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Amanda agreed to be JR's accomplice when he told her about the kidnapping scheme. Julia decided to leave town after she ended things with Jamie. Ava went to Wildwind after she was tossed out of Jack's home. Jack gave Erica an ultimatum.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 18, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Kendall placed Spike in Greenlee's arms. Greenlee smiled at the baby and said he felt amazing. Then, Greenlee became very emotional and handed Spike back to Kendall. Greenlee thanked Kendall and Ryan, but said she could not handle this. Greenlee began to cry and ran out of the penthouse. Meanwhile, Zach and Annie looked concerned. Zach chastised Ryan for forcing Kendall to hand over Spike. Kendall said she did not feel forced. However, Zach did not think that Kendall would have done this without Ryan's encouragement. Zach told Ryan that he could parcel out his life to Greenlee, but had no right to parcel out pieces of his family's life. Ryan believed his actions caused Greenlee to give up the custody suit, but Zach did not believe Greenlee was done. Then, Annie ran out of the room with tears in her eyes. Ryan followed her into their bedroom. Annie began to unpack and stated that the honeymoon was off. Ryan was confused. Annie sarcastically asked if Ryan wanted Greenlee to come with them because she was a part of their family now. Then, Annie asked if they should move into a bigger house to accommodate Greenlee. Ryan said that he owed Greenlee, but would not ask too much of Annie. Annie said that Ryan already asked too much of her. Annie then explained that Ryan had no right to give up part of her life to Greenlee. Ryan begged Annie to still go on their honeymoon. Annie said she would think about it, but wanted him to leave her alone. Meanwhile, Zach and Kendall were still talking in the living room. Kendall said that she did not regret letting Greenlee hold spike. However, she did regret doing it in front of a crowd. Kendall felt it should have been just her, Greenlee, and Spike. Kendall further stated that Greenlee looked like she was filled with pain, just like the day of her miscarriage. Kendall wondered if she should try to find Greenlee. Zach said, "This is Ryan's party. Let him deal with the fall out." Zach then stated that Ryan just got married, but could only think about his old wife. Kendall assumed that Annie was unhappy over this. Then, Ryan came back. He was upset that Annie might cancel their trip. However, Annie came downstairs packed up with Emma and Spike. Meanwhile, Greenlee was on the Fusion rooftop crying alone.

Lily invited Jonathan over to give him a box containing mementos from their wedding day. Lily explained that she wanted to forget their marriage and longer wanted the items to remind her. Jonathan looked sad as he took the box and left. Then, Lily went inside and saw Ava. Lily told Ava why she gave away the box. However, Lily was confused because she gave away the mementos, but still retained the memories. Lily hoped that she would soon forget. Then, Lily left and Sean entered. Sean seductively asked Ava to get him more of the happy pills that Ava planted in his jacket. Ava said she would not fall for Sean's trick and admit that she set him up. Ava then left the room. So, Sean told Jack that he suspected Ava planted the drugs. Jack looked angry and called Ava back into the room. Meanwhile, Lily went to the boathouse and recalled happy times she shared with Jonathan. Then, the drug dealer that sold Ava the pills saw Lily. He assumed Lily was Ava and demanded the money she owed him. Lily stated that she never met him, so she could not owe him money. The drug dealer got annoyed and threatened to take the money. Then, he chased after Lily as she screamed.

The kidnappers took Amanda upstairs as she fought to break free. Then, they put her back in the basement with JR. Amanda explained that they made her leave Del a message, so her friends would not be alarmed. Amanda also revealed that one of the kidnappers was leaving to get supplies. Amanda felt this was a good opportunity for them to escape. JR disagreed and tried to talk Amanda out of escaping. However, when the kidnapper entered to give them food, Amanda pretended to be sick. As Amanda lay on the ground, she motioned for JR to knock out the kidnapper, but he did not move. So, Amanda kicked the kidnapper in the groin and urged JR to run away. JR would not go, so the kidnapper recovered and locked them up again. Amanda was frustrated and did not understand why JR was not fighting to escape. Then, JR finally admitted that he hired the kidnappers to capture them. Amanda immediately slapped JR across the face!

