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Monday, July 23, 2007

Kendall was rushed into the emergency room. Zach hurried in soon after and found Kendall being examined by Joe. Joe said that Kendall was going into early labor and he was giving her medicine to stop her contractions. Kendall was very worried, but Zach calmly consoled her. Then, Joe gave Kendall a sonogram and revealed that the baby was a boy. Kendall and Zach looked at each other with joy. Kendall assumed they would name him Zachary Ethan, but Zach did not want this. Zach wanted his son to have a fresh start and a new name. Then, Zach stated that the baby wanted to come out early because he wanted to see his amazing mother. Zach promised Kendall that their son would be healthy as he held her in his arms. Meanwhile, Babe was in the waiting room with Ryan. Ryan asked where Spike was and Babe looked worried. Babe explained that Greenlee had Spike and that they should have been at the hospital already. Ryan was concerned and called Derek. Ryan wanted Derek to cut through bureaucratic tape and put out an Amber Alert immediately. Derek agreed. Meanwhile, Babe told Josh and Jamie her fears about Greenlee kidnapping Spike. Then, Babe asked Josh to find Erica and Jack because no one could get in touch with them. Then, Zach asked Babe to visit with Kendall, so he could talk to Ryan because he knew something was wrong. Ryan told Zach about the Amber Alert. Zach said he would have his men help with the search and asked that no one tell Kendall yet. Meanwhile, Babe sat by Kendall's side. Kendall's contractions had stopped and the baby appeared healthy, so Kendall was relaxed. Kendall asked how Spike was. Babe faked a smile and claimed that Spike was fine.

Ava met Lenny, the drug dealer, at the boathouse. Lenny was annoyed at Ava because of his last encounter with her and Jonathan. Ava explained that he saw Lily, not her. Then, just as Jonathan arrived, they began to flirt. Jonathan saw this and interrupted them. Ava was annoyed, so she kissed Lenny. Jonathan believed this was an act, but Ava protested. Ava claimed this was her true self and stated that she was not Jonathan's fantasy girl. Lenny told Jonathan to get the hint and leave. Jonathan grabbed Lenny and told him to stay away from Ava. Then, Jonathan left and Ava paid Lenny the money she owed him. Ava also gave Lenny extra money to buy more drugs. After Lenny left, Ava sat alone and cried as she swallowed some pills.

JR and Amanda were at The Comeback. JR informed Krystal that he resigned and moved out of the mansion. Krystal was shocked, but seemed even more surprised to hear that JR was staying with Amanda. Krystal warned JR that Amanda had issues, but JR said he could handle it. Then, Del and Aidan entered. Amanda was eager to tell Del that JR was her new house guest. Del and Aidan were not happy about this and wondered if JR could keep up with the chores. JR explained that he lived on a ship for a year, so he was capable of living a normal life. Del then challenged JR to a game of pool. If Del won, he would get Amanda's room and her bathroom with a Jacuzzi. If JR won, Del would do Amanda's chores for three months. Amanda was nervous because she did not want to lose her room, but JR assured a victory. So, JR beat Del and Amanda was ecstatic. Then, Jonathan entered looking distraught. Amanda tried to console him, but he angrily snapped at her. JR demanded that Jonathan treat Amanda with respect. Then, just as it seemed they were about to fight, Aidan got a call from Ryan. Aidan then announced that Kendall was in the hospital and that Greenlee kidnapped Spike.

