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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 19, 2004 on GL
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Monday, April 19, 2004

Just as Michelle pleaded with Danny to initiate another recount on the election votes, Ross arrived at their home. Michelle was thrown for a loop when Danny conceded the election to Ross! When Ross attempted to talk to Michelle, she refused to speak to him. After he left, Michelle admitted to Danny that she now hates everyone who ever doubted Danny. Outside the house, Ross ran into Ed, who was just arriving. Ross told Ed that Michelle was in dire need of a father right now. Inside the house, Michelle told Danny he's never backed away from a fight before and that it wasn't like him to accept fate like this. Just as Michelle asked Danny if he had something to hide, Ed arrived. As Michelle was beside herself, Danny thanked Ed for all his support. Noticing his daughter's troubled and closed-off state, Ed chose to leave.

At the Spaulding mansion, Joey gave Lizzie a set of tickets for her family to use on the night of the play. A saddened Lizzie left the room, followed by Joey, who correctly guessed that Lizzie was sad because her father wouldn't be able to be there when "Romeo And Juliet" is performed. Joey ended up telling Lizzie that his own father left his mother and him years before and that he (Joey) did a lot of acting-out because of it, but stopped because it was hurting his mother. After making Lizzie feel better, Joey announced that they were now friends. Elsewhere at the mansion, Tammy called Cassie and said she needed a ride home. When Tammy learned that Edmund would be picking her up, she was thrilled!

After saying goodbye to Marah at the airport, Jeffrey returned to his suite and fantasized of how it would've been like if Marah had changed her mind and followed him back there. Later, R.J. walked into Jeffrey's suite and picked-up on Jeffrey's sadness. At first, Jeffrey tried to lie about it, then admitted to R.J. that he is, indeed, sad. All the while, Cassie had been standing in the doorway listening to every word.

Alexandra arranged a meeting with Alan over dinner at Towers, where she said they'd be far away from Olivia's prying ears. After reaffirming their plans to keep Olivia and baby Emma close by, Alex told Alan she was worried over the current state of Spaulding Enterprises---namely the "Bad Girl" campaign. She informed Alan that Eden's about to marry Bill Lewis and is about to become a "good" girl, and they can't have that. When Sandy arrived at their table, Alex told Alan that Sandy's the person who'll help them with their current image problems. Sandy told Alan that upon graduation, what Lizzie doesn't need are earrings and a trip to Europe, but that she needs some guidance instead, and that he's worked closely with her during play rehearsals and thinks she has a lot to add to Spaulding Enterprises.

At another table at Towers, Frank had dinner with Marina. After telling her that the old museum probably holds ugly memories of Ben and Carrie, and seeing that Marina's birthday's coming up soon, he tells Marina he's got the perfect gift for her. When Marina guesses that the gift may be a new apartment, Frank informs a shocked Marina that he and Darcy have had Marina's old room redecorated and that they want her to move back in! Sandy rescues Marina from the awkward moment when he comes over to their table. He mentions to them that he's just had a sit-down with Alexandra over Lizzie and how Lizzie needs some guidance, when Frank smiles and says that this was the same sort of thing he was just discussing with Marina.

Back at the Spaulding mansion, Joey confided to Lizzie that Tammy's always comparing him to her stepfather (Edmund) and that she's put Edmund high up on a pedestal and it's making him feel uncomfortable. Joey got Lizzie to promise not to tell anyone about it. Tammy rushed in and cheerily announced that Edmund would be arriving shortly and that they should rehearse the balcony scene again because it needed "a lot of work." Later, as the trio rehearsed, Tammy was annoyed with Joey for tampering with the scene's blocking, but when Edmund arrived and assured Tammy that she'd be the most beautiful "Juliet" Springfield has ever seen, she dropped everything and let Edmund drive her home. Dejected, Joey was about to leave when Lizzie insisted he stay so they could practice lines together. When Lizzie commented on how well he knew his lines, he told her he set the words to music so he'd remember them better. He went on to tell her that tomorrow evening, he was planning to serenade Tammy and told Lizzie not to tell her. After he left, Lizzie thought of how wonderful it was for a guy to do that for a girlfriend....

At the Beacon, Cassie told Jeffrey that she thought what he did for Marah was amazing and that she (Cassie) may have been wrong about him. Jeffrey assured Cassie he was still a jerk and when he tried to get rid of her, Cassie asked him if the allegations against Danny were true. Jeffrey told her to ignore the rumors and gossip and believe in her friend Danny, but when Cassie stood silently, expecting more details, Jeffrey told Cassie to think about her life, her children and her business, and warned her to stay away from Danny Santos or else she'll find herself in something that will get very ugly and the life she knows will never be the same again!

