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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 16, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, July 16, 2007

Ava came home still dressed like Lily. Ava began to tell Jonathan about her photo shoot when she realized he was looking at her differently. Ava looked upset and ran upstairs. Jonathan followed Ava and found her looking into a mirror. Jonathan approached her and caressed her blonde hair. Then, Jonathan kissed Ava and gently carried her into bed. Then, they made love. Afterwards, Jonathan fell asleep and Ava cried as she touched her blonde hair that looked like Lily's. Then, Ava left and Jonathan awoke. Jonathan searched around town for Ava, but could not find her. Then, Jonathan returned home. As he picked up Ava's clothes from the floor, he looked concerned.

JR went to The Comeback to see Krystal. Krystal stated that she saw how much JR loved Little Adam at the Christening. However, Krystal warned JR that if he did not change his ways, Little Adam might emulate his bad behavior. JR vowed that he would never force Little Adam into the Chandler mold. JR promised to love his son, no matter what. Krystal said that Adam probably felt the same way when JR was little. Krystal further stated that Adam did not deserve to be double crossed by JR. Krystal hoped that Little Adam would never cause JR the same pain. JR believed that Krystal still loved Adam, but she denied this. Meanwhile, Colby was outside with Sean. Colby wanted to meet Sean on the beach during his community service. Sean told Colby not to come because he wanted to take her out on a real date. Then, Sean left. However, Colby did not listen to Sean. Colby took some food, so she could surprise him with a picnic on the beach. Meanwhile, Sean got to the beach and found Ava crying. Ava described her night with Jonathan and explained that Jonathan only saw her as a cheap knock off of Lily. Sean felt bad and hugged Ava just as Colby arrived. Colby was appalled and ran off without letting Sean explain. Ava then apologized to Sean and said she would speak to Colby on his behalf.

Zach and Ryan were in New York. Zach was looking over the business plan for a second time and began to have some doubts about investing with Ryan. Ryan believed Greenlee was the real issue. Zach admitted this and asked Ryan to stop inviting Greenlee into their lives. Ryan said that Kendall and Annie were adults and could handle Greenlee on their own. Ryan proposed that they both stop worrying about Greenlee. Zach agreed. However, soon after they each called their wives to make sure that Greenlee was not causing any trouble. Then, they went to their meeting. Afterwards, they each got a scotch and Zach made a toast "to family."

Greenlee, Di, Amanda, Babe, and Annie were at Kendall's house for their Fusion sleepover. Kendall handed out bags to each woman which contained green sweatpants and a shirt that read, "Green is always in." The other women were worried that Kendall was going to put them through another motivational seminar. However, Kendall said that this was about bonding because Fusion needed to present a united front. Kendall then reminisced about those they lost. Greenlee remarked that Simone would have loved the sleepover. Everyone agreed and began working. Then, Josh arrived with ice cream and the DVD of the Fusion promo. Greenlee was glad to see him and they proceeded to flirt openly. Meanwhile, everyone was anxious to see the promo, but Di wanted to wait for Ava. Di then called Ava numerous times, but got no response. Amanda wondered why Ava was late, so Di told her about Ava and Jonathan's relationship. Amanda worried that Jonathan was still not over Lily. Then, everyone decided that they could not wait for Ava and watched the promo. Everyone thought it was a great success. Then, Josh left and Greenlee asked Babe why she dumped Josh. Babe stated that she was married and that it was "complicated." Kendall remarked that Babe chose a toad over a prince. Amanda was annoyed and stuck up for JR and reminded Kendall that Josh was not perfect. Then, everyone calmed down and ate ice cream. They all recalled having sleepovers during their youth. Then, Spike woke up and everyone went to play with him as Greenlee watched from a distance. Then, Babe turned on the stereo and the song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" played. Greenlee laughed and said that Kendall must have picked this song. So, everyone picked up a hairbrush and pretended it was a microphone. Then, everyone danced and hugged and jumped around as they sang together.

