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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 25, 2007 on GL
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Cyrus has Griggs tied up for Mallet in the hotel room. Cyrus leaves for the hallway where he runs into Marina who is looking for Mallet. Cyrus leads her away, saying he will help her look for Mallet. When they are on Main Street, Marina tells Cyrus that she knows he is keeping Mallets whereabouts from her. She is sure that Cyrus is aware that Mallet is with Dinah's shooter. Cyrus reveals that he does know and that the shooter's name is Griggs. Marina demands that he take her to them.

Still in the hotel room with Griggs, Mallet pummels his captive and strangles him. Griggs tries to reason with Mallet, telling him that killing him would not help Dinah's situation. Mallet doesn't look convinced as he checks his gun's ammunition. Just as Mallet fires a shot above Griggs's head, Cyrus and Marina bust into the room. Cyrus puts his hand in front of Mallet's weapon and implores him to stay away from the dark places he and Dinah once knew and to instead go see Dinah. Mallet backs off and allows Marina to lead him away to Dinah, having been assured that Cyrus would hold Griggs until Mallet could come back and arrest him. When Mallet and Marina leave, Cyrus cuts Griggs free and gives him a one way ticket to "freedom" in Amsterdam.

Mallet sits beside Dinah in the hospital, begging her to come back to him—the man she married, not the man he once was. Marina returns to the hotel room to find that Cyrus has let Griggs get away. He explains, however, that he has set Griggs up and that European authorities would be waiting to arrest Griggs when he deplaned in Amsterdam. Cyrus assures Marina that the crimes Griggs will face in Europe far outweigh the crimes against him in Springfield. Marina pushes Cyrus up against the hotel room wall and kisses him passionately.

At Gus and Harley's house, Rafe is trying to call Daisy at Juvie but is interrupted by Jude who is asking questions about Rafe's insulin shots. Rafe is upset with Harley telling Jude about his diabetes. Harley explains that in this family there are no secrets. Rafe says he can't understand how Daisy can stand being around Harley. Harley is surprised that Rafe knows about Daisy. Rafe covers, saying that Gus had shown him pictures of the entire family. Harley tells Rafe about how she gave Daisy up for adoption. He can't understand how she could have done that. Just then, Dylan bursts in with the news that he was able to convince the judge to let Daisy out—that day! Harley calls Gus with the news. He has been at Company talking with Natalia about how much of his son's life he has missed, including the diabetes scares. Gus has learned from Natalia that while his son loves baseball, chili dogs, and the Cubs, he is no good at playing baseball. When Harley calls with the news of Daisy's release, Gus leaves, but only after the two have a moving moment of hand touching. After Gus leaves to join the family, Remy shows up to take Natalia on a motorcycle ride. After the ride, the two are invigorated and kiss. As they make plans to have a pizza dinner together, Remy asks that Natalia not think about Gus. She tries to explain that she can't make herself not think about Gus, but what she wants now is to have pizza with Remy. Just as he is softening up to the idea, Gus calls Natalia and invites her to join the family celebration of Daisy's return. When she accepts, she also has to beg off dinner with Remy. He leaves disappointed and angry.

Harley and Dylan go to spring Daisy from Juvie. She is excited but sad when she has to say goodbye to Ashlee. Ashlee makes her promise to keep looking for "Vent-Boy." Daisy says she will. Before taking her home, Harley explains to Daisy that there is a new member of the household, Gus's son. Mother and daughter arrive home. Gus is excited to introduce Daisy to his son. Enter "Vent-Boy." The two teens share a sly smile.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Daisy comes home from juvie today, and is introduced to Gus son, Rafe, only to discover that it is the person she knew in juvie as "ventboy". They don't let on that they met in juvie, and they pretend like they don't get along very well. Harley has invited the family to welcome Daisy home, and they arrive with food. To Harley's surprise, Natalia also arrives. The guests mingle, with some interesting interactions going on – some tension with Harley and Rafe as well as Harley and Natalia, and some good but secretive vibes from Dylan towards Harley, and between Rafe and Daisy as they share stolen kisses. The grandfathers Buzz and Billy decide to leave to play billiards, and the party begins to break up.

