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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 4, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, June 4, 2007

Greenlee told Kendall that Zach must pay for causing the blackout. So, Greenlee planned to have Zach arrested. Kendall was stunned by Greenlee's announcement. Greenlee stated that Kendall was once a selfless friend that would do anything for her. Greenlee believed they could be best friends again if Kendall chose her and testified against Zach. Kendall was outraged and demanded that Greenlee leave her house. Greenlee would not go. So, Kendall reminded Greenlee that she too was a good friend once. Kendall wondered where her powerhouse best friend went. Greenlee said that Zach took her when he caused the blackout. Greenlee then warned Kendall that Zach would lie again and break her heart. Then, they walked back into the living room with Zach, Ryan, Annie, Emma, and Spike. Kendall then snapped at Greenlee and told her that arresting everyone in Pine Valley would not change the fact that she could not carry a child. Everyone looked nervous and tense. Greenlee reiterated that Zach was the reason she did not have a child. Annie then realized that Zach caused the blackout. Then, rescue workers came and Greenlee left. Kendall then reminded Ryan of how she saved his wedding ceremony from Greenlee. Kendall wondered why Ryan did not defend Zach to Greenlee. Ryan looked infuriated and lunged at Zach. Ryan grabbed Zach by the throat and asserted that telling Greenlee about the blackout was a bad idea. Kendall then told Ryan to stop as Annie began to freak out. Annie declared that Zach should be in jail. Kendall told Annie to shut up and mind her own business. Annie asked Ryan if he agreed with her. Ryan said he did not like what Zach did, but could not regret it because of his love for Spike. Then, Ryan promised Annie that Zach would never harm their family. Meanwhile, Kendall told Zach that Greenlee broke her heart again. Zach felt that it was his fault. Then, more rescue workers came and they all left.

Greenlee was about to enter her apartment when Josh approached her. Josh asked her to rate the trouble she caused on a scale from 1 to 10. Greenlee sighed, "Infinity." Then, Greenlee stated that she was truly acting like the Greenlee everyone hated at the birthday party. Greenlee admitted that she was a nasty person that wanted everyone miserable like her. Greenlee further explained that her life was backwards now that Ryan was married to another woman. Josh felt that Greenlee could stop acting like this nasty person and turn her life around. Greenlee looked distraught and asked Josh to leave. After Josh left, Greenlee found a doll on the floor. She then held the doll and began to cry.

JR sarcastically explained that he was changing his name to Martin because he did not want to harm the Chandler reputation. Adam agreed that JR was not good enough o carry his name. Then, JR announced that he wanted to change Little Adam's name also. Adam was shocked and pleaded with JR not to do this. Adam said that JR could become a spineless, self-righteous Martin, but begged JR not to inflict this upon Little Adam. JR said Little Adam would be raised by the Martin family. JR felt that Tad deserved his loyalty because Tad never disowned him, even when he disappointed Tad. Adam told JR he would no longer receive his inheritance as he pulled out cash from his safe. JR said money and possessions did not matter because they were just "stuff". Adam asked if his company was just "stuff" too. JR said he wanted the company for Little Adam. Still, JR vowed never to pressure his son into working there if he did not want to. JR said he would be loving and supportive of his son, unlike Adam. Adam said JR should change his middle name to "L" for "liar and lush". Then, Adam cut JR's watch off his wrist. Adam had given JR this watch and had it inscribed, "From SR to JR." So, Adam threw the watch on the floor and stomped on it. Then, Adam told JR to pack his stuff, so he could live with Tad. However, JR vowed never to leave the mansion until Colby got out in one piece. Then, JR told Adam not to go near his son. Adam asserted that Little Adam loved him. JR agreed, but still promised that Adam would never see Little Adam again. Then, JR stormed out.

