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Ryan told Greenlee that if it were a choice between her and Annie, he would pick Annie. Greenlee vowed not to give up on Ryan. Jamie gave Babe a class ring, which moved her deeply. Jack and Erica shared a passionate kiss.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 25, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Erica asked Tad to sleep with her. Tad was delighted by the proposition and said that he had been waiting for so long to hear Erica utter these words. Erica tried to interrupt, but Tad kept going. Tad said that they always had unspoken passion between them, but could not act on it because they were always attached to other lovers. Erica looked shocked by Tad's comments. Tad then dropped to his knees and grabbed Erica's butt. Tad proceeded to purr and promise Erica a great night. Then, Erica realized that Tad was being facetious the whole time, so she playfully scolded him. Tad then said that Erica should stop playing games with Jack because she loved him. Tad explained that he played similar games with Dixie, but realized too late that it was not worth it. Tad urged Erica to stop the pettiness and go home to Jack. Erica asserted that she would not go to Jack because she wanted Jack to come to her. Then, Erica thanked Tad for his advice, but assured him that she knew what she was doing. Then, as Erica went to leave, a clumsy waiter knocked her over. Tad ran to Erica as she lay motionless on the ground. So, Tad brought Erica to the hospital. Joe examined Erica and said that she had a bad knock to the head, but would be fine. Joe said Erica could leave or stay overnight for observation. Erica was about to leave when she realized that her injuries would be made public. So, Erica decided to stay in bed. Tad knew that Erica was doing this to milk her injuries for Jack's benefit. Tad encouraged Erica to leave the hospital, but Erica would not budge.

Adam told JR that he was very worried that JR might have been killed. JR could not believe that Adam risked everything to save his life. Adam stated that no matter how angry he was with JR, JR would always be his son. JR then admitted that he never really intended to change his name to Martin. Then, Adam hugged JR. JR seemed happy to reconcile with his father, but still did not admit that he was behind the kidnapping. Instead, JR insisted that they find the ransom money. Adam agreed and went to call the FBI. JR and Amanda looked nervous and tried to talk Adam out of involving federal agents. However, Adam said that he wanted "the bastards to pay" and called the FBI. Then, Colby entered. Colby was stunned to see JR beaten up. Adam explained that JR was kidnapped. Adam then demanded that everyone keep quiet about the incident, so they would have a better chance of catching the culprits. Amanda snidely remarked that she would do as she pleased. Adam began to yell at Amanda, so JR quickly removed Amanda from the room. JR then pleaded with Amanda to continue lying because it would kill Adam to find out the truth. JR also assured Amanda that they would not get caught. JR further explained that he needed to find his vice president because he was behind the double cross. Amanda did not care. Amanda was not willing to risk prison to help JR or Adam, especially because she was no longer making a profit. So, JR told Amanda that she would still get paid to continue lying. Amanda looked at JR slyly and said that she wanted half a million dollars if the ransom was not found. However, if the ransom was found, Amanda wanted five million dollars. JR called this proposition blackmail. Amanda agreed and said this turned her on. Then, Amanda kissed JR and left.

Kendall and Greenlee asked Di and Babe to meet them at ConFusion for an emergency, late night meeting. When Babe and Di arrived, they smelled the Fusion Green scent that Kendall and Greenlee created. Di and Babe loved the new fragrance and believed it would ensure Fusion's comeback. Then, Zach entered and saw how excited the women were. So, Kendall brought Zach up to the Fusion offices to show him the new Fusion Green campaign. As Kendall showed Zach pictures of new Fusion ads, she recalled how it felt to work with Greenlee. Kendall said it seemed like old times and believed there was hope for a full reconciliation. However, Zach was still very cynical about Greenlee. Kendall stated that everything was not perfect yet, but had hope that one day it could be. Kendall then explained that Greenlee asked about Spike and that she told Greenlee everything. Zach thought Greenlee was using Kendall for information, but Kendall disagreed. Kendall asked Zach to back off Greenlee in order to give their relationship a chance to mend. Zach said he would back off. However, Zach vowed that if Greenlee came after Kendall or Spike again he would make it so that, "Greenlee would not know what hit her." Kendall agreed and left the room to put her work away. Zach then called Adam to check on the status of his money. Adam assured Zach that he would get his payment in time. Zach sarcastically told Adam to have sweet dreams that night! Meanwhile, Di left, so Babe and Greenlee were alone. Babe told Greenlee that her GED was the next day. Greenlee looked sheepish and apologized for insulting Babe over her lack of education. Babe said that she did not need an apology because she was thankful to Greenlee. Greenlee was shocked and confused. Babe explained that because Greenlee gave her shares in Fusion, it motivated her to be a success. Babe said that even when Greenlee took away the shares it still motivated her to do great things, like take the GED. Because of this, Babe felt that Little Adam could be proud of her. Then, Babe asked how Greenlee and Kendall were able to work together so harmoniously. Greenlee said it started when Kendall allowed her to hold Spike. Babe asked how this felt. Greenlee said, "It felt right. It felt too right."

