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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 15, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, January 15, 2007

Amanda, Del and Jonathan were working at ConFusion. Jonathan wanted Amanda to leave, but she refused because she believed she was safe working there. Then, Amanda went to help some customers. The customers asked if Zarf was the killer and Amanda said no and put them at a good table. Jonathan was annoyed that Amanda said and did this. Amanda explained that she was only trying to help their poor business since the murders. Amanda also stated that Babe thought Zarf was innocent. Jonathan became furious and yelled that Babe did not know anything. Amanda and Del then calmed Jonathan down and said he should leave because being at the bar brought up too many memories of Erin. Jonathan was still annoyed, but agreed he should leave. After Jonathan left, Amanda threw a glass across the bar. Del cleaned it up and encouraged Amanda to get over Jonathan. Del then attempted to massage her back, but Amanda told him to stop and restock the bar. Meanwhile, Jonathan went to the boathouse. He was filled with rage and began throwing and breaking objects. Then, Lily walked up. She announced that the old Jonathan was back!

Tad and Ryan went to see Zach at the casino to discuss the murders committed by the satin slayer. Zach showed them the message he received from the killer, which was a flyer that had the murdered Fusion girls crossed out in marker. Zach declared that Zarf was the killer and wanted Tad to prove it. Zach then informed Tad that Zarf had a picture of Zach's mother in his penthouse. Tad, however, was not convinced Zarf was the killer. Tad explained that he and Aidan found no connection between Zarf and the Cambias family. Zach stated an innocent man would not run from the cops. Tad still did not believe this was enough proof. Zach further stated that Zarf had drugs in his hotel room. Tad believed these were probably recreational. Tad then looked at Zach sternly and said that just because someone is accused of a crime it does not mean they are guilty. Tad felt they could not assume the killer was Zarf and let their guard down and allow another murder to occur. Ryan was frustrated and suggested Tad look into the many enemies Zach had. Ryan also wanted Zach to get Kendall out of town. Tad then speculated that the gardenia and white ribbon could be a coincidence, but Zach disagreed. Zach asserted that the satin slayer believed Zach killed his mother. Just then, Zach had a flashback and saw himself as a little boy looking over the ledge of the balcony. Zach remembered saying. "I didn't do it."

Erica arrived at the hospital worried that one of her daughters was attacked by the satin slayer. When she saw Bianca and Josh she was relieved, but asked if Kendall was also alright. Bianca said Kendall was not the victim, so Erica asked if Babe was. Josh became enraged and thought Erica wanted it to be Babe. Erica denied this. They then told Erica about Dani. Erica was distressed because the killer was able to poison Dani in the chief of police's home. Then, Erica decided to relay Babe's message to Josh. Erica stated that Babe busted into her hotel suite to tell Erica that she wanted nothing to do with Josh. Josh felt this was a sign that Babe was scared of her feelings for him and was desperate to fight them. Josh asserted that Babe loved him. Erica and Bianca did not agree and thought Babe truly wanted to stay with JR. Josh then revealed that Kendall was on his side. Erica stated she would straighten out Kendall, but Josh laughed. Josh said Erica could not stop Kendall and Zach and that she would not stop him and Babe either. Erica still persisted that Josh should stay away from Babe. Then, Josh explained that Babe was a true friend that stuck by his side through his ordeal with Greg Madden. As Josh stated this, Bianca realized that Zarf was probably with Babe. So, Josh ran off. Bianca then told Erica that she did not care if Josh and Babe hooked up. Bianca then said goodbye so she could spend the night with Miranda. Erica stood alone when an arm grabbed her and pulled her into a room. It was Jeff and he kissed her passionately! Meanwhile, Bianca arrived home and saw that her bodyguard would not let someone into the apartment. As the bodyguard stepped aside, Bianca saw Maggie standing there! Bianca looked shocked!

