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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 2, 2007 on GL
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Monday, July 2, 2007

Alone in her cell, Ashlee fantasizes that Coop has her released and whisks her away. In her fantasy, the two kiss, dance, eat strawberries, and fall to the bed in Coop's room. In actuality, Coop is with Ava at the Spaulding mansion waiting for a meeting with Alan. When Alan arrives and sees that his appointment is with Coop, he ducks out before anyone sees him. Ava tells Coop that he should back off from helping Ashlee because he will end up breaking the teen's heart. Coop gives up on waiting for Alan and goes to check up on Daisy. Daisy and Rafe are kissing while Gus and Harley are in the backyard with the younger kids. Coop's arrival interrupts the two. Rafe makes himself scarce while Coop, in a very round-about way asks Daisy if she has had any contact with Ashlee. Daisy very bluntly tells Coop that Ashlee is in love with him. Coop leaves to go to Company.

Ashlee is still alone in her cell, when she gets a real visitor. This time it is Alan. Alan recounts to Ashlee how the baby he thought was his isn't, his granddaughter turned to Reva for help instead of him, and he has just learned he has a grandson who is a juvenile delinquent (no offense to Ashlee). Ashlee stops him, saying that all this happened because of her...that his life sucks because of her. He stops her and tells her that he is there to let her know that she is a free woman. She gives him a massive bear hug. Since she doesn't have a ride home, Alan offers to take her. He drops her off at Company where she sees Ava giving Coop a neck massage. Disappointed, she leaves to go for a walk with her dog Moxie. Alan goes to Gus and Harley's to ask Gus to be his best man. He encounters his grandson, Rafe, and is very awkward toward him. When he leaves, Daisy and Rafe continue their hesitant "canoodling" while Alan watches through a crack in the door.

Marina and Cyrus burst into Marina's room in full passion mode. Cyrus gives Marina the chance to slow things down, but she doesn't want to. As they are removing one another's clothes, Frank bangs on the door demanding to be let in. Frank threatens to have Marina suspended from the force if she doesn't stop fraternizing with a known criminal (Cyrus). Marina has called security to remove a man who has been harassing her (Frank). When the guard learns that Frank is Chief Cooper, he leaves. Marina tells Frank to butt out of her personal life. Frank tells Cyrus and Marina that Dinah has awakened. With the mood totally blown, Cyrus tells Marina he'll meet her at the hospital and Marina gets dressed to go visit Dinah. When he leaves, Cyrus makes a call to meet someone right away. It turns out that he has called Frank. When the two meet, Cyrus assures Frank that he cares about Marina and will never hurt her. He suggests to Frank that those are words any father would want to hear. Frank says that it is a good start.

In Dinah's hospital room, Mallet is professing his love for her when she finally wakes up, saying his name. The doctor is encouraged by her progress, but warns they need to see if there is other damage to her mind and body that may hinder her recovery. He is, however, mainly optimistic. Matt tells Vanessa about Dinah's recovery and the two rush off to see her. When they arrive, Marina joins them. Dinah has had Mallet explain to her what landed her in the hospital. She appears to be following all of the information. She asks where her daddy Ross is. She wondered if he were outside the room. Vanessa reminded her that Ross died a year ago. Again Dinah seems to be following the information and understanding it. She comes across her living will. Everyone leaves her room so that Mallet can tell her what he was going to do with it. He tells her that he almost lied about having it so that he could hold onto her selfishly. He knew from the living will what her wishes were, but he didn't want to let go. When it seemed possible that she might not recover, he considered letting her go because of her wishes. She tells him that it was okay.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Coop has thrown a surprise "Welcome Home" party for Ashlee on her first day out of juvenile hall. As Harley, Gus and family prepare to leave, Rafe and Daisy steal more private moments, kissing on the stairs. As Beth and Alan arrive at the diner for the party, they pause outside to talk. Alan speaks of his plan to fly away tomorrow to get married, which surprises Beth, who apparently knew nothing about his plan, but is fully aware she is to host the Bauer BBQ this year with Rick on the same day. Coop pulls them inside the diner quickly, as he has just paged Ashlee and she is on her way.

