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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 8, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, January 8, 2007

Colby and Sean were at the police station when Adam and Krystal arrived. Adam told Colby he would get her out of trouble. Then, Jack arrived. Sean asked how Erica was and Jack stated she moved out again. Sean was upset, but Jack explained Sean had bigger problems due to the serious charges he was facing. Then, Colby and Sean were taken away for processing. Adam asked Jack how he was going to get Sean off the hook. Jack said he was not going to bail out Sean because he needed to face the consequences. Jack left and Krystal agreed that Colby also needed to face consequences. So, they left as well. And, when Colby and Sean returned, they realized that no one was there for them. Colby then told Sean that if Adam and Krystal did not want her then she would join Sean the next time he went on one of his road trips.

Danielle went to see her father, Derek, at the police station. Derek said that her mother, Mimi, wanted Danielle to move to New York because she would be safer there. Danielle, however, believed it was Derek's idea to send her away. Derek admitted she was right, but still urged her to leave. Danielle refused to leave Pine Valley. So, Derek made her promise to let him know where she was at all times. Danielle then said she going home to do work and then going to her Aunt Olivia's house. After Danielle left, Derek was handed new information on the serial killer and looked shocked. Meanwhile, Danielle was at home and two undercover cops were outside. Danielle got ready to do work, but did not realize someone was inside watching her!

Annie told Ryan that Jonathan might be in trouble. She explained how upset Jonathan was about Zarf being taken into custody and then being let go. Ryan said Jonathan had a violent past, but was a changed man. Still, Annie believed Jonathan had been under distress lately because of Lily, T, and Erin. So, Ryan wanted to check on Jonathan and Annie said Jonathan went to the Pine Valley Inn. Meanwhile, Babe was comforting Zarf in his hotel room. Babe asked how Zarf spelled Zoë and they hugged. Then, there was a knock and Babe opened the door. It was Jonathan! He barged in and was very upset. Jonathan asked what kind of a freak Zarf was as he looked at the dress Zarf was wearing. Zarf taunted Jonathan and asked what kind of a freak Jonathan wanted him to be. Jonathan then lost it and grabbed Zarf and ripped her dress! Babe tried to help Zarf and calm Jonathan down, but Jonathan grabbed Babe. Then, Josh and Babe's bodyguard ran in. Josh restrained Jonathan as the bodyguard pointed a gun at him. Then, Ryan walked in and demanded Josh let Jonathan go. Then, Jonathan relaxed a little and admitted to Ryan that he was out of control. Jonathan apologized to Zarf and then Ryan and Jonathan left. Josh stayed, but the bodyguard left and switched with another. Josh then confronted Zarf and asked if Zarf was transgender. Zarf looked distraught and began to take his clothes off. Zarf yelled at Josh to look at his naked body. Zarf stated that the woman was destroyed and that it was obvious that he was a man because he had a penis. Josh demanded that Zarf stay away from Bianca and Babe. Babe was annoyed with Josh, however, and refused to leave. So, Josh waited outside. Babe then told Zarf that she hoped to see Zoë again. They hugged and Babe left. When Babe saw Josh, she told him to leave her alone. Yet, Josh stated that their kiss proved they still loved each other and he vowed to fight for Babe. Babe walked away and headed straight for Erica's hotel room. Babe pounded on the door and Erica was annoyed to see Babe. Still, Babe walked right into Erica's room. As this happened, Zarf looked outside his door to make sure no one was there and then left. Meanwhile, Ryan brought Jonathan to the penthouse. Jonathan did not want to be there because it reminded him of Erin. However, Ryan believed they needed to live there because it would help them get over their loss. Ryan explained his sorrow over Erin's death. Ryan also stated he was angry, but pleaded with Jonathan not to give into the anger. Then, Annie came in and Jonathan apologized to her and left. Annie continued to express her concern for Jonathan when Ryan got a phone call. It was Derek requesting to see Ryan about a development in Erin's murder case.

