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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 1, 2007 on GL
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Monday, January 1, 2007

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episode of Guiding Light has been pre-empted. This skipped episode was anticipated and their will be no "lost" episodes as a result of today's special programming.

If you missed anything from 2006, this is your time to catch up. We have archived all of the news from 2006 (and going all the way back to 1996) for you to review at your leisure. If you want to catch up on the history of the show, we have over ten years of archived Daily Recaps for you to enjoy. We are also in the midst of our annual "Dankies," where you can vote for the best of the best on the soaps.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Marina shows up dressed in a quite revealing manner - to work undercover. Mallet tells her the request was not legitimate. She wants to go change and her zipper gets stuck. She asks for help as Dinah walks into the station. Mallet shows Dinah the fake orders to explain the situation. Dinah accuses Mallet of trying to use the hooker angle to get ratings. Gus comes in and asks for their help with their hearing for Sydney. Mallet and Dinah agree to be character witnesses for him. Gus doesn't want Dinah involved.

Gus follows Judge Green down Main Street. He tells him about the adoption case. He tries to explain his past behavior and assure the judge he's a different person. The judge is annoyed and the conversation escalates. Gus tells him it's no wonder people call him "Mean Judge Green."

Cassie tells Harley Tammy is off on a trip, but she's not aware of where she went. Harley tells Cassie about the upcoming custody hearing with Judge Green and her concerns. Cassie tries to reassure Harley that she's a good mother. Harley is feeling guilty about Susan being at boarding school. Harley asks Cassie where Josh is - why he isn't there. Cassie tries to convince Harley and herself there's an explanation.

Lizzie witnesses Jonathan kissing Tammy. Lizzie goes back into the villa and starts smashing things, crying and screaming "NO!" After Jonathan and Tammy make love, they dress and discuss their sneaking to meet each other. Jonathan tells her he can't keep this show up any longer. He tells Tammy he's going to tell Lizzie the truth. He goes into the villa and finds Lizzie amid the disaster of a room. She's crying and trying to clean up. Jonathan asks her what happened. She tells him it was just a little accident - that everything just got to be too much. He asks her for more information. She tells him sometimes when she's alone she gets these overwhelming feelings, but she can handle it. Jonathan is worried about her. She tells him Sarah wouldn't stop crying and she couldn't find him. She told him she gets these horrible thoughts. She goes up to get Sarah. When she comes down, she finds Jonathan had packed their things - they're going back home. He wants her to see someone about this problem. He'll take care of it.

Reva pins Sheila to the wall accusing her of rummaging through Billy's wallet. She tells him Billy told her to find the business card for the car service. Billy walks in on the situation with a security guard. Josh and Reva tell Billy about the information they had about her being in Oklahoma. Billy tells them he sent Sheila to Oklahoma for him, to find pictures of HB for the hospital. He tells the security guard to call the police. Billy has Josh and Reva carted off to jail. Josh is furious with Reva for roping him into another disaster.

Mallet visits Josh and Reva in their cell, but he can't help them. They have to wait for a judge to set their bail. Josh is ranting and raving when he remembers he's broken another promise to Cassie and RJ. They get their phone call and Josh calls Cassie's cell phone. Her caller ID let's her know he's at the police station and he and Reva have been arrested. He asks her to come bail them out. She asks Harley to watch RJ and she runs to the station. Harley looks up and sees Judge Green. She tells him how great a father Gus is and how they should be made parents to Sydney. She doesn't do any better than Gus and aggravates the judge.

Tammy gets a text message from Jonathan that there was a problem. Tammy goes into the villa and sees the mess.

Cassie posts bail and gets Josh and Reva out. He apologizes for missing RJ's game. Reva tells Cassie they got a little carried away. Cassie tells her she has to stop pulling Josh into nonsense - he's not her husband anymore. Cassie told Reva she won't let her use their Sheila deal as a scheme to get back into Josh's life.