Greenlee drove as Spike cried uncontrollably. Greenlee told Spike that she was his new mother and that they were going on a fun trip. Spike continued to cry. Greenlee then recalled Kendall and Spike together and began to sob. Greenlee realized that Spike wanted his real mother and apologized to the baby. Greenlee said she was going back to Pine Valley as she searched her purse for her cell phone. Then, Greenlee looked up and screamed. The car veered off the road and plummeted off a cliff! After the car came to a halt, there was no movement or sound at the crash site!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Everyone is on pins and needles as Kendall's condition remains serious and there is still no sign of Greenlee or Spike. Jack refuses to believe that Greenlee would deliberately disappear with Spike, but Erica is quick to point out that Greenlee is capable of anything. Meanwhile, Greenlee has survived the car accident and endures great pain as she manages to extract herself from the wreckage and drag herself to Spike, who was thrown from the car. Although still alive, Spike has suffered serious head injuries and later loses consciousness. Greenlee thinks back to the cause of the accident as she remembers planning on fleeing with Spike, but then having a change of heart and promising to take him back to Kendall. Tad urges an anxious Ryan not to give up hope. Jonathan wants to make Greenlee pay for what she's done. Zach can't keep the truth from Kendall, who goes into labor when she learns her son is missing.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kendall was distraught over Spike's disappearance. Zach tried to console her, but Kendall continued to cry and insisted that she was losing their baby. Then, Erica came in and asserted that Kendall was not losing her son. Erica stated that Kendall was a Kane woman and that Kane women fight for their children. Erica reminded Kendall that she brought Spike safely into the world. Erica then assured Kendall that her strength and courage would allow her to do the same for her next child. Kendall was inspired by this and calmed down, so Erica left the room. Erica was happy to see Jack, Josh, and Lily waiting for her outside. Lily was concerned about the statistics of Kendall's situation. Lily explained that baby's born at twenty-four weeks only had a 50% chance of survival. Lily also worried that Spike may not be found because 26% of children kidnapped by a relative were never recovered. Jack and Josh promised Lily that everything would be fine. Meanwhile, Kendall asked Zach if she could call Greenlee. Zach distracted Kendall with the picture of their baby's sonogram. Then, Kendall's joy turned to horror when she announced that her water broke. Joe and the other specialist rushed in and examined Kendall. Kendall and Zach hoped that the doctors could stop the contractions again, but this was not possible. Both doctors agreed that Kendall needed to deliver the baby immediately or the child would have no chance for survival.

Adam met Ava at the boathouse. Adam instantly knew that Ava was high on drugs. Adam chastised Ava for taking drugs, but Ava just sang and danced. Adam wanted Ava to tell Colby that she lied about his involvement in Sean's setup. Adam stated that he never told Ava to do anything illegal. Ava did not care and continued to laugh and act foolish. Adam became enraged and explained that his home was empty because of Ava's "dope-soaked brain." Ava then hugged Adam and stated that she was alone too. Adam quickly pushed Ava away. Ava proceeded to dance at the edge of the water and accidentally fell in. Ava screamed for help because she could not swim. Adam was annoyed since he did not want to jump into the cold water. Nevertheless, Adam jumped in and saved Ava. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Di were at the police station with Ryan and overheard an officer reporting a complaint about a girl at the boathouse. Jonathan and Di feared it was Ava, so they rushed there and found Adam with Ava. Adam claimed he was randomly passing by and saw the chance to be a Good Samaritan. Di wanted Adam to be checked out by the paramedics, but Adam refused. Adam then went home and drank by himself. Then, Ava was rushed to the hospital. Ava was screaming and freaking out as she was brought into an examining room. Jonathan then saw Lily and told her the news. Lily could not believe that Ava would take drugs. Jonathan admitted that Ava did this because he upset her. Then, Lily and Jonathan went into Ava's room. Ava was sedated and Jonathan went to her side, but Lily watched from a distance.

Ryan apologized to Derek for his rude behavior. Then, Annie, Babe, Krystal, Jamie, Di, and Aidan entered. Annie explained that they all wanted to help create a website that would gather information on Greenlee and Spike. Ryan thanked them, so they got to work. Meanwhile, Greenlee was tending to Spike at the crash site. Then, Greenlee saw her cell phone near the top of the cliff. Greenlee vowed that she would get Spike back to Kendall or die trying. So, Greenlee began to climb the steep rocks as she moaned with pain. Then, just as Greenlee reached the phone, a rock came lose and threw Greenlee to the ground. Luckily, the phone was knocked down also. However, Greenlee was even more badly injured now. It took all of Greenlee's strength to reach the phone and call Ryan. Ryan answered and interrogated Greenlee, but she was too weak to talk and passed out. While unconscious, Greenlee recalled her lonely childhood and her desire to have a family and to be wanted. Meanwhile, Aidan had the call traced and found Greenlee's location. Ryan and Aidan hurried off and found the crash site. Ryan saw Spike and began to cry. Ryan begged his son to wake up as the paramedics examined him. Meanwhile, back at the police station, Tad informed Babe, Krystal, and Jamie that Adam saved Ava and refused medical attention afterwards. Krystal looked worried.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rescue workers take Spike up on the helicopter as Ryan tells his son he will be right by his side. As workers tend to Greenlee, she stares at Ryan who barely acknowledges her existence.