As Ashlee enters the diner expecting to work, she is greeted by shouts of "Surprise!" and Coop handing her a bouquet of flowers. In a private moment, Daisy tries to convince Ashlee that Coop likes her because he threw her the party and guys don't do that for girls they don't like. But Ashlee thinks he only likes her as a friend because she saw Ava giving him a neck message earlier at the diner. Daisy also now has the chance to tell Ashlee all about how she discovered "vent boy" is really Gus' son, Rafe, and they are living in the same house.

Alan asks Gus if he has thought about being his best man at his wedding, and Beth adds her opinion that there's much to do and there's no need to rush into a wedding. Seemingly a bit edgy, Beth excuses herself saying she has to go across the street to the hospital to see her mother. Alan follows her outside, and asks her if she's going to see Rick, thinking she is going to see Rick to help further their plans. A startled Beth hesitates, and then Alan tells her to be sure that if Rick says something nice he says it around other people, preferably reputable people like doctors and nurses, whose testimony holds more weight. Alan returns to the party, periodically dropping little snide comments about Daisy and Rafe that no one seems to pick up on, as Beth goes to the hospital to see Rick. Still at the party, Gus notices Rafe isn't around and tells Harley he is going to look for him.

As the party winds down some, Doris finally shows up, but is more interested in campaigning than being with her daughter. Ashlee takes a firm stand with Doris, telling her she knows Doris didn't even try to get her out of juvenile hall. Alan owed her a favor, but Doris wanted to be mayor more, and she believes her mother just sees her as a campaign ploy. Ashlee escalates in her rant against her mother, and then proposes a toast. She somberly toasts Alan as someone who showed her who you can count on, and then Coop Cooper, who believed her in her when no one else would, while clearly not including a toast to her mother. Soon after, Alan hands Doris a thick envelope of money as they honor agreements they made to help each other.

Daisy catches Ashlee peeking outside at Coop and encourages her to not regret taking this moment and to go out to talk to him, giving her a friendly nudge in his direction. Just as Ashlee gets a little closer, she overhears Coop on the phone with Ava, confirming their dinner plans for later that night, and she turns away, running back inside, devastated. Coop, oblivious to what just happened, soon returns inside and asks Daisy "Where's Ashlee?" He learns Ashlee overheard his conversation with Ava, and looks unhappy he may have hurt her.

At the hospital, Rick and Mel talk about Beth and the custody case and the Bauer BBQ. Rick tells Mel that Beth isn't going to leave her husband, and Mel tells him that means if he wants custody they have to crush her. Beth arrives at the hospital to see Rick but finds Mel first. They take little jabs at each other until Rick appears. Beth takes the opportunity to throw the final dig at Mel by letting her know she will be replacing Mel as host of the Bauer BBQ with Rick this year. Mel leaves, and Beth continues to talk to Rick about the BBQ as though everything is fine with them. A confused Rick points out he doesn't understand how they can plan a BBQ while at the same time take each other to court. Beth claims they are calling a truce for the day, as Rick questions if Alan even knows about this. Beth avoids answering and leaves.

Back at the mansion, Alan talks to Beth about his new plan to marry her right there at home with just family around them. He asks if things are going well with their plan about Rick, and she tells they are not going well at all. Alan feels Rick will be in a sentimental mood at the BBQ and more likely to speak well of Beth. He wants her to get Rick to speak of his feelings for her in front of everyone at the BBQ. Beth tries to talk him out of this, feeling it would be too embarrassing for Rick, but Alan insists they do it this way.

Natalia is at her new apartment, getting ready for her date with Remy, as she pauses to look at a picture of Gus with Rafe. Remy calls, and is on his way to pick her up, a short trip, since he lives just upstairs. Not long after that, someone knocks on the door and Natalia presumes its Remy but finds it is her son, Rafe, whom she wasn't expecting. Rafe isn't thrilled about the way his mother is dressed, thinking she is dressed too provocatively and not approving of her date choice either.

