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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 8, 2007 on GL
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Monday, January 8, 2007

At Towers, Mallet, Dinah, Remy, Marina, Frank and others are watching the promo for The Law. Dinah doesn't like the focus on the chemistry between Mallet and Marina. Mallet assures Dinah that she can trust him especially since he's already dropped out of the show. Marina tells Remy that one of the perks of having the show, even with Mallet leaving it, is that she gets two free tickets to the People's Choice awards—although she's decided to give them away. Dinah heads off to Main Street where she has a proposition for Remy. Mallet and Marina go back to the station where Marina is being filmed by The Law. Mallet reminds her that he's off the show and that if he's filmed he won't be interesting. Marina is bombing with her interrogation of a suspect when Mallet joins in. The perp isn't handcuffed and attempts an escape. It is all caught on film, showing once again some sort of chemistry between Mallet and Marina. Dinah has hired Remy, at $100 per hour to look "fine." When Mallet returns to his and Dinah's suite, he finds Remy there shirtless. Dinah has hired Remy for her show. Mallet acts jealous at first, but he and Dinah end up handling the situation well, in bed. Later, Marina accuses Remy of being a traitor since he's teamed up with Dinah's show.

On Main Street, Cassie's been worried about Reva's departure from the baby shower. She calls on Tammy and Josh for help. She runs into Tammy, who has just witnessed what she believed to be Jon and Lizzie having sex. Lizzie had earlier turned her away from the cabin, telling Tammy that she, Lizzie, and Jon are a true coupled family now. Cassie invites Tammy to the farm house to relax, but Tammy insists she needs to be on her own.

Josh finds Reva and Alan in a church where he believes Alan has abducted her. He learns that it was actually Reva who had Alan at gunpoint. Reva tells Josh that Alan had offered her stock in Spaulding if she would help get Jon away from Lizzie. She says he offered something else, but she wouldn't reveal it to Josh. Alan leaves and through a series of flashbacks, we learn that Alan offered to get Josh back with Reva if she'll destroy Jon and Lizzie's relationship. Josh, unaware of this second offer, tells Reva that she's gotten him in trouble twice already during the week and from now on she's on her own. Reva receives a message from Jon that he needs her to stay with Lizzie and Sarah and she leaves to help.

Josh returns to Cassie and tells her how he had been sucked into rescuing Reva again. He vows to not let it happen again. Jon has shown up on Main Street as well, looking for Tammy. Cassie sends him on his way.

At the cabin, Lizzie has slipped Jon some pills to loosen him up. As he lay sleeping, she attempts to seduce him as Tammy watches through the window. Lizzie pulls the curtains closed and Tammy bangs on the front door, insisting to see Jon. Lizzie says he is showering after their lovemaking. Tammy leaves in horror. She meets up with her mother and tells her what she saw. After Tammy leaves, Jon wakes up and refuses to believe Lizzie's tales of their lovemaking. She confesses they didn't actually make love but got close. She reveals that Tammy saw what was going on. Jon is furious and tells Lizzie their marriage was not healthy for Sarah and that since he still loves Tammy he is leaving Lizzie to be with her. Lizzie begs for him to give them a chance, but Jon is firm and leaves after calling Reva to come help at the cabin. Jon goes off in search of Tammy. Reva arrives at the cabin and finds a sobbing Lizzie who tells her that Jon has left her and the baby. Reva tells her that it is always hard to follow your heart and that it seldom leads you where you thought you were going.

Jon continues his search for Tammy. Tammy is alone at the church, staring at her locket. Reva consoles Lizzie while Alan watches through the window—with a flashback he and Reva both have concerning his offer to get Reva and Josh back together if she helps break up Lizzie and Jon.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Olivia tells Buzz she's okay with a small wedding, but Buzz wants to do it right since it'll be the last wedding for both of them. Olivia doesn't think there will too many people happy to celebrate a marriage between her and Buzz. Alex calls Alan-Michael out on giving Ava special treatment because he's interested in her personally. Ava goes to say goodbye to Coop before she leaves, and Alan-Michael interrupts. Alan-Michael reminds Coop he'll be the one showing Ava around a romantic city. Later, Marina tells Coop to trust that Ava will see through Alan-Michael and kick him to the curb. Ava makes it clear to Alan-Michael that she's the one using him to get what she wants: experience and knowledge of the business. Harley and Gus prepare for their custody battle by having Jeffrey mock-question them. Jeffrey explains that he'll need to get a statement from Susan, Harley's first-born. Harley leaves a message for Susan, and admits to Gus that she's been out of touch with her. Gus suggests they pay a surprise visit to Susan at school. Jeffrey learns Alan-Michael is taking Ava to Paris, and tells Olivia he thinks Ava's in trouble. Jeffrey calls Olivia out on not wanting him to be close to Ava if she can't be either.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Inside the Light: Mother, Mother