Babe and Zarf were outside the Chandler mansion. Babe put her scarf around Zarf to protect him from the cold. Zarf stated he could not feel the cold or anything else because he was dying inside. Babe comforted him and believed he would be exonerated after the drug results were back. Zarf said he had to leave before the results were back because they would destroy him. Babe assumed it was recreation drugs and said a lot of rock stars got caught with drugs. Zarf said the vile did not contain drugs, instead it held his destiny. Babe looked confused at first, but then seemed enlightened. Babe stated that it was a mistake for Zarf to hide ZoŽ. Zarf explained that he thought he was strong enough to be ZoŽ, but the world was too mean and rejecting. Zarf called himself a freak. Babe declared Zarf was not a freak. Zarf then admitted how upset he was that Bianca did not understand him, even though Babe could. Babe informed, "It is easier to be a girl friend than to be a girlfriend." Zarf giggled about having a girlfriend. Babe then assured Zarf that he could trust her and held out her hand. Zarf took her hand and Babe brought Zarf into the secret tunnels to hide.

Kendall went to see JR and announced that she was there to forgive him. JR recalled their friendship. He believed they were friends because they were so much alike. Kendall agreed and went to shake his hand in peace. Then, JR grabbed her arm and told her to drop the act. JR stated that since they were so much alike he knew Kendall would not forgive him. Kendall could not deny this. Then, JR's laptop announced that it detected motion. Kendall opened it and saw Josh's hotel room with a maid making the bed. When Kendall realized JR was spying on Josh she got very agitated. Kendall believed this was an invasion of privacy and warned JR not to hurt Josh. Kendall then revealed that Josh was the one who saved his life after the fall. JR was stunned. So, JR admitted that he had to get dirt on Babe so he could win back custody of Little Adam. Kendall called him stupid for giving Babe custody. Just then, Babe walked in and looked suspicious of Kendall's presence. Kendall slyly smiled and put her hand on JR's laptop. JR looked nervous. However, Kendall did not tell Babe about the hidden camera. Instead, Kendall announced that Babe had befriended Zarf, the number one suspect in the murders. JR was not happy about this, but Babe defended Zarf and told Kendall to leave. JR said Kendall came to apologize and asked Babe to leave them alone, so she did. Kendall then stated that JR owed her. JR proceeded to announce that he figured out that Josh made Kendall come over to help break up his marriage. So, JR stated that Josh could have Babe once he won custody of Little Adam. JR then suggested they work together to achieve their goals, like old times. Just as Kendall agreed, Josh ran into the room. JR demanded he leave, but Josh was determined to find Babe. Josh looked around and then opened a door to the secret tunnels. Josh walked in and found Zarf and Babe together!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Surprised to see Maggie waiting for her at her apartment, Bianca asked her what she was doing there. Maggie asked her if they could go inside and talk. Maggie told Bianca that she had been very worried about her. Bianca told her all the scandal in PV and Maggie said she was sorry for not being there for her. Bianca told her to go home to Cecelia, but Maggie said she came to apologize. Maggie asked about Miranda and wanted to see her, but Bianca said absolutely not. Maggie told her that she was incredibly sorry and asked for forgiveness. Maggie groveled and begged forgiveness and told Bianca how much she still loved her and wanted them to be together again. Bianca told Maggie she was a different person now and that she had no room in her life for anyone else especially her. Bianca told Maggie to leave and Maggie told her that she was staying at the Valley Inn if she wanted to call her.

After their kiss, Erica told Jeff it was exactly what she needed. Jeff said he thought he was just being selfish. Erica told him that she was having a bad day and Jeff said that he intended to fix that. Jeff led Erica to the terrace where he had flowers, music, candlelight and food waiting for her. They danced and talked and then Jack showed up. Erica sent Jeff packing and Jack told her that he did not want a divorce. He said he should have apologized for the gifts from Sean and Colby. He told her that he was afraid that if he told her the truth the light in her eyes would vanish. They re-hashed their problems and Jack asked if they could find their way back. Erica asked if he thought it was possible, but with Jeff lurking in the shadows, he told her no he didn't think so and he left. She told Jeff that she had loved Jack for a long time and when they married, she was determined to make this marriage work but she had failed. Erica told Jeff to dance with her. She held tight to him as they danced.