At the diner after shooting a game of pool, Buzz and Billy talk about the new dynamics of the family, and have a little miscommunication, each of them taking a stand for their children, Billy appearing to be referring to the family as Harley and Dylan with Daisy, and Buzz making it clear that the family is Harley and Gus with Daisy.

Alan and Beth are on Main St discussing how to try to find ways to get Rick to admit, preferably on tape, that she is a good mother, to help in the legal fight that Rick is planning for custody of Beth's baby. Alan tells Beth that the baby is their future together, and then proposes to her with a 5-carat diamond ring, and she accepts as Alan puts the ring on her finger. In a moment of synchronicity, Beth notices Doris nearby, and exclaiming, "Life is good!" proceeds toward Doris and flashes the ring. After a few back and forth snarky remarks, Beth leaves to go to Rick to continue to try to smooth things over with him so there is no custody battle. Doris now has the opportunity to talk with Alan about her price for their little deal earlier. Alan is surprised to hear that Doris isn't looking for help in getting her daughter released from juvie, but instead would rather he fully fund her campaign to be the next mayor, to which he agrees. Coop overhears their deal making, and confronts Alan, saying that while Alan deserved being shot, Ashlee doesn't deserve what could happen to her in juvie, and when he finds a way to use what he just heard, he will.

At Rick's apartment, Beth tries to soften him on the issue of a custody battle. When discussing that seems to be at an impasse, she takes the approach of being his friend, like the friends they have been for so long now, and brings up the annual 4th of July Bauer BBQ. Rick tells her that Mel and Leah and other Bauers will be out of town, and Beth offers to help him with the event. They are both planning what will be needed for the BBQ and are very comfortable, like the old friends that they are, reminiscing about decorating for the prom and remembering Phillip, when Rick tells her that this is the person he knows she can be and this is the person he's like to see raising their daughter.

At Juvie Hall, Ashlee has another encounter with the mean girl, Meagan, when Meagan pinches her arm, makes sure that Ashlee knows that she (Meagan) has more friends there while Ashlee doesn't have anyone to back her up, then rips off the cover of her book and throws it back to Ashlee and leaves. Just after this, Ashlee gets a knock on her door and thinking it was Meagan again, she says, "go away". Coop announces that it's him, and an ecstatic Ashlee opens the door and hugs him tightly, being very happy to see him. He notices the torn book, then the marks on her arm and asks what's going on with her. She anxiously tries to convince him that no one is beating her up, as he points out that he never suggested that and becomes increasingly more concerned. He tries to offer to help her, but she tries to explain that it would only make things worse for her in there, and she firmly tells him that if he tries to intervene, she won't talk to him ever again, and physically pushes him out of the room.

Later, Doris shows up and announces to Ashlee that she has some big news. With a few people recently being able to leave, Ashlee, presuming that she will now get to leave, discovers that this is not the case for her, and that Doris' big news is that she is running for Mayor. Doris continues to tell Ashlee that Alan is funding her campaign because he owed her a favor. Ashlee is disappointed and saddened to hear that Doris chose money over helping her daughter get out of juvie. Doris tells her that she'll be in the mayor's mansion in a few years and will be in a better position to help her then, but it is clear that Ashlee feels hurt, sad, and alone, rejected. In the meantime, we see Alan talking to a judge on the phone, asking about Ashlee.

The show closes with a musical montage to the song by Avril Lavigne called "Complicated", as we see characters in a variety of complicated situations and stories:

  • Dylan looking with longing eyes at Harley through her front door and smiling.

  • Rick and Beth, as they are relaxed and enjoying their friendship, as she places his hand on her stomach to feel the baby.

  • Alan, as he smugly lights his cigar on Main St. while Coop looks on from the background with his new knowledge and a look of desire to use it against him.

  • Doris, at juvie hall with Ashlee, as Doris places campaign stickers all around, while Ashlee sadly stands alone, feeling left behind by her mother's ambitions.