At Michelle and Danny's, Michelle again told Danny not to accept defeat, and when he tried to speak, she cut in and told him she was going upstairs to check on Robbie. After she left the room, Danny made a call to Jeffrey. Danny told Jeffrey he conceded the election to Ross this evening, adding that he hoped Jeffrey's evening was equally as miserable. Jeffrey told Danny not to relax just yet---that tomorrow Danny has to make a "public confession." Jeffrey ordered Danny to go work on his speech.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Olivia uses breakfast time at the Spaulding mansion to let her presence be known as the newest member of the household. Alan, Alex and Beth can only watch as she revels in her new digs and her position of power as Mrs. Phillip Spaulding. Olivia even challenges Lizzie, who stands up for herself.

Later, Beth warns Olivia that she will defend her daughter against her machinations.

Rick meets with Alan privately and reveals Phillip's desire for ECT treatment. Alan overcomes his initial shock and agrees to whatever will heal his son and bring him home. Rick explains there is a condition: Phillip insists Olivia is not told of this new treatment.

Danny prepares to give a concession speech. Tony urges his cousin to let him take the fall for the voting fraud accusations, but Danny won't let him.

Meanwhile, Michelle goes to Jeffrey, desperate to defend her husband, although she fights her own gnawing suspicions he may have broken the law. Her conversation with Jeffrey only serves to heighten her suspicions - and denial. She returns home just in time to hear Danny launch into a speech to the TV camera. As he gives his speech, Tony is troubled and Bill is disgusted. But Michelle continues to stand by her man. Danny wonders how long she will continue to do so.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Bill comes home in a sour mood to Eden and tells her he feels like an idiot for believing Danny had changed his spots. Michelle arrives and says Danny needs a new project to bolster his spirits and public image. After Bill correctly assumes she's there without Danny's knowledge, he turns her down. Eden tries to soften the blow by telling her Danny needs time to recover from everything first, but Michelle is relentless. She tells Bill if he turns his back on Danny, he is turning his back on her as well. Bill tells Michelle he's not Danny's biggest fan right now and Danny's not the man Michelle thinks he is, adding she'd better open her eyes to that fact. When she asks Bill if he means Danny is guilty, Eden steps over and tells Michelle that Bill's tired of cleaning-up Danny's messes. After Michelle leaves, Bill tells Eden she shouldn't have gone as far as she did. Eden gets upset and leaves.

As Frank and Marina arrive at the Beacon, intent on enjoying a dinner, he is unexpectedly called in to the station, so she opts to stay and help Olivia, who is short-staffed. Marina tells Olivia that she's not at the high school watching the play because it reminds her too much of her earlier dreams to get into acting. After recounting how her dream has been sidetracked over the past year, Olivia instills hope in Marina, telling her it's never too late to go for her dreams. Later, Frank returns, and before he and Marina leave, he asks Olivia how things are going. He lets Olivia know she's always welcome at the Cooper home. She tells him she'll take him up on it soon.

"Romeo and Juliet" is being performed! During a break between acts, Sandy compliments everyone on their performances. Cassie comes backstage and showers Tammy with praise, as Alexandra and Beth arrive to do the same for Lizzie. Tammy lights up when Edmund appears. She takes him aside and tells him she owes this night to him and says she is so happy he is in her life. All the while, Lizzie is watching...

Over at Gus and Harley's, he returns home from work and the two plan to make love when there is a knock at the door. On the doorstep, Harley finds a sealed envelope which reads: "Personal and Confidential" addressed to Gus. When they open the letter, it turns out to be legal notification of a trust fund Alan has set up for Gus. The monetary figure is substantial! After Harley jokes about what he could buy with the money, Gus begins to seriously think about it. Harley is floored that he could even consider accepting Alan's money! Eventually, with a trace of reluctance, Gus assures Harley he'll tell Alan "no thanks." When the two are about to head upstairs again, Eden pops in. After Harley leaves the two alone, Eden tells Gus about what happened with Bill. She gets upset while telling Gus that she is no Michelle Bauer and not good enough for Bill. Gus placates Eden, pointing out all her good features and tells her to go back to Bill and talk it out with him. When Harley returns, Eden actually apologizes for interrupting them, and leaves. Harley and Gus smooch on the sofa and she tells him she never wants to lose him. He tells Harley that she comes first. Finally, they take advantage of their privacy and go upstairs...

Backstage at the ongoing play, it is learned the student who was to play a prince has gotten sick and has to bail out of the performance. Tammy pleads with Edmund to replace him, but he elects Sandy to take the role. Later, a morose Lizzie watches as "Romeo" (Joey) commits suicide. When Sandy mentions it was because Romeo wanted so much to be with the one he loved, Lizzie murmurs she knows exactly how that feels. Later, the final scene is played out and there is a curtain call for the cast. As the actors take their final bows, Lizzie sadly looks over at Tammy and Joey, who are thrilled by the night's excitement.