Erica and Jack met in a suite at the Yacht Club. Jack planned a romantic dinner with candles and flowers. Erica was elated. Then, Jack announced that he had a surprise. Jack tracked down the phone number of the million dollar mystery donor. Erica was excited, but she was not sure if they should reveal the donor. Erica worried that if they exposed him then he might expose them. Jack was not concerned, so Erica told him to make the call. Jack then dialed the number and it went straight to Greenlee's voicemail. Jack looked stunned and hung up immediately. Erica asked who it was, so Jack lied. Jack claimed that the number was disconnected. Erica was intrigued and wanted Pam to produce a whole show on the man behind the donation. Jack distracted Erica from this idea by promising to donate one million dollars to the Miranda Center himself. Then, Jack grabbed Erica and kissed her.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The morning after the Fusion slumber party, Di continued to try to reach Ava but to no avail. Rachael the babysitter needed to hand off Spike to someone and the only available body was Greenlee. She said she couldn't take him and ran like he was nuclear waste. Annie then went over and took the baby as she exchanged looks with Greenlee. Kendall finished her phone call and asked Greenlee to take Spike. Reluctantly she complied. Erica then arrived and spoiled the Spike Greenlee moment. Erica called Greenlee a boa constrictor, but Kendall said they were all getting along. Erica immediately walked over and took Spike from Greenlee. After Erica left, Kendall apologized for her mother's behavior. After everyone else was gone, Greenlee and Kendall sat and bonded and agreed that they were the same as before.

Little did the Fusion girls know that Ava slept all night on a pool table at The Comeback. Colby arrived and woke up Ava who then began drinking. They then had a catfight about Sean volleying him back and forth. Ava told Colby to quit being an idiot. After a few more harsh words from both, Ava then admitted that she was the one who put the pills in Sean's pocket. She was just in time for Sean to hear her. Ava told them that Adam offered her money so what did they expect her to do. Colby told her to tell the police and get the charge off of Sean's record and she said she would. Sean then told Ava that Lily knew that she slept with Jonathan. Ava ran out. Krystal came to the bar and when she asked Colby what was wrong, she said that her dad was wrong.

When Ava arrived at Lily's she told her that Jonathan and she slept together. She also said that Jonathan did not make love to her, but to Lily. Ava tried to explain the whole thing but Ava became a bit out of control. As Ava's rant continued, Lily became nervous and started rocking. Ava then applied red lipstick and when she saw Lily she immediately took it off and tried to calm her down. After Lily was calmer Ava told her that she could no longer be something she is not and that she had to be herself. Ava then went into the other room and returned with her dark hair, but a gloomy outlook. Lily reached out to Ava and touched her on the shoulder.

Erica and Krystal bumped into each other and Erica told her that if she loved Adam she needed to stop being such a fool. Erica also suggested Krystal watch her show because she needed it. Babe then saw Krystal and she told her about Tad's suggestion that they move into together so they could share the parenting of Jenny. Babe reassured Krystal that she would make the right decision.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ava told Lily to stop touching her because Ava did not want to stress out Lily. Lily removed her hand from Ava's shoulder and Ava began to cry. Ava said that Lily was the only person she ever truly cared about. Lily stated that it seemed like Ava cared for Jonathan. Ava said that her relationship with Jonathan was a mistake because she did not want to hurt Lily in any way. Then, Jonathan knocked on the door and Lily opened it. Jonathan said he was there to see Ava. Lily stated that Ava was very upset. Lily further explained that Ava felt as if Jonathan made love to Lily instead of her. Lily admitted that she did not understand how Ava could feel this way. Jonathan looked uncomfortable and said that he did not know how to discuss this with Lily. Then, Ava approached Jonathan. He was shocked to see Ava's brown hair and wondered what the women of Fusion would think. Ava then accused him of not liking her hair because she no longer looked like Lily. Jonathan said her hair looked beautiful and affirmed that he cared about her very much. Lily heard this and began to count. Ava saw that Lily was distressed and asked Jonathan to leave, but Lily left instead. Ava assumed that Jonathan wanted to run after Lily and help her, but Jonathan said he was there for Ava, not Lily. Ava told Jonathan to leave her alone and stormed out of the house. Then, Jonathan went to the boathouse. Jonathan called Sean and asked him to check on Lily. Then, Amanda arrived and Jonathan discussed his issues with Ava. Amanda stated that Ava was trouble and that Jonathan knew this from the start. Then, Ava arrived and secretly listened as Amanda asked Jonathan if he still loved Lily. Jonathan said he would always love Lily. Ava heard this and left. Then, Jonathan explained that he did not love Lily like a husband anymore. Jonathan also said that he cared about Ava because she was special and not because she looked like Lily.