Krystal and Babe arrived at their condo. Krystal did not care that the bar was in bad shape because she had faith in her dream. Then, Krystal imagined having multiple franchises. Babe was glad to see Krystal so happy. Still, Babe apologized for getting Krystal caught up in her lies when she first arrived in Pine Valley. Babe felt Krystal could have reached her goals sooner if she did not get so caught up in her drama. So, Krystal said the name of the bar was "The Comeback" and encouraged Babe not to think about the past. Then, Babe admitted that she had a dream of her own, getting her high school diploma. Krystal said Babe did not need it because she already learned so much from life. Still, Babe believed it was imperative because she did not want to be a hypocrite when she told her son about the importance of education. Krystal said she was very proud of Babe. Then, Colby arrived and told them about Sean and Ava. Babe and Krystal tried to comfort Colby. Babe said that she knew how terrible betrayal felt. Colby asked how Babe and Krystal could cheat if they knew how bad it felt. Babe and Krystal said they made mistakes, but were remorseful and promised not to be repeat offenders. Then, Krystal put Jenny in Colby's arms. Colby announced that Sean was right when he said that love did not exist. Babe said that Colby would eventually find a boy worthy of her love. Krystal told Colby to listen to her heart. Still, Colby could not imagine forgiving Sean. Then, Colby left and JR entered. JR told Babe that he did not want Adam in contact with their son. Babe thanked him and said she was proud of how well they were handling the divorce. JR agreed.

Colby went to open her front door when Sean grabbed her. Colby warned him never to touch her again. Sean begged Colby to let him explain, but she would not hear it. Colby told Sean that he did not exist to her anymore. Then, Colby went inside and saw Adam. Adam asked Colby why she looked upset. Colby said that Sean liked someone else as she ran into her father's arms.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Greenlee continues her quest to get revenge on Zach but Erica won't hop on her bandwagon. Kendall fears Zach will have Greenlee eliminated but he assures his wife otherwise. Greenlee meets with Derek and Livia to get the ball rolling on her civil suit against Zach. Derek doesn't think Greenlee has a case but Livia believes she does. Zach meets with an ominous looking associate as orders him to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Zach isn't cowed by Greenlee and tells her to do what she needs to do. JR informs Tad of his plans to change his and Little Adam's names. Tad points out that JR is pulling a classic Adam maneuver. JR is touched when Tad offers him his unconditional acceptance and says he will always consider him his son. Zach warns JR that the vultures are circling Chandler Enterprises. Sean turns to Erica for advice about Colby. Erica tells Sean he might be able to win Colby back by using gentle persistence. Jack and Pam team up to push Erica's buttons. Erica is left steaming when she arrives at the Yacht Club to find Jack in the spotlight as he's labeled America's most eligible bachelor. Fusion is in serious trouble and may be on the verge of going under.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Babe met with Troy, a high school genius, at BJ's. Babe hired him to tutor her for the GED. However, Troy wanted to do more than study with Babe. Troy proposed that Babe pay him for tutoring by accompanying him to his senior prom. Meanwhile, Jamie arrived and saw that Babe was very uncomfortable. So, Jamie told Troy to leave. Then, Babe explained that she wanted to get her GED. Jamie did not think Babe needed a degree because she already proved how smart she was at Fusion. Still, Babe wanted to prove to herself that she had the discipline to do this. Babe also wanted to make Little Adam proud of her. Jamie realized this was important and offered to tutor Babe. At first, Babe turned down the offer, but eventually agreed.

Ava was at BJ's with a strange man. Ava handed the man three hundred dollars and promised she would have the rest of the cash for him later. The man said seductively that he needed to know Ava a little better before he could trust her. Then, Jonathan arrived and saw Ava with the man and money. Jonathan pulled Ava from the table and accused her of hustling again. Jonathan told Ava that she could have a good life if she stopped acting like she was still living on the streets. Ava told Jonathan he did not know what she was really doing with this man, but Jonathan would not listen to her excuses. Jonathan said she deserved better than the scum she always hung out with. Ava believed that Jonathan was attracted to her, but could not deal with it. Jonathan said he was through with Ava and stormed out. Then, Ava called Adam and left him a message. Ava said that her plan was in place for that night, but she would need more funds. Ava then went back to the strange man and he discreetly handed her a bag of drugs.