Eden returns home, where she and Bill simultaneously apologize to one another. Bill assures her that he's upset over Danny keeping things from Michelle---not because he cares for Michelle in "that" way. Eden makes Bill promise that no matter what happens to Danny and Michelle, she and Bill will not keep things from one another. The two begin to kiss.

Michelle comes home. After calling out Danny's name several times, the telephone rings. She answers it, listens, and with a worried expression mutters Robbie's name. Slamming the phone down, Michelle exclaims, "Oh my God! They've got Robbie!" She rushes out of the house....

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Robbie returns from a party having been ridiculed by some hurtful playmates about Danny's election tampering. Fed up with having to hurt his family, Danny decides to tell Michelle the truth. He confesses that he started his legit business with mob money. He wanted to be a success, to be someone she and Robbie could be proud of. Unfortunately, his past keeps coming back to haunt him.

Bill visits Olivia with a business proposition. He doesn't entirely trust her, but sees opportunity in their similar situations. Following his first ECT session, Phillip emerges with a much clearer mind – and a plan to deal with Olivia. When Olivia visits, he lavishes her with an intense creepy sort of affection, one that hints at the rage boiling underneath. He vows to be home to her soon as Olivia worries her control over him is slipping.

At the Romeo and Juliet after party, Tammy basks in the glow of her star-like performance. Lizzie tries to be happy for her but can't fight her jealousy. Alone with Edmund on the balcony, Tammy impulsively kisses him on the lips. She makes him promise not to tell Cassie, and then runs off. But, Lizzie has seen the whole thing. While Edmund struggles with whether or not to tell Cassie, Lizzie subtly lets Tammy know what she saw. Sandy comforts Marina as she deals with her recently developed trust issues. Hoping to cheer her up, Shayne encourages Sandy to dance with her.

Friday, April 23, 2004

At Ravenwood, Phillip eerily tells Olivia that she's taken such good care of him; he can't wait for the day that he takes care of her. Unnerved, Olivia spots a nurse and tries to ask what kind of new treatment Phillip is getting but the nurse isn't able to answer. When Olivia goes back inside, Phillip starts making her very uncomfortable by telling her that when he's released, he wants to take her out dancing all night to celebrate. However, in his mind, Phillip imagines himself dancing with Olivia and then spinning her out off the terrace. Olivia has a daydream of her own since her perfect honeymoon with Phillip includes him getting a straight-jacket. Phillip further unnerves Olivia by giving her a present--a diamond necklace. He tells her when she wears it, imagine his hands around her neck. Flustered, Olivia leaves, ripping the necklace off. Later, Phillip gets a visit from Lizzie. After some small talk, they each agree, without knowing what the other is talking about, that they will do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true. Meanwhile, Olivia has gone to see Rick, demanding to know what's going on with Phillip. Olivia is explaining that Phillip seems different and is clearly scared. Rick thinks she'd be happy that Phillip was improving but she says it feels like he's playing games with her. Rick's not concerned and tells Olivia to relax.

At the club, Edmund is clearly rattled about Tammy's kiss on the balcony. Lizzie spots him and relates how much Tammy talks about Edmund and how she thinks he's perfect and wants Joey to be just like him. Unnerved, Edmund heads for the bar where Beth spots him. When she senses that something is wrong, he tells her that Tammy kissed him. He starts insisting that never acted inappropriately toward Tammy; Beth believes him and reassures him by saying that teenage girls often have active imaginations. Edmund can't decide whether to tell Cassie or not, since he doesn't know how deep Tammy's feelings run. Beth suggests holding off until morning. Later, as Cassie compliments Edmund on his tutoring Tammy on Shakespeare, he wonders if he might have inadvertently led Tammy on.

Tammy is at home relishing in the evening's events, especially her kiss with Edmund, which she has romanticized in her diary. Thinking maybe he'll see her tonight, she puts on a sexy dress. Finally Joey finds her and wonders what happened to her and why she's dressed up. When he asks her if she's seeing someone else tonight, Tammy denies it and says she just wanted to dress up so she could be somebody different. Joey tries to assure Tammy that she's amazing as she is, but she's not convinced. He tries to tell her about his plan to serenade her at the party, but Tammy begs him off by telling him she's tired.

Michelle wants to know why Danny's telling her the truth now? She wonders if it's because the mob is after him, but he says that's not it--it's the Feds. He tells her that the election and recount were all a set up by Jeffrey O'Neill, who is a federal agent. He tells her that if he doesn't cooperate in O'Neill's operation by going back into the mob, that everyone who has supported him will pay the price. Michelle is clearly hurt and angry about what Danny did and, after being reminded that she has to keep quiet about everything for everyone's safety, she walks out on him. She goes to the Bauer house and asks to spend the night but won't say why. Meanwhile, Danny calls Jeffrey and tells him he did what he had to do and to get the show on the road.

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