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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 23, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Carly searches for JJ, as Ava and Silas demand the music box from JJ. After taking JJ's cell phone, Silas informs Carly that he has JJ. Meanwhile, Jack tells Katie he's totally incommunicado for this night, and proposes to her. Katie hesitates to say "yes", when Carly comes in with news of JJ's kidnapping. Jack assumes this is another one of Carly's tricks. Carly persuades Jack to come with her, as Silas calls Jack. Aaron watches Alison flirt with Jesse, but leaves before Alison knees Jesse in the groin. Later, Aaron confronts Alison about coming on to Jesse. Alison says that Aaron thinks she's just a whore and walks out on him. When Susan finds Alison with drug paraphernalia, she urges Ali to go into rehab. Gwen tells Will she's pregnant, and he calls Bob to run some tests. Will and Gwen tell Barbara they're going to have a baby, and she's cheered by the news. When Noah asks what inspired Luke's "Invisible Girl," attracted Luke makes an excuse to leave. Luke is uncomfortable when Noah puts a hand on his shoulder, and later asks Maddie and Noah to go off with out him.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Meg is certain that running WorldWide is not for her, but Craig likes the challenge of teaching her. When a cleaning lady congratulates them on their happy marriage, Craig wonders why Meg didn't set the woman straight. Meg apologizes for leading Craig on. Later with some tough love, Meg continues to work hard at WorldWide. Silas and Ava bring a tied up JJ to a construction site. Silas becomes physically threatening when JJ keeps referring to Jack as JJ's dad. Silas and Ava reach a decision that they should have a backup plan in case Les lied about the key, and decide to ask for ransom for JJ. Concerned Katie and distressed Carly listen as Jack outlines the demands of the kidnappers for a key. Jack wants to take Katie and look for clues at the farm while Carly waits by the phone. But Carly's not having that and Jack agrees to take her with him, leaving Katie to liaison with Margo. Katie lets it slips that she'll soon be Jack's wife, and Margo worries that Katie's rushing into things. When Vienna's work gets in the way of their living arrangements, Henry decides they should look for a new place. Henry's not too impressed by the construction site the realtor takes them to, but Vienna is exuberant. JJ, hearing people nearby, screams for help, but Henry and Vienna think nothing of it. Meanwhile, Carly and Jack, working together, find the music box and a possible clue to what's happened to JJ.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

After an all-nighter, Meg is ready to hand WorldWide over to Lucinda, but Craig encourages her to stay on. Lucinda is convinced Meg will be Craig's puppet if she tries to run the company. Insulted, Meg decides to keep WorldWide, and Lucinda wonders if it's because Meg is attracted to Craig. Meg slaps her, and Lucinda insists Meg has betrayed Paul by sleeping with Craig. Ava finishes a ransom note, and removes her wig. JJ claims a bathroom emergency and convinces Silas to untie him. It seems he might escape, but he's caught when he drops the hammer he grabbed. Holden offers to get the needed $100,000 for JJ's ransom, but Jack announces that he's not paying the ransom. Brad learns JJ was kidnapped, as Carly blames Katie for what has happened. Jack receives a ransom note, and Carly goes to meet him at the station. Carly wants to pay the ransom, but Jack insists that it's better if they don't. Jack notices white dust on the ransom note and orders the dust analyzed. Carly tells Lily she needs money lots of it.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

When Gwen gets nauseous, Will takes her for some fresh air. Gwen reminds him that she wants the pregnancy to be their secret. Ali wants to know why Dusty's checking up on her. Dusty tells her he believes in her. Dusty says maybe she should get help in rehab and offers to help. Meanwhile, Aaron refuses Susan's request to visit Ali, but once Susan's gone, he goes and sees Ali and Dusty in close conversation. When Ali leaves, Dusty puts money under her check and an angry Aaron misinterprets. Katie and Brad make a TV appeal for JJ, and Katie's shocked that Brad cares. Jack sees dust on Henry's shoes and gets dust sample. Jack gets a lead, and asks Katie to find Carly. Carly convinces Lily to give her the ransom money and keep it secret. After dropping off the money, Carly rushes back hoping that JJ has been returned. Katie wonders why she'd think that and realizes Carly must have paid the ransom and placed Jack and JJ in danger. Ava wants to split and ditch the kid, as Jack stealthily approaches. JJ psyches Silas out and runs away, but Silas retrieves JJ. Ava leaves to pick up the ransom money at the drop-off site and JJ wonders why he's not going, too. Ava calls Silas to tell him she got the money. JJ wonders if Silas will let him go now, but Silas refuses.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Will and Gwen are taking care of Sage, who's scared about JJ and her dad. Barbara arrives for a visit and they tell her about JJ's kidnapping. While Sage goes to wash up, Barbara tells Will and Gwen that she'd like to start a trust fund for their baby, and that she'd also like to give them a monthly stipend to help them with school and family expenses. Although Will tries to argue with her about it, Gwen tells Barbara a simple "thank you" for thinking of them like that, and she takes Will in the other room and manages to convince him that they need to think about the baby now and accept Barbara's help. Will then tells Barbara thank you, too, and Barbara is pleased with Gwen's effect on Will. She leaves, and Gwen and Will put Sage to bed, telling her that Jack will find JJ, and that while Jack's gone, he and Gwen are her backup for him and will be there for her if she gets scared during the night. Will walks out, and Gwen tucks Sage in and sings her a lullaby, with Will hovering in the doorway listening.

