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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 8, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, January 8, 2007

At Java, Meg fixed her coffee. Holden literally ran into her and she dropped it. Holden got her another one. They sat down and Meg told him about Paul's strange behavior. Holden said he thought Paul was using the accident just to get to her. Meg's phone rang. It was Barbara at the hospital. She told Meg Paul was acting up and asked if she could visit. Meg agreed to go. Holden told her to be careful.

Meg walked into Paul's room with her coffee. Paul said not to drink it. It was poisoned. Meg said she already drank it. It wasn't poisoned. Meg saw the concern in Paul's eyes and told him his injury may be the cause of his visions. She told him she was not coming back to calm him down. She left. Barbara came in and she said Susan thought it was a drug reaction and they would try something different. Paul sent her home to get rest and had a clearer vision of Emma's well on fire. He knew where the poison would come from now.

Jack read Carly her rights in Henry's room. He took the money and passports and cuffed her. Carly said she was sorry. Jack asked about Henry's involvement. Carly said he wasn't involved. He asked where Simon was. She wouldn't turn them in. They headed out.

At the Lakeview Katie headed off Henry from going to his room. She told him Jack was arresting Carly up there. A very angry Henry blessed Katie out for getting him and Carly in trouble. Henry left. Lisa came up to Katie and asked where Carly was, since they were supposed to meet. At that moment Jack walked Carly out in handcuffs. Carly asked Katie if she was happy now.

Mike and Vienna went to eat at the Lakeview, after Mike found her all lonely at Emma's. Katie and Lisa were still at the bar. Lisa told her not to overreact after seeing them. Lisa left and Katie went over. Katie told him she wanted to talk. Vienna went to powder her nose. Katie told him it was all her fault. Mike asked what she was speaking of. Katie explained Carly's arrest. Mike made her feel even guiltier for sending a mother to jail. Katie said Carly did it to herself, but it was ultimately Simon's fault. She also said she didn't want Simon but wanted him, and if he could wait on the divorce. Vienna came back. Katie left without an answer from Mike.

Jack took Carly home to tell the kids. He uncuffed her on the porch. Inside they all gathered around. Parker asked her what she had done now. Carly told them she had to go away for awhile-she did something wrong. She has to go to jail for trying to help someone. Parker called her out on the jewelry theft and Simon. Jack told him not to talk to his mother like that. Parker said he wasn't their father. Sage asked who would take care of them. Carly said Jack and others would be there. She apologized to Parker but he rejected it. Carly told them all that she loved them. Jack and Carly went down to the station.

Henry got into his car. Simon was hiding under a blanket in the backseat. Henry told him of Carly's arrest. Simon tried to get out but Henry locked the doors. Henry explained to him that he couldn't help Carly now. It may even get her in more trouble. They need to leave town. Simon reluctantly agreed. As they were headed down the road, Simon said he couldn't leave without Carly.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

When Will brings up the recording bills, he's thrown when he realizes that Adam and Gwen have discussed Will's response to overspending. Will insists his concern isn't about jealousy, and Gwen agrees to speak to Adam. Adam pops in and tells her about Carly's arrest. Casey tries to get Maddie to forgive him, but she's not sure she can trust him. Casey storms out and gets drawn into another online game with Elwood. Later, Maddie confides in Will about Adam bailing Casey out, reigniting Will's annoyance with generous Adam. When angry Adam realizes Will brought up finances again with Gwen, he says he'll quit the project but Gwen tries to stop him and Adam accidentally shoves her. Will arrives in time to see and decks Adam. Meanwhile, Casey's already down $500 when he loses yet another hand. He shuts down the computer as Maddie arrives to apologize and elicits his promise to keep no more secrets. Restless Paul has a vision of smoke rising from the Snyder well. When Paul can't convince Susan that Meg is in danger, he sneaks out of the hospital. Paul arrives and just before Meg sips water, he slaps it out of her hand. Meg doesn't believe the water is contaminated until Paul pushes her to test it – and she realizes there is something wrong with it. Later, Luke shows up and tells Meg that he saw Paul doing something to the well, and Meg accuses Paul of tampering with the well. Emily is worried about Craig's next move, when she gets a call from Craig. Craig is determined to make her pay for betraying him, and tells Emily he's selling his share of the Intruder. Emily meets Tull, the buyer, and is shocked when he indicates he intends to buy her out. Emily says no, and dangerous Tull advises Craig to convince Emily to go along, but Emily refuses to be pushed around and stalks out.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Barbara goes to visit Paul at the hospital and is distressed to find out from Susan that he has left on his own. The two women discuss Paul's visions and Susan tells Barbara that she isn't sure that Paul's visions aren't real. Susan encourages Barbara to get Paul back to the hospital as soon as possible.