Jonathan and Lizzie fly home and he takes her to Cedars. Rick tells her it's postpartum depression and they can help her. Rick tells Jonathan about her condition and he wants her to see a psychiatrist because of her family history. He tells Jonathan to not leave her side. Tammy overhears Rick. Lizzie sees Tammy with Jonathan.

Gus and Harley meet back at home and they both confess about their encounter with Judge Green. They agree they're the right people for Sydney and they'll keep fighting.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Inside the Light: Find Your Light

Gus has sworn off smoking—again—for New Years. Down on Main Street he and Harley discuss New Year's resolutions. Harley wants to not yell at the kids so much. She turns to Jude and screams at him for climbing all over the benches. Behind them Buzz and Billy are at CO2. A homeless woman, Gloria, asks Harley for some spare change. She gives her bills. Zack crawls under the benches and finds a black bag. "Mom, money!" he yells. "Billions and trillions of dollars!"

He attracts the attention of his parents, Buzz, Billy, Coop, and Jeffrey. Like a true Spaulding, "Finders Keepers!" Zack claims, hugging the huge bag. On the ground lays a white envelope. The calligraphy reads, "To the People of Springfield."

The show opens with a burgeoning light. As the light grows, different voices call out one by one ideals such as family, love, destiny, hope, faith, laughter, peace, forgiveness, happiness, and more. All the voices unite in a chorus. One hand clasps another. As they fade, a new hand latches with another and fades into a series of people joining hands, each pair lapping over the other until the joined hands resemble a glowing star in the blackness. In fades the Guiding Light's Seventy Years logo. "There is a destiny that makes us brothers," an older man's voice says. "None goes his way alone" says another person. "All that we send into the lives of others," says someone else, "comes back," says a woman, "into our own," the last voice ends.

Dinah shares a beer at Outskirts with Mallet. He brings ratings news. They open the envelope together. It appears that Mallet's show is beating Dinah's. He tries to encourage her and hopes that she wins next week. Scathing but happy for Mallet, she rips up the ratings sheet, knowing he's going to win. After he's gone, Ashlee calls her, letting her know they might have the story that they are looking for.

Dinah meets Ashlee on Main Street where a possible riot ensues over the found money. Frank fights everyone back, and amid the accusations and fighting, Dinah spies the envelope on the ground. She and Ashlee tuck themselves into a corner under an archway by a sign and door labeled CO2 to read it: "To a wonderful town that can use a little help, I trust it will be put to good use. Springfield, find your light."

Ashlee wants to turn it over to Chief Cooper to stop the riot. Dinah thinks they can expose the selfishness of this town and discover the sender of the money on their show. Dinah decides that, in order to find the mystery person, they will begin at the beginning. Later, Ashlee and Dinah set up for an interview in the Aitoro living room. Zach resembles a mini-Phillip in his suit and tie as he perches on the sofa, answering Dinah's questions about how he found the money. For all of Dinah's questions, Zach renders straightforward, one-word answers. When Zach asks for a cookie, Dinah realizes this endeavor is fruitless. Instead, she has an idea and sends Ashlee to locate any video footage from Main Street security. On the footage, Dinah sees a man in a hat drop the envelope and the bag. She and Ashlee speculate about the identity of the stranger.

Later on a quieted Main Street, Dinah pensively sips her coffee as Mallet talks about the discovered cash. She acts disinterested until she spots in Mallets newspaper a photo of a man named Gil Robson. Mallet tells her that Robson is some big software king who was recently said to have been in Springfield. He seems to favor the guy in Dinah's video, hat and all. Dinah unexpectedly takes off on Mallet.

