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Passions Recaps: The week of July 9, 2007 on PS
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Monday, July 9, 2007

Gwen and Sheridan catch up on old times. Gwen tells Sheridan that she is only here to wrap up her divorce and leave Harmony. Sheridan encourages Gwen not to let Ethan go. Gwen tells Sheridan that she refuses to stay with someone who doesn't love her. While the demon elf sits on the sideline laughing, both Gwen and Sheridan admit that they have an overwhelming urge to kill Theresa. Gwen is shocked that Sheridan feels the same way since she does not have the history with Theresa Gwen has. Gwen tells Sheridan that the current urge to kill Theresa is not similar to previous urges in that she felt remorse in trying to kill Theresa in the past, but currently she would find great pleasure in killing Theresa. Sheridan tells Gwen that she loves Luis with all her heart and cannot bear to see him die. In addition, she tells Gwen that there is a way to save Luis, but the price is extremely high. He/she wants Sheridan to kill Theresa. Gwen realizes that she and Sheridan share the same fate at the moment in that they both have the urge to kill Theresa.

Pilar prepares a huge meal for Luis, which she plans on dropping off on her visit to Luis. She convinces Theresa to tag along, but she refuses since she cannot do anything to help Luis. Pilar convinces Theresa to tell Ethan the truth about his son, but she keeps using the blackmailer as an excuse. Theresa receives a mysterious phone call and runs off.

Fancy and Luis are excited that they spent a passionate night together. Luis tells Fancy to let him go because there is no life for them together since he is on death row. Fancy refuses to give up on Luis. Luis tells Fancy that secrets have a way of coming out, so if she wants to talk about Pretty it's fine with him. Fancy agrees to discuss Pretty with Luis, but before she could tell Luis the story, Pilar shows up with Luis' food, and she tells Fancy not to tell Luis about Pretty because he is facing death, and she wants Luis to be happy since it's his last days on earth.

While holding a knife on Ethan, the blackmailer tells him that he/she knows Theresa's secret, and once he tells Ethan, his love affair with Theresa will be over. Ethan tells him/her that he loves Theresa, and nothing he hears about her will change his mind. The blackmailer tortures Ethan by dangling the secret over his head. He/she tells Ethan that the only way Ethan will learn the secret is if he promises to give up Theresa and be the man of the blackmailer's dreams forever and ever. Ethan tells him/her no deal, and also tells him/her that he/she is sick. The blackmailer is affected by Ethan's words because he/she keeps hearing voices in his/her head telling him/her that he/she is sick. He/she contains him/herself and threatens Ethan. He/she tells Ethan that if he/she cannot have Ethan, no one else will. Ethan gets in a struggle with the blackmailer and gains control of the weapon. Ethan realizes that it's better to play it cool with the blackmailer, so he pretends to be the blackmailer's friend. The blackmailer calms down and tells Ethan that he/she does not know how to be a friend. Ethan extends his arm out to the blackmailer, and he/she hugs Ethan and begins to cry. He/she tells Ethan that he/she wants to be a good person, but he/she has been hurt so much that he/she wants everyone to feel his/her pain. Ethan tells him/her that the only way to be free of the pain is to turn him/herself in and that he/she won't be alone. Ethan will be there with him/her as a friend. In addition, Ethan tells him/her that he/she will get the help he/she needs. The blackmailer refuses because he/she does not want to be locked up in a nut house. It would be pure torture. Ethan tells the blackmailer to exonerate Luis, and then and only then he/she will find the compassion he/she is seeking. Ethan pleads with the blackmailer. He wants to call Sam so that the blackmailer can turn him/herself in. The blackmailer begins to cry once again and tells Ethan that he is right and that he/she does not want to do this anymore. He tells Ethan to call Chief Bennett because he/she is willing to turn him/herself in and that Harmony‘s nightmare is over. Ethan is relieved and places his arm on the blackmailer's shoulder while he/she sobs.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tabitha, lonely without Endora, transforms herself into a cat so she can be close to her daughter while she's in the Good Witch School.

