All My Children Recaps: The week of April 12, 2004 on AMC

Bianca took Bess, believing that the baby was actually Miranda. Tad shocked Krystal with his theory about Bess. Kendall told Ryan that she loved him. Erica went to her father's funeral. Greenlee, Tad, and Aidan found Bianca, and Ryan told her that the baby wasn't really Miranda.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 12, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, April 12

David visits Greenlee at her penthouse. H carries in a package he found left on her doorstep. Inside is the rusty metal box Greenlee found in the mine shaft and left behind at the motel room in Philly. Greenlee tells David Leo sent it to her about a month ago as a sign about Ryan. David's advice is to dump both. Box aside, it is Ryan that David is there to discuss with Greenlee. He warns her to stay away from Ryan and Kendall because regardless of what they say it is not over between them. Greenlee asks David to assure Kendall there is nothing romantic going on between her and Ryan. David tells her she's going to have to convince him first. As they verbally spar over Greenlee staying away from Ryan, she hears music coming from another apartment and goes downstairs to investigate.

Reggie shows off his pad ­ paid for by Jack, of course ­ to Danielle. After bragging about the sound system he offers to show her the bedroom. Danielle suggests he has ulterior motives. Reggie plays the respect card. Just as he convinces Danielle he's not like other guys and they start to make out on the couch, Greenlee bursts through the door interrupting them. Greenlee chews Reggie out for taking advantage of Jackson being out of town. She asks if he's even got protection. Reggie asks her why he would need a gun. Greenlee is not amused and warns him not to drink, do drugs, or have sex and if he does any of those things against her advice to be careful and keep the music down so no one calls the cops. Greenlee goes back upstairs. Reggie unsuccessfully tries to recapture the mood with Danielle. She wants to wait so it will be special when it happens. The only word Reggie hears is "when" so he's still hopeful. Danielle kisses Reggie goodnight and goes to bed. Left alone on the sofa Reggie swears "the wrath of Reggie" will get even with Greenlee when least expected for her interruption.

Kendall shows up at Ryan's carrying a few beers and some "gourmet" chow as a peace offering. More than once Kendall thinks she should have stayed away. Ryan is happy to see her though. They discuss their past and future over corndogs and beer. Kendall asks about Ryan's plans now that he is again head of Cambias Industries. After all, he could live anywhere Cambias has a power center. Ryan tells her the power center is wherever he is but there is one thing that would keep him in Pine Valley. Even though he can't be hands-on with all the enterprises, Fusion, Enchantment and Chandler Enterprises are all local. The chance to be hands-on with those companies might keep him around. Kendall is glad he's sticking around for any reason and tells him he's the only one who can fill that apartment. Ryan thinks it needs furniture and asks Kendall to go shopping with him sometime. Still beating around the bush about her real reason for being there, Kendall has one more concern. Since she owns Erica's part of Enchantment and part of Fusion, she worries whether she and Ryan can be close personally and still work together professionally. Ryan thinks so and is definitely interested in finding out. Ryan tells her he wants her involved with both companies. Kendall is very okay with that and starts to leave. Ryan tells her she can't leave yet. Kendall stops in her tracks waiting for a big move from Ryan but all he does is thank her for the beer, corndogs and company. She leaves and they stand on opposite sides of the door thinking of one another.

Edmund and the guys continue their pool game. Maria walks in. Edmund thinks she's there to break up the party. Instead she joins them. As all of them are sharing drinks, Tad confides to Aidan about his efforts to track down Erica and about her leaving on Palmer's jet. Aidan asks if he has the registration number of the plane. Tad gives it to him. In a few minutes Aidan returns with the advice to check Vegas. Later Tad proposes a toast to his new "defective," uh I mean "detective," partner. Tad and Aidan cut out leaving Maria and Edmund alone. Sitting on his lap, Maria confesses her worries to Edmund about him surviving surgery. Edmund tells her he's worried about losing her and the kids and about surviving the next 30 to 40 years, surviving, not living. He tells her he has to have the surgery so he can fully live again. Maria tells him she's with him all the way.

