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Passions Recaps: The week of July 16, 2007 on PS
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Monday, July 16, 2007

Julian is hoping that Tabitha locates his son in her magic bowl. He wants to make up for lost time and starts being a good father since he was so terrible to his other children. Tabitha notices in her magic bowl that Julian's son is a monster and decides to keep it to herself. She does not want to break Julian's heart. Julian swears that Tabitha saw something, but she plays it off. She manages to get Julian out of the room, and she admits to Endora that she is sympathetic towards Julian, something she would not have done in the past. Maybe Tabitha is not a bad witch after all. Tabitha admits that Julian is good with Endora, and Endora is very fond of him. Julian senses that Tabitha is keeping something from him in regards to his son and asks her to level with him. Tabitha denies it.

The blackmailer confesses to Eve that he is the one who killed Rae, Simone's late partner, and Eve calls him a monster. That makes him very angry and hysterical. Eve apologizes to him and explains to him that he has done horrible things, which is why she calls him a monster. In addition, she tells him to call Sam Bennett and turn himself in because he cannot let an innocent man be executed for his crimes. He refuses to turn himself in because he feels he is justified. Eve disagrees and tells him there was no reason for killing Rae and hurt innocent people. He tells Eve that he punished Simone and Whitney because they had her love and he was all alone. He had no one to comfort him when he was hurt and no one to show him love. Eve holds the blackmailer, her son, and tells him that she loves him. Moreover, she tells him that if he wasn't taken away from her, she would have raised him in a loving home. Eve wants to show that she loves him if only he will let her. The blackmailer softens up and returns Eve's hug and tells her that's all he ever wanted. Eve tells him that she will be there for him, but he has to turn himself in for all those crimes he committed. The blackmailer turns on Eve after she tells him to turn himself in. He thinks Eve tricked him about loving him just to get him to turn himself in. He tells Eve that she is like all the others and proceeds to strangle her.

Ethan goes to Gwen to talk to her about Theresa, and coincidentally, Gwen also has something to tell Ethan about Theresa. Gwen tries to tell Ethan the truth about Theresa, but Ethan interrupts her to apologize for his behavior over the years. Ethan tells Gwen that as soon as the divorce is final, he intends to marry Theresa. Rebecca reminds Ethan that Theresa is already married to Jared. Ethan relays to Gwen Theresa's fear of her coming between the two, and Ethan wants assurance from Gwen that she will not interfere with Ethan being with Theresa. Gwen tells Ethan that he has the nerve to say that to her after all Theresa has put her through. Gwen prepares to tell Ethan the truth about Theresa.

The demon elf possesses Sheridan, and she poisons Theresa's tea. Theresa notices that Sheridan looks edgy and inquires why. Sheridan gives her a sly response. Theresa realizes that what she said about Luis and Fancy incensed Sheridan and explains to Sheridan that she is trying to be honest. Sheridan calls Theresa a hypocrite since she has been chasing Ethan all these years while married to Gwen. Sheridan tells Theresa that she will stop at nothing to get Luis back. Theresa decides to walk away from Sheridan until she calms down, but Sheridan is seething with anger. The demon elf decides to ease up a little so that Theresa won't get suspicious. Upon Theresa's return, Sheridan seems calmer and denies that she was every angry with Theresa.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fancy and Jared search for the Blackmailer... Fancy wanting to clear Luis, Jared wanting to help Theresa, vowing to kill if he loses her. Meanwhile, Theresa sips her poisoned tea while a possessed Sheridan urges her on. Theresa collapses to the floor gasping for air!

Ethan pleads with Gwen to leave Theresa alone and let them live happily. Gwen surprisingly agrees but first has something she feels he needs to know...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Miguel takes Kay to an old fashioned Bed and Breakfast where they share a fine dinner, heartfelt conversation then commit themselves to each other before God. Afterwards they make passionate love.

Back in Harmony Fox is drinking in a seedy bar when he spots Spike, who is inexplicably disguised as a leprechaun. When Fox notices Sam Bennett, Spike quickly hides. Sam chats with Fox, tells him he is looking for Spike and asks if he has seen him. Fox says, "No." Sam accepts his answer and starts to leave, but he is appalled to see that the bar has received an "A" rating from the health inspector and storms back in to tell the bartender to expect a visit from a less malleable inspector. Sam leaves huffily, failing to notice the leprechaun in dark glasses sitting at a nearby table reading a newspaper. Spike thanks Fox for not giving him up to am. Fox tells him he has a job. He demands that Spike kill Miguel for him. Spike reluctantly agrees.

