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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 25, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Lucinda finds Meg out cold. As Meg regains her senses, she's frantic to know where Paul is. When Lucinda asks what Craig did when he found out that Meg betrayed him, Meg clearly remembers that Craig was going after Paul. Still shaky Meg discovers the text message on her phone asking Paul to meet her at the cliffs. Paul questions Craig about Meg's whereabouts, and when Craig is not forthcoming, Paul starts to go. Craig shoots at Paul, the bullet just grazing him. Craig orders Paul to get out of their lives forever and reveals that he and Meg made love a few hours ago. Paul doesn't buy it, but Craig reveals that she did it to keep him safe. Paul makes a grab for Craig, but is left hanging onto the cliff with just one hand. Paul tries to pull Craig over with him just as Meg arrives with Lucinda. Jack brings JJ and Sage over for a cookout, but when Parker is distant with JJ and Jack, Carly suggests Jack should stay and eat with them. Jack agrees to stay, as Parker rejects JJ's apology. Carly and Jack have a parental bonding moment, when the boys get into a fight and JJ accidentally clocks Carly. Cleo is with Gwen, excitedly anticipating their trip to Branson when Maddie arrives and bursts into tears. After finding out that Casey won't be returning to Oakdale when he gets out of prison, Gwen invites her to Branson. Cleo's distraught when Maddie accepts and writes in her journal, with Jade looking on. When Cleo leaves, Jade comes in, finds Cleo's diary and reads the entries about Cleo's plans for her and Will.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

When Craig loses his grip, Paul falls off the cliff. The cops say Paul could survive, but only if they find him soon. Craig hears Lucinda exhorting Meg to accuse Craig of trying to kill Paul. Meanwhile, Craig covers his tracks. A cop reports to Meg that it's highly unlikely that Paul will survive, and Lucinda tells the cop that Craig killed Paul intentionally. Lily interrupts a potentially romantic moment for Jack and Carly, and JJ hopes that this will be the start them getting back together. Later, Parker is thrown that Faith is sticking up for JJ. Lily becomes aware that Carly is interested in Jack, and Carly confesses she wants him back. Meanwhile, Jack asks Katie when she's coming home, because he's got big plans for her. When Jade won't return Cleo's diary, Cleo physically assaults her. Jade says she's going to show Will the diary. Will says he's going to have Jade arrested for breaking and entering, and Jade threatens to kill Will.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The confrontation that began earlier with Jade, Cleo, and Will continues. Will threatens to call the police after Jade make threats against Will's life. Jade tries to convince Will not to call and insists he needs to read Cleo's diary to find out how she is stalking him and Gwen. Noah has arrived on scene and tries to calm everyone down. Cleo claims the diary only talks about how much she loves Oakdale and Gwen's singing, but Jade maintains the diary talks about getting rid of Gwen so that she can be with Will. With accusations flying, Cleo continues to declare that she would never do anything to hurt Gwen, but Jade won't let it go and tells Will if he loves Gwen he will protect her by reading Cleo's diary. Jade begins to tear the house apart convinced that Cleo is hiding the diary. When Will starts to call the police again Jade leaves and Will tells Cleo not to worry about anything that he knows this is Jade's problem. Will tells Noah and Cleo that he is going to the police to file a restraining order against Jade and once he does that she will be forced to leave them alone. Alone at the house, Noah asks for Gwen's press clippings and is shocked when Cleo hands over a huge folder she has collected. Cleo then sends Noah on his way and retrieves her diary and sets out to make Jade pay for the trouble she caused. As Will heads to the police station he calls Gwen to let her know Jade is causing problems again, but after he gets off the phone a car zooms up behind him and smashes into him.

In Old Town, Alison recalls her earlier conversation with Aaron and runs into Emily who wants to know what is on her sister's mind. Alison tells Emily she talked to Aaron and she is pretty sure that after their talk he is on his way back to Seattle. Alison tells Emily that Aaron apologized and asked for a second chance, but she feels that she will never be good enough for him. She is convinced that now that she is a recovering addict and former porn actress that she will now never be able to have his acceptance even though she loves him. The two head off to the Lakeview for dinner.

Aaron arrives at the Lakeview and applies for a job as a bartender. He is told to apply by fax and goes to leave, but runs into Dusty who questions how long Aaron is in Oakdale for. Aaron tells him he is back for a while and asks Dusty to put in a good word for him with the Lakeview bar manager. He goes on to tell Dusty that he is in town to get Alison back because he loves her and wants to be with her. Dusty congratulates Aaron on his return and lets him know that Alison needs a good man like him.

