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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 11, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Kendall could not believe that Greenlee was suing for full custody of Spike. Zach told Kendall not to worry because the suit was unfounded and completely ridiculous. Zach also told Kendall that he would handle it. Kendall told Zach not to get involved again because last time he was too nice to Greenlee. Kendall said that Zach could try to appease Greenlee, but the only thing that would appease her now was Spike. Zach saw Kendall was upset and asked her to work from home until the suit was over. Kendall refused to be scared away from her own company. Then, Zach hugged Kendall. Zach stated that there were many witnesses that would testify for Kendall that on Thanksgiving 2005 Greenlee gave up her rights to Spike. Kendall agreed and said that she would show Greenlee the limits to her power. Then, Kendall went to work and Josh stopped by. Josh wanted to check on Kendall. So, Zach told him about Greenlee's law suit. Josh felt badly for Greenlee, but did not think that gave her the right to destroy Kendall's life. Zach felt that Greenlee would continue attacking Kendall until she found another distraction. Josh then proposed that he could befriend Greenlee even more than he already had. Josh said he could be an ear for Greenlee and help distract her from Kendall. Zach said it was worth a try.

Ryan was livid because Greenlee was suing for full custody of Spike. Annie said that she felt badly for Greenlee at first, but now believed Greenlee went too far. Still, Annie wondered if the lawsuit might work out in Ryan's favor. Annie thought Greenlee would make a fool out of herself and realize she had to stop her vendetta. Ryan was not convinced and wanted to talk Greenlee out of the suit. Annie encouraged Ryan to stay away from Greenlee because she was a bully that was trying to get attention. When Ryan heard this, he snapped! Ryan yelled that he did not need Annie to tell him about Greenlee. Annie looked shocked and hurt. Ryan apologized, but it was too late. Annie sarcastically thanked Ryan for reminding her again about how well he knew Greenlee and stormed out of the penthouse.

Colby went to see Sean at the police station. Colby questioned Sean about the drugs, but Sean avoided the questions. Then, Sean asked Colby to leave, so she did. Meanwhile, Jack was with the district attorney. The D.A. said that Sean was in a lot of trouble. Then, Sean came in to see Jack and the D.A. left. Sean insisted that the drugs were his and that he made a stupid mistake. Jack felt guilty for not paying more attention to Sean. So, Sean finally admitted that the drugs were not his. Still, Sean planned to plead guilty, so Colby would not get into trouble. Jack advised Sean against this, but Sean was resolute. Then, Sean went back to his cell and Ryan arrived. Ryan showed Jack the law suit from Greenlee. Jack was surprised and did not agree with Greenlee's decision. Ryan then began to rant about how everything was Greenlee's fault and that Jack needed to "reel her in". Then, Ryan proposed that Jack represent him and Kendall in the suit. Jack snapped and asserted that all of this was Ryan's fault. Jack reminded Ryan that he faked his death and made Greenlee go through a miscarriage alone. Then, Jack said that Greenlee was in pain and acting irrationally. Jack felt that Ryan should understand her irrational behavior since Ryan tried to escape his problems by driving his motorcycle off a cliff. Then, Jack walked away and Ryan stood speechless.

Kendall and Annie were in the elevator at Fusion. Kendall was furious. Annie suggested that Kendall relax, so Greenlee could not get a reaction out of her. So, Kendall remained calm when she first walked in. However, Greenlee asked Kendall why she looked upset and distracted, so Kendall went off. Kendall said that the lawsuit was absurd because Greenlee left Spike and did not want him. Greenlee stated that Spike was really hers because Kendall signed papers that made Greenlee the sole guardian of Spike. Then, Kendall said that she would not speak to Greenlee unless it was about work. So, Kendall, Greenlee, Annie and, Di returned to their work. They tried to figure out how to help Fusion now that they lost Babe and the music deal. Greenlee admitted that Babe quitting was her fault. So, Kendall suggested that Greenlee beg Babe to return. Greenlee was hesitant, but finally agreed. So, Greenlee called Babe and Babe came to the office. Greenlee groveled to get Babe back. Babe played it cool and asked for a raise and her old desk back. Kendall also stipulated that Greenlee had to "put her claws away". Then, Babe agreed to work for Fusion again and hugged Di and Annie. Then, Ryan entered and sternly told Greenlee and Kendall that they all needed to talk!