Del told Di that Amanda had not showed up for work in a few days. Then, Di realized that she had not seen Amanda for a while. Di then asked the Wildwind residents if they had seen Amanda. No one had seen her, so they got nervous and wanted to file a missing persons report. Then, Del got a message from Amanda stating that she was with an old friend on a yacht sailing to Fiji. Everyone was relieved. Then, Julia and Jamie had a talk. Julia wished that she was pregnant, but realized that Jamie was not ready to be a father. Jamie stated that he wanted a family with Julia someday, but Julia said someday was not soon enough. Then, Julia broke up with Jamie. Jamie was disappointed, but understood. Then, Julia said she was taking her family leave early and would leave tomorrow. Jamie wished he could have made Julia happy. Julia stated that Jamie did make her happy and kissed him.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Zach told Adam that he wanted all his shares of Chandler Enterprises as well as his car, boat and house as collateral before he loaned him the money to pay the ransom for J.R. Zach proposed that Adam let the kidnappers keep J.R. and they take over Chandler Enterprises . Adam told Zach that his suggestion was reprehensible and if he wanted to be part of this deal it would not be at the expense of J.R.'s life. Adam said that after they got J.R. back safe and sound, they would then cheat him out of Chandler Enterprises fair and square. Stuart then came in with Krystal and Zach snuck out the back door. Stuart followed and asked Zach why he was there. Zach said that Adam had invited him but Stuart said he didn't believe him. Krystal apologized for coming by so late and she told Adam that she knew he was upset. He kept trying to get rid of her, but she insisted that he talk to her. Stuart told Zach he knew they were doing something in secret. Zach told Stuart that Adam and Krystal needed some privacy, and that is why he left the room. Adam yelled at Krystal and Stuart told him not to talk to her like that. Adam told Krystal to stop caring about him because he doesn't care about her. Krystal said that she didn't care and that she just thought he wanted to get something off his chest. He put her out. Zach told Adam that the money would be available in the morning. Adam made a phone call to the bank and instructed them to break any laws necessary to keep up with the 100 mil. The phone rang and the "nappers" told him where to meet to leave the money.

Sean told Jack that he knew for sure that Ava was the one who planted the drugs on him. Ava said with out proof they couldn't pin this on her. At the boathouse, Lily was being bothered by Ava's drug connection but Jonathan showed up and told him to get lost. Lily and Jonathan went to her house and she told them about the bad man who said she owed him for drugs. Ava jumped up and said that if he hurt her she would kill him. Lily told them what happened and that Jon saved her. Jack asked her exactly what happened and she told him. He told her to go upstairs and get some rest.

Amanda yelled at J.R. for his rotten scheme, but J.R. said that although he knew he was a jerk, they made a great couple. Still enraged, J.R. told her to suck up the short term and look at the future gains. He reminded her that Adam used Janet and this was the ultimate payback. Amanda said she would not turn in his sorry ass, but for her silence she wanted a piece of the action. Amanda told J.R. what she demanded out of all this and that was to be wealthy and not his girlfriend. Amanda said for starters she wanted a sports car, money (a million bucks) they negotiated down to $300,000. She then said she wanted stock and he offered her more cash. They made a deal and then were all over each other. All hooked up she told J.R. that she was a bad girl after all.