Zach asked Kendall why she was so upset over Annie and Ryan. Kendall claimed that Annie was a jinx and she did not want Annie taking care of Spike. Still, Zach believed there was more to it. Zach stated that he trusted Kendall and told her his secret. He then asked for her to do the same. So, Kendall explained all of the details about Ryan being Emma's biological father. Zach assumed Kendall did not plan on telling Ryan. Kendall admitted she did not want to tell for fear of Spike losing his father. Kendall then asked if Zach was going to force her to tell. Zach said he could not make Kendall do anything, but did not agree with her decision. Zach recalled his sadness that his son was taken away from him. Kendall said Ryan's situation was different because Ryan was an anonymous donor. Still, Zach said his biggest regret was losing Ethan. Then, Zach got a call from Derek. Derek requested that Zach come to the station to discuss a development in the murder cases. Zach left and then Josh knocked on the door. Josh announced that he loved Babe and was willing to forget about Ryan and Emma if Kendall would help him.

Zach and Ryan arrived at the police station. Ryan thanked Zach for backing him up in regards to Spike staying at the penthouse. Zach stated it was the right thing to do because Spike would be safer and because Spike was Ryan's boy. Ryan then said he could not imagine missing a moment of his child's life. Zach looked concerned.

JR was watching Josh's hotel room on his computer when Dixie walked in. Dixie asked what he was looking at and JR admitted to spying on Babe. Dixie encouraged JR to have faith in Babe because his wife loved him. JR said he hoped Babe was no longer seeing Josh, but could not trust her until he knew for sure. Then, Jamie, Julia, and Kathy came in. Julia introduced Kathy and informed them that she was having a play date with Little Adam. So, Julia gave JR acupuncture as Jamie and Dixie played with the kids. Dixie and Kathy got along very well and made a card for Linda. Meanwhile, Julia told JR he needed to relax more. JR wished he could and then Babe's bodyguard came in. So, Julia left for the playroom. Then, the bodyguard informed JR that Babe was just with Josh and that they kissed on New Year's Eve. JR looked angry and called his lawyer. JR asked how he could get sole custody of his son. Meanwhile, Julia got a phone call from the hospital telling her that Linda had taken a turn for the worse!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Babe and Erica traded one-line zingers as Babe demanded Erica keep her son away from her. Erica simply claimed Babe had to stop leading Josh on. She refused to believe Babe tried to push Josh away. In the midst of their spat, Babe watched as Erica received another visitor: Jeff, who greeted La Kane with a smooch. After Jeff left, Erica opted against explaining her actions to her enemy. Then she nearly tossed her lunch when Babe painted what could be a lovely picture of her future in the Kane family. "You really should be nicer to me, because with very little effort, I could be calling you Mom," grinned Babe. Erica agreed to help keep Josh away from her — but only because it would leave Babe alone and miserable. After Babe left, Jeff returned and the two set a lunch date.

Josh told Kendall he would take her deal: He'd keep Emma's paternity a secret if she'd help him get Babe back. When Kendall had second thoughts about helping her little brother woo Babe, Josh played on her insecurities regarding Ryan/Spike/Emma. Finally, she agreed to the deal. Meanwhile, at the police station, Zach and Ryan were shocked when Derek presented them with new information: a picture of Zach's mom that was found in Zarf's London apartment. "What the hell does your mother have to do with Zarf?" Derek demanded. Zach didn't have a clue, but did clue the police chief in on the fact that his mother did seem to be tied to the murders. Derek was furious Zach had been withholding information and warned him to tell the cops everything in the future. As the men were leaving the station, Kendall arrived and assumed Zach had told Ryan about Emma. "No, I didn't," Zach cryptically replied, with Ryan by his side. "But you can."

Tad found Dixie playing with Jamie, Little Adam and Kathy in the nursery. After using his charm to make little Kathy laugh, Tad requested a moment alone with Dix. After telling her he was investigating Zach per his request, Tad picked Dixie's brain looking for any information she may have. Unfortunately, Dixie knew nothing of Zach's mother. Tad then warned his ex-wife that she needed to stay safe, especially now that Zach was related somehow to the killings. At the hospital, Linda knew she didn't have much time left. Julia's heart broke as Linda asked her to be Kathy's "mother" after she died. When Tad, Dixie and Jamie brought the little girl to the hospital to say goodbye, Julia fled to the chapel in tears. She felt responsible for Linda and Jim's accident, because she wished for a child of her own. Tad found her and tried to comfort her.