Harley rocks Sydney in her arms with a troubled expression. In her mind replays vintage scenes years ago when she unwillingly handed Daisy over to the happy Lemays. Determined, Harley promises Sydney she won't let anyone take her away. In strolls Gus with the camera. He persists to take pictures of Harley and him with Sydney for the judge. Harley expresses her deep concerns about the hearing since Sydney's father has to come the forefront and his lawyer knows she gave away Susan (a.k.a Daisy) seventeen years ago.

Gus replays a web cam video of Susan who wears pink and sits in a girly type room, with stuffed animals and daisies on the windowsill. She wishes them a happy new year and apologizes for missing them at Christmas because of a snowboarding trip she and her friends took. She announces how close she is to graduating with honors. She loves all her classes but trigonometry. She thanks Gus for the photos he sent of Sydney and wishes her love to them all. Gus and Harley agree that she sounds like a normal kid at her age. Harley shutters to think of what she was doing herself at seventeen. Gus does, too, as they prepare to get to Susan's school before the other lawyer, Donovan, does.

Gus wears a suit and tie, and Harley is more casual in a gray fishtail skirt and a stripped sweater as they walk down Susan's dormitory hall with a big red bag of gifts. Nervous about seeing Susan again after so long, Harley stops short outside her door. Harley thinks all the gifts they brought could be misconstrued as bribes. She feels they are asking a lot of Susan to testify for them. Gus believes Susan will understand why she was adopted and given to a good family—then the Lemays both died, Harley reminds him. Gus immediately says that Susan has had a chance at attend dance school and has traveled. Gus promises that Susan will love the idea of her new family and will want to help. Harley gets excited about it, too, and knocks on the door. It creaks open all on its own.

Harley senses something wrong, but she decides that this isn't even Susan's room after glancing at the doorplate. Gus strolls in and takes a look around. He finds the laptop and web cam set up by the window just like in their latest video from Susan. He deduces that Susan's been scamming Harley.

In walks a bopping blond teen named Tiffany. She wants to know what's going on in her room and tells the couple that she has campus security on speed dial. Harley asks her where Susan Lemay is. Tiffany has no idea who that is as she goes through the goodie bag the Aitoros brought. In talking to her, they learn that Daisy is her roommate. Tiffany's sarcastic wit shows them how little they actually know about their daughter. Gus asks about the web cam setup. Tiffany dubs it Web Cam Theater—Daisy's idea. All of the kids do it to give their parents what they think their parents want to see.

Harley wants to know where Daisy is and Tiffany makes up some lie. When they catch her it in, she says she doesn't know; she's not her mom. Harley hangs her head. Tiffany suggests Daisy is with a guy. Harley vows to remember Tiffany Harper's name. If she's lying to her, Harley plans to return part cop and all mother. Tiffany's more concerned that Harley is a mother than a cop. Once she closes the door on the Aitoros, she jumps on her cell and calls "Daise" with a Mom-Alert. Wherever she is, Tiffany tells her that she is so busted.

Anxious Harley accosts a boy in the hallway, demanding to know if he knows where Daisy is. It's a police matter. She yells at him till he runs away. Another boy opens his door. He heard them talking about Daisy. He's nervous because Daisy's cool but has weird friends. He admits she might be with Ryan Devlin. Gus asks where. The boy says that Devlin will kick his butt. Harley says he'll have to kick hers first.

Seconds later they scurry to a door called the "Love Shack" and Harley almost faints. Gus says they might be B-52 fans. The song "Love Shack" came out the same year Susan was conceived, Harley remembers. They barge into the purple and red hued room, yelling "Police!" and "Mom!" Ryan, wearing only black briefs, shields himself with an oversized pink pillow as someone else scrambles under the dark sheets.

