One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 8, 2007 on OLTL

Clint and Viki shared their feelings for each other. Spencer took Marty hostage. Todd tried to convince Spencer to let Marty go. Todd and Spencer struggled over a gun, and a shot rang out. John decided to get involved in the hostage situation at the hospital. Circumstantial evidence mounted against Cristian.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 8, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, January 8, 2007

Jessica and Marty reconnect as Jessica talks to Marty about her complicated relationship with Nash. She shares with Marty how her alter ego Tess fell in love with Nash and that's how Bree was conceived. Jessica confesses that being that close to Nash when they were trapped together in the cave brought back feelings that Tess had. Marty suggests that maybe Jessica is in love with two men but Jessica insists that she loves only Antonio and Nash is only in her life because of Bree. Marty advises Jessica that she needs to put distance between her and Nash in order for her to be able to move on with her life with Antonio.

Nash shares his Jessica dilemma with Layla as he tells her about getting trapped in the cave with the mother of his child. Layla is amazed by his story and a little intrigued as to his growing attraction to Jessica. Nash tells Layla that no matter his confusion, Jessica is happily married to Antonio. Layla can't believe that Nash and Antonio have put their differences aside and are now good friends. Antonio interrupts to thank Nash for taking control of a situation at Capricorn and asks him to manage the place for him since his job at the station is taking up a lot of his time. While Nash ponders Antonio's offer, Antonio receives a phone call that pulls him away from Layla and Nash. Layla tells Nash that she hopes that he is not seriously considering working that closely with Jessica and Antonio.

Vincent is convinced that Cris is behind the burning of his warehouse and the murder of Ted. Natalie overhears him discussing his theory and quickly comes to the defense of her ex husband. Natalie tells Vincent that Cris is not the type of man to plot revenge. If he truly felt any lingering resentment toward Vincent then he would confront it head on. Vincent reminds Natalie that they are talking about the same man who beat Ted mercilessly while trying to extract information about who framed him for taking a dive. Natalie knows that Cris has a temper but he would not take it to the extreme of burning down a building. Vincent suggests that maybe Natalie no longer knows Cris as well as she thinks she does. Vincent is assured by the police that they will look at all suspects regardless of their personal ties to anyone who may be on the list.

Evangeline's gift of a brand new computer set up for Cris is met with scorn and contempt as Cris berates her for looking at him as a charity case. Evangeline tries to explain to Cris that she is not looking at him as a charity case and has decided to invest her money where her time and heart is invested in. Cris accuse Evangeline of believing that he is not capable of making it on his own and asks her to return the expensive computer. Evangeline makes it clear that she was only trying to give Cris the same support he gave her when she was blind and he had to become her eyes. She reminds him that he was the one who told her that even though he was helping her that it made her no less of a lawyer or a woman. Evangeline agrees to take the computer back but shares with Cris that if he is incapable of receiving what he so willingly gave then they have more issues between them than just the computer. She also threatens to end the relationship if Cris is unwilling to accept help from someone who loves him. Cris grabs Evangeline as she is walking out the door and apologizes for his harsh words.

Bo pays John a visit as the two friends discuss his accident and recovery. Bo shares with John how he felt when he thought that the detective was dead. Bo also warns John against making another attempt on Spencer's life. Natalie arrives back to the apartment with lunch for John. She inadvertently tells him that she sent Bo over to check on him and John becomes angry telling her that he doesn't need a babysitter. When Natalie discovers that John is still not taking his medicine, she spikes his soup and then gleefully watches as John becomes drowsy as the medicine begins to take affect.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Jessica agrees with Marty that she should distance herself as much as possible from Nash especially with the feelings that she is having. Marty agrees and when Jessica wonders why she and Nash fight so much, Marty suggests that maybe Nash is resentful that Jessica is around and Tess isn't. Jessica is grateful for Marty's advice and then dishes out her own advice to Marty regarding her diagnosis of Spencer. Jessica feels that Spencer is conning Marty just like he did everyone else in town. Marty reminds Jessica that she has been working with mentally ill patients for years and that she is qualified to determine whether or not Spencer is faking his illness. Jessica doesn't agree but thanks Marty for her advice regarding Nash.

