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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 1, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, January 1, 2007

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episode of All My Children has been pre-empted. This skipped episode was anticipated and their will be no "lost" episodes as a result of today's special programming.

If you missed anything from 2006, this is your time to catch up. We have archived all of the news from 2006 (and going all the way back to 1996) for you to review at your leisure. If you want to catch up on the history of the show, we have over ten years of archived Daily Recaps for you to enjoy. We are also in the midst of our annual "Dankies," where you can vote for the best of the best on the soaps.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

At the boathouse, Tad continued to pump Zach for information about the mystery lady. Zach and Tad concluded that Kendall was the real target and in great danger. With their heads together Tad tried to get Zach to think of who would kill the Fusion girls. Zach left and went to their new house. Tad saw Ryan and asked him if Spike had the same bodyguard as Kendall. Ryan asked why Spike would need protection and Tad told him about the investigation. Tad advised Ryan to keep Spike away from Kendall and Zach until the killer was caught.

Josh still wanted Kendall to tell Ryan that Emma is his daughter. Ryan walked in on the argument and wanted to know what was going on but Kendall said that she just didn't want him to get hurt. He told her to back off and she said she would. Josh threatened to tell Ryan but Kendall offered him a deal. She told him she would get Babe to leave J.R., but he said that Ryan deserved to know. Zach called and told Kendall to meet him at their new house. At the new house, Zach showed Kendall the photo of the lady in white and she asked who it was. He said it was his mother. He talked about his mother for a moment and then said he thinks he may have killed her.

Colby showed J.R. the nanny cam of Josh and Babe in Josh's room after the attack when Babe walked in and wanted to see. They told her it was homework and she left the room. When Babe returned to J.R.'s room with a lovely New Years Eve for two but J.R. said he was tired. He told her to go to ConFusion but she said she didn't want to go. He asked if she was trying to avoid Josh. She told him that Josh was considering leaving town soon and J.R. asked her when she saw him. Babe told J.R. that she had become short of breath at Fusion and Josh took her and her bodyguard back to his room. She told him that nothing happened and that all she wanted was him and their son. He told her to go make an appearance at ConFusion because it would be good for business and she gave him a kiss and left. At ConFusion, Babe and Josh stood and stared at each other.

Zarf in full ladies dress introduced himself to Bianca as "Zoe." Bianca, shaken and confused, did not take it well and slapped him. Bianca accused him of just trying to score with the lesbian. Zarf told her that she was seeing who he truly was. She told him that his actions were nothing but insulting. She called Zarf a phony and a fake and he agreed that Zarf was the illusion. He said he had been hiding behind Zarf his entire life and that he was a woman named Zoe. He told her stories of his misunderstood youth, and she told him she didn't know what to say. He said that he has been honest with her from the beginning. Zarf then announced that she was a lesbian and that she loved her.

Jack popped the cork on a bottle of cider for his and Erica's celebration and they and Sean raised a glass. Erica asked Jack about her necklace and he asked where she got it. Erica left the room and Jack interrogated Sean about what he and Colby did. He confessed his actions but then Erica came back in the room and they began the celebration. Sean and Colby talked about what they did for Jack and Erica and then went out to celebrate. Erica emerged from the shadows having heard the conversation and when Jack came back into the room said it would be a New Years Eve they would never forget.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Kendall was confused over why Zach believed he killed his mother. Zach then explained the dreams he was having. Zach said he remembered his mother falling to her death and everyone saying it was an accident. However, Zach could not recall every detail and felt there was an important piece missing. Kendall did not think Zach did this because it would be physically impossible for a five year old to knock a grown woman off a ledge. Then, Zach wanted to stop talking about the subject. He claimed he was fine, but when he saw Kendall on the balcony, he imagined it was his mother and rushed to save her from falling. Kendall was concerned and Zach began to remember a little more. Zach flashed back to when he was five. He recollected his mother's love for her garden and how she taught him about the flowers. Then, Zach remembered hearing yelling and then seeing his mother go over the ledge. Zach saw her lying on the rocks below peacefully. Everyone said he knocked her off balance, but told him it was not his fault. Kendall also felt he was not to blame and encouraged him to let go of the guilt. Zach said he could not get over this because the killer knew about it somehow.