At the end of the episode, Dani became the latest victim of the Satin Slayer. As she collapsed, the person who had been stalking her walked out of a closet. She got a look at him/her before falling unconscious.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Colby and Sean were in court when Jack, Adam, and Krystal arrived. Sean and Colby wanted the adults to get them out of trouble, but they refused. Adam explained that he could not influence this judge and that Colby would have to face the consequences. Then, the judge came in and read the charges. The judge then asked Colby and Sean to say something on their behalves. Sean said it was a mistake because they took the wrong limo. And, Colby said they were stupid to show the cops their fake identification and that they did not drink a lot. The judge was not happy that Colby and Sean were not remorseful. So, the judge explained that each of them could face jail time and Colby's sentence could be as long as seven years. The judge then took recess. Jack told Sean that he would probably just get probation because it was his first offence. However, Sean said that if Colby was going down, then he was too. Meanwhile, Krystal explained the hardships of prison to Colby and Colby looked very worried. Then, the judge returned and both Colby and Sean apologized sincerely. The judge stated that saying sorry was not enough and that they had to face the consequences. The judge then announced that he was ready to declare their sentencing.

Ryan demanded to know what secret Kendall was hiding from him. Kendall, however, avoided the question and looked at Zach. So, Ryan turned to Zach and assumed Zach was the one hiding a secret. Ryan then blamed Zach for Erin's murder because he did not come forward sooner with the information about his mother. Kendall protested Ryan's accusation and said Zach did not have another secret. Kendall then lied and said she finally realized that Spike was safer with Ryan. However, she still wanted to visit Spike on a regular basis. Ryan did not like this idea. Kendall said she had to see Spike and accused Annie of not allowing visits. Ryan said this had nothing to do with Annie. Ryan also said that he already lost his sister and would not put his son in danger. Ryan then went into Derek's office. While he talked to Derek, another cop came in. The cop said there was an emergency at Derek's house. Meanwhile, Kendall asked Zach if he was mad at her for not telling Ryan the truth. Zach said he thought Kendall was wrong. Kendall explained that she loved Zach only and that this was not a scheme to keep Ryan in her life romantically. Zach believed her and then Ryan returned. Ryan informed them that Danielle might be in trouble.

Babe and Josh were outside Danielle's house. Babe was annoyed that Josh was following her and told him to stop, but Josh refused. So, Babe asked the police to remove Josh because he was stalking her. The police, however, could not because Josh was not breaking any laws. Josh and Babe then decided to go into Danielle's house together and knocked on her door. There was no answer, so they began to worry. Then, Babe's bodyguard broke down the door. Everyone rushed in and found Danielle motionless on the floor with a gardenia and white ribbon in her hands. Josh and Babe performed CPR until the ambulance arrived. Josh also gave the policemen the bottle of soda Danielle was drinking for evidence. Then, Josh and Babe hugged and proceeded to the hospital. Derek arrived shortly after and went in to see Danielle. Then, Zach, Kendall, and Ryan arrived. Babe announced that the killer was unstoppable and could get to them at anytime. So, Babe told her bodyguard to leave because his job was pointless. Josh then told her not to give up. Babe agreed to fight back. Meanwhile, Joe Martin announced that Danielle had complications and that they were doing all they could to save her. Ryan then asked Zach if he was actually going to take action. Kendall yelled at Ryan for blaming Zach, but Zach said he did need to do something and ran off. Kendall proceeded to become distraught and continually asked Ryan when this was going to stop. Then, the machines hooked up to Danielle made an alarming noise and Josh stated she was not doing well.

