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Passions Recaps: The week of January 8, 2007 on PS
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Monday, January 8, 2007

Ivy is wondering if Fox would lie to Kay, and Sam doesn't think that it's farfetched because Ivy has destroyed his marriage. Like mother, like son. Ivy asks Sam if he ever loved her, and he says he did, but things have changed. Miguel and Kay keep going in circles since Miguel doesn't know what she knows. Miguel says that he would never lie to her, but Kay tells him that he has lied to her. Miguel tries to convince Kay to have Fox take some more tests so that she can get her proof, but Kay refuses at first. She is confused and doesn't know who to believe. Meanwhile, Fox and Julian are plotting a strategy to deal with the situation. Julian tells Fox to agree to take the tests, and Fox tells Kay that he is willing to take the test. Miguel is no fool because he knows that Fox could use the Crane power to manipulate the tests or whoever is performing it. Kay tells Fox to give Dr. Russell permission so that she could see his medical file. Fox is trying to convince Kay to trust him and take his word, but Kay insists, so Fox tells Eve to tell Kay what she wants to hear. Eve tells Kay the truth, and Kay is devastated. She slaps Fox and calls him a bastard and eventually returns Fox's engagement ring.

Fancy knows she was attacked, but Luis thinks she is traumatized and is imagining things. Fancy keeps insisting that she tore a button off the attacker's shirt, but no one can find it. Apparently, Sheridan found the button and hid it from Fancy and Luis. Fancy suspects that Sheridan may have found the button and accuses her of hiding it. Sheridan denies it, and Luis takes her side over Fancy's. As a result, Fancy throws Luis and Fancy out of her room because Luis does not believe her.

Jared comes back to reclaim Theresa as his FiancÚ, but Ethan is trying his best to get Theresa to change her mind. Whitney suggests that Jared take a lie detector test to prove that he is telling the truth once and for all. Jared asks Chad how he passed the lie detector test, and Chad tells him that he told the truth based on the questions asked. Jared seems shaken up, and Chad wants to know if he has something to hide. Chad asks Jared flat out if he killed JT Cornell, but He did not answer the question. Ethan insists that he ask Jared the questions. Theresa tells Ethan to stop the lie detector test, but Jared doesn't want that. He wants everything out in the open. Ethan asks Jared if he killed JT Cornell, and Jared tells him "no!"

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Ivy is stung when Sam rejects her.

Kay gives Fox his ring back, saying she can't marry him if he lied to her. Everyone is surprised when a world-renowned doctor shows up to vouch for Fox's condition.

Fancy searches for proof that she was attacked again. Paloma suggests the peeping tom took the evidence, but Fancy suspects Sheridan did. Fancy is relieved when Paloma believes her regarding Sheridan's recent behavior. Luis feels bad that Fancy yelled at Sheridan. Sheridan "innocently" badmouths her niece in front of him

Jared prepares to take a polygraph test. Whitney asks Theresa if she will accept Jared's proposal if he passes the test. Gwen is worried when Ethan doesn't hear her because he is focused on Jared and Theresa.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The citizens of Harmony are gathered at the Crane mansion for Kay's wedding to Fox. After convincing Fancy to get out of bed, get dressed and join the wedding party, Paloma escorts her downstairs to the foyer where Luis is talking to Sheridan. Sheridan tries to convince Fancy to go back to bed, but both Fancy and Paloma insist that the best treatment is for Fancy to overcome her ordeal and get on with her life. Luis is very approving of her attitude. He takes Fancy to the pool house, which is romantically decorated and they dance. Paloma goes back to the wedding, but Sheridan follows them and frightens Fancy by placing her black-gloved hand holding a garden claw against the window then hiding when Luis investigates.

Upstairs Ethan is demanding that Theresa not accept Jared's proposal while Chad, Whitney, Gwen and Rebecca look on. He continues to insist that Jared killed JT, even though Jared passed a lie detector test. He will not listen to any of his friends and urges Theresa to drop Jared. Despite this, Theresa accepts Jared's proposal.