  • Rafe and Daisy, as they stand together, peering from around the corner at Harley and Gus, then walk upstairs together hand in hand.

  • Gus, showing Harley a picture of only he and Rafe, which represents a complicated relationship.

  • Natalia, who is looking at the a copy of the exact same picture of Rafe and Gus, and smiling dreamily.

  • Harley, looking at another picture of the new family, while noticing the order they are standing in, with Gus and Natalia holding each other close, then Rafe, then Daisy, Dylan, and Harley all together holding each other close, like 2 very separate families.

  • Wednesday, June 27, 2007

    Inside the Light: Butterfly

    Lizzie attempts to see Reva down at the jail. Alan follows her. Both are shuffled out because it's after visiting hours. Reva is taken into an interrogation room where, to her relief, Jeffrey awaits her. Jeffrey brings her some clothes, telling her that she should be lucky that he got her out of "deep holding," where Doris and Alan had schemed to stash her until she was lost in the system.

    Jeffrey explains that he doesn't believe her kidnap party story any more than Alan does. He had this Derek person that he saw with Reva on Main Street checked out. He works at Cedars. Reva resents that Jeffrey went digging into this. As Jeffrey struggles to get answers out of Reva, she complains about how she wants out of there tonight. Jeffrey advises her that if she wants his help, she'd better start telling the truth.

    Back on Main Street, Lizzie lashes out at her grandfather for having Reva arrested just because they were partying together. Alan wonders how they would raise someone so naďve. Alan believes she was not partying—she was abducted. Alan presses her that she can't remember what happened for forty-eight hours. Reva will stay in jail until she can explain minute by minute what happened to Lizzie during that time.

    Lizzie wants to call Reva a lawyer, charging that Reva didn't do anything wrong. Lizzie knows this isn't about her. It's all about Alan. Everything has to be about him. That's how she lost Jonathan and Sarah. Alan thinks she's been listening to Cassie and Reva too long. They seek to divide the Spauldings. It's working because Lizzie has begun doubting his motives. Lizzie argues that she was confused and she can't believe she put her trust in him again. Lizzie is glad she went out with Reva; it sobered her up a bit. Alan presses her that she wasn't drunk to start out. Why can't she even remember what the first thing was that she drank? Lizzie doesn't care that she can't remember. Whatever it was she drank, it worked, she tells him and stalks off.

    At the station, Reva flashes back in her memory. Reva and a guy bring unconscious Lizzie into a small dentist's office. Reva is anxious to see Jonathan. The guy says he'll be here any minute. The guy wonders how Reva will pull this off. She says that she plans to get what they need from Lizzie, take her back, cover their tracks, and then rush back here for the important stuff. After a while Reva learns that Jonathan has been delayed. Lizzie stirs. The guy with them suggests putting her back out. Reva wonders if they should use more chloroform, but he thinks that will have serious side affects if they keep using it. He says that there are other ways to keep her down.

    Reva walks groggy Lizzie around in the dentist office, promising her that she will have lots of fun on their detour. Lizzie tumbles onto the examination table. Worn, Reva explains to her that this is the most important thing that they have to do together; One day she'll understand that. She heaves her off the table and wobbles with her out of the room.

    In the present time, Reva anxiously glances at the clock. It's eleven at night. She sighs, wringing her hands. When it's eleven-thirty, Reva feels she's running out of time.

    Finally Jeffrey returns to help Reva with her detainment. He has brought Josh with him, hoping she'll open up to him. He leaves them alone to talk. Josh finds it funny that they have switched rolls. She helped him and now he's here to return the favor. Josh wants to know what she is hiding about her drink fest with Lizzie. While Reva appreciates his help, she asks him to leave. Outside the interrogation room, Cassie tells Jeffrey that Josh sent her a message to come there. Jeffrey advises her to go in and help Josh with Reva. When Cassie interrupts Josh and Reva, Reva says that she is not their problem and tells both of them to leave.