Zarf was in his hotel room. As Zarf dressed in men's clothes, Zarf recalled coming out to Bianca and how she rejected him. Zarf then left. Meanwhile, Di, Aidan, and Bianca were at Fusion. Bianca asked Di and Aidan what they thought of Zarf wearing a dress on New Year's. Aidan believed Zarf was just being a rock star, but also felt Zarf seemed afraid. Then, Zarf walked in and told Bianca that if she had any questions she should ask him. So, Bianca asked to be alone with Zarf. Di and Aidan hesitated, but finally left to do some legwork in the murder cases. They proceeded to break into Zarf's hotel room and search for evidence. Di found a syringe and vile of some kind of medicine in Zarf's makeup case. Aidan thought this was incriminating. Meanwhile, Bianca told Zarf about Josh answering a phone call from a transgender hotline in Zarf's hotel room. Bianca wanted to know if Zarf was transgender. Zarf then said he was an artist and used the transgender community's pain for his work. Zarf further explained that he had to be the character to truly understand. However, Zarf stated that he no longer needed the character, so he killed her. Bianca was not convinced. Zarf stated that he used Bianca to make the character even deeper because she was a lesbian. However, Zarf admitted that his feelings for Bianca were real. Bianca was infuriated and said Zarf was off the campaign and demanded he stay away from her and Babe. So, Zarf said he would leave, but would allow them to use his song. As Zarf headed for the elevator, he told Bianca that she was still the truest light. Then, the elevator door opened and Derek emerged. Derek grabbed Zarf with a gun pointed at his head. Derek said that Zarf was dead!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

As Jamie helps JR take his first steps out of bed, JR reveals that he believes that Babe is cheating on him again and insists that he has an eyewitness. Jamie asks how ugly it will get and JR promises he won't go to the dark side. Jamie reminds his brother that if he drinks, he won't be able to count on support from Jamie. JR nods his understanding, and Jamie tells him that if he can't trust his wife, he has to get his son away from her. JR tells him that if he is patient, he can do just that. A short time later, Adam and Krystal come into the study with Colby throwing a fit. After allowing her to rant for a few moments, she finally discloses that her punishment is that she has to scrape gum from underneath the school cafeteria tables for a month. JR laughs at her, and Colby flails about, saying a job like that will be just like wearing a giant "loser" sign. She can't take the laughing, so she storms out of the library and Krystal follows in short order. Adam turns his attention to his son's progress, but JR tells him that things aren't all that great. He informs his father that he plans on divorcing Babe, and asks how much pain Adam thinks he can take. Adam asks what's bothering his son, and is filled in about JR's suspicions. He warns JR that reversal of child custody is not easy, and JR says that he has already contacted lawyers and that he won't mention anything to Babe until he finds evidence and corroborates the emotions the bodyguard witnessed when Babe and Josh kissed on New Year's. He asks Adam if he will be able to handle the fallout with Krystal and Adam replies that Krystal believes that Babe's affair with Josh is over – so if this latest infidelity turns out to be true, Babe will have deceived her mother as well. Adam advises JR to do what he needs to do because he will back his son all the way.

In the library, Krystal tries to explain to Colby that although she may feel like the sentence the judge gave her is the end of the world, it's much better than jail. Colby swears that she can't be reduced to scraping gum because she's a Chandler, and further notes that the mess she is in makes Krystal happy because Colby will be humiliated. As Colby continues to sulk, Krystal tells her that a little gum scraping won't kill her. After she reminds Colby that the alternative is so much worse, Colby agrees to do it. They hug, and when Colby leaves the room, Krystal thinks she has done her job. However, Colby goes directly back into the study and complains to JR. JR tells her to stop because Krystal hadn't done anything wrong. Colby tells him not to be so sure because Krystal has a secret as well. Intrigued, JR asks to be filled in. She tells him that back when she was hiding in the tunnels, she overheard a conversation between Krystal and Tad about a secret that Dixie knew as well, but admits that she doesn't know what it is. She tells her big brother that she needs to find out what Krystal is hiding in case it will hurt Adam. JR warns her not to because she's already in enough trouble. Colby starts to resist, but JR begs her to listen to him and to trust him. She finally gives in and storms out of that room as well.

Adam finds his wife in the library and she tells him that she was thinking about how lucky they are to be better as a family. Adam thinks they have a ways to go, given Colby's latest misstep, but Krystal notes that she thinks the young girl finally understands suffering under the consequences of her actions. Adam wraps her in a loving embrace, attempting to convey that he has as much faith as she does.

