One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 16, 2007 on OLTL

Marty was irate when she learned that Miles was blackmailing Cole. Starr was distraught after learning that Cole had been helping Miles. Tate's behavior grew erratic, and Adriana realized that Rex had been right about Tate. Sarah showed up at Llanfair. Dorian intercepted a call from Todd and decided to do the right thing.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 16, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, July 16, 2007


Starr and Cole are in the park kissing when Brittany comes along and interrupts them. Starr is upset by her jabbing comments and snaps at Cole, who realizes that Starr's frustration is more due to her missing and worrying about her father. Cole gets a call from Miles who invites him and Starr to dinner with himself and Marty. Cole and Starr arrive at Rodi's and Miles and Marty aren't there yet, but they see Brit and her gang sitting in the corner. Blair comes by, having left Capricorn earlier and talks with Starr about why and Todd. Miles and Marty show up and Miles asks Blair to join them for dinner. She declines stating she doesn't want to be the 5th wheel and goes up to the bar to have a drink. Tensions are high at the table when Brit comes over to talk to Starr and Marty gets a phone call that she has to take away from the table. Brit tells Starr Cole is lying to her but Starr blows her off. After Marty's phone call is finished, Blair comes up to her and tells her she knows that Marty had nothing to do with Todd disappearing but knows that Miles and Cole both know something about it. Blair offers to help Marty get rid of Miles if she helps her to find Todd, who we see stumbling around in the park. He finds his "missing" poster on the map of the park and then falls down behind the bushes. He tries to call out for help but isn't heard.

Jessica and David come through their surgeries fine and are in the same recovery room. Jessica tells David that he's a hero and that she's incredibly grateful. David tells her to stop, that he's no hero. Nash sneaks in and then the nurse comes along and they take Jessica to her room, and Clint comes in to talk to David who tells him that Asa was going to give him $10 million for killing Spencer.

Rex and Sarah are at Capricorn and he tells her that if anything happened to Todd she could have been charged as an accessory to murder. Before Blair had left Capricorn she had run into Sarah who offered to be supportive, that she just was allergic to the idea of prison, but Blair doesn't want her help. Rex gets a call from Michael, who wants to meet. When Rex's phone rang Sarah took off to the hospital to find out how Jess was and then comes back to Capricorn.

Michael runs into Marcie at the hospital and she wanted to know why he took off. She explains her worries when she found out she can't get pregnant and that he's acting like he can't be with her and he's not taking her feelings into consideration when he up and left after she told him. He tells her that he is sorry and he loves her and Tommy more than anything, that they can try to adopt again, but that he needs to leave to meet with someone (he doesn't tell her it's Rex) – she's incredibly angry and hurt, refuses a kiss when he leaves and after he's gone whispered to herself "see you later."

Michael shows up at Capricorn and he and Rex talked about Tommy and Todd. Michael doesn't want Todd to show up again, ever, so he and Marcie can keep Tommy, as Todd will never stop until he finds his son, though he already has two kids. Michael just wants to keep his family intact. Sarah shows back up and wants to know why he and Michael were talking about Todd.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Rex goes to see Adriana but she's not there. Layla answers the door and tells him that Adriana is with Tate and they're at the funeral home. Rex tells Layla that he's worried about Adriana. She tells him that she dug himself too deep of a hole to get out of. He tells her that he knows there's something wrong with Tate and he's not the only one -- Bo thinks so too. She doesn't think that they have anything on Tate and that it's nothing more than Rex's jealousy and Bo's job. He tells her she forgave Vincent, but she tells him Vincent wanted to change and was truly sorry and she just doesn't see that happening with Rex. Rex tries making Layla understand that he just wants to protect Adriana.