Bianca was still unnerved by Zarf coming out to her as ZoŽ. ZoŽ claimed that she was destined to meet Bianca. Bianca wanted to know why she was so special to ZoŽ since they hardly knew each other. ZoŽ said Bianca gave her the courage to be who she truly was and that she loved Bianca because of it. ZoŽ believed Bianca would accept her because Bianca claimed she fell in love with a person's soul. Bianca said she could not profess her love because she did not know ZoŽ and did not know if ZoŽ's claims were real. Then, ZoŽ looked disappointed. ZoŽ said that she thought she knew Bianca, but now realized that Bianca was narrow-minded like the rest of the world. Bianca resented this comment and said ZoŽ had no right to judge her. Bianca also said she knew what it was like to come out. Bianca believed ZoŽ wanted to come out because she could no longer keep it inside and not because ZoŽ met Bianca. ZoŽ said Bianca was like a mirror and it gave her courage to come out. Still, Bianca wanted no part of ZoŽ. ZoŽ asked if the person Bianca came out to was as cold as Bianca. Bianca stated she did not lie to that person and hit on them. ZoŽ said she never lied to Bianca and felt there truly was something romantic between her and Bianca. Bianca said she was not sure if she could believe ZoŽ and asked her to leave. After ZoŽ walked out, they both began to cry.

There was a New Year's Eve party at ConFusion. Di and Aidan walked in and decided to go forward with their plan to set up the killer. So, Aidan kissed Di and then she slapped him. Di chastised him for checking out other girls and Aidan stated he was tired of Di and walked away. Meanwhile, Jeff came in to meet Josh. Josh explained he was trying to stick to his New Year's resolution to leave Babe alone. Jeff encouraged him to change his resolution and fight for Babe. Jeff stated he regretted not fighting for Erica and did not want Josh to have the same regret. Then, Jeff got a phone call and had to leave. Meanwhile, Amanda and Babe wished more people had shown up, but were still happy with the turnout. Then, Babe saw Josh. Amanda asked if Babe was going to get a New Year's kiss from him. Babe asserted that she made her decision to stay with JR and was happy with it. Babe then took out her compact to check her hair and Amanda saw the inscription. Amanda assumed it was from Josh and Babe did not deny it. Then, a drunk bar patron saw Babe and joked about her getting murdered by the serial killer. Josh heard this and threw the drunk out of ConFusion. Then, Josh wanted to discuss his new resolution with Babe, but she cut him off. Babe wished him joy and happiness in the New Year without her. Still, as the countdown to midnight began, Babe and Josh could not take their eyes off each other. Also, Amanda told Josh that Babe would not be carrying the compact if she did not have feelings for him. Meanwhile, Di was alone in the Fusion office. She heard footsteps and then ZoŽ walked in. ZoŽ found the sketch she drew of a woman lying down. Di looked confused when she saw ZoŽ and asked if she needed anything. Then, Aidan grabbed ZoŽ and said she better have a good reason for being there. Meanwhile, Bianca went to ConFusion and saw an old friend, Leslie. Bianca looked excited to see Leslie and asked to join her. So, they sat together and began to flirt.