At the boathouse, Lily told Jonathan that she thought the old Jonathan was back. He told her that was not true, but she began counting backwards. Jonathan told her that he was not bad, just angry. He tried to explain his anger to Lily, and assured her that the old Jonathan was gone and he would never hurt her. Lily left and Jonathan cried his eyes out and asked Erin to help him.

At the bar at ConFusion Amanda was talking to a customer who told her that before ConFusion, there was no exciting place in town. As he took out his credit card she saw pictures of the Fusion girls in his wallet. Amanda went to Del and explained the pictures in the guys wallet. Del went over and introduced himself to "Kenny". He told Del that he understood the Fusion girls better than anyone. He said that he loved Simone very much and Del told Amanda that the guy was a nut job. Amanda turned around and Kenny was gone, but had left his credit card. Jonathan came in and told him about Kenny. Jonathan said to leave it to the police, but Amanda began explaining what happened to the detective that she called. Jonathan took the receipt from Kenny's credit card and called to get information on him. Jonathan got the goods on Kenny and then Amanda told him that the killer got to Dani.

J.R., Kendall and Josh found Zarf and Babe in the Chandler tunnels. Zarf made an escape attempt, but failed. Babe continued to defend Zarf, but the closed minded people around her had other opinions. Out of control as usual, Kendall, Josh and J.R. went on and on about how Zarf was a murderer etc. In walked Ryan, Zach and Tad and Ryan predictably Ryan grabbed Zarf and demanded a confession. They asked Zarf why he had a picture of Zach's mother when Zach grabbed him and told him to start talking. Babe continued to tell Zarf to tell the truth and save himself. Derek arrived and said as soon as he got the results on what was in the vials he would have evidence for Zarf's arrest. Zarf told him that V-Tach was in the vials and that he killed Simone and Erin and if he was not locked up immediately, he would kill again. The rabble continued to scream for his crucifixion when Derek got the vial results and told them it was estrogen. Zarf maintained it was V-Tach and that he was the killer. Babe told Zarf to tell them about Zoe. With tears on his cheeks, Zarf admitted that he was Zoe.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Zarf announced that he was not a man, but a woman, ZoŽ. Babe was happy she finally revealed herself and encouraged ZoŽ to tell her story. So, ZoŽ explained that she never felt comfortable growing up as the boy, Freddy. Instead, ZoŽ always knew she was a girl, but trapped in a boy's body. As Josh listened, he called Bianca to come over quickly. Meanwhile, everyone was still angry, frustrated and confused by Zarf's new admission that he was a woman. As Bianca walked in, ZoŽ was being assaulted by questions like, "What are you?" Bianca heard this and asked ZoŽ to reveal the whole truth. So, ZoŽ explained that she was drawn to Fusion because of the strong, creative, and independent women that worked there. Zach then asked why ZoŽ had a picture of his mother. ZoŽ claimed that all of the pictures she collected were of exquisite women she hoped to be someday. Colby was intrigued by this and began to understand the lyric's Zarf wrote. Colby stated that transgender people did exist. However, not everyone was convinced that ZoŽ's story was true. Ryan, Kendall, and JR especially thought ZoŽ was only claiming this because she was setting her case up for an insanity plea. Tad, however, felt bad for ZoŽ and thought she might be telling the truth. Then, Derek decided to arrest ZoŽ. Babe was outraged and protested ZoŽ's innocence, but ZoŽ was taken away in cuffs anyway. Babe then asked everyone to be compassionate about ZoŽ's situation, but everyone except for Josh and JR left without saying a word. Then, Josh tried to warn Babe that ZoŽ may still be the killer. JR demanded Josh leave and Babe agreed, so Josh left. Babe and JR continued to argue over ZoŽ until they were both too tired to fight anymore. Babe then went outside to bring Little Adam's tricycle inside. When she was outside, someone was watching her through the bushes. And, as they watched, they tied a white ribbon around the fence.