Gwen and Sheridan realize they have something in common when they discuss their murderous urges. They go to Father Lonigan, who tells them demons have been unleashed amongst them!

Eve gets a text message saying her long-lost son wants to meet her at Valerie's house. When she gets there, however, she's meet by an eerie, lurking presence.

Ethan convinces the Blackmailer to turn himself in. But when he turns his back, the Blackmailer escapes, determined to finish what he started!

Chad and Theresa compare their situations, both having kept secrets from the ones they loved. Chad urges Theresa to tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan's paternity before the secret destroys their love, and drives them apart forever.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Julian surprises Tabitha in her parlor and wants to know why Endora is not attending the preschool that he picked out for her. Tabitha tells him in no uncertain terms that he has no rights over Endora and that she does not want the same bad parenting that he did for Fox, Fancy and Ethan to spill over on Endora. Tabitha is suspicious when Julian acquiesces easily to her demands that he leave Endora alone. When she leaves the house, she looks around but does not notice him following her. Tabitha goes to an alley and disappears through a wall. She arrives at the Good Witch School to find her friend the good witch, embroiled in a battle with two bad witches who want to take Endora away. As Tabitha and the good witch exchange spells with the bad witches, Endora notices that Julian is in the alley. She opens the portal for him and he arrives nonplussed at the height of the battle.

On the docks, Gwen, under the influence of the flying demons that are controlled by the demon elf, tries to strangle Theresa. Theresa resists. Meanwhile a few yards away, Ethan spots Rebecca and questions her about Theresa. Rebecca denies any knowledge, but acts guilty. They hear Theresa scream and Ethan rushes to her aid. The demon elf is not happy that Theresa was able to defend herself. He calls his flying demon out of Gwen's head. She leaves Theresa lying on the docks, where Ethan and Rebecca find her. At first Theresa appears dead and Rebecca is delighted, but Ethan brings her around. She doesn't remember who her strangler was. Ethan is sure it was the blackmailer. Again he tries to get Theresa to tell her secret to him, but again she refuses, hoping against hope that somehow, the truth will remain buried. Later, Rebecca finds Gwen who has no memory of the events or her part in it. Gwen still wants to hurt Theresa by finding out her secret. The demon elf helps them out by providing a map to the USB stick that was hidden by JT Cornell and holds all the secrets that are being used to blackmail residents of Harmony. Gwen and Rebecca find the memory stick in Theresa's office.

Eve goes to an old house to find her son, but finds the blackmailer instead. She is tearful and outraged as she accuses the blackmailer of hurting her son. An obviously distraught Eve pours out her sad tale and tells how her son was taken and how she had been told that he was dead. The blackmailer accuses her of abandonment, but eventually her sincere love and distraught behavior convince the blackmailer that she is telling the truth about her love for her son. The truth is revealed. The blackmailer is Eve and Julian's son. Eve is devastated to learn the truth.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

After Eve's initial shock of learning that the blackmailer is her and Julian's long lost son, she wants the he/she to turn himself into authorities and get some much needed help. The blackmailer is against it and further tells Eve that he/she will continue to wreak havoc on the lives of Harmony residents. Eve apologizes to her son that she and Julian were not a part of his life. The he/she insults his mother by telling her that he is the way he is because of her and Julian's neglect.

Julian, meanwhile, is spying on Endora and he can't believe his eyes when he sees a witch fight in progress between Esmeralda and Tabitha against the bad witches. Endora uses her powers to magically bring Julian into the room where the fight is happening. Esmeralda informs Tabitha that the only way that Endora will be safe is for them to kill the bad witches with love. Against Tabitha's wishes, she gives in and after a few minutes the bad witches are powerless over the love spell. After some questioning by Julian, Tabitha finally confirms to Julian that both she and Endora are witches.