Erica and Jack were on their yacht. Erica continued to ask Jack questions about her gifts. Then, Jack said he had something to say about the gifts. Erica looked interested. Jack said he did not want to discuss them anymore and wanted to enjoy the night with the love of his life instead. Erica looked displeased and then there was a knock at the door. Jack opened it and a woman dressed as a swan came in dancing. Then, a milk maid came in followed by a lady dancing. Erica was laughing and clapping and acted as if she thought these were her presents too. Jack looked annoyed and then a man dressed as a lord came leaping in. Jack asked everyone to leave and confronted Erica. Jack believed she was behind these characters and did it to get back at him. Erica copped to the prank and explained her disgust that two high school kids were behind the gifts instead of Jack. Jack apologized, but Erica was not satisfied. Erica explained she was not upset because Jack did not admit he did not send the gifts, but distraught because he did nothing to get her back home. Jack stated Erica was the one that moved out and into a room across from Jeff Martin. Still, Erica believed Jack should have done everything in his power to get her home. Erica also believed Jack did not understand her. Then, Jeff came in. Jeff said he came as soon as Erica called. Erica then asked Jeff to be her date for New Year's and gave him a kiss. Jeff and Erica then left as Jack watched in silence.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Instinctively, Aidan shoves the unknown person into the desk and asks who they are and what they are doing in the Fusion offices. ZoŽ reels for a moment and when she finally looks Aidan in the eye, he realizes that the person is none other than Zarf's alter ego. Revealed, Zarf resumes using his voice in the lower register and tries to explain that his outfit is all about the crazy life of a rock star, and seeing if he had universal appeal. He tries to leave but Aidan blocks his way, insisting that he admit why he showed up there. Zarf finally admits that he came to retrieve some artwork that Zach obtained illegally, and temporarily satisfied, Aidan dares Zarf to take his female act for a spin and accompany them to the celebration downstairs to have a drink. Zarf tells them that he needs to get home but they insist that he couldn't have gotten all dressed up only to not be seen in the end.

As the patrons of ConFusion ring in the new year, Bianca kisses Leslie and Josh kisses Babe. Bianca and her companion break it off first, and she warns Leslie that she isn't in the best mood to celebrate. Leslie quips that she just might be the best person to help her lighten the mood. Smiling, Bianca admits that she did enjoy the kiss, and Leslie tells her sometimes a kiss is nothing more than that. They proceed to catch up, with Leslie filling Bianca in on all of the details that she missed while living in Paris. Bianca then asks if Leslie had ever known someone who was transgendered. Leslie tells her the story of a friend of a friend who ended her amazing relationship because her partner decided to transition into being a man, and then admits that she completely understands why the woman left. Bianca notes that living in a body that you do not feel is your own for so many years has to be the epitome of living a lie, and must be torturous. She then asks if Leslie had ever heard of a man who believed himself to be a lesbian. Amanda interrupts briefly to deliver two glasses of champagne, giving Leslie a moment of. When she leaves, Leslie asks if the line was delivered by an oversexed jock looking to score. Bianca denies as much, so Leslie tells her that it is possible. She then asks if Bianca knows anyone like that, and the young Kane replies that she isn't sure. She notes that if she hurts the person in question, she will never forgive herself. Leslie notes that Bianca is practically incapable of hurting people and after a trip down memory lane, Bianca has to admit Leslie is right. She then makes noises about leaving, and asks if Leslie would like to join her.

Across the bar, as the guard watches, Josh deepens his lip lock. Babe lets it go for a moment and then pushes him away. He tries to kiss her again but she walks away. He follows her but she tries to blow him off by chalking up their kiss to tradition. Josh isn't buying it and tells her that he takes back his promises to give her space. Instead, his new resolution is to not leave town. Babe replies that he is free to do what he wants, but he should take a good look at her now because it will be the last time he sees her. She turns her back on him and stares out the window. After a few moments, she turns back around and finds that he is still there. She demands that he leave her be, since he had promised that he would. He tells her that their kiss told him that she wants him gone as much as he wants to be gone. He admits that he still wants and loves her, and Babe makes a drastic move. She takes the pocket mirror that he gave her and gives it back. Josh refuses to take it, so to drive the point home, Babe drops the mirror, shattering it, and then grinds her heel into it. Josh is unmoved, saying that he will continue to pursue her despite her actions. Frustrated, she walks away.

Behind the bar, Del tries to make a move on Amanda Ė again Ė but she rejects him and tells him to clean up after a patron who got sick in the men's room.