Bianca picks "Bess" up from her hospital crib and tells her she's safe now because she's with her mommy. The nurse in charge of the nursery catches Bianca holding Bess and is about to have her escorted back to her room by security when Anita steps in and vouches it is okay for her to be there holding Bess. They leave Bianca alone rocking Bess. Outside, the nursery nurse coldly tells Anita that she believes in "all kinds of justice," implying that the "death" of Bianca's daughter was more than likely divine retribution for her killing of Michael Cambias. Anita tried to set the nurse straight, but the nurse said that she didn't need to "kowtow to Dr. Grey's sister." She angrily said that there were plenty more deserving people who were turned away for the position Anita now held. A doctor came in and told the nurse she was needed for an emergency c-section. Later the doctor, the nurse, and Anita escort newborn twin girls into the nursery. The nurse gasps and runs out of the nursery. Anita looks over to Bess's crib and noticed that it was empty.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Tad and Aidan grilled Ryan over breakfast at BJ's about the night before. They discussed the lead about Erica possibly being in Las Vegas. Kendall called and told Ryan she needed him right away.

JR came to the hospital in time to hear Anita explain to Kendall that Bianca must have taken Bess out of the hospital after being allowed to hold her in the nursery. Dr Joe explained they were doing everything they can to find Bess and Kendall begged for time to find Bianca before calling the police. Later, Dr Joe told Anita he had to recommend disciplinary action against her for allowing this to happen. Anita called Maria to tell her about the problem and left a message for her to call back. Aidan saw her and was sympathetic, promising he and his friends would find Bianca and the baby. Kendall feared that Bianca had shattered and was mistaking Bess for Miranda, out of her mind with grief. Kendall thought Bianca might have left town already and Ryan reminded her she left in a nightgown and hadn't gone home for more clothes and he would find them both. Kendall tearfully told him she just couldn't let herself believe or trust or hope for the best, but she thanked him.

Krystal put makeup on Babe and brushed her hair. JR came in and told Babe about Bianca taking Bess out of the hospital. He also finally explained that Miranda did not survive the helicopter crash. Babe immediately recalled Paul telling her that her baby's incubator had fallen into the river. Babe told JR she refused to believe Miranda was dead. They both agreed Bianca would not hurt Bess. Babe wanted her baby found right away, but warned JR to not call the police.

Bianca arrived at Erica's and called out to her to meet Miranda. Bianca used a laundry basket as a bassinet and anxiously awaited Erica's return, sure that Erica would fall in love with the baby. Bianca got on the phone and had the baby goods she'd ordered earlier scheduled for delivery to Erica's. She told Miranda she looks like Erica and was showing her other family photos when the doorbell rang with the delivery. Bianca continued to talk to Miranda about mother's intuition and her knowing all along she was still alive and promised her nothing would ever keep them apart again. Bianca told the baby a fairy tale about a princess hiding in a safe place until her mother could rescue her and living happily ever after.

Greenlee knocked on Reggie's door only to have him slam it in her face. She kept knocking until Reggie let her in, complaining about Greenlee ruining his night with Danielle. When Danielle asked them to quiet down, Reggie warned Greenlee she wasn't the only diva in the house. Greenlee warned Reggie that he needed to know more information about her before trusting her and letting her in his life, since she is probably a runaway. Reggie told her to leave him alone and she left. Livia Frye arrived with lasagna, looking for Jackson. She offered help to Reggie just as Danielle came into the room. Reggie went apoplectic to learn that Danielle was Livia's niece and the daughter of the chief of police. Livia was furious and told Danielle to get dressed so she could take her home. Livia demanded an explanation from Reggie and accused him of harboring a fugitive while his father is away. Greenlee returned just as they were leaving. Reggie felt terrible about Greenlee being right. Kendall came over to look for Bianca.

Lena was in Bianca's hospital room, blaming herself for falling asleep and enabling Bianca's disappearance. Maggie came in and blamed her too. They both calmed down and fretted about Bianca.

Tad showed up at the hospital and told Krystal about Bianca and the baby being missing and promised he'd find her. Krystal worried about Bianca's grip on reality and that maybe she thinks the baby is really Miranda. Tad took Krystal's breath away by asking "what if it is?"