Dinah dashes at the airport and catches Robson before he leaves again. She confronts him about the bag of cash. He doesn't know what she's talking about until she tells him that she has video footage of him depositing the bag under the bench. He agrees to give her an exclusive interview, but he wants to remain anonymous. He feels that if people know he gifted the money, it would be used in ways to gain his favor rather than allotted where it is truly needed. Robson tells the tale of his terrible trip to Springfield in which everything that could go wrong did. He received a phone call that his son had been in a boating accident just as he missed his flight. He had no way to reach his son. Just then a man approached him and offered him the use of his own private jet. He told Robson to always remember Springfield, the town that didn't turn its back on him. The man in Robson's memory turns around. It's Alan Spaulding. He says to Robson, "Find your light."

Alan Spaulding was locked up on New Year's Eve, Dinah tells the man. He shrugs, replying that sometimes life doesn't make sense. As she hurries off, Robson wonders why the note he left with the bag wasn't mentioned in the papers. Dinah turns and says that's weird, before continuing on her way.

Through the lens of a camera, prisoner Alan Spaulding suggests Dinah do a story on people who have been wrongly incarcerated. Alan stretches out on his jail bed. On the other side of the bars sits Dinah. She tells him that her sources put him at the airport loaning his jet to Robson when he should have been in prison. At first, Alan doesn't want to talk about it because he could get someone in trouble. Eventually, he reveals that Rick came to him New Year's Eve and let him out. Rick said that he deserved a break. He'd let him out for just one night to be with his family but swore that, if Alan didn't return, Rick would report him. Alan promised to return. As he left, Rick told him, "Find your light." Alan had never heard that phrase before. He went to the airport to hop his jet out of town when he found Robson. Alan could relate to Robson's need to see his son and loaned him the jet. Dinah deduces that he took the favor from Rick and he passed it on.

Tracking down Rick, at the hospital, she learns that he picked up a shift on New Year's Eve. He went outside since it was slow. A motorcycle pulled up. It was Jonathan, carrying Leah on the back. The girl was visibly shaken. She had been at a party, something bad must have happened and everyone vacated the party. Leah had been scared and alone. Her cell phone wouldn't work. Jonathan pulled up at that time and offered to drive her to her father at the hospital. "She just wanted her dad," Jonathan said with a knowing expression. "Find your light," he advised Rick before pulling away.

On the way back to her suite, Dinah leaves Jonathan a message to call her right away. She opens the door to the sitting room to find Mallet going through the drawers, searching for something. He talks about what he's looking for and inadvertently pulls out the envelope that had been left with the bag. He asks Dinah what it is. Dinah concocts a story about it being her goodbye speech for her show, written just in case she doesn't win the ratings war. Mallet encourages her. She just needs one good story to put her over the top.

Later at Outskirts, Dinah continues her yellow brick road journey to discover the meaning of her mysterious phrase. She films Jonathan and asks him what does "find your light" really mean. He doesn't understand what the big deal is. He doesn't consider himself Leah's hero. She presses and he tells her that she won't understand because her strong suit is finding the worst in people. With more prompting, Jonathan tells his New Year's Eve tale. He was leaving Outskirts because Lizzie had called upset that fireworks were scaring Sarah. He wanted to get back home to them, but for some reason, his motorcycle was not working. Just then Coop pulled up on Buzz's motorcycle. Coop and he are not exactly friends, but upon hearing Jonathan's plight, Coop lent Jonathan Buzz's bike. On his way home, he found Leah. Just before he left Coop, Coop said to him, "Find your light."

Dinah's cameraman focuses on Coop, who says that he heard the phrase from Jeffrey. The lens films Jeffrey on a bench. He heard it from Marina. When he had checked out of the hospital, she lent him a ride home in her squad car even though it was against regulations. Marina got it from Charlie, a Company customer that really came through. Charlie heard it from Frank who went easy on him at a traffic stop. Frank says that Remy said it after he covered for him during a surprise inspection. The camera films Remy who says that Gus said the phrase after doing a favor for him. Focusing on Gus, we learn that Harley said it to him. Harley leans in her doorway at home, remembering that Billy told her to find her light and hugged her. On camera at Outskirts, Billy says that, out of nowhere, Maggie told him to find his light.