Zach tells Kendall the satin ribbon/gardenia connection between his mother and their fallen friends, and she starts to insist that it was just a coincidence. He then shows her the note that he received which makes it clear that there is a real connection. Kendall realizes now why Zach believes she is in the most danger, and Zach admits that he has to figure out who is behind everything before they come after her. Shortly thereafter, they return to the condo and in the blink of an eye, Zach pulls out a suitcase with the intention of packing for her and sending her away for her own safety. Kendall tells him that she has tried to live apart from him but hated every second, and follows by telling her husband that she refuses to start off their new year together by leaving him. She tells him that it didn't really take her long to know that she had fallen in love with him Ė when she was unconscious in the hospital, she knew that he read her heart when she opened her eyes and saw her son. She points out that she trusts him to keep her safe, and then, after a brief pause, she admits that she finally understands her husband. Although he tries to reject her fledgling attempts at psychoanalyzing him, Kendall refuses to budge. She tells him that his need to save women is all tied to not being able to save his mother. Zach is done listening to her and simply asks her to either help him pack or move out of the way. Kendall tells him that they are not going to leave, that they will solve the mystery of who the killer is, and that they will save each other. Zach begs her one more time to leave, but Kendall tells him that no matter what comes their way, they will always be together. He finally caves, signaling his defeat with a warm embrace. She then pours them each a glass of wine, promises that all will be well and they will have a wonderful 2007, and then clinks his glass with hers in a toast.

Ryan and Annie plant a brief kiss on each other to celebrate the beginning of the new year before Emma enters the room, banging on a pot. They break it up and give Jonathan a hug of comfort, as he doesn't seem to be in the mood to celebrate. Annie then remembers something and goes to the kitchen to retrieve her mother's specialty Ė New Year's fritters. They supposedly bring good luck for the coming year, and Ryan agrees that they certainly are in need of that. Annie reveals that there is a game element to the treats Ė there are symbols inside each that hints at what's to come in 2007. She, Ryan and their daughter all find something and briefly discuss each but Jonathan breaks his apart and finds nothing. Annie apologizes but Jonathan tells her there is no need, and notes that he needs to leave. As Annie spirits her little girl upstairs to get ready for bed, Ryan apologizes for gathering at the condo, and asks his little brother if he wants to spend some one on one time over a beer. Jonathan thanks him, saying that he has other things to do. They hug briefly before Jonathan heads out the door. After Emma is tucked in, Annie returns to the living room and tells Ryan that she realizes how hard celebrating the new year must be with all that has happened. She then points out that she can see something more written on his face, but notes that he shouldn't feel like he has to divulge his thoughts. Ryan is more than willing to share, explaining that he ran into Tad, who told him that he had been hired to investigate Zach's background by the man himself because he believes there is a connection between Zach and the murders. Annie, still not trusting Tad after what he and Dixie put her through over Emma, thinks that perhaps Tad doesn't have all of the facts of the case. Ryan tells her that Tad was worried enough about the facts that he does know and mystified, Annie asked what the next step should be. Ryan tells her that with the amount of enemies that Zach has, he can't be sure that Kendall and Spike are safe. Annie offers to keep Spike with her at the condo while they try to find the person responsible, and Ryan is pleased that Annie knew what he wanted without him having to say a word. Ryan says that although it will kill Kendall, he needs to make sure that his son is safe, and Annie agrees that they need to do whatever is called for to protect their kids. With her support, he takes off to claim his son.