Tate and Adriana meet with the funeral director, who is part Dominican, and Tate reacts strangely and both Adriana and the funeral director question his reaction. Tate tries to dodge discussing his father; he doesn't want a viewing, just wants things done quickly and quietly. Adriana suggests a public funeral to try to attract the OPP but he freaks out and doesn't care what she thinks and dismisses the idea. He apologizes for "being cynical". She tells him that she has to leave for work and she gives him a kiss on the cheek that he continues to wipe off after she's left. Tate is daydreaming about planning Adriana's funeral and is interrupted by the funeral director. After he leaves, Tate calls someone from the OPP and tells them he wants that "unpure bitch dead" as Rex walks in. When Adriana gets home she finds an OPP medallion with Tate's backpack.

Park security thinks they hear something in the bushes but they don't see Todd even though he's feet away from them. Todd eventually manages to get up on his own and stumble off.

Blair is trying to get Marty to work with her against Miles when Natalie comes up and interrupts. Blair asks about Jessica and David, who says "If you're willing to help somebody anything can happen." Natalie leaves to go do work and Marty tells Blair that Cole has nothing to do with Todd being missing. Blair tells Marty she knows the marriage is a sham, but Marty walks off. Starr and Cole are still at the table talking and he wants to know what Brit wanted. Starr tells him it's nothing; she's just being her normal bitchy self. Cole goes to talk to Brit on his own and tells her to stay away from Starr. As Miles is bringing drinks back, Spencer pops up and tells him just to go ahead and kill Todd -- or at the very least drug him up more so he doesn't sneak off. Miles becks Cole over and tells him to call his phone so he has an excuse to leave and brings the drinks back over to the table. Cole calls Miles' phone enough for it to ring and Miles fakes the call and Cole comes to sit down as Blair shows up and says she changed her mind about dinner. Miles apologizes but he really has to leave. Blair says she's going to call John and have him followed after Miles leaves, but Cole shouts "NO!" and tells her that Miles will figure out that they're onto him. Later Cole tells Marty that he knows about her secret and knows that she killed Spencer.

Natalie is at Rodi's in the corner doing work on a presentation when Vincent walks over. They chat and he tells her that she still misses John, but she turns the tables on him and asks about Layla and his love life. He tells her that she's only focusing so much on her work because she misses John and doesn't have anyone else in her life romantically. She tells him that she's got her first business trip coming up, she's excited. He tells her she'll do just fine. He has to leave as his meeting partner has just shown up. Natalie tells him it's good having him as a friend. John comes by later after having been to the hospital to give David back his ankle bracelet and tell him he'll still be bait to catch Spencer's murderer. He and Natalie talk about Marty and Miles and he tells her she doesn't know the whole story behind it and that she should stay away from Miles.

Miles goes under the bridge where he'd kept Todd, only to find him missing. Todd is still wandering around Llanview.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nash and Jessica talk: she and Bree miss each other. Nash says the doctor says she can go home soon. Jessica says she doesn't want to go home. Nash questions why. Jessica is scared that her body will reject the transplant again. Nash isn't scared and shows her some liver transplant brochures he'd been given. Jessica seems less worried. Nash and Jessica talk about the future, including her career and the possibility of more babies. Paige stops by. Nash follows her out and asks her to reassure Jessica that this liver transplant is going to work. Paige tells him she can't. Nash tells Jessica that Paige says she's doing fine. They talk about a wedding reception, and Nash surprises Jessica with a wedding ring of her own. It is inscribed "two bodies, one heart".

Dorian and Clint discuss Jessica's recovery. Clint's not ready to go home, because he doesn't want to confront Asa about the $10 million he paid David. Dorian reminds him that David saved Jessica's life. Clint thinks David really cares about Viki. Dorian thinks Viki cares about David, too. Dorian is worried that David will try to take Viki's money: Clint says David doesn't need money because he has just gotten a bunch from him. Dorian disagrees and wants Clint to tell Viki about David's extortion. When he declines, Dorian volunteers to do it. Clint reminds her they have a truce with Viki and she needs to honor it, then leaves to visit Jessica and David at the hospital.