Erica rushes in the hospital room to tell Kendall Spike has been found. Doctors wheel Kendall away to delivery room, but she catches a glimpse of Spike in the hospital bed beside her. Kendall screams out Spike's name in horror as Ryan and the doctors take Spike out of her sight. Joe tells Ryan that Spike has a lot of internal bleeding in his stomach and doctors must work quickly to repair the damage. Ryan promises his son that he and Kendall will hold him tightly after the doctors make him better. Annie rushes up behind Ryan to hold him as he weeps against the wall. Jonathan finds Ryan and says that he is surprised Greenlee did not get away. Joe tells Ryan that Spike's spleen is ruptured, but they need a blood match for a transfusion. Jonathan discovers he is a match and they rush off to perform the blood work. In shock, Ryan begins to feel guilty for even considering letting Greenlee have Spike. Joe comes out and tells Ryan the operation is finished, but the next 24 hours are critical for Spike's health. He and Annie go to be with Spike.

Greenlee is rolled into the hospital with Aidan by her side. She immediately asks Jackson, Babe, Annie and Amanda where Spike is. Jackson tells the girls that Greenlee was in an accident, but Aidan says the accident occurred north, meaning she was trying to take Spike back to her home. Jackson tells Greenlee that Spike is in surgery and Kendall was forced to deliver the baby, although doctors are not sure either children will survive. Greenlee asks Jackson to check on Spike to make sure he is OK.

Zach holds Kendall's hand tightly as they start the C-section. She begins to ask Zach what happened to Greenlee, but he does not answer her. Zach tells Kendall that nothing will spilt them up as she delivers her son, who is alive. Kendall demands to see her son, but Zach decided to go check on her sons to calm her down. Doctors take the newborn to another room to get him set up in the incubator. Josh finds Zach and tells him that the newborn is a miracle. Josh offers to go check on Spike so Zach can stay with his new son. Erica goes to see Kendall and updates her on Spike's condition. She tells Kendall to get some rest, but Kendall wants to stay awake for her sons. Erica finds Zach and offers to watch the baby so he can be with Kendall. Joe comes in and tells Kendall and Zach that Spike's spleen has been repaired. A pastor comes in and offers to Christian the new baby at Erica's request, but Kendall gets upset at her mother. Kendall demands to see her babies and tells Erica to get out of the room. To calm Kendall down, Joe gives her a sedative. Outside Kendall's room, Zach scolds Erica for contacting a preacher. She goes peeks into Kendall's room as the sedative kicks in. Zach goes and gets a close up look at his new son.

Krystal comes to check on Adam, but he is not interested in what she has to say. Krystal tells Adam he needs to take care of himself so he can stick around for his children. When Adam tries to make a toast, she knocks the cup out of his hand. Adam tells Krystal to go away, but she wants him to go and reconcile with his children. As Adam insults Krystal, she gets fed up and walks out. Adam decides to send a donation to Kendall and Zach as a way to offer his support for the family. Krystal goes to the hospital to check on Babe.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Annie rejoins her husband at the hospital, who has been parked over his son's crib through the night. Morose, he relates how much he blames himself for where Spike is right now. He tells her that when Spike came out of the general anesthesia, he made a sound that let him know that his son was experiencing a pain that no child should ever know, and that he felt helpless. The doctors came in after that and sedated him again, stating that it was the best option. She tells him that it's not his fault, and that he did what he did because he believed in the decency of the woman he used to love. She believes that he shouldn't be so hard on himself, because he is a hero but Ryan believes that heroes protect, and by letting Greenlee so close to his family, he failed to do so. He demands that she not ever call him that again. She shows him how easily she could blame what happened on herself, and he tells her that her ideas are crazy. Thus proving her point, Annie says that when Spike wakes up, he is going to need his daddy 100%, not someone concerned with beating themselves up. He then asks why she hasn't pulled out the "I told you so" yet. She tells him that what he is blaming himself for is in the past, and it is not what is important. Further, she explains that to berate the man that she loves and the man that is a wonderful father to his children would be pointless. She tells him that what they need is more good energy, but Ryan tells her that he can't handle any more coffee. She tells him that she has something else in mind, and plants a kiss on him. In that instant he realizes how much he loves her and how lucky he is to have her in his life.