Colby stresses over the fact that her credit card was declined, thus denying them access to a limo for the evening. Sean takes the blame because she paid for all of Erica's presents on credit. She wonders how they are going to have a good evening celebrating when Sean spots a limo. She tries to deter him, saying that the vehicle is for someone inside, but Sean wants to make good on his promise. Sean steals a look at the order ticket and then tells the driver that he is the intended passenger. He and Colby delight in their upcoming adventure for a moment before the divider comes down. Sean somberly asks the driver to take them "home" the long way Ė through Manhattan. As they make their way along the highway, Colby notes that this New Year's Eve will be better than the last Ė where her mom was always paranoid about staying in once place too long, had gone to bed at 10 and left Colby to be alone at the stroke of midnight. She admits that she holds more promise for the new year. Sean asks if she is upset that they missed the countdown but Colby tells him that it wasn't necessary. He tells her that they also missed their New Year's kiss and she tries to blow it off because they are just friends. He insists that friends can kiss, so they do just that. The bliss is short-lived, however, as they hear sirens approaching and hope it's not for them. He urges her to sit up in her seat so that the cops won't think them suspicious. The door opens and an officer appears, requesting ID's. The driver claims innocence because of his broken radio. The officer informs him that the real passenger called in when he saw two people getting into the limo meant for him. The cop looks at the IDs and sees Colby's name. He reminds her that he was the one that booked her on her carjacking charge. He orders them to hand over the open bottle of alcohol and tells them that their new year is not going to start off so well. The duo is handcuffed, and as they regard each other miserably, the officer reads them their list of offenses as well as their rights.

Jonathan arrives at ConFusion, which baffles Amanda, as she thought he was hanging out with Ryan all night. He tells her that he is only there to work and help out but she says that no one expects him to return so soon. A little too harshly, he tells her that he needs to be there, and then immediately apologizes when he sees the crushed look on her face. He tells her that the holiday and missing his sister is almost too much to bear and understanding, Amanda forgives him.

Zarf arrives at ConFusion with Aidan and Di in tow, and first locks gazes with Babe and Josh, and then with Bianca. Despite Aidan's urging, he doesn't tear himself away from looking at Bianca, who now has tears streaming down her cheeks. Suddenly, he throws his purse on a nearby table and grabs a glass of champagne from a passing waiter. He downs the bubbly in one fell swoop, and then notes that regardless of the way he is dressed, people will notice him. He stalks off, and Di and Aidan try to make sense of what is going on. Aidan tells his lady love that if Zarf's intent was to commit murder, he shouldn't have a problem being seen in a crowd. He then says that if he isn't the murderer, he isn't sure why the rock star is hating every minute he spends in the club. Just then, the music stops, and Zarf picks up a microphone. He sings a number about falling in love, and when he is done, Bianca angrily confronts him as Aidan and Leslie look on. Zarf tells her that he is simply a woman selling Fusion products, and Bianca, wiping away her tears, caustically announces that all Zarf said was an act and that he makes her sick. Josh moves in and asks if there is anything he can do to help. He realizes belatedly that it's Zarf and announces that fact louder than intended. His cover blown, Zarf steps away to attend to his fans. Josh pulls his sister aside and demands to know what happened. When he finds out that Bianca believes it was Zarf's way of trying to get her into bed, Josh tries to spring into action. Bianca stops him and says that while it's all fun and games to Zarf, it wouldn't last, and that they should just let the fire burn out on its own. Back at the bar, Di and Aidan watch Zarf and note that when they caught him in the offices, there was fear and panic in his eyes. They decide that if he really is the killer, they should soon know. Across the room, Zarf puts an end to the autograph session and approaches Babe. They hug and Zarf starts to tear up, and asks for help. Cryptically, he tells Babe that things didn't go as planned and that "ZoŽ" is dying. Confused but wanting to help, Babe grabs his hand and they start to go. Josh runs over to prevent them from leaving but Babe demands that Josh keep his hands to himself. Before they could resume their flight out of the club, Derek approaches them, although Zarf has no idea who he is or what he could want. Once the light dawns, he tries to dismiss him by offering a donation for the policeman's ball. Derek replies that he wants Zarf to accompany him to the police station to answer some questions about the murders of Erin and Simone. Everyone paying attention is stunned, including Zarf, but Babe quickly recovers and assures Zarf that she will be with him every step of the way. Josh tries to demand that she stay put but Babe tells him to go to hell and walks out of the club holding hands with the musician. Jonathan reels from the accusation he just heard, barely able to process it all.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Bianca hurries to answer the door, but Josh comes in with a bag of fresh croissants. When Josh sees Bianca in her robe, he assumes she has just woken up, but Leslie (Bianca's friend she met at Fusion) walks out. Leslie thanks Bianca for a wonderful evening, kisses her and leaves. Bianca tells Josh he should worry about Babe, instead of her. Josh says Kendall is helping him win back Babe, leading Bianca to suspect that Kendall wants something from Josh. Bianca tells Josh that Zarf is going after Babe, although Josh thinks Zarf was just being a flirty rock star. Babe explains what happened between her and Zarf before she went to ConFusion. After listening, Josh says that maybe Zarf was telling the truth. Bianca gets upset when she realizes Zarf may have been telling the truth because of the way she treated him.

