One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 1, 2007 on OLTL

Nash and Jessica were stranded in a snowstorm. Jessica assured Nash that it wasn't his fault that Claudia was drinking again. Todd and Blair grieved for their son. Natalie disinfected John's apartment as he prepared to leave the hospital. Dorian did her best to get between Viki and Clint. Blair suffered heart failure.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 1, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, January 1, 2007

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episode of One Life to Live has been pre-empted. This skipped episode was anticipated and their will be no "lost" episodes as a result of today's special programming.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

As Nash and Jessica are stranded in the car and waiting for the snow plows to come and find them, Jessica asks Nash about Claudia's behavior. Initially Nash is hesitant to reveal Claudia's secret but he does confess to Jessica that Claudia has started drinking again. Nash blames himself for Claudia's drinking again but Jessica tells him that it is not his fault that Claudia has returned to the bottle. Nash can't believe that they have become stranded on the way to the vineyard especially after all the work Antonio's contractors have put into the place. When Jessica praises Antonio, Nash accuses her of rubbing it in his face that she is in love with Antonio. When the car runs out of gas, Nash decides that he and Jessica need to try to make it to one of the cabins on the way to the vineyard before they end up freezing to death. They make it to a cave where they gather wood and kindling to make a fire. As Nash and Jessica prepare to make their fire, they find themselves in the middle of a cave in.

Natalie visits Spencer prepared to give him a piece of her mind but is quickly stopped in her tracks when Spencer reveals that John tried to kill him the night before. Natalie stands firm as Spencer tries to fill her head with doubts about John's love for her. Natalie goes back to John's room and interrupts a heated discussion between John and Michael regarding John's recovery. Natalie tells everyone about the discussion she had with Spencer and the details of his visit from John. Michael is furious and threatens to have John's doctors post a guard outside his door to prevent him from being able to leave. Marcie intervenes and tells both Natalie and Michael that John should be allowed to continue his treatments at home since they all know that there is no way that they will be able to keep John down any longer. After discussing it with John's doctors, John is released with strict orders. A teary Natalie tells John that she does not agree with his early release and tells him that she could not bear it if she lost him again. John tells her that she will never lose him again.

Bo tries to make a deal with Spencer so that he will drop his insanity act but Spencer will not budge. He tells Bo that he is going to enjoy getting his freedom back and seeing Todd back behind bars charged with attempted murder. Bo tells him that an eyewitness made a statement that Todd did not push Spencer and Blair off the roof and that it was a terrible accident. Spencer wonders who the witness is since the only people on the roof were Todd, himself, and Blair. Bo confirms that Blair made a statement that what happened on the roof was an accident. Spencer can't believe that Blair would protect Todd but Bo reminds him that Blair and Todd always have loved each other and always will love each other despite Spencer's interference. Bo gives Spencer one more chance to change his plea but Spencer refuses.

Vincent visits Antonio at the police station demanding that he find out who set fire to his warehouse and killed Ted. Antonio tells Vincent that the department is working on the case but Vincent is not convinced since they already have him pegged as an arsonist. Antonio tells Vincent that he will personally go to the warehouse to see what he can find and then will get back to Mr. Jones as quickly as he can.

Layla meets Cris and Evangeline at the diner with details of their New Year's lingerie introductory party. Layla is excited that a national magazine has decided to run a spread of their company's designs and credits Cris' photos with helping to showcase their product. Cris spies Lindsay and sits down to have a discussion with her about his exit from painting but his entrance into photography. Lindsay promises Cris a show if his photographs turn out as well as his paintings did. While Lindsay and Cris are discussing his future, Nora offers a job to Evangeline as the Assistant District Attorney replacing Hugh. Evangeline mulls over the job offer worried about how accepting the job will impact her finances and her independence. Nora tells Evangeline that she is that good and knows that she will make a positive contribution to their office and even offers her the opportunity to disagree with her every now and then. While Evangeline thinks it over, Vincent walks up and puts his two cents in regarding how her decision will impact Cris. Vincent is called away by a phone call from Antonio asking him to get down to the police station as soon as possible.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Jessica freaked out when the mine she and Nash took refuge in, collapsed. Nash assured her he'd get them out of there. When more of the roof fell in, they began fighting. Nash accused her of turning him into her project. Jess argued that she just wants the best for their child.