Frustrated, Dinah is back at the hotel, staring at the letter. An angry Mallet slams the door when he enters. While Dinah has had a day filled with stories of compassion, Mallet has experienced the worst in people over the found money. Dinah confides in Mallet about the letter he saw earlier. She tells him she stole it from the site of the found money. He reads it and asks her what the phrase means. Dinah hopelessly replies that she tried to trace it back but got tangled in all the threads. She wants Mallet to take the note, announce that the money is a gift to Springfield. They should be a little more grateful...unlike her--selfish, criminal her, who would sell her soul for a story. He confirms that she never found where this story led. Dinah admits that she isn't half the detective that he is. Mallet gets a thought, tosses her a coat, and tells her to come with him.

Mallet leads Dinah to a dark corridor outside outskirts. They encounter homeless Gloria. Gloria immediately apologizes for stealing the hundred dollar bill that was laying on the ground when the money was found. She says her friends needed food. Mallet calms her. He isn't there to arrest her but to introduce her to Dinah. He explains that he had given Gloria a hard time earlier on New Year's Eve, told her to move her shopping cart along. Later on he and Marina got split up chasing a robbery suspect. Mallet was knocked down by the perpetrator. Gloria found his radio on him and called in for help. She told him to, "find his light."

Dinah marvels at Gloria, the one who coined the phrase. Gloria thinks Dinah gives her too much credit. On New Year's Eve, she was cold and hungry. A man fed her, gave her a scarf, encouraged her to find her light. She thinks his name was Buzz.

Everyone gathers by the bench on Main Street where the money was found. Jonathan's right in front, smacking gum. Mallet hops up on a bench, and Dinah queues her cameraman to roll. Mallet announces that they've found answers about the bag of money that will hopefully end the bickering and fighting. He announces that they have found a note. Zach asks if it was Santa claus. It was Santa, Mallet jovially replies—or it might as well have been. He says that an anonymous donor has given it to all of Springfield. Mallet explains the benefactor's one condition: That each citizen remembers to find his light. Like a pleasant memory, the phrase resonates with the crowd. Mallet then reads the note and conveys that they have been given this money to make Springfield a better place. Everyone cheers.

Dinah leans into Buzz and asks him if he's proud of himself. He doesn't know what she means. Dinah pulls him from the crowd and reveals that she discovered that the phrase originated with him. Buzz says that she's wrong. She must go back a step. He leads her back through the crowd to where the Aitoro family stands. He says that she must go back to—this guy. Buzz places his hand on Zach's head and swivels him to face her. Zach grins.

Buzz hoists Zach on his shoulders and brings him out of the crowd. He sets him down in front of the spray painted CO2 sign and continues to explain to Dinah. He and Zach strolled passed the lighthouse while brainstorming ideas for Zach's social studies project. "I had'a figure out how to do som'in good," Zach says. Out of the blue, Buzz tells her, Zach had the idea, "find your light." Dinah asks Zach and Buzz what it means. Anything that makes you happy, Buzz offers. Zach adds that happy people do good things because they know what their light is. Buzz admits he didn't get it at first, but while closing up CO2 on New Year's Eve, Zach brought Gloria to him. He wanted to feed her. They did and gave her one of Harley's old scarves. Buzz heard Zach tell the woman to find her light. Buzz is amazed that it actually took hold. Dinah kneels down to Zach and encourages him to finish what he started.

Back in their hotel suite, Mallet and Dinah watch the rough cut of her show. On the screen, we see clips of each person she interviewed saying something similar to, "...and he told me to Find my Light..." Dinah comes on the screen, saying that the phrase spread through Springfield like wildfire. We see even more clips of all the people recounting their moment of being encouraged to find their lights. Dinah strolls with the camera, admitting she was wrong about Springfield. Even with its share of jealousy and pettiness, underneath beats a warm heart that led to a gift from a total stranger, a gift that grew out of the kind acts of others—even between people who don't like each other. It was a ripple and it became a wave. It was almost ended by her. Dinah tells her viewers that she has a confession to make. In the hotel, Dinah averts her eyes from the screen to Mallet.

