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Passions Recaps: The week of January 1, 2007 on PS
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Monday, January 1, 2007

Fancy is determined to stop Sheridan from tearing her and Luis apart. Luis tries to get more information out of Fancy about the rape, but she is not ready to deal with it. Meanwhile, Sheridan is confident that Fancy is buying her act, but she is sadly mistaken. Sheridan and Chris spend a romantic evening together, but she is fantasizing about Luis. Chris notices the difference in Sheridan's passion and mentions it. Sheridan tells him that it's only love and continues to think about Luis.

Whitney is convinced more than ever that Chad is unfaithful to her; however, Theresa doesn't think that it makes any sense since Chad has been so loving and loyal. Both Theresa and Whitney have doubts about the men in their lives. Whitney thinks Chad could be the killer, and Theresa thinks Jared could be the killer. In the Crane kitchen, Chad is upset and is paying the price for talking to his lover on his wedding day, and Jared is reminding him of that. Chad wants his wife by his side, but he can‘t seem to stop his affair with his lover. Jared thinks that Chad is delusional for wanting a wife and a lover. He will lose everything in the long run. Chad pounds on the bedroom door demanding that Whitney opens it. She tells him that he is a lying, cheating bastard and wants him to go away. Jared and Theresa tell Chad that he needs to calm down, but Chad refuses to listen. Jared manages to get him away from the door for now.

Miguel drops by Tabitha's house desperately needing to speak to Kay. He wants to make sure that she doesn't marry Fox. Miguel fills Tabitha in on the detail about Fox; he is not terminally ill, and Tabitha pretends as if she is in the dark about Fox's so called condition. Miguel begs Tabitha to tell him Kay's whereabouts, but Endora makes sure that Tabitha could not speak by casting a spell on her. Endora intends on making sure Fox and Kay's wedding go off without a hitch, but Tabitha is reminding Endora that Miguel has the goods on Fox and it could spell trouble for the couple. In addition, Tabitha reminds Endora that if Miguel is available for Charity, that would not be good for the dark side. Fox surprises Kay with a wedding dress, and Kay thinks it's perfect. They are about to make love, but Kay is thinking of being with Miguel. She interrupts Fox with an excuse that it's midnight and they are not to see each other before the wedding day. Kay thinks the wedding gown is perfect, and it's everything that she has ever dreamed of, but she is still in love with Miguel.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Sam dreams of making love to Grace, but is stunned when he awakens to find Ivy in his bed. He angrily demands she leave him alone.

Plagued by thoughts of Miguel, Kay unenthusiastically prepares for her wedding to Fox. Meanwhile, Miguel returns to Tabitha's frantically looking for Kay, wanting to expose Fox's lies.

Luis rushes into Fancy's bedroom when she has a nightmare about her rapist. Fancy puts up a brave front and urges Luis to attend Fox and Kay's wedding downstairs.

Gwen is livid when Ethan calls out Theresa's name in his sleep. Realizing he was dreaming about making love to Theresa, a fed-up Gwen throws her wedding ring at Ethan and storms out.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Most of Harmony is at the Crane mansion preparing for Kay's wedding to Fox. Eve confronts Fox about his lies to Kay concerning his medical condition. She encourages him to tell the truth to Kay before Miguel does. Julian overhears and takes Eve to another room to talk to her. Kay reluctantly gets dressed in the library while Miguel unsuccessfully searches for her. Grace is stranded in an airport waiting for a flight out and calls Sam. Sam is in the library with Kay. He has forgiven her and will walk her down the aisle. Grace tells Kay how much she wants to be with her. They have a mother-daughter moment. A faux priest sitting next to Grace mutters that Grace knows too much and will never see her family again. We see that his carrying case has a bomb in it.

Simone prevents Miguel from seeing Kay and leaves him in the kitchen where Fox forces him into the pantry at gunpoint. Fox locks the door and leaves to get the wedding started. Julian and Eve exchange words and share an impassioned kiss. She breaks it off and says that she will not say anything about Fox's lie, because it is not her place. After Eve leaves, Ivy enters and entreats Julian to help her stop the wedding. He refuses and stalks out of the room. She continues to scheme about ways to stop Fox from marrying Kay.