At the coffee shop, Theresa is unconscious and Jared is giving her CPR with Fancy's assistance when Ethan, Gwen and Rebecca rush in. Sheridan is standing by and has a vague memory of poisoning the tea, while nearby, the evil elf gloats. Ethan recognizes the poison on Theresa's breath and goes to tell the EMTs what it is. When he comes back, he tells Jared that they have to get her breathing to inhale the antidote. Gwen is livid when she thinks that she will not get revenge on Theresa. She rushes over and slaps Theresa, while yelling at her. Theresa recovers and inhales the antidote. Fancy calls the police who come to investigate the attempted murder of Theresa, who, as usual suspects Gwen, but Ethan assures her that he and Gwen were together. Sheridan gets scared, but does not say anything. She leaves after asking a few questions. When Theresa revives, everyone hears her tell Ethan that he loves her. Jared is heartbroken and leaves for the office. Gwen realizes that her revenge will be even sweeter if she tortures Theresa for a while before telling Ethan the truth, that Little Ethan is his son.

At Valerie's house, Eve is almost strangled to death by her psycho son. She is saved when she pulls out his baby shoes that she has kept for all the years of their separation. He gets very emotional and breaks down. He tells Eve everything and she knows his crimes, including that he killed Ray. Eve tries to comfort him, but he runs to the bathroom and locks himself in and cries. Eve calls Julian and before she can tell him anything, he cuts off the conversation and heads for Valerie's house. He is adamant about seeing his son and despite Eve's attempts to prepare Julian, he believes that he is going to have a good relationship with a normal person. Eve tries to get their son to come out of the bathroom. When Julian finally opens the door, he finds that their son has fled through the bathroom window. At first Julian blames Eve, but Eve tries to tell Julian about their son's problems without telling him the specifics. She almost slips when Valerie, who had come home earlier, tells them that Luis' execution has been moved forward and is scheduled in just a few hours. Eve recovers and does not tell Julian the truth, that their son is responsible for the crimes, not Luis. Valerie goes back the office. Julian wants to know why his son did not want to meet him. He is surprised to learn that Eve never found out their son's name or any of the basics facts about him. Julian asks if their son has been in trouble and inquires laughingly if their son is a serial killer. Eve looks away guiltily, while psycho son listens in from outside, and mutters that if Eve tells his secrets to Julian he will have to kill both of them.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kay and Miguel return to Tabitha's house after a night of romance. Tabitha is pleased that the two have found their way back to each other. While Miguel is upstairs changing his clothes, Fox is outside the house with Spike who he has hired to kill Miguel. Fox makes his way inside the house to confront Kay and seek her forgiveness. Miguel goes outside to begin working on the car. He realizes he must put the car up on a jack to get underneath it. Tabitha decides to eavesdrop on Kay and Fox's conversation by looking into her magic bowl. To her shock, she sees Spike lurking in the bushes outside her house. She immediately realizes that Spike is there to kill Miguel and as she runs to go warn him, Edna and Norma appear and stop her in her tracks. Kay is unaware of the danger Miguel is in.

Julian continues to question Eve about their son but Eve will only share so much. Eve is torn that she can't be truthful with Julian. As they continue to talk on the wharf, Pilar interrupts them and seeks help for Luis. Eve becomes further torn when she knows that if she helps Luis by telling him she knows who is behind the crimes, then she will be turning her own son in. Julian receives an emergency call from the office and has to leave. After Pilar leaves to visit Luis, the he/she appears in front of Eve. He tells her that she cannot turn him in to save Luis.

Fancy is at the jail with Luis. She tells him that his execution has been moved up again. Even with time looking bleak, he continues to try to put the pieces of the mystery together to help his cause. Luis is under the assumption that whoever the blackmailer is that he/she has a vendetta against the people of Harmony. Fancy says she will go back out to see if anyone knows anything about the crimes.