Nash is hesitant to accept the offer to run Capricorn. Antonio feels confident that Nash can run Capricorn which would free up some of Antonio's time to do other things. Nash wonders if Antonio is going to use him to spend more time with Jessica and Bree. Antonio tells him that police work at the station is keeping him busy and he doesn't have the time to run the club anymore. Jessica walks up and Antonio shares with her his proposition that Nash run Capricorn for him. Jessica tells both men that she doesn't think that Nash running the club is a good idea. When Antonio wonders why, Jessica cannot come up with a legitimate answer which causes both men to wonder.

Vincent and Shawn confront Cris with their suspicions that Cris is the one behind the arson and murder of Ted. Cris grabs a bat to defend himself from Vincent's right hand man but is stopped by Evangeline who quickly jumps to Cris' defense when Vincent begins his verbal accusations. Vincent shares with Cris and Evangeline how the arson investigation has shown that turpentine was used as the accelerant in the fire. Cris claims that it shows that someone perhaps Vincent himself is trying to set Cris up. Evangeline tells Vincent that Cris could not have burned down the warehouse since he was painting a store window in Angel Square which can be verified by the store's owner. After Vincent leaves, Evangeline reminds Cris that they were not together the whole night which means that he still is a possible suspect.

Spencer tries to get Paige to let him examine Blair by telling her that Blair will die and it will be her fault. Paige counters with the fact although she does not know what Spencer's ulterior motive is, she does know that it is not out of concern for Blair's well being. She walks out and runs into Marty in the hospital corridor. Paige tells Marty that Spencer was trying to bully her into letting him examine Blair. Marty wonders why Spencer would want to help Blair. When Paige comments on how she can't believe that she ever believed in Spencer, Marty tells Paige that Spencer's psychotic words had the same effect on everyone.

Michael warns Todd that Blair may not survive the infection in her brain. Todd asks Starr to stay with Dorian and Viki while he concentrates on Blair's recovery but Starr does not want to leave her dad alone. Todd shares with Starr his intent to ask Blair to marry him once she is out of the hospital. A beaming Starr shares the news with Jack and Viki who arrive at the hospital. Viki asks Michael to take the children in to visit Blair while she and Todd talk. Viki wonders if Todd is trying to rush things and warns him that Blair will have a lot to deal with once she overcomes the infection and that Todd should take things slow. Todd listens to Viki's words but decides that he wants to make Blair his wife as soon as possible. While Viki goes to get the children, Todd tries to make contact with one of the specialists on his list. When he contacts one of them, he is surprised to find that the doctor is already on his way to consult on Blair's case courtesy of Marty.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Starr taunted Spencer with information that Todd and Blair would remarry and that he'd be in the psych ward. Spencer told Starr that Blair wouldn't be marrying Todd. Todd caught Starr coming out of Spencer's room. Todd forbid her from ever going in there again. Todd entered the room and figured out that Todd Jr. was still alive. "I'm going to find him," he said as the security guard escorted him out of the hospital room.

Jessica tried to explain to Antonio why she didn't want Nash to manage Capricorn. Antonio still offered him the job. Jessica tried to talk him out of it. However, Nash happily said yes and gave Antonio a warm handshake while Jessica glared at them.

Antonio asked Adriana not to use Jessica in any more ads modeling their (Adriana and Layla's) new line of underwear. Adriana thought Antonio was worried about what Carlotta would think. Antonio said he didn't feel comfortable with Jessica modeling bras.

Lindsay ran into Bo playing with little Tommy. The two began chatting and Bo said he never regretted their romance. Paige eavesdropped and heard Lindsay ask Bo if he was going to marry Paige. Then Lindsay thought better of herself and said it was none of her business. Bo asked her about R.J. and added that he thought they were good together. Lindsay explained that R.J. was not a real love; he was more someone to help her get through the loss of Jen. Lindsay said she once had real love in her life. "I know what that feels like," she added. Paige showed up and the three of them made nice small talk. Bo left with Michael to hear about Spencer's results. Paige and Lindsay talked about Tommy's happy life. Lindsay asked Paige to be good to Bo. "He deserves the best," Lindsay said. When Lindsay left, Paige asked Bo about his past relationship with Lindsay.

