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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 11, 2007 on GL
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Monday, June 11, 2007

When Griggs calls Mallet, Mallet tells him to back off. He tells Griggs that he'll come after him if Matt is injured in any way. Griggs makes a threat of his own which seems to involve Dinah. Griggs approaches Dinah, telling her that he is Don Kelly, a t.v. producer wants to help her get in syndication. Dinah is fairly impressed, but backs down from his offer when he insists she let him drive her to his office to discuss the deal. Matt pays a visit to Mallet and Dinah so he can tell them he thinks things might be looking good for him and Vanessa. As Mallet is encouraging Matt to take his wife and daughter away from Springfield, Dinah enters saying that Matt should not run from his troubles. Mallet insists that Matt is in grave danger from the loan sharks, but Matt and Dinah pass his warnings off as paranoia. After Matt leaves, Mallet takes Dinah to the waterfront so they will be away from any bugs Griggs may have planted. He confesses that Griggs wants Mallet to kill Matt. Dinah is hysterical at the news. She says that everything will be okay if they pay back the money. Mallet assures her that even if he pays back the money, Griggs will see to it that Matt is killed as an example. When Dinah returns to the hotel room, Matt calls her to tell her about Vanessa. Dinah warns him to lay low, but Matt doesn't buy into it. At the police station, Mallet asks an officer to Frank in so he can talk to him. It seems Mallet is thinking of going ahead and confessing all to Frank so Matt will be spared.

Natalia interrupts a poker game where Remy has been cheating. When she tells him how Rafe ended up in adult lockup, Remy apologizes for setting it all in motion. Natalia does not blame Remy. The two go to Company where Harley has told Buzz about Natalia and Gus sharing a son. Buzz is not shocked and instead offers advice to Harley to accept that both she and Gus probably wish that each were the parent of the other's children. At Harley's request, Buzz rehires Natalia when she and Remy arrive. When the guard from Juvie shows up, Remy at first buddies up to him, then threatens him if he doesn't lay off Rafe. Natalia goes to Juvie to see Rafe. He has just returned from adult jail and is not happy. He refuses to accept that Gus is his father.

Gus had earlier visited Rafe in adult jail. He admits that he had him transferred there so the two could talk. Rafe hits Gus. Gus tries to explain that they are both in the same boat—neither knew about the other. He appeals to Rafe to give their relationship a chance. Rafe asks to be let out, but Harley arrives and says that's a bad idea. She wants Rafe to get out of jail the "right" way so he can get out and meet the rest of his family. Gus releases him back to Juvie. Harley sticks around and gives Gus a pep talk. The two go to Company where they run into Natalia and decide to set up some ground rules so they can do what is best for all the children.

Remy makes some advances to Natalia, who turns him down. She says she has to concentrate on Rafe. When Remy accuses her of wanting to focus on Gus, he tells her that she doesn't have a chance because Gus and Harley are so tight. Natalia says that a baby changes everything.

Rafe and Daisy share some quality time at their vent.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A charitable event is being hosted by the Spauldings for "", and is the setting for much of today's show. Cyrus, who is dressed impeccably in a tux that she had tailor-made just for him, escorts Alex to the gala. Marina is working at the event as an undercover officer, and is dressed just as fine in her evening wear. Making sure Marina was in their presence at the time, Alex surprises Cyrus with keys to his own room in the mansion, telling him that now he can be available to her at all times. Later, Alex talks to Olivia about being a financial backer for Olivia's plans to add more hotels, while marina talks to Cyrus, still believing he is trying to work his con magic on the Spauldings, though he proclaims, again, that he is walking the straight and narrow.

Jeffrey and Ava are meeting to go to the event together, and he offers her some tips about these kinds events, after all, he tells her, he knows about these things – he's even hung out with royalty! Ava is enjoying his fatherly advice. He asks her if she should have invited Olivia instead, and Ava jokingly says that now Olivia may think Ava is picking favorites, choosing Jeffrey and not her, to attend the event with. As Jeffrey asks Ava if that is what she's doing, Ava toys with him a little by not directly answering, as Olivia overhears all of this from around the corner. Olivia didn't hear Ava go on to tell him that she did think of inviting Olivia, but she knew how she hates anything to do with the Spauldings.

