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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 12, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, April 12, 2004

Chris tells Ali she is not working at Metro. She will be too exhausted working two jobs, he argues. Ali wants to make a significant contribution to their house fund, but Chris is adamant that she not work there. Ali finally figures out it is not Metro that Chris objects to but the fact that she will be working with Aaron.

Holden worries when Lily does not arrive home from Chicago before the children go to bed. Meanwhile, Lily is at the Windy City Café in Chicago waiting for her turn to sing on open mike night. "Violet Palmer," Lily's stage name is announced, but Lily backs out at the last minute and rushes out. She has dropped her cell phone and Jake, the owner, finds it.

Jennifer introduces Jordan Sinclair to the Hughes clan. They are all gathered at the Lakeview at Kim's invitation to meet star linebacker "Doc" Coleman Reese whom Kim is courting to come to Oakdale and be a sports announcer for WOAK. The Hughes men are singing "Doc's" praises as Ben, Curtis and Jessica arrive.

Rosanna urges Carly to take Barbara's offer at BRO. She assures Carly that this will be the best thing for both of them, but Carly wants to know why Rosanna is suddenly so comfortable with her working with Paul. What has changed, she asks? Rosanna says she has a plan.

Jordan tells Jen that Barbara has hired Carly, but Jen does not believe it. She determines to ask her mother herself. Jordan wants to know the terms of Carly's contract, but Jen says Carly will not accept the offer without Rosanna's approval.

Molly is not impressed by "Doc" Reeves, his two failed marriages and his fast life-style, but Margo is seemingly spellbound by him. Margo and "Doc" make eye contact as Molly muses why "Doc" would be content in a small town like Oakdale.

Rosanna needs Carly's help desperately with Jordan Sinclair. Why is Rosanna so interested in him, asks Carly? Rosanna makes Carly promise not to tell anyone her secret, even Jack. She wants Carly to work at BRO so she can keep an eye on Jennifer who is obviously interested in Jordan. Rosanna explains she wants to get close to Jordan as quickly as possible.

Lily finally arrives home and lies to Holden about why she was so late. The phone rings and Lily answers to hear Jake at the Windy City tell her that he found her cell phone. Where should he send it? Lily tells him to hang on to it and she will pick it up herself.

Chris arrives at the Lakeview and is thoroughly charmed by "Doc" as are all the other sports fans. Ali goes instead to Metro, intending to tell Aaron that she cannot accept the job because of Chris' objections, but instead she sees the $200 in tip money that Aaron has earned just that night and changes her mind. She tells him she can start work at Metro tomorrow night.

"Doc" throws a football for Curtis and then makes a pass of his own at Margo. He adores red heads, he tells her, especially married red heads. Margo seems smitten.

Rosanna tells Carly that she misses Cabot desperately but she must hold herself together now and put her plan into action. She promises to tell Carly everything soon and asks her to trust her. She begs Carly to accept Barbara's offer and take the job. Carly agrees.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Lily forgot her cell phone at the cafe in Chicago and she hears Rose's voice urging her to go back and sing. Lily tells Holden she wants to go back to Chicago and he tries to talk her out of it. She goes anyway and this time she sings, later promising the manager that she'll return. Dusty calls her when she's still at the café. He hears music in the background and becomes very suspicious.

Henry surprises Katie with information that Russ, Pilar's accomplice, is a con man and is staying at the Wagon Wheel. Katie and Henry head there to see what they can find about him and Pilar. At the cottage, Mike refuses Pilar's advances, maintaining that he can't help her forget her problems. He encourages her to make a plan to get away from her abusive relationship.

Later, an upset Pilar leaves a message for Russ telling him that Mike's attachment to Katie is still strong and something has to be done about it. Meanwhile, Russ walks in on Katie searching his motel room.

Doc comes on to Margo, who tells him off. Doc realizes that he just propositioned his potential employer's daughter-in-law. Molly lets him have it but ultimately agrees to put in a good word if he promises to behave. Meanwhile, Margo admits to Jessica that it was exciting to have this man come on to her.

Casey is upset that Sarah is gone and Jessica admits that she misses her, too. She confides in Margo that she wants to have a baby but hasn't told Ben yet.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Carly and Jack discuss Carly going back to BRO. Jack thinks it's a horrible idea but supports her because he knows she wants it so much. Carly goes to share the good news and her designs with Barbara. Meanwhile, Walker comes to Barbara's room and says he may try to force the issue if she doesn't get help. She trips because she can't see and has a vulnerable moment. He admits he doesn't want to lose her as a friend. They are interrupted when Carly arrives. Barbara tires to put off looking at Carly's designs, which Carly finds suspicious. She calls Barbara on her hesitation. At the Wagon Wheel, Katie realizes that Russ is actually a wimp. She terrorizes him until he reveals that Pilar is trying to kill Mike and is setting it up right now.