Sean sneaked into Colby's room through her window. Sean put a corsage on her bed as Adam walked in. Sean looked very nervous as Adam demanded that he leave. Sean begged Adam to see Colby so he could apologize. Adam said no and showed Sean a shirt he left behind in Colby's room. Adam said that he knew everything that happened between Sean and Colby. So, Sean pleaded with Adam not to be angry with Colby for letting him stay in the mansion. Just then, Colby entered. Colby could not believe Sean confessed to Adam. Adam was shocked to hear this because he still did not know that Sean stayed in his home. Adam was upset because he thought he and Colby had grown closer after his heart attack. Adam believed they could trust each other, but was disappointed to hear that Colby let a "flea" like Sean stay in his home. Nevertheless, Adam blamed Sean for Colby's actions and told him to stay away from his daughter. Sean then turned to Colby and apologized for hurting her. Sean gave Colby the corsage and asked her to go to the prom with him. Colby threw the corsage in Sean's face and denied his request.

Livia went to see Ryan at his penthouse. Ryan was playing with Spike when she arrived. Livia announced to Ryan that she might be representing Greenlee in her case against Zach. Ryan believed that Greenlee had to seek Livia's help because her own father, Jack, would not help her destroy people's lives. Livia said Ryan may be right, but believed Greenlee might have a case if Ryan had proof that Zach caused the blackout. Then, Ryan remembered how he found out that Zach was behind the blackout. Still, Ryan refused to help Greenlee because Zach was Spike's stepfather.

Di and Annie were working when Annie admitted that she felt sympathy for Greenlee. Annie agreed with Greenlee that Zach should be in jail. Di looked nervous, so Annie assumed that Di knew more about the blackout than she was saying. So, Annie pressed Di for details. Di eventually explained that she knew Marty, the man that Zach hired to cause the blackout. Annie felt that Di could help Greenlee's case with this information. However, Di refused to testify against Zach because he was always a good friend to her. Di then begged Annie not to tell anyone, but Annie could not promise to keep the secret. Then, Annie proceeded to ask more questions about the blackout. Di begrudgingly informed Annie that she helped get Marty to confess to Kendall about the blackout. Annie wondered who would go to Kendall with the evidence instead of the police. Then, just as Ryan arrived, Annie realized that Ryan had covered up for Zach also. Meanwhile, Greenlee asserted to Zach and Kendall that Zach should go to prison. Zach told Greenlee that he would do anything to make things up to her, except go to jail. Kendall told Zach not to try to please Greenlee because she was never satisfied. Then, Zach asked to speak with Greenlee alone. Kendall was not keen about this, but left them anyway. Greenlee continued to tell Zach how much he deserved jail time. Zach calmly agreed that he was wrong and that he owed Greenlee. Greenlee stated that Zach changed since she left town. Zach said that fatherhood changed him. Greenlee stated that she too wanted the perfect family that Zach had. So, Greenlee told Zach to turn back the clocks, so she could have Ryan and their baby. Meanwhile, Kendall was eavesdropping and busted in when she heard this. Kendall also wished Zach could turn back the clocks so Greenlee could recall when everyone bent over backwards to make her happy. So, Greenlee remembered when Kendall stood by her side after her miscarriage. Greenlee calmed down. Kendall then asserted that Greenlee could not put Zach in jail because she had no proof. Greenlee admitted that the case was difficult. Then, Greenlee told Zach that he owed her and walked out. Kendall looked shocked and thought that Zach might have won over Greenlee. Zach then stated that he really was in Greenlee's debt. Meanwhile, Greenlee went into the room with Ryan, Annie, and Di. Ryan immediately declared that he would perjure himself before he helped Greenlee put Zach in jail. Ryan further stated that he refused to break up his son's happy family. Annie looked at Ryan with shock and disdain!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ryan refuses to help Greenlee put Zach behind the slammer as Annie listens at Fusion. Greenlee tells Ryan that he will be in trouble too, but Ryan refuses to let her take Spike away from Kendall. Greenlee tells him she is tired of everyone taking Kendall's side and walks off. Annie tells Ryan she is upset that is willing to risk everything for Kendall, even if it tears their family apart. Ryan assures Annie that Greenlee will not take this case very far, but Annie believes Greenlee is capable of anything. Annie tells him that it seems everyone in the town is so intertwined in each other's lives that it makes her realize she and Ryan will never have time to be a family together. Annie says that every day since their wedding has been about someone else – not them. Ryan tells Annie that she will always come first. Even so, Annie tells Ryan that she understands how Greenlee is feeling because Zach wanted to play God with her life. He begs her not to get caught up in Greenlee's drama because it will drive a wedge in between them. Annie tells him that he can't pretend Greenlee doesn't exist. Ryan says he knows Greenlee better than anyone and putting Zach behind bars won't make her happy. Ryan asks Annie what he wants her to do because he can't seem to win either way with her.