Despite extra security at the mansion, Fancy's attacker manages to gain entrance to her room. He hides in her closet, while she tries to sleep. She hears a noise, picks up a letter opener and looks in the closet, but does not see the attacker, who is hidden by some of her dresses. She goes back to bed and leaves the letter opener by her bed. She hears someone near her, grabs the letter opener and attacks, but she only shreds the roses that Luis has brought for her. She shares her fears with him.

Ethan shows Gwen's wedding ring to Theresa and tells her that he and Gwen have had a fight. He also tells her that Jared is wrong for her and encourages her to dump him. Theresa refuses and leaves the room, but Ethan follows her to the patio and continues to cast aspersions on Jared. Gwen calls Ethan and realizes he is with Theresa. She regrets her actions so she dresses and rushes to the mansion in time to catch Ethan before he can kiss Theresa. Theresa tells Ethan to talk to his wife and leaves the patio. Ethan follows her and Gwen is left alone.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

At the Crane mansion, Kay is touched when Grace calls to wish her luck at the wedding (Grace is still stuck at the airport in London). Having reconciled with Kay, Sam prepares to walk his daughter down the aisle.

Meanwhile, Ivy is determined to find a way to stop the wedding. As the ceremony is about to begin, Fox locks Miguel in the kitchen pantry to keep him from telling Kay the truth.

Chad insists to Whitney she misunderstood his phone conversation - he swears he was making a business appointment. To prove he isn't cheating, Chad has Jared hire a man to perform a lie detector test. Theresa and Whitney observe with apprehension as Chad begins to take the test.

As the peeping tom watches from the closet, Luis leaves a nervous Fancy alone in her room to attend the wedding.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Fox admits to Kay that he locked Miguel in the pantry, and that's all Fox admitted doing. He is sticking to the story that Miguel is jealous and wanted to interrupt the ceremony. Miguel tells Kay that Fox is lying and does not have a terminal illness, but Kay does not believe him. In addition, Miguel tells Kay that he saw Fox's medical files and it doesn't say anything about any terminal illness, so Miguel insists that Fox takes a battery of new tests witnessed by everyone. He wants to prove to Kay that Fox is lying.

Luis thanks Sheridan for being there for Fancy. The thing is Sheridan is helping herself. She is making sure to keep Fancy and Luis apart by playing little mind games with Fancy. Sheridan reflects back on life with Luis. She remembers the wedding in Mexico, even though it was not legal. Sheridan tells Eve that she is trying to resist the urge to stop coming between Fancy and Luis, but it's difficult. Meanwhile, Fancy is wrestling the peeping tom off of her. He hid in the closet in order to have easy access to Fancy. Luis is wondering if Fancy was really attacked or was it a nightmare. Fancy tells Luis that the phone and the electricity did not work in the room earlier, but Luis got them to work. No one believes Fancy because there is no proof that anyone was in the room with her.

Ethan tells Theresa not to marry Jared because he killed JT since JT was blackmailing him. A piece of cut out paper with Jared's name on it was found amongst JT's belongings. Jared agrees that it makes sense that JT had his name amongst his things. Ethan had asked him to dig up dirt on Jared. Because of Theresa's doubts, Jared takes back his proposal. He doesn't want to be with Theresa if she is not happy to be with him. As soon as Jared walked out on Theresa, Ethan pledges his love for her. She is peeved at Ethan because he took away her chance of real happiness with Jared. She thinks that only Jared can provide the stability and security that she needs. All Ethan is offering Theresa is sex on the sly. She doesn't want that. She wants a life with Ethan, but he doesn't want to divorce Gwen. Jared, Whitney, and Chad barges in on Ethan and Theresa and tells Ethan that he came back to claim the woman he loves, Theresa.

Whitney and Chad has made up and are consummating their marriage. Jared interrupts them to tell them that he is leaving Harmony for good because he cannot be with someone who is always judging him. Whitney blames herself for Jared and Theresa's break up. She tells him that she planted doubts in Theresa's mind because she thought that Chad was cheating on her. Whitney and Chad beg Jared to give Theresa a second chance.

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