Paige surprises Bo with chocolate cream puffs from a new bakery, hoping he'll forgive her for being distant the last few weeks. Bo says his family is eternally grateful to her for saving Jessica's life. Lindsay arrives and asks about the problem they'd discussed earlier. Bo explains awkwardly to a curious Paige. Paige leaves for the hospital. Afterward, Lindsay shows Bo a box of cream puffs (strawberry this time). Bo eats a cream puff while Lindsay tells him she wants to open the "Real Americans" exhibit to the public. Bo wants her to hold off until they're sure the OPP has left Llanview. Lindsay notices there are two boxes of cream puffs. The Mayor calls Bo to talk about David and the Truman case and Lindsay leaves.

John and Natalie arrive at the LPD. She tells him about Jessica's wedding. John asks who else was there, and is annoyed when Natalie tells him Miles. She says Miles is not a bad person, to which John responds, "He's much, much worse." Natalie asks why Miles is so bad. John says it's because he was Truman's little buddy. Natalie says that lots of people were friendly with Spencer. She can tell John is leaving something out and asks what it is; then she changes her mind and says that trying to read his mind is an old, bad habit. But, Natalie says, she treats friends pretty much the same as other relationships: she's going to have John's back no matter what, and she hopes one day he'll get that. He says he's starting to and he's glad they're not fighting any more.

Miles finds that Todd has disappeared from the spot under the bridge. Miles calls Hunter to come help him find Todd. Hunter shows up with a gun and they argue. Miles reminds Hunter that Todd has seen his face, so they both start working together to get to Todd before anyone else finds him. They discover Todd's tracks and then spot one of the flyers Blair distributed with Todd's photo. Miles gets a phone call from Cole and leaves Hunter to look for Todd while he returns to the police station.

Starr and Langston chat. Langston tells her about her date with Markko. Starr tells Langston that Britney is still trying to break them up, and relays Britney's accusation that Cole is lying to her. The next scene shows a split-screen with a four-way phone call among Britney and her posse (Heather, Amber, and Amy), where they discuss Britney's plans for Cole and Starr and Cole's secret. Britney gets the address of La Boule. Starr and Langston talk about Britney's jealousy. Starr says she won't let Britney ruin the trust that she and Cole have developed. Britney shows up at La Boule, wanting to tell the secret Cole is keeping.

Cole tells Marty he knows she's the one who killed Spencer, and demands to hear the truth. Marty wants to know how Cole found out. Marty will do anything to protect Cole and keep him safe. Cole wants to protect her, too, and he flashes back to Miles saying that Marty will go to prison if Cole tells the police about Todd. Marty says she loves Cole so much and tells him that she killed Spencer, and why she kept quiet. Cole tells her Miles played the tape for him and that Miles was holding Todd hostage. Marty cries that she's made her son an accessory to kidnapping and she is going to the police: the secret is killing her and Cole is in danger. Cole insists on going with her. They arrive at the station and see John, who says Marty can wait in his office. She tells him she's there to see Bo. Cole sneaks into the hallway to call Miles. He tells him to get to the police station right away before Marty can confess. Marty tells Bo she has a confession to make.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cris and Rex physically drag Sarah to Llanfair against her will; they think it's time for her to see her family. Clint stops by to see Viki and update her on Jess' condition. While Viki sings David's praises, Clint is ready to tell all about David. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by a knock on the door and are shocked to see their granddaughter\niece Sarah. They are terribly confused as Sarah weaves a tale of her life for the past two years and wonder how she met up with the guys. With a little prompting from them however, she's forced to reveal the truth. She's been living the life of a loser in Chicago, not managing a rock band touring the world as she led everyone to believe. She feels uncomfortable being in the prison of Llanview, likewise in London where her father is. She has no idea as to the whereabouts of her mother. Clint advises her that he will have to let her dad know that she's there. There's more surprises to come when Sarah is forced to admit that she also knew about Todd.