While Aaron hangs out in the lobby and waits for Dusty to talk to the bar manager, Emily and Alison arrive for dinner. Alison questions what Aaron is doing at the Lakeview and when he tells her she becomes frustrated by the idea of Aaron staying in town. She tells him to enjoy his new life in Oakdale without her because he has "no chance" with her. Alison storms out and runs into Dusty in the lobby. She questions him about why he helped Aaron get a job and tells him that she is angry that he helped him. Alone with Emily, Aaron tries to find out why Alison refuses to give him another chance. Emily tells him to talk to Alison himself and he leaves to find her. Before Aaron goes Dusty gives him the good news that he has the job. Then Dusty and Emily sit down together and discuss work and second chances at life. They share a moment when their hands touch, but Dusty quickly pulls away and upsets Emily who rushes off. Aaron catches up with Alison and tells her she is not the only reason he stayed in town and convinces Alison to go for a ride on his motorcycle for old time's sake.

Craig tells the police that he didn't push Paul off the cliff, but Lucinda insists that he had something to do with Paul's fall. The police and Lucinda then turn their questions to Meg who admits that Craig was angry with Paul, but she wants everyone to focus on finding Paul and not what lead up to it. When the police try to take Craig into the station he tells them that Paul was trying to take him over the edge with him while he was trying to save him. Meg corroborates Craig's account of the events on the cliff and convinces the police that Craig was trying to save Paul when he let ago rather than be saved by him. Craig leaves with the police to look for Paul, while Lucinda asks Meg why she "let Paul's murderer go free". Meg is angry with Lucinda's assertion that Paul is dead. Lucinda tries to convince Meg that Craig caused everything that lead to Paul hanging on to the side of the cliff, but Meg says that Craig tried to save Paul. Meg tells Lucinda that the real reason Paul fell was because she set up this horrible trap for Craig and it has all failed. Craig returns with a captain from the Canadian Coast Guard who shows Meg a locket they found along the shore. Meg tells Craig that she gave the locket to Paul right before the wedding as a promise. Meg continues to cry, but Craig is visibly upset by the news. Once Meg calms down she insists that the locket proves Paul could still be out there. Everyone else insists that they call off the search, but Meg turns to Craig who tells the Coast Guard he will pay for additional man power to continue the search. Meg gets a call from Holden and hands the phone off to Lucinda who tells him what has happened to Paul. Once alone, Craig questions Meg about the locket and what her promise was to Paul. She tells him that the promise was to come to him right after the wedding and they would be together. Craig is angry, but tells Meg he will keep looking for Paul. He leaves and Lucinda returns and tells her Holden wants to come and take her home, but she insists that she must stay and look for Paul and that no one tells Barbara about the accident until they find Paul. Lucinda tells Meg to rest while the experts search and thanks her for getting her company back. Meg lashes out at Lucinda for only being worried about the company and not showing concern for Paul. Lucinda, ever the shrewd business woman, wants her company and tries to persuade Meg to sign the papers over to her. To Lucinda and Craig's (who has just returned) astonishment Meg rips up the contract she signed with Craig. Lucinda offers to get new contracts written up, but Meg tells her to get out. As she goes Lucinda tells Craig that Meg will never accept him and she will get her company back, but Craig is not so sure.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Meg refuses Craig's ministrations she only wants Paul. Holden accuses Craig of murdering Paul and funding the search so he has proof he's dead. Meg believes she's responsible for Paul going over the cliff, not Craig. Holden urges her to leave with him, but Meg asks Holden to go. Craig promises Meg they'll stay until Paul is found. In his crashed car, unconscious Will is approached by a mysterious woman who touches his face. Will's cell rings, waking him and alerting the mysterious woman, who he glimpses as she leaves. Dusty finds Will, calls 911 and Gwen, and the EMT's take Will to hospital. Brad hurts his finger and Katie nurses him as Jack looks on. Brad warns Katie that having Jack at a work function could backfire, but Jack steps in to say they're going together whether Brad likes it or not. Katie worries how being together at the event might affect the kids, but Jack thinks it's time they go public. Carly meets with a new client and pitches her design plan. Sal springs his knowledge of Carly's past on her, thinking working with her may be more trouble than it's worth. Later, Brad invites Carly to the party, but she rejects until she learns Katie and Jack will be there.

Friday, June 29, 2007

At the hospital, Dusty asks Susan how Will's doing, and she tells him that Will is going to be fine and just had bruising and whiplash. She says she heard he was the one who found Will and called the paramedics and that he is being the white knight again, saving people. Then, she thanks Dusty for bringing Alison back from Vegas. Dusty tells Susan he wants to talk to turn things around with Emily and him now, and she tells him to tell Emily that, but Dusty asks if Susan can join him for coffee. They go to Al's, where Dusty tells her how much he admires Emily for straightening out her life, and Susan tells Dusty maybe she was wrong about him again. She leaves and calls Emily, telling her she loves her and is proud of her and wants to get together with her tomorrow, and when Emily wants to know what brought this on, Susan suggests she ask Dusty. Later, Susan goes back to Al's for more coffee and chats with Alison, telling her she thinks Dusty is possibly the right man for Emily after all. She tells Alison how proud she is of her, too, and Ali asks if Susan still goes to AA meetings. Susan says she does sometimes, but things have been going pretty well lately, and now with both of her daughters doing so much better, she feels like her life is in the best shape it's been in for years.