Wednesday, April 14

Krystal and Tad argued about the possibility that it was Babe's baby that was lost in the helicopter crash. Krystal refused to even consider it. Tad said maybe Paul Kramer was confused after the crash and Krystal slapped him across the face. She said she never thought Tad would sink so low. Tad said she was the one who said Paul was a liar. Krystal insisted that a mother knows her own child. Tad said yes under normal circumstances but Babe delivered under extreme conditions. He said what if every instinct in Bianca is telling her that baby is Miranda. Krystal accused Tad of hating Babe and told him to leave it alone. Tad said he couldn't if there was even the slightest possibility this was true. He said if the situation was reversed Krystal would insist on getting the truth. Krystal replied "Babe's baby survived, Bianca's didn't!." Then she stopped and remembered Babe muttering in delirium "My baby, dead!." The look on Krystal's face made Tad ask what was wrong, but she said nothing and ran off. Meanwhile JR sat with Babe in her room. She said if Bess couldn't be in their arms the next best place was in Bianca's. JR talked about calling the police but Babe made him promise to wait. Outside in the hallway Ryan argued with Adam about calling the police. Adam was insisting that the police be involved with the "kidnapping." Joe Martin walked over and said they were honoring JR and Babe's wishes and not calling the police. Adam threatened a lawsuit and Ryan said he wasn't going to let Adam drag Bianca through another nightmare. He said if Adam called the cops they might arrest Bianca or put her in Oak Haven. JR came out of the room just as Adam said maybe Oak Haven was the best place for Bianca. JR asked "Like it was for my mother?? This is my child and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!." Adam snarled "The hell there isn't!." He told JR he couldn't shut him out of his grandchild's life. JR said he was the father and he said no police. Ryan saw that JR had things under control so he left to search for Bianca and the baby. Adam said they could tell the police that Bianca had a screw loose. JR said the baby was in no danger but Adam tried to convince him otherwise. JR said he would handle this his way and Adam seemed to back down. JR asked him to go reassure Babe that the police wouldn't be involved and that he was sure they'd find the baby. Adam asked incredulously "You want me to lie to her?." JR responded "Yeah, shouldn't be too big a stretch for you" and left. Adam went into Babe's room and told her it was just a matter of time until Bianca and the baby were found. He said he agreed not to call the police. Babe thanked him and said they couldn't blame Bianca, she just misses her little girl. Adam walked out of the room and picked up a telephone.

Tad ran into JR who was terribly worried. JR said he didn't know how he'd survive if he lost his little girl. He gushed over Bess and how much he loved her already. Tad reminisced about JR as a baby. JR said Dixie had told him once that children would put life in perspective and that he'd been thinking about his mom a lot. He said there had been a hole inside him since her death but that Bess has filled the empty space. JR was worried about Babe, and told Tad that while Babe was so feverish she cried out several times thinking that it was their baby that was lost. Tad asked what else she said but JR said it was just the fever talking. He said maybe subconsciously Babe knew that one of the babies didn't make it.

Krystal went into Babe's room and Babe could tell something was bothering her mother. Krystal said they didn't know anything yet but that they'd definitely get her baby back.