Josh and JR had a business meeting at the Chandler mansion. Josh stated that the company was doing very poorly because of JR and Adam. JR tried to taunt Josh about being raised by Dr. Madden, but Josh did not care. Josh explained that he was going to dismantle Chandler and sell the pieces. JR was infuriated and told Josh to get out of his house. Josh asked if JR was resigning and JR said nothing. Josh assumed that JR wanted to quit and left with a smile on his face. JR then went to see Tad at The Comeback. JR told Tad that he might resign. Tad thought this was a great idea. Tad reminded JR that he had Dixie's heart and soul and that leaving Chandler was his ticket to freedom. JR said he could not be free until he repaid Adam. Tad hoped that JR meant he would repay Adam monetarily and not vengefully. JR said that he was trying to make better decisions because he did not want Little Adam to act like a Chandler. Tad was proud of JR. Then, JR went home and told Adam that it was time to make things right between them once and for all.

Krystal walked into the Chandler mansion with a suitcase in her hand and Colby by her side. Adam sarcastically asked if Krystal was moving back in. Krystal said that she was moving Colby out of his home. Then, Colby went upstairs to pack. Adam asked why, so Krystal explained that Colby found out about the set up with Ava and Sean. Adam denied this, but Krystal would not listen. Krystal said that Adam could not stop Colby from liking a boy. Then, Colby entered and Krystal brought the suitcase to the car. Colby explained that when she first came to town she acted like a Chandler. However, Colby did not like herself when she acted this way. So, Colby asked Adam if he ever felt ashamed. Adam said that he regretted some of his mistakes. Adam also stated that he cherished Colby from the moment she was born. Adam believed that Colby was the only person he could count on. Colby replied that she could not count on Adam because he continually hurt her. Regardless, Adam felt that Colby would return, like she did before. Adam then stated that he would always love Colby because he was her father. Then, Krystal returned and Colby went to the car. Krystal proceeded to shock Adam with news that they were moving in with Tad. Adam accused Tad of trying to steal all of his children. Krystal asserted that this situation was about Colby, not Adam. Krystal then stated that Adam was incapable of caring for others and walked out.

Kendall, Greenlee, Babe, Annie and Di were at Fusion getting ready for their product launch in New York. They were tending to last minute details as they worried about Ava's disappearance. Then, Zach called Kendall and said he was stuck in traffic and would not make it back in time to take Spike. Kendall said it was fine because the nanny, Rachael, would watch Spike until Zach returned. Then, Rachael entered with Spike. Rachael was crying and said that her mother had a stroke. Kendall told Rachael to leave and go to her mother. Kendall then announced that she would take Spike to New York. Greenlee was very against this and Kendall was offended. So, Babe took Greenlee aside asked if she did not want Spike around because of her strong feelings for the baby. Greenlee denied this and said that the baby would be a distraction. Then, Greenlee asked how they would fit Spike, his car seat, and their products in one car. The women decided that Di and Annie would go to New York immediately and set up. Meanwhile, Kendall, Greenlee, and Babe would wait for Ava. And, Kendall, Babe, and Spike would go in one car and Greenlee in another. So, Di and Annie left and Ava finally arrived. The Fusion women were irate when they saw Ava's new hair color. Ava defiantly said she liked her hair and would not change it. So, Kendall fired her. Ava was shocked and left. Greenlee saw all of these mishaps as bad omens and wanted to call off the product launch. Kendall assured Greenlee that everything would be alright. However, as they left the office, Greenlee announced that she had a bad feeling about this.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

At the boathouse, Erica and Jackson agree to go to the courthouse to file paper to stop their divorce after revealing they still love each other on New Beginnings. As Jackson tries to hit on Erica, she turns him down with the cameras rolling. Erica tells the viewers to vote if they want her to divorce Jack and the crew takes the footage to be edited. After the camera crews are gone, Jackson hands Erica a letter that points out how he will make their marriage work, such as "I won't ship your luggage to the hotel" and "Under no circumstances ever, do you play pool with Tad Martin ever, ever again." Erica agrees to the rules, Jackson says Barbara is out of his life and they both pledge to support their children without interfering in their lives. They seal the contract with a kiss.