At the bar, Stuart told Krystal that Adam missed her but she said after what Adam did to her she was through with him. Stuart said that she was the perfect match for Adam and he asked her to go see him. He said that Adam was very worried right now and that he needed her. As much as she wanted to refuse, she couldn't say no to Stuart. After their trip to see Adam, Stuart apologized to Krystal. She then told Stuart that she knew something was wrong with Adam and he should stick close to him.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Amanda believed that the kidnappers double crossed JR and were really using him for the ransom. JR was still not completely sure of this. JR did not think that the two kidnappers were smart enough to pull this off. Then, he realized that his Vice President, Wong, might have planned this from the start. Amanda wanted to use JR's cell phone to call Babe for help. JR protested this because he did not want to blow his one hundred million dollar deal if the kidnappers were still working for him. Amanda stated that the money would mean nothing if they were dead. Then, Amanda found a vent, so they tried to open it. However, they busted a pipe instead. Amanda was soaking wet. JR gave Amanda a blanket and apologized for getting her involved. Amanda admitted that any plan that could hurt Adam was a good idea. Then, JR kissed Amanda.

Krystal was happy because all of the renovations for her bar were done. However, she was still nervous about passing the building inspection and getting her liquor license, especially because she was hosting a private party that night. Meanwhile, Adam was outside the bar because the kidnapper called him and told him to wait inside the bar to be contacted. Adam was annoyed that he had to be at Krystal's bar, but entered the establishment anyway. Krystal wondered why Adam was there. Adam pretended that he came to laugh at Krystal's rundown bar. Then, a man entered and Adam thought he was a kidnapper. Adam threatened the man's life. The man looked very nervous and announced that the bar passed the building inspection without even looking around. Krystal laughed because Adam's rude behavior finally paid off. Then, Tad came in with Jenny. Adam sat at a table and watched Tad and Krystal play with the baby. Then, Krystal offered Adam a drink for helping her pass the inspection. Adam got up and smiled at Krystal. However, when he turned around, someone had put an envelope on his table. Adam demanded to know who left the envelope, but no one answered. Krystal looked concerned and asked Adam to talk, but he ignored her. Then, Adam read the letter and stated that his son was coming home. Adam then called someone on his phone and asked if they saw the kidnapper that left the letter. The person said yes, so Adam told the person to trail the kidnapper. Then, Jamie and Babe entered. Krystal had asked to get the liquor license in Jamie's name because she was a felon and could not get one herself. Jamie delivered the news that they got the liquor license. Then, Tad pulled Jamie aside and asked if he and Babe were dating again. Jamie said that they were just friends. Then, Jamie and Babe left to study because the GED was the next day.

Ava woke up in the boathouse and found a cricket in her hair. Ava began screaming as Di and Jonathan were jogging by. Di and Jonathan saw Ava and helped her get the bug out of her hair. Then, Jonathan realized that Ava slept in the boathouse. Ava became defensive and assumed that Jonathan wanted to tell Di why she was kicked out of Jack's house. However, Jonathan only said to Di that Ava was protecting Lily. Then, Di left to get Ava breakfast. Jonathan stated that he believed Ava left the house willingly to protect Lily. Then, Ava got scared of another bug. Jonathan laughed and said that Ava was not as tough as she tried to seem. Then, as they moved closer to each other and smiled, Di returned. Di then proposed that Ava move into Wildwind. So, they all went to Wildwind. Ava looked very pleased, but Jonathan looked very concerned.

Greenlee was at Simone's grave. Greenlee told Simone that she should have come home when Ethan died. Then, Greenlee admitted that she needed Simone because she was very lonely and had no one to talk to. Then, Kendall walked up to Greenlee. Kendall said that Greenlee still had her. Kendall also said that Greenlee was being morbid and suggested that she go to the office if she wanted to feel close to Simone. Greenlee said that Simone agreed. Greenlee then produced a letter that Simone sent her, along with her Fusion stock. Then, Simone's spirit appeared and read the letter with Kendall and Greenlee. In the letter, Simone reflected on her friendship with Greenlee. Simone regretted all of the bad things that happened in their lives, but still urged Greenlee to come home. Simone said that she was very sad without Ethan. Simone further stated that if Ethan faked his death, like Ryan did, she would still forgive him and get her life back. Simone encouraged Greenlee to return to Pine Valley because there was still love there for her. Greenlee then stated that Simone was wrong because there was nothing left for her in Pine Valley. Kendall disagreed. So, Kendall brought Greenlee to her condo to remind Greenlee of old times. Kendall recalled concocting Fusion recipes in her kitchen with Greenlee, Simone, and Mia. Greenlee laughed, but did not think they created anything "earth shattering". Kendall stated that they created Spike together. Then, Kendall told Greenlee about her turbulent road to keeping Spike. Kendall explained that she forgave Zach because he saved her from Dr. Madden and helped her realize how much she loved Spike. Then, Kendall took out their "magic pot" that they made the first Fusion products with. They both laughed and agreed that the pot could create magic.