Julia told Jamie that she was not pregnant. Jamie saw that Julia looked disappointed and just as he asked her why, Babe entered for a study session. Babe realized that there was tension in the room, so when Julia left, Babe asked Jamie what was going on. Jamie explained that Julia thought she was pregnant. Jamie also said that he was relieved that she was not. Jamie stated that he was not ready to be a father yet. Babe reminded him that he was ready to be Little Adam's father. Jamie looked into Babe's eyes and said that situation was different. Then, Julia returned and Babe left. Jamie asked Julia what they should do about the "pregnancy scare". Julia looked upset and said that "the scare" was over, so there was nothing else to discuss.

Amanda was taking care of JR because he was so badly beaten by their captures. Amanda worried about JR's injuries as JR recalled setting up the kidnapping. JR told one of the captures that he wanted to stage his own kidnapping and extort one hundred million dollars from Adam. Meanwhile, JR did not tell Amanda that he was behind this. Instead, JR told Amanda that he wished she was not involved. Amanda said she was glad to be there, so she could take care of JR. JR then asked her to tell Little Adam that his father loved him very much and that he was the best thing that ever happened to his father. Amanda had tears in her eyes as she heard JR talk about his son. Meanwhile, Adam and Colby were at home. Colby admitted to Adam that she went to see Sean and that she felt he was innocent. Adam told her not to believe in Sean because he already lied to her about Ava. Then, a vice president from Chandler came to see JR. The VP informed Adam that JR did not show up to an important meeting that morning. Adam stated that this happened because a boy was trying to do a man's job. Adam then slammed the door. The VP then left a message for JR stating that "stage one" was completed. Then, Adam got a phone call from one of JR's captures. The capture said he had JR and warned Adam not to tell anyone and hung up. Adam looked shaken up, but eventually blew it off as a prank. Then, the capture called again and told Adam to go to a website called Big Money XYZ. Adam did this and saw a video of a bloody JR being held up against a wall. Then, Colby found a package outside for Adam. Adam looked worried and asked Colby to check on lunch. When Colby left, Adam opened the package and found JR's bloody shirt. Adam began to cry. Meanwhile, Amanda was still trying to make JR more comfortable. Amanda felt that they were kidnapped for ransom from Adam. JR agreed, but worried Adam would not pay up. Amanda asserted that Adam still loved JR and would do anything to get him back. JR turned away and slyly smirked!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ryan and Kendall asked Greenlee if she knew what she was doing. Greenlee said what she really wanted was something that belonged to her. Ryan told Greenlee if she cared about Spike she would make this about him and not revenge. Ryan asked Greenlee how he could get her to become part of their family instead of destroying it. Kendall objected strongly. Greenlee said that she has never been allowed to be with Spike. Kendall told her that she had her chance to be Spike's mom, but she walked away. Greenlee again blamed Zach for all her problems and then she and Kendall continued the same argument. Ryan said that yes they did hurt Greenlee but it doesn't give her the right to ruin everyone's lives. Ryan suggested that since Spike has two dads, perhaps there is room for Greenlee in his life. Kendall said that Annie is Spike's stepmom and there was no room for Greenlee. Kendall told Ryan that Greenlee was making him feel guilty, but he said that the only way to make her stop is to let her in. Kendall walked out and said that Greenlee would not be part of their family.

