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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 5, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, April 5, 2004

After Bonnie returns home from a shopping spree with Jessica and Sarah, she finally gets the nerve to tell Jessica that she wants to marry Isaac and move to Miami. Bonnie and Isaac have corresponded while she was in prison, and now the two of them want to make a family which includes Sarah. Jessica lovingly gives her blessing, although she will now have to part with Sarah, just after she has learned to love her.

At B.R.O., Jennifer is disappointed that Jordan has suggested meeting her at metro for the benefit for the Rose Foundation. While she explains to Barbara that she would prefer to go as Jordan's date, Barbara's vision begins to blur again. Jennifer is a little alarmed at Barbara's demeanor, but Barbara urges Jennifer to go on to the benefit. After Jennifer leaves, a frightened Barbara collapses on the sofa. At the Lakeview Hotel, Rosanna tells Jordan that Paul has hired Carly to design for him, and that Paul plans to publicly humiliate Barbara. Rosanna advises Jordan to "get out of B.R.O. before it's too late," then offers him a job working for her at Cabot Motors. Rosanna assures Jordan that she has researched him exhaustively and the offer is bona fide. Jordan leaves, telling Rosanna that he will consider what she has told him, and goes directly to B.R.O., where he finds Barbara fumbling around, unable to see. He takes her home after she refuses to go to the hospital, which she sees as letting her family down again.

At the metro, Dusty finds Lily placing a single rose beside the poster of Rose, as she finishes preparing for the benefit. Dusty shows Lily the generous check from Paul, which he suggests destroying. Holden walks up and gives his opinion, "The cause is more important than the players," which elicits a warm hug from Lily.

When Alison and Chris arrive at the metro for the benefit, everyone congratulates Alison on her beautiful and tasteful appearance. Although determined to behave like a lady, the first thing Alison encounters is her new hospital supervisor, Tish Waldren, making a play for Chris. Trish can't keep her hands off Chris, and then cattily asks Alison where she "went to school." Tish continues to try to hog the spotlight and make Alison look bad, but Alison holds her own admirably. Finally, Tish finds Alison in the ladies' room and gets down and dirty, taunting, "When you break [Chris'] heart, I'll be there to pick up the pieces, just like I was after your five-minute marriage to Aaron Snyder." Alison pushes Tish into a stall, and we hear a flushing sound. Minutes later, Alison reappears at the party and entices Chris to leave. In the restroom, a soaking-wet Tish snarls, "You'll pay for this. This is war, Alison Stewart!"

Paul makes his entrance at the benefit, and asks to speak to Lily alone. Paul tells Rose that he is constantly tormented by his part in Rose's death, and he begs Lily to keep the money and not tell anyone where it came from. He starts to leave, but Lily asks him to stay while she makes her speech. After urging the crowd to help keep Rose's dream alive, Lily announces that they have already received a large donation from Paul Ryan.

Jennifer and Jordan meet at the fundraiser, and he explains that he was delayed by a conference call. Paul comes up and there is noticeable tension between the two men, which Jennifer tries to smooth over.

When the singer does not show up at the benefit, Lily steps in to sing Rose's favorite song, "I'll Be Here With You."

Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Katie has enlisted Henry and a sketch artist to help find Pilar's mystery man. Henry doubts Pilar is a threat to Mike and Katie is upset that nobody believes her. After, Henry follows Russ to the Wagon Wheel and learns that Pilar is registered there.

Meanwhile, Mike is looking all over town for Pilar. Pilar calls him and drops a hint so he will find her. At the hotel, Pilar makes an emotional plea to Mike, telling him that she met the dangerous man and he asked for money. She doesn't want Mike involved but he convinces her to stay with him so he can protect her.

Meanwhile, Henry calls Katie and tells her to bring a camera and meet him at the Wagon Wheel. Katie arrives with the camera, but ends up snapping a picture of Pilar and Mike walking out of the room.

At Metro, Lily explains to Dusty how close singing makes her feel to Rose. In a vision, Rose encourages Lily to sing, but Lily is hesitant. Later, Dusty mentions a trip to Chicago on behalf of the foundation, and Lily offers to attend - alone.

Jessica wrestles with her decision to let Sarah go with Bonnie. At first, Jessica won't allow it, but after witnessing an intimate moment between the two girls, Jessica realizes they belong together. Sarah thanks Jessica and she and Bonnie go off to pack. Ben comforts Jessica, who feels saddened and alone.

Carly confides in Jack that she quit BRO for Rosanna. He isn't pleased that Rosanna is emotionally blackmailing Carly and thinks something is going on with her. Meanwhile, Craig gets back the stolen items and discovers Cabot's hairbrush missing. He tells Jack that he thinks Rosanna is losing it but Jack dismisses it. Carly is sorry about the divorce but Craig assures her he's not giving up yet.

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Rosanna is alarmed when she sees Jennifer and Jordan bonding after their evening together at the fundraiser. She calls Craig to her suite where she demands a divorce immediately. She gets hysterical and Craig finally signs but is further alerted that something is going on with her.

Meanwhile, Jordan confesses to Jennifer that Rosanna told him about Paul's plans to take over BRO. Jennifer won't believe it, but realizes Jordan is sincerely torn. She vows to get to the bottom of it with Paul.