Ethan continues to plead with Theresa to divulge her secret but Theresa is scared. Theresa tells Ethan that she knows if Gwen finds out her secret first then she will use it to win Ethan back. Ethan once again reassures Theresa that would never happen but Theresa knows different. Ethan begins to leave Theresa on the wharf so he can find Gwen to demand she sign the divorce papers but Theresa begs him to stay.

Gwen and Rebecca are downloading information from JT's USB stick on the computer. Each one is trying to think what Theresa's secret will reveal. After reading some other dirt JT has on his stick, Theresa's file is available for review. With one click of the button, Theresa's secret is revealed. Gwen can't wait to tell Ethan that the secret Theresa is keeping is that he is Little Ethan's father. Rebecca is happy to know that Theresa's life is close to destruction.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Endora, Julian, and Tabitha won the battle with the evil witches, and now they are back in Harmony. Julian is curious about Endora and Tabitha and wants to know all there is to know about them. This is all so fascinating to him. He thinks of Ivy and Rebecca as witches, but he now realizes that Tabitha is the real deal. Tabitha reminisces and tells Julian that she made Timmy from a doll. She misses him so much. Endora conjures up two glasses of Martimmies so that Tabitha and Julian could toast to Timmy's memory. Julian remembers their night of passion and suggested that Tabitha had used witchcraft to make the night eventful. An insulted Tabitha reassures Julian that she does not need witchcraft to woo anyone. She is quite capable of handling herself without witchcraft. Tabitha teaches Julian a lesson for insulting her by conjuring up a female skeleton and chains her to Julian. Julian has suffered enough, so Tabitha releases the female skeleton. Julian makes a joke about it, and Endora loves his sense of humor. Julian asked Tabitha to use her witchcraft so that he can find out more about his son with Eve. He thinks that his son may have taken after him.

The blackmailer, Eve's son, blames Eve and Julian for being disfigured. The recreation drugs she took while she was pregnant damaged him; consequently, the blackmailer will never forgive Eve. Eve apologizes to her son, the blackmailer, and asks him to take off his mask, but he is not ready for that moment yet. He insists that Eve and Julian did not want him, but Eve keeps telling him that she was tricked into believing that he had died. Eve claims that she suffered all those years when she thought that her son had died. The blackmailer shows Eve his private and tells her that her suffering is nothing compared to his. No one wanted him because he was different. The blackmailer tells Eve that he made both Whitney and Simone suffer since they had a perfect life and he didn't. He killed Rae, and he made sure Whitney and Chad are no longer a couple.

Sheridan's conscience is working over time, and she cannot bring herself to kill Theresa. The demon elf is waiting in the wings to make sure Sheridan carries out the blackmailer's deed by taking possession of her spirits. On the other side of the wharf, Ethan tells Theresa that he doesn't care about her secret because he wants to be with her. Theresa seems to think that Gwen will use the secret against her preventing her from being with Ethan. Ethan leaves Sheridan with Theresa believing that she will be safe. He leaves to go finalize his divorce with Gwen. Sheridan and Theresa go for a bite to eat, and Theresa brings up Luis and Fancy. That's all Sheridan needs to hear. Her jealousy kicks in, and that's what the demon elf needs. He feeds off people's pain. Sheridan is now possessed, and she waste no time in poisoning Theresa's tea. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Gwen are celebrating over the fact that they know Theresa's secret. Gwen makes copies of the proof for Ethan so that Theresa won't be able to deny it. Gwen makes it very clear to Rebecca that all she wants to do is destroy Theresa. She under no certain terms wants Ethan back in her life. Rebecca keeps trying to pawn Ethan off on Gwen just to get revenge on Theresa, but Gwen stands her ground. She is very happy with the new man in her life. Rebecca gloats that Theresa will not only lose Ethan, but she will also lose the Crane money and power since Little Ethan is not a Crane. Ethan goes to Gwen to talk to her about Theresa, and coincidentally, Gwen also has something to tell Ethan about Theresa.

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