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Bess went missing while Babe was watching her. JR played the hero and returned Bess. Ryan warned Kendall to refrain from hurting Greenlee or Jonathan. Kendall admitted to Jonathan that she was obsessed with Ryan. Jamie knew that JR had drugged Babe, but she believed that Jamie was the culprit.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 12, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, July 12, 2004

Ryan and Greenlee woke up together and shared a cozy moment before the alarm went off. Ryan was anxious to get to the office and Greenlee suggested they shower together. Ryan wanted a cold shower instead.

At the police station, Derek was busy and slightly annoyed to find Danielle there demanding to talk. She did her best imitation of a prosecutor and grilled him about why he doesn't trust her and why he won't let her see Reggie. Derek insisted his cop instinct tells him Reggie is bad news. After more discussion/interrogation, Derek finally agreed to consider letting her see Reggie again. He also asked Danielle if she ever considered being a cop and she said no, due to the dreadful outfits.

Kendall arrived at the Fusion Office looking for Ryan and found Jonathan instead. Jonathan informed her that Ryan and Greenlee were still in bed when he left and that he was on to Kendall and her games. They sparred a bit and she told him he is just as bad, or good, as she is. He congratulated her for signing over her shares and she was annoyed to hear he was now working for Fusion, thanks to her. Simone arrived and warmly promised to make his transition smooth as she drooled over him. Simone grilled Kendall to find out if she was interested just before Ryan and Greenlee entered and Greenlee mentioned Kendall's tacky bedspread moment with Jonathan. Simone wondered aloud how early she has to get up to be first in line for a man around there. Kendall handed over the legal papers and when Ryan read them, he asked what she was up to now. It was a proposal for a new fragrance line to celebrate the merger between Enchantment and Fusion. She explained she just couldn't let go and wanted to stay in business with them. Greenlee was furious, but Ryan calmly told Kendall to stay if she wants to. She asked for Jonathan to help her with the new campaign idea. Ryan expressed his confidence in Jonathan's ability to handle Kendall. Jonathan agreed to work with her. Greenlee cornered Kendall and wondered what she is up to. She said she is making memories so that neither Ryan nor Greenlee will ever forget her.

Jamie and Reggie met in the park to look for Seth and find out about the drugs Babe took. Reggie asked Jamie if he could turn JR in if he was the one to drug Babe. Jamie was convinced that JR was only pretending to still love Babe, after all the lies. Jamie also thought JR was going to extremes in order to get rid of Babe and keep Bess for himself. Reggie and Seth had a past involving Seth being Reggie's mother's dealer. Reggie pretended he was buying seconds for JR, but Seth didn't believe it because JR thought he was out of town. Danielle walked up just then and Seth ran off. Jamie chased Seth and cornered him in a vacant building, demanding information about JR.

Danielle was furious that she'd spent all that time convincing Derek to give Reggie another chance and there he was, buying drugs. Reggie said he didn't have time to explain and ran off to help Jamie.

Danielle and Reggie showed up at the vacant building and Seth ran out. Jamie caught him and brought him back and Seth threw out packets of pills. As Reggie and Danielle were picking them up, the cops arrived, including Derek.

JR and Babe woke up and she was hoping for a loving moment. JR insisted he had to call the office and put her off until later. She was upset that he acted like she took the drugs on purpose. JR told her Jamie saw her making out with someone else and hitting on him. Babe said she had no memory and wanted to find out who did it and press charges. JR wanted her to let it go because of how scared he'd been, but did mention how Dixie was a good mother and always there for him. Babe swore she'd do anything for Bess and JR wanted her to let Bianca out of her life. He also expressed his distrust of David. Babe stood by her friend and her father. The baby started crying and JR held her, telling her that today would be a day her lying, cheating mother would never forget.