Ryan gripes about his rights being violated as Gus states the penalties for statutory rape. Ryan claims that they are both eighteen. Harley corrects him that she is only seventeen. Harley pulls down the black satin sheets to discover that this isn't Susan. They interrogate Ryan and Brenda, the girl under the sheet. They learn that Susan thinks she's too mature for high school. She hangs out with older guys and trips to Springfield a lot. Gus shuffles an angry Harley out of their room when she calls Ryan a liar. She thinks she'd know if her daughter was visiting Springfield. Or maybe not, Gus differs.

On the plane ride home Harley berates herself for being too cool of a mother, but she didn't want to replace Susan's memory of the Lemays. She feels now that taking such a role made her not know her own child. Gus believes this is all typical teen stuff. They pit one parent against the other. Harley's brain sparks at the thought of one parent against the other. She believes Gus is a genius.

At Cross Creek, Harley and Gus ask Reva for a recent phone number for Dylan. As she retrieves it, Gus asks if she's been in touch with Dylan. Reva has but Dylan hasn't said anything about Susan. Reva senses something is wrong. Harley admits she can't find her. Daisy, Reva says she calls herself now, came through and they went for pizza recently. Reva also seems to know a little about her roommate Tiffany. Harley is shocked that Susan has kept in such great touch with Reva and even came to town without telling her own mother.

Harley questions Reva about why she didn't mention this trip to her. Reva has had a full plate and she really thought that Susan was there to visit her mother, too. Distressed, Harley isn't comforted by Reva's hails of her as a good mother. Reva senses that something might be curious with Daisy because, during their visit, she never mentioned that anything was wrong in her life, not boys or friends. It just sounded too perfect. Gus senses she just said all the things she thought Reva wanted to hear. As they leave, Reva promises to let them know if she hears anything.

The couple meets Jeffrey on Main Street and he is unhappy that they left him alone with Mean Joe Green. He finagled a postponement out of the judge, but is anxious to know if they found Daisy. Donovan slinks about, wondering if they can make his job any easier. As Jeffrey gets the news on the missing teen, he swears that a runaway is not what they need right now. Harley says that Susan is a good kid. Jeffrey asks if "Daisy" is also a good kid. "If that girl shows up with purple hair and piercings, then it goes without saying..." Jeffrey tells them. Gus asks him can he just not say it then. Jeffrey urges them to be serious. Other family members of Sydney's jailed father could show up and stake claim.

Once Jeffrey leaves, Gus assures Harley that, if Jeffrey is that tough on them, imagine what he does to the other side. Harley's not afraid of Jeffrey. She feels like she's losing Susan all over again. Gus holds her.

They arrive back at their unfinished house to discover Frank with the children instead of Ashlee. When they didn't make their own hearing, he came to their house and then he relieved Ashlee from sitting. He wants to know what' going on. Gus started to explain and Harley grabs his lapels. Frank knows something is wrong because Harley's manhandling her husband. They try to lie to Frank that they forgot the hearing and went to the mall for baby stuff. He gives a tired expression, hoping they learn to lie better, as Gus leads him to the garage to look at the things they bought.

Harley whispers her concerns to sleeping baby Sydney when in through the door with a bag of laundry comes Susan/Daisy. Mixed with joy, relief and a little discontent for her disappearance, Harley holds her daughter. Susan wants to be called Daisy now because she is Harley's daughter again. She gazes around the house, noting that it's much more like a home than where they lived with Phillip. When asked where she's been, Daisy only says on a field trip and raids the fridge for something to eat.

Harley questions her about the older guys she's heard that Daisy hangs around. She's concerned and doesn't want her to wind up like her mother at that age, pregnant and having to give up her baby girl. Daisy turns it around, believing that Harley made something of herself and she gets to be a mother times four. She wants to meet the new baby. Harley cups her face and smiles, glad to see that her child hasn't changed. The smile fades and she reams her for lying on the web cam. Daisy turns that around as well. All the kids do it and she wasn't wholly lying to her, she just didn't want her to worry. Somehow she knows that Harley knows she's been to see Reva. She tells her mom that she didn't have much time on the trip, and she wanted to see Reva because of the cancer and all. Daisy promises her head is on straight. She won't jump the next guy who comes along and get preggers. Harley finally smiles, revering her curling haired daughter in pink. She knew that Daisy would always be her little girl.