Tad approaches Dixie as she watches Kathy through the window of Linda's hospital room. She tells Tad that there is no good update about Linda's health, and then asks if they will ever be able to look at a child again without wondering about Kate. Tad recognizes that standing around there isn't helping either of them, so he snags her hand and leads her away. They end up in the park and as they walk, they express gratitude that Linda has such a good friend in Julia. Dixie finally reveals that the reason she was so desperate to have Kate was because in all of their years together, they never had a child of their own, and she wanted so badly to share that with him. Tad promises her that he won't ever stop looking for their daughter. Then, Dixie tells him that she had been thinking about the next woman who finds herself in the spot where Linda is, with nowhere to go and no one to turn to, and then says that she wants to become a patient advocate again. Tad thinks it's a wonderful idea, and then asks her to stay put for a moment while he gets something for her.

Julia enters Linda's hospital room and tells the patient that she was in the chapel, having a chat with the big man. She reveals that she now knows what to do. Jamie shows up then and takes the little girl away for a treat so that the two women can talk. Once alone, Linda confirms that Julia will take care of Kathy once she's gone. Julia tries to convince her to think and speak positively, as there is still hope. Linda tells her that she wants to be prepared, and Julia tells her that if the situation presents itself, she will take care of Kathy for as long as she needs her. Pleased, Linda begs Julia to get someone that can draw up the papers to make the decision official.

A short while later, Jamie and Kathy return just as Julia is exiting Linda's room. Kathy goes back in the room, intent on giving her mom a cookie, and when the door closes, Julia informs her beau that she is going to have a child. Jamie admits that for a moment he thought she meant that she was pregnant, but then realized that Linda wants her to become Kathy's guardian. She tells him that she'd wanted a child for so long, but now that it's a real possibility, she's just scared. Jamie assures her that she will be a great mom, but she tells him that everything will change. He tells her that he has faith that she can handle it and then she asks if he will be able to handle it as well. Jamie tells her that he knows that things will change, and he is fine with enforcing the rules on their housemates once she decides what the best route is. Julia is still hesitant and Jamie assures her that he isn't going to dump her because she has a child. Julia tells him that she is getting used to the fact that she won't just be fitting a child into her life – she will be wrapping her own life around that of a child. Jamie then says that both he and Kathy are lucky to have her.

As Derek holds a gun on Zarf, he demands to know where the rock star was when Dani was poisoned. Zarf seems confused, and Bianca voices the question of what happened. Derek tells them that Dani was dosed with VTAC, and is determined to find out if Zarf was involved. Zarf continues to vaguely address the demands, further infuriating Derek. The chief then notes that although his daughter is alive, she is hanging between life and death. Bianca tries to urge Zach into action, thinking that this scenario can happen without a gun, but Zach agrees with Derek's tactics. Zarf then says that some women live while others die, and that's their destiny. Derek questions what Zarf's destiny is and resigned, he dramatically tells Derek to shoot him. Although Derek says that it would be easy to grant his wish, Bianca jumps in and begs him to back down. Zach tries to get Bianca out of the way but she refuses to budge. Derek finally backs up only to aim the gun at his target when Aidan and Di arrive at the office and tell him to stop. Derek orders Aidan to leave but the detective tells him that he has information to share, and it would be better if Derek heard about it before he had another lawsuit on his hands. Derek grabs one of the guards, tells him to keep an eye on Zarf and he joins Aidan and Zach in the main office area. Aidan tells him that although he didn't have an invitation, he searched Zarf's room and found a vial with a clear liquid in it as well as syringes. He suggests that Derek get some of his men over there with a warrant before Zarf has a chance to take off.

In the foyer area, Zarf continues to taunt Bianca, insisting that she must be happier believing that he is evil. She tells him that she still just wants the truth from him but, as Di watches their exchange with a renewed interest, he tells her that she used to be able to see into his soul but she lost her way. Bianca wonders aloud if maybe she was wrong, and if he did commit the murders. Zarf calls her on what she is feeling inside, and says that she only wants it to be true so that she would be justified in hating him.

Derek notes that his men found a syringe-sized puncture wound in the bottle that Dani was drinking from, and all the other bottles in the fridge. They are now en route to Livia's house to clear out her fridge so they can test those bottles as well. Derek's cell phone rings then, and he finds out that Dani is being prepped for surgery. After disconnecting the call, Aidan offers to keep an eye on Zarf while Derek goes to be with his daughter. Derek tells him that he can't authorize that, but that he doesn't want to let him go until his officers have a chance to execute the warrant. Zach comes up with an idea, and loudly invites Zarf to accompany them to the hospital to see how Dani is doing. Somewhat reluctantly, Zarf agrees.