At the police station, Derek questions Zarf, while Aidan, Di and Babe wait. Di tells Aidan he should go home and rest, but Aidan wants to find out what Zarf is hiding. Jonathan walks up and demands to know if Zarf is the killer, but Aidan says Derek is not sure. Jonathan is convinced that Zarf is the killer because the murders occurred after he came to town and was caught dressed in a disguise at Fusion after hours.

Derek presses Zarf, but Zarf tells him that the police are badgering him because they can not accept "people like him." When Derek asks Zarf to explain further, he only says he is a sinner and God knows how much he has done. When Derek asks Zarf if he killed Simone and Erin, he denies it. As Zarf continues to behave strangely, as if the murders were a joke, Jonathan busts in and attacks him. Once the officers break up the fight, Zarf claims Erin was wonderful and he would never hurt her. Jonathan says Zarf their discussion is not over before being escorted out of the questioning room. Derek asks Zarf if he will take a polygraph test, but Babe says it is time to go. When Babe walks out with Zarf, Jonathan tries to go after Zarf, but Aidan and Derek hold him back. Derek says they will keep an eye on Zarf, but Jonathan does not believe him. Jonathan goes home and Annie tells Emma to play in her room when she sees how upset he is. Jonathan explains that Zarf was arrested for the murders, but was let go on lack of evidence. Annie begs Jonathan not to get involved with the investigation, but Jonathan thinks he has to do something for Erin's sake.

Zarf and Babe go back to his hotel room. Zarf starts breaking a mirror until Babe calms him down. Zarf thinks he has lost Bianca for good, as well as his destiny. When Babe asks for more details, Zarf does not think she will understand him because Bianca didn't. Zarf tells Babe that he is really a woman trapped in a man's body. Babe tells him she can accept him if that is who he truly is because she cares about him. Babe gives Zarf a hug as he weeps on her shoulder.

Zach goes to see Myrtle to tell her that Kendall does not understand she is in danger. Zach thinks Kendall should leave him to save her life, but Myrtle knows how hard-headed the Kane women can be. Once Zach explains why he thinks the killer is sending messages to him, Myrtle agrees, but doesn't understand why the killer is targeting the Fusion women. Zach says he is not sure what the motive is, but the killer is someone who wants to destroy him. Myrtle tells Zach to stick close to Kendall, but don't push her out of his life.

Ryan comes to see Kendall and tells her that Spike is not coming back to her because he is worried about Spike's safety. Ryan says that Tad told him there is a connection between Zach and the murders, which Kendall says she is aware of. Kendall tells him that the killer is sending Zach some sort of message, but won't explain any further. Ryan says that Kendall is putting Spike's life at risk so he should keep Spike while he moves back in the penthouse with Annie. Kendall tells Ryan that she does not trust Annie and thinks the whole plan was her idea to get an instant family with Ryan. Ryan says that when Annie was in trouble, she didn't have to leave her child, so it is not fair that he expects her to give up Ryan. Ryan tells Kendall he won't return Spike unless she leaves Zach, but Kendall refuses. When Zach walks in, he explains the symbolism in the murders and how they are connected to him. Ryan tells Kendall that he won't let her be around Spike if she stays with Zach. Zach even agrees with Ryan because he thinks Spike would not be safe with them. Kendall tells Ryan to get out of the house and go back to playing family with Annie. Ryan goes home and tells Annie that Spike is staying with them. Annie updates Ryan on Zarf's arrest and how Jonathan reacted.



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