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Having returned to Pine Valley, Annie told Ryan that getting away was exactly what they needed. Greenlee approached them as they fooled around in the sand. Greenlee and Annie sniped at each other, and Greenlee told them about the Fusion breakthrough &mdash implying Annie's absence helped the rest of the women work better together. Greenlee left, and Ryan and Annie resumed kissing.

Adam spoke to an FBI agent who warned him there was probably nothing they could do at that point. JR prepped Amanda on what she was going to say to the feds. Amanda asked Aidan to help find Shamus, who she claimed to have met and fallen head-over-heels for. Aidan called her bluff, but Amanda kept up her story and added that Shamus has her father's coin, which has both sentimental and monetary value. Aidan agreed to look for him. The FBI agent arrived at Wildwind, and Amanda answered his questions just as she was supposed to.

At the Yacht Club, Zach spoke to Shamus on his cell. He confirmed he would stay far away from Pine Valley. JR walked up and tried to get info from Zach, but Zach remained tight-lipped. JR asked specifically about Shamus, and Zach denied knowing him. JR wondered why Zach wasn't working to get the money back, and why he even helped Adam in the first place. JR didn't believe for a second that Zach did it out of the goodness of his heart and left frustrated. Ryan sat down with Zach and asked what happened at Fusion while he and Annie were out of town. Ryan could tell Zach wasn't happy with Kendall and Greenlee's renewed friendship. Zach scoffed at Ryan's belief that everyone could live happily ever after, and Ryan left.

Adam showed up at The Comeback looking for Stuart. He asked Krystal to let Stuart know he was sorry for his behavior the other night — he'd been in the midst a family emergency. Krystal suggested he be more careful and hang on to the few people who loved him. Ava asked Krystal for a job. It was, however, seeing Lily outside that ultimately convinced her. Outside, Jack told Sean he was lucky his sentencing went as well as it did. Ava came outside to take their order, and Jack and Sean gave her a hard time. Lily, not realizing their intent, agreed that whoever set Sean up should come forward immediately. Jack and Sean left to see Barbara, and Lily stayed behind to watch Ava work. Lily got upset when someone tried to touch her, and Ava tried to cheer her up. Ava wondered why Lily was able to touch Jack and Jonathan, and Lily said it was because she loved them so much. Ava gave her a mirror and told her to touch her reflection. When Lily realized it didn't hurt, Ava suggested they try it with their hands, since they have the same hands, and it would be no different than Lily touching her refection. When Lily was unsure, Ava insisted it would help Lily, and also allow Ava to know what it felt like to touch someone she loved. Lily did it, and was happily surprised as they held hands.

At Fusion, Babe recounted to Di about how great things went with Greenlee the night before. Greenlee charged in, clearly in a bad mood, and Babe wondered what had changed. Annie walked in and Babe's question was answered. Greenlee suggested that Annie might not be able to ease back into work because things had changed while she was away. She did her best to come up with a reason for Annie to stop working at Fusion and suggested that the troubles in their personal life would be a problem at work. Annie told her to get used to having her around, because she wasn't leaving. She also reminded Greenlee that firing her wouldn't get her Ryan back.