At the hospital, the doctors work furiously over Dani while Josh informs the small crowd outside that the drug caused a heart attack. He tells them if it goes on much longer, there could be organ damage. Kendall notes that Babe was right – that it could have been anyone that was attacked, despite the fact that they have bodyguards. Babe pauses for a moment, and then runs out the ER entrance into the night, with Josh and her guard on her heels. They catch up to her screaming out into the night, demanding to know why the attacker is coming after them. As Josh tries to calm her down, Ryan and Kendall arrive on the scene and Kendall shockingly agrees with Babe. They both feel that it is ridiculous to sit around and wait to be attacked. Both want to call the killer out so that they can look him in the eye. They make their way back to the emergency room and Babe and Josh split off from the rest. Josh suggests that Babe take her son and leave town as a way to protect herself. She replies caustically that she isn't leaving Dani, or JR – which is his real goal. She tells him that he doesn't have a vote as to what she does so, fed up, Josh tells her that maybe she should stay in town to get herself killed before storming off.

Across the room, Kendall tells Ryan that he was right to keep Spike away from her. Ryan tells her that maybe she should consider taking Spike, Bianca and Miranda with her and leaving the country to ensure their safety, but Kendall swears that she won't leave her husband. Ryan notes that her fearless attitude is typical Kendall, and makes her promise to stay safe. He tells her that he can't bear to lose her too, and he won't sit down and explain to their son what happened to his mom.

Joe exits the room where they stashed Dani and tells the group that her condition is stable for now, but that she will need emergency surgery. He walks away and Kendall wonders why the killer would attack Dani next if it has something to do with Zach. Josh and Babe ask what she means, and they find out about the connection between the murders of their friends and the death of Zach's mother. They ponder this for a moment, and then Josh says that it could have to do with the last advertising push, and Babe finds one of their ads in a nearby magazine. They decide that it could be just that the killer thought that the gardenia was a nice touch when added to the ribbon (which laced the ads). Babe then looks at Kendall and asks who she believes will be next out of the two of them. Josh takes the magazine out of Babe's hands and says that neither one of them will meet the same fate. Babe then reveals that she and Josh stood outside fighting when they could have been inside saving Dani. She tells the group that if Dani doesn't make it, she will never forgive herself. Kendall tells her that no one is allowed to take the blame and hold it all on their shoulders. Ryan then interjects that Babe and Josh were so close to the killer since they had to be nearby to set the scene. He notes that it's even possible that the killer heard them at the door.

Tad comes back to the bench with a Styrofoam container, and Dixie is pleasantly surprised to find inside the chicken fries that she ate nonstop while pregnant with JR. She tells him that it brings back memories, and Tad notes that those memories are happy. Then, his cell phone rings, and he finds Aidan on the other end telling him to hurry to the ER because there has been a break in the Fusion case.

Dixie arrives home and finds her son in the study. He invites her to sit with him and have a heart to heart.

Zarf and the Fusion office entourage arrive at the hospital and the crew there find out that he is back at the top of the police's suspect list. Kendall immediately flies into action, physically attacking Zarf. Babe pulls her partner off of him, insisting that there is no way that Zarf could be responsible. Josh breaks in and demands that Zach reveal what his connection to the murders is, and Zach can only tell him that he wishes he knew. Josh starts to rant at him indignantly but Zach stops him from going too far and says that there is no need to read him the riot act because he feels the same way.

Derek, having broken away from the group, goes into the nearby cubicle and visits with his daughter. He tells her that growing up, he never knew wanted to be – not like she did. However, one night, after he brought her to the big bed to soothe her crying, he woke up some time later to find her hand on his face. She spoke her first word – daddy, and it was then that he knew what he wanted to be – her daddy. He tells his unconscious daughter that he would give anything to hear that again and, like a miracle, Dani turns her head, opens her eyes, and utters that very word.