Kendall went to Jack's loft and told Reggie and Greenlee that Bianca had taken Bess. Greenlee was afraid it was her fault because she took Bianca to the crash site. Kendall was very kind and said she wasn't pointing fingers, and told them the police hadn't been called yet. Greenlee was glad to hear it and picked up the phone to call Jack. Kendall stopped her and said they shouldn't overload Jack. Greenlee agreed. Reggie said he'd go check out places at PVU. Greenlee offered to help and Kendall told her to keep her eyes and ears open and call if she thought of anything. Greenlee did say she knew that Bianca went to the boathouse a lot and said the last time she ran into her there was in September. Bianca had said she had an appointment to keep that day. Kendall realized it was the day Bianca was supposed to end the pregnancy. She said she'd go to the boathouse and left Greenlee to make phone calls. At the boathouse Kendall called out for Bianca when she heard footsteps, but it was Ryan. She told him she felt like she let Bianca down. Ryan told her she didn't let Bianca down and said they had to keep looking for her. Kendall said she couldn't do it without Ryan. She was worried that maybe Bianca really did think the baby was Miranda, "How do I tell her all over again that she lost her baby?" Ryan said he'd be there with her. Kendall said she actually thought of giving Bianca a ton of money, a jet and instructions to run with the baby. She told Ryan to go ahead and tell her what a terrible person she was. Ryan said she wasn't terrible and that he'd thought of the same thing but knows it's not possible. He told Kendall that she would do what was best for her sister no matter what it cost her. Kendall smiled up at him and said "I love you." Meanwhile Greenlee made some calls then answered a knock on the door. It was Danielle, looking for Reggie. Greenlee explained that Reggie worried about real people with real problems. Danielle guessed that it was his cousin that lost her baby. Greenlee said yes and told her a bit about Bianca, including who her mother is. Danielle said if Erica Kane was her mother she'd never leave home! Greenlee's eyes lit up at that statement.

Maria and Anita met in an office at the hospital. Anita told Maria what happened and expected Maria to yell at her but she just hugged her instead. While they talked Adam yelled at Joe in the hallway, demanding to know who let Bianca in the nursery. Joe refused to tell him. Anita came out of the office and she was the one. Adam demanded that she be fired. Joe and Maria argued but Anita agreed and said her resignation would be on Joe's desk in the morning and walked away.

Bianca talked and fussed over the baby. A knock on the door interrupted her and when she opened it she found a delivery man with all the baby furniture and equipment she had ordered. He brought it in for her and then admired the baby. Bianca talked to "Bob for a little while and he said he and his wife were expecting their 3rd child next month. Bianca told him about her friend that just had a baby girl, and how she had hoped for a boy. After he left Bianca looked at everything she bought and decided to put the stroller together and take Miranda for a walk. She tried for a little while to assemble it but finally gave up and started taking pictures of the baby. As she snapped photos she commented that Miranda was definitely related to Erica Kane. Bianca set the timer on the camera and took a picture of the two of them together

Thursday, April 15

Kendall tells Ryan that she loves him, and then, almost as if she is startled by her candid revelation, tries to talk her way out of discussing it (using Bianca as a convenient decoy). Before she could get too far, Ryan says, "I love you too." Kendall walks back in some sort of slow motion romantic moment, and they start to kiss. Just then, Greenlee shows up and interrupts. She says that she had a feeling that Bianca was pulling a kind of "hiding in plain sight" thing, someplace where no one would expect her to be - Erica's penthouse.

Ryan and Kendall don't think that is feasible, given the verbal altercation that Bianca and Erica had before Miranda was born. Greenlee apologizes for interrupting and takes her leave, somewhat hurt that they wouldn't even consider her idea.

Meanwhile, the star-crossed lovers talk more about how they feel. Kendall tries to explain what she said, to which Ryan responds, "I know what you said. It sounded a lot like what I said." They think back on when Ryan said that love wasn't enough and admit they still believe that. Kendall wonders aloud what chance any of them - friends, family, loved ones - have if love is not enough. "Are we all lost?" she says. Ryan hopes not.

Eventually they decide that they need to start searching again. Ryan offers to go with her, and after a moment of a few exchanged words. Kendall agrees.

Back at the hospital, Babe wants to get out of there and search for Bianca and the baby herself. Krystal convinces her that she has it covered, or so she thinks - and leaves. Immediately, Babe takes the out of her arm and tries to leave. Instead, she feels weak and collapses to the floor.

Jamie comes a callin' and finds Babe on the floor. He helps her up and assures her that Bianca and the baby will be found, and her new family will be back together. He adds that he will cheer them on, and notes that none of them ever thought he would get to that point.

A little later, JR and Maggie join Jamie in Babe's room. After a moment, Maggie asks if she could talk to Babe alone. When the boys leave, Maggie says that although she has no right to ask a favor of her now - she needs to. She asks that even after all that has happened, that Babe not be mad at Bianca.

In the hallway, JR is about reaching his breaking point with worry. He knows that he should cut Bianca a break, but he just wants "his" daughter back.