Back at the manse, JR vented his frustration at Zach to Adam. Adam admitted the reason he went to Zach for the money was because he and Zach had been working together for a while to take Chandler away from JR. JR was upset, but Adam said the kidnapping changed everything. Adam warned JR that as of the next day, Zach would have control over Chandler. Amanda showed up at the door, and JR told her he believed Zach had the money.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Colby came to Sean's house very nervous because a man was following her. Sean wanted to go outside and confront the stranger, but Colby stopped him. Colby feared that it might be the same person that kidnapped JR. Sean was confused, so Colby explained about the kidnapping. Sean promised not to tell anyone and called the cops about the man. Derek came soon after. Derek checked out the man and discovered that Adam hired him as a bodyguard. Derek assumed the bodyguard was hired to keep Colby out of trouble. Derek thought this was a good idea. Derek also recommended that Adam get a restraining order against Sean. Then, Derek left. Colby declared that no one, not even Adam, could keep her away from Sean. Sean was glad to hear this, but regretted that they could not enjoy the summer together because of his community service and curfew. Colby assured Sean that they would still have fun. Then, they kissed.

Pam rushed to see Erica at the hospital. Erica was pretending to be very weak and tired. Pam seemed extremely concerned and Erica was grateful. Then, Pam left the room and Erica got up to move a vase of flowers. Suddenly, Pam busted back into the room and Erica dropped the vase. Pam laughed and admitted that she knew Erica was faking her illness. Then, the door opened and a hand held a bouquet of flowers into the room. Erica assumed it was Jack and jumped into bed. Then, Tad entered and joked that he was there to be part of Erica's "dress rehearsal". Josh was also participating. Josh brought a broken EKG machine and agreed to play the role of Erica's doctor. Meanwhile, Jack was about to leave his house when Livia stopped by. Livia reminded Jack that his divorce was almost final. Livia urged Jack to "get off his high horse" and admit to Erica that he wanted to stay married. Jack explained that he already told Erica this and asked her to come home the night before. Livia was surprised that Erica did not show up, but quipped that Jack knew how stubborn Erica was when he married her. Then, Jack got a phone call from Tad. Tad told Jack that Erica was admitted into the hospital the night before. However, when Jack asked for details, Tad only divulged Erica's room number and hung up. Erica was pleased with Tad's performance, however, Joe was not. Joe felt that hospitals were meant for helping people, not for entertainment. Tad believed the hospital was helping two people in this situation, even if it was for romantic purposes. So, Tad promised Joe that Erica would not interfere with any other patients. Also, Erica was willing to write a "big check" to the hospital for its services. Joe reluctantly agreed, but asserted that Erica would have to leave the next morning. Then, Jack arrived. Jack watched as Josh hooked Erica up to the EKG machine. Then, Josh left them alone. Erica thanked Jack for coming. Jack kindly said that he would always be there for Erica. Jack then inquired about Erica's condition. Erica explained about the waiter "mowing her down" and obscurely detailed other stress related issues she endured. Then, Erica fell asleep and had a nightmare. Erica told Jack that she dreamed she was trying to find him, but there was a big wall of luggage in her way. Jack believed this dream manifested from the time he sent all of her belongings to the Valley Inn. Jack then asked if Erica intended to come home the night before. Erica acted as if her memory was hazy. So, Jack told Erica to rest and kissed her on the head. Jack said that he was leaving to get Erica a surprise that would help her relax. Erica smiled with content. Then, Jack left the room and shook his head with skepticism.

Amanda arrived at ConFusion and Del immediately began questioning her. Del did not believe Amanda went to Fiji. Instead, Del thought Amanda was having an affair with a married man in New York or Philadelphia. Amanda denied Del's accusations. Then, JR came to speak with Amanda. Amanda admitted that she asked Aidan to help her find Shamus Wong. JR was furious and worried that Aidan might uncover his part in the kidnapping. Amanda disagreed and felt that they needed all of the help they could get. JR then explained his theory that Zach was behind Wong's deception. JR believed that if he found Wong, he could make Wong change his allegiance again. Then, Kendall entered the bar, so JR quickly left. Amanda proceeded to give Kendall her two week notice. Kendall was surprised. Amanda said that she enjoyed her time at ConFusion, but felt it was time to move on. Kendall warned Amanda not to move on to JR because he could be lethal. Then, Kendall reminded Amanda that JR almost killed both of them. After Kendall left, Amanda called Lily to make an appointment to see Zach right away. Meanwhile, JR went to the yacht club and saw Tad. Tad asked JR why he looked so upset. JR admitted that he did not want to change his name to Martin. Tad was proud of JR for stopping his revenge scheme before it got out of control. JR looked embarrassed by the compliment.