On the screen, she admits that she let her own selfishness interfere with Springfield's gift. Once she let go and did the right thing, she got back twice as much as she could have gained on her own. Despite herself, Dinah learned what her light is. She continues meandering around as the residents in the background take pictures and commune together. People are basically good, Dinah says to the camera. They will be there when you need them. Have a little love and a little faith and pass it on.

Dinah almost exits the screen, but she has a thought. She turns back to the camera and tells her viewers that her show wants to help them pass the light on. She says they set up a website called Viewers can check in, talk about what good is being done and share their stories of finding their own lights. She says that they will be waiting for us at The website flashes on the screen.

Mallet thoughtfully stops the tape. Frankly, he tells her that this is a good show. She believes it needs more work but smiles excitedly. Pensive Mallet seems a little sad, but he tells her that this is it. This is her show. It's a good show and he's going to back out. "The Law" is over. Dinah protests that he can't do that, but Mallet is convinced. "Find Your Light" is the show. It can change people's lives. It deserves to win.

Dinah falls into his arms, thanking him. She loves him and doesn't know how to repay him. Excited, Dinah restarts the footage. Back on the TV, Dinah takes Zach's hand and leads him to the speaking bench. He stands on it as she announces him. Dinah tells the crowd that Zach's idea for the money is to put it in a big pile and give it to people who need it. Dinah translates Zach's vision into the building of a foundation that benefits Springfield residents. She hugs Zach, points to the camera and asks him if he has anything else to add. Zach's eyes beam into the camera. He points and tells us all to, "Find Your Light." The show ends amid cheers for Springfield.

"It's here and will continue throughout the year" is a phrase that appears over real life scenes of the Guiding Light cast members helping to rebuild destroyed homes and participating in other community activities. As the photos and film of cast members lending a hand continues, several people voice over. "It's about the fans," a voice says. "It's about giving back," says another. "It's a feeling that is definitely bigger than you," comments someone else. "How can we say thank you enough?" someone else asks. "It's going to be contagious. We have so much to look forward to," the last person speaks. Guiding Light's "seventy years" logo appears. This time, they have added the phrase, "Find Your Light" just over the "L."

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Coop visits Ava and finds an envelope outside her door. It was her new contract with Spaulding. Ava accuses Coop of lurking outside her door. They have an argument and he leaves.

Mel and Jeffrey meet to discuss their partnership. Jeffrey is all business, but Mel keeps going back to how he should connect with Ava. Jeffrey insists they have no relationship, nor does he want one. He tells her Ava is better off without him. At that point, Mel's phone rings - it's Ava asking her to review her contract. Mel agrees to meet with her, then leaves, leaving Jeffrey alone. Ava comes in looking for Mel and runs into Jeffrey. He tells her Mel went to look for office furniture. Jeffrey asks her if there's a problem and she tells him she wanted Mel to look over her contract. Ava tells him she knows about the details of how he got hurt and she thanks him. He tries to deny it, but Ava knows he's covering up. Jeffrey offers to look over the contract for her. As he reviews the contract, he finds a clause about fraternization is missing, but yet finds a large clause about her personal needs, clothing, meals, and a car.

Reva runs into Cassie on her way to Lizzie's baby shower. Cassie apologizes for her harshness, but the apology goes sour.

Rick visits Alan in jail, but he claims he is unable to release him because there is paperwork that must be completed. Alex visits Alan to share with him a notice that in one month, on her birthday, Lizzie will have full control over her trust fund as well as voting rights on the Spaulding Board for both her and Jonathan. Alan is furious. Alex tells him she will set up a meeting for tomorrow. She warns Alan to not show up at Lizzie's party. Alan has a dream about the next Spaulding annual board meeting. Jonathan tells him about his plans for Randalworks, a new division of Spaulding - a nationwide chain of tattoo parlors. Lizzie comes in dressed as a biker babe. Rick "wakes" him up, informing him he's free to go.