On the other side of the hospital, Zach's visit with his infant son is interrupted when two staff members come to take him away for a cardiac echo. They tell him that his wife is waking up, so he goes to visit her. He walks in as Kendall is stirring, and when she sees him, she immediately asks how her sons are doing. He gives her all positive news, and then asks how she is. She admits that she is scared. She then says that she needs to see her babies but Zach gently wrestles her back into bed, saying that there are several things that the doctors want her to do before she starts getting up and around like eat. He opens the door to the room, and she is surprised to find that her loving hubby flew in one of their favorite chefs, Henri, from New York. He serves her and then leaves, and Zach explains that she needs to eat so the doctors can stop being concerned about her blood sugar. She nibbles at her food and then begs her husband to tell her that everything will be okay. He says that both boys have their parents' fight in them, and because of that, will be just fine. Then, Erica shows up and asks if she can interrupt for a few moments. They allow her in, and Erica says that she needs to apologize for bringing in the clergyman. She explains that she thought it would be of some comfort to Kendall, never thinking for a moment that she would be hurt. Kendall accepts her apology, on the condition that she helps out with planning a real christening in a few months. Erica happily agrees and then asks if they've thought of a name. Kendall tells her that too much had happened and they hadn't had a chance. Erica tells her not to worry about it, and then says that Bianca called and would be in Pine Valley if Miranda didn't have the chicken pox. Instead, she sent her love to Kendall and her boys over the wires. Erica then says that she has another apology to offer. Kendall doesn't think it is necessary, but Erica insists. She turns to Zach and tells him that she is sorry for trying to keep them apart. She thanks him for loving her daughter, and for taking such good care of her. She then spins a tale of comfort about how Joe told her the boys are doing well, and Kendall predictably says that she needs to see them. Erica tells her that although her worry is justified, she needs to take care of herself, and that listening to Zach would be the best thing to do. Knowing that all is now well, she excuses herself from the room after thanking them again for understanding. Once outside, she lets her tears flow and stalks away from the door. Inside, Kendall resumes her efforts to get out of bed and see her sons. Zach tells her that she has one more task pumping milk. Kendall is saddened, because she missed out on breastfeeding last time because of the drugs in her system. He assures her that she will get to hold him soon enough just before an orderly comes in and asks if she needs help with the machine. Once she's done, he gets her a wheelchair because even though the doctors told her to walk, the two ICUs are on different floors and opposite sides. She then tells him that she wants to see Spike first, and although slightly hurt, Zach hides it well, knowing it can't compare to what his wife is feeling.