Jack and Sean went home and were met by Pam and the cameras. Erica sent them away and Jack told her about Sean's arrest. Jack said that he believed Sean didn't know anything about the ecstasy in his pocket, but Sean wanted to plead guilty to protect Colby. Erica and Jack told Sean of all the repercussions of a guilty plea. Erica told Sean that his actions could affect Jack as well. Again Sean defended Colby but Erica said that perhaps his judgment was clouded. Sean went upstairs and Jack and Erica talked some more and ended up in a kiss.

Lily tried to explain her relationship with Jonathan, but Ava said that he was not the same with her. Lily then told her about being in New York City with Jonathan and all the good times they had. Ava asked how she would feel if Jonathan hooked up with someone else and Lily said she wouldn't know until it happened. Sean came in to see Lily and she told Ava that Sean was arrested for possession of drugs. Sean told them that Colby was wearing his jacket when the cops busted them, but he said the drugs were his to protect her. Lily then asked Sean several questions about how he got the tux and where it was before he put it on. Sean then remembered that Ava was there before he dressed for the prom. Ava then got a text message from someone and went outside. It was Jonathan. He said he came to see her and he gave her some money. Ava asked him what was in it for him and he said that she owed him nothing. She took the money as she walked away and called Jonathan a "sucker".

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Krystal was at her new bar, The Comeback. Krystal hired a medical student, Kyle, to do the renovations for the bar. Stuart was also there painting a mural on the outside of the bar. Stuart came inside and commented on how happy Krystal looked. Stuart was excited to paint her happy face on the mural. Krystal then suggested that Stuart paint himself on the mural too. Stuart did not think it was a good idea because he looked like Adam. Then, Stuart did an impression of Adam. Krystal was stunned by how well Stuart could impersonate Adam. Then, Colby entered. Colby explained to Krystal and Stuart about Sean's arrest. Colby believed that Sean was innocent, but took all of the blame to protect her. Krystal was not sure if this was true, but said that if it was, Sean deserved a lot of respect. Colby then stated that she missed her best friend, Sean. Krystal told Colby that Sean must care for her a lot if he was willing to go to jail for her. Krystal also said that it was hard to get over a guy sometimes. Then, they hugged and Colby left. Stuart then informed Krystal that it was ok for her to still like and miss Adam. Krystal looked sad.

Zach walked up to Jack's house just as Jack and Erica stopped kissing. Zach told Jack that Greenlee went too far. Erica demanded to know what Greenlee did. So, Zach explained that Greenlee was suing for full custody of Spike. Erica was outraged and wondered why Jack did not tell her. Jack stated that it was not his place to tell her. Jack figured that Kendall would tell her mother when she was ready. Erica scolded Jack for not trying to protect Kendall from his "narcissistic" daughter, Greenlee. Jack said that he did not agree with Greenlee, but could not stop her either. Jack stated that Greenlee and Kendall were adults and needed to work things out on their own. Zach and Erica did not agree and wanted Jack to intervene on Kendall's behalf. Jack declared that he could not solve problems that Zach created with the blackout. Zach warned Jack to handle Greenlee, so he would not have to do it himself. Jack told Zach to stay away from Greenlee as Zach left the house. Erica then stated that Jack might have more luck with Greenlee if he joined forces with Zach. Then, as Jack walked out, Erica snidely remarked that she was not fooled by Jack's kiss. Jack looked annoyed as he exited. Then, Erica had Pam and cameramen come over. Erica taped a segment for her reality show that asserted she was definitely divorcing Jack. Erica then invited the anonymous donor to the Miranda Center to be her date to a "Singles Party" she was throwing.

Ryan and Annie were on the roof at Fusion. Annie was upset with Ryan because he wanted to make Greenlee a part of Spike's life. Ryan believed that Greenlee would be appeased if she was allowed a little part of Spike's life. Annie felt that attention was food and water for Greenlee and that she could never get enough. Annie worried that Greenlee might drain Ryan, so that there was nothing left for her and Emma. Ryan asserted that Annie, Emma and Spike meant everything to him and Greenlee could not affect this. Still, Ryan felt that Greenlee was the reason for Spike's conception. Ryan then stated that Greenlee had a moral claim to Spike. Annie said that Greenlee still had a claim on Ryan. Ryan admitted that he still cared for Greenlee. Annie believed that Ryan cared because he was a good person, but wondered if Greenlee would ever get over Ryan. Ryan then suggested that they go on their long deserved honeymoon. Annie said she did not want to run away from Greenlee. Ryan believed the honeymoon was a great way to put the focus back on their relationship. So, Annie agreed.