Krystal and Tad talk and she tells him that he "better not" tell anyone about his theory that the baby really is Bianca's. Tad said that at this point he is only concerned about finding Bianca. He walks off and overhears Adam reporting the kidnapping to the police against JR's wishes. Maria approaches and sees what is happening. Tad grabs a doctor's lab coat and walks up to the officers, identifying himself as a doctor from psychiatric and Adam as a patient.

With Maria's help, Tad convinces the cops that Adam is crazy and that it was a false report. JR shows up and is livid. Adam, unwilling to do nothing, threatens to decimate anyone who gets in his way and leaves.

The search party has a discussion about how to proceed - make sure to keep Adam from acting out again, JR needs to go comfort his wife, and they need to pick the search back up again. In the meantime, Brooke's job is to appease Adam. Before they split up, Brooke briefly checks in with JR to see how he's handling it. He admits he's getting closer to the edge.

Babe tells Maggie that she is trying to be patient with this whole situation because she knows how awful Bianca must feel - but Babe says that she is starting to understand that all too well.

Outside the room, JR tells Jamie he is afraid that he is starting to become his father because all of the things Adam has been doing are starting to make sense.

Adam comes up with the idea to put out an APB, and once again, Brooke tries to stop him. Adam is taken aback because he thought that she understood - but apparently not. Brooke tries to play on his strong devotion to the people he cares about to make him understand why he needs to be kinder with regard to Bianca.

In her trekking about the hospital, Krystal stops for a moment when she has flashbacks where, in her delirium, Babe said that her baby was dead. She also remembers the time that Babe looked confused while holding the baby, but couldn't tell what was wrong. Krystal is afraid that Tad might be right.

Erica finally resurfaces with a man who turns out to be an undertaker of sorts. He apologizes for her loss, and she asks to be left alone. The doors close and Erica walks up to a flower-covered casket and says, "So this is how it ends, Dad? I don't think so."

Filling us in, Erica rants at the casket, saying that he died 10 minutes before she got to his bedside. She blames him for the legacy that he left which has affected all of the Kane women. She blames him for how they have suffered: Kendall's insecurities about love and inability to trust; Bianca's problems stemming from the rape; and all of her personal emotional issues. She refers to it as a curse on the family.

She talks for a while longer, wanting her father to hear in death what he ignored in life - and she hopes that he has gone to hell as payment for his sins.

The undertaker makes his way back and asks if she needs anything, and Erica is ready to leave. He hopes that these last moments have brought her a measure of peace, but she looks at him incredulously and says, "Are you kidding?" She then turns and leaves.

She resurfaces at a bar and orders a drink. Not long after, Bobby shows up (confirming that Erica is indeed in Las Vegas). One of the servers calls him boss as he goes over to talk to Erica.

Back at Erica's penthouse, Bianca tells Miranda stories about her relationship with Erica and all of the horrible things that she said. She explains that they are staying there until Erica comes back so that She (Bianca) can tell her that she loves her and apologize. She tells her that it seems the more you love someone, the more you fight - but that forgiveness is the most important thing.

Reggie is out showing Bianca's picture around, asking if anyone has seen her, when Danielle shows up. She tries to apologize but he is unwilling to bend. She lied to him and he thinks that means that she wants something from him. She tries to convince him that she is just creative, but Reggie thinks that saying that she was an abused kid "for fun" is proof that there is something wrong with her. He feels she has done a disservice to all of the kids out there that really ARE abused. The best thing for her to do, Reggie says, is to forget him, because he already forgot about her and leaves.

After he leaves, we see Tad and Aidan talking to a source about finding Bianca. They instruct him to do nothing but contact them if he finds her. They want to minimize the chance of scaring her. When the source leaves, the private eye duo occupy a table, and Tad gives a vague "what if" scenario about his theory: if it was something that might crush a lot of people, should he reveal it?

Aidan convinces Tad that the best thing for him to do would be to try to verify his theory, check and recheck the facts, and then tell the truth. No one would be able to fault him if he verified the theory.