Paige was interrupted with a call from Todd. Todd was packing up a few things for Blair. Todd wanted to rehire Rex. "Spencer was lying, my son's alive, I need you on the case 24/7." Rex didn't want the case, "because I already know what happened to your baby." Rex said, "He's gone." Todd wouldn't listen. Rex almost got Todd to admit that he had tortured Spencer. Todd backed down. He added that if anyone was keeping the whereabouts of Todd Jr. a secret, he'd make their lives miserable. Rex left looking VERY concerned. Moments later he met up with Bo. "Did you turn up anything on Manning?" Bo asked.

Todd, with a knife-like object in his hand, returned to Spencer's room. "I can save Blair," Spencer told Todd.

Back at Llanview High, Langston called Starr and insisted she come to school to see Brittany flirting with Cole. Starr showed up and immediately gave Cole a big kiss, much to the shock of Brittany and Langston.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Awakening after several hours of sleep, John groggily realizes that Natalie tricked him by putting his medicine into his soup. The pair begin to argue but are interrupted by Viki and Clint who both decided separately, to drop by with provisions. It's obvious to the older couple that they've interrupted something and everyone is pretty ill at ease. Begging off to visit Blair gets Viki and Clint off the hook and they decide to meet up at the hospital for their own conversation. Natalie and John pick up where they left off, with Natalie finally getting up in a huff to leave. John just wants to still do his own thing alone, she complains, while she thought they were in it together. She only hears what she wants to hear and doesn't hear his thoughts on the pain medicine, he responds. They screw with his head and he'd rather deal with the pain. They don't want to lose each other; John asks that she stay as she reaches the door.

Rex meets with Bo and tells him he's hitting a brick wall; he hasn't been able to learn anything on Todd's involvement with Spencer at the warehouse. Bo can tell that Rex is hiding something and manages to squeeze it out of him; Todd confessed to kidnapping Spencer and torturing him! Bo is angry but Rex relates how Todd was at his wit's end in trying to locate his son. He really sympathizes and doesn't think that Todd should be put away with all that's going on in his life. Shouldn't they do the right thing, legal or not, he asks Bo. As Bo contemplates his next move he replies that yes, Todd should be put away but he just can't. Though his confession confirms his actions there is no evidence. Right, and he could be accused of making the story up due to a grudge, Rex throws back. So no jail, but he will keep an eye on him, Bo promises. Rex feels better and only wishes that Bo and he agreed on everything. It's more interesting to disagree, the commish tells him.

It was weird and risky kissing him like that in school, Cole tells Starr, as she leans in to kiss him again in the park. He can tell that something isn't right, even though it was a great kiss. She's not the type to make the first move and her actions are not typical of her normal behavior. Starr is hesitant to say anything but she finally relents, after first badmouthing herself. She went crazy when she saw Brittany all over him. She wanted to set her hair on fire! Just be yourself, Cole reassures her.

Viki and Clint meet at the hospital. She quickly apologizes for the previous scene with Dorian and admits to a very shocked Clint that she has feelings for him. The problem is that she doesn't know if it's a new feeling or just a memory of what was. He feels the same towards her so it must all mean something, though they agree they don't know what. Viki asks if he's with Dorian and though he says he's not, nothing has been resolved one way or the other. But he sees Viki as more than just the mother of his children and more than just something familiar. They end their conversation with more questions than answers. Dorian spends some time sitting with Blair and is there when Marty arrives with the specialist she called to save Blair's life. Why would Marty even want to help Blair? To make up for what she did at Spencer's trial? Marty responds that she doesn't want to see the children without a mother. Soon enough, the doctor has his diagnosis. Blair is just too weak and it's too late for her to be helped medically.