Kendall was still furious with Ryan for offering Greenlee a place in their family. So, Kendall wanted to leave work to get away from Ryan and Greenlee. However, Babe and Di stopped Kendall because George Winton, the CEO of a major store that dropped Fusion, was coming to speak with Kendall. Babe believed that Kendall might be able to stop him from dropping the Fusion line. So, Kendall stayed and George arrived. George said they had ten minutes to convince him to change his mind about Fusion. Kendall stated that the bad publicity from the Satin Slayer hurt their sales. Still, Kendall explained that Fusion changed and they were ready to make a big comeback. George asked what changed. Babe stated that Greenlee returned. Then, Babe, Di, and Kendall complimented Greenlee for being one of the creative founders of Fusion. Then, Greenlee stepped in and said she had a great idea that would save Fusion. George asked to see the idea. So, Babe and Di went into the other office to get the paperwork for the Fusion Green line. Di then thanked Babe for calling George and setting up the meeting. Di also encouraged Babe to get her GED and revealed that she too got her GED. Babe smiled and looked shocked and impressed. Meanwhile, Kendall and Greenlee began fighting in front of George over the profile of their customers. George was discouraged by this "infighting" and went to leave. Kendall and Greenlee stopped him and explained that they had a "free speech" workplace. Kendall said that arguing was good for the creative process. Greenlee said that Fusion was like a family and all families argue. So, George stayed, but demanded to see tangible proof that Fusion was headed in a new direction. Then, Babe and Di entered with papers and pictures of the Fusion Green line. Then, all four women began a slideshow for George as they spoke enthusiastically about Fusion. They explained that Fusion Green was not about covering up, but stripping down to natural beauty that was good for the customer and the environment. George was very impressed, especially with Kendall and Greenlee. George agreed to sell Fusion products if Kendall and Greenlee continued to work closely to make this new line a success. Kendall and Greenlee promised to do this and George left. Then, all four women began to yell and laugh with joy because they saved Fusion. Kendall and Greenlee commented that it felt like old times and smiled at each other. Just then, Zach, Jack, Ryan, and Annie entered. They were all surprised to see Kendall and Greenlee getting along so well. Then, Greenlee got into the elevator with Jack and announced that she was now undecided about the lawsuit. Then, Ryan and Annie told Kendall and Zach that they were going to take a family honeymoon with Emma. Zach suggested they take Spike also. Kendall looked hesitant about Spike joining them, but agreed to it anyway. Then, Kendall realized that Greenlee forgot her purse and picked it up. Kendall then saw Spike's sonogram sticking out. Kendall looked horrified and stated that Greenlee truly did want Spike. Zach embraced Kendall.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tad comes downstairs from his loft and says that he had trouble sleeping. He says the line between fantasy and nightmare is thin because he has been living that way for years. He looks up at the sky as Krystal sings to her baby. Krystal envisions that Adam comes by begging for a chance to save their marriage. She lets him inside, but backs away when he tries to touch the baby. Adam promises not to hurt Jenny and proclaims his love for her. Babe and Colby come over and take turns staying up with Jenny. As Colby holds Jenny late that evening, she envisions Sean getting out of jail and running into her arms. When it is Babe's turn to look over Jenny, she pretends seeing herself giving the valedictorian speech at her high school graduation. Jamie congratulates Babe on her speech and gives her a kiss. Babe snaps back to reality and wakes up from the dream.