Bianca was asleep on the sofa and as Maggie covered her up, they shared an awkward moment. The discussed Erica's going to rehab and made plans to spend the day together. Maggie outlined a day of fun, attending fundraising events for the Miranda Montgomery Center. At the park, they had a picnic and were surprised to see JR, Babe and Bess walk over. Maggie gushed about being related to them now that David was Babe's father. Babe was pleased that JR wanted to join them for a picnic and offered a blank check to make sure Bianca reaches the fundraising goal. Bianca and Maggie had to leave and JR got a call about a crisis at the office and said goodbye. JR made friends with a young child who went to ask Babe to help him tie his shoe. When he left, Babe was frantic that Bess was gone. JR was holding her, hiding behind a fence.

Tuesday, July 13

Babe searches the park frantic trying to find Bess while JR lurks around the corner holding Bess in her carrier and watching Babe go crazy with fear. Bianca and Maggie hear Babe's cries and come to see what's wrong. JR steps out and yelling into his hand tells a nonexistent entity to put his little girl down and not harm her. Babe hears JR's voice and begins calling for him. JR shows up huffing and puffing and makes up a story that he took Bess away from a guy who had her. JR then blames Babe for letting Bess get stolen in the first place and is furious when she can't describe the kidnapper because she was busy tying another child's shoe and didn't see him. JR gets a police detective to the park and makes up a description of a guy with brown hair, a blue sweat suit and sunglasses as the guy who tried to steal Bess. Babe can't contribute. The detective questions her story of being tying a little boy's shoe laces. Babe is glad it ended happily. All JR is worried about is "making sure this never happens again." JR and Babe go to the police station to look at mug shots and work with a sketch artist.

Derek hauls Seth, Jamie, Reggie and Danielle into the police station with everyone except Danielle in hand cuffs. Reggie tries to make light of the situation until Derek tells him since he is on probation this felony means he'll go away for a long time and the next time he hooks up with his daughter will be in a senior citizens home. Derek tells the other officers to keep the men where they are and drags Dani away with him. He tells Dani to go home, that her boyfriend dragged her into this and he will get her charges taken care of. This makes Dani mad because she says she can think for herself. She stands up for Reggie saying what he did today was righteous and demands to be arrested too. If Derek is going to prosecute Reggie, he's got to prosecute her too. Reggie loves the way Dani is standing up for him and urges her on. Reggie tells Dani if he has to be on the run with anyone he chooses her. He tells her she'd be a perfect 11 if she could sing, to which Dani replies she can. Before she can begin taking requests, Derek separates her from the guys. Derek begins the interrogations with Jamie. He offers Jamie a deal that will let him walk if he cooperates, meaning help Derek nail Reggie. Out in the main room, Danielle begins singing "nobody knows the trouble I've seen." Distracted, Derek comes out of the interrogation room and tells Dani if she's all warmed up he'll be happy to switch order and question her first. While Derek is distracted by Dani, Reggie slips over and tells Jamie that JR paid Seth to leave town. Jamie thinks this makes sense. Reggie turns to slip back out and runs into JR staring at Seth.

JR and Babe want to know what's with the guys in handcuffs because they know two of them. They ask if there is anything they can do to help. When JR tells him one of them is his step-brother, the detective tells him he'll see what he can find out. First thing they need to do though is look at the mug shots. Babe didn't see anything but the detective says she might have seen him staking them out before he lifted the baby. Bess begins crying as they look through the mug shots. JR reaches for Bess telling Babe he'll take care of her.

Bianca and Maggie walk the park trying to find any clue that might help. Bianca is concerned that the kidnapping attempt was because the Chandler family is high profile. Bianca thinks Babe and Bess might both be targets because of the family wealth.