Downstairs, Kay is indecisive about calling off her wedding since hearing the doctor that Julian paid off confirm that Fox has a terminal illness. Sam advises her to take some time to think, but Fox urges her to marry him and Miguel insists that Fox is a liar. Ivy is beside herself to find out about Fox's illness. She begs him not to marry Kay but Julian interferes. Simone takes Kay aside and reminds her about the encounter they both witnessed between Chastity and Miguel (Unbeknownst to Kay and Simone, they were really imposters hired by Fox.) This spurs Kay to make up her mind. She marries Fox. Outside Pilar tells a dejected Miguel that he will get another chance when Kay finally learns the truth.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

reporter named Vincent. Whitney asks Theresa if she would stop thinking about Ethan if she married Jared. After careful consideration, Theresa admits she doesn't know if she can ever stop thinking about Ethan. Rebecca is upset when Vincent tells Jared, Chad, Theresa and Whitney about J.T.'s missing flash drive.

At Kay's wedding reception, the Bennett clan eagerly anticipates Grace's homecoming. An awkward moment develops when Sam gives a toast to the bride and groom but slips by saying Miguel's name when he meant to say "Fox." Miguel tries to convince Kay that Fox's doctor is part of the conspiracy. Fox thanks Julian for saving his wedding.

Spike criticizes Jessica for her sobriety, but she is adamant: she wants to be in good shape for her mother's return. When Spike walks away in disgust, Jessica spots a black ski mask in his back pocket...

Sheridan watches her niece and Luis from the bushes. Sheridan hides when Fancy senses someone watching them. After Luis' investigation turns up empty, Fancy wonders if she is imagining things.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Theresa and Jared discuss their future together, and they both decide that it's best to leave Gwen and Ethan off the guest list to avoid any tension. Theresa fantasizes about Ethan while dancing with Jared. Fox makes a toast to Jared and Theresa's engagement. Rebecca and Ethan have their minds set on finding the memory stick. Rebecca wants to protect Gwen's secret, and Ethan wants to expose Jared. Gwen finds that wedding puts her in a romantic mood. She asks Ethan if he is still attracted to her. Ethan acknowledges and states that Gwen is his wife and is indeed attracted to her. Gwen apologizes to Ethan for throwing her wedding ring at him and tells Ethan that he has been a bit obsessive over Theresa lately. Ethan fantasizes about Theresa while with Gwen.

Kay is distracted by Miguel, and Fox senses it. He wants to know if Kay is happy being married to him, and Kay tells Fox yes and that she loves him. Kay tosses the wedding bouquet, and Theresa catches it. Kay feels overwhelmed because she thought that she would never get married since she has Maria and was working all the times. Meanwhile, Miguel is thinking of breaking up the newly weds. He tells Noah that he will kill Fox himself if he is lying.

Luis delivers bad news to Sam that Grace died en route to the airport. Sam is beside himself with grief and refuses to believe that Grace is dead. He tells Jessica the sad news, and she is also devastated. Jessica was looking forward to Grace coming home so that they could be a family again. Sam does not want to give up hope until he knows for sure that Grace is dead, so he tells Jessica to calm down. Jessica starts drinking again due to the devastating news about Grace's death. She doesn't feel like being a good girl anymore since Grace is gone. Jessica suddenly remembers that she has to tell Luis about the ski mask that fell out of Spikes's pocket. Jessica thinks that he could be the peeping tom. As she prepares to tell Luis, Fancy calls out for Luis' help. The priest reported to someone on the phone that Grace Bennett is dead and cannot tell anyone what she has found out.

The peeping tom is standing over Fancy's bed taunting her. Fancy screams out for help and runs towards the door. She gets into a struggle with her attacker, and he threatens to kill her; however, Fancy manages to spray the peeping tom in the face and traps him in her closet.

Chad and Whitney make love, and he gives Whitney sleeping pills so that he could go off to be with his lover.

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