JR has a dream that his father stands at the foot of the basement stairs and refuses to pay his ransom. JR tells him that he is no longer a Chandler and will change his last name to Martin. Tad and JR break into a song and dance number, with Jamie and Joe joining in the skit. Krystal, holding Jenny, Babe and Colby pop by to sing about how great it is to be a Martin.

Adam wakes up after having a nightmare that JR is lying dead on the ground (after the musical number) with blood dripping from his mouth and a tear falling down his cheek.

In Greenlee's dream, Annie, Ryan, Kendall and Zach push Greenlee over the edge of the Fusion building rooftop. Greenlee nightmare turns into a fantasy when she wakes up and thinks about her wedding with Ryan. She also sees Kendall handing over Spike to them and wishing them luck. When Ryan leans down to kiss her, he disappears and Spike is gone.

In Ryan and Annie's bed, Ryan dreams of him and Annie running through gardens on their wedding day. They declare their love for each other and decide to name their first-born child Emma. For Kendall, her dreams consist of she, Greenlee, Ryan and Zach launching their new Fusion line at a press conference. Kendall and Greenlee compliment each other, but Kendall brags about Spike and Amelia (Zach and Kendall's child). Kendall and Annie immediately wake up as Greenlee cries clutching her pillow.

The audience votes that Erica and Jackson are divorced and must stay away from each other for the rest of their lives in Erica's dreams. In her sleep, Kendall and Josh play hosts of a talks how that reveals three men are competing for the chance to become her next husband after the divorce. The three bachelors are William Bates, a millionaire, Robert Cannon, a politician, and Mr. McDreamy, a spin-off from a character on Grey's Anatomy. Jackson walks in and tells Erica she has already chosen by planting a kiss on her. Erica's dream is disturbed by a call from Jackson claiming he knows she is thinking of their real kiss.

Julia comes downstairs and begins watching television. She comes across a baby show and envisions Jamie, a doctor, telling her that she her pregnancy is just bad digestion. Julie turns off the television and leaves Jamie and Jonathan sleeping on the couch. Jonathan dreams of him building Lily a new tree house, but she tells him all they need is each other and kisses him. Jonathan shoots up wide awake from his dream.

The next morning, Tad wakes up and makes a cup of coffee. He says that he had a dream about Kate coming home, but it never comes true. Tad says that he feels powerless because he doesn't know how to make his dream come true.

When Krystal opens her door the next morning, she gets the paper and tells Colby good-bye. Babe carries Little Adam around and tells him that JR will be home soon. JR awakes with Amanda in his arms. JR tells Amanda they will get out of kidnapping alive and kisses her. Adam is awoken by a phone call from the kidnappers asking for $100 million in 36 hours or JR dies. Jamie kisses Julia good-bye, but she brushes it aside and tells him they need to talk about their relationship later. Erica tells her producers she has a new idea for the show which will give Jackson hope. Emma pounces on Ryan and Annie's bed because it the first day of their vacation. After waking up, Kendall tells Zach the cries she thought she heard were Greenlee's. Greenlee looks over the custody papers before heading into the office.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Standing alone in the Fusion offices, Greenlee briefly recalls her dream from the previous night before trying to shake the image from her mind. She calls out to see if anyone else had arrived to work. Kendall answers, and it's only moments before Kendall gets close enough to reveal that she has the sonogram picture from Greenlee's purse in her hand. Enraged, Greenlee demands to know why Kendall has it, and Kendall admits that it fell out when Greenlee's purse fell on the floor. She starts to ask what it means but loses that chance when Babe and Di arrive. The duo prattles on for a few moments before realizing that they interrupted a tense moment. They excuse themselves, allowing Kendall to ask the burning question. Greenlee tells her that she loves Spike just as much as anyone else, and then tries to change the subject back to business. Kendall stops her, saying that she wants to figure things out so that there will be no more tension. Kendall is incredulous at Greenlee's claim to love her son since she left before he was born, but her former best friend reminds her that her feelings didn't change because all of their plans went to hell. Kendall asks if Greenlee kept the sonogram picture to remember or to stay angry. Greenlee admits that remembering makes her angry, and then recalls all the time they spent daydreaming about Spike. She then says that although everyone thinks that she is about payback, the fact that she loved Ryan, and indeed, the love that she and Kendall shared with one another, is what brought Spike into the world. Kendall warns her that her son is real, not some doll to play tug of war with, and asks if she plans to go through with the custody suit. Greenlee doesn't see why she shouldn't, and wonders if perhaps she's not good enough in Kendall's eyes, even after yesterday. This causes Kendall to relive her dream that ended with hearing Greenlee cry. She admits that upon hearing that sound, she wanted Greenlee to experience the happiness and peace that she does. Greenlee tells her that she can consult with Zach since he makes all of her decisions, and that pushes one too many of Kendall's buttons. She throws her hands up in disgust and leaves, disgusted.