JR tells Adam that Josh informed him Zach is going to chop up Chandler Enterprises. As Adam insults JR, JR tries to tell Adam that is the only one who can get Chandler Enterprises back, especially since he quit the board earlier that day. Adam tells JR that he wanted Chandler so bad, he stole it from him, but now he can't even keep the business. JR tells Adam that he is the only one worthy to run Chandler Enterprises so he will give him his Chandler stocks. Adam thinks the idea is far-fetched, but he takes JR's shares. He says that he knows JR will want the stocks back, but JR says his plan is the only way to save both of them and their company. Tired of being treated so miserably, JR announces that he moving out of the mansion. JR tells his father he will see him later and leaves with a suitcase.

Babe tells Kendall to calm down as she rants about how Ava dyed her hair and showed up late for the modeling session in the car. Babe and Kendall call Greenlee, who is driving behind them, and they all start singing until Spike falls asleep. Babe puts on her headphones to listen to some music while Kendall makes sure Greenlee is not upset that Spike is joining them on the trip. Greenlee apologizes to Kendall for her insane behavior after arriving to town and the girls agree it seems like they are becoming friends again. When Spike wakes up, Greenlee gets saddened as she listens to Babe and Kendall fuss over him. Greenlee hangs up the phone and listens to a woman crying about losing everything on a radio talk show. Annoyed at the therapist, Greenlee shuts off the radio. After Kendall leaves Zach a sweet message, she loses control of her vehicle.

At The Comeback, Krystal tells Tad that she, Jenny and Colby accept his offer to move in together. Tad is thrilled that Krystal and her gang are moving in with him. Krystal says she is moving in with Tad to protect her family from Adam's clutches. Tad kisses Colby on the forehead and takes Jenny into the office. Ava waits outside bar a few minutes, thinking about the conservation she with Lily regarding Jonathan, and comes inside to ask Krystal for her job back. Krystal and Colby scold Ava for setting up Sean, even though Colby won't believe it was her father's idea. Ava tells them that she got fired from Fusion, but Krystal is not keen on her coming back to work. Ava offers to work for free so she can repay Krystal for the damages to the bar. Tad comes over to find out what is going on with Ava as Krystal tells Ava she is too much trouble to deal with. Ava tells them they shouldn't judge them, considering Krystal is a cheater and Colby doesn't even want to live with her own father. Krystal gives Ava her last paycheck and tells her not to come back to the bar anymore.

At the park, Jonathan tells Amanda about his relationship with Ava is confusing Lily. Jonathan says he knows that he should walk away from Ava, but isn't sure if he emotionally can. Amanda tells Jonathan that he has it bad for Ava, but she only rated as a "friend with benefits." Jonathan apologizes for treating Amanda so badly. Amanda leaves when she sees Jonathan looking around to see if Ava shows up.

Lily comes out of her room to discuss Jackson and Erica being back together with Sean. Sean tells Lily that he saw them kissing, so he is pretty sure the divorce is just an act. Moments later, Jackson and Erica come home to announce their reunion. They tell the children they are going to stop the divorce tomorrow and then will announce the news to the world on the show. Lily tells Erica that she is still upset about her and Jonathan floating their wedding mementos away. Erica says she hopes Lily will feel that happiness again with someone special. Sean announces to Jackson that Ava admitted Adam hired her to set him up. Sean agrees to keep his eye for the night while he and Erica spend some time together in a secluded location.

Friday, July 20, 2007

While stuck in Manhattan traffic, Ryan reviews some business information while Zach is preoccupied by how long they are being delayed. Ryan offers up a bear that Zach purchased for his soon-to-be-born child as a way to calm him down. He then tells Zach how becoming a father changed his perspective on life, how he chooses to live it and his priorities in the world. Zach tells him that his only priorities are to keep his family safe and happy. He continues to fidget nervously, and Ryan asks what is bothering him and what he wants to do. Zach tells him simply that he wants to go back to Pine Valley.