At the farm, Meg accuses Paul of poisoning the well in an attempt to get her back. Paul denies doing anything to the well, but Meg doesn't believe him or his story about having visions. Meg tells Paul to leave the farm and he turns to go, but once outside he runs into Luke while waiting for a cab. Luke informs Paul that he has called Barbara and that she is on her way to pick him up. At that moment Paul passes out and Luke calls Meg and the two take Paul into the house. Barbara arrives at the farm where Paul is recovering by the fire and before the two leave to go back to the hospital Barbara tries to persuade Meg that there is no way Paul poisoned the well and that his visions may be genuine. After Paul and Barbara leave Luke tries to convince his aunt to press charges against Paul. Meg refuses to press charges because she fears that it would just make her life center around Paul and she claims that she just wants to forget about Paul. Back at the hospital Barbara tells Paul that his visions are a gift that could potentially help find Johnny.

As Henry continues to help Simon evade the police, Carly sits at the police station and waits to find out her fate for her part in stealing the diamonds and helping Simon. Jessica arrives and informs Carly that because of her probation she has no possibility of getting paroled. Jessica tries to get Carly to tell her what she knows about Simon and the jewels, but Carly is reluctant to give her any information about either one. Meanwhile, Simon tells Henry that he has a plan to rescue Carly, but he refuses to tell Henry how he plans to get her. After changing into new clothes Simon punches Henry out and ties him to his car. A police office stumbles onto an unconscious Henry and as Henry comes to he tells the policeman that Simon had kidnapped him and used him to help him escape. Soon we see Simon as he finds Vienna at the Snyder Farm.

Jack shows up at Will and Gwen's house and breaks up a fight between Will and Adam. Will tells Jack that he hit Adam because he saw him shove Gwen. Gwen explains that Adam didn't mean to push her and that Will just misunderstood what he saw. Will and Adam apologize to one another and then Jack says he is there to ask for Gwen's help with Carly. He hopes to have Gwen convince Carly that she is giving up everything for Simon. Gwen leaves to go to the police station with Will and Jack while Adam stays to clean up the mess he and Will made while fighting. As Adam cleans up, Iris arrives and even though Adam is hesitant to listen to Iris she tries to convince him that he is what Gwen needs in her life.

At the station, Gwen talks to Carly about everything she is at risk for losing by protecting Simon. Carly continues defending Simon and Gwen reminds Carly that her children need her and that she needs to talk to Jack and tell the truth about Simon so she can stop her children from having the horrendous childhood that they both had. After hearing all of this Carly breaks down, but tells Gwen that the kids may be better off without her and that she will go to jail if it means she can be with Simon some day. Gwen assures Carly that she will look out for the kids, especially Parker. Gwen leaves Carly and tells Jack that Carly is still sticking by Simon. Jack goes into see Carly and admits he is trying to save her because he loves her. Carly again refuses to tell Jack anything about Simon.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

At the hospital Barbara tried to convince Paul to use his visions to find Johnny. His mother grabbed his hand and another vision-blood, blanket, wheels-came to him. Barbara asked what it was about. He didn't say. An intern came in and saw Paul was upset, so he dragged her out of the room. Outside Barbara and the intern were heard arguing. Paul's vision returned and he ran out in the hall. At that moment Barbara fell, a cart rolled by and blood spilled on a blanket. Paul realized it was his vision. Barbara was OK and Paul told her it was his vision. Paul ran out of the hospital.

