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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 1, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, January 1, 2007

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episode of As The World Turns has been pre-empted. This skipped episode was anticipated and their will be no "lost" episodes as a result of today's special programming.

If you missed anything from 2006, this is your time to catch up. We have archived all of the news from 2006 (and going all the way back to 1996) for you to review at your leisure. If you want to catch up on the history of the show, we have over ten years of archived Daily Recaps for you to enjoy. We are also in the midst of our annual "Dankies," where you can vote for the best of the best on the soaps.

On behalf of everyone that is involved in brining Soap Central to you each and every day, I want to thank you for making 2006 another enormously successful year for us. We've continued to bring you the latest news, daily recaps and scoops for all of the soaps – and we plan to continue to do so in 2007 as we mark our 12th year on the Internet. That is eons in Internet years! There is no way that I could have anticipated that this web site would grow into such a phenomenon when it was part of my "all about me" personal web site back in 1995. I am humbled by everyone's continued loyalty and patronage of this site and I look forward to sharing the soaps with you in the year ahead.

Dan J Kroll
Founder, Soap Central

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Maddie wants to go back to Casey's dorm to make love, but Casey makes excuses knowing Ellwood is back in their room gambling. He buys a bunch of time by doing little odds and ends to stall - hopefully giving Ellwood time to finish his gaming. Maddie can't find her coat, so Casey gives her his. She puts her hand in the pocket and finds the note from Adam showing how much money was paid to on-line gambling. Maddie thinks Adam is the one with the problem. Casey said it isn't Adam - it's Ellwood. But, Maddie is on to Casey. She tells him she knows Casey is the one with the gambling problem, not Adam and not Ellwood. Casey tries to talk his way out of it and finally admits what's been going on. He tells her he was gambling, but has it under control. Maddie's mother was a gambler and Henry was recently living in his car - gambling is a serious problem. Casey promises he's no longer gambling, trying to assure Maddie he doesn't have a problem. Maddie goes home.

Faith's opinion of the status of Lily and Holden's marriage is unchanged. She tells Parker she's sure her parents will be split up by spring. Faith storms out of the party after an outburst of not wanting her horse. Holden and Lily are worried.

Jack gets confirmation from the Prince the diamond is in fact from the royal necklace. Meanwhile, Carly and Simon are upstairs in bed. Carly makes Simon tell her again the diamond is gone - which he assured her. Carly decides she's tired of Jack using her children to threaten her to keep her away from Simon. She admits she is with Simon and that's exactly where she wants to be. Meanwhile, Jack seals the exits so Simon can't escape. He's trying to find Carly. He finally gets a hold of her on her cell phone. Jack tells her he has proof of Simon's involvement in the theft of the jewels. He tells her how glad he is she's distanced herself from Simon so she isn't in the fallout - all as she's standing in Simon's room. Carly gets off the phone and tries to convince Simon to get out. Simon is sure there is no evidence to convict him. He convinces Carly to get out of the room before Jack shows up. One last kiss and she leaves.

Katie is thrilled Jack has issued an arrest warrant for Simon. She asks Henry to call Mike to tell him about Simon's arrest, since he isn't answering her calls. The Prince tells Vienna he's recovered the stolen jewels. She's surprised and tries to get details from Katie and Henry. Vienna tells Katie this won't bring Mike back to her. Henry agrees with Vienna. Katie doesn't want to hear that and storms off.

Emily convinces Tom to go to the station because she had information about Craig's shooting. She tells the Tom and DA the plan was between her and Dusty. Dusty planned to threaten to shoot Craig to try to stop him from getting custody of Johnny. Then she tells them Craig must have found out about the plan and he changed the blanks back to real bullets to nail Dusty. Tom doesn't believe the story, but Emily begs him to believe her. She suggests they find the blanks - that Craig must have them. Tom agrees to get a warrant to search Craig's home for the blanks.

Jack goes to Simon's room, breaks in. Simon is no were to be found, but Carly's earring is on the floor. Jack finds Carly and he confronts her about being in Simon's room when he called. She denies it and he produces her earring.

