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Passions Recaps: The week of July 23, 2007 on PS
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Tabitha gives Endora a warning to stop interfering with the boys in the basement because they will pay for the consequences. The boys in the basement order Norma and Edna to return for their eternal damnation. They make a bargain to kill Miguel in exchange for not returning to the basement. Norma finds Miguel's whereabouts in Tabitha's magic bowl and she is off to kill him with her ax. Kay and Miguel can't seem to keep their hands off each other. They make love. Norma tries to kill Miguel, and Endora intervenes by placing a protective bubble around Kay and Miguel. Tabitha tells Endora that she needs to stop interfering, but Endora cares too much for Miguel to listen to Tabitha. Frustrated that they cannot penetrate the protective barrier, Edna and Norma turn on each other by beating each other over the head.

Vincent admits to Eve that he is her son and also the blackmailer. Eve inquires if he is gay, and Vincent tells her that he is bisexual. He insists that Eve never cared for him and that she allowed his kidnapping. Eve tries to convince him otherwise, but he is too hurt to realize the truth. As a result of his suffering, he killed Rae and broke up Whitney's marriage in retaliation. Whitney comes downstairs to find Vincent and wants to know why he is still at her house. She asks Vincent to leave for the last time and mentions that Eve doesn't want him there either. Vincent tells Whitney that Eve may object to him leaving. Eve then tells Whitney that she has something to tell her. Whitney ignores Eve and tells Vincent to leave or else she will call the police. Whitney leaves to call the police, and Vincent tells Eve that she is a coward and that she is ashamed of him because she does not tell Whitney that they are siblings. In addition, he tells Eve that she will pay dearly for not telling Whitney the truth. Eve doesn't want to keep her son's identity a secret forever, but she doesn't know how to handle it. Furthermore, she doesn't want Luis to die for a crime he did not commit. Eve wishes she had the answers. She reaches for a pill in her bag and swallows it.

Theresa thanks Gwen for not telling Ethan her secret, but Gwen tells Rebecca that Theresa's end is coming soon. Ethan wishes Gwen happiness. Ethan asks Gwen about the new man in her life, and she glows with joy. He tells Gwen that she can see Jane whenever she pleases. Jared packs to leave for a hotel, and Theresa tries to stop him. She tells him that she never meant to hurt him and that she loved him. Jared tells her that she did not love him enough and that she only married him to protect her secret. Jared also knows that Ethan is Little Ethan's father. Theresa is shocked that Jared knows the truth and wants to know how he found out. He overheard her and Gwen, and then Gwen and Rebecca discussing it. Jared seems grateful that it's over since he is always battling Ethan. He tells Theresa that he doesn't hate her. Theresa wishes Jared well and tells him that it will take some time for her to get over him. Jared warns Theresa to be careful about trusting Gwen and Rebecca with her secret, and she tells him that she trusts Gwen not to reveal her secret to Ethan. Ethan gives Theresa a chance to tell him her secret, but she lies to him and tells him that the secret is not about him and her. Jared warns Gwen and Rebecca about trying to hurt Theresa and Ethan because it will come back to haunt them. Gwen realizes that Jared knows Theresa's secret, and she asks him why he kept quiet. Jared tells her that he lost Theresa, and that Gwen has lost Ethan ages ago. Furthermore, he has gotten over it; therefore, Gwen should get over it as well. Gwen is not worried because she feels that karma has already done its worst to her.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

With Luis' execution looming, reporters flock to Harmony to cover the story. Pilar makes her son his final meal, keeping herself busy so she doesn't crumble. Fancy and Sheridan fight over who should be with Luis on his final day. Sheridan threatens to tell Luis about Pretty, so he'll die knowing Fancy isn't an angel! Though Theresa is upset about her brother's pending execution, she is happy to finally wake up in Ethan's arms.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It is a new day in Harmony. Tabitha is having tea in the parlor with Endora when Norma and Edna stroll in. They believe that they are safe from the consequences of not killing Miguel. Tabitha advises them otherwise. They scurry around. Eventually Norma nails boards over the basement door. Tabitha tell Endora that it will not work, though the girls think otherwise. Before they can get away, they hear a rattling noise and the door flies open. Norma and Edna hold on for dear life as a strong wind starts sucking them in.

In the kitchen of the Crane mansion, Paloma and Noah declare their love for each other. Upstairs in the bedroom, Whitney comforts Theresa. Vincent calls and asks Theresa to give him a comment on the execution. Ethan is in his office trying to reach the governor to stop Luis' execution. He is unsuccessful and returns to the mansion to tell Theresa that he is waiting for a call back. Whitney leaves. Theresa and Ethan join Paloma and Noah in the kitchen. Downstairs, in the living room, Pilar interrupts a catfight between Fancy and Sheridan. Her solution is that they all cook for Luis. They join the others in the kitchen and reminisce about other family times—Miguel is conspicuously absent—when the cooked together. They comfort each other and hope for a miracle. Pilar is devastated when a radio newscaster announces that Luis' appeal to the governor has been rejected.