Kendall walked into the Fusion office energized and excited to start her workday. However, Kendall saw Annie's distraught face and grew concerned. Annie then vented to Kendall about Greenlee's attempt to make her resign. Kendall assured Annie that she would not lose her job. Kendall affirmed that she would support Annie because they were family now. Annie remarked that Greenlee was family too. Kendall tried to convince Annie that Greenlee could be a good friend. Annie said that Greenlee might reconcile with Kendall, but would never reconcile with her because she married Ryan. Annie believed that Greenlee wanted her life, but Annie vowed that she would never give up Ryan. Kendall attempted to calm Annie down by inviting her to lunch. However, Annie said she was surprising Ryan at the yacht club.

Greenlee saw Ryan at the yacht club and said it was fate that kept bringing them to the same places. Then, Greenlee thanked Ryan for reaching out to her when no one else would. Greenlee said they had a bond that would never be broken. Greenlee further stated that they were family and that family came first. Ryan replied that Annie and his children would always come first. Greenlee said she understood this. Greenlee wanted to gain Annie's respect because she felt this would make Ryan happy. Then, Rachael brought Spike to see his father. Greenlee was delighted to see the baby. Greenlee told Spike that she cared for him very much. Then, Ryan took Spike to their swimming class and Greenlee ate lunch. Soon after, Greenlee found Ryan again. Greenlee was in a bikini and sat in a lounge chair next to Ryan and Spike. Greenlee gave Spike a pair of boating shoes and Ryan thanked her. Meanwhile, Ryan and Greenlee did not know that Annie arrived and watched as they both laughed and played with Spike. Annie looked appalled.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

JR and Adam continue to search for the ransom money, but are not having any luck. Adam tells JR he needs to warn the board and senior management at Chandler Enterprises that Zach may become the major stockholder. Adam tells JR he is ashamed of the way he treated him, but JR says they both made mistakes. Adam gives JR a watch that he bought for himself the first time he made $1 million. The watch is engraved with "my son, my world." JR thanks his father for the generous gift. Chandler Enterprises employees come to the mansion and JR breaks the news about Zach's takeover. Adam tells the employees the situation is entirely his fault, but is confident JR will serve as a confident leader. The employees are not so sure and worry Zach's takeover could be the demise of the company. After the employees leave, JR tells his father he will not let Zach win.

Amanda goes to Zach to try to get him to admit he took over the kidnapping and stole the money from Adam. She offers to help Zach with his businesses by pitching in on independent deals, but Zach claims he did not have anything to do with JR's kidnapping. Amanda demands 10 percent of the $100 million to keep silent, but Zach refuses to acknowledge his guilt. Zach tells Amanda that he will soon have control over Chandler Enterprises as Kendall walks in. Kendall asks Zach what is going on so he tells her that when she was sick with Spike, he promised to get revenge on JR. Zach tells her that since he couldn't kill JR, he wanted to take away his money and company instead. Kendall is excited about the new business venture and even suggests changing the company name to Slater Enterprises.

Amanda goes to ConFusion and orders a drink. Aidan walks by and tells Amanda that he has a lead on her mystery man's location. Aidan said Shamus boarded a private plane but is not sure of its destination. Amanda is not satisfied with Aidan's work and demands he get her more information by tonight. Aidan tells Amanda is not sure he believes her story, but she continues to claim her motives are for heirloom he stole from her. Amanda tells JR what Aidan told her at the bar and they rush off to find Shamus.