Zarf tells Babe not to worry about the way he is being treated, and then announces to everyone else that he won't be going anywhere. He takes a seat, and Zach saunters over, shows him the picture of his mom and asks the singer what he knows about her. Zarf feigns innocence but Zach tells him that they found her picture in his London apartment. Before Zarf can respond, the doctors wheel Dani out and Derek promises that he will be there when she opens her eyes. Once they take her away, a detective approaches Derek and tells him that they got the evidence they need to nail Zarf. Meanwhile, the group notes that Dani could have seen the person that poisoned her and so, if she pulls through, she can save the rest of the Fusion team.

Tad finally shows up at the hospital and goes to get the scoop from Aidan about what had happened. Aidan gestures toward Derek who shows the vials that they found to Zarf. The singer is immediately enraged and lunges at the police chief to try to retrieve them. His attempts are for naught, as Derek's people successfully hold him back.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Babe asks Zarf to tell police what liquid is in the vial, but Zarf is quiet. Joe comes out to the hospital lobby and asks everyone to leave because the noise is disturbing his patients. Zarf manages to ward off the police with hospital beds and rushes out. Ryan asks Derek how he will tell Jonathan that police let Erin's killer escape. Tad tells Derek he will do whatever he can to help with the investigation. He also reminds Derek not to feel guilty about not being able to protect Danielle. Joe announces Danielle has made it through the surgery but the next 24 hours are critical. Derek sits by Danielle's bedside as Olivia walks through and comforts him. She promises to stay with Danielle so he can catch the killer.

Zach comes back to Babe, Josh and Bianca and announces that Zarf is gone. Kendall blames Josh for the entire mess because he suggested they use Zarf's song in the Fusion campaign. Bianca tells everyone to stop fighting, while Zach insists that all of Kendall, Bianca and Babe's food be handpicked himself until the murderer is found. Babe says she will not go by Zach's plans because JR has security guards protecting her. Once alone, Kendall asks Zach if he thinks Zarf is really the killer. Zach says his doubts were cleared when police found an article about his mother in Zarf's home. Kendall promises to be careful while Zach goes to find Zarf. Bianca explains about Zarf's plans to get her into bed by dressing up as a woman, but Babe refuses to believe Zarf would do such a hurtful thing. Babe asks to speak to Bianca alone, giving Josh a chance to remind Kendall she is supposed to help him win Babe over. Kendall backs out of the deal now that Babe is sticking up for a supposed killer. Josh warns Kendall that if she bails on him, he will tell Ryan the truth about Emma's paternity. Josh calls Ryan over to blurt out the news, but Ryan thinks that Josh wants to discuss keeping Kendall safe by increasing her security. After Ryan leaves to check on Spike, Kendall agrees to help Josh.

Babe tells Bianca that she hurt "Zoe" very badly, but Bianca is shocked that Babe actually bought his scam. Babe tells Bianca that she devastated Zoe by rejecting her, but Bianca says Zoe didn't seem upset while she was belting out tunes in ConFusion. Babe says the karaoke incident was just a way to cover-up the pain. Bianca says she can't understand how Zarf could consider himself a lesbian if he is not a woman. Frustrated, Babe leaves with her security guard to go see JR.

Dixie tells JR that although she likes living in the Chandler mansion, she thinks it is time for her to find her own place. JR says Colby overheard Tad and Krystal talking about some big secret, but Dixie knows the truth. Dixie says she does not know what Colby is talking about. JR tells her he is tired of secrets and can not deal with any more betrayal. Dixie gives JR a hug and makes him promise to give up this search for a secret. After she leaves, JR calls his mother a terrible liar. Babe comes and immediately runs into JR's arms and tells him what happened to Danielle. Babe goes outside to get some air and hears Zarf hiding. Kendall gives JR a surprise visit

Zach receives a package with a Fusion flyer from an unknown source. The flyer has Simone, Danielle and Erin marked off, leaving only Babe and Kendall remaining.

Jonathan brings firewood to Annie and Ryan, but seems upset about something. Jonathan admits that he thought chopping wood would help release his anger, but it did not help, making him worry that the anger will overtake him like it did once before. Annie tells Jonathan that he should talk to her when he gets upset as Ryan walks in. After Jonathan leaves, Ryan tells Annie about Danielle and Zarf's escape.



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