Kendall and Zach went to the casino to discuss ZoŽ. Kendall was distressed and chastised ZoŽ for torturing Zach about his past. Zach, however, did not think ZoŽ was the killer. Just then, Kendall saw the flyer that the satin slayer sent Zach. Kendall believed this was similar to ZoŽ's picture collection. Still, Zach disagreed and felt the killer was still out there. Zach then revealed that he remembered more about his mother's death. Zach recalled saying he did not do it, but was not sure what this meant. Zach then vowed not to stop his search for answers until the satin slayer was captured.

The bar patron came back to ConFusion for his credit card. Jonathan immediately grabbed him and smashed him onto a table. The man was shocked and begged to be let go. Then, Del took his wallet and found the pictures of the Fusion girls. The man then revealed he was Kenny Adler, a lawyer that worked for Fusion when it first opened. Kenny explained he also helped Simone with personal legal issues. Kenny admitted he loved Simone, but she rejected him. So, he left the country on business and returned with hopes of anther chance with Simone, but it was too late. Jonathan did not believe this, so Kenny offered to tell the police his story. Jonathan said he would follow Kenny to the police station and they left. Shortly after they departed, Jonathan called Amanda looking for Kenny because he lost him on the road. Amanda looked worried.

Jack was appointed as a special prosecutor on ZoŽ's case. Derek was not happy at first because he did not want any help. Still, Jack was appointed by a powerful politician, so Derek had no choice but to allow Jack on the case. Meanwhile, Bianca arrived at the police station and asked Jack to see ZoŽ. Jack was hesitant, but finally allowed the visit. So, Bianca went to ZoŽ's cell and asked if this was all her fault. ZoŽ said nothing. Bianca then recalled the reactions she received when she came out as a lesbian. Bianca stated that she was disappointed in some people because they were hurtful towards her. Bianca regretted her reaction when ZoŽ came out to her. So, ZoŽ asked Bianca if she felt something real for Zarf before she knew Zarf was ZoŽ. Bianca admitted she did feel something for Zarf. ZoŽ then asked if Bianca thought she was the killer. Bianca said she thought ZoŽ was innocent and held her hand. Meanwhile, Derek, Jack, Tad, and Ryan tried to figure out if ZoŽ was the satin slayer. Tad did not think ZoŽ was guilty. Ryan, however, felt ZoŽ was like the killer from Silence of the Lambs because ZoŽ wanted to be a woman and resented real women because of it. Meanwhile, the profiler told Derek that the killer despised women. Then, Derek asserted that he would catch the killer with Dani's help, once she woke up.

Livia was sitting by Dani's side in her hospital room. Then, Julia, Di, and Aidan arrived. They all went outside the room to talk. Aidan explained that Dani might have seen the killer and needed to wake up to save the other women. Livia then admitted that she was losing faith in her profession as a defense attorney because she may have helped criminals like the satin slayer go free. Meanwhile, Di informed Julia of her plan to bait the killer. Di was glad she caught Zarf, but feared the worst was not over. Then, Livia went back into Dani's room. Livia begged Dani to wake up. Then, Dani's eyes slowly opened. Livia was overjoyed. Livia then asked if Dani remembered anything from before she passed out. Dani said yes and then closed her eyes again!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

As he lies asleep, Zach hears a man and woman arguing. When it stops, he finds himself on the balcony again, looking through fog at who he believes is his mother. He touches her shoulder and when she turns around, it's Kendall. He awakens with a start, jolting Kendall out of her sleep in the process. She instinctively comforts him, and he tells her that he had the same dream. She asks if he thought about the possibility that this whole ordeal could have nothing to do with him and everything to do with his mother. Zach asks her to stop helping, as he is afraid further involvement will put her more in danger, but she refuses. She then says that perhaps he should seek the help of a professional that could help him recall the memories that he is blocking.