Annie sees Greenlee flirting with Ryan at the yacht club before she makes her entrance. Annie walks away as Ryan tries to explain that he accidentally ran into Greenlee. When Greenlee comes over, Annie tells Ryan that she basically asked her to leave Fusion. Frustrated, Annie storms off and Ryan follows with Greenlee smirking the entire time. Greenlee goes inside ConFusion and shares a drink and dance with Josh. Greenlee tells Josh that the encounter with Annie made her realize Ryan still loves her.

Ryan follows Annie to the beach. She tells Ryan that Greenlee is still in love with him and he is not doing anything to push her away. Ryan tells Annie he is not in love with Greenlee, but will not apologize for showing compassion to a woman who lost a child. Annie tells Ryan not to blame the baby Greenlee lost for their problems. Annie tells Ryan that Greenlee is dangerous because all she cares about is what she wants. Ryan promises to never abandon Annie or Emma, but she still has doubts about their marriage. Ryan begs Annie to tell him how he can repair their marriage, but she doesn't have an answer. Annie says she doesn't want to give him an ultimatum, but is tired of sharing him with Greenlee.

Jamie and Babe come to Krystal's bar to celebrate her finishing the GED test. They leave with Babe toting a special drink on one hand. Jamie gives Babe a dictionary as a graduation gift, but hidden inside is a custom-made high school class ring. Babe is touched by the gift and gives Jamie a hug. Babe tries the ring on, which fits perfectly, and thanks Jamie for all his help with the GED. Babe says that she wants to try to attend college part-time as soon as possible. She tells her mother about plans for college and shows off the new ring.

Colby comes by asking Krystal for a job and Krystal accepts. Ava screams and walks out the kitchen with ketchup on her clothes and complains that someone forgot to tighten the ketchup caps. Colby and Ava immediately begin fighting so Krystal demands Ava apologize to Colby for having sex with Sean. Ava refuses and begins squirting Colby with the beverage hose. Colby fires back and pretty soon Krystal is soaking wet too. Krystal sits the girls down and tells them they can both work at the bar as long as they get along.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Perky from her impromptu hangout session with Ryan and Spike, Greenlee returns to the Fusion offices with a brand new idea: an organic skin care product line for babies. Di and Babe clue her in that they already have similar research on that, except for adults, and in her usual self-absorbed way, she demands they drag it out into the light of day pronto. She then tells them that she has a high priority meeting that she needs to get to and to make sure they have the information ready for her when she gets back. Just then, Annie shows up, prompting Greenlee to try to make both herself and her appointment sound more important and mysterious. Ignoring the fact that no one seems to care, Greenlee flies out of the office. Babe and Di quip about how they can't believe that Annie can put up with her, and tell her that if there is anything they can do to help, all she needs to do is ask. Glumly, Annie notes that she needs someone to help her not wring Greenlee's neck. Then, trying to focus on something positive, she asks what they are working on. They tell her about the baby skin care products and after a brief interlude to check in with Babe about how she did on the GED, Annie asks if the idea was Greenlee's. They admit to as much, and Annie feels her anger boiling a bit more. She gives good feelings a try again and starts talking product specifications. It works but for a moment, when she spills a cup of coffee and is completely rattled by it. She questions whether she should leave Fusion so she has a shot at salvaging her sanity, but Babe and Di refuse to let her go. Annie tells them that in her life before Fusion she handled a lot worse than Greenlee, and wonders what's different now. The only thing that she can come up with is that her life with her new husband is at stake. Babe and Di settle in, telling her that everyone needs space and time to vent. Annie finally admits that she hates Greenlee and how insecure she makes her feel. They tell her to get it all out now since she will have to put on a brave face when Greenlee gets back to the office. They then remind her that she is still the same brave, strong woman who protected her little girl from the evils of the world when she was out on her own. Recalling as much, Annie admits that she has to dig deep and find a way to not let Greenlee get to her. Babe offers that Ryan is happily committed to her, and that perhaps she needs to tell him to walk away from Greenlee. Annie tells them that she is not worried about Ryan cheating, but she is worried that Greenlee is a part of his every day, part of a life Ryan hasn't quite let go of. She refuses to tell him what to do because not only will she not treat him or their marriage like either is childish, but she believes that if she has to suggest it to him, it's already too late. A few minutes later, Annie answers a phone call and is forced to note how glad they are as a collective to have Greenlee back. Once she ends the call, she suggests that perhaps she is being too territorial as a newlywed. Di and Babe agree that it's a possibility and urge her not to push Ryan away, especially since Greenlee will back down once her ego has been shattered.