Tad brought Jenny to Dixie's grave. Tad explained that Dixie wanted them to be together more than anything else. Tad also said that Jenny would be hearing a lot more about Dixie as she grew up.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

At New Beginnings office, Erica's producer tells her that they are taping Jackson and Melah's second date tonight. Erica makes a mysterious phone call so she can spy on Jackson. Jackson and Melah's go to Krystal's new bar on their date as they look over the menu. When the camera crew takes a break, Jackson tells Melah she is a great sport. Erica walks into the bar with Tad, who whispers "Let the games begin," in her ear. Krystal tells Erica the business is not officially open, but Erica reminds Krystal her television show has rented the building for the evening. Tad orders them a rack of ribs and rushes off to explain himself to Krystal. Krystal warns Tad to make sure Erica doesn't cause any trouble. Jackson asks Melah if she wants to go elsewhere, but Melah says having Erica around does not bother her. To get Jackson's attention, Erica asks Tad to teach her how to play pool. Tad helps Erica shoot the balls and flirts with her, but are interrupted by Jackson. Erica kisses Tad on the cheek, wishes him a good evening and Jackson follows behind. Tad greets Melah as she eats the ribs alone.

Jackson follows Erica to the office and tells her that the "New Divorce" segment is over. Erica says that is not his decision. Jackson begs Erica to tell him how she really feels about their marriage. Erica tells Jackson to get out of the office and leave her alone. Jackson walks out, then immediately rushes back in and throws Erica into a passionate kiss.

Greenlee brings in the last batch flowers and spices into Kendall's home so they can begin experimenting with new fragrances. They agree not to leave the house until the new Fusion Green scent is made. As the girls throw the ingredients in the pot, Kendall gets upset when Greenlee throws a particular flower in the mix. Kendall tells Greenlee the mixture is awful, but Greenlee disagrees. Once the odors get in the air, the girls begin gagging and throw the mixture in the sink. The girls continue attempting to make the perfect Fusion product. When they take their break, Greenlee surprisingly suggests making a fresh baby scent, but Kendall says it is impossible without the professionals. Greenlee finds green tea and immediately the girls think they hit the jack pot. They hug each other as they sniff their new scent.

Ryan and Annie return from an enchanting dinner, but Annie seems a million miles away. Ryan tells her that with Rachael looking after Emma, they have a few hours alone. Annie says she does not feel like they are alone because thoughts of Greenlee kept running through her mind. Ryan tells Annie not to think about their problems so she decides they should go skinny-dipping in the lake. They come inside, soaking wet, and make love. Afterwards, they sip champagne, toast to their new life and spend time with Spike and Emma on the couch.

Ava sings and dances on her bed in Wildwind, but Jonathan interrupts the show. Ava gets angry, thinking he is making fun of her, but Jonathan said he was enjoying her performance. Ava apologizes for snapping at Jonathan. He offers to give her a tour of the grounds tomorrow. He tells her about the mausoleum, which scares Ava a bit. He makes fun of her fear, then takes her hand and says the house is perfectly safe. Ava tells Jonathan she did not buy drugs from the man who attacked Lily. Jonathan says he believes her story. Ava says she doesn't think Julia or Aidan will let her stay at the house, but Jonathan assures her that there won't be a problem. Jonathan tells Lily good-night and comes back to watch her sleep.