Gus arrives at Natalia's apartment shortly after Rafe does, though he isn't aware Rafe is there yet. Natalia gives Gus a tour of the tiny apartment, and he comments on her revealing dress, asking her if she thinks it fits! As she tells him she has a date, Rafe makes his presence known by interjecting that her date is with Remy. Surprised to see Rafe there, he tells him he should let him know where he is going instead of just taking off like he did. Gus questions Natalia's choice for a date as Rafe sides with Gus on that issue. Natalia points out to Gus that he doesn't have the right to say what she does with her life now, because he is not a part of it. Gus feels he is, because he is Rafe's father. Remy arrives for their date. Natalia leaves with him, leaving Gus alone in her apartment. Natalia tells him to lock up when he leaves and Remy smugly tells him not to wait up.

As Natalia and Remy return to her apartment after the date, we see Gus never left, using the excuse that he is fixing things around her apartment and installing a security system for her. Still in the hallway, Remy kisses a tipsy Natalia and she asks him to come inside. Gus hears this, and hides on the window ledge. Natalia and Remy kiss some more, but she stops and changes her mind, thinking it's not such a good idea since she's a little drunk. He easily honors her request and leaves on good terms. Somehow knowing Gus was there, Natalia firmly calls for "Nick" to come out of his hiding. He does, and tries to explain that he was trying to keep her safe by installing the alarm system. But she says unless he has some other reason to be there instead of home with his wife, he should leave. Appearing not eager to leave, he says he'll go, unless she wants him to fix the curtains. As she opens the door and he steps into the hall, she pauses, looking softly at him. She gently closes the door behind him. She stands with her back against the inside of the door with a look of desire denied, as he stands on the other side, paused for a moment more, with one hand on the door, then slowly sliding it away as he leaves.

Shortly after, someone knocks on the door. Natalia thinks it is Gus returning at first, but finds it is Remy, who says he just saw Gus leaving. He doesn't know what happened, but he wants the last word, and he pulls Natalia in for a kiss. She kisses him back, and smiles as he leaves her for the night.

On Main Street, Billy sees Dylan with a set of blueprints, for Dylan's personal purposes. Billy realizes Dylan is planning to work back into Harley's life and advises that it's hard going after a married woman. Gus and Harley seem pretty happy. Dylan feels things with Gus and Harley are changing, now that Gus' son and ex-girlfriend are in the picture. Perhaps there's a chance for him with Harley now. Harley, who is now also looking for Rafe and Gus, stops to ask Billy and Dylan if they have seen them. Billy and Dylan both get the impression there is trouble in paradise for Harley and Gus, and Billy excuses himself to let Dylan be alone with Harley. Dylan checks to see how Daisy is doing with all of the new family dynamics.

Harley is now at home and when she goes to the cookie jar for money to pay the babysitter, she discovers it's empty. She immediately believes Rafe stole the money. Gus returns home, and Harley learns he found Rafe at Natalia's but didn't know where he was now. Meanwhile, Rafe and Daisy are going to the movies on Main Street using the money Daisy took from the cookie jar. When Rafe questions her about it, Daisy tells him she will ask her grandfather for money at the BBQ tomorrow and pay Harley back.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Inside the Light: The Bauer Barbecue

On the news, Frank announces an evacuation of 1713 Coventry Road due to a gas main leak. As all the Springfield residents get the news, they realize the Bauer house is located on this street. At Company, Rick is still determined that the party is on. Beth decides to move the party to CO2 on Main Street, and Buzz agrees to co-host it. Beth is glad to be an honorary Bauer. She, grumbling Leah and Jude help Rick set up.

Meanwhile, Gus gathers his crew to get down to the picnic. While he's outside with Zack, the teens emerge from a closet, still desperate for time alone. Rafe asks Daisy if she hit up her grandparents and then replaced Harley's money before she notices. Daisy hasn't yet. She hands him what money she hasn't spent, asking him to put it back in the jar. Gus honks the horn, Daisy goes outside and Rafe attempts to replace part of the money. Harley stirs in the house and he jerks his hand back. She sees him near the jar. After he goes outside, she looks into the jar with a troubled expression.