Meg is kissing Craig when she abruptly backs off, causing Craig to ask her what's going on. Meg buys more time by sharing stories of her heartbreak. She gets notification of a text message and asks Craig for brandy with ice (to get Craig out of the room to check the message.) It was from Emily - she has to get Craig out of Fairwinds. Meg suddenly "remembers" Lily and Holden's dance performance at the party and convinces Craig to go to the party. They arrive at the party, too late for the performance. Margo wants to know the story of what's going on between Craig and Meg. Craig tells her he doesn't know, but he's going to find out. Craig asks about Tom's whereabouts and Margo tells him he's at the station with Emily. Craig becomes suspicious of Meg's behavior - and questions Meg about what it is she and Emily are up to - or he'll "put an end to this game his way." As he's interrogating Meg, Tom walks in with a warrant for his arrest. Craig tells Tom it's a set up and wants Emily to confirm it - she just wishes him a Happy New Year.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Will and Gwen find Iris at Crash, who gives Gwen an old gift from her aunt who passed away. Gwen falls for it, but Will is skeptical and makes a call. Will tells the girls he just got off the phone with Gwen's aunt, who's still alive. Iris tries to defend herself but Gwen is appalled – her relationship with her mother is over. When Jessica tells Dusty she's arranging for a new bail hearing, Dusty plays along and confirms that he'd only planned to scare Craig. The cops haul Craig in, and he accuses Meg and Emily of framing him. Craig surprises everyone by copping to the crime. Jack shows Carly the earring he found in Simon's suite – and knows she warned Simon. Carly says she doesn't know where Simon is, and Jack says he won't arrest Carly – at least not tonight. Later, Jack calls the station and tells them to tap Carly's phone. When Henry tires of Katie's obsessions with Simon's arrest, he heads off to his room only to find Simon there. Henry tells him to leave but they're interrupted by Katie. Simon hides as Katie admits that it was her fault that Mike left her and vows to bring Simon to justice. Henry won't be convinced – which tweaks Katie. Later, Simon tells Henry that he needs her to get a message to Carly.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Lily tried to get Faith to go to Chicago for the day and have a girls' day out. Faith kept her nose glued to a fashion magazine and said she didn't want to. Lily mentioned all the treats they could have there and Faith asked about Lily's diet. Faith didn't want to go shopping either. The doorbell rang and it was the dance instructor. She wanted to see the pictures from the New Years party. As they were looking at them Lily commented on how fat she looked. The instructor tried to get Lily to sign up for classes as exercise, but she declined. Then Faith asked if she could do it instead. Lily agreed. They went off to dance class. Jade had come down and offered to spend the afternoon with Lily. After lunch Lily lamented about her weight to Jade. Jade assuaged her concerns and then offered her some diet pills. Lily reluctantly took one.

At the police station Jessica drilled Dusty about Craig's confession. Dusty said he didn't know what was going on. Craig made some deal with the D.A., and the D.A. and Jessica went in the interrogation room to discuss it. This left Craig and Dusty a moment to talk. Craig asked him how he got all these women to help him. Dusty said they were just against Craig. The D.A. and Jessica came out with an agreement, but Craig wanted all parties involved to be there before it was announced.

Emily and Meg wondered over breakfast at the Lakeview what Craig was up to by pleading guilty. Meg thought that maybe she had gotten to him and he was forgetting the vendetta. Emily started spazzing out, and Meg tried to calm her down. Meg's phone rang. It was the D.A. She asked Meg to go to the station. Meg told Emily they needed to stick to their story. They left.

Em and Meg arrived at the station. Craig made a big speech about the whole shooting situation and that he wanted to let it all go. The D.A. agreed. The charges against Dusty and Craig were dropped. Dusty asked Jess what was the catch. She informed him that by dropping the charges against him, it made Craig's charges disappear too. The D.A. and Jessica left. Dusty told Craig that this changed nothing. Craig told Emily he was impressed and that he possessed a very long memory. Craig left and Meg followed him out. Dusty thanked Emily and told her to watch out for Craig. Dusty said he planned on going to Montega to see what Sierra may know about Lucy and Johnny.