    Cassie lags behind and congratulates Reva on kidnapping Lizzie to hurt Alan. Reva expresses how desperate she is to get out of jail tonight. Josh comes back around the corner and prods Cassie to leave with him.

    Alone, Reva remembers more. Reva and Lizzie are in a real hotel room somewhere drinking. Lizzie is already woozy. She glances at all the liquor on the makeshift bar. She thinks it's too much for just the two of them. Reva springs a surprise on her. She's actually having a party for them. Lizzie plops down on the sofa and Reva goes out of the room. In the hotel hallway, she runs into some partying young adults. She has a bottle in her hand and she invites them to come to her room to party with her. They happily join her in the room.

    She introduces a dazed Lizzie to the guests: Michael, Caroline, Denise and Adam. They turn on music. Lizzie attempts to call Alan to announce how much fun she's finally having. Reva laughs if off and tells her to not do it and just pretend she did. Waffling Lizzie laughs wildly.

    Back at the jail, Alan comes in again, demanding the truth about where she took Lizzie. Reva insists they just tied one on. When he rages that he won't let her she get out of there tonight, Reva agrees to tell him the truth. She admits she abducted Lizzie. She sold her to an elderly couple that needed house labor. She chuckles that she had a change of heart and brought her back. Alan decides that he's going to send Reva a post card of the sun because she won't be seeing it any time soon. Alan leaves. Reva whispers an apology to Jonathan.

    Later, Cassie returns with a determined look on her face. She wants to help Reva. Reva wonders if Josh sent her. Josh doesn't know she came back. Reva doesn't want to get Cassie involved. Because Reva helped her, Cassie wants to help with Lizzie. She salivates at the thought that Reva did this to get back at Alan. Reva only reveals that she made a promise to someone. Cassie insists she can help her escape. Cassie produces keys to the cell. She stole them from the guard. She offers to create a distraction for Reva's escape. Reva tells her that she's seen too many movies and she needs to just go. Cassie leaves the keys. Reva juggles them in her hands and glances at the butterfly.

    Jeffrey returns to his hotel room to find Alan inside, puffing away on a cigar. He tells him that taking Reva's case was a bad career move. He came to Jeffrey first. Now he's angry that Jeffrey took Reva's side in this. Jeffrey advises him that he never formerly hired him. Alan demands that Jeffrey find other work now. He detests having to get Mel involved in something that should stay between the two of them.

    In Reva's memory, the party at the hotel is in full swing. Lizzie dances, having a great time. Reva is preoccupied, staring at her watch. Reva receives some illustrations from a tattoo artist and takes Lizzie aside. Lizzie is happy to be feeling something besides loneliness. She's drunk and uninhibited. Reva proposes they get tattoos. Lizzie thinks it's great. She looks through the catalog and picks out the butterfly. It reminds her of her little girl. Reva agrees and hugs her.

    In the present, Reva is returned to her cell. The guard gets a call and exits. Reva goes through her purse and retrieves the keys Cassie gave her. She liberates herself from the cell.

    Meanwhile at Company, Lizzie hears a song playing. It sounds like the song at the hotel. She touches her tattoo and strains to remember. The song in the background sings, "I think I'm trying too hard..."

    Jeffrey enters Company and sees Lizzie seemingly in pain. Lizzie winces and caresses her tattoo. She thanks Jeffrey for helping Reva. Jeffrey wonders if she is remembering anything that happened. Lizzie says it's coming back in pieces. She says the song that was just playing reminds her of the party that Reva threw. She remembers them celebrating together. She refuses to believe she would celebrate if she thought she were in danger.

    On Main Street, Reva sneaks around. She calls Wanda. She asks her to call the airport and get the Lewis jet ready for take off. Wanda expresses concern about the arrest. Reva explains that all the charges against her were dropped due to a misunderstanding.