Olivia goes on to the gala alone, but is hurt and upset. As Olivia arrives at the event, it seems that this night will have a familiar feeling, one that resembles that other gala event from her past. She enters the event, at first appearing to not have a ticket, but then she does produce one with a look that might have said "HA! I have one this time!", then immediately shouts that she's looking for the bar. She continues to drink, and get drunk, as she watches Jeffrey and Ava from a distance, hurt that she was not invited to join them. She later is ready to leave the event with a man she doesn't know and who has one thing on his mind. Jeffrey sees Olivia about to leave like this, and he steps in, and says that he won't let her make the same mistake this time, and he leaves with her as he helps her to get home safely. Ava is excited about Father's Day coming up, and is hopeful that all three of them can spend the day together.

Mallet recalls his previous conversation with Dinah about what they should do about Griggs, the man who is asking Mallet to kill Matt for not paying his debt. Even though he promised Dinah he wouldn't, a tormented Mallet decides he should tell Frank everything to see if he can help, and goes to police station – on his day off – which raises suspicion for Griggs. Meanwhile, Dinah is looking for Mallet and getting more worried about the situation. Griggs calls her, posing as Don Kelly, someone who claims to be interested in talking with her about syndicating her TV show. He is trying to get her alone, to scare Mallet by letting him know that Griggs CAN get to the people mallet loves if he doesn't cooperate and kill Matt as ordered. After falsely telling her there could be a signing bonus available for her in the phony TV deal, a desperate Dinah agrees to meet him at the docks.

At the police station, Mallet tries to talk to frank, but Griggs calls Mallet and tells him he and Dinah are about to meet. Mallet cuts his visit with Frank short as Frank notices Mallet's anxious demeanor. Mallet shows up at the gala, desperately looking for Dinah, trying to get to her before Griggs, sees Cyrus, and roughs him up a bit trying find out if he's seen Dinah. He asks Marina, in a tense tone, if she had seen Dinah (she hasn't). Mallet rushes away to continue his search for Dinah. Realizing something's wrong, Marina tries to follow him. She goes to the dock, calling for him. Cyrus, who followed Marina, finds her at the dock. They have a conversation that borders on the sensual at times, almost kissing during a dance. However, she continues to express her disbelief that Cyrus really can and has changed. During this part of their chat, Frank and Alex see them from a distance, and Alex asks Frank to not disrupt them. As Cyrus' talk with Marina continues, he tells her that he really has changed his ways and he wishes she have a little faith in him. He explains how he thinks his job with the Spauldings may open more doors for him in the future. Meanwhile, both Alex and Frank have lingered silently, listening.

Mallet returns home, finds a worried Dinah, and she tells him of her meeting with Griggs. She now knows who Griggs really is, and is more troubled than before. While she showers, Griggs calls Mallet to warn him of the consequences of not doing the job he was told to do: kill Matt. The camera moves in to focus on Mallet's eyes, eyes that reveal how unnerved he is by this, while dramatic music adds to the feeling of gloom and doom.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Inside the Light: Father's Day

The fathers of Springfield unite around Gus to help him with Raphael's juvenile case review. While Gus and Zack leave the room during their father's day visit with Alan, Harley calls to let Gus know that Rafe's hearing has been moved up. Alan hides the message because he is unsure of how Rafe and his bad record will reflect on the Spaulding name. He pretends to want to help with his new grandson's situation by talking to the judge who often sails down at the marina. Of course they don't find the judge down by the docks because she's at the hearing. An unknowing Gus teaches Alan and Zack how to skip rocks on the water when suddenly Buzz, Jeffrey and Josh rush the pier, frantic to get Gus to the hearing.