Craig sat down at the Lakeview for breakfast and Meg joined him. Meg asked why he dropped the charges. Craig told her he did it for her. He told her she did ask him to do the right thing and he asked about his reward. He also said now Dusty would lead him to Lucy and Johnny. He said that after talking with her he's turned over a new leaf and wanted to prove it.

Katie ate breakfast at the Lakeview. Henry showed up and sat down with her. He tried to talk her out of the Simon hunt and turned down a breakfast martini, saying he had a pick up as a driver. Katie knew something was up. Henry went to his room where Simon waited. Henry told him he couldn't talk to Carly because of the police staking out her house. Simon wanted to make sure he got the non-traceable cell phones for Carly and him. He did. He also wanted to be sure Carly got a brochure Simon had.

At home Carly picked up the newspaper with fugitive Simon's picture on the front page. Parker came down and Carly made him take out the trash. He told her he saw an unmarked police car in front of the house. He knew it had to do with Simon. Carly told him that Simon was gone. The phone rang. It was Henry in his room still with Simon. Carly blessed him out for setting up Simon, without being specific, and she hung up. Henry called again and threw out hints about Simon. She got it and agreed to meet him at Java. Parker left for hockey and asked his mom if she'd be there when he got back. She told him she was always there for her kids. He left.

Henry left for Java and Katie followed him. Carly arrived and Henry was waiting for her. They did not sit together and Henry covertly gave her the brochure and phone. They talked around the subject. She thanked Henry and left-undercover cops following her. Katie, following Henry whole time, went up to him and asked why he met Carly. She told him she knew he knew Simon's whereabouts.

Simon called Carly, back at home, on the phone Henry gave her. They confessed their love for each other.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Gwen and Adam are sharing a pair of headphones listening to a recording of her song when Will walks into the studio. Will says he needs to talk to Adam, so Gwen leaves to go get some coffee. Will tells Adam he's upset about some of the expenses that he incurred during the trip to Los Angeles with Gwen; Adam tells Will he thinks that's just a smokescreen to hide the fact that Will is still upset about him kissing Gwen. Will denies it and points out the exorbitant expenses involved in treating the entire photo shoot crew to lunch and champagne, which Adam calls just a perk of working in LA. Will tells Adam that although he does have a trust fund, it's structured so that he only has access to a certain amount of money every year, and Adam's expenses are eating up this year's portion too quickly. Adam continues to insist that it's really all about Gwen, and she walks in and overhears this. Will tells Gwen and Adam that they need to get back to their recording session and he needs to go to the library to study; Gwen hugs him, asking if he's sure he doesn't want her to come with him, but he says no. After he leaves, Gwen asks Adam what that was really all about, and he tells her it's "just Will being Will." When she asks what he means by that, he says that all of Will's life, he's gone to extremes to keep the people he loves with him. He says he's sure she knows what happened when Will thought he was losing Paul, and Gwen says she knows about Rose D'Angelo's death, but Will was a child and has gotten past that. Adam says he wouldn't put it past Will to stop the recording sessions in order to be positive he's not going to lose Gwen, but Gwen doesn't think Will would even consider that because he wants this demo as much as she does. She leaves the studio and goes to find Will.