In the break room, Di marvels at how Kendall and Greenlee could so quickly be back at each other's throats after such a business success the previous day. Having plenty of personal experience, Babe notes that their situation is none too easy to deal with. There is hope, she goes on to say, but she didn't get there with Bianca without a fair amount of work. She admits to her hope that Kendall and Greenlee are blessed with the same fortune. They go back into the office and find Greenlee sitting at a desk, looking somewhat defeated. They try to cheer her up but Greenlee rebuffs them. Di takes herself back to the lounge to work, and Babe takes a moment to ask Greenlee if she'd ever thought about turning down the heat a little. Greenlee doesn't think that Babe has any room to talk, but Babe ignores her boss' snide comments and notes instead that if Greenlee asked nicely, she might get what she wants. Frustrated, Greenlee snaps her bag up from the table and takes off.

At the condo, Ryan finds one of Emma's dolls and is reminded of a discussion he had with Greenlee in his past life with her, where she was still hopeful that they would have kids, but he was adamant that it would never happen. Emma shakes him from his reverie by tossing herself and declarations of love at her daddy. Shortly thereafter, Annie joins her husband in the living room, packing for their trip as their daughter plays in her room. He thanks her for how amazing she has been while dealing with Greenlee and promises that he will never let his ex-wife overshadow their lives again.

Clutching his son's bloody shirt, Adam recalls the threat made on his son's life moments before hearing his name ring out from Erica's throat. He shoves the shirt back in the envelope it came in and readies himself to deal with the TV host. She beats around the bush briefly before asking him if he is the suitor that offered up a million dollars to see her divorce go through. Adam thinks she is insane and offers to donate two million dollars to the Miranda Center if she promises to leave right away. Believing him impossible to deal with, she starts to take her leave, running into Zach on the way. She tries to get updates on everything going on by firing questions but not leaving enough time for answers. Zach simply looks at her amused and waits for her to finally leave the house. When she does, Zach chastises Adam for calling meetings that are suspect between the two of them. Adam blows off the brusque remark and tells Zach that he needs a major influx of cash as soon as possible. Zach wants to know what it's for and Adam lies, telling him it's a business venture with a small window of opportunity. A phone call on Zach's cell interrupts the exchange, and causes Zach to leave the grounds. He tells Adam he will think about his proposition, and follows Erica's newly abandoned path. Finally alone, Adam lets out his frustration that the kidnappers haven't called yet. He doesn't have long to vent before his brother joins him on the patio. Adam tries to get him to leave but Stuart is quick to refuse, knowing his brother's moods all too well. Stuart notes that Adam only gets really upset when it has to do with the people he loves. Adam keeps pushing but Stuart won't give up the chance to offer unsolicited advice, telling his brother that he ought to just forgive JR and tell him to come home. Pushed to the brink, Adam raises his voice one more time and sends his brother scurrying. Alone again, Adam re-watches the video of his damaged son, and promises to get that money.