    Back in her memories, Reva re-enters the dentist's office. An unconscious Lizzie wears a cap on her head as she lies on the table. A surgeon recommended by Colin awaits her. He finds it all strange that he's doing this operation beneath a butterfly tattoo in a dentist's office. Reva knows of no better way to hide a surgery that the patient isn't supposed to know about. Colin recommended this doctor for Sarah's anemia. She needs a bone marrow transplant. Colin couldn't do it for some reason, Reva reveals as she dons a surgical gown. The surgeon says that Reva will owe him one for this. He advises her that she'd better have a foreign country to flee to if Alan finds out.

    In the present, Reva boards the jet for take off. Jonathan calls her. She says she's on her way, but Jonathan tells her that the procedure has already happened. It worked out fine. Reva is relieved. She tells Jonathan that Lizzie doesn't suspect anything. She thinks his tattoo idea was brilliant. She asks him to give her butterfly a kiss for her. Off the phone, she calls the cockpit and cancels the flight.

    Back at Company, Lizzie wonders why her tattoo still hurts so badly. She tells Jeffrey that it aches to the bone. She leaves Company. Suspicious, Jeffrey follows her. Outside, Jeffrey frets with Lizzie about looking at her tattoo. He claims he wants to see if it is infected. She lets him see it. He stares at it, astonished. Suddenly he has to go. Lizzie asks him whether it's infected as he runs away. In his haste, He yells for her to put ice on and she'll be fine.

    Later on Main Street, Jeffrey accosts Reva from behind. He covers her mouth and gets her to calm down. Reva is upset that he grabbed her. Imagine his surprise to go to the jail and find that his client isn't in custody. Jeffrey has figured out that she was going to see Jonathan and Sarah. He knows that they are alive. Reva is appalled by such a suggestion, but Jeffrey insists that the two of them did not perish in that car crash.

    Thursday, June 28, 2007

    Vanessa is with a still unconscious and recovering Dinah in the hospital. When Matt checks on Dinah's progress, Vanessa tells him she doesn't want to be in the same room with him. They begin to have a very loud argument in Dinah's room about how this is all Matt's fault, and he shouts, "Should I go to the cops? Turn myself in?" when Mallet enters to stop it, while Marina listens carefully to the heated exchange from the hall and gathers information from what is said. Later, Vanessa and Matt talk civilly in the hall, and she tells him in her low, firm but sure tone "we're done". Later, Matt tries to convince her that though he's made some bad choices, he did it all because he loved Vanessa and wanted to give her a better life. He ends the conversation by saying that he never doubted his love for her and that if she did now, then she's right, they are finished.

    At Juvie hall, Megan tries to come on to Coop, but he lets her know in clear terms that his answer is no. Later, Megan gives Ashlee a hard time, and then warns her that Ms. Hannigan will be giving a surprise inspection. While Ashlee's back is turned, Megan hides a bottle of bourbon in Ashlee's backpack. Later, Ms. Hannigan blows her whistle and announces an inspection of their backpacks. After checking Megan's first, she proceeds to Ashlee's, but to Megan's surprise, Ms. Hannigan doesn't find the bourbon. A surprised Megan reacts, and Ashlee suggests that she chocked on her soda. Megan took a drink from her can but spit it out, raising suspicion from Ms. Hannigan, who took the can and smelled the alcohol. A shocked Megan then gets hauled off to isolation, making Ashlee looks good in front of the other kids. Coop lets his presence known as he applauds her. He also tells her that he has some news for her, that although it's not a done deal yet, he thinks there's a good chance she could get released soon. A very happy Ashlee hugs Coop tightly.

    As Olivia visits with Ava briefly at Ava's apartment, Coop knocks on her door and Olivia leaves, giving them time to talk. He tries to get Ava's help in reaching Alan about helping Ashlee. Ava believes his actions mean he cares for Ashlee as more than a friend. Coop reminds Ava that he takes his teaching seriously, and that Ashlee is his student and he would never cross that boundary, and is disappointed that Ava would think that he would. When Ava questions him about what he did that might make Alan want to help the person who shot him, Coop replies that he ha learned from the Spauldings to use leverage. Coop leaves to visit Ashlee. He later returns and apologizes to Ava for being harsh with her earlier, and invites her to dinner and a movie.