Dorian sings her own praises and how nice that makes it for her being in Clint's favor, much to Blair's annoyance. Blair is working on her website, dedicated to finding Todd, though she's not received any tips. Dorian believes they'll be better off without Todd and is disgusted to figure out that Blair still loves him. Blair challenges her aunt, suggesting that she just wants Blair for herself but Dorian just thinks that this time Todd will not be back. Starr deals with Britney who's come to tell her news of Todd. She just wouldn't be able to sleep if she didn't tell all, she gushes. Actually, she doesn't know anything directly about Todd but she knows someone who does, she clarifies. She overheard Cole speaking to Miles. Starr refuses to accept this, noting that Cole would never lie to her, especially about something so big. Britney taunts, Starr yells, and Blair comes downstairs to find out what's going on. Dorian has news though; it's just been reported that Marty has confessed to Spencer's murder. Starr's first thought is to dash down to the station to support Cole and reminds her relatives that they have nothing to say about Marty being in jail, not with so much experience of their own. Blair offers to drive her over.

Marty wants to make a confession to Bo as Miles shows up with Nat. Quickly, she announces that she killed Spencer and that Miles has been holding Todd. Miles is adamant that this information is not true but Marty says he's lying, and he's blackmailed her all along. Miles just claims it's a misunderstanding as Cole glares at him. John takes Marty into another room; he just can't believe she spilled everything and she should have come to him. He's been trying to fill in the blanks for her and he's angry. She feels she no longer had a choice for herself and Cole and she wants closure and healing for them. Bo decides to let John and Marty take as long as they need and he will just assume that John only learned everything just then, just when he did. A reporter is already at the station trying to get details. "Your twisted little party is over," Cole tells Miles and also that he will never control them again. Miles is hopeful that Cole hasn't divulged their secret yet but the boy feels that he's been wrong not to say anything. Minutes later, Bo questions Marty, verifying that John only just heard everything himself and suggesting John be careful wording his own questions, having just heard this confession for the first time. He asks why she's admitting the crime now and Marty stresses her need to protect her son from more lies and pretending. She won't tell them how she learned about Miles holding Todd. John states that he doesn't believe that Marty killed Spencer, even though she just wants to give her statement. Bo is inclined to go along with John and feels that they're not finished. In the waiting area, Miles tells Cole that he just wants to protect his family; Cole emphasizes that they are not his family. Miles reminds him that he saw Todd and didn't talk, but this doesn't put Cole off. He's been blackmailed by Miles too, who is awfully good at it. He's planning on talking and telling all. Marty doesn't want him to say anything but he insists. He's the one to tell Marty about Miles holding Todd. He didn't speak before because he was blackmailed with his mother's tape. John is infuriated and about to lose it. Blair and Starr arrive just in time to hear Cole say that he's known about Todd for quite awhile.

Todd pulls himself along the ground, trying to scavenge for something to eat or drink. He finds a cell phone and hopes to get a signal, tries to make a call.

Nat heads home from the police station and gets stuck having to work. She can't help but daydream about John and happier times.

Dorian answers Blair's left behind cell phone. It's difficult to understand the caller but she realizes it's Todd, asking for Blair!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Starr is devastated by Cole's betrayal. Dorian puts her own feelings aside and does the right thing for the sake of her family. John and Blair are on a mission to find Todd. Miles is oddly calm after secretly giving Hunter instructions on what to do next. Bo warns Marty and Miles that he'll uncover the whole truth about Spencer's murder and Todd's disappearance. Dorian comforts Starr, who comes face to face with Cole. Rex and Cristian tell Viki and Clint that Sarah could be in danger from Hunter. Sarah balks at the idea of living with either Viki or Clint and comes up with a surprising alternative. Tate covers his fury when Adriana confronts him with the OPP medallion and forces him to throw it away. Adriana tells Rex he might have been right about Tate, who grows increasingly more dangerous.

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