As soon as Greenlee gets home, she screams at the top of her lungs. Josh comes to check on Greenlee, who asks him to resurrect Greg so he can testify that Zach stole her life. Josh tells Greenlee that he understands how she is feeling and is sorry she is going through such pain. He tells Greenlee she has plenty of time to be a mother, but Greenlee wants children that are only from Ryan. Josh tells Greenlee that he has contacts at other fertility clinics if she wanted to still be a mother. Josh tries to make Greenlee understand that Kendall did everything for Greenlee and didn't want Spike until months after she left. Josh makes Greenlee promise to get some rest and she thanks him for listening.

Ava comes into the dressing room as Sean gets into his tuxedo for the prom. When Ava asks him who is taking to the prom, Sean does not tell her. Ava continues flirting with Sean, but he bluntly tells her he is not interested. When Sean walks out, Ava hides something in the tuxedo jacket.

Colby comes downstairs and shows off her prom dress to her father. She tells him that she is going alone as JR walks in and announces he is her date for the evening. Adam tells JR that it's a perfect plan, but Colby says she can handle herself alone. Adam tells Colby to stay away from Sean, but she says she has no plans to speak to him. Adam tells JR that he would never truly considerable him a worthy escort for Colby's prom. Adam fakes a heart attack to see if JR would care and it worked because JR immediately begins to dial 911. JR tells his father to enjoy his laughter while he can and storms out.

At the prom, Colby begins hanging with her girl friends, but is interrupted by Sean. He tells Colby that he doesn't care about Ava and never meant to hurt her. When Colby tries to push Sean, he holds onto her tightly. Colby pushes him away as he begs her for another chance. When she gets chilly, Sean puts his jacket around her shoulders. A policeman comes over and accuses Sean of dealing drugs to Colby. The policeman looks through the jacket and finds the drugs Ava planted.

At Wildwind, Jamie finds Amanda holding Trevor's lucky coin. When he asks her what is wrong, she tells him her problems are something she needs to work out alone. Julie gets home and hides a pregnancy test under a pillow before Jamie comes into the room. Di comes into the room, sucking her thumb from a splinter she got from the birdfeeder. When Di walks out, the test falls from under the pillow and Jamie thinks it belongs to Di. Julia asks Jamie what he would do if he was facing possible fatherhood like Aidan. Jamie tells him that is glad not to be in those shoes because Di and Aidan don't seem to have a very stable relationship. Julia tells Jamie that the test belongs to her, not Di.

Ava comes to visit Di and complains about Sean blowing her off because of what everyone thinks of her, but never reveals Sean's name. Jonathan walks in and Di immediately tells him that Ava is there to see her. Aidan starts talking down to Ava and Jonathan comes to her defense. Jonathan asks Ava about the incident with the man at BJ's, but she leaves without answering.

JR calls Amanda and asks her if she wants to go to an exclusive club in Philadelphia. Smiling, Amanda is unable to resist JR's charm and invitation. As they cruise around town in a limo, Amanda asks JR who ditched him this evening. JR tells her that Colby didn't want him to take her to the prom. As soon as they get out of the limo, Amanda and JR are pulled from behind and gagged with cloth.

Friday, June 8, 2007

A box falls from a shelf in Greenlee's closet, emptying photographs of times gone by on to the floor. She finds herself transported back to the kiss that she shared with Ryan on the rooftop, and the hope that the love they once shared is still there. The memories keep flooding back and finally fed up, Greenlee notes aloud that she deserves to have everything she had in her former life again. She looks at the ultrasound picture and recalls confronting Ryan and Kendall in private after revealing that she knew her eggs had been destroyed, and then admits in the present day that she never should have walked away. She envisions what life would have been like if she had been in the delivery room with Kendall and had accepted Spike as her own from the beginning. The feelings that flood her from that vision make her realize that Spike is hers. She makes a phone call and insists that the person on the other end needs to come over immediately so that they can work through the night on an important matter. After a long night, Greenlee and her lawyer put the final touches on some documents and send them out via courier for delivery.