    As Reva and Jeffrey continue their discussion on Main St., Jeffrey reveals to Reva why he believes that Jonathan and Sarah are alive, by telling her he knows Lizzie's tattoo is covering a surgical scar, and that the only reason someone would want a secret surgery from Lizzie would be something important enough for Reva to kidnap her for – for baby Sarah. Reva, still feeling she is in hiding after freeing herself from jail as she tried to get to Jonathan in time for the Sarah's surgery, talks to Jeffrey about what really happened in hypothetical terms. But after Jeffrey realizes this is true, she begs him to keep her secret. She explains that Sarah had anemia and her blood count was dangerously low, and that she HAD to do this. She further explains that though she feels bad about keeping this from Lizzie, and how it's been hard on all of them, how she and Jonathan are trying to keep the baby safe from Alan. Jeffrey realizes that Alan is a problem, and agrees to help Reva. He tells Reva that she is really free from jail since he bluffed Doris into thinking he would speak to the press about her and it wouldn't help her campaign for mayor, and how this would cause Alan to really come after Reva now. He invites her to stay with him for a while, to be safer from Alan, and she accepts. They agree to meet at his place later, going there separately so as to not be discovered together.

    After Jeffrey leaves, and after seeing him with Reva and appearing very friendly, Olivia approaches Reva and tries to find the nature of their relationship. Reva replies that Olivia sounds jealous, but Olivia answers that she's just concerned for Jeffrey, because she believes that Reva's track record with men isn't very good, and she doesn't want to see Jeffrey get hurt. As Olivia describes Reva's track record: "Anyone's who's not Josh is a placeholder." They exchange a few more snarky remarks at each other, and with Reva being in prime Reva form, and playing into Olivia's fears, misleadingly says that yes, she and Jeffrey are lovers. The two then part ways.

    After a time shopping, Olivia sits on a bench on Main St. hating her purchase and wondering why she bought it, and then realizes her anger is with Reva. She calls Alan and leaves a message for him to call her back.

    Jeffrey enters his apartment to find Mel there, standing among a roomful of papers that have been strewn around. Mel informs him that the same thing has been done to their offices, and that files are missing. Jeffrey gives Mel a check to set up new offices downtown and says she'll be their cover while she is getting the files replaced and working on other cases as well. Mel realizes something more is going on. Later, Reva arrives and sees the mess, and Jeffrey tells her that Alan tried to get him to drop the case, and that this is the result of telling Alan to shove it. Reva offers to get another lawyer, but Jeffrey tells her he's not backing down from this fight and he's already involved.

    Marina is being a good partner to Mallet, helping him to keep his strength to endure the waiting process of Dinah's recovery by insisting that Mallet go home for a rest, a shower, and to eat. She supports him, as he did for her after Tammy died, by being his voice of reason, since Mallet has not slept or eaten in quite a while, and makes sure he is refreshed with a shower and clean clothes and food she has ordered for him. She then gets him back to the hospital. Suddenly, one of Dinah's machines starts beeping, and Marina runs to get a nurse. As Dinah is having some convulsions, the nurse comes in and calls a "code in ER 1" and also calls for a crash cart. An upset mallet looks on helplessly, and Marina is also watching, with concern.

    Friday, June 29, 2007

    by MARY

    Reva is at Jeffrey's trying to convince him that she does not need to stay at his place-she can handle Alan herself. During the course of the conversation, Reva gets a call---a large black car has been parked outside her house for the past 24 hours. When Jeffrey leaves the room, room service arrives and an envelope is addressed to Reva which includes a note from Jonathan and a recent picture of Sarah. After talking to Colin on the phone, Reva tries to make an excuse to Jeffrey why she has to leave right away. However, Jeffrey saw the bell hop give her something and demands to know what it was. Reva hands him the note and admits that Jonathan brought Sarah nearby for a doctor's appointment so Reva could see her. Jeffrey does not think it is a good idea for her to leave since Alan is having her followed. Reva is adamant about going so Jeffrey decides to go with her but is stopped by the sight of Olivia at his door. Olivia asks Jeffrey why she feels jealous whenever he is with another woman. It is not normal jealous because she hates him and wants him at the same time. When she starts to rant about him getting sucked in by Reva, he declares that at least she knows what she wants and hurries off.

