One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 9, 2007 on OLTL

Miles decided to move Todd quickly to another spot. Jessica's body rejected her transplant. Kirk was murdered just before talking to Bo. Tate appeared distraught over his father's death. Jessica and Nash married as Jessica's health declined. Marcie gave Michael some bad news. Cole felt guilty over keeping the truth from Starr. Todd regained consciousness.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 9, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, July 9, 2007

Miles panics when Cole races out of the storage room seemingly intent on exposing his secret. Meanwhile, Blair barges into Marty's apartment demanding to know what she's done to Todd. Miles threats against Marty have the desired effect when Cole keeps quiet about seeing Miles and Todd. After finding the storage room empty, Blair calls John for help as Marty continues to maintain her innocence. Cole is guilt-ridden over lying to Starr but won't risk Marty being sent to prison. Miles envisions Spencer, who advises him to move Todd sooner rather than later. Miles drives off in Marty's car with Todd stashed away in the trunk. John concocts a plan to use a reluctant David to flush out Spencer's killer. David gets under John's skin when he points out that it's obvious John has feelings for Marty. Roxy jumps to her own conclusions when she learns David is staying with Viki at Llanfair. Nash contacts Viki after racing Jessica to the hospital. Paige has dire news about Jessica's condition.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Paige explains to Viki, Clint, Natalie and Nash that Jessica's only hope for survival is to find another compatible donor and undergo another transplant. David is genuinely supportive of Viki as their friendship grows. Nash refuses to accept the fact that Jessica could die and proposes to her. Paige informs Jessica's family that a potential donor has been found and shocks everyone when she reveals his identity. Cole is a nervous wreck as he continues to lie to John about seeing Miles with Todd. John puts out an APB on Miles hoping he will lead them to Todd. John questions Sarah, who has nothing new to share with him about Hunter. Rex is at his wits end as he watches over Sarah, who doesn't hold back about commenting on the state of his personal life. Tate visits his father in prison and implies he will continue to carry out the OPP's mission by whatever means necessary. Although he loves his son, Kirk can't bring himself to sit back and allow more innocent people to be killed and decides he needs to contact Bo. Tate meets with Clark, an OPP associate who wants to make sure that Kirk keeps his mouth shut.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bo receives a mysterious and urgent call from Kirk Harmon, asking to see him immediately. He and Talia consider that the man may have wanted to make some kind of deal but before they can figure it out, another call comes in, this time from the warden. Kirk is dead, stabbed by another prisoner. The cameras were blocked and the inmate is claiming self-defense. It's just too much of a coincidence, they think.

Sarah and Rex run into Adriana at the diner. The girls recognize each other and Sarah realizes this must be the girl that Rex is talking about in his sleep. He quickly denies sleeping with Sarah and his ex tells him she believes him, having heard the latest from Cristian. What little politeness is there quickly deteriorates when Tate saunters over and there are misunderstandings and accusations flung about. The couples retreat to their own tables and Tate talks about his father's behavior during his last visit. He was very venomous, he admits. Adriana is quick to offer her support. Sarah encourages Rex by telling him how much cuter he is than Tate, whom she calls a nerd. Suddenly, Sarah sees Bo and hiding behind a menu, sneaks out. Bo wants to talk to Tate and quietly tells him of his father's death. An obviously upset Tate rushes out for some air; Adriana quickly follows after. Rex and Bo discuss the confusion of the killer being a white skin-head and figure that Kirk was about to give up a name.

Astonishingly, David is a match for Jessica for a liver transplant. He's quite hesitant at first, especially when he hears that the surgery will be imminent, but he agrees to it. Nash proposes, Jessica accepts and a tearful Nat is ready to offer her assistance. It's a romantic surprise when he tells them that he's ready to marry before the surgery. Clint and Viki have news for everyone; David will be a donor. They hear news too, the upcoming marriage, happening very shortly. Viki is against it but she's overruled. Nash learns he needs a marriage license before the quickly arranged ceremony and Viki consents to Clint's request to ask a judge she knows to obtain one for them. Dorian is there too and tells everyone how she was the one who made David get tested. It's good Viki and David became close, she says charmingly. It's good that Dorian made him angry enough to move in with her, Viki responds quickly. She expresses her gratitude to David. Clint does the same but to his surprise David reminds him of the $10 million Asa was going to pay him. He needs to have that money in exchange for his liver, he announces. He agrees that he's greedy but no one is to know about it until after he's gone. Clint unhappily agrees to pay him. Nash is optimistic on the new transplant and their lives ever after.

Miles is pulled over for erratic driving and is ordered out of the car when he fails to produce his driver's license. John just happens to be there as well and demands that they conduct a search of the trunk though Miles advises him to get a search warrant first. As he has been "taking direction" from Spencer all along, he gives in grudgingly, when John notes that no warrant is needed for suspicious behavior. The only thing in the trunk is a suit bag (with Spencer noting that it was a good thing they got rid of the body first). John decides to haul Miles to the police station anyway. I told you not to piss him off, Spencer reprimands. At the station, Miles denies knowing Hunter or anything of him, after questioning from John. He wants his lawyer but John promises to find out what he's hiding. He decides to let him go but wants Marty's car gone over with a fine tooth comb. He'll take Miles home himself, he says. Miles has a strange look on his face, almost as if he's listening to someone else talking to him.

Cole is upset with Marty but doesn't tell her what he's learned from Miles. He tells her she needs to keep away from her husband, that he's sure he's had something to do with Todd's disappearance. Why would Hunter give out their address? he asks his mom. And what else is she not telling him? John arrives with Miles in tow. Again, Miles insists he knows nothing about Hunter and was only the messenger who sent Todd to Chicago. John orders him not to leave town and to pay his driving ticket. When Hunter is eventually picked up they'll get the information from him. After John is gone, Miles tells Cole that Todd is being taken care of and thanks him for not saying anything. He is only protecting his mother, Cole replies.

A distraught Tate makes a phone call to someone. His father wasn't supposed to be killed but yes, he's still loyal to the group. Adriana finds him in the park. Tate remembers his childhood and what a great guy, a great dad Kirk was. He cries that he loved him and will miss him, as Adriana puts her arms around him. He didn't deserve to die, he continues. He was good. Others are bad and never pay. She tells him it's alright to mourn, no matter how bad his father was.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Miles checks on an unconscious Todd and continues to keep him drugged. Blair mounts her own search for Todd, who is a lot closer than she realizes. After speaking with Dr. Young, Marty is hopeful that she might have some leverage to use against Miles after all. Jessica and Nash are married but her condition is deteriorating. Dorian confronts David over his extortion of Clint but is clearly concerned for his wellbeing. David is filled with dread as he's prepped for surgery. Bo digs for information from Tate, who later turns a potentially damaging situation to his advantage. Rex wants to use his contacts inside Statesville to find out more about Kirk's death and Bo gives him permission to do so.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Jessica fights for her life as she's rushed into surgery after her heart stops. It's a race against the clock as Paige and the surgical team tries to complete the procedure in time. Nash can barely contain his emotions as he waits for word on Jessica. Bo is furious to learn of David's blackmail and his original deal with Asa. Bo reluctantly decides he'll have to find a way to live with what Asa's done as he knows jailing him would certainly kill him. Natalie picks up on Marty's coldness towards Miles. Cole is extremely agitated by the secret he's keeping. Britney thinks she might have found the ammunition she needs to get even with Cole. Marcie has devastating news for Michael. Todd regains consciousness.

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