Across town, while packing up for their move to the new house, Kendall comes across pictures of her and Greenlee in the good old days. Zach emerges from the bedroom and tells her that he is having trouble getting Spike to sleep, but she is so wrapped up in her thoughts that she is oblivious. He tells her to only pack the good stuff, and leave the rest behind. They take a break to put Spike to bed, and when all is quiet, they return to the living room. Zach starts to run the idea of some sort of sports field in the backyard by his wife, but Spike pipes up again, letting out a cry for attention. Zach goes in to soothe the young boy, and Kendall gets wrapped up in memories again. When Zack rejoins her, he acknowledges the hard time she is having packing up her past. She admits that she misses what she and Greenlee had and knows that she can't get it back. She goes on to tell him that she understands the way Greenlee feels now, and her plans for revenge. They manage to leave the topic for a moment and pack some more. After ribbing each other about the decorations in the new house, Zach suggests that his wife get some rest. Kendall tells him that she isn't tired, and Zach, knowing that her resistance is about Greenlee, tells her that wearing herself down will not make Greenlee go away. Just then, she feels a sharp pain in her stomach. Zach immediately calls their doctor, and after checking her pulse and finding that the pain is gone, the doctor advises Kendall to take it easy but says that she is in no immediate danger. Zach hangs up the phone and Kendall proceeds to beat herself up for being so careless. She tells her husband that she would never forgive herself if she did something to hurt their child. Zach soothes her and assures her that everything will be fine. She tells him that since he didn't have a chance to bond with his first child, he needs this one. He tells her that he needs a wife that can give herself a break, and reminds her that they will begin their new life tomorrow.

Ryan comes home just as Annie is flipping through some photos from their wedding. She tells him that she doesn't want to fight anymore. He agrees, and wraps her in a loving embrace topped off with a kiss. She goes with it for a moment and then tells him that good kisses don't solve the problem. Although he knows that, Ryan quickly reveals that he has a different agenda. Annie resists at first, saying that it is important for them to talk about all of the issues on the table, but Ryan sways her and has her sit on the floor behind the couch. He carries two lit candles over and spreads sand that he stole from the box he'd brought in. He then sits with her and explains that the sand metaphorically stands for the rough times in their life that they can fight through and survive as long as they stick together and stay on the shore when times are tough. Annie admits that while in theory, his assertions are a good thing, in reality, she doesn't know how to deal with the "what ifs". Ryan tries to convince her that she doesn't need to because they aren't real, but Annie begs to differ, noting several ways their lives would be completely different if Greenlee had stayed. She tells him that if things were different, Ryan would still be madly in love with Greenlee, and it is that fact that gives Greenlee hope. Ryan tells her that those things don't matter because he is not in love with Greenlee anymore, and that what happened with the blackout is done and over. She statesthat it's not over, and is still very much present in their lives. She asks why he would be willing to risk everything to protect Zach, and Ryan tells her that although what Zach did was wrong, Kendall has forgiven him and he is in Spike's life. For that reason, Ryan has to protect Zach as a means of protecting Spike. He reminds her that along with her, his two kids are his whole life, and if she believes in that, the "what ifs" can't touch them.

The kidnappers force JR and Amanda down a set of stairs into a basement, and although JR tries to gain control by throwing a punch, he misses and is restrained once again. One of the thugs calls him by name in a menacing manner as Amanda pleads with them not to hurt him. They let him go and rush up the stairs, locking the door behind them. Frantic, Amanda looks for a way out, and is horrified when she is reminded that they are in a basement, so any window structures would lead them nowhere. After trying to locate her cell phone and belatedly realizing that they must have been taken, Amanda wonders what the criminals could want with them. JR posits that it could have to do with business and Slater staging a takeover of Chandler Enterprises. They make an attempt at opening the door but failing at that, Amanda says that although at one time she could picture Zach being responsible for something like this, she has seen him change now that he is all about his family. JR doesn't buy it and Amanda asks if there is anyone else who could be responsible. JR tells her that there is one – Adam. Suddenly, JR jumps up and begins to bang on the door again and demands that he be taken to his father. The kidnappers, unwilling to engage in a power struggle, grant his wish and quickly pull him out of the basement before Amanda can react. By the time she gets to the door, they have it closed and secured again, much to her dismay. The following morning, JR is thrown back down the stairs, after having been brutally beaten up. As a sobbing and traumatized Amanda comforts him, JR flashes back to what really happened – that he hired the thugs to gain Amanda's sympathy.