Mike confronts Katie about harassing Pilar. Katie tries to explain to Mike that Pilar is in cahoots with the guy she saw him with. Mike reveals to Katie that the guy is threatening Pilar and that Katie's actions are putting Pilar in danger.

Later, Katie confides in Henry that they can get to the bottom of things if Pilar thinks they are off her trail for good. She's stunned when Tom issues her a restraining order against Pilar.

At the same time, Pilar comes on to Mike, who insists that he's not interested in anything right now.

Lily and Holden share a romantic evening together. Holden suggests that they go away together, but Lily informs him she is going to Chicago to pick up a check for the foundation. Holden offers to join her, but Lily convinces him she can handle it alone.

Thursday, April 8, 2004

Alison was looking in a mirror working on an apology to Tish. Chris walked up and started talking to her when Tish came up with John and a policeman accusing Alison of assaulting her. John told Chris that Tish told him that Alison pushed her head in the toilet. Alison 'fessed up and said she did. Alison was placed on suspension. She tried to apologize but Chris told her she should just walk away from it and not react to it. Alison knew that Tish was trying to get to her. Alison just said she was sorry and left with the policeman. Later, Aaron bailed Alison out and Chris discovered that Tish was faking it!

Lucy walked into Metro and asked Craig what could be so important that he called her. Craig handed her a letter from the college. She was accepted into the fellowship program. Lucy was apprehensive when Craig hugged her. Craig tried to get Lucy to go out and celebrate but Lucy said no. She blamed her father for pushing Rosanna away. Craig kept trying to set the record straight but Lucy was not falling for it. Lucy told him that she didn't believe a thing he said. Craig continued to plead with her to forgive him and that he needed her now more than ever. A visibly shaken Lucy just stared at the father. Craig wanted Lucy to move back in but Lucy said no but she did agree to see him more often.

Jessica came to the hospital to see Ben. She told him how Bonnie and Sarah were so happy as they drove to the airport. Ben asked how she was doing. Jessica said she was happy for them and that it was the right thing to do but she would miss them just the same.

Jack came in to the room and noticed Carly's sketches on the table. Carly told him that Paul had sent them back. Carly was giving up being successful said it was a losing battle. After Jack left the room, Barbara showed up at the door asking for Carly's help. Barbara wanted Carly to be a designer with BRO. She was even willing to make Carly a partner. Carly thought it was some kind of joke. Carly wanted to know why her and why now. Barbara made up a story about Carly being the best out there and she needed the upcoming show to be perfect. Barbara was sincere and told Carly she needed help. Carly didn't give her an answer and said she would think about it.

Jennifer wanted Paul to have lunch to talk about BRO. Jen explained to her brother that she wanted to believe he wouldn't do anything to ruin Barbara's involvement with BRO. As they talked Paul told Jen what he did to get Craig in trouble and that Rosanna found out and wouldn't forgive him. Jen kept pushing Paul and warned him that he better not be up to something. Paul finally relented and told Jen that he could never forgive Barbara for what she did to him and Rose. He told her of his plans to run Barbara out and have Carly in. He was very sad as he talked about Barbara's betrayal. Jen took Paul's hand and said she would stand by him. Jen got up and thanked Paul for lunch. As she left, Lucy came in. Paul said hello and when Lucy ignored him, Paul walked away. Lucy told him about the fellowship and how she would be celebrating with her entire family if Paul hadn't told the authorities. Paul offered his apologies again and as Lucy was about to respond, his phone rang. Carly said, "Can you come over? You are not going to believe what just happened!"

Friday, April 9, 2004

Barbara tells Jordan about her job offer to Carly, and a shocked Jordan fears Barbara might have made a mistake. He reveals his concerns about Paul and Carly but Barbara insists that she is racing against the clock to save her company, her family and her life. Simultaneously, Carly stuns Paul with news of Barbara's proposal and Paul promises to get to the bottom of it.

Paul confronts Barbara, who pulls out all the stops to convince him that her offer to Carly was legitimate. Later, Paul advises Carly that if she won't work from him, she shouldn't work for Barbara either. Meanwhile, Rosanna gets the scoop from Jordan about Barbara's offer to Carly and urges her sister to take the job.

Aaron is able to get Alison a job at Metro but Molly steps in to object. Aaron and Alison try to change her mind. When Molly hears about Alison's romp with Tish, she realizes Alison is her kind of girl and hires her. Chris calls Alison to the hospital. In front of Alison, Tish, John and Tom, Chris explains that he made some phone calls and found out that Tish danced the night away at Metro ­ after her run-in with Alison. In addition, upon investigation of the hospital inventory, it turns out that a neck brace is missing from the supply closet. Tish is busted and Tom announces that the D.A's office will drop the assault charges against Alison. Alison is thrilled. After, she excitedly tells Chris about getting a job at Metro, but is shocked when Chris forbids her to work there.

Holden calls Lily in Chicago to find out when she's coming home. She lies that her fundraiser meeting is still going on, and heads to a café where it is open mike night. Using the alias Violet Palmer, Lily heads for the stage.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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