Derek takes Reggie in to question him. His first question is how he got over on so many good people. Reggie gives him the smart-aleck answer that he drugged them. Derek is tired of Reggie's smart mouth and goes off on him. Angered, Derek sends Reggie out of the room and calls for Seth. Seeing JR and Babe there, Reggie wants to know what he missed. Jamie is not sure what's going on. Derek gets nowhere with Seth, who refuses to talk without his attorney present. Derek steps out and orders the officers to take all of them down for booking and, after their one phone call, lock them up. JR catches a moment with Jamie to find out what is going on. When he hears what Jamie has been arrested for, JR offers to send a lawyer. Jamie declines his offer saying he'll call his dad instead. An officer wants to go over the events leading up to the kidnapping again with JR. When JR goes with the officer, Jamie pulls Babe aside and tells her JR is the one who drugged her that night. JR comes back up as Babe is telling Jamie JR would not drug her. JR asks them what is going on.

Krystal arrives at Tad's door with a bad craving. Since the craving is for him, Tad says she should surrender to it. They begin kissing and are interrupted by Anita knocking at the door. Tad really doesn't want to be interrupted but Anita insists it is important. She needs to know where to reach Aidan. Tad tells her Aidan is out of town and unavailable. Anita is upset because Bobby found out Aidan was in Vegas. Aidan's info from Vegas was part of why she filed the divorce papers and she has to know more. Anita wants Tad to tell her everything he knows about Bobby. Tad tells her he can track down anyone but not to come to him for relationship advice. Besides, she's not paying him. Krystal wants Tad to give in and tell Anita what he can. Tad finally tells Anita that Aidan never said anything to him to make him think Bobby and Erica were having an affair. Krystal brings coffee back to the room and adds her sage advice to Tad's. Anita is still hung up on Bobby's lie about Erica. Krystal asks where the marriage vows say anything against lying. Anita tells her there's not anything. Krystal says that's because nothing is black and white and that Anita must consider the motivation. Krystal then gets Anita to make a list of everything she'd seek in the perfect man if she were filling out a form on an online dating site. Tad makes fun of Anita's handwriting and list, which includes a sense of humor and being sexy and having soulful eyes. Krystal asks her how many of those traits Bobby has. Krystal points out no man has all those traits 100% of the time and asks if she's really going to dump Bobby because he flubbed an Erica Kane question. Anita thanks them for their help. She says she's nowhere as near certain about the divorce as she was when she got there. Anita leaves. Tad and Krystal resume their kiss-a-thon. Just as they get horizontal, the phone rings. Tad lets the machine get it but jumps up quickly when he hears Derek's voice on the other end telling him Jamie has been arrested for possession with intent to resale.

Ryan offers Greenlee a job with any other division of Cambias to get her away from Kendall. He thinks 24/7 of Kendall will drive Greenlee to homicide if it doesn't drive him there first. Greenlee says she can handle Kendall though and chooses to stay at Fusion. Jonathan looks over Kendall's new project idea and tells her he's seen more creative approaches.

Bobby shows up at the fusion offices looking for Aidan. Ryan remembers Bobby from Philadelphia and from Vegas where he was hiding Erica. Bobby tells Ryan Erica was working and wants to know what other lies they've been telling Anita. Kendall invites Bobby to go back to Vegas before someone pounds him into dust. Bobby responds by telling Kendall what her mom said about her pushing men away and how they can't run away fast enough. He then tells her she can stop trying to run him off because he's not there about her or Erica. Simone comes in hoping Bobby is there looking for her. Bobby is not leaving until he gets what he came for. Simone is disappointed to learn it's not her. Ryan tells Greenlee she doesn't have to talk to Bobby but she volunteers and takes Bobby to another room. Kendall listens in at the door as Bobby tries to figure out who is sabotaging his marriage. Greenlee convinces him it's not her by showing him her ring and saying she has everything she wants. Seeing the ring Bobby says, "Wow! You actually pulled that off?" He wants to know how she did it. Greenlee explains all she had to do was wait for Kendall to self-destruct. Bobby asks if she has any advice for him. She tells him if she can do the impossible, so can he. Greenlee offers to vouch for Bobby with Anita. He says he has to be the one to get through to her though. Bobby and Greenlee muse over their newfound bond. When Greenlee leaves, Kendall comes in and offers to make a deal with Bobby that will get him everything he wants. Bobby doesn't want to do business with her. Not easily dissuaded, Kendall continues her promise that she can get him money, his wife back, anything he wants. Intrigued as to how she might pull it off, Bobby finally decides to give Kendall a listen. Bobby bites and asks what he has to do for her to get the world and his wife back. Kendall tells him, "Seduce Greenlee."