Downstairs, Greenlee arrives with an air of panache as her meeting is revealed to be with Ryan. She is delighted to find out that he has coffee and breakfast for her, and her good mood is bolstered. They sit, and she notes that he wants to talk about yesterday. She tells him that things need to change, and he quickly agrees. Thinking she is on the verge of getting everything that she came back to town for, she gleefully gives Ryan a present for Spike and although he is grateful, Ryan interrupts her and tells her that he can no longer hurt his wife – so they can't be together anymore. She asks incredulously if he is breaking up with her, and then laughs it off, saying that his expression is priceless. Still somber, Ryan tells her that he can't be friends with her or hang out anymore. She hopes that he is still kidding, but he couldn't be more serious. She doesn't think it's possible but he tells her that with her and Kendall getting along now, she will have to get her Spike time in that way. Greenlee tells him that he is in the middle of her involvement with Spike whether he likes it or not – and without him, everything falls apart. Ryan insists that he is only making this ultimatum because his family needs to come first. Outraged, Greenlee wants to know what the limitations are – does she have to leave the room if he comes to visit Annie at work? If he calls and she answers, does she have to hang up on him? Ryan tells her that she is being ridiculous, but Greenlee thinks she is right on the money. She tells him that it has very little to do with how close she is to him, but rather, how close he is to her, and the way that he still looks at her. She tells him that she's not the only one that has seen it – Annie has too. She then says that all of their problems are about Ryan – and how he still wants Greenlee. Ryan tells her that he doesn't want to hurt her or make things harder than they already are. She tells him that he has already done so, so he takes the bull by the horns and tells her that he doesn't want her – he doesn't want to marry her or date her or be with her...and if he had to choose between a friendship with Greenlee and his marriage, he would choose his wife every time. Greenlee thinks that his decision is too over the top because she hadn't been overtly flinging herself at him, but Ryan doesn't budge – telling her again that they are done. She tells him that she lost her husband, but she didn't think she would have to say goodbye to her friend as well. She then says that she thought things were better when he invited her to be a part of their family. Ryan tells her that although they were once close, they can't be so any longer. He also tells her that he made the decision on his own, and that she needs to leave Annie out of it. She agrees to let go of the animosity with Annie, and asks if they really need to say goodbye. He answers her question with only a look, at which point she can't take the pain any longer. Grabbing her things, she goes to run out of the club, pausing only to think briefly on the sorrow that had just made itself at home in her life. Back at the table, Ryan sends a text to his wife, asking her to join him. She does so a few moments later, and agrees when he says that they should talk about what happened the night before. They sit, and as he says there are things he needs to tell her, she gets lost in the fact that there are two coffee cups – one of which has lipstick. He tries to get her to focus on him again, but now knowing that Ryan was Greenlee's big important meeting, she tells him that Greenlee looked at her as if she knew something that Annie didn't. Without another word, Annie gets up and walks away.

Adam tries to ensure an investor via phone that their money is safe, and that the Chandlers are still running Chandler Enterprise. His pleading is interrupted by none other than Zach, and he quickly ends the call. Adam hopes that Zach's presence means that the deadline on the loan would be extended, but Zach will agree to no such thing. Adam points out that he made the deal because he son's life was on the line, and asks if Zach truly wants to take advantage of that. Without flinching, Zach tells his adversary that he sincerely hopes that JR appreciates the sacrifices that were made in his name. Adam tries to renegotiate and offers to pay it back with interest. Much to his chagrin, Zach has no interest. Colby arrives home, and tells her father that there are people in front of the house videotaping their possessions. When Zach explains that the men are his employees and that they are cataloguing all Chandler possessions, Colby is immediately incensed. She tries to explain that desperate times called for desperate measures, and that Zach should understand that her father was just trying to keep their family together. Zach shoots back that the only thing Adam understands is business and that's what they have – a business deal.