At the picnic, Leah bickers with Rick over Beth. Mel has decided not to come, but Leah is upset about Beth being such a faker. She's certain Alan and Beth will find a way to cut him out of the child's life whether or not he gets custody of it. Josh runs into Beth, who wonders where Cassie is. Cassie's having one of her bad days and doesn't make it. Beth really wishes her the best. Meanwhile, Cassie goes to Company to order takeout and receives a pep talk from Buzz, which leads her to join Josh at the party.

At Company Gus tries to ask Rafe to join the three-legged race with him. He wonders if he's asking because Alan won't be there. Gus just thought they could crush Zack. Rafe agrees to think about it. The rest of the family goes down Main Street while Harley agrees to wait for Rafe to finish playing a game. Once they are gone she confronts him about stealing the money from the jar.

Rafe takes off in a rage and Harley follows him outside, telling him that she saw him put money in his pocket. Alan intervenes, offering cash on the spot for the missing money. He wonders if Harley even asked him if he did it. As Harley and Alan spar, Rafe takes off. Inside Company, he barrels past Daisy, saying this party sucks.

As Beth and Lillian take Rick down memory lane, thanking him for helping years ago with Bradley, Alan meets with his attorneys and discusses how Beth is kissing up to Rick to get him to say nice things about her in public. Cassie overhears it and crawls out of the bushes to announce she plans to tell everyone at the party. Alan says she tried that before at his wedding. She was seen as a grieving mother. If she tries it again now, she'll just look plain crazy.

The Bauer Barbecue bug bites Rick. He takes Beth aside and tries to explain how much he cares for her. As Alan and Cassie look on from a distance, Rick takes Beth's hand and says he wants to spend the rest of his days with her. Beth gasps. She wants to spend the rest of her days with him as well. They decide to get married at the picnic. Cassie immediately offers up almost minister Josh to officiate. Rick agrees that Josh can and they'll make it official later. Alan and Leah complain they've taken it too far.

Meanwhile, Daisy and Rafe return home. Daisy tries to find out what's bothering him. Instead of talking, they start kissing on the couch. Rafe is on top of her when Harley enters through the kitchen. Her eyes bulge in surprise and anger. She shoves Rafe off of Daisy, and then she accuses him of stealing from her and now trying to take advantage of her daughter. Rafe stalks out. Harley wonders if Daisy is okay. Daisy is more than okay. She's the one who initiated the make-out session, she informs Harley.

As Harley talks to Daisy, she discovers they have known each other all along since reform school. Harley screams that she and Rafe are not going to be a couple. Daisy proclaims she is in love with him and Harley can't stop them.

Meanwhile, Alan learns that Cassie had his car towed. As she gloats, he says she's no better than that fake minister of hers. Cassie declares it Independence Day for them all from the likes of Alan. Alan wanders to Company and destroys the decorations. Rafe finds him there and asks him what's wrong. Alan says he lost his car. Rafe offers him a ride. Alan wonders where Rafe's car is. Rafe says he doesn't have one but that never stopped him before. Alan and Rafe leave together.

Meanwhile, Beth and Rick go through their non-binding wedding ceremony with not quite a minister Josh guiding them. When they kiss at the end, all the fireworks go off. Lillian kisses them, ready for a fresh start. Afterward, Cassie is so proud of herself for the things she did at her worst moments because it put everyone where they were supposed to be. Josh holds her, wondering what she means by that. She says never mind and they kiss. A song plays as a montage of the residents roll across the screen: Gus alone at the picnic, Harley distressed as Daisy leans sadly against the outside wall of the house, Rick and Beth holding their baby, and Alan and Rafe leaving together.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Olivia pays Buzz a visit asking him if he's interested in turning Company into a chain – partnering with Olivia and Alexandra. She asks him if he's spoken to Reva lately. Buzz is questioning why Olivia is getting involved in Jeffrey and Reva's relationship. Olivia claims she's doing this because she's worried about Ava's well being. Buzz is onto her – she obsessed – should he call Reva and warn her? Olivia claims she's not obsessed. Buzz just wishes her good luck with her hotels and walks away from her.