Lizzie is watching a DVD of a woman discussing her postpartum depression, getting tips to continue her charade. She takes notes on 3x5 cards. She hides the DVD she was watching behind the picture of her, Jonathan and Sarah on the mantle.

At Outskirts Jonathan is setting up for the baby shower. As he voices his plan to shower Lizzie with attention, thinking it might bring her back to normal, allowing Jonathan to leave. Tammy walks in and they discuss how much they want to be together. They go off to the back room, leaving Sarah alone. Lizzie comes into Outskirts, sees Sarah and starts talking to her telling her how much she missed her and how much she missed her Daddy. Tammy walks in and hears her happy conversation with Sarah.

Tammy talks with Cassie at the shower about Lizzie's condition. Tammy is unsure of the legitimacy of her problem, but gives her the benefit of the doubt. Lizzie turns up the act with Beth, letting her know she saw Jonathan and Tammy together. Lizzie tells Beth she's "handling it." The party goes on, the whole while Lizzie is pretending to be disinterested, playing the game. Tammy is observing. Alex arrives late giving Lizzie a silver cup for Sarah. Lizzie is ecstatic, hugs Alex and sees Tammy watching the exchange immediately reverting to her depressed act. Reva asks Lizzie if she's ok; she seems too low key for the party. Jonathan and she tell Reva about the postpartum depression. Reva assures her it will get better. Tammy is watching and catches on that she's performing - faking the whole thing. Cassie warns Tammy to be careful with her accusation.

Reva approaches Cassie trying to find a subject to discuss so they don't fight. Reva brings up Lizzie's depression, but Cassie questions if it's real and Reva gets angry. The conversation turns sour, again. They both agree they need to sit down and clear the air. They decide to meet at Crosscreek and include Josh for their "team" meeting.

Jeffrey goes to CO2 and asks Coop about what he thinks about the contract. They agree there's enough to be worried about when it comes to Alan Michael. Coop tells Jeffrey he can't get involved because Ava wants him to stay away.

Jonathan tells Tammy Lizzie told her he's Lizzie's rock, but he thinks Lizzie should be with her family. She needs to be with Lillian, Alex and Beth. Lizzie overhears them talking.

Reva is in an alley on her cell phone leaving Cassie a message her car wouldn't start. As she's talking, Alan approaches her asking her if she had fun laughing at him at the shower. Reva drops her cell phone and it shatters.

Friday, January 5, 2007


Marina is out shopping for dresses when she runs into Dinah. The two women waste no time snipping at each other and Dinah informs Marina that Mallet quit The Law. Since it is obvious that Dinah is jealous of Marina, Marina tries to convince her that she and Mallet are just partners. At the same time, Vanessa is meeting with Mallet to try to get him to change his mind. She tells him that Dinah would not want to win the competition this way but he surprises her by stating that she already knows. Vanessa is very disappointed since the competition has generated great buzz for the station and she does not want it to end just yet. Mallet replies that he already gave his word to Dinah; he cannot go back on it. Later, at home, Mallet is confronted by Marina who is angry that he never told her he was quitting. Mallet does not see it as a big deal but apologizes and asks how she found out. Marina informs him that Dinah told her. Mallet asks if she was nice but an upset Marina does not want to talk about it. Later, Mallet and Dinah arrive at Towers for the WSPR event. There, Mallet announces that he is stepping down from The Law. The winner, Dinah gives a speech and shows the crowd the last episode of The Law, which has many clips of Mallet and Marina acting very comfortably with each other.