After swerving off and back on to the road, both Babe and Greenlee (by phone) question what is going on. Kendall swears that she is fine, trying to blame it on a possum in the road, and then, when called out on her deception, possible indigestion. Greenlee is willing to accept that but Babe, on the other hand, can see Kendall's face and isn't so quick to accept what she is saying at face value. Kendall asks Babe to see if Spike is still hungry and, once Babe is distracted by the little boy in the back seat, she whispers to her unborn child that she hopes all is okay inside. She then tries to get back to business, but Babe is convinced that Kendall had a contraction. Kendall's reaction is to get Greenlee back on the phone so that her partner can set Babe straight. The exchange takes place, but Babe is still not convinced. Moments later, another wave of pain hits Kendall and she swerves all over the road again. Babe demands that she pull over, and that they go to the hospital. Kendall refuses treatment, saying that she might not be able to drive, but she can still sell. She pulls over, and as they wait for Greenlee to catch up, Babe tries to convince Kendall that going to New York without getting checked out is the wrong decision. Kendall tells her that there will be no more discussion and warns her against saying anything to Greenlee. As if responding to a call, Greenlee appears and asks what is going on. Babe tries to convey the urgency of the situation, and Greenlee asks Kendall if she feels equipped to do the launch. Kendall insists that she is going to New York with or without them, so everyone piles back into their cars. Once back on the road, Babe tells Kendall that she needs to promise that she will let a doctor check her out once they get to New York. Kendall starts to protest again, but is sidelined by a strange feeling in her stomach. She then tells Babe that they won't make it to New York, and that they need to go to a hospital right away. They pull over once again and although she tries to talk herself out of it, Kendall finally admits that she thinks there is something wrong with the baby. Kendall tells Greenlee that she has to drive Spike back while Babe stays with her since Babe knows what it's like to be pregnant. Greenlee has a mild meltdown thinking that she can't be alone with Spike but Kendall leaves her no choice. Kendall then tries to call her husband to tell him what happened, but once she hears his voice, she can't speak. Babe grabs the phone and is able to tell him that they are planning to take Kendall back to Pine Valley Hospital before the connection drops. They head back toward home and Kendall and Babe bond while trying to keep the expectant mother calm. Kendall admits that it's strange that she is okay with relying on Babe. She then says that there can't be anything wrong with the baby because it represents the hope that she and Zach have focused on since Alexander's Reign of Terror. Although she has no tangible proof, Babe tries to assure her that everything will be fine. Kendall continues to worry that perhaps she did something wrong and says that she would never forgive herself if her baby didn't make it into the world safely. Babe continues to reassure her, noting that her newest baby would be a miracle child, just like Miranda, and Spike, and Little A. They agree that they have plenty of time to make it to PVH, and Babe posits that Dr. Joe will examine her and tell her that there was no reason to worry. Kendall tells her that she said something similar to Greenlee when it was discovered that she could never carry a child to term.

Zach hangs up the phone on his end and relays to Ryan that Kendall is on her way to the hospital. Without knowing any other details, they both realize that they can't just sit in New York traffic. Simultaneously, they jump out of the car and head out randomly to find a fast way home. They keep running through the city until they find their way to a heliport. They bargain with the man on the ground and with a lot of begging and Ryan's watch, the men finally take off for Pine Valley.

Alone with her best friend's boy, Greenlee divulges that she was supposed to be his mommy. She also says that she'd always dreamed of having some time with him to tell him about his daddy and how much they loved and wanted him. However, after finding out that Kendall was the biological mom, people always felt the need to watch her to see how she would react around the baby and she admits she couldn't talk to him then. She then tells Spike that now, when it's just the two of them, she doesn't know where to start. She then gets lost in memories of losing her child, Kendall offering her body to carry a baby to term, finding out that the baby wasn't biologically hers and facing Kendall, who demanded that she not walk out on her son.