Reva runs into Cassie on Main Street. She tells Reva things are looking up. Cassie fills Reva in on the marriage of Beth and Rick at the barbeque. She confides in Reva that she felt guilty about her switching the paternity results, but now feels it all worked out. Reva tells Cassie she wouldn't rat her out to Joshua. Cassie assures Reva Alan will never find out about the switch. The good guys won! Cassie takes out a surveillance record and the ID badge from the hospital – the only evidence of what she did with the record of the paternity of Beth's child. She was thinking about telling Josh, but after her confrontation with Alan, she now knows she did the right thing. She wants to destroy the two pieces. Reva tells her she'll take care of destroying them so that Josh doesn't see her do it.

Lillian talks with Lizzie at the mansion – Lizzie's packing – taking more of her things to the Beacon. Lillian tells Lizzie Beth married Rick at the Bauer barbeque. Lillian goes to Company and talks with Buzz asking him what happened to her. What has her life turned into? She tells him she's going to find an apartment and move out of the Spaulding mansion. She asks Buzz to go out with her. He accepts.

Rick and Beth go down to the station to make their marriage official, with Josh as their witness. Rick and Beth asked Josh and Cassie to be the godparents to their baby. Rick credits Cassie with discovering Alan's plan to alter the paternity test results. Beth wants to reach out to Cassie to make things right between them. Josh won't answer for Cassie, but agrees to get back to them. Rick and Beth clear the air about the battle over the paternity test. Beth tells Rick she's glad everything turned out the way they did because she knows Rick will always put her and the baby first – he'll never lie to her or play games with her. She's excited the baby will have an intact family with both her parents living under the same roof. She's relieved and grateful and it feels right.

Lizzie runs into Cassie on Main Street and expresses her unhappiness about not being told about her mother's wedding. She tells Cassie the whole thing is weird. She tells Cassie Rick and Beth don't even know she exists. Cassie tries to reassure her that everything will be alright. Lizzie cries to Cassie and they commiserate with each other over the loss of their daughters. The more positive she talks, the harder Lizzie cries.

Reva goes back to her room and takes out the DVD and the ID card. She takes out a lighter and lights the card. As she's melting the card, Josh walks in and asks her what she's doing. He notices the smells of the burning plastic and notices she's holding something behind her back. He pulls the card from her hand. Reva makes up a story about the card belonging to a married man she dated. Josh then reaches for the DVD – asks her what is on it. Reva tries to get the DVD away from him and he refuses. She's trying so hard to stop him from seeing the DVD, he's even more determined to find out what she's hiding. He takes the DVD and leaves. Reva tries to stop him but Olivia interrupts and demands to see Reva. Olivia tells Reva to leave Jeffrey alone. She tells Olivia she needs to let her leave before a lot of lives are ruined. She tells Olivia to leave Jeffrey alone – or if she's interested in him, go after him.

Rick and Beth go back to the Beacon to begin their married life together. Beth checks her phone and sees a missed call from Lizzie. She lists all the people they have to deal with – Leah, Lizzie, Alan. Rick tells her to focus on their new life together.

Lizzie tells Cassie she feels everyone is moving on – finding peace. She's not. She's stuck. Cassie comforts Lizzie. Lizzie tells Cassie she's going to make a good minister's wife. Lizzie leaves a voice mail for Beth telling her she's happy for her.

Frank bangs on the hotel room door to tell Rick his car's been vandalized. Frank tells them he feels they need to be careful.

Josh goes to the Lewis offices to watch the DVD. Cassie finds him there and sees the image on the TV of her sitting at the computer altering the DNA records. Josh asks her, "What have you done?"

