drastic but often-successful series of treatments - Electro Convulsive Therapy - and Phillip declares that he'll do anything to get out. Rick plans to speak with Dr. Langham to see if Phillip qualifies as a candidate for the therapy.

Alan and Alex visit Olivia's house to see Emma for the first time. They invite her and Emma to move into the Spaulding Mansion. Olivia agrees to do it with several conditions and then manipulates Alex into giving up her room for Olivia and the baby. After they leave, she tells Emma a fairytale about how the princess will slay the dragon and own the kingdom.

Lizzie encounters a very angry Tammy at the Beacon. Tammy caught hell from Olivia for giving Lizzie Sam's address. Lizzie took things too far and Tammy has reached the end of the line. Lizzie appeals to Tammy that even though she went about things the wrong way, her father knows the baby is alive and will get well soon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Harley and Gus join Eden and Bill at a celebratory dinner at Towers where Harley is determined to make nice with Eden. However, faced with Eden, Harley has to fight her innate distrust of Gus's sister. For Gus's sake, Harley does her best to let bygones be bygones and to Bill's relief, Eden also behaves.

During the dinner, Gus gets a call from his neighborhood "D" dealer and has to leave. When he arrives at the meeting place, the dealer and his associate attack him. Gus is injured but the dealer is assured that Gus isn't a narc and as their deal goes down, Gus fishes for information that will lead him to the source. Nursing his bruised ribs, Gus returns to the dinner, where Eden has asked Harley to be her maid of honor.

Danny informs Jeffrey that he is prepared to go along with the plan to overturn the election and go back into the mob. However, Danny insists that he can't lie to Michelle. Jeffrey urges him to protect her by not telling her that he's working for the Feds. When Danny refuses to consider it, Jeffrey confides in him about a woman from his past - a woman whose love and devotion to Jeffrey cost her life. An impassioned Jeffrey convinces Danny not to tell Michelle.

Michelle and Marina are worried about Marah and are surprised to find her on cloud nine, about to embark on her adventure to Paris with Jeffrey. Marah's enthusiasm and joy are contagious and the three friends realize what Carrie said is true - the magic was never in the rings but in them.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Sam returns to Olivia's house and is surprised to find her packing. She reveals she is moving into the Spaulding house. Sam assumes Phillip must have been released from the hospital, but Olivia explains she is headed there with Emma and Phillip will be at Ravenwood for the foreseeable future.

Later, Olivia struts into the Spaulding house, letting her presence be known in a big way. Alan tries to express she won't have free reign but they both know she holds the trump card: baby Emma. He tries to arrange for Phillip's return from the hospital, sooner rather than later, but Olivia's clearly in no hurry for that to happen.

Marah runs into Tony at Towers. They have a brief heart to heart before Jeffrey sweeps in and steers her away to dinner. But she has other plans than dinner in some stuffy restaurant. She returns Jeffrey to his own hotel room and they make love.

Harley's increasingly concerned about Gus' behavior. He is fighting hard to keep his pain and bruises hidden from her. She confuses his behavior with indifference for her but Gus works hard to prove she's wrong by showing her his love.

Friday, April 16, 2004

A headline in the paper states the office of mayor has been given to Ross. Michelle and Bill field calls about the newspaper article which alleges Danny rigged the election by buying votes. Meanwhile, at home alone, Danny calls Salerno and tells him they have something to take care of. He wants to make sure Salerno has it clear that he refused his offer to fund the campaign. Danny then starts conveying his bitterness at having lost the election. After the call, Bill arrives and starts planning out a strategy to fight the allegations. He's shocked when Danny admits he conceded the election to Ross. Bill tells Danny if he doesn't fight, people will think the allegations are true. When he doesn't respond, Bill wonders if they are true. However, Danny will neither confirm nor deny. Bill still can't believe it and demands proof. But finally, Danny convinces him he did what he had to do to win. Danny maintains that all elections are based on manipulations. He tells Bill he's cut a deal in order to stay out of jail for rigging the election; he's conceded. Bill feels betrayed since he backed Danny in the first place and ran what he thought was an honest campaign. But it was all a lie. Bill worries about how Michelle will react. Danny tells Bill she'll never know. He uses guilt to make Bill be silent by telling him if he tells Michelle, then Bill will be responsible for her unhappiness. At this point Michelle, who had earlier got into an argument with Ed over his doubts of Danny's innocence, arrives and lashes out stating they should sue the paper. She notices Danny and Bill's mood. However both men keep mum.

Harley and Eden are at the Spaulding mansion. Eden wants to ask Alexandra if she and Bill can be married there and Harley is reluctantly along for moral support. Alexandra is less than thrilled to hear of Eden's wedding plans, citing the original Bad Girl can't settle down and get married. Faced with an angry Eden, Alex tries to explain as long as Spaulding stocks are down, they need to make sure Bad Girl continues to do well and her marriage could jeopardize that. Alex looks to Harley to back her up, but instead Harley states Eden getting married is a great idea. Alex then brings up the election fiasco about which neither woman knew. Concerned for Bill, Eden and Harley rush out as Alex presses Eden to rethink her decision on marriage.

Soon after, Sandy stops by the mansion to return some of Lizzie's books. He and Alex start talking about Lizzie's future, mainly graduation. When Alex says she's not sure whether to give her diamond earrings or a trip to Europe for her graduation, Sandy suggests she needs something more concrete. He believes Lizzie needs structure and a sense of purpose and thinks Alex can provide these things by giving her a job at Spaulding.

While waiting for Bill at the Beacon, Eden gets a call from Salerno. He informs her that they have unfinished business; she owes him and he'll collect.

Jeffrey takes a very excited Marah to the airport. It's there at the gate, where he finally backs out of going with her. Jeffrey tells her she needs to heal from the turmoil with Carrie and she can only accomplish this on her own. Although Marah contends she can't put her life together alone, he maintains she has to; she needs to be whole for herself. He then gives her a necklace with the Chinese symbol for Harmony on it. He tells her to remember the symbol is to bring her peace and balance. Marah is in tears, but Jeffrey assures her that she can heal without him since she's amazing. He then tells her to go and not look back. Marah gives Jeffrey one last hug before leaving, telling him that she loves him. As Jeffrey watches Marah board the plane he says to himself that he loves her too.

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