Zach meets up with Kendall outside the Lavery condo, in preparation for dropping Spike off for vacation with the other part of his family. Annie lets them in after correctly thinking that she heard voices in the hall, and Kendall immediately drags Annie off and launches into overdrive, insisting that they go over what's been packed for Spike. With the men alone in the living room, Zach tells Ryan that it was a bad idea to give Greenlee access to Spike. Ryan reminds him that once upon a time, Zach was considered the one thing that would destroy the family, and wonders why it is that he got to stay, but Greenlee shouldn't be allowed in. Before Zach can really expound on his answer, there is a knock at the door. Ryan goes to open it and finds Greenlee on the other side, prepared to talk until she spots Zach. Ryan invites her in, and although she wasn't expecting an audience, she tells Ryan that her homecoming wasn't at all what she expected, and that caused her to lash out. Annie and Kendall, with Spike in her arms, join them in the living room in time to hear Greenlee say that she is dropping the custody suit. Kendall is incredulous but Greenlee tells her that she can't push her best friend away anymore. Zach asks what she wants in exchange. Ryan tries to deflect any potential blows, but Zach promises he means no harm. Greenlee thinks back to her dream once more for answers, but Kendall pinch hits and says that Greenlee wants what Ryan offered: their friendship the way it used to be. Greenlee admits that the only reason that she was horrible about the sonogram is because she felt weird and exposed, even though she had already decided to drop the suit. She promises to try to be better, and Ryan tells her that no one is trying to shut her out of Spike's life. He takes his son out of Kendall's arms, almost succeeding in handing him off to Greenlee before Kendall stops him. She tells everyone that she wants to be the one to share her son with Greenlee, and when she does, Greenlee is overwhelmed.

Back at the office, Erica checks in with her producer to find out the details on their latest segment. Everything is a go, and Jackson arrives at the perfect time. The producer leaves, and Jack closes the door behind her. He admits to Erica that he wants to hold her and kiss her like he had a few days prior. Erica thinks it's another in a long line of Jack's power plays, and readies herself to do battle. Jack denies that he wants that kind of confrontation, instead noting his plan to have the stylists make him aesthetically pleasing for his fans. Irritated by his flip manner, Erica goes to her office door and asks Pam to bring by the new Mrs. Jackson Montgomery. Erica interviews the first candidate for the cameras, all the while deftly counteracting any attempts on Jack's behalf to make himself seem less than desirable. The initial sit-down is followed by a string of other seemingly unlikely prospects, much to Jack's horror. They wrap things up and as the last candidate leaves the office, Jack asks Erica what the point was of her little display. Erica tells him that she thought it would be fun, given how much he enjoys his fans. Jack tells her that he doesn't want to play games anymore, and says that since she's been the mastermind behind everything, she can get back to him as soon as she knows what it is that she wants from him. He starts to leave when Milla, another potential suitor, arrives and starts to sell herself. The almost exes settle back in their chairs and with every new bit of information. Jack is more wowed by her. By interview's end, Erica is uncomfortable, and Milla is intrigued enough to want to continue their talk over dinner. Jack doesn't want to wait, makes it lunch and the two head off into the proverbial sunset. After sending the cameras away, Erica tries to rip into Pam about letting Milla through to Jack, but Pam has no regrets since their ratings have done nothing but rise. She shows Erica some paperwork which convinces her. She asks Pam to get in touch with Jack and tell him that he needs to be available the rest of the day, and when she does, she finds that Jack's time is already spoken for.

With the office down two partners, Babe casually chats with Jamie on the main floor, thanking him for bringing over some study materials. Noting that he didn't even attempt to hide his sadness, she asks if he wants to talk things over. Jamie thinks it would be slightly weird to talk about his love life with an ex, but Babe reminds that he did the same for her, many times before. Jamie admits that while he won't let himself start thinking that they have broken up, he acknowledges the pain he will have to deal with if that thought becomes a reality. Babe tells him that all of her failed attempts at saving her marriage to JR taught her that no matter what happens or how hard it is to deal with, you just keep living your life.



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