After Joe warns him not to pressure Dani, Derek gently asks his daughter if she can recall what she saw before she passed out. She slowly tells him that what she thinks she saw was a man. She manages to elaborate far enough to tell them that the hand she saw was encased in a glove, and that she remembers a bird swooping down toward her face. Then, an alarm sounds and Joe orders them all out of the room. Out in the hall, they all agree that with more rest, Dani might be able to remember more. Livia then announces that she is canceling her trip to Chicago, but her brother begs her to go, saying that he needs her to take Dani out of town. He admits that although he is almost positive that they have the correct person locked up, he doesn't have the forensics to back his suspicions and he knows that with a high-priced lawyer, he won't be able to keep Zarf in jail for long. Later, when it is just Aidan and Di in the hall, Aidan notes that if the killer isn't Zarf, they need to admit that they are up against someone who is smart enough to stay one step ahead of them. Di asks if he believes it's the right decision to let Livia take Dani away, and Aidan tells her that he doesn't agree - rather, he thinks that they should let the killer know that Dani knows exactly who they are. Livia and Derek return and Aidan and Di explain their plan. Both members of the Frye family outright refuse to let them use Dani as bait and put her in danger again. Aidan suggests that perhaps she wouldn't be. Di offers herself up as a decoy, but they reject that as well, saying that she doesn't have the training needed to deal with this kind of situation. Di swears that she can handle it because of the time that she spent in prison. Livia pipes up, saying that in order for this to work, the killer would have to get close enough to see a black woman in the bed. She orders her brother to get Dani out of town and says that she will be the bait.

Amanda and Jonathan rush into the police station, attempting to urge the officer into looking for Kenny. The officer fairly blows them off, insisting that they have the real murderer in lockup already. Ryan joins them soon and the duo hurriedly fills Ryan in, hoping he will back them up. Ryan asks the detective why he wouldn't just follow up on their lead, in case they have something. When he doesn't respond, Ryan demands to talk to the chief. The detective tells him that just because he has cash, he does not have the right to order people around. Just then, Lt. Perry interrupts and says that he will handle them. He tells them that Derek is at the hospital, and everyone at the station is on high alert. Ryan notes that with their sister dead, they are not exactly resting on their laurels. Lt. Perry offers to take the information they have and follow up on it himself. Ryan looks to his brother, and Jonathan appears at a loss for a moment. He then looks up at the stairs, sees Kenny, and indicates that he is the person of interest the police should talk to. Jonathan demands to know where Kenny went after he promised he would go to the police station and then disappeared. Kenny informs the room that his sister in Philly just had a baby, so he went to see her. The lieutenant then says that he knows Kenny well, and is certain that he is not the killer.

Josh visits Zarf down in lockup, and although the rock star tries to ignore him, Josh insists he needs the truth because Babe could be next. ZoŽ tries to make him go away, saying that he betrayed both her and Babe. Josh tells her that he knows that there is more to her by the pain that he sees in her eyes. He asks once again for the truth, using her chosen name, and this gets her attention.

Babe and JR continue to argue over whether ZoŽ is guilty of murder or not, with Babe firmly resting on the side of innocent, and JR believing blindly in his guilt. He tries to get through to her, saying that Zarf only came to her because she was next on his list. Jamie shows up just then and tells them that he found a satin ribbon tied on the gate outside. JR thinks that Zarf left it as a calling card before being hauled off last night, but Babe thinks that the real murderer left it while the rest of the closed-minded folks in Pine Valley were focused on stringing up the wrong person. She grabs her purse and starts to leave, and JR demands to know where she plans on going. She irately tells him that after she kisses their son, she is going to work. When she walks out of the room, JR immediately pulls out his cell phone and Jamie asks who he is calling. JR notes that he is calling his attorney to tell him about Babe's actions because they would surely make her out to be an unfit mother. Jamie questions if he actually cares that Babe might die before she makes it to any kind of custody hearing. JR insists that he cares about Babe because she is the mother of his child, and Jamie reminds him that she is also his wife. He asks how JR could possibly use the fact that Babe made friends with a transgender person as a reason to try to overturn the custody agreement. JR restates that Zarf is a killer, and Jamie reminds him that he has no proof of that. He then goes on to tell JR about a woman he met in pre-med that was still going through the transition, but lived her life as a woman. He pointed out what a fantastic person she is, but JR doesn't get that someone who is transgender could possibly be a normal person without mental hang-ups. He dismisses his brother's tirade, and Jamie is livid that JR won't even consider the existence of an alternative life if it doesn't make any sense to him. JR fires back that it is not about Zarf, or whoever he believes he is - it's about Babe. He insists that he doesn't get off on skipping to the divorce lawyer with evidence, but it keeps piling up and he is obligated to give it to his lawyer so that he can keep his son safe. Jamie tells his brother that he is too quick to believe the worst in people, and that perhaps a better bet would be to talk to Babe if he wants to try to understand her. JR tells him that if he could believe for a minute that Babe still loved him, he would drop his case in a heartbeat, but because he knows for sure that Josh is still in her life, he can't. Shortly thereafter, an officer shows up and retrieves the ribbon that Jamie found. He checks to make sure that they have alerted their security team, and then leaves with a promise that they will process the ribbon as quickly as they can to see if they can glean any additional evidence. Once he leaves, the brothers fall into a somber silence. Dixie enters the room and tells them that it occurred to her that they hadn't had one of her famous chocolate chip cookie moments in a while, and then reveals some of those very cookies from underneath a silver dome. They reminisce for a bit, and then JR, slightly choked up, reveals that he had dreamed of being able to sit with them again, laughing and being alive, so many times before. Dixie assures him that she will never leave him again, and then tries to ascertain that everything really is all right. In response, JR tells her that it has to be.