Spencer tries to convince Todd that Blair will die soon if he doesn't help her. He's very willing to help her but only under certain conditions. Blair can only be saved to live a happy life so Todd has to be willing to never see her again, to let her go. He'll even throw in the whereabouts of Todd's son, in about five years. Todd refuses the offer, naturally. Besides, if he pushed Blair away, she would only come back after him, he says. Spencer comments that it's probably more merciful to let her die. Todd quickly puts a scalpel to Spencer's throat which is how Dorian finds them when she arrives. Do it Todd, she urges. Kill the man. She assures him that she'll take care of his children. After that, Todd has second thoughts and they depart for Blair's room, to see the doctor. Marty stops by to announce that she's no longer his doctor, that Spencer is fit and is being released to Wingdale immediately. She ignores his pleas of holding Todd and Dorian for attempted murder. Once he's regulated on medicine he will stand trial and be convicted, she continues. He tells her she'll regret it. When the cop comes in and gets him up, ready to handcuff him, Spencer makes his move. He surprises the cop, knocks him out and takes his gun! Marty becomes his hostage! As they make it to the hallway, the first person who spots them is Todd.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Natalie said she couldn't watch John risk his life. John said he didn't know how he would recover without her. He wanted her to be a part of his recovery, but added he also wants to be in charge of his life. Natalie told John that Spencer was going to be transferred to Wingdale. Natalie said when John was "dead" she was most upset that he wouldn't have been able to move on with his life. Natalie pointed out that though John was now there physically, she was sick of waiting for him. She threw his pills in the air and didn't understand why John was so eager to be dead again. "You are the second person to tell me this week that I have a death wish," he said. Natalie urged John to go back to bed. Natalie blamed Marty for all of this. The phone rang. It was Michael telling them about the hostage situation at the hospital. John put on his coat and unlocked his gun with plans to go to the hospital. "You're going?" Natalie asked.

Antonio showed Bo what he found out about the fire at Vincent's warehouse. Bo confirmed that Vincent had been Cris' fight manager. Vincent arrived with his lawyer, Aaron. Cris arrived to make a statement. "Don't you mean confession?" Vincent said. Cris had a complete alibi — he had been at an art store buying supplies. Aaron thought Cris still had time to set that fire. The lawyer had a receipt from the art store which included some paint thinner, a.k.a. turpentine. Cris looked guilty. Aaron said they should put the blame where it belongs. The security tape said that Cris was there for three minutes. Antonio pointed out that Vincent would make a lot of money in the insurance claim if he wasn't tied to the fire. Antonio asked Cris what happened during those missing minutes. Cris said he didn't start that fire, and insisted that Vincent and Aaron were out to get him. Vincent brought up the fact that Cris was sleeping with Evangeline, and a shoving match ensued. The two were pulled apart. Aaron told Vincent to "keep a lid on it." Evangeline made sure Cris was okay. "Words don't hurt me," she reminded him. An agitated Cris left the station. Moment later, viewers saw some hands setting another fire.

Starr insisted to Cole that she doesn't get jealous. Cole said, hypothetically, that Starr had no reason to be jealous of Britney. Starr said the only thing she knows for sure is that she likes Cole. She worried that she might not ever be able to tell her mom she loves her. Cole assured her that her mom knows that. Cole was glad she told him what she did. The two kids held hands tenderly and kissed. They headed to the hospital but entered separately, as to not upset their parents. The kids soon learned about the hostage situation.

Dorian told Viki and Clint the bad news about Blair's heart. Viki couldn't believe that Dorian saw Todd threatening Spencer with a scalpel. She didn't understand why Todd "always reacts like this." Clint tried to comfort Dorian and said he'd try to bring Todd to his senses. Dorian thought she should call Addie. She said she was trying to hang on but that it was getting harder and harder.

Spencer held Marty hostage as Todd watched. Marty begged Todd to walk away. Todd refused. Spencer said that Todd doesn't care if she lives or dies. A nurse walked in and ran off for help. Spencer reminded them that he's the one with a gun. Spencer tried to drag Marty to the parking lot. Todd offered himself up as Spencer's hostage. Bo headed to the hospital to take care confront them and wanted a squad car posted outside of his father's house. The police arrived at the hospital and the sun room was filled with all the people involved with Todd, Marty and Spencer. Clint said he'd take responsibility for Starr and Cole. Bo arrived and asked why Clint and Dorian were here. Todd said he'd take the bullet meant for Marty if Spencer would let her go. Starr begged to see her mom. Viki tried to calm the kids down. Cole got upset at the thought of losing his mom. Spencer aimed the gun at Todd. Marty screamed. Cole ran to the crime scene. Todd began to struggle with Spencer. Marty ran away. Spencer shot someone — but we don't know who.

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