At the dorm Casey helped Elwood out of a poker jam by paying off Elwood's debt. Another student Casey owed money to came by and demanded to be paid. Elwood asked him how many others he owed and told him it may be time to stop playing. Casey told him not to worry and back off. Casey left.

Emily went to Tom and Margo's to pick up Daniel for a ski trip. She told them about Craig trying to get her to sell the paper. She told them of Mr. Tull buying Craig out and that she didn't want to. Tom understood but Margo sided with Craig. Em left to go pick up Daniel from a study date at Java. Someone followed her. Casey came over to pick up Maddie. Margo gave him $20 and put the rest of her cash away in her "mad money" box. Casey eyed her. Maddie came down. Tom and Margo went for a walk. Casey sent Maddie upstairs for a book. He went over to the box and took out some cash. Maddie came downstairs.

Emily sat at Java waiting for Daniel. Mr. Tull appeared and told her she'd be sorry for not selling to him. Later Daniel's friends came up and asked where he was. He should have met his mother by this time.

In the interrogation room Jack tried to get information about Simon from Carly. Jack told her Simon set her up. Carly denied it and knew Simon would think of something. The babysitter called because Sage was upset. Jack headed out to help Katie then came in. She told Carly that testifying against Simon was the only way to get him out of her system. Katie said Simon would run away. Carly said he wouldn't. Katie left.

At Emma's Simon sweet talked Vienna out of calling the police. Vienna said she was very angry after being made a fool of. Simon promised to make it up to her with some remaining jewels, his company and Carly's downfall. Mike came to the porch and Simon hid under the table. Mike and Vienna then bad-mouthed Simon some and Vienna got him to leave. Mike gone, she got Simon to tell her the rest of his plan. She agreed to it and vowed she'd never leave his side again.

Friday, January 12, 2007

At Tom and Margo's house, Maddie comes downstairs and asks Casey what he's doing (he's taking money from Margo's "mad money" box). He tells her he was just looking for a spare house key because he lost his. They leave to go to Java; when Casey goes up to order coffee, he sees Elwood outside and goes and meets him and another boy from college, who he pays back with some of Margo's money. The boy leaves, and Casey gives the rest of the money to Elwood and asks him to please go pay back the other guys he owes at the dorm. Elwood leaves, and when Casey goes back into Java, Maddie asks what that was all about before realizing it sounds like she's grilling him. Casey then asks her how school's going, and she fills him in, telling him how much she's enjoying living with his parents because they act like what she thinks a family should act like --- very trusting and respectful. She tells him how much she loves him mom and likes spending time with her and talking to her about everything, including Casey; she tells him that of course, she didn't tell Margo about Casey's gambling, but that nothing Casey could do would ever stop Margo from being crazy about him. Casey says he's just remembered something important he has to do, and he leaves.

At the police station, Jack tells Carly that Prince Adolpho has arranged to have Carly transferred to the Leonian consulate in Chicago for questioning, because he feels Jack is too biased to handle the investigation properly. Carly is astounded that another government could question her like that, but Jack says Leonia is a valuable ally of the United States, and somehow the Prince has arranged this and may even arrange to have her extradited. Carly tells Jack it looks like he was right about Simon, that he's left her to take the fall for him; he says he wishes he'd been wrong. She tells him it felt good to have someone believe in her like Simon did, and Jack says he never stopped believing in her heart. Carly tells Jack that she regrets having ruined their marriage, saying she knows how much she's lost; Jack says he should never have left her. He then takes her to the consulate.