Gus asks Harley if she's really feeling it, that Sydney will be theirs. Harley snaps out of it and realizes she's alone in the living room. Gus admits that Frank didn't believe they bought gardening supplies for the baby. The fact that Daisy's visit was just a daydream sinks in. Harley suddenly tells Gus that they must find Daisy. Gus promises to start tomorrow. They turn off the lights and go upstairs. The curtain on the far right of the house blows inward. A shadow creeps over the baby pin where Sydney sleeps.

Harley and Gus are upstairs making love on their mattresses on the floor when they hear noises. Gus goes downstairs to check it out. He finds a stuffed animal on the floor. Approaching the play pin, he puts it back. As he turns to go back upstairs, he sees the open curtain. A thin man in all black and a mask jets through the house. Gus rushes him and they fight in the kitchen, slamming pots, pans and other appliances all over the floor.

Gus almost has the intruder's hands behind his back when Harley runs down the steps. He is distracted, urging her back upstairs. The burglar socks Gus and slams him backward into a tall, red metal toolbox. Gus's back injury immediately flares up. He's temporarily paralyzed as the man escapes out of the kitchen door.

Injured Gus discourages Harley from phoning the station. He doesn't want this made known in light of the hearing. Harley scoops up the baby, advising Gus that they go get him checked out. He just wants to go to his doctor and get painkillers tomorrow. Now he decides to go to bed. On the way, Harley expresses that she is worried. Gus says they can't quit now; their kids need them.

As Harley rocks Sydney up in their bedroom, the phone rings. It's Susan. She wakes Gus as she listens to Susan/Daisy try to explain what Harley saw up at the school. She calls Tiffany a whack job and tells Harley that she wishes there were some boy, but there isn't. Susan sports a studded ring in her nose and she wears some gold glittery and black outfit like she might have been to a party or club as she sits in her dark room. She lies that she wasn't there today because she was at the city library studying. From his sleep, Gus says to ask her about Reva. Daisy heard that, she tells Harley. She explains that she was going to a birthday party for a friend of hers from middle school who had once had a crush on Max before she had a crush on Max. Harley doesn't know how Daisy expects her to remember this. Daisy shortens her speech. She didn't have time to visit everyone. Seeing Reva was important because she was sick. She apologizes for not telling them.

Harley wants to know why she goes by Daisy now. Susan says that Harley named her that and she likes it. With regards to the web cam videos, Daisy explains that she put all the stuff they gave her in the video so they wouldn't ask where it was. Harley reminds her that she likes pink. When she was thirteen she did, Daisy retorts. Harley admits that she likes that Susan chose to now be called Daisy. It makes her feel more like her mother.

Daisy is glad and wants her to save all the pink stuff for Sydney. Harley suddenly remembers the reason for the trip was to talk about the hearing. She says it's a long story at three in the morning, but she needs her help testifying. Daisy agrees to do whatever they need. She asks if they bought her all the new things that are strewn about her room. Yes, they did, Harley excitedly replies. She asks if she likes the snow boots. They are pink, Daisy dismally replies. They end their call with "I love you." Gus reassures Harley that he knew it would turn out fine.

Meanwhile, Daisy tosses her phone and says, "Too easy!" Behind her on the bed, a man crawls forward. It's Gillespie, the hit man Olivia once hired to scare Ava. He kisses her shoulder and produces the camera that Gus used earlier to take family photos. Daisy laughs at how careless Gus was to leave this expensive equipment around where anyone can take it. Gillespie says that he accepts all kinds of payment for his services. Daisy seductively reminds him that he can't get caught in the dorm or she'll get expelled. They agree to meet at the city library where she does all her best work. They fully and deeply kiss before he leaves her room. Bitterly, Daisy clicks through the family photos on the camera.

Harley climbs into bed with Sydney. Gus reminds her that she worries too much. Harley is happier than ever. "My little Daisy," she cooes and kisses Gus. "My little Sydney," he says. Their heads come together like a heart with Sydney between them.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Groupies approach Mallet and Marina for autographs. Marina does a commercial soliciting The Law viewers to write in to the station to keep the show from being cancelled. Mallet wants to discuss business, but Marina wants to discuss The Law. Just then, Dinah brings a PC to Mallet showing him the clip of Marina's commercial. Marina fights for Mallet's continuation of his participation in The Law. Marina comes right out and asks Dinah what it is about Marina that threatens her. Dinah tells her she doesn't trust Marina. Marina tells Dinah how much Mallet loves her. She wants to know why Dinah is holding him back. She gives Dinah something to think about.