Friday, July 6, 2007


Harley tells Gus about Daisy and Rafe-that they knew each other at juvie and she caught them kissing. She starts to tell him about Rafe lying and stealing money but Daisy jumps in and reveals that she was the one who stole Harley's money. Gus asks where Rafe is and Daisy reveals that he ran off after Harley lit into him. Harley then tells Gus that Daisy told her she is in love with Rafe. Harley and Gus then go to Natalia's and tells her about the Daisy/Rafe situation. Natalia is not happy about the prospect of Rafe living with his girlfriend when he should be concentrating on his studies. She thinks Rafe should move in with her. Gus does not think that is necessary but Natalia is still very concerned about Rafe getting distracted. She then rushes off to work and Gus returns home to speak to Daisy. Daisy apologizes for keeping her and Rafe's relationship a secret and points out that Harley does not need to protect her; Rafe is a great guy. Daisy tells Gus all about Rafe's good qualities and points out that Rafe stood there in silence when Harley reamed him out about stealing the money. Gus tells Daisy to back off Rafe. Daisy tells Gus that he is asking the impossible but Gus tells her what she is feeling for Rafe is just a crush. Gus points out that it is important for Rafe to have a good education and go to college and that cannot happen if he is with her. Gus tells Daisy to make the hard choice. When Gus is called away, Daisy goes to visit Natalia to ask for her help so she and Rafe can be together. However, Natalia sides with Gus and states the last thing Rafe needs is to be with Daisy. She wants her so to go to college and tells Daisy to stay away from him.

Rick and Beth are having lunch at Company when a not too happy Mel walks in. She reveals that Leah told her about their marriage. Rick tells Mel that she can use the house as long as she needs to. Mel states that she should be angry but is not since they clearly wanted this forever. She then quickly walks off. Beth follows her to smooth things over and Mel warns Beth not to come between Leah and her father or she will have to deal with her.

Alan shows Rafe around the mansion and the two bond over their mutual dislike of Harley. Alan tells Rafe that Harley married all of his sons and ruined all of their lives. As Alan is discussing how he and Gus used to be close until Harley came between them, he gets a call from his lawyer about Beth. Alan tells the lawyer to handle and then confesses to Rafe about his marital situation-his wife ran off with another man while he was in a coma. Suddenly, Rick and Beth barge in-Beth is there to get her things. Rick introduces himself to Rafe who is cold to the man who stole his grandfather's wife. Rick tries to warn Rafe that Alan is a liar and he Rafe should keep his distance. Alan tries to tell Rick that Beth belongs at the mansion and asks him to put her needs before his. At that point, Beth walks in and Alan pleads with her to stay with him. Trying to convince her to come back to him, Alan goes to hold her which prompts Rick to drag Alan away. That prompts Rafe to defend Alan by punching Rick in the nose.

A shocked Josh asks Cassie what she did. A defensive Cassie retorts what did Reva do-she promised to destroy the tape. Josh defends Reva and tells her that he knows what the tape means-she altered the paternity test. Josh accuses Cassie of playing God. He asks if she feels any guilt at all about what she did but Cassie is totally unremorseful. She defends her actions by pointing out that the baby will be much better off being raised by Rick. Josh is shocked at Cassie's nonchalant attitude but she believes that she did the right thing. She is secure in the knowledge that Rick and Beth will raise a well adjusted child; not a monster like Alan would. At this point, Reverend Rutledge drops by to ask Josh to observe a baptism. He suggests Cassie come along as well, prompting Josh to tell Cassie that they have been asked to be the godparents to Beth and Rick's baby. Cassie happily agrees. The reverend makes a comment about how lucky Josh is to have a woman like Cassie in his life and leaves. Cassie then asks Josh if he still feels lucky to have her in his life. Josh tells her he feels blessed. Cassie asks Josh if he is going to rat her out but he does not have an answer. Josh states that he is kicking himself for being oblivious to how desperate she was. Cassie continues to stand by her actions. When Josh asks what she thinks he should do, Cassie points out that he will probably follow his conscience and will not back her up. Josh takes a walk to clear his head and winds up at CO2. Harley happens by and tries to get him to tell her what is wrong. Josh tells her that he has a moral dilemma. He has a secret and he does not know what is worse-keeping it or telling the truth. Suddenly, Harley gets a call from the police station and goes off. She then calls Gus and tells him there is a situation at the Spauldings; guess who is in the middle? Harley arrives. After Rick and Beth leave, Harley offers to take Rafe home but he thinks he is being arrested and refuses to go with her. Harley states that he is not under arrest and grabs him. At that point, Gus arrives.

Alan is now downtown and literally bumps into Josh. Josh tells Alan that he needs to talk to him. Alan points out that he has a family emergency but Josh states that what he has to talk about is a family matter.

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