Gus chooses not to even bother asking Alan about why he kept the message from him or hid his cell phone in the desk at the study. Instead, he decides the fastest way to the hearing is to take a boat across the lake. The only sailor with a boat is a grumpy old man who refuses to take them for any amount of money. Two security officers come onto the pier. The sailor gets in Gus's face because Gus keeps asking him to do it even though he said no. When the man gets too close, Gus shoves him. The sailor then swings at Gus. The punch lands on Alan's face. Suddenly all the fathers are embroiled in a smack down on the pier.

In jail, everyone blames Alan. When an officer comes to the cell with the sailor to pick out the culprit who ensued the battle, the man blames it all on Gus. Josh, Jeffrey, Buzz and Gus all start yelling. From the back, Alan pipes up and claims that he started the whole thing. He hails Gus as innocent and asks that he be released. Everyone in the cell—including Josh—start blaming it all on Alan in an effort to get Gus released.

Down at the detention center, Harley persuades the judge to continue to hold off the hearing until Gus arrives. Rafe and Natalia doubt Gus's whereabouts and Natalia accuses Harley of not even wanting Gus to show up. Harley explains that she would never keep Gus from his son. Finally the gang of bruised delinquent fathers stampedes the detention center. Gus apologizes for being late, but attests that he's here for his son.

In the hearing, the judge mentions how Rafe's victim, Josh, has recommended Rafe's release. The juvenile officer testifies against Rafe. Gus testifies on his behalf, pleading with the judge for leniency because he has only now learned that he has a son. He wants to step in now and help put Rafe on the best road. The judge explains to Rafe that he should really be grateful to have a room full of people supporting him. Meanwhile, Alan, Buzz, Harley, Natalia, Gus and Jeffrey sit around him. She recesses the hearing in order to deliberate.

Jeffrey arrives back at his hotel. To his surprise, a knock at the door reveals Olivia and Ava bearing father's day gifts and homemade cake. Buzz returns to Company to see that Coop and Frank have made him a special meal. Josh goes to the farm and receives his gift from RJ. He tries to be happy even though he hasn't been able to contact Shayne. The phone rings and Josh tears up when he hears Shayne's voice. Alone Alan pulls up to his desk at the mansion and reads cards. Supportive Harley continues to console Gus and stand by him as they wait at the center with Rafe and Natalia. The judge comes back with her decision.

The judge wonders if she should start without Rafe's lawyer. Gus immediately steps up as a lawyer to stand by Rafe. Rafe says that his mother will do it. Skeptically, the judge agrees. Because Gus is a decorated officer of the law, she decides to release his son into his care. She tells the child that it is his father who put the brakes on his train ride to disaster. She asks him to take comfort in the fact that he has a father who cares for him. His sentence is amended to one year's probation. Natalia giggles, pulling the child into her arms. Harley hugs Gus. As Rafe leaves, over his shoulder, he tells Gus that he'll see him around.

Harley smiles in admiration at Gus. The song, "Into my Father's Eyes" plays as a montage of scenes begins. Scenes of Buzz, Frank and Coop toasting, Jeffrey opening gifts with Ava and Olivia, and Alan alone reading cards play across the screen. Gus pronounces that this was some day. He and Harley share another long and loving hug before they leave the detention center.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Josh and Cassie have lunch with Rev. Rutledge and his wife, Maggie at the farmhouse. Cassie burns her hand while trying to pour tea and says "damn it", then apologizes for swearing, but Rev. Rutledge tries to make her feel at ease. Rev. Rutledge brought Josh some books to help him with becoming a preacher, and as they go into another room to discuss them, Cassie and Maggie Rutledge converse in the kitchen. Maggie informs Cassie that it is not just Josh that is going into the ministry, that she also is a part of the religious life, that a preacher and his wife work as a team. This makes Cassie seem a bit uneasy about that idea. Maggie continues to advise Cassie by suggesting that she and Josh get married very soon, to help their religious aspirations move along easier and quicker. As all four talk around the kitchen table, Rev. Rutledge asks if Josh and Cassie have a date set. Josh tells him they do – at the end of August, which also seems to make Cassie uneasy. Billy calls wanting to talk to Josh, but Cassie answers the phone and asks Billy to help her by talking to Josh about holding off on the wedding, saying Josh needs to make his big decisions about the priesthood without distractions, not even a wedding.