Sean finds Colby outside of Krystal's home. Colby tells him that she is still upset with him and the Ava situation, but does not want him to go to jail for something he did not do. Before Colby can finish her sentence, Sean plants a kiss on her lips. Colby pushes him away and Sean tells her he is being sentenced tomorrow. Colby tells Sean they need to figure some way to get him out, but Sean refuses to let her lie for him. Sean asks Colby if he would go to a concert with her tonight. She agrees, but tells him he needs to consider she might come forward with new information. Colby and Sean decide to listen to the band from the boathouse. They share a dance and another kiss.

Friday, June 22, 2007

After a lusty lip lock, Jack proclaims that the spark between he and Erica is still there, and that they shouldn't get divorced. Erica mildly protests before he kisses her again. This smooch is short lived as Pam bursts in with a local media icon who wants to now is the divorce off? Jack no longer wants to be a part of Erica's reality spin, but the rep from Larry Longin's show will not give up. While Erica insists that the kiss was nothing more than Jack unwilling to accept the inevitable, Jack keeps his comments under wraps. Unsatisfied, the rep continues to toss questions at Jack until he can no longer take it hauling off and knocking the rep out for the count. The rep tries to recover and assures Jack that if he is scarred or disfigured in any way, he would sue. Jack promises a counter suit and then demands that both he and his cameraman along with Pam leave before he re-aims and goes for the jaw. They all slink out, and Jack rips into Erica for making their lives into a sideshow. He tells her that he understands her motives since sweeps and ratings are two of her favorite things. He, however, is tiring of her trying to drive him crazy and trying to get him to crawl back to her only so she can claim victory and have him again. Erica swears that she doesn't want him back and the two go toe-to-toe about what the other really wants. In the end, Jack tells her that they really will get divorced and he will be free to date whomever he chooses unless she ends the reality show, admits that she doesn't want to divorce him and tells the world that she wants him back. Erica says that she tried to play nice but no longer. Jack tells her that he isn't going to fight about it with her anymore and says that if she wants their marriage back, she'll come back to the home and the bed that she once shared with Jack - tonight.

Babe has a final crash study session for her GED, and worries that she won't pass. Jamie assures her that she will do fine, and says that everyone, especially him, is proud of her for the effort she has been putting in. Jamie tries quizzing her again, but Babe seems ready to give up. He picks up her books and tells her that they are leaving. She freaks out a little bit, knowing full well that she needs to be studying consistently, but he tells her that first she needs to learn how to relax.

Across the bar, Tad continues to schmooze with Milla, as they make toasts with a bottle of champagne originally meant for her and Jack. Milla admits that while Jack is a great guy, Erica is a force that no one really wants to reckon with, and Tad is a much better date. Pleased, Tad returns the compliment. They continue the small talk for a while, and then Milla invites him back to her place for another drink. Tad tries to gently turn her down, but she thinks he's not into her. Flustered, he tells her that he thinks that she is wonderful, but just can't tonight. Disappointed, she gives him her card and before leaving, tells him to call her if he changes his mind. He promises that he will, and then lets her kiss him before watching her go. Krystal comes over with a glass of ice water the closest she has to a cold shower and asks how he could turn down a beautiful, successful, available woman. Tad tells her that he's not back into a dating scene state of mind but Krystal tells him that he hasn't exactly been subtle about that. Tad's feathers are ruffled and he lashes out a bit in hopes that he can make Krystal his misery's company. She tells him that after splitting with Adam and almost losing Jenny, she was headed for hibernation. However, he showed up at her door, dragged her out and showed her that she could still have a good time. She tells him that he needs to do the same with himself because he is sorely in need of a social life. Tad fires back that her new bar, despite being a good investment for her, won't keep her warm at night. She tells him that she has a date with Derek, but Tad points out that she hasn't committed to a date, and suspects that she never will, as long as she and Adam keep circling each other. Krystal tries to deny it but Tad bets her a drink that he can prove it and wins. She finally admits that she still has feelings for Adam, as masochistic as it is to admit it, but she doesn't want to talk about it. Tad is slightly offended since she can declare what is off limits, but she feels free to butt into his life any time she pleases. Krystal tells him that the bottom line is that he should accept the offer if another attractive woman comes along.