Bianca arrives at the Fusion offices to find the place deserted. Her guard quickly checks out all of the rooms before giving it the all clear. She opens up a few envelopes and then, frustrated, asks of her absent sister what their next move should be.

A short time later, as Zach is getting ready for the day, Kendall tries to convince him that consulting someone medical would be a good idea. Zach regards himself as steel and says that no one can get inside his head. The phone rings, and Kendall finds her sister on the other end. Bianca tells her that she needs to come down to Fusion immediately because they have big problems to deal with. She gives her husband a farewell hug and a kiss and then trots off to take a shower. When he hears the water run, Zach flips open his cell phone and when his call is answered, he tells them to find Lavery.

Josh continues to beg for ZoŽ to open up, saying that if he cared about Babe, he wouldn't want her dead. He tells the singer that if he didn't do it, the murderer is still out there running free, and Babe is still in danger. Babe approaches unnoticed as Josh grabs ZoŽ through the bars and demands that he plead guilty so that he would have an assurance that Babe and his sisters are safe. Babe screams at Josh, demanding that he let ZoŽ go and then reminds him caustically that he is one of the reasons that ZoŽ is locked up. After ascertaining that Josh didn't hurt her, Babe reveals that although she can't stay, she wanted to stop by and tell him that she got a hold of his lawyer, and that he would be headed to Pine Valley as soon as he finishes up in court. She tells him that she is en route to Fusion because Bianca called because of some sort of emergency. Josh asks what the emergency is, and Babe tells him to stay out of it. ZoŽ tells her that she can't fault Josh for trying to protect her. Babe lets the last comment go and simply tells the prisoner that she is proud of her, and starts to go. On her way out, she tells Josh that he should leave the jail and stop bothering ZoŽ. ZoŽ speaks up and asks Josh to stay, as they hadn't finished their conversation. Once Babe exits the scene, Zarf tells the lone Kane son that he was not guilty of killing the women of Fusion, and that Josh had to do whatever was necessary to protect the remaining partners from harm.