Dinah and Remy discuss their respective relationships. Remy gives Dinah positive thinking advice. Dinah gives Remy advice about Tammy. She tells him he needs help to get Tammy. She tells him the next time Tammy calls, he should tell her he's busy, even if he's not.

Jeffrey approaches Alan Michael to discuss Ava's contract. Jeffrey questions the contract - twice the pay of any comparable job, the perks, and the missing fraternization clause. Jeffrey questions his intentions. Coop overhears Alan Michael on the phone saying Ava "isn't like the others - she needs to be cultivated." Coop approaches Alan Michael asking him about what he's up to with Ava.

Ava runs into Coop. She wants to say goodbye to him before she leaves for Paris. He wishes her well. She promises to call and she'll see him when she returns. Jeffrey takes the contract to Ava for her to sign. As Ava takes her pen out, Jeffrey tells her not to sign it. Jeffrey wants her to be sure before she signs it. He wants her to be aware how tricky and dangerous the Spauldings can be. Ava is aware of the pitfalls, but she wants to take care of herself. She wants to get some experience. Jeffrey tells her to "take care, Kid." They're bonding and share some tender exchanges. Jeffrey offers for her to call him if she needs him

Alan Michael and Ava meet at the airport. Alan Michael offers to take Ava shopping in Paris and wants them to have fun while there. Ava starts talking business, but Alan Michael tells her he doesn't like doing business on the flight. Champagne will keep them occupied

Daisy and Harley have a web-cam call. While Harley steps away to talk with Gus for a moment, her boyfriend steps into the picture. He sees Gus place his revolver into a lockbox. Harley returns to the computer and sees Daisy's boyfriend and questions her about him. Daisy tells her it was a priest (she was in a chapel). Daisy is in Springfield. He boyfriend has a received a "job" offer there. Harley is suspicious.

Gus and Harley discuss the future with Sydney. Gus is overly positive they will prevail at the trial. While they're talking, they realize the door is open. Gus checks the lockbox - his service revolver is missing. They go crazy looking for the gun. Gus calls Mallet for help. Mallet and Marina come to the house to discuss the incident and come up with a plan to find it. Mallet assures Gus he'll help find the gun.

Daisy's boyfriend is excited and wants to celebrate something. The two of them are kissing and a glimpse of a gun in his waistband is shown. She asks him about the gun. He tells her it was a gift from his mom, then tosses her a vial of pills, of which she takes one, proclaiming "Welcome home, Daisy." Harley sends her an email asking her to come home now.

Coop goes to Jeffrey telling him Ava is in serious trouble. Jeffrey does some more checking and finds the Spaulding jet is scheduled to return in a week, not a day as Ava thinks. He also finds out they also finds out they're staying at the Spaulding apartment.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Alan-Michael and Ava arrive at the Spaulding suite in Pairs. Alan-Michael tells Ava that she will have to stay there as well since they didn't have any suitable rooms for her at the Ritz. Ava's upset and starts to leave to book herself a hotel, but Alan Michael stops her by pointing out that she does not think very highly of him. When Ava doubts his excuse that the hotel was booked, he tells her just to go back to Springfield; he will have someone else help with the photo shoot. Ava knows that he is bluffing about calling his Aunt Alex to help and decides to stay. When Ava goes to check out her room, Alan-Michael places a call to the Paris police telling them to detain a Henry Cooper Bradshaw when he arrives and send him back to the States. Later, Alan-Michael and Ava return from dinner and she is raving about Paris. After Ava apologizes for her earlier behavior, she leaves to freshen up and Alan-Michael calls room service for a bottle of champagne. As he is turning down the lights, there is a knock at the door--it is Coop. He had gotten the address to the suite from Jeffrey. Highly upset since he had been detained at the airport, Coop demands to know where Ava is and starts yelling for her. Coop starts ranting about what how manipulative Alan-Michael is and how he wants to take advantage of Ava. Alan-Michael points out that Ava is an adult and is fully capable of making her own informed decisions, Coop rants about how Alan-Michael keeps manipulating her so she does not know what she wants. The argument escalates with Coop punching Alan-Michael. At that point, Ava comes out and after reminding Coop that they broke up, asks him to leave. Alan-Michael tells Ava that Coop is being paranoid while Coop tries to convince her that Alan-Michael is just playing her. Ava has enough and tells Coop that she knows Alan-Michael is interested in her but he has never made her do anything she did not want to. She then throws Coop out. A little later, room service arrives with the champagne. Alan-Michael tries do dismiss them by claiming that they have the wrong room, but Ava accepts the champagne. Meanwhile, Coop calls Jeffrey and asks him to hire someone to dig up some dirt on Alan-Michael.