At the diner, Rex tried to control his hormones as he looked over pictures for Adriana's lingerie company. Their mood darkened when Marcie arrived and they were reminded how they're keeping the truth about Tommy from Todd and the McBains. Marcie joined Carlotta, who reminded her that Tommy wasn't "given up," he was "given to." After, Marcie almost overheard Rex and Adriana discussing the situation, but they covered by showing her the lingerie photos.... Carlotta encouraged Adriana to continue making amends with Dorian.

At the hospital, Blair broke down when she realized she lost the baby. "I feel stuck," she cried. "I can't get past that." Todd asked what he can do to fix things, but she wasn't ready to think about the future. Todd sat with her as she tearfully said good-bye to her child. "Maybe they'll send us a sign," she said wistfully. Enter Marcie and Tommy, who happened to come visit that section of the hospital. Blair's face lit up as Marcie let her hold Tommy. Rex and Adriana arrived and looked on in horror.

Dorian flounced into Asa's home, where he, Bo and Matthew sat playing poker. Asa wasn't thrilled to see her; Dorian explained she was visiting Clint. Asa gleefully informed her that Clint was with Viki. After Dorian left, Asa told the guys that he can't wait for the ensuing showdown. Asa blasted the Cramers, but Matthew stood up for Starr. Little Matthew then gave the guys some advice on women, based on his brief experience with a girlfriend. "If you're nice to the girl, she'll be nice to you," he explained. Wise words indeed.

Meanwhile, Clint and Viki shared a close moment as they discussed him having spent the night. "Is it just me or do we have a lot to talk about?" he asked her. "We almost kissed." Soon, Dorian arrived and gave her Christmas present to Clint. It was a pencil, "so you could pencil me in," she noted, before pleading with him to give her a second chance. Clint wasn't sure what he could say and ended up leaving both ladies so he could clear his head. Viki was furious. Dorian wasn't convinced that Viki loved Clint, and that she only wanted him so she could — pardon the pun — lord it over Dorian. Viki stated that Clint deserves more than her.

Antonio got a maid to let him into Claudia's hotel room. He found her passed out on the floor. After helping her up, he urged her to go to rehab.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

The football team suffers a big loss and Cole suffers at the hands of his former teammates and fellow students as everyone blames him for not being available to play. Starr steps up to comfort him. They have a confrontation with Britney and Alison who now have both claimed to be behind the slide show. Britney says she was protecting Alison all along and apologizes for her actions. Starr is not sure who is telling the truth but starts to think that everyone should have a second chance.

As Nat disinfects John's apartment prior to his homecoming, Roxy shows up in a HAZMAT suit. She's curious to know how close her daughter is actually going to get to John when he gets home. Nat doesn't want to take a chance and cause any infection so she has no plans at all to be near to him. Roxy orders her to take that chance, saying she needs it!! She's really happy that John is back for her. Nat warns John to stay out of trouble until he leaves the hospital but he's already in a deep discussion with Marty. The doc claims to have nothing against John when he asks, as she would have reported his previous night's actions if she had. He does blame her for what has happened to the Mannings while she's sorry he doesn't agree with her diagnosis of Spencer. They have a heart to heart and Marty relates that she understands how it is to lose someone in a heartbeat. He cuts the conversation short however, when she asks what his father would think of him endangering his life or possibly heading to prison due to his actions. In another part of the hospital, Adriana and Rex look on as Blair and Todd hold and play with Tommy. Adriana can hardly contain herself and desperately want to tell them the truth about the baby. "They look so lost," she complains. Blair looks pale and the baby is handed back. Probably too soon to hold the baby, they decide.

Antonio is concerned when he's not able to reach Jessica but is reassured by Bo that the State Police will follow up and conduct a search for Nash's car. He trusts Nash with Jessica, he responds to Bo's question regarding the two being alone. He knows Nash will take care of her. When the car is located and empty, and word is that there were avalanches in the area, Antonio takes off to aid in the search for his wife.

Nash and Jess are wet and freezing and argue over the best way to get warm. Jess can hardly believe it when Nash suggests they remove all of their clothes and use body heat under the dirty tarp found on the ground. He is really not interested in her, Nash reassures her. The best way for the clothes to dry is if they're not wearing them. Jess obeys and later, she struggles to keep him awake as he slowly begins to drift off, shaking from the cold and seemingly delirious.