At Emma's house, Vienna talks to the Prince on the phone, then hangs up and tells Simon the Prince has called the consulate to take Carly into custody. Vienna tells Simon the Prince probably thinks Carly can lead him to Simon; Simon tells Vienna that Carly has the rest of the stolen jewels in a safe deposit box, and he needs to talk to her to get the password from her. Vienna wonders whether Simon is just using her to get access to Carly at the consulate in order to help her escape; Simon says that's not true but that he needs those jewels in order to be able to make a new start with Vienna. Vienna tells him if he crosses her, she'll cut his heart out. Vienna then goes to the consulate with Simon hidden in a large crate, which she tells the Leonian guard is a nude sculpture of herself that she wants him to put up in the Prince's room. The guard leaves to go call the Prince to see what he should do, and Simon takes that opportunity to suggest to Vienna that she should try to find out if Carly has been brought in yet. Vienna leaves, and the guard comes back in and opens the crate to inspect it; he sees Simon hiding inside. Meanwhile, Carly has arrived with Jack, and they have a private moment in the hallway, where Carly tells Jack to take care of the kids and get Gwen to help him, especially with Sage, who needs a woman in her life. She tells him to reassure JJ that she'll be okay and to tell Parker she's not mad, because she knows Parker loves her. She tells Jack she never stopped loving him, and he says he never stopped loving her. They kiss, then the guard returns and tells Jack it's time to leave. Carly goes into the room by herself, where she finds the empty crate and a guard knocked out on the floor; Simon steps out from another door, and they rush into each other's arms, with Carly saying, "Oh, thank God --- you came for me!"

At the Lakeview, Lily sits down at a table and watches the enticing dessert tray pass by; she starts to take a diet pill, but Lucinda walks up at that moment and sits down with her. Lucinda says she knows Lily's worried about Faith but that maybe Faith just needs some space, and she offers to take Faith for a little trip somewhere. Lily takes that to mean that Lucinda thinks Faith would be better off away from her, but Holden walks in and overhears this and calls for a "time-out" between the two women. He tells Lily he needs her help at the farm because there's a problem with the well water. They go to Emma's farm, where Holden tries to reassure Lily that Faith is going through a normal phase for a girl her age. He manages to make her feel better, but when he finds an apple pie in Emma's fridge and offers a piece to Lily, she turns it down, and he realizes she's still concerned about what she's eating. He tells her it looks like she's lost weight already, and she's happy to hear it. Holden says he's going outside to wait for the inspector, and Lily looks at the pie, then reaches into her purse and gets out the diet pills. As she shakes one into her hand, Holden comes back in and asks, "What are those?"

At Java, Ian and Roy, two of Daniel's friends, see Emily waiting for Daniel and tell her that he was on his way into Java to meet her 10 to 30 minutes ago. Emily calls Daniel's cell phone and leaves him a message, then runs into Craig, who asks her what's wrong. She says she has a lot on her mind, so he tells her she should be thinking about her new partner at the paper, Tull, because working with him will mean she'll never get to see her son anymore; Emily asks what he means by that, and he says just that she'll be working so many hours, she won't get enough time with Daniel. Emily leaves and goes to Tom and Margo's to see if Daniel's there. She tells them she looked all over the parking lot at Java and called Daniel's friends and teachers, but no one's seen him. Tom tells her maybe Daniel went to the skateboard park near Java, because he went there last week without telling Tom when he was supposed to be meeting Tom. As Emily gets her hopes up, Margo hangs up the phone and tells them someone called the station and reported seeing a boy matching Daniel's description being forced into a dark, mid-sized sedan. Emily becomes very upset and says she has to go tell Susan before she hears it on the news or something; Margo wants to take her, but Emily says she and Tom should stay put in case there's a phone call or Margo needs to get to the station. Tom goes through pictures of Daniel to find one for an Amber Alert, and he's extremely upset that he doesn't have copies of the pictures he just took this week, even though the ones he's looking at are as recent as this past Christmas. Tom then calls Rosemary, the mother of one of Daniel's friends, who was supposed to have dropped Daniel off at Java, to ask her if she remembers seeing a dark sedan; he then tells her he wants to talk to her son again, and he gets angry when she tells him her son is scared right now. She apparently hangs up on him, and Tom tells Margo he's going to go looking for Daniel; as she tries to get him to stay, he cries out in pain and falls to the floor, clutching his chest.

Back at the Lakeview, Craig sits down at Lucinda's table and takes a bite of her dessert. He tells her he's upset with her for helping Lucy to run away with Johnny, and while she blames him for that predicament, he blames her, saying she stoked Lucy's fears. He tells her to get used to him taking things from her and says he'll make her pay for what she's done. Lucinda tells him she'd be destitute if she'd had to pay for every time he threatened her, then she leaves. Later, Emily walks into the Lakeview and sees Craig; walking up to him, she slaps him and demands, "Where the hell is my son?"


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