In Springfield, Jeffrey interrupts Buzz and Olivia's wedding planning to tell Buzz that Coop will not be home tonight; he had something to take care of. He claims not to know why, but when Buzz leaves the room, Olivia guesses that Coop is in Paris to "rescue" Ava. Jeffrey states that he is just trying to protect Ava but Olivia is not happy about it at all. She sees it as him insinuating himself into her life. Olivia states that Ava is a big girl who does not need a daddy. Jeffrey brings up the night at the Embassy party and asks if Olivia wishes someone had kept her from making the biggest mistake of her life. Jeffrey leaves after promising Olivia to keep her out of it. Olivia then leaves a message on Ava's phone telling her if she feels uncomfortable with anyone or anything, give her a call. Later, she suggests to Buzz that they honeymoon in Paris.

Sheila arrives at the Beacon at Josh's request. When she arrives, Josh is discussing financial matters with Wanda - namely depositing money in off shore accounts. When Wanda leaves, Josh starts to apologize to Sheila about what happened earlier with him and Reva. At that point, Reva bursts in and calls Josh a traitor. Reva and Josh bicker and take their argument out into the hallway. There, Josh shows his co-conspirator a picture on his phone--Billy's signature. But it is not just Billy's signature--it is his signature written many times as if someone was practicing. They then proceed to spy on Sheila from the hall (Josh had a camera placed in his room) Sheila takes the bait and starts to write out one of the checks that Wanda left out. Just then, Billy arrives and upon learning that they are spying on Sheila, he barges in the room. Confronted by the group, Sheila claims that Billy talked about hiring her and she was just filling Billy's check for him. Billy sees right through the scam though and calls her a common thief. He found the page full of signatures. Caught, Sheila calls Billy a broken down "alkie" who has nothing going for him but his money and storms out. Reva and Josh tries to bolster Billy's spirits by suggesting that they go out, but Billy wants to be alone. Reva invites Josh to have a drink with her then. Later, at the bar, Reva starts to confide in Josh about something when Cassie interrupts. Reva gets a little upset and leaves. She then calls up a fellow cancer survivor asking him if they can talk. She has a big check up coming up and she is scared.

Lizzie is at home wondering where Jonathan, although she suspects that he is with Tammy. Suddenly there is a knock at the door--it is Rick checking up on her. Lizzie tells Rick that he has to help her before it is too late. She claims that she still feels hopeless and powerless. She tells him that Tammy sets her off since she is scared that Jonathan will leave her for her. Rick tries to tell Lizzie that she needs a husband who will love her, but Lizzie is adamant that she needs Jonathan. That she cannot raise Sarah alone. Rick points out that she is not alone, but an upset Lizzie will not listen and asks Rick to call Jonathan and tell him to come home.

Tammy is at church talking to Cassie. She confides that she is about to do something really bad. Tammy tells Cassie that although at first she believed that Jonathan and Lizzie slept together last week, know she is wondering if Lizzie set up. Cassie would not put it past her. Tammy points out that Jonathan still loves her and wants to be with her and although it is wrong to break up a marriage - if it is an unhappy one... Tammy announces that she is going to fight Lizzie for Jonathan. She tells Cassie if she has any objections, she better give them now but Cassie knows whatever she says will not make a difference and gives her blessing. After Cassie leaves, Liz arrives and demands to know where Jonathan is. The two bicker and Tammy accuses Lizzie of using her baby. Lizzie throws the fact that Tammy and Jonathan are cousins in her face, as well as the fact that their relationship caused Sandy's death and a rift between Reva and Cassie. An undeterred Tammy points out that Jonathan loves her; Lizzie needs to accept defeat. When Lizzie tells Tammy that she is making a big mistake, Tammy tells Lizzie she plans to tell Jonathan every rotten thing Lizzie ever did to him. Afterwards, Tammy goes to the cabin to find Jonathan. When Jonathan arrives, she tells him that loves him and wants to be with him no matter what.

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