Ryan asks Jonathan if he's having fun. Jonathan compares his new job to being sent to war with a ping pong paddle instead of a gun. Ryan runs across a box that Simone identifies as Fusion's new holiday packaging. He hollers catch and tosses it to Jonathan. When Jonathan catches it, Ryan comments he must have been playing ball. This leads into a conversation about sports and working out. Jonathan says he needs to find a local gym. Simone volunteers to take him to her gym with her. She suggests they start in the coed steam room. Having embarrassed herself, Simone nixes the gym idea.

Wednesday, July 14

Tad told Krystal he had to rush to the police station because Jamie had been arrested. Krystal kissed him passionately and told him to hurry back. He opened the door to find David on the steps. David said he was looking for Krystal. Tad let him in and left.

At the police station JR questioned Jamie and Babe about their big secret they seemed to be sharing. Babe denied having a secret and said Jamie was just asking about Bess. She told JR she just wanted to go home so they left as Derek came over to take Jamie and Reggie to an interrogation room to wait for booking. Danielle picked up a phone and called Aunt Livia, telling her that Derek had completely lost it. In the interrogation room Jamie told Reggie that he told Babe JR gave her the drugs at SOS. Jamie got very agitated and Reggie tried to talk him down. Jamie said he loved his brother but hated what he's done to Babe. Tad and Jackson arrived at the station at the same time. Derek told them what the charges would be and Jamie said they were totally bogus. Derek walked away and Jamie said Seth threw the drugs at them just as the police showed up. Across the room Livia showed up and Danielle told her what her daddy had done. Derek returned to Reggie and Jack and was ready to book him. Jack argued with him while Tad asked Jamie exactly who he was trying to protect. Derek stepped away and Jack questioned Reggie about the events. Reggie said, "I did the right thing, J." Jack asked if this was a vendetta, payback for Reggie's mom. Reggie denied it. Jamie told Tad he was trying to help someone and Tad asked if it was Babe. Jamie wouldn't say. Derek returned, ready to begin booking the boys but Livia came in and told him not to do it. She told him that Reggie and Danielle were her clients and that if he booked any of the kids she would hit him with a malicious prosecution lawsuit. Derek argued with his sister but Livia said he was just out to get Reggie. He said he was trying to protect Dani but Livia told him to try to listen to his daughter and trust her. Meanwhile, Dani told Reggie he was awesome for going after the drug dealer. Tad told Jamie he'd help him with whatever he was trying to do but Jamie said he had to do it on his own. Derek finally backed down and said he wouldn't file charges against anyone. Jack took Reggie home, Tad and Jamie left and Derek took Dani into his office. He apologized, saying he made a mess of things but that he just wants to be a good father. He told Dani that she is still his little girl and the only way he knows how to show his love for her is by protecting her. "I don't tell you enough but you've made my life so much better, crazier but better" Derek told Danielle. She hugged him and said "I love you Daddy!." Then asked if she could see Reggie. At first he refused but Dani begged him to see what she saw in Reggie. Finally he agreed, but after she served her 1 week of being grounded.

David and Krystal went to the park, where he told her he wanted her help in being a good father to Babe. She picked a fight with him and they began to argue about the secret David could spill. David finally said that what Krystal and Babe shared was the real deal and he wanted it for himself. Krystal said it would take some work and David said he needed the Chandlers out of the way and that she would have to do that. Krystal got angry and said she didn't have to do anything. David brought up the secret he was guarding and she asked if he was threatening her. Finally David almost broke down and cried "I want someone in my life that's my flesh and blood to care about!" Krystal told him to get a puppy and David went off, yelling how she didn't know what it was like for him, to have no one to care for, no one who cares about him. Krystal was a little dumbfounded by his outburst. "You really want a chance with our daughter?" David said he really did and Krystal agreed to help him.