Meanwhile, Pilar asks Mike if he'll go to Russ on her behalf and Mike agrees. Russ escapes from Katie and Katie runs off to warn Mike.

Jessica starts to tell Ben she wants to have a baby. Their conversation goes badly at first due to a misunderstanding where Ben expresses relief that Jessica isn't pregnant. When she finally reveals the truth, he suspects she is feeling this way because of the loss of Bonnie and Sarah, but she insists that's not it. He warns her of the risks but agrees to think about it.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Rosanna kisses a picture of Cabot goodnight when Jordan knocked at her door. Jordan told Rosanna that he confronted Paul about taking over BRO but Paul played it down. Paul walked in and told them that he wasn't sure what was going on but he wouldn't leave the two of them in the same room together. Jordan asked Paul to leave but Rosanna said she would give him five minutes. Paul tried to apologize and accused her of trying to stir things up with the BRO takeover "rumor." Rosanna yelled at him and accused him of going against her by having Cabot taken away. Paul told her that whatever axe she had to grind with him she should leave Jordan out of it. Paul tried to get her to see where she was wrong but they couldn't come to an agreement other than to be enemies.

Carly told Barbara that she didn't understand how Barbara wants to make her a partner but not look at her sketches. Barbara can't see the sketches but says they look good just the same. Carly saw right through it and told Barbara that she would figure out what Barbara was up to. Carly kept pushing until Barbara lied and told her that she had gotten an evaluation from Will's doctor and it was bad news. Carly appeared to be concerned but was still a little skeptical. Barbara was relieved when Carly finally left. Barbara placed a call to Walker Daniels and asked him to come over right away. He showed up and gave Barbara some medicine. Barbara asked him to look at the pictures of Will and tell her which ones he was looking at. She explained the history of each picture Walker described. Barbara wanted to make a deal. She would have treatment if she could see Will. Walker said he would do his best and only if Barbara agreed to get treatment.

Carly went to see Rosanna but was confused as to what Rosanna was doing. Carly gave Rosanna to the count of three to tell her what she was up to. Rosanna finally said that she was going to marry Jordan Sinclair. Meanwhile down at the bar, Jordan was meeting with Paul who accused him of sabotage. Jordan told him that the only person who was sabotaging the company was Paul. Paul told Jordan to back off and that he was fired!

Katie was at Mike's pleading with him to let her in. Katie blurted out that Pilar was trying to have Mike killed. Katie went on to tell him that Russell Terry and Pilar were working together. Margo walked in and confronted Katie. As Katie was explaining what happened she kept digging the hole deeper until Margo started reading Katie her rights as Pilar looked on grinning. At the police station, Henry kept babbling on trying to protect Katie until Margo told him to shut up. Katie kept saying the same thing over and over trying to convince Margo that she was right. Henry couldn't confirm that Russell had told Katie that Pilar wanted Mike dead. Margo told her that she needed to leave Mike alone and had Katie booked on assault charges. Over at Mike's, Pilar was trying to sympathize with Mike but Mike cut her short until Russell called. Mike agreed to meet Russell and he called for backup. After he left Pilar called Russell and told him that Mike was on his way and that he knew what to do. When Mike got to the motel, Russell was gone and he showed up at Mike's where he pretended to beat up Pilar.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Jack is beginning to figure out what Rosanna is up to. Meanwhile, Rosanna warns Carly that if she tells Jack her plans for marrying Jordan, Carly could be destroying Rosanna and maybe Cabot as well. Carly goes home to find Craig questioning Jack about Cabot and Rosanna. After, Jack asks Carly if she thinks Rosanna's return has anything to do with Cabot.

Meanwhile, Barbara interrupts Paul and Jordan and stuns Jordan by backing up Paul's demand that he be fired. While Barbara, privately, gets Paul to reconsider, Jordan packs his bags telling first Jennifer and then Rosanna about the development. Jennifer rushes to Barbara and Paul to get some answers. Rosanna, however, uses the development to get closer to Jordan and kisses him.

Just as Craig bails Katie out of jail, she is stunned to see Margo bringing Russ in. She learns about Russ' attack on Pilar. Katie doesn't believe it, which only alienates her from Mike further. Later, Katie confronts Pilar. Pilar shocks Katie by declaring that she is an idiot, who has only made things easier for Pilar.



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