JR and Amanda arrive at the yacht club, having a powwow before meeting with the pilot that spirited Seamus Wong out of town. JR reminds her that she needs to play her role effectively (which entails doing whatever he tells her to do) so as to be believable. Amanda is infuriated at being put in her place, noting that JR should have though of all of the potential consequences before he had himself kidnapped. The pilot shows up, and JR orders her to start crying, pulling her into his arms as she reluctantly obeys. They sit down with the pilot and ask some probing questions under the guise of hiring an independently contracted pilot. As Amanda sheds tears, they find out that he recently returned from a trip to Bora Bora. After a few more moments, the pilot asks what their inquiry is really about, and Amanda tells him that it is about the man she loves – and how she just wants him back. She tries to tell a convincing tale of where her love story went wrong but the pilot refuses to break his confidence, gives her his card and tells her to call him when she gets over her ex. JR makes a last ditch effort, asking what he knows about Zach, but the pilot rebuffs him, and leaves. JR plants a kiss on Amanda's cheek and tells her how hot she is when she lies before following the pilot's trail. Once JR disappears, Aidan materializes and asks if she has any idea what kind of game she is playing. Amanda swears that she knows what she is doing and tells Aidan to back off. He warns her that she doesn't want him to do that, and tells her that Seamus had to have come into some serious money – since he paid his mother's mortgage in full as well as paid off his student loans. He walks away and Amanda is furious that Seamus is spending money she believes to be hers.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Jack asks a nurse outside of Erica's room about her condition. The nurse frankly tells him that she isn't certain why Erica is still there. Clued into her games, Jack asks to see her and prepares to amp up the stakes. He goes in and talks to her as if she has a critical disease that she won't survive. Naturally, Erica is blindsided and tries to reject Jack's information. Too steeped in his grief, Jack confesses that when Erica didn't come home to him, he found Milla's card, called her and opened up to her in a way that he hadn't done with anyone in a long time. He then tells her that everyone will remember how much she loved them and he will remember her for as beautiful as she's always been, regardless of who he might marry after she is gone. He continues to lay it on thick, and then tells her that the one thing he can't do is sit and watch her go from the radiant, vibrant woman he loves to someone who is wasting away. He bids her what is meant to be a final farewell, kisses her on the forehead, and starts to leave. He almost makes it out the door before Erica demands that he stop. She tells him that she hasn't the stomach for games, and admits without accepting culpability that she was merely suffering from exhaustion and nowhere near death – which they both knew. Jack pretends that he knew no such thing, and tells her that all he really wants to know is if she wants him. Erica tells him it's a silly question – of course she does. The real question is – what does Jack plan to do about it? Then, feeling as though Jack is still going to walk away, she tells him that she hopes the memory of the moment where he broke her down and made her admit that she still loved him would keep him warm in the bed they once shared. Pained expression on his face, Jack makes moves to leave but standing at the door, he thinks better of that decision. He flips the lock to the room and turns to face the woman that is still his wife. He tells her that Erica Kane can't be broken – and that spirit and fire is what made him fall in love with her, and it's the reason why he loves her still. Realizing that things aren't over at all, Erica lets out the breath she'd been holding and falls into a deep kiss with Jack. Outside the room, the nurse walks by again and sees Jack and Erica kissing through the room's window. She manages to take a picture with her cell phone and make a getaway before the kiss breaks. Jack belatedly closes the blinds, and even though Erica wants it to be known that Jack came to her, all he wants to do is make love to her.

JR returns to the Chandler mansion to find the inventory process in full swing. He tells his father that he has a line on the ransom money and he just needs more time. Adam lets him know that more time isn't a possibility, and Zach notes aloud that JR needs to accept the fact that ransom money is very rarely recovered. He goes on to say that JR should know that there is no reason he would ever be held responsible for the loss of his father's fortune. A short time later, the three men silently look at their respective time pieces as the final seconds tick away. Then, with a smirk, Zach welcomes the Chandler men to his new home.

Greenlee sits on a rock at the beach and talks to her dear departed Leo. She says that with him, she didn't have a choice but to accept that she could no longer be with him, but things are completely different with Ryan. She says that if she loses him, she loses everything and she can't do that again – not ever.



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