JR again tries to assure Amanda that they will make it out of their prison mostly unscathed, but she tries forcing him to realize that he had been betrayed and was no longer in any kind of control. He tells her that things will be fine since his father needs to be in control, but due to lack of love between the two Chandlers, Amanda doesn't believe it. JR fills her in that Adam will only come find him because of the $100 million. Irritated that they could die before being released, Amanda tries to probe JR into action so that they could find their own way out. Lost in his self-created drama, JR babbles on about how he is Adam's property, and that Adam will use this ordeal as a way to attack JR's financial possessions. Amanda silences him by saying that it's quite obvious his focus on his father despite their locale can only mean one thing: he wants his father back in his life. JR tries to convince Amanda that she is delusional but she knows she hit a sore spot. She tries to relate it to herself, saying that she always goes to bed hoping that, on the other side of sleep, she will find her mother no longer sick. She tells him that no matter how much family hurts you, you can't pick and choose them, and you can't help but love them. JR blows it all off as drivel, but Amanda notes that he is just angry because she called his bluff. The Chandler in him rearing his head, JR tells her that he couldn't care less about his father, and that she can go to hell with him.

Enraged, Adam admits to Zach that the person assigned to follow the people holding JR dropped the ball and their only lead is gone. Zach thinks the kidnappers will call again once the bank transfer goes through, but Adam is sure that once it does they will have no use for JR. He believes that they have to find JR before the deal is complete, or his son is as good as dead. Adam checks his email and the webcam site and finds no trace of the kidnappers in either place. He worries that JR might already be dead and muses over the fact that he wished death on his own son to his face, thinking that his harsh attitude is the reason JR ended up kidnapped. Calmly, Zach denies that Adam's scenario bears any resemblance to the truth, but it's of little comfort. Adam admits that he would do anything, forgive anything if his son could come home. Just then, the house phone rings and Adam Sr. scrambles for it, anxious for some good news. Instead, he finds that although there was no new evidence about JR, the wire transfer indeed went through. Adam quickly hangs up the phone and relays the information to Zach. Moments later, his cell phone rings, and Adam finally talks with the kidnappers again. They confirm that they got the money, and they tell Adam where he can find JR. Without hesitation, he dashes out of the house, leaving Zach to bring up the rear.