Anita and Maria talk about the repercussions of Anita's actions with regard to Bianca and the baby. Maria feels that she needs to call Bobby so that she can lean on him. Anita confesses that she doesn't think that she can count on Bobby for anything. Maria brings up adultery (so at some point, she either figured it out or Anita told her) and says that she has a different perspective. She admits that Anita might have been too young to remember when Maria cheated on Edmund.

Back at the restaurant, Tad gets a hit on Erica on his computer - or rather, Erica's tab: food, milk, and disposable diapers. He and Aidan take off running for the penthouse.

Greenlee has beaten them to the punch. She knocks on the door several times without an answer. She starts to walk away when Bianca opens the door and apologizes for not answering right away (she was in the back room). She invites Greenlee in as if nothing is wrong, and goes to kneel beside the baby. As Greenlee looks on wordlessly, Bianca tells Greenlee that she was wrong about Miranda being gone.

Friday, April 16

When Erica sees Bobby, she tries to walk away, but Bobby tells her that Jackson is looking for her and it may help him if she just calls him. Erica retorts that she won't call Jackson because the phone can be traced and the last thing she wants is to be found. Bobby understands that Erica does not want to be found and when he calls her "Ms. Kane" she spits out that she is no longer Erica Kane and to never call her that again. Bobby apologizes and reverts to calling Erica, "Desiree." He offers to comp her stay for as long as she needs. Erica tells him that won't be necessary but Bobby reminds her that credit cards and cell phones can be traced. Still unsure, Bobby hands a pair of dice and tells her to roll on it?if she gets even numbers, she stays and if she gets odd numbers, she goes. When Erica rolls the dice, she gets an even number and agrees to stay at the casino. Bobby hands her the keys to her room, Erica thanks him, and leaves.

As Babe looks at a picture of "Bess," Krystal tells her that she was wrong about Pine Valley. She thought that the town was full of snobs who only looked out for themselves, but she was wrong, because there are so many people helping Babe look for her baby. Babe admits that she is worried she won't recognize her own baby when she is back, but Krystal tells her that is silly. After all, "a mom knows her own child," she says. Tad's thoughts about Paul mixing up the babies pops into Krystal's mind and when Babe asks her what is wrong, Krystal shrugs it off by telling her she is just worried about Bess.

Jamie tells JR that he is nothing like Adam because he is all about helping his family. JR says that although that is true, he wants to call the cops on Bianca to get his daughter back. Jamie tells JR that is normal, but the difference between him and Adam, is that JR is actually looking out for Bianca as well.

Brooke continues to stall Adam and even goes as far as breaking his cell phone and cutting the wires in his car. Adam rushes over to a hospital phone but Brooke grabs him and tells him that he will regret calling the cops on Bianca. She reminds him that Bianca is grieving and she could shatter at any moment. Adam doesn't care -- he continues to only think about himself and not Bianca's state of mind.

As Bianca talks to Greenlee about her love for Miranda, Aidan and Tad show up. Bianca asks them why they are there and they tell her they just wanted to make sure she and the baby were ok. Tad adds that when she left the hospital without any discharge, it really scared her family. Bianca says she is fine and then goes to the kitchen to get a pacifier. Once she is gone, Tad asks Aidan how are they going to tell Bianca that the baby she took is not hers without setting her over the edge. Aidan isn't sure either. Greenlee suggests that they call Kendall because she is the only one who can really get through to Bianca.

As Kendall and Ryan are in the car, driving towards the cabin where Miranda was born, Kendall starts talking about Greenlee's brush with death in the mineshaft. Ryan says that it was wrong for him to accuse Kendall of doing something to Greenlee when she was missing. He really blames himself for almost getting her killed, but Kendall says he found Greenlee, even with a little help from Leo. Kendall gets a call from Tad, who tells her about Bianca. They immediately turn around and head towards Erica's penthouse.