Isolated in her room, Greenlee continues to think about what she'd done until her father shows up. She instantly asks after Spike and his baby brother, and Jack briefs her while setting the flowers he brought in down on her bedside table. He then asks how she is feeling, and Greenlee insists that she has to tell him what happened. Jack tells her that he doesn't want to know because he is just happy to finally know that his daughter is alive. Greenlee says that nothing matters if Spike doesn't make it. She then says that she did everything that she could to keep him alive. Jack wraps his arms around her comfortingly, but it only lasts a moment before Derek enters and says that he has questions for the patient. He gets the rundown of how she ended up in Kendall's car with Spike. In the process, he asks her how, when she agreed to follow the other car, she ended up 20 miles north of where they turned around. She tells him cryptically that she got completely lost. She thought that she knew what she was doing, but didn't. Knowing that there is more to the story, Derek starts to pressure her but Jack interrupts and tells Derek to go easy on her. Derek reminds Jack that he needs to find out all of the details, but Jack tells him that he has plenty of time and he needs to let Greenlee continue to recuperate. Just then, Erica barges in and upon seeing the police chief, announces that she is glad he is there so that he can arrest Greenlee. Despite Jack's pleadings, Erica is on the warpath and will not let up. Derek tells her that he isn't making any arrests until he has solid evidence. Erica tells him that the evidence is the victim lying in the ICU. She then launches herself at Greenlee and caustically recounts the sum total of her actions which got them where they are. Greenlee takes it all in silently, her tears the only indication that Erica is getting through. Finally, Jack pulls her claws out of his daughter and hauls her out of the room. Derek asks Greenlee if she needs a few moments, but she just wants to get the questioning over with. Derek takes a seat and asks how the accident happened.

On the other side of the door, Erica and Jack go toe to toe over her behaviour. Although Jack thinks that Erica will calm down once he reminds her that Spike and Baby Slater are his family too and that they don't know all the facts yet, Erica tells him that they both most certainly know and he needs to come to terms with that. Jack tells her that if Greenlee is found guilty of wrongdoing, she will be held accountable, but rumour and suspicion won't help in the here and now. Erica is still convinced, but another tirade is interrupted when Derek emerges from the room. She asks if he handcuffed Greenlee to the bed, but Derek tells her that he hadn't made an arrest because the investigation is still pending. Irate, Erica wonders what else he could possibly need to find out. Derek tells her that she might understand his position better if she heard the whole story, and leads both her and Jack to a nearby sitting area. There, he tells them that Greenlee would not have been found had she not called Ryan, but Erica is quick to dismiss that. He also tells her that her actions after the crash saved Spike's life, and the EMT commentary backs her claims up. Erica tells him that Greenlee should not be absolved of her crimes because she finally did one thing right, and Derek tells her that if he finds evidence of kidnapping, he will make sure she is punished. He leaves, and Jack asks Erica if she will stop demanding Greenlee's head on a platter now that they know she saved Spike's life. Erica refuses to crumble, knowing the truth of what happened, and noting that Greenlee suing for custody tells everyone else the truth as well.

Greenlee waits for the crowd to disperse and then exits her room on crutches. She makes her way to Spike's room and for once, it is empty of everyone except the patient. She looks in on him and after taking in the tubes and the monitors, she starts to apologize to him and admits that she made a huge mistake. Ryan and Annie return just then, and Ryan is completely infuriated that she dared to come near his son again. She tries to apologize to him too, but he doesn't want to hear it. He tells her that she is not to come near his family ever again and demands that she leave the room. She hesitates, so he grabs her arm as a means to help her out more quickly. Annie warns him to not get carried away, and Greenlee acquiesces and turns to leave. Upon facing the door, she finds Kendall and Zach in the doorway, glaring back at her.

Outside of their condo, Babe paces for lack of something better to do, and then tells her mother that she really wants to do something to help. Krystal says that she knows Kendall the best between the two of them, and should be able to figure out what Kendall would be doing if she or her boys weren't in the hospital. Thinking for a minute, Babe easily realizes that Kendall would be at Fusion.

A hospital employee tells Ava that she is free to go but the young hothead rips into her, demanding to know how they could drag someone in without their consent and then charge them a bunch of money. Babe comes up behind her and says that Fusion could help with the fees. Still incensed at being fired, Ava refuses help and tells Babe that the company could kiss off, but Babe is in no mood. She tells her a brief account of what happened to Kendall and her sons, and then tells Ava that she has no right to complain about her "problems". Realizing that she is right, Ava tells her that she will think about the offer but finally fully outraged, Babe tells her that it wasn't a question and that she doesn't have a choice. She grabs a protesting Ava by the arm and drags her out, insisting that she help save the company.



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