Jonathan hears Ava crying in her sleep and goes in to make sure she is all right. She wakes and greets him with her usual caustic attitude but Jonathan assures her that he had no unsavory ulterior motives. She then asks him if she looks more like Lily when she is asleep, which bothers Jonathan, causing him to wish her a quick good night. She calls out to him, sounding slightly panicked, and asks him not to leave her. She apologizes for upsetting him, and then drags him into a conversation about growing up with bad parents by telling him of her reunion with her mom in her nightmare. They both agree that as bad as it was, you eventually learn how to move on with the scars you've got. She then lets on that she's cold, so Jonathan grabs an extra blanket to wrap around her. Just then, Di calls up and asks Ava if it's too late for visitors just before revealing that the visitor is Lily. Oblivious to how awkward the situation is, Lily tells Ava that she found her crystal and wanted to make sure that she gave it back. Ava tries to play off its significance but Lily tells Jonathan and Di that Ava wishes for a great life every night. Embarrassed, Ava tries a few times to switch the subject, succeeding only when she reveals her knowledge of the wedding memories that were sent away. Di is the only one not in the know, so Ava tells her that Lily and Jonathan packed up all of the mementos from being married and set it sailing from the boathouse. Overwhelmed by still raw emotions, Jonathan quickly leaves the room. It is then that Ava reveals her belief that Jonathan will never stop loving Lily. She tries to convince her sister that just like magnets, opposites can attract. She ticks off a few of Jonathan's positive qualities, but Lily isn't wired to get around that fact that Jonathan lied and that means they are over. She notes that she no longer wants to talk about her ex-husband and that she should in fact be headed home. She quickly leaves and Di jumps into the conversation, asking if Ava likes Jonathan more than she is letting on. Ava admits that she thinks he's nice, but swears he isn't her type. When asked what is, she is forced to revise, saying that her experience has led her to stay unattached so she doesn't become relationship roadkill. She goes on to say that people love women like Lily more than girls like herself and it's evident when Jonathan looks at Lily. Di informs Ava that she has seen Jonathan look at her like that and not just because she and her sister look alike. A short time later, Jonathan stops back in to apologize for the way that he left earlier, and Ava apologizes for bringing up the release of the marriage on the river. She also tells him that Lily has been gone for awhile, and he assures her that he didn't come back for her sister. He leaves again, and Di follows suit, but not before pointing out Jonathan's true intentions, for clarity's sake.

Jamie and Babe show up at the boathouse with burgers in hand, as Jamie thinks they are the best study food. Babe isn't convinced about the eating, but does like the new location and thanks him for it. She settles in to review a few more GED chapters and as he pulls out an anatomy book, he notices her staring out over the water. Inquiring into her thoughts, she tells him that being at the boathouse with him reminds her of the first night they met, on the beach. They both think back and agree that the night on the beach was pivotal. Even though it was a lifetime ago, Babe can remember everything so clearly, from being excited about coming to Pine Valley to being so overwhelmed by it all and heading to the the infamous party where they met. She notes that she also made one of the biggest mistakes of her life there, and Jamie takes some of the blame reminding her that he was there too. Too pained, Babe suggests that instead of continuing to talk, they get back to studying. He starts to quiz her again and she gets caught up in her anxiety again and can't remember things she studied the day before. Having had enough of her self-made roadblocks, Jamie drags her out of the boathouse and tells her that she now has to run for her life. They do so, and with the fear lifted, Babe easily remembers the answers that she'd been struggling for.

Furious, JR insists that he is done talking about his father with Amanda. He tries again to bang on the door, and initially it is a fruitless effort. Then, Amanda hears a knocking noise, and suddenly the door opens and Zach falls through. Anxious to get away, JR bursts through to the other side. As Amanda makes her way up the stairs, JR surprisingly finds himself wrapped in his father's embrace, and surrounded by proclamations of gratitude that he survived the kidnapping. Playing up his victim role, JR thanks his father profusely for finding him and then begs to know if he transferred the money or not. Adam assures him that he did, because he would do anything for his son. JR then takes in the fact that Zach was the first one through the door and demands to know why he is there. Zach offers himself up as somewhat of a silent partner, but Adam ignores him, telling his son that he is tracking the money and that they will get it back without much fuss. Adam then gets another call on his cell phone and finds out that his people lost track of the money. When he gets off the phone, he wonders how JR knew about the missing funds, and Zach wants to know why JR is so sure they will find the kidnappers. JR offers no answers, so they head back to the mansion where JR promptly tells Zach he can leave. Zach reminds them that if he doesn't have his money back in 48 hours, everything the Chandlers own will be his.

Jack returns home, and restlessly tucks himself into bed. He gazes at his watch, and realizes with a certainty that Erica would not be joining him.

Tad finds Erica at the Yacht Club and tells her that she had better have a good reason for rousing him in the middle of the night. In classic Erica style, she blithely asks if he would sleep with her.



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