Barbara goes to the Lakeview, where she gets a call from a Dr. Voss, who tells her that Paul is in the hospital, alive but in a coma with severe head injuries; stunned, Barbara asks if he's certain it's Paul, and he says yes, that they've checked his fingerprints. Barbara says she'll catch the next plane up there, and the doctor agrees she should hurry, because Paul is still in danger of dying.

At the Snyder farm, Meg and Parker are waiting for news about JJ when Craig comes to visit. Craig tries to get back on Parker's good side, reminding him of the friendship they used to have and accepting the blame for messing things up in that area. He finally starts to get back on Parker's good side when Parker comes across the Ouija board that Paul brought to the farm several weeks ago. Remembering that evening, Parker becomes depressed again and wants to go out for a walk; Meg tells him she wouldn't feel right if he were outside by himself this evening, so he agrees to go upstairs to read instead. Craig says he didn't mean to make anyone sad by joking about the Ouija board, but he can tell she misses Paul very much and that she was very much in love with Paul; she agrees and says, "And I still am." Craig tells Meg that he knows she feels things very intensely and that she has a hard time giving up on things, and he says he likes that about her because he's not like that; Meg responds by saying, "Yeah, right --- like with Johnny." She tells him that in a weird way, she can see that he would be a good father. He thanks her for that, and then Meg says that despite the heat and humidity, she feels cold tonight; Craig says he never knew what cold was until the night Bryant died. Meg says she hopes Jack and Carly never have to feel that kind of cold, and Craig replies, "Amen." Meg asks if Craig could try to work something out with Lucy so that he could see Johnny again, but he says that's difficult since he has no idea where Lucy and Johnny are. He admits that was his fault, saying Lucy asked him not to push, but he pushed anyway and drove them away, because pushing is who he is. Meg suggests he try changing that, and he says he did change, and everything was going swell --- he had the girl he wanted, but she was fooling him and seeing someone else on the side. He tells her that more than anything, he has always loved his children, and more than anything, his children are what he's screwed up in his life, but he had thought that maybe, with Meg, he could be a better father. Chagrined, Meg apologizes for having played with Craig's dreams like that, and he tells her it's not her fault and gives her a hug. As they embrace, Barbara walks up outside the porch and sees them; she immediately turns and leaves without telling Meg that Paul's alive.

At the construction site where JJ is being held, Silas and Ava, the kidnappers, can hear Jack approaching. Silas has Ava take JJ to the car, but JJ manages to drop a prized baseball card as a clue. When Jack walks in, he finds the card and knows JJ has indeed been there. Silas plants some dynamite and leaves the building, joining Ava and JJ in the car. JJ begs them to let him go find his dad and go home with him, but they tell him he's going to have to come with them now.

At Carly's house, Katie realizes that Carly must have paid the ransom if she's expecting JJ to be released, and she tells Carly that she may have put Jack in danger, because Jack had a lead he was following and has gone to try to find JJ, thinking he has time because the kidnappers will be waiting for their ransom money. Carly wants to call Jack but realizes the ringing phone would alert the kidnappers to his presence, so she leaves. Henry arrives, and Katie rails at him about Carly's actions and tells him how worried she is about Jack and JJ, saying she doesn't even know where Jack is. Henry says he thinks he knows, and Katie drags it out of him. Meanwhile, Carly goes to the police station to try to get Dallas Griffin to tell her where Jack is, but he says he can't, and that he can't contact him because it would be too dangerous. He suggests she go home and wait for the kidnappers to call; angry at being dismissed, Carly turns to leave, but then she overhears an officer tell Dallas that Jack was right about the construction dust, and they talk about the construction site 2 miles from the farm where the kidnappers are probably holding JJ. Armed with that information, Carly finds the construction site and walks in, calling for JJ. When Jack hears Carly, he shouts at her to get out, but just then, the dynamite explodes, and part of the building collapses onto Jack. Carly finds him and digs him out, but he's not breathing, so she performs CPR on him. He regains consciousness, as Katie walks in behind Carly. Carly asks Jack if JJ's there, and Jack manages to tell her no but that there was a card, before he loses consciousness again. Katie berates Carly for badgering Jack under the circumstances, but Carly screams that her boy is still missing, and Katie retorts, "And whose fault is that?!" An indignant Carly shouts at Katie to go wait outside for the ambulance. When the medics and police arrive, Carly tells them what Jack said about a card, and one of the officers finds the baseball card; Dallas asks Carly if she recognizes it, and she does, saying it was JJ's favorite card. Dallas promises they'll find him, and they leave, as Katie bends down and hugs Jack, telling him the answer to his proposal is yes and that she loves him so much; Jack mumbles back, "I love you, too ... Carly."

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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