After Julia reveals that the pregnancy test is hers, she explains to a stunned Jamie that she'd had some symptoms that were suspect but tried to ignore them. She finally realized that she had to know, and he asked her when she was going to tell him. She admitted that since the test is best taken in the morning, she was planning to wait until then. She then says that after years of wanting a child of her own, if she is pregnant, she will carry the child to term. Jamie tells her that if she is, they will get married and raise both kids together. Julia, knowing that Jamie isn't ready for an instant family, assures him that he is in no way obligated to do anything of the sort. He tells her that it's not something he has to do – it's something he wants to do. Julia steps away to tend to Kathy, and when she comes back, Jamie wants to know why she wouldn't marry him. She tells him that his reluctance to start a family at this point in his life makes sense given all of the changes that are going on. She also points out that when he thought the test was Di's, he was horrified at the idea of having kids now, and she doesn't want him to settle. Jamie tells her that marrying her is an idea born of nothing but love. Tearing up, she asks him if they can table the discussion until they find out for certain if there's even a reason for it. The next morning, Jamie paces the floor until Julia emerges from the bathroom with news of whether they have conceived a child.

Ava returns to the Chandler mansion soliciting more money for the work that she did. Adam thinks that he has given enough, but she insinuates that if he doesn't cough up the cash, she will reveal their agreement to Colby. Adam warns her not to push him, or her life will end up in shambles. She tells him to calm down and he asks for details on how she was having Sean taken care of. She explains how she bought and planted the drugs on Sean, and then called the cops on him. Adam is horrified, thinking that Colby might get caught in the line of fire. Ava tells him that Colby should come out of the situation unscathed. Adam thinks that her plan was horrible, but Ava insists that in the end she got him what he wanted.

Colby and Sean arrive at the police station, with the former outraged because they should be treating her with more respect. Lt. Perry emerges from a back room and tells them that he knows who they are and says that unlike the limo joyride they took, the charges will stick this time.

Adam tells Ava that if her plan fails, she owes him the $500 he paid her. She tells him that she didn't fail just as Adam's phone rings with a call from Colby. A short time later, Adam shows up at the station and finds the two teens in the interrogation room. Jack follows on his heels and both men try to ascertain what happened. Adam is insistent that he can get Colby out of trouble but the lieutenant assures him that things won't go so smoothly this time. Jack asks Sean if he'd said anything but Sean denies as much in the midst of his agitation that he'd hurt Colby again. Colby freaks out, wondering what can be done to her since she already has a record, but Adam demands that Sean be the one to take the fall. Sean agrees, and before Jack can stop him, Sean claims to be the owner and purchaser of the drugs and demands that Colby be let go. They escort Colby and her father out of the room and admitting that they now have nothing to hold her for, Lt. Perry starts processing her paperwork. Colby wonders aloud what will happen to Sean but Adam tells her not waste time worrying about such a delinquent.

Back in the interrogation room, Jack questions Sean about the drugs but after a few moments, he tells his nephew that he doesn't believe that either he or Colby had anything to do with the drugs. He asks for the real story but before Sean can open up, the lieutenant returns to the room and says that the judge won't be available until morning, so Sean will need to be put in a holding cell. Jack doesn't think that it's necessary, but Sean acquiesces, believing that he is saving Colby from the same fate. They all walk out of the room, Sean refraining from talking or looking at Colby as he passes. The next morning, Colby returns to the station to check on Sean. She arrives just in time to see Sean head off to court.

After a night's rest, Kendall and Zach send Spike off with Rachael so that they can concentrate on getting everything moved. They are interrupted by a knock at the door, and when Kendall opens the envelope that was delivered, she tells Zach that it's from Greenlee. Across town, Ryan gets an identical set of papers and tells his wife that Greenlee is suing for custody of Spike.



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