Tad and Aidan leave Bianca in Greenlee's care. Greenlee listens to Bianca tell Miranda about all of her new relatives including Greenlee. Greenlee is honored that Bianca thinks of her as part of the family and admits that she has always wanted a sister. She tells Bianca that she wants to be her sister and is always there for her if she needs her. When Greenlee asks if she can hold Miranda, Bianca defensively tells her no. Realizing her tone of voice, Bianca apologizes and explains that since she has been reunited with Miranda, she wants to hold her all the time. Ryan and Kendall show up. Kendall tells Bianca that she has something important to tell her, but Bianca changes the subject and asks Greenlee to take a picture of them. Greenlee takes the picture and quietly leaves. Ryan follows her outside and Greenlee says that Bianca needs that baby to be Miranda or else it will destroy her. Ryan tries to comfort Greenlee but she pushes him away and tells him he needs to be with Kendall and Bianca. When Ryan goes back inside, Kendall is holding Miranda. Kendall is crying and stunned by Bianca's behavior, but does not have the will to tell her the news. Ryan sits them all down and takes Bianca's hand. He tells Bianca that when bad things happen, you can lose your way and understands why she did what she did. Bianca asks him what exactly it is that she did. Ryan explains that she needed Miranda to be alive and can't accept her baby is gone, so she took Babe's baby from the hospital.

Tad heads to the hospital, where he finds Adam, JR, and Brooke all cuddled inside of Babe's room. He tells them that he found Bess with Bianca at Erica's. When Adam asks if he brought Bess back, Tad says no. Tad explains to them that Bianca is in a fragile state and truly believes that Bess is her daughter. He informs them that Kendall is going to talk to Bianca and asks for them to give her more time. Of course, Adam and JR want to call the police immediately, but Babe begs JR to let Kendall handle the situation. Babe understands that Bianca just needed someone to love and has not come to terms that her baby is gone. She asks JR and everyone to respect her wishes and help Bianca through this tough time. JR agrees and asks for some time alone with his wife. Babe cries openly in front of JR, not only for Bess, but for the pain that Bianca is going through.

Anita questions Maria about when she cheated on Edmund and why she did it. Maria says that she never stopped loving Edmund and she cheated on him out of desperation when Sammie was taken from her. Maria added that she needed to feel something other than the pain that was tearing her up inside. Anita still doesn't understand why Maria did it and Maria admits that she doesn't always understand either. Anita says that she will never cheat on Bobby, but Maria warns her that she doesn't know what her future will hold, so she truly can't say that. Aidan interrupts them and tells them that Bess has been found. Maria gets pages, thanks Aidan, and rushes off. Anita thanks Aidan for finding Bianca, but Aidan explains that it was really Greenlee who found the baby. Anita begins talking about how she should have her license revoked because of her mistake and Aidan says she is not wrong for letting a grieving mother hold a baby. Anita had no idea Bianca would take off with Bess. Anita thanks Aidan for his kind words, but continues to be hard on herself for messing up. Aidan asks Anita if she really wants to leave her job and Anita admits that she doesn't want to leave at all. Aidan tells her she has to fight for herself, if she really doesn't want to go.

Jamie tells Tad that the situation sucks and Tad warns him that this may be just the beginning of things to come. Krystal overhears and confronts Tad about his theory that Bess may be Bianca's baby. Brooke praises Adam for listening to JR and respecting Babe's wishes. They hug and when Mary Smythe gets off the elevator, she sees them embracing. Greenlee show up soon after and asks why her mother is there. Mary says she heard that Bess was kidnapped and wanted to be there to support Adam. Greenlee explains that Bess has been found and Mary notes that Bianca's meltdown began when she decided to have her rapist's baby. Mary even insults Erica's parenting skills and Greenlee retorts that SHE is the last one to talk about bad mothering skills. Greenlee points out that Mary is afraid of being alone without a man, so she stays with Adam, deluding herself into thinking she might be the next Mrs. Adam Chandler. Mary is insulted by Greenlee's comments, but Greenlee doesn't care. She says that when she was with Bianca, she saw a real mother's love in her eyes--a look that Mary never gave her when she was growing up. Greenlee adds that she always wanted to be like her mother growing up, but now, she will get every ounce of Mary out of her. Mary doubts that will happen and says that mother's live inside of their daughters. Not Greenlee -- she says Jackson is her family now and she is done with Mary. With those words, Greenlee walks out, leaving Mary speechless.



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