Ethan demands to know what Gwen has to say but she just continues to toy with Theresa's emotions. Theresa is stunned that Gwen has found the USB stick and learned her secret. Gwen requests that Ethan brew some tea before she shares her news. While he is out of the room, Theresa begs for Gwen to keep her secret but Gwen has no sympathy. Theresa wants Ethan to leave with her but he refuses to leave until Gwen says what she has to say. Theresa is scared.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The blackmailer plays on Eve's emotions by asking her not to turn him in. Eve calls a psychiatrist since her son, the blackmailer, is in dire need of psychiatric help. The doctor advises Eve to call the police and get the blackmailer off the streets, but Eve refuses and states that it would be a death sentence to turn him in. The doctor agrees to see the Eve‘s son. Whitney and Chad are still battling it out over his indiscretions. She refuses to be alone with Chad. While Vincent is outside spying on them, Whitney tells Chad that he is in denial about being gay and tells him that their relationship is over and will be filing for divorce. Chad begs Whitney to take him back and promises not to cheat on her ever again. Whitney refuses, so Chad tells Whitney that he is filing for custody of Miles and their unborn child. Whitney tells Chad that no judge will grant him custody because he slept with a man. Whitney threatens to call the police if Chad doesn't leave, so he agrees to leave. After Chad leaves, Vincent shows up. Whitney does not want to invite him in, but he forces the issue. Whitney tells Vincent that he is evil and that she wants him to leave. He tells Whitney that he is part of her life forever. Eve gets home and tells Vincent to leave her house because he is not welcome there. Vincent throws Eve's past in her face, and she tells Vincent that she feels remorse for what she has done, but Vincent has no shame in that he relishes in destroying Chad and Whitney's marriage. Eve threatens to call the police if Vincent does not leave. Vincent convincingly tells Eve that he has already hurt Simone and Whitney, and Eve concludes that Vincent is her son.

Fox asks Kay for another chance and tells her that he is a changed man. Kay refuses to believe Fox. She does not understand how Fox expects her to forgive him after all that he has done. He feigned dying, and he framed Miguel for a crime he did not commit. That's just too much for Kay to forgive. She tells Fox that she will be spending the rest of her life with Miguel, and Fox has a thought in his head that she won't be spending the rest of her life with Miguel because he ordered Spike to kill him. Fox blames it all on Julian, but Kay won't change her mind. Kay tells Fox that even if she forgives him, it won't change anything because she loves Miguel and wants to be a family with him and Maria. Kay asks Fox for a divorce. Tabitha wants to intervene and save Miguel by preventing Spike from killing him, but Norma and Edna are summoned by the dark side to stop her. Since Tabitha has been declared a good witch, she can't seem to ignore someone in despair, especially someone who is like family to her. If Tabitha does noting, Endora will be more than happy to help if she gets a wind of it, so Tabitha tells Norma and Edna to be quiet. Tabitha tries to keep Endora distracted, but Endora knows that something is amiss, and she plans to do something about it. Endora gets to the window just in time to stop Spike from killing Miguel. She sends Spike into frenzy by spinning him around rapidly. Spike stops spinning, but he is intent on killing Miguel, and Endora is waiting to teach Spike a lesson. This time, she uses her magic spell and ties Spike to a pole with rope, and then tapes his mouth shut. The dark side is in an uproar because goodness is prevailing. Fox notices that Miguel is still alive and wonders why Spike did not carry out his wishes and kill Miguel. He goes outside and sees Spike behaving like a deranged person on drugs. Spike runs off because he does not want to be anywhere near Tabitha's house.

Ethan is dying to know what Gwen has to tell him about Theresa. Gwen wants to tell Ethan the secret, but she is intent on dragging it out just to torture Theresa. Just as Gwen is about to tell Ethan the truth, Jared enters the house, and Theresa tries to leave the room, but Rebecca stops her. Jared hides so that he can hear what Gwen has to say to Ethan. Gwen shocks everyone around her by telling Ethan that she is giving him a divorce so that he can be free to be with Theresa. Rebecca and Theresa are beside themselves with confusion. Ethan is ecstatic, but Jared doesn't think that Ethan will have it that easy. Gwen finally signs the divorce paper, hands it to Ethan, and walks out of the room. While Jared hides in a corner, Theresa asks Gwen why she did not tell Ethan the truth. Gwen tells Theresa that she does not want to hurt Ethan. Rebecca asks Gwen why she did what she did, and Gwen tells Rebecca that she wants to wait until Ethan is about to walk down the isle with Theresa, and then she will drop the bomb. Jared walks in on Theresa in Ethan's arms. Jared tells Theresa that he senses what was going on since the Book Café, and Theresa tells him that she never meant to hurt him. Jared is taking it pretty calmly. He tells Theresa that once Gwen divorced Ethan that it would have been difficult to compete with Ethan who is the love of her life. He agrees to give Theresa a divorce without her asking for it. He leaves to pack his things, and Theresa feels badly about the situation. Gwen hopes that Jared did not hear her saying that Ethan is Little Ethan's father, and Rebecca is wondering why Jared is not giving Theresa a hard time. Gwen tells her not to worry because she will make Theresa's life a living hell.

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