Paul calls Meg from the hospital and leaves her a message. Susan walks into his room and starts to ask him about his earlier episode in which he referred to "the wrong pills," but Meg walks in, and Paul asks Susan for some privacy. Outside his room, Susan runs into Bob, and she asks him if he thinks it's possible for someone with severe head trauma to come out of it with extrasensory perception; he scoffs at the idea and says it's just a coincidence that Paul said anything about "the wrong pills." Meanwhile, Meg tells Paul that she only came to see him to let him know about Dusty getting out of jail because Craig dropped the charges against him. When Paul wants to know what made Craig do such a thing, Meg tells him he'll have to find that out for himself. Paul tells Meg he wants to make a fresh start now that he's survived the car accident, but Meg says that although she thinks they both deserve a fresh start, it can't be with each other. Paul says he thought he would have another chance to get it right with Meg, but she says she can't take the disappointment of another broken promise from him and running the risk of ultimately hating him. As she turns to leave, Paul grabs her arm, and he's suddenly hit with a flash of bright light and a vision of burning water. Meg asks what's wrong, and he tells her he's seen a white light like he did at the accident and earlier at the hospital. Meg goes outside, where she finds Susan and tells her what's happening; Susan wonders if Paul's having another vision, and Meg, surprised to find out Paul wasn't lying about the previous incident, says she can't get sucked back into this and has to leave right now. Susan goes back into Paul's room and wants to know what happened; he tells her Meg just left him, but Susan says she meant did he have another vision like when he told her about the wrong pills. Before Paul can answer, Susan's pager goes off, and she has to leave. As soon as she walks out, Paul falls back on the bed, seeing the burning water again and realizing that it means "poison."

Katie tells Henry she thinks he knows where Simon is and that he's helping him escape. Henry tells her he doesn't know anything about Simon and that he was merely trying to help Carly replace a vase she broke in one of her model units. Katie asks Henry what was in the brochure he "accidentally" dropped at Carly's feet; Henry tells Katie she should drop the whole Simon thing, but Katie says Simon is responsible for her broken marriage and for grand theft and must pay for it. Henry leaves, and Katie calls Jack and asks him to meet her at Java. When Jack arrives, Katie tells him her theory that Henry is helping Simon now; although Jack can't understand what would make Henry do such a thing, he agrees to go check it out.

Simon calls Carly on the cell phones that Henry got for them. He tells her he loves her, but now he has to say goodbye. When she insist that he tell her where he's going, he says, "Back home," but she points out that he doesn't have a passport or any money, then realizes he has both things in the box he's left at her house. Carly tells Simon she'll bring the box to him, but he tells her that's too dangerous; he promises that somehow, he will see her again, tells her she's incredible, and says that he loves her. She says she loves him, too, and Simon hangs up. After pulling the box down from the closet, Carly calls Henry and leaves him a message saying she's got something for their mutual friend and will bring it to his room in 15 minutes. Hanging up, she leaves, telling the cop Jack has watching her outside that she needs to run an errand. He says he'll follow her, but she suggests they save gas by driving together.

Upstairs at the Lakeview, Henry loads Simon into a hotel laundry cart and wheels him out of the room and down to the lobby, so when Jack and Katie arrive at his room, there's no one there. Lisa comes and lets them into the room after Jack shows her his search warrant, and Jack finds Henry's cell phone. He figures out that "Bubbles" is the access code and then is able to listen to Carly's message. Katie pleads with Jack not to arrest Henry, too, but Jack says that if Henry is helping Simon to escape, then he'll arrest both him and Carly.

When Carly gets to the Lakeview, Lisa comes over and asks why she wanted to meet with her. Carly says she wanted to talk to Lisa about possibly redecorating some of the rooms at the Lakeview, because she needs a job now. Lisa is busy and says she doesn't have time to discuss it right now, but then she realizes Carly is in some kind of trouble and agrees to sit down with her briefly. Carly thanks her but then says she just has to run to the ladies' room to freshen up quickly, and she'll be right back. The man Jack has watching her tries to follow her, but she says even Jack wouldn't want him following her into the ladies' room, and she reminds him she can't go anywhere because he drove her to the hotel. He sits back down, and Carly manages to sneak over to the elevators and go upstairs without him or Lisa noticing.

Katie goes downstairs, where she finds Henry and stops him from going back to his room. When Carly gets to the room, the door is slightly opened, and she walks in, calling for Henry. Jack turns on the lights and tells her he'll have to have a look at her bag; reaching inside, he pulls out the passport and wads of cash, then he tells her although he hates having to say it, she's under arrest.


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