Babe and JR got Bess home and in her crib. Babe was still very upset and JR told her to take a bath to relax. She asked him about his excuse to leave the park and then how quickly he returned with Bess. He repeated his story about being called away for work but how he saw a man running with Bess. Babe wasn't sure but then asked if he blamed her for almost losing the baby. She said at the station he wouldn't even let her hold Bess and never answered her when she asked if he hated her. JR put on his loving husband act and asked where this was coming from. She asked more questions, ending with "Do you even still love me?" He just looked at her and Babe continued, "Something's off with us, we never even make love anymore." JR made up excuses like they were tired or busy but Babe said she knew something was different and wondered what he was keeping from her. JR said he told her everything but Babe said she saw how he and the drug dealer looked at each other at the police station. She asked how they knew each other. JR feigned shock but then said they had gone to school together and that Seth used to sell him drugs. He made up a story that Seth had tried to sell him drugs one day but he had turned him down. JR said he thinks that Seth got made and had someone slip drugs into Babe's drink at SOS to get back at him. Babe couldn't believe this and asked who Seth would get to help him. JR told her to ask Jamie and implied that Jamie knew Seth very well. Babe was horrified. She decided to go outside for some air. Jamie showed up and said he needed to talk to JR. Babe turned on him and said "You're a liar!." JR watched from the door.

At Fusion Greenlee and Ryan discussed her working with Kendall. Ryan said he had bad vibes about it but Greenlee said she could handle it. Ryan said Kendall was up to something and was going to use his brother as a smoke screen. Jonathon came in and Ryan's phone rang. He walked away to take the call and Greenlee and Jonathon sat down. He started to talk about tax management but Greenlee asked him how he could not know he was sleeping with his brother's ex when he slept with Kendall. Jonathon said his hobby was text books and that he had been all about school. Greenlee didn't buy it and he said while he was in law school he had no social life and was very focused. He said that it had been lonely in the library and when Kendall came on to him he just couldn't refuse. Up on the roof Kendall pushed Bobby into agreeing to her plan. She wanted him to seduce Greenlee so Ryan would come back to her. Bobby asked what he would get out of it and she said he'd get rich and be able to try to get his wife back. She offered him 20 grand. Bobby countered with 50 grand in cash. Kendall agreed but won't pay until the job is done. She said she wanted Ryan to catch Greenlee in the act and Bobby said for that he would need hazard pay. Kendall told him to concentrate on Greenlee and she'd take care of Ryan. Ryan came back into the office and told Greenlee and Jonathon about a deal he was working on. Bobby and Kendall came in and Bobby announced that Kendall had offered him a very interesting proposition. Kendall butted in and covered her tracks, and quickly got Bobby out of Fusion. Greenlee and Jonathon went into another room and Kendall joined Ryan. She said she had some information about the next campaign. Ryan told her to meet him on the roof. Greenlee and Jonathon came back and Kendall said she was going home. She quickly went to the roof and moments later Ryan joined her. She tried to remind him of their last meeting on the roof, when they made love. Ryan was not to be distracted and said "You want blood but you're not going to get it. You made your choices, I made mine. If you do anything to hurt anyone I care about, you'll be dust.." Kendall tried to seduce and charm him but Ryan wouldn't back down and left her standing alone. Kendall said to herself, "Give it your best shot Ryan! I'm going to get what I want and that's a promise."