At Serenity Springs, Asa gripes about his physical therapy and exercise program. Clint mentions how proud he is of him. Dorian happens to be there and she and Clint have an avid discussion over her unpredictability. She thought that Clint might prefer a challenge, she says coyly. Predictability is boring and makes one fall asleep. When she invites him to go to London with her to visit with Kelly and Zane (and of course Kevin), Clint is just shocked over the forwardness of it. He's exhausted from all that he's been through with work and family, he admits. She enjoys being unpredictable when it comes to him, Dorian smiles.

Nat stops at the hospital to get John. She will take care of him even though he doesn't want her to. He feels badly; she didn't ask for all of this, he tells her. She wants to do it, she wants it all, she replies. He does too, is his response. Blair doesn't feel too well and suddenly can't breathe. As Todd goes to find help, she falls onto the floor.

Jess suddenly hears someone calling her name. Antonio has located them!

Friday, January 5, 2007

Jessica told Antonio to hurry with rescuing her and Nash from the mine because Nash was falling unconscious. She desperately tried to keep Nash from slipping away. Antonio instructed her on how to do CPR; as she did so, Nash began to kiss her. Jess was furious. Antonio finally managed to bust through the boundary, just in time to see Jessica shoving Nash.

Cristian lamented to Evangeline about his mounting bills, including some ridiculously expensive medical ones. Vangie offered to help him with money since he doesn't have insurance.

Natalie excitedly brought John home to his new, sterile digs, but he wasn't as enthused. "This isn't gonna work," he brooded. Natalie freaked out, fearing that he'd die if he doesn't take care of himself. "Shut up and listen, you're exasperating," John snapped. He explained that he just doesn't want to be cooped up, but isn't planning to die anytime soon, either. Nat pleaded with him to follow the doctor's orders for just a little while longer. John promised he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize his recovery, but complained when she gave him his medication. After Nat left, John spit out the pills.

Rex was nervous when Bo called him in for a meeting, but relieved that all he wanted to see him about was a job. Rex assured Adriana that no one would find out about how they were keeping Tommy's parentage secret. After, while Rex was in his meeting with Bo, Vincent came by and complimented Adriana's lingerie line. She did not look thrilled to be speaking with him, though.... Bo told Rex to investigate how Spencer had gotten out of the transfer unit to Wingdale, and to see if anyone had seen Truman and Todd together. Rex sympathized with Todd, but Bo stated that they don't owe Manning anything. Bo said Rex should do this as a favor to him. "You mean like buddies?" asked Rex, moving closer. "If you touch me, I'll break your arm," Bo warned.... Vincent came by to harass Bo again about the warehouse, and presented Bo with a list of suspects, including Nash and Cristian.

Blair suffered from heart failure. Paige assured Todd that they're doing everything they can at the hospital. This wasn't good enough for Todd, who wanted them to fix everything ASAP. Evangeline arrived and Todd blamed himself for Blair's condition. Vangie tried to comfort him, but Blair's condition became grave.

Cristian showed Adriana his newest creation, a painting of a photo. She thanked him for taking the pictures of Jessica wearing her lingerie. Apparently, it hadn't bothered Cris to photograph his sister-in-law (who was once his girlfriend) in her skivvies. Thinking of Tommy, Adriana asked if he thought it was wrong for someone to do something wrong for the right reasons. Cris tried to find out who she was talking about, but she refused to give details. She rationalized her decision by stating that God would approve. Later, Rex told Adriana that he's taking Bo's job so he can be sure that he doesn't find any evidence against Todd.... Vince presented Bo with more evidence, saying that turpentine had been found. Cristian was then showed using turpentine.

Spencer was upset when Marty informed him that he needed to stay in the hospital for 48 more hours — and would then be shipped off to Wingdale. Spencer wondered if he'd get another shot at a trial. "Only if I say I made a mistake in declaring you unfit," she replied, reminding him that if he does go to trial, he'll be found guilty. Truman insisted that he's not insane. Marty explained why she thinks he is. After, Todd blamed Marty for Blair's medical crisis. Marty then called a mystery person and asked for help.... Todd planned to propose to Blair if she survived.... Paige informed Spencer of Blair's condition and asked for his help. He refused. "I'm sorry, Blair," he said to himself after Paige left. "If I can't have you, no one can."

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