At Outskirts, Lizzie overhears Jonathan tell Tammy that he has to end his marriage; that it would be the best thing for Lizzie Freaked out, Lizzie goes to Beth who tells Lizzie she has to do whatever it takes to hold onto Jonathan. Lizzie continues freaking out and laments that Jonathan is in love with Tammy. How can she compete with that? Beth reminds Lizzie that she and Jonathan share a child. She assures Lizzie that she has the home court advantage. Lizzie then rushes over to Jonathan complaining about not feeling well. Jonathan takes her outside to the roof. There he tries to talk to her about his decision to leave, but she interrupts by talking about how great the party was. Jonathan agrees and talks to Lizzie about how many people care for her. He starts to tell her that he wants her and Sarah to be happy when she complains about being lightheaded. Lizzie states that she took her medicine without eating and asks Jonathan to get her something to eat. When Jonathan leaves, Lizzie takes a bottle of pills out of her purse and eyes it. When Jonathan returns, he is horrified to see Lizzie leaning over the balcony. Lizzie tells him she was just looking at the people down below but he is worried she could have fallen. They then sit down to have something to eat. As Jonathan starts talking about her mood swings and his inability to figure her out, Lizzie thanks him for standing by her and calls him a dedicated father and husband. Later, she takes a very woozy Jonathan home and lays him on the coach. Jonathan is unable to keep his eyes open and Lizzie sets the mood by lighting candles. She then undresses and does the same to Jonathan.

Tammy goes to the cabin looking for Jonathan and finds that no one is home. Looking around, she spots a DVD "I Hate My Own Baby: the Jamie Walker story". Curious, she puts it in the player and is shocked to hear the exact same words Lizzie used to describe her mental state. At that point, Beth rushes in and argues with Tammy about her waning to ruin Lizzie's family. But Tammy is angry as well and tells Beth that she has proof Lizzie is faking her postpartum depression and rushes out to tell Jonathan. Beth follows and catches up with her. On Main Street, Tammy tells Beth about video but Beth still denies that Lizzie is lying. Angry, Tammy accuses Beth of being in on it and states that she is going to let the entire town now that Lizzie is lying. Beth accuses Tammy of lying because she feels guilty about taking Jonathan away from his family. Increasingly upset, tells Tammy that Lizzie is in love with the father of her baby and warns Tammy that she will regret it if she says anything. The two get into a scuffle and Tammy manages to knock Beth down and runs to the cabin. Through the cabin, she sees Lizzie and Jonathan on the coach in a state of undress.

Cassie and Josh arrive to meet Reva but she is not at home. Cassie checks her voice mail and finds a message from Reva but Reva ends the message when Alan sneaks up behind her. Cassie is concerned that Alan did something to Reva. She calls Rick who confirms that Alan was released from Ravenwood. Not only that-his last visitor was Alexandra and afterwards Alan was ready to explode. Cassie is now even more worried, but Josh tries to convince her that Reva can handle Alan; she has done it before. Cassie is not convinced and they split up. Cassie goes to find Alexandra to ask her where Alan is and informs her that Reva is missing and Alan is the last person who saw her. Alexandra does not seem terribly concerned. When Cassie asks Alex about Alan's state of mind when she saw him, Alex informed her that she had told Alan that Lizzie (thus, Jonathan also) also was to get access to her trust fund soon. That includes stock in the company as well. Cassie guesses that Alan is not happy about that and asks Alexandra if Alan would take that out on Reva. Alex reminds Cassie that Reva has gotten into trouble before and always comes out on top. She suggests that Cassie consider the benefits of having Reva (her boyfriend's ex-wife) out of the picture.

Josh goes to Billy to ask for his help since he thinks Reva is in trouble. He tells him about Alan and the fear that Alan grabbed her. Billy is not very concerned but tells Josh that he will look for her while Josh goes home to Cassie. However, Josh is adamant about looking for Reva as well. A little perturbed, Billy tells Josh to wise up and get Reva out of his system. Later, as he is out searching for Reva, Josh spots Alan's car outside a church. He walks in and demands to know what the hell is going on.

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