Thursday, July 15

Bianca talks to Lena by phone, and when finished she informs Maggie that Lena wants her to spend the rest of her summer in Poland. Lena wanted to visit Pine Valley but her mother was preparing to start a new treatment so she can't get away. Maggie puts on a brave face and tries to convince Bianca that she should go, if only because Lena has seen Pine Valley but Bianca cannot say the same about Poland. Maggie pushes Bianca to call the airlines and book a seat for the next plane out, and leaves to get her suitcase.

When Maggie comes back into the living room, suitcase in hand, Bianca is sitting on the couch, looking rather despondent. Maggie asks her what's wrong - to which Bianca replies that she can't leave Pine Valley but she doesn't know why. She goes on to say that home is where the heart is, and if that is true - she should be able to get on that plane without hesitation.

Maggie plays along and tries to figure out what could be holding her here: it's not her mother (who is in rehab); it's not Kendall (who is in untouchable self-destruct mode); and it's not MiraBess (because Bianca is still solid in knowing that the baby is not hers). Maggie suggests that maybe more of Bianca's heart is here than she realizes - or maybe it is with one particular person.

At the Fusion offices, Kendall pleads with Jonathan to find a way to keep her there. She can't trust herself to not run off and wreck things even further with Ryan. She breaks down and confesses all to him - that she continually goes after Ryan because she has grown up into a woman who is in love with a man who doesn't want her. She has all of this pent-up anger over losing Ryan and jealousy towards Greenlee and she is sick of it. The joke in all of this is that she hates women who are like that. She admits that she understands why Ryan hates her - because she hates herself too. She warns Jonathan about staying near her - because she will only latch on to him and suck him into her drama. She tells him to get out while he can because she obviously can't change.

Jonathan falls for her sob story and tries to make her feel better by telling her about his first love - his high school calculus teacher. He tells Kendall that the only way he got over her was by developing a crush on a college professor. He succeeds in making her laugh, and Kendall finds that her hope is somewhat renewed. She asks Jonathan to help get Ryan out of her system.

She tells him that it's all the more difficult because Ryan works with her, and temptation is in her face all day. Jonathan agrees to help and starts to give her pointers about how she can deal with the workday - focus on the work. As a major player in a huge cosmetics organization, there should be enough to keep her distracted. He promises to have her back if she starts to fall off the wagon.

Realizing that part is easy enough, Kendall asks how she should deal after work. She tells Jonathan that when she is alone, in her apartment, in the dark - that's when she slips back into scheme mode, that's when she wants Ryan back more than ever and starts to plot destructive things. Jonathan suggests that they grab some food and then strategize further. Kendall, with a glint in her eye, offers an alternate plan: head over to her place and order in.

Jonathan looks at her incredulously and then tears into her. He is angry that she managed to suck him in yet again, and that she tried to play him again. He applauds her for a good show - but he wants no part of it. Kendall is clearly surprised and tries to convince him that those were not her intentions, but he wants none of it. He tells her that she is on her own and storms off.

In the park, Greenlee surprises Ryan (in accordance with their pre-nup) with a catered dinner featuring all of his favorite foods and drinks. Ryan is not only impressed by her thoughtfulness but he is also deeply touched. He savors it for a moment, but before Greenlee can dig in, he asks her if the arrangement is enough for her.

He tells her that while this all looked perfect in black and white on the paper, now they are living it up close and in color - and something is missing. They confess their mutual physical attraction to one another - in bed the night before and this morning, while heading in and out of the shower, and many other instances. Ryan asks her whether or not she has ever wanted to just give in - reach out and grab hold of what is in front of her.

Greenlee admits that she has thought about it - but she has had just sex, meaningless relationships, perfect times and wonderful relationships before; she isn't willing to settle anymore. The next time she gives in, she says, she wants to be in love.

Ryan says he wants that for both of them. He talks about not thinking that finding true love was possible when he was growing up - but that meeting Gillian blind-sided him. With Kendall, it was the exact opposite - she is pure chaos. Greenlee, understanding, says that when she married him, she became his safe space from all of the chaos - and he became the same for her. They toast to finding true love again - wherever it may be.