Emily goes to the Lakeview to pick up her cell phone, which she's left there accidentally, and she runs into Cherie, the madame. Cherie invites her to sit for a minute, and Emily does, telling her that her plans to mess up Emily's family didn't work, thanks to Dusty, and that they are all happy now. Cherie wonders if this means Emily and Dusty are happy little lovebirds, and Emily tells her that's none of her business. Cherie says that Dusty will never settle for a woman like her. Later, Emily finds Dusty at the Lakeview and tells him about Susan's phone call. Dusty tells Emily about Will's accident and says when he first found Will, he was afraid he was dead, and he tells her how unfair he thought that would be, after what happened to Jennifer and to Emily's baby. Emily says Jennifer was wonderful and she misses her, and she knows Dusty does, too. Dusty says he hasn't really been living since Jennifer died, and that seeing Will in the car accident was a wake-up call for him. Emily asks why he's telling her all of this. Dusty apologizes to her for having been so hard on her, and she says it's okay. He says he's decided to wake up and enjoy what's in front of him, and when Emily asks if he has any idea where to begin, he says he does, and he kisses her.

When Gwen goes into Will's hospital room, he tells her that he doesn't think his crash was an accident, but that someone tried to run him off the road. She asks who would do that, and Will says he doesn't know. Cleo comes in with cookies for Will, but he says he couldn't eat right now. When the orderly comes in, Will says he just wants to get dressed and leave, so Cleo and Gwen go outside the room to wait for him to change. Cleo tells Gwen about Jade threatening to kill Will, and when they go back into Will's room, she mentions it to him, but Will says that was just Jade being Jade, and he doesn't think there's any chance she'd do something like that. However, Dallas Griffin shows up, telling Will he has some questions for him about the accident, and he shows Will a necklace with a "J" pendant on it that he found at the scene of the accident. Will and Gwen both recognize it as being Jade's necklace. Dallas asks about the tension between Jade, Will, and Gwen, and he decides to leave to bring Jade in for questioning. Will tells Gwen he wants to go to the police station to be there when Jade comes in, and they leave, with Cleo in tow.

At WOAK, Maddie tells Luke about her plans to go to Branson with Will and Gwen and lets him know that Noah is going, too. She and Noah try to talk Luke into asking Kim to let him go with them, saying they can all room together to cut down on the costs of the trip, but Luke, who ponders the idea of rooming with them momentarily, ends up saying that he doesn't think that's a good idea. Noah leaves, and Maddie asks Luke what's wrong, wondering if it's got something to do with her; he assures her it doesn't, and she asks if it's about Noah. He suddenly decides he has to leave to run an errand, and he leaves Maddie, puzzled.

Jade, out of breath and very nervous, goes to the Snyder farm, where Lily startles her when she walks into the kitchen. Lily can tell something's wrong, but she can't get Jade to tell her what it is. Lily then asks Jade how school's going, and when Jade hesitates, Lily tells her she called the registrar's office to find out if everything had been taken care of with Jade's tuition, only to learn that Jade wasn't registered at all. Lily asks what Jade did with the $3,000 she borrowed for school, but while Jade admits to lying about the money, she doesn't tell Lily she used it to bring Cleo to town. Lily says they need to learn to trust one another, but Jade says that whenever she tells the whole truth, she ends up in worse trouble. Lily gets a call from Holden and leaves the room to talk to him, and Luke comes in. He starts telling her about Noah going to Branson with Maddie and Gwen, saying it will give him a chance to get over his crush on Noah, but then he realizes Jade isn't listening and calls her out on it. She tells him she's got her own problems to worry about right now, and when he asks what's bothering her and she says, "Nothing," he says, "Liar!" Jade angrily tells him not to call her a liar anymore, and Luke apologizes but says he understands where she's coming from. There's a knock at the door, and it's Dallas, who tells Luke he's there to see Jade. Jade thinks it's about the incident at Will and Gwen's cottage, and she tells Luke not to worry, she'll go with Dallas and get it all straightened out. She asks him not to mention it to Lily, and she leaves with Dallas. When Lily comes back into the kitchen and asks where Jade is, Luke doesn't tell her exactly, but when Lily asks, he agrees that she might be in trouble. Lily asks Luke to "be there" for his cousin, and Luke leaves.

At the police station, Maddie and Noah come in and tell Will they've just heard about the accident. Dallas comes in with Jade, and she sees Will and asks him what happened to him and if he's alright. Maddie tells her not to play innocent when she's the one responsible for Will's accident. Jade insists she doesn't know what Maddie's talking about. Dallas asks if she threatened to kill Will earlier, and she says she didn't mean it, it was just a figure of speech, but Dallas shows her the necklace he found and asks if it's hers. Jade says it is, and she says she'd been looking everywhere for it and wants to know where he found it. Dallas tells her it was found by the tire tracks at the scene of the crash and that someone stole a car from Will and Gwen's neighborhood. Jade says she had her own car and would never do something like this, but then she sees Cleo and accuses her of being the person who drove Will off the road and trying to set her up to take the blame.



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