Kendall arrives at Fusion and asks immediately about what the emergency is. Before she gets an answer, she asks where the staff is. Bianca tells her that everyone quit because it was one thing when people were being attacked in the office because they could still feel safe with more intensive alarms and the guards that were posted. However, after Dani was attacked in her own home, things changed. Kendall notes that everything will change when they realize that the person responsible is behind bars. Bianca tells her sister that she doesn't believe that ZoŽ committed the murders, and Kendall focuses with horror on the fact that Bianca is now referring to the singer by her chosen name. She then says that ZoŽ is the reason for all of their problems, just as Babe comes in and says that not only is ZoŽ not to blame, but she will be out of jail soon. Bianca stops them from getting into yet another row by saying that they have even bigger problems: once their distributors found out that ZoŽ had been arrested, all orders were stopped and 90% of them asked for a return of product. She tells the two leading ladies that if they don't pull off a miracle, Fusion is going to fail. They start to figure out a plan of action but the attempt is foiled when Kendall can't resist going off on Babe. Although her level-headed sister announces that Kendall's tirade is of no help, Kendall points out that since Babe is so brilliant and a great judge of character, she should certainly be able to think of something that will get them out of this mess. Bianca tries to intervene again, asking for ideas about what to do but Kendall blurts out that Babe is so stupid that she even thinks her husband will forgive her. Babe asks what JR told her, and Kendall tells her that they didn't waste time talking about her. Babe demands to know why Kendall was at their house but Kendall dodges her questions. Wanting to hit home, Babe reminds her that Zach admitted that he was the one that brought all of this pain and suffering down on the town and wonders aloud why she isn't pointing fingers at her husband. Kendall says that it is simply because Zarf confessed. Bianca finally gets her sister's attention by telling her that she agrees with Babe. Kendall begs Bianca not to go soft on her, and says that the next thing you know, Bianca will be telling her something ridiculous like she forgave Maggie. The elevator doors had opened, and Maggie's voice interrupts their conversation, saying that she has hope that that very thing becomes true.

After Kenny tells them that he has a long history with Fusion and that the company was a labor of love for him, the lieutenant reveals that Kenny used to be a lawyer in town and that he had gone to bat for Simone in court several times, and even dated her for a while. At that, a light goes on in Ryan's head and he says that he remembers Kendall mentioning him. Lt. Perry invites Kenny back to his office and tells the trio that they have their man locked up already. Ryan promises Jonathan and Amanda that he would have his private security team check out everyone who acts suspicious, regardless of what the police do. He then spots Zach and excuses himself. He crosses the room and Slater says he needs Ryan's help, as he may have information about Zach's mother. He asks if, when Alexander Cambias made Ryan the sole heir of his estate, if there was any information or any photographs left behind of his mother. Ryan tells him that he had all materials like that from the three houses around the world shipped to a warehouse outside of Pine Valley for Miranda to have when she got old enough to want to know about her grandfather. Zach asks if anyone has had access to it, and Ryan admits that he doesn't know but he could have a key made. Zach fairly orders him to do so and starts to leave. Ryan stops him, realizing that Zach doesn't believe the singer is responsible. He issues an order of his own: to find out what the connection is between the killer and his mother, quickly, as time is running out. He then lets Zach go and returns to his brother's side. He and Amanda both address the possibility that ZoŽ could be innocent, and cite the fact that Babe is convinced of that truth. Josh shows up and, having overheard, tells them that he believes in ZoŽ's innocence as well.

Having a new target, Kendall attempts to berate Maggie enough so that she will leave. Maggie takes it like a pro, knowing that she deserves it. She offers to help any way, and although Babe tries to accept, Kendall tells her that she can help by leaving Bianca alone forever. Frustrated, Bianca silences all of them by ordering Babe to review some papers, telling Maggie that it isn't a good time for a surprise visit, and telling her sister to shut up and think of a plan. Then, the elevator doors open again, and Josh appears, also offering help. They all take a spot in various parts of the office and get to work. Bianca's focus doesn't last long, as Maggie comes over and asks to talk. She brushes her ex off, saying that she doesn't have time and Kendall continues to try to drive a physical wedge between the two. Bianca assures her big sister that she doesn't need any help, and Josh pushes forward, saying that they will need to come up with a successful ad campaign in the next few days if they want a chance of staying afloat. Bianca says that she can talk to Ryan about Cambias giving them a short term loan until they can get back on their feet, and Josh says that he and Babe can come up with another amazing campaign while under the gun again. Ryan joins them in the office at that moment and Bianca fills him in on the need for a loan. Ryan tells them that he can't authorize that because he is closing down the company. They beg him not to and Bianca says that she can go directly to the board for assistance. Ryan assures her that he can still veto her request, and will if she tries. He starts to check out something in the rear of the office when a guard comes in with a gardenia in a box and says that he found it outside. Josh grabs it and the accompanying card, and looks inside to see the message. He looks up, and tells the group that the flower is for Kendall.