After the lunch is over, both Josh and Cassie are left with a mountain of books to read about this religious quest. Cassie takes a couple of books and leaves, saying she is going to a quiet place to read the books. She ends up on Main St. at CO2, glances at the books with little interest, orders a Vodka on the rocks, then chooses to read popular magazines instead of the religious reading.

We are introduced to a new character, Detective Roc Hoover, an old friend of Jeffrey's, who is in town for a book-signing event. Jeffrey and Roc meet at Company, and Roc is introduced to Marina. Marina is very interested in his book, titled "Repeat Offender", as she continues to try to know for sure if Cyrus could really be on the straight and narrow, if he is capable of not being a repeat offender forever.

Beth is worried about Lizzie, having not seen nor heard from her in 2 days, and gets permission from Alex to use her driver Cyrus to take her around town to try to find her. Alex has other errands for Cyrus, including taking an expensive necklace to the jeweler to be cleaned. During his errands, Cyrus has a moment where he looks at Alex's necklace, and fights his deep-rooted urges to go back to his old life of crime. He "talks" to them (the jewels, he calls them "the girls"), and pretends they talks back, asking if he misses them, but he tells them they are too much trouble! He decides to stay strong and do the right thing. Later, Cyrus walks down Main St., looking like he's in shock, carrying the now empty case that had the necklace in it before. Beth calls Cyrus to pick her and Lizzie up and take them home, but he tells them he can't because he's in the middle of something for Ms. Spaulding.

Cyrus attempts to approach Marina in Company to help him but changes his mind at first. As he turns to leave, but Marina asks what the problem is. He wants to tell her, but thinks she won't believe him, but she insists he tell her. Cyrus explains how the diamond necklace was stolen after someone broke into the car by smashing a window and stole them. Marina thinks it's highly suspicious, but Cyrus appears to be truly worried and Marina senses this. Cyrus leaves to search for the necklace, and Marina follows him. They end up at the docks. Marina offers to get a crime kit to dust for fingerprints, but Cyrus tells her there's not enough time. Cyrus suggests that they spread the word that the necklace is a fake so that the burglar will leave them behind , and says that he needs to tell Alex the truth, that someone stole the necklace, for which he expects to get fired for. Marina is finding it hard to believe that driving someone around really means that much to Cyrus. He tells her that while in the past he used to want to die in a blaze of glory as apposed to rotting away in jail, now he feels differently, and has dreams of dying as an old man in a comfortable bed, and not being alone. They share a special look, a moment, and Marina realizes that Cyrus is trying to be a better person, possibly because he has feelings for her and wants to do the right thing to have a chance to be with her. He leaves to find Alex to tell her the truth about what happened.

He finds her at the mansion, and starts to tell her what happened, then Marina suddenly appears, saying Cyrus helped the Springfield Police break up a stolen goods operation by using the necklace, and she was there to return the necklace. After a bewildered Alex leaves with her necklace in hand, Cyrus realizes that Marina believed him and stepped in to really help him.

Reva delivers a still passed out Lizzie to a beacon Hotel room, lays her in bed, then calls Jonathan to tell him Lizzie is fine and everything is under control. Reva proceeds to stage the room to look like Lizzie got drunk and passed out from wild partying, placing empty bottles around the room, and with food and other party items strewn about the room. Though Billy has been away to Venezuela to visit his son, Bill, he was expected to return today, and Reva snuck into his apartment just in time to make it appear that she has spent the night there sleeping on his couch. Billy accidentally discovers a father's Day card that Reva had....for Jonathan. Reva covers her tracks by telling him that she was shopping for a card for her father and saw this card and thought about Jonathan and bought it, and that she'll never stop missing him.