Julian arrives at Eve's house and immediately recognizes that she has been taking pills. He insists that she tell him why. Quickly she tells him her dilemma. She knows that her son is a murderer and that Luis is innocent. She does not want an innocent man to die, but she does not want her son to be taken by the police. Julian does not want to believe Eve, so he encourages her to wait before doing anything. They talk thing over, but Eve does not mention that their son is Vincent. Whitney goes to see Valerie and hears Vincent beating her up. She calls through the door, but Vincent leaves before she enters. Valerie tells Whitney that Vincent was beating her because he believed that she had told his secret. Whitney probes for the secret and reluctantly Valerie tells an incredulous Whitney that Vincent is her brother, the biological child of Julian and Eve. Back at Eve's house, Julian senses that Eve is holding something back. As he is questioning her, Vincent walks in. Julian insults his tabloid persona and tells him to leave. Vincent huffs out, calls him "Daddy," and Julian is stunned when Eve introduces Vincent as their son.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

With everyone visiting Luis in his death row cell, he gets the bad news that his stay of execution was rejected! Luis asks everyone to celebrate the good times instead of dwelling on his death. When Luis overhears Theresa and Pilar talking about little Ethan's paternity, he makes a last request of Theresa - tell Ethan the truth!

As Norma and Mrs. Wallace are being sucked back into the basement, they beg Tabitha and Endora for help. Though they're successful in escaping, the Chief Evil Officer of Tabitha's Basement, the Hooded Demon, appears in a fiery blaze, wanting what's his!

Friday, July 27, 2007

The hooded demon from the basement has come to take Endora from Tabitha based on her latest shenanigans. He thinks that Endora will suit him well because of her powers. Tabitha is no match for the hooded demon. She tries fighting the demon, but he strikes her with lightening bolts. An on looking Endora notices her mom in pain and decides to do something about it. She rescues Tabitha, and the hooded demon cages Tabitha, Norma, and Edna, so that he can have a clear shot at Endora without any interference. Endora uses her magic to help Tabitha, but the hooded demon is still an obstacle. The hooded demon tells Endora to go with him, and she refuses. She tells him that she is a good witch. Tabitha warns Endora that if she defies the hooded demon there will be hell to pay. The demon fires off a lightening bolt at Endora, and she blocks it with her powers. The demon tells Endora that he doesn't like her attitude, and Endora tells him that she doesn't like him period and zaps him. The demon is tired of Endora's behavior, and decides to kill her, but Endora's powers are stronger. She intercepts his powerful lightening bolt and turns it back on him. Tabitha helps to speed up the process by showering Endora with love, and the hooded demon is destroyed. Tabitha is excited that Endora has won the battle between her and the evil forces in the basement. It seems as if Norma is affected by Endora's victory. She is quite the intellectual now. She even shocks Edna and Tabitha. Endora uses her magic to bring some normalcy to Tabitha's house by getting rid of the debris caused by the fight with the hooded demon.

Chad thinks that Vincent had an ulterior motive when he seduced him. Meanwhile, Julian questions Vincent about his latest attire. He is in the "he/she" garb, and Julian finally figures out that he is the blackmailer. Julian tells Vincent that he needs help, and he blames them for his predicament. He tells them that he hates them both. Julian can't get over what he is seeing and wishes that it were all a nightmare. Julian is concerned with the image of Crane Industries, and he is going to do all he can to keep Vincent's misdeeds under wraps. A drunken Eve murmurs about her ‘poor' Vincent, and Whitney wants to know where is the concern for her and Chad. Whitney and Chad wants to question Vincent, but Julian forbids it. Whitney knows that Eve and Julian are keeping something from her, and she wants the truth. Chad remarks that there is something different about Vincent in that there was a time that Vincent reminded him of Whitney. That is just too much information for Whitney, so she changes the subject and lashes out at Eve for letting her secrets ruin the family. Everyone leaves to go oversee Luis' execution. Eve wants to do something to stop it, but Julian prevents her from doing so.

Fancy proposes to Luis, and Sheridan is beside herself. Luis accepts Fancy's proposal and kisses her while a shocked Sheridan looks on. A jealous Sheridan tries to guilt Luis about marrying Fancy since she will be a widow after he is executed. Luis sees right through Sheridan. He thinks that she is trying to come between him and Fancy, and Sheridan denies it. Fancy returns with the marriage license only to find that Luis has changed his mind. Fancy accuses Sheridan of convincing Luis to rethink the wedding, and she can't believe the gall of Sheridan. Vincent shows up at the jail, and Sheridan excuses herself to see what Vincent wants. He comes to collect on his debt. Sheridan was supposed to kill Theresa, but she was not successful. Sheridan tells Vincent that he has not held up his end of the bargain either, so he shows Sheridan a picture of Pretty boarding a plane to Harmony. Luis makes Fancy the happiest woman by telling her that the wedding is on again. Luis asks Fancy one last time to tell him what happened between her and Pretty. Meanwhile, Pretty is getting comfortable on her flight to Harmony. Sheridan gloats that it will be her pleasure to pay Fancy back for stealing Luis.

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