Kenny and the lieutenant emerge from his office a short time later, and they shake hands before Kenny takes off. Jonathan starts to go after him but Amanda stops him, saying that he needs to let the cops and Ryan do their jobs. Jonathan tells her that he has to do something because there are too many people in danger. Then, almost brokenly, he touches her face and asks what they are to do if even she isn't safe.

Zach enters the warehouse where all of his father's effects are stored in crates and boxes. He approaches something covered with a sheet and when he pulls it off, he finds a painting of Kendall with a satin ribbon around her neck, holding a gardenia.

Friday, January 19, 2007

JR searches through Krystal's purse as Adam walks in. When Adam asks JR what he is doing, JR says he needs a phone to hire more security guards at the home until the Satin Slayer is caught. Adam thinks JR is lying, but Dixie asks to speak to JR alone before Adam can get any answers. Dixie tells JR he was looking through Krystal's purse because he still believes she has some secret. Dixie insists no one is hiding secrets from him, but JR says she is a terrible liar. JR asks Dixie if she is protecting Tad because he is in trouble. Dixie says that Krystal knows something that will help Tad, but Tad does not know what it is. JR pleads with Dixie to tell him the truth because it is torturing her. Dixie tells him if she reveals the secret, it will hurt too many people. JR promises to let the issue go for Dixie's sake. After Dixie leaves, Adam comes back in looking for answers. JR says he was looking for evidence to prove Babe and Josh were having an affair. JR tells Adam about Babe rescuing Zarf, but Adam thinks that in itself is enough to give him full custody of Little Adam.

At the police station, Derek, Jackson and Tad try piecing the murder investigation together. Jackson and Tad want to get more information on Kevin Adler, but Derek thinks they should focus on Zarf, who is already pegged guilty in his eyes. Erica walks into the station with Jeff on her arm demanding answers in order to save Kendall and Bianca. Jackson tells Erica about Zarf's arrest, as Derek walks over announcing that Zarf is the killer. Jackson tells Erica he will do what he can to find the real killer, but Erica says that it may be too late by then. Erica apologizes for doubting Jackson's abilities to bring down the killer, but is so scared for Kendall and Bianca. To help the girls, Jackson encourages Erica to ask Bianca and Kendall to shut down Fusion, but Erica disagrees.

Tad pulls Jeff aside, scolding him for parading around with Erica in front of a sorely hurt Jackson. Jeff claims that he is more than happy to take Jackson's place if Erica wants him too. Tad reminds him that Jackson and Erica have been working on their relationship for years, so Jeff shouldn't get his hopes up. Jeff thinks that the divorce papers are a good sign their relationship is over. Tad reminds him the same situation happened with Erica and Jeff. Jeff escorts Erica out of the station as Jackson and Tad get back to the investigation.

Babe tells Ryan, Kendall and Josh about the white ribbon being tied to the gate at home as they stare at the present from the killer. She tells them that the gesture will prove Zarf is innocent because he can't send flowers from jail. Ryan updates everyone on Kenny's arrival to town, but Kendall says Kenny is not a threat. Ryan and Josh beg the Fusion girls to shut down the business until the killer is caught, but Kendall refuses. Bianca agrees that Kendall needs to be safe, but Maggie begs Bianca to take Miranda and leave too. Babe insists on staying with Kendall to finish the campaign. When Kendall is alone on the roof, Ryan leaps out to try to show that she is not safe anywhere. The body guard rushes in to check on Kendall and leaves at her permission. Ryan pushes Kendall to leave town and Zach, but she refuses. When Ryan storms out, someone watches Kendall with binoculars.

Zach starts going through all of the boxes at the storage unit after seeing the painting the killer left for him. Zach talks out loud, asking the killer what he wants from him, as a camera records his every move. As the killer look on from a secret room, Zach pulls out a batch of love letters written to his mother from her secret lover "R." Zach wonders if the killer blames him for Amelia's death. He screams that he did not kill his mother and Kendall cannot be next on the list.



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