JR summons Amanda to the boathouse by saying that he needs to talk to her. When they meet up, JR is distracted by his attraction to her but Amanda wants an update on the promises he made. JR says that those things are important, but his actions show that his other interests take precedence. She tries to resist but eventually gives in and sinks into a passionate kiss. After making love, Amanda is determined to get back to the real reason they are there. He talks in circles for a while until she gets fed up, and then he tells her that he quit his job at Chandler and gave his shares to his father. She doesn't believe him at first, thinking that he couldn't have been so careless, especially when he owes her money. He doesn't flinch, and adds that it was easier than he thought to leave what used to be the family business. Infuriated, she pushes him head first into the water. He climbs out just as happy as he was before he went in. Amanda can't believe it because even though he is a Chandler, he is flat broke. JR tells her that she should feel free to get to know the new him, and then tells her that he is going to book a room at the Pine Cone. While Amanda sits down as a means to deal with her shock, JR tells her that he finds the whole idea of saving money instead of spending it recklessly new and interesting. JR jokes that she still wants him even though he is broke, but she tells him that she is unwilling to let him out of her sight, just in case he is trying to get out of giving her money. She then says that if he is broke, she doesn't want him spending any of her money on a motel, and tells him he can stay at least for one night.

All alone in the house formerly named Chandler, Adam emerges on to the patio to a dinner made for one. He is haunted in his head by the voices of the people that he loves, but that he pushed away. He lights a few candles and forlornly takes in the emptiness of his surroundings.

Colby, deep in her shift at the Comeback, tries to restore Sean's carving that she attacked in anger. Tad approaches and is a sympathetic ear when she makes it clear she wants to talk about her dad. She tells him that she'd seen her father deceive other people, but never thought that she would be treated the same way. Finding out that her father purposefully hurt someone that she cares about for no reason makes no sense, and angers her beyond belief. She wonders what comes next is her relationship with her father over? Tad tells her that family relations are never quite that easy. They go inside and sit for a spell, and Colby vents about how much her judgment has failed her when it came to Sean and her father. She then segues into talking about how she lost her mom by moving to Pine Valley, and how she is losing her dad as well. Tad tells her that the one thing that is written in stone is that Liza has one love her daughter. He assures Colby that she could never lose her mother, and what she thinks is aloofness is actually Liza letting her little girl find her own way into being an adult. He reminds her that she really is a good person, kisses her on the top of the head and takes his leave. She goes over to the bar and asks Krystal about why she is looking to hire new people. With Ava gone, Krystal tells her that they need another person to fill her place. She then goes on for a moment about how stupid it was for Ava to think that she could ditch them, bomb at Fusion and then get her job back, especially after her ruse with Adam was uncovered. Colby glumly notes that they should just forget about it, and Krystal wants to know why Colby isn't dancing around over the fact that she no longer has to go rounds with Ava every day. Colby tells her that while what Ava did was wrong, she can understand that Ava acts out because she was discarded by her own mother. Krystal seems somewhat amused that Colby is defending Ava, but the teen tells her that defense isn't her intention. However, she goes on to say that it must be hard to have the one person who is supposed to love you more than anything, hate you before anyone else has a chance to know you. She asks Krystal if she could really tell the difference between someone who screwed up and someone who always acts as though she did because that's all she knows. She then goes back to work, leaving Krystal to contemplate all she said.

Tad shows up at the Chandler mansion and can't stop himself from heckling Adam right out of the gate. Things turn serious quickly when Adam notes that Tad must be here to gloat about the fact that JR moved out as well. Tad is genuinely surprised but Adam doesn't believe him, since JR told him that Tad was partly responsible. He then says that JR also signed over his shares, and that seals his assessment of his son, since no sensible man would give up shares in something profitable. Tad dares to reject his notion, saying that it seems as though JR was done playing Adam's kind of game. Further, he expected Adam to be celebrating since he got things exactly the way he wanted them. Unwilling to be something other than self-centered and selfish, Adam refuses to celebrate because he thinks that JR is playing him for a fool buying him off with his remaining Chandler shares so that he can go after the $100 million guilt free. Tad tells him that he should stop trying to be so controlling for once and just stand back and be proud of his children. Now perceiving a threat, Adam fires back that Colby and JR are his kids, and that Tad can't have them. Frustrated with trying to get through, Tad looks on Adam with pity, shakes his head and takes his leave.

Kendall then starts to have more intense contractions, and Babe speeds up in an attempt to get them to the hospital faster. Behind them, Greenlee slows down and says out loud that from the moment Spike was conceived, he was supposed to belong to her. She claims him as her own once again and says that that there is only one way to make things right before turning the car around and heading back in the opposite direction.



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