    Going out of the Beacon, Reva is interrupted by Lizzie. Lizzie admits that sometimes she goes up to Jonathan's old room to feel closer to him and Sarah. Reva asks Lizzie if she could go back and change the past, would she have kept Alan away at all cost. Lizzie replies that she wanted to but what could she do. Reva then rushes to leave and the envelope (with no return address) falls out of her purse. Lizzie asks what it is and Reva lies that it is a letter from her father. Lizzie then tries to talk to Reva about her idea to open up a charity in Sarah's name and asks for Reva's help. Reva tells Lizzie that she cannot really talk right now. When Lizzie keeps insisting, Reva blows her off by stating that she cannot help her because seeing her is too painful. She tells Lizzie that she is not her friend and hurries off. She rushes to the address Colin gave her and is met by Jeffrey. Reva assures Jeffrey that no one followed her but she is wrong-Lizzie did. When Jeffrey and Reva enter the office, Lizzie bursts in looking for Jonathan and Sarah but no one is there but Colin. Reva tells Lizzie that Colin got a new job with the government. He was going overseas so she came there to give him something to give to Shayne. Lizzie realizes that is why Reva was in a hurry to leave and apologizes. Reva apologizes for the things she said as well. After Reva hugs her, Lizzie admits that there is a voice in her head that keeps telling her that Jonathan and Sarah are still alive. When Jeffrey walks Lizzie out, Colin informs Reva that Jonathan spotted Lizzie's car and fled. Colin tells Reva that as the mother, Lizzie has a right to know. He accuses Reva of playing God again. Reva states that it is necessary as long as Alan is a threat. Reva asks Colin to get Jonathan on the phone and tell him it is safe but Colin states that he is gone. He took too big of risk coming here. Later, Reva confides in Jeffrey that Jonathan has to break off all contact. Jeffrey assures her that it is only as long as Alan is a threat. As Reva hugs him in gratitude, Olivia watches.

    Mallet and Marina are rushed out of Dinah's room when her heart suddenly stops. The doctors are soon able to get it started again and inform Mallet that Dinah's situation is stable for now but that could change. The doctor goes on to tell Mallet that Dinah's hypoxia may have caused brain damage: she may never awake from her coma. The doctor asks if Dinah has a living will; Mallet walks out of Cedars without answering. Marina follows to get him to talk. Though he initially claims that Dinah never thought of signing a living will, he soon confesses that she did in fact have one. Later, at Mallet's, he shows Marina the document and asks that if she were Dinah wouldn't she want to hang on as long as she could. Marina states that as long as she was whole. Reading the document, Marina realizes that Dinah made her wishes perfectly clear and tries to show the paper to Mallet but he tells her he does not care what it says and returns to Cedars. Later, at Dinah's bedside, Mallet agonizes over what to do. He tells her she does not have to adhere to what the paper says and pleads with her to open her eyes. Soon Marina returns, this time with Cyrus who talks about his past with Dinah. He remembers that she was crazy but never afraid. When Cyrus leaves, Marina follows him out and thanks him for what he tried to do. She then gets teary and talks about how unfair life can be. As Marina laments why this would happen now, Cyrus pulls her into a hug. When Cyrus reminds her that people have to cherish every second since it can all be taken away,, Marina asks him to come home with her. Unbeknownst to them, they are being trailed by Alexandra who places a call to someone suggesting they pay a visit to a certain cop and chauffer.

    Meanwhile, a tortured Mallet is telling Dinah that he does not think he will be able to say goodbye. Mallet finally decides that he will not stop her if she wants to be at peace. Suddenly, he notices that her wedding ring is off and asks the nurse for it back. He places it back on her finger and declares his love for her. As he is holding her hand, it moves. Dinah is beginning to stir.

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