Lizzie wakes to find that she is alone and doesn't know where she is or what has happened, notices the party-like mess, and is confused and afraid. She calls Beth and says that she's in trouble and needs help, and tells Beth where she is after looking at the phone for a room number.

Beth arrives at Lizzie's hotel and catches Jeffrey walking by, and asks him to stay while she checks on Lizzie, since Lizzie said on the phone that she needed help and Beth didn't what kind of help Lizzie may need. Beth and Jeffrey are stunned to see Lizzie looking so disheveled and the room trashed. A very confused Lizzie cannot remember what happened, but all soon realize that she lost 2 days worth of time. Eventually, Lizzie recalls that she had a drink before meeting Reva at the dock, and thee they had a talk about Jonathan and Sarah and that Reva advised Lizzie to take it easy with the drinking. Jeffrey draws the conclusion that Lizzie went on the "mother of all benders", and passed out from drinking too much, and he leaves, saying he really isn't needed there.

Now back at the Spaulding mansion, Beth and Lizzie are still trying to figure out what happened to Lizzie. Beth thinks Lizzie may have created the drama to get out of going on a trip with Beth, but Lizzie shows Beth her plane ticket. Alex enters and sees that Lizzie has been found and Beth tells Alex how Cyrus was called to bring Lizzie and Beth home but he told Beth he was busy doing something for Alex, who is impressed by his loyalty. As Beth begins to hug Lizzie goodnight, Lizzie discovers that she is very sore on her right hip, and looks to find out why. She finds that she has a new tattoo of a butterfly, and doesn't know how it got there.

Jeffrey later sees Reva at Company, and they talk about what happened to Lizzie. As Jeffrey seems to be approaching this like he's working on a case, Reva tells a very similar story as Lizzie did. As Reva is checking out at the counter, she drops something, and Jeffrey helps to pick it up for her, and he notices that she has a butterfly tattoo on her right ankle; she tells him it's not real, it's henna.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Gus comes to Company as Remy is helping Natalia move. Natalia informs Gus that she is moving to an apartment in Landon. Gus is not very happy to hear that since Landon is a pretty rough town and the school system is not very good anyway. When Natalia tells him that is all she can afford. Gus suggests that she continue to stay at Company but Natalia does not feel comfortable living with his wife's family. When Gus states that he wants to be a part of Rafe's life, Natalia questions if he and Harley can handle it. Gus assures her that his marriage can handle it but at the same time she and Rafe are his family and he wants to do right by them. Natalia continues to tell Gus that she and Rafe got by alone for years; they can get by now without his help. Gus states that he admires her self-sufficiency but wants to be a part of his son's life. Gus then gives Natalia all the money in his wallet to help her out. Natalia refuses to take it, accusing him of passing judgment on her choices and trying to buy his way into Rafe's life. When she walks off, Remy warns Gus to ease up but Gus tells him to butt out.

Ashlee is helping Daisy study but all Daisy can think about is Rafe. Ashlee cannot figure out why she is worried since Rafe is getting out. Daisy replies that she is worried she may never see him again. When Rafe continues to be all that Daisy can think about, Ashlee sarcastically suggests that Daisy crawl into ball and go through the vent to see him. That gives Daisy an idea and she drops Rafe a note through the vent. Later, Rafe visits Daisy to tell her that he got her note.

Harley is meeting with Rafe trying to get to know him. When she confides that she knows what it is like to grow up without a father, he accuses her of making up the story so they can bond. When Rafe brings up how his father bailed on him, Harley defends Gus by stating that Natalia never told him she was pregnant. A sullen Rafe tries to brush her off by stating that he is done with her and his father. Upset, Harley calls him on his attitude and tries to get him to give Gus a chance. Afterwards, Harley goes to CO2 where she sees Mel. When Harley rants about her visit to Rafe, Mel tells Harley she needs to mark her territory. Mel talks about how she did not realize the connection Rick and Beth had until it was too late and warns Harley to protect her marriage first. When Harley goes home, Gus tells her about Natalia and Rafe moving to Landon. Agreeing with Gus that that is not the best place to live, Harley suddenly gets an idea. Later, the pair go to Company and Gus tells Natalia that she should go to live in Landon (he will put in a good security system for her) and Rafe can live with him for the next school year.