At the Chandler mansion, Babe is upset and pacing in the living room. Krystal shows up and Babe is relieved, but only for a moment. David enters the room moments later, and Babe's anxiety returns. David sees how upset Babe is and asks what JR did to upset her. Babe vehemently defends JR; she says he did nothing wrong, but this just proves to David that the exact opposite is true. Krystal warns him that as a new daddy, he needs to know when to back off.

Outside, Jamie calmly confronts JR about his suspicion that JR drugged Babe. JR is angry and defensive and demands to know why Jamie would think he could do such a thing. Jamie tells him that it would be easy if JR hated his wife and was trying to set her up because he was planning on divorcing her and making sure that he had custody of the baby. JR manages to look incredulous as he asks if Jamie realizes what he is accusing his own brother of. Jamie hears what JR has been saying - but what he doesn't hear is JR telling him that his suspicions are wrong. He tells him that Seth confessed that JR paid him to get out of town and that he was worried that JR might be turning into Adam. Jamie goes on to tell JR that he loves him and that his loyalties will always lie with his brother. Jamie swears he will do whatever it takes to help him out.

Inside, Babe is still shutting down a continually inquisitive David when JR walks in. Enraged that David is in his house again, JR tries to ask him politely to leave. David starts to protest, but Krystal convinces him to just go.

After he leaves, Babe asks JR is Jamie was done with his accusations about JR drugging her - and JR tells her no. He says that he needs her to accompany him outside. They go, and Jamie is surprised because he thought that they would deal with JR's problems between the two of them. JR tells him that Babe needs to be there for what he is about to say.

JR drops a bombshell: Jamie is the one that drugged Babe. Shocked, Jamie listens as JR comes to a slew of realizations (Seth is Jamie's friend and they talked at the music store; Jamie was the only one with Babe and got her drink right before she started acting out; Seth and Jamie got arrested together) which all prove Jamie is the culprit. He goes on to say that Jamie must be still in love with her and used this as a way to get her back. Furious, Jamie says that JR's charade is over and tells Babe to go get MiraBess and their things so that he can take them as far away from JR as possible.

Babe doesn't move to follow Jamie's request, so Jamie tries to tell her that JR is the one against her. He tells her that JR just thinks that she is in the way and that he drugged her so that JR would have a reason to get divorced and get custody of the baby. Babe, her eyes welling with tears, tells Jamie that she doesn't believe him - and that to say those things against JR just means he is evil. She tells him to leave, and he does so but not before telling JR that he is sick and he won't get away with what he's done.

Visibly shaken, Babe tells JR that she needs to see MiraBess. JR tells her that he understands, and adds that he will always protect her and the baby. He tells her that he won't let Jamie near either one of them ever again. When Babe leaves, JR is left alone momentarily with anger flashing in his eyes to mull over what has just transpired. Then, David walks out from behind some bushes, clapping. He congratulates JR for a job well done in convincing Babe that he loves her and will always be there for her. Now, David wants JR to do just as good of a job trying to convince him of the same.

Back at the apartment, Bianca and Maggie are still in the middle of figuring out why Bianca can't leave when Jamie bursts in. He pleads with them to help him save Babe and the baby.

Friday, July 16

On a mission to find Bobby, Anita pays Zach a visit. He has nothing but high praise for her planned-to-be ex-husband. She tells him about an event where it's all but certain that he'll run into Maria.

Maria lends Bobby an attentive ear as he voices his fear that Anita will never forgive him for his infidelity. She then turns her attention to her own life and attempts to get info from Bobby about Zach. Edmund, meanwhile, enlists Palmer's help in trying to uncover the source of the cryptic phone conversation he overheard.

Jamie shares his suspicion of JR with Bianca and asks for her help in saving Babe from her "dangerous" husband. After talking with Krystal, Babe is certain that Jamie didn't drug her and she tells JR that. When David expresses his suspicion of JR, Babe warns him to leave her husband alone.



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