On Main Street, Reva is talking to Jonathan on the phone telling him that she covered her tracks; they are safe. As she ends the call, Cassie approaches. She wants to make sure that Reva is going to keep quiet about the altered paternity test. She does not want Josh to find out since she knows he would not approve Cassie points out that even though she has no regrets, she admits that she is not sure if her actions were motivated by concern for the baby or taking revenge on Alan. Reva states that if she was in Cassie's place she probably would have done the same thing.

Mel and Jeffrey are discussing Rick's custody case. Jeffrey finds it very strange that Mel is defending her soon to be ex-husband in a custody battle over his mistress's baby. Mel states that it is just a job and besides she knows that Rick is a good father. Mel suggests that Cassie will have to testify against Alan and Beth but Jeffrey thinks that is a bad idea. He states that Cassie would make a lousy witness; that is why he did not use her at Josh's trial. When Jeffrey reminds him how that turned out, Jeffrey is forced to concede her point and goes to the farm to see Cassie. However, Cassie is not home. Seeing Josh studying, Jeffrey brings up his new vocation. The conversation turns to faith and Jeffrey asks if Cassie's is as strong as Josh's, especially considering what happened with Tammy and Alan.. Josh states that Cassie is starting to get over that. Jeffrey doubts that Cassie will ever get over that. Then thinking that Josh knows all about, Jeffrey brings up helping Cassie with the lab tech at Cedars. When Josh asks for clarification, Jeffrey tells him about them getting a new test done on Beth's baby. Josh is not very happy to hear this and blasts Jeffrey for helping Cassie since she needs to get past her obsession with Alan. Jeffrey informs Josh that he was trying to help out a friend but Josh is upset that Cassie went to him. After telling Josh to give Cassie the message about needing to testify, Jeffrey suggests that maybe Cassie went to him because all Josh can do is judge. After Jeffrey leaves, Cassie returns home and Josh suggests that they go to Company for since his study group is meeting there. At Company, Josh gives Cassie Jeffrey's message and points out that he thinks it is a bad idea. Later, Cassie tells Josh that she does not know how to be with these people. She states that she does not have the kind of faith he does and does not think that she ever will. Cassie admits that she is angry at God for not only what happened to Tammy but having Alan get away with it.

Alan is trying to get Lizzie to retrace her steps so she can remember what happened to her. However, all she remembers is talking to Reva and then waking up two days later. Lizzie asks why he cares so much and then becomes worried that he thinks she is going crazy like her father. Alan denies that states that he doubts Lizzie fell off the face of the earth by herself. He then suddenly asks if she handed Reva her drink while they were talking; he thinks Reva slipped her something. Alan suddenly calls Jeffrey with his suspicion and asks to see him. The pair goes to Jeffrey's and Alan reveals his theory that Reva kidnapped Lizzie. Jeffrey dismisses Alan's concerns since he believes Lizzie just went on a bender. Alan insists that is not the case and brings up Lizzie's new butterfly tattoo. Recalling that Reva has one just like it, Jeffrey places a call to Reva. When she arrives, Reva denies having kidnapped Lizzie and states that they both partied hard to get over Jonathan and Sarah and it was Lizzie's idea to get matching tattoos. A doubtful Alan asks Lizzie if this sounds familiar but she has no answer. Suddenly, Reva rants that it is no wonder Lizzie cannot talk to her grandfather about her problems since he is sees conspiracies everywhere. Lizzie buys Reva's story and she and Alan leave. Jeffrey though still has some questions for Reva but when he turns around she is gone as well. He catches up